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*Tony Meloto letter to Bishop Reyes posted
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Bereshit (Hebrew) - "In the beginning"

This entry will be the start of a summary of events leading up to what the situation is now. Questions will be answered, previously UNposted items will be revealed. To help those who are new to the site, remember to click on highlighted and underlined words because they will be active links to related articles or entries.

There were several issues brought up as reasons for why Frank Padilla and his group decided to break away and form the FFL. The major ones can be broken down into 3 main issues that Frank Padilla constantly brings up:

GK Issues
In an virtual about face from his GK-2 paper, Frank releases GK-3 which contends that GK has has become Tony Meloto's pet, and is veering away from spirituality. He brings up how GK partners with anti-life companies, and how GK partners with other religious organizations.

Relationship with the Church/Bishops

Disagreements with the council/present leadership


We'll start off with this email thread from Joe Tale to Frank Padilla, and back again to Joe FROM Frank. Note the DATES:

To download the pdf file, CLICK HERE.

This email exchange between Joe Tale (present CfC Council head) and Frank Padilla (current FFL leader) occurred on the eve of the actual resignation which happened on Feb. 20. Joe's pleading with Frank not to resign should put to rest any talk of attempted "power grabs" by the present council. Frank's response stands on its own but definitely shows his frame of mind. Whether he swallows his words later on and in future correspondences will be up to you all to discern.

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The Act 1 Series

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

The resignation speeches can be downloaded HERE:

direct link:


Start with a little background here:

The Zeny G email to Frank truly sets the stage for the home office issues that were revealed after the 4-man council took over. I had initially posted Zeny's email in a previous entry but she emailed me to request that it be removed. I'm now posting it again temporarily so it can provide the necessary background into what was going on in the home office that prompted the FFL to accuse the Council of a "witch hunt."

CLICK HERE for the pdf file.

Instant Gratification:

The questions raised from this email were answered here:

Side Notes: Questions Answered, pt.1 - "Who is Marco?"

Side Notes: Questions Answered, Pt. 2 - "FTPW Fund"

Side Notes: Questions Answered, Pt. 3 - "inappropriate relationship"

Side Notes: Questions Answered, Pt. 4 - Affidavits


There have been several statements by the Bishops, the IC, and the FFL that there are no financial issues. Certain parties say that this was done in the pursuit of peace and to keep things from being more muddled than they already are, but actually, during the dialogue, the financial issues were not taken up because the IC deemed them to be internal issues and unrelated to the split.

However, some questions remain:

This entry gives us some background on an "
ALLEGED ANOMALOUS TRANSACTION BETWEEN THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND THE COUPLES FOR CHRIST" worth P50 Million. The fact that a senator has opened a resolution to investigate this should put to rest any denials by the FFL that there were no questionable financial issues committed on THEIR WATCH. The fact that the IC chooses to downplay this is a true display of Christian behaviour.

This entry gives us a look at the financial situation of CFC as it stands now. There are questions on the retirement pay to former CFC officials who are now FFL leaders, the collection of tithes, and possible mismanagement of funds. Another entry gives us a bit more detail on this.

Something new: An old email from Caloy Yturzaeta questioning the attempt by CFC to borrow from Coops for Christ.

Related Reading: More on the financial issues

The Frank and Dylan exchange where FTPW Fund and TM Fund is discussed.

The FFL's threat letter in reaction to the financial issues that were being revealed, released a few days after Frank announced the split and the establishment of the FFL.

That's it for the financial issues.


Of note:

What Frank Padilla is saying about GK in Nov. 2, 2006.

What Frank Padilla is saying about GK in Apr. 9, 2007

A look back at the attacks on GK/Tony Meloto

Tony Meloto speaks about GK

The idea of a CFC/GK split was broached for the first time here, as well as the revelation that it was Bishop Soc himself who drafted the proposal letter for the split:

A related entry on whether I should release Bishop Soc's draft.

Here is Bishop Soc's draft letter [temporary]:

A statement that the FFL released in reaction to the spreading news that Bishop Soc drafted the proposal letter.

Sun, 29 Jul 2007 21:18:32 +0800
From:"Easter Group" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

brothers and sisters in couples for christ,

on may 02, 2007, brothers frank padilla, lachie agana, joe tale and ernie maipid met with bishop soc villegas in bataan to discuss the ongoing crisis in cfc. after jointly praying and hours of discussions, they all felt that the only way to relieve the tension and move forward was to recognize the very root of the problem and alienate it--- they left bataan with the consensus that cfc and gk need to separate.

because a meeting with the metro manila sector heads was scheduled that evening, brothers joe tale and ernie maipid decided [on their own] to test the waters and bring up the proposed solution to them. the overwhelming response, of course, was very negative. you cannot, in a brief moment, define the problem and propose a solution while maintaining the slant disapproving it. but the bishop, who was tasked by the four, a day or two after drafted the procedure for the split and the draft inadvertently reached the wrong parties. these brothers are now pointing to bishop soc as the instigator of the split.

how come brothers joe tale and ernie maipid have not come forward to correct this? why do they allow that the wrong person, specially a holy man, be branded as the culprit?

we challenge them to speak the truth, and now.... before more people are poisoned by the likes of those who know not the whole story.

i doubt really if they are up to this challenge for truth to be in the open. why? these leaders have deceit in their hearts. they are protecting only their personal hides.

but, miracles can happen. i hope the Lord touches their very hearts now and start to move these mandated daw leaders to not crucify bishop soc.

God bless CFC,

roland t. nillas


The FFL speaks out about GK's finances when all the while they were claiming it wasn't about finances.


The infamous playboy bunnies meeting comes first, because the meeting was actually held prior to the elections. The minutes show the meticulous planning by the Easter Group (now the FFL) in their quest to derail the election and bring Frank Padilla back to leadership.

The Election Question entry details the election process, from start to finish, so you can see for yourself if there were any anomalies as repeatedly claimed by Frank Padilla in his attacks on the council saying that they're not "annointed".

Something new:

The actual election results, starting with the referendum tally:

Elections results for the members of the International Council :
Election results for the members of the Board of Elders:

Then, see the actual 2007 CfC Council elections video in this entry, as well as other related media files.


The CBCP hosts a dialogue between the two parties, CfC and the FFL.

We report on it the very next day as hints of progress start to filter through.

Somewhat expectedly (but with much disapointment regardless), we find that things are not quite over yet.

Gary Faustino's thoughts on forgiveness...

The Council then releases its first and second statement after the dialogue.

The FFL reactions start rolling in...along with Bishop Reyes's take on things.

The Council releases a final statement on Looking Ahead...

Now, it can be told that:

On the evening of Sept. 7 (right after Bishop Reyes' Statement), Tony Meloto had an audience with Bishop Gabby Reyes. This was facilitated by a couple from Aklan who was related to the good Bishop. Tony Meloto also had a previous audience with Bishop Reyes on May 30, a few weeks PRIOR to the elections. Here is his letter dated June 1, that was sent after that meeting:

This post will be updated throughout the day and tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Punk Padilla aka "Jose Velarde" said...

Whatever Tito Frank's real motives are, this goes to show how our CFC International Council is annointed by the Lord to continue His work of massive, global, holistic evangelization especially with our work with the poor. A tear suddenly drop from my eyes upon reading these mails. I honor tito Joe Tale and the rest of the IC, especially those who remained after the resignation, for their big hearts and utmost effort of loving. Kahit grabe na ang ginagawa satin ni FP and company, sige lang sila nagmamahal parin. Nailantad na dito kung ano dapat ang malaman ng lahat -na may internal conflict pala sila tlga dati and naging reason nalang ang "Lamentations", although factor din naman yun (though pwede rin na framed reason nalang din ito). Whatever the true reasons are, I hope this will give us a heads up. That satan may work to everyone, even to our leaders and those people we look up to. Much has been said and posted on this blog, and i guess this is the most important of all. Knowing the rationale of the "Lamentations" resignation and by this, i hope everybody should have the courage to stand up for CFC with greater zeal. I agree with tito Frank with his reasons but i find them all selfish to some extent. I know his reflections are personal to him,but he should have listened to Tito Joe. Atleast for him to be able to weigh the consequences and the posible outcome.

But as for the things Tito Frank is doing now, going to the Vatican, talking to whomsoever Cardinal and installing himself as the "founder" of CFC, this should give everybody a clear view of his motives. Sya tlga ang gumagawa ng malaking sugat sa CFC- that conspicuously leads to division. I no longer call for unity within CFC, rather all of us should pray for Frank Padilla na. Because I believe that if he will just come into his senses and reflect about the implications of the things he is doing, i belive CFC will unite. No more CFC-GK or CFC FFL. Just a whole body under Christ.

EB-3C said...

It came to my mind that those who "resigned" and left the original CFC did not resign in the eyes of God. As our LEADERS taught us, when you are given responsibilities, you are anointed or empowered because we do service or servanthood out of love for God and neighbor (Mark 12:29-30; Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself) thus there is no appointment if you are working in CFC.

So it is not correct to say that one is resigning from his service or servanthood because you cannot resign from your anointment or empowerment. So what then. The proper term to use should be "They have lost their anointment and empowerment" because out of their free will, they voluntarily relinquish what has been empowered unto them. So what happens to those who lost their anointment and empowerment? They no longer have the moral authority to do or perform the responsibilities assigned to them (as in civil law - civil interdiction).

So to whom shall we follow? To the anointed one or to those who lost their empowerment.

You have your choice.


Anonymous said...

slightly brutally frank says:

Saludo talaga ako kay Bro Frank. Ang galing nya talaga magsulat. No wonder it is really his number 1 asset. Mabilis sya mag-isip at ang galing magdeliver ng lines and defense without necessarily deviating from his point as his very own lamentations. Ang akala mo lusot na ang reasoning mo pero hindi pa the end sya parin talaga ang may last say at ang desisyon pa rin nya ang nasunod. Poor Bro JT, punch for punch, word for word may sagot si Bratty Franky sa mga bullet points nya (ni Rica)...but in the end at ang napakalinaw hindi pa rin sya nagbigay ng pagkakataon na makinig man lang at magreconsider. As if he is the only one and the only person in the know about Lamentation! E ginagamit naman nya for his own selfish interest...For the information of Bratty Frankie...nang dahil sa katigasan ng ulo nya at sa sobrang napakatalino nya na halos kulang na lang at sabihin nya sa atin lahat "nakausap ko ang Diyos at ito ang napag usapan namin...."..up until this very day a lot of us are still lamenting due to the eventualities na pinasimunuan nya...hindi lang dito sa Pilipinas but in all parts of the globe where CFC is present....oh my..kung sana lang nakinig sya...or sana man lang naisip nya na part din ng lamentation ang pakikinig at pananahimik kahit sabihin pang tama sya....ngunit his posture is always the know-it-all, holier than thou, bratty frankie. Kahit minsan hindi sya nagpa-ubaya...

EB-3C said...

Based on the date and time when JT and FP's emails were sent, can we say that the IC already knew beforehand of what will happen on Feb 20, 2007:
- that FP, TM and LA will relinquish their anointment and empowerment (I cannot say - resignation)
- that what happened on Feb 20, 2007 was for dramatics effects only

Did I miss something?


JoPen - SA said...

EB-3C said...
Did I miss something?

the resignation came during their Feb.13 Council meeting.

the emails were dated Feb.20. this is the day/night when they announced the resignation through the Mission Core (MC) Teaching Night.

that's how i understood it...

Anonymous said...

to eb-3c,
YES, they knew.

Feb 13 in a council meeting, TM announces his resignation. It was supposed to be kept a secret, until feb 20.1 week in between for discernment as well.

Feb 19 in their last frat hh, with everyone present, the issues of TM with Gerry were taken up. She denied, TM asked for forgiveness. Forgiveness given and taken and shared. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.
Hence the email from JT. Written on the eve of the resignation.

I have heard the story over and over again.
The question that goes over and over my mind:
Why did FP resign?

WOW! said...

EB-3C asked "can we say that the IC already knew beforehand of what will happen on Feb 20, 2007"--

Here's what I know. In a North B assembly where Bro. Ernie Maipid explained the situation to us, Bro. Ernie disclosed that during the fraternal household of the council members on FEB. 13 (one week before the Feb.20 MC teaching night) Bro, Tony announced to them that he was resigning due to the personal attacks on his family and that he loved Bro.Frank and wanted to preserve their relationship. Bro. Frank said that in that case, he would also resign. (It hit me that Bro. Frank's decision to resign was an instantaneous reaction to Bro. Tony's announcement.) Then Bro. Tony quipped that Bro. Lachie was a part of it. To which Frank agreed. To which Lachie then also agreed. So Bro. lachie followed suit and also resigned. Ganoon lang.

All these happened during their prayer meeting on Feb. 13. A week later, with the remaining council members accepting their decisions, Bro. Frank formally announced at the Feb 20 MCG their decision to step down as council members, and GK Chair and CFC director. So the Feb 20 dawn letter of Bro. Joe was really a last ditch effort to dissuade Frank, Tony and Lachie from resigning.

I surmise that Bro. Tony, his family and friends were prepared for the consequences of Bro. Tony's resignation. His resignation appears to be a long-considered and deliberate decision. He was at peace. Which explained his 5-months silence.

Was Bro. Frank, his family and friends also prepared for the consequences of his sudden (rather impulsive) decision to resign?

It is easy to say "I resign", but to go through its consequences, which is to let go of power, authority, control, and simply to let God, is something else. This holds true also for those whose leadership positions, power and control within CFC were dependent on their close relationship with Bro. Frank.

Maybe that's why they needed to set up FFL. Maybe that's why from being the staunch GK supporter in GK 2, Bro. Frank suddenly became the harsh GK critic in GK 3. Indeed, an ingenious way to rationalize and engineer a come-back and undo an impulsive decision.

Bro. Frank, please carry your cross. Walk your talk. You can always come back. You can still be CFC's head. The next election is just simply two years away. Meantime, you can fast, pray and write a book. You can be still.

Anonymous said...

because if TM resigned alone, focus would be on him solely and TM would come across as the truer selfless servant of the community. By resigning with him, FP was able to take the "limelight" from TM. Obviously it was not a well thought-out course of action because he did not anticipate that the 4-man IC would "fire" him as he says from his US Coordinator position. Kaya hayun, wala siyang nagawa kundi magsumbong sa mga Bishops...

Anonymous said...

Here is my opinion why Brother Frank Padilla resigned and why he is acting this way right now:

1. Because it was the Lamentation. He sent a detailed email about the Lamentation reasons to everybody, right?(I got that from SFC forward emails.) He wanted to teach us about Lamentations.

2. Although, I think his resignation(or his "teaching") is only supposed to last only until the election. I think he was expecting to be nominated again.

3. Obviously this did not happen. So all his actions points to him wanting to come back to headship, which the present IC and other elders did not allow. The last option was of course, the FFL, which now returns him to headship.

4. Try to understand, most of us know the role of being a leader and a member( as an analogy, refer to the role of the "husband" and "wife" teachings) . For example, as a household head, you are in a position of headship, but you are also under your Unit head. Brother Frank Padilla has not practiced the role of a "wife" for the last 26 years.
For the last 25 years, we all know that Bro Frank is a great leader, but this year we found out that he is struggling and needs to improve in being a member.

A lot has been said about the characters of different people, specially Bro Fank and Bro Nonong Contreras in this blog. We are all humans capable of being good and being evil. Being out of headship brought out the worst in Bro Frank, the CFC vs FFL has brought out the worst in Bro Nonong.
We have created an environment that promotes the worst in us rather than the best of us.
All our insults(the "mr generic", the "biboy frank" etc) feed this.
We should condemn their sins but not their characters and persons.

Let us strive again to come back to the environment that promotes the best in us, and that is the REAL "CFC community" we have come to know and love.

Anonymous said...

hi cd!
meron ba tayong na-miss sa exchange of email between frank and joe? joe addressed the email " Dear Brothers" e hindi naman kita kung sino-sino yun, while frank replied with cc's revealed.

ibig sabihin ba n'un si frank lang ang nag-reply sa email ni joe? at sounding apologetic pa si frank dahil late na sya naka-reply. ano kaya ang laman ng reply ng anim kung kasali man sila sa email from joe?

parang mahiwaga yata?

Ungero Tan

Anonymous said...

CD there is a Rumor (Humor) that division in Religious Groups are common even with the Muslims.

The Shiites and the Sunnis.

The Tale-ban and the Frank-aida

No fun intented, just want to lighten up the air.

EB-3C said...

to CD - request lang, mas mabuti siguro kung PDF files instead of JPEG files ang i present kasi pag JPEG hindi na mabasa kung palakihan pa ang image


Ernie said...

Thanks for bringing the SPOTLIGHT back to the CFC FINANCES which kinda got eclipsed by the chaos of CFC Splitting and "member poaching" (AGAIN).

Financial Statement to me is a WITNESS, a record of the OPERATION of any Corporation in the form of numbers. Normally they come in pairs, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Statement(s). This is kinda difficult to SPIN kasi hindi mag-ba-balance, Balance Sheet eh....
Kung dalawa ang libro, hindi bale, kasi God said, "What is KEPT in SECRET will be SHOUTED at the ROOF TOPS". A good TIME to watch GOD's Hand in ACTION.

Presenterd somewhere here (CD's Blog) was a snapshot of CFC Finances as of end July 07 and Projections by the end of 2007 (by LTayag).

The CAVIAT is, we're looking HINDSIGHT but the BEAUTY was we have the record on HOW the old CFC Council and Managers managed the bills.

This is a good TOOL to APPRAISE the performance of our previous leaders during their watch over the affairs of CFC (that led to the SPLIT, maybe?). This TOOL can also AID those who are un-decided to make their CHOICES.


Ernie S

Ernie said...

To All Donors to CFC GK/FFL or Otherwise.

CD if you can POST the pdf document itself the better if not
Below is the link to the Bill of Rights of a DONOR.

Just an information we can toss for discussion with the hope we can ADOPT one in CFC so we minimize recurrence of ISSUEs w/ FUNDs in the FUTURE.

Ernie S

CFC Emmaus said...

Dear All,

I think we are all missing a very important point. All of this suppose to be the result of Lamentations. It is an obscure Old Testament Book that is feared because of its title. Something we are not used to reading, much like the Book of Revelations.

Lamentations is a reflection of who we are as a community. it is the key to all the God planned for us.

I hope to follow up on this.

CFC Emmaus

Anonymous said...

CFC US-Socal
I am requesting all my brothers and sisters in the US to please make an effort to seek an audience from any of the ICs who are visiting the US. I've heard that most of the states do not acknowledge the IC. And the US council under Nani Almanza, has already declared affiliation with FFL. It's so sad that here in the US, we have 2 national councils. I don't know how many are in the Almanza council. Our IC appointed Country Coordinator, Ricky Cuenca and he has already appointed 3 new council members but did not replace any existing members. So please, we're begging the US CFC members to please welcome the IC and open our ears and hearts to their message. Give them a chance, besides, we are all CFC and we should give respect to whoever is visiting our area. What happened to our hospitality and charism? We at Socal are so fortunate to have meetings with FP, JT, LTayag and recently TM.
Let us all continue to pray for each other. As I've heard in the meetings, there is no neutral decision. We are either CFC or FFL. If you can't decide, stay with CFC, and then later on, you can decide for yourself, if you want to stay or go to FFL. Our prayers goes with you.
We are the Couples for Christ. Building our faith and our brotherhood. Spreading the words of our Savior to the nation and the world.
God bless us all.

Non attendee said...

Hi CD,

RE financial matters during the meeting with the Bishops.

It was discussed, though not extensively (I heard) but it was only during the private session with the Council, not in the plenary with Frank's group.

Please have this confirmed by anyone in the meeting.

Thank you

Manu said...

As I'm reading the things written in this blog and the comments from those who has inside track, I can't help but be dumbfounded by how Satan succeeded in dividing what was the greatest threat to his dominion on earth. Eradicating poverty or at least giving hope to the poor, is a tremendous blow to weaken Satan's yoke on "us".

Satan succeeded by hitting us from the top and on the most vulnerable aspects of our humanity - pride, ego and jealousy.

I think FP does not condoned the alleged allegations of wrong doings of Sis. M and Bro. L (to be prudent). But since he is on his own struggle against the tripod evils of pride, ego and jealousy, and these people are his loyal followers, he has to protect them.

The most effective way to insulate one's reputation from inquest is to leave the group, thus, divide.

So, pride, ego and jealousy turns to protectionism then to division.

confused, bothered,bewildered am I! said...

CD I want to find out:
1) Has anyone read the affidavits?
2) What does it contain?

3) Were they sworn to, subscribed and notarized?
It has been mentioned over and over. I just listened to FP talk in New Jersey and his talk in Laguna.

4)What was the 'withchunt' all about? FP refers to it as a matter that was dealt with by the then 4 man council in a manner- 'contrary to CFC culture'.

FP refers to the following reason for the split:
#1 GK
#2 Witchhunt (condescending attitude if Council members)
#3 Bishops

I also read FP response to Zeny email. What say you who knoweth???

Ernie said...

To ALL Donors to CFC, GK, FFL or otherwise.

(If you have difficulty uploading the pdf file, below is the TEXT copy)


Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. To ensure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the nonprofit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

I. To be informed of the organization's mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.

II. To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization's governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.

III. To have access to the organization's most recent financial statements.

IV. To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.

V. To receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.

VI. To be assured that information about their donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

VII. To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional in nature.

VIII. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization or hired solicitors.

IX. To have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share.

X. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful and forthright answers.

The Donor Bill of Rights was created by the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel (AAFRC), Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

Endorsed by The National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC), National Committee for Planned Giving (NCPG), Council for Resouce Development (CRD), United Way

If you GIVE as DONATION the above are your Rights and Protections.

If you GIVE as TITHE then God's promises applies e.g. I'll open the floodgates of heaven/try me on this, what you sow you shall reap, vengence is mine, what is kept in secret shall be shouted at roof tops and many more).

Your COMMENTS are welcomed.

Ernie S

Ernie said...

When CFC adopted the Social Mission for the Poor, below are the implied EXPECTATIONS.....

The Accountable Nonprofit Organization is a statement of principles to guide charities.

It outlines the operations and procedures a nonprofit undertakes to show it is accountable to donors, the people it serves, and the general public.

This statement was endorsed by AFP Board in 1995.*


Each nonprofit organization holds a public trust to improve the quality of life.

The accountable organization clearly states its mission and purpose, articulates the needs of those being served, explains how its programs work, how much they cost and what benefits they produce.

The accountable organization freely and accurately shares information about its governance, finances and operations. It is open and inclusive in its procedures, processes and programs consistent with its mission and purpose.

The nonprofit organization is accountable to all those it exists to serve, to all those who support it, and to society.

The accountable nonprofit organization is responsible for mission fulfillment, leadership on behalf of the public interest, stewardship and quality.

The accountable nonprofit is responsible for:

Mission fulfillment

*Doing what it says it will do.
*Maintaining relevance by meeting needs in a changing environment.

Leadership on behalf of the public interest

*Enhancing the well-being of communities and society.
*Promoting inclusiveness, pluralism and diversity within society.
*Educating the public, business, nonprofit organizations and government, including appropriate advocacy and lobbying.


*Maintaining effective governance and management.
*Generating adequate resources, managing resources effectively, supporting and recognizing volunteers, and appropriately compensating staff.
*Avoiding conflict of interest and abuse of power.


*Striving for and achieving excellence in all aspects of the organization.
*Evaluating the total organization and its outcomes on an ongoing basis.

* The above statement, endorsed by AFP's board in 1995, was developed for nonprofit leaders by participants of Accountability and Nonprofit Organizations, a think tank program held in 1995 at the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations. The think tank was co-sponsored by the National Assembly of Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations and the National Health Council, and supported by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Links to the full text

CFC will be stronger in the FUTURE if we EXPECT the SAME from our current LEADERSHIP.

Ernis S

Ernie said...

Just trying how to post using HTML tags. Here it is FOLKs, I think I got IT.


Ernie S

Ernie said...

To Anonymous with a sense of RUMOR (HUMOR),

A suggested Theme Song for the Frank-aida Group by no other than Frank Sinatra.

Strangers on my Flight

Same here, No fun intented, just want to lighten up the air.

Ernie S

Anonymous said...

Can anybody please post Frank's response to the Zeny email?

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of humor...

Mga kapatid, pagdasal na lang naitn yung mga lumipat sa Frank For Life movement, este, Foundation for Family and Life pala.


Anonymous said...

To "confused, bothered,bewildered am I!" re: your comment at

1. Has anyone read the affidavits?

The affidavits have been read by the Council, the lawyer who prepared them in the proper form, and of course by Lachie who was given a copy so that he could defend himself during the confrontation with the 5 last May 1.

2. What do the affidavits contain?

They contain allegations of "procedural lapses" and financial excesses as well as specific instances of unChristian behavior towards some of the staff. They do NOT contain, as others seem to think, any specific proof of the improper relationship. While several people volunteered to sign statements attesting to such instances, the Council and the lawyer expressly instructed that these should not be made public.

3. Were they sworn to, subscribed and notarized?

Yes. They were originally meant only as statements, which was a safeguard the Council decided upon so that they could weed out the rumors, and the inappropriate charges. They only became affidavits when Lachie issued a threat to one of the 5. That was the only time the lawyer decided to convert the statements into affidavits.

The signing of the affidavits is a story in itself. When the affidavits were done, the 5 were told that they would be affixing their name to something that could eventually be part of a legal process. Thus, they were asked to think and rethink their move. The lawyer refused to accept any signature unless the affiant could swear that he or she was standing by the truth of the contents. From the time the affidavits were prepared to the time they eventually signed, it took quite a while. They were told to pray and to discern, and then to pray and discern some more. On the day of the signing, they spent almost 4 hours in the lawyer's office because they were told to still keep thinking and discerning, and to revisit what they actually wrote. That they all signed is a testimony not only to the truth of their statements but to their courage and integrity.

4. What was the witchhunt?

There was NO witchhunt. If the Council had engaged in witchhunt, they would have actively gone after people and coerced them into signing statements. Many people came forward, even former employees who had resigned specifically because of knowledge of the lapses, but their offers of statements and evidences were rejected. There was no need to go into such an expanded probe. The 5 simply wanted to articulate the HO's earlier demands for reforms in the office. The fact that the 4-man Council then immediately created task forces to look into improving and streamlining operations at the HO and that much-needed reforms were immediately put in place was, in the words of the 5 themselves, sufficient vindication.

The Council did not act, as in Frank's words, "contrary to CFC culture." In the first place, this was the first time the community was faced with such a situation so there was no cultural precedent to speak of. In the second place, it is my belief that the Council acted with due restraint, regard for the brothers they love and a deep desire to protect the community. Frank also speaks of due process that the 4-man Council should have exercised. The question really is, since he was at the helm for 20-odd years, he should have been the one to formulate the process. He should have IMPLEMENTED it.

End of replies.

Abraham, Jr. said...

I am really bothered by the comments I've been reading from both sides that I really wonder why God allowed this experience to befall our community. What has happened to us brothers? Have we fallen to the lures of Satan?

I really yearn for the times that we treat each other in a brotherly manner with a penchant for corrections with great love and humility. But as it is now, we act as righteous men throwing the first stones against a condemned sinner!

Can we just become still, very still and reflect on what happened? Can we just apply the old Tagalog adage: "Kapag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay"?

Am really saddened by all these comments. I thought when I entered this blog, I really will feel the "In Defense of the Real CFC" with emphasis on the last two words. But it seems we are stooping down the level of those we believe caused the division.

It may be that we really have to reflect on the messages of the Book of Lamentations. All of us are to be blamed on what happened. We did not heed God when He warned us, through Nina Ponti's prophecy during a Metro Manila Leaders Conference in Araneta sometime in the 1990s, that division will befall our community that will make our leaders go against their fellow leaders.

Woe to us who heard His message but turned a deaf ear! But, maybe, we are blessed for being purified by God for His Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

To Jibram,
Would you know the whereabouts of the Ponti's? Are they still with the community? CFC or FFL?

Anonymous said...

to anonymous asking jibram:

the PONTEs are very much cfc.

rouquel was elected member of the cfc internation council in the june 22, 2007 elders assembly elections at lay force, san carlos seminary.

nina is of course, the wife of ic member rouquel.

thanks and God bless.

Anonymous said...

To Jibram,
Mis-spelled pala yung "Ponti" kaya hindi ko na-i-connect sa mga Ponte, Rouquel and Nina.

Anyway you said "We did not heed God when He warned us, through Nina Ponti's prophecy during a Metro Manila Leaders Conference in Araneta sometime in the 1990s, that division will befall our community that will make our leaders go against their fellow leaders."

1993 the CFC we know today bolted out from Ligaya mainly due to difference in philosophy. Simply put, Ligaya was for quality of members while these emerging leaders led by Frank Padilla was for quantity (massive, global evangilization).

Those Leaders took the name Couples for Christ with them and left Ligaya grasping for air. That was the first division and looking back it opens up old wounds (it's still very painfull to me). Nina's prophesy happend already way back.

Again this time when Leaders have their own agendas they do not care the division it will cause and the pain that will befall to the rest of the community. Good for you guys there in Phils this is the second division you are experiencing, we here in the US this will be the third time we were dragged to these mess by the same guys who bolted from Ligaya.

Since they were there from the very beginnig, when things settles down, maybe the PONTE's can write about the prophetic words "What you Sow you shall REAP". I can see the hands of God cleaning up the Leadership so CFC can be used by God powerfully in the future.

Anonymous said...

Gary Faustino's statement is interesting, and of course, correct in many ways.

However, it seems that it casts blame totally on the International Council.

I can't help but think that this ignores the offenses on the side of FFL, which have come to light over time.

The difference between public and private statements, the willingness to threaten the council with disunity should the elections go ahead, the private behaviour that has come to light from accidental mis-sends etc. The constant public statements maligning the council, CFC, and GK.

You just can't do all these sort of things then try to blame everything on someone else...even while preaching about forgiveness.

Everything in Gary's statement works two ways.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Ernie,

Everyone in CFC and in GK should take a serious look at the Donors' Bill of Rights.

This can pave the way for the current leadership to run CFC and GK (as Foundations) in a professional way, at least.

In the past, if you suggest something like this or remind elders about transparency and accountability just like in any other organization, you are accused of being "corporate".

Now CFC-FFL could not get any SEC approval for its name--maybe they lacked "corporate experience" as they are too "pastoral".

Current Council Members should learn their lessons (although some of them were part of the old leadership that tolerated/dedma many gray areas in the way CFC was managed in the last 20 years) and better be good this time.

Happy weekend.


EB-3C said...

I’ve read FP’s MCG talk on February 20, 2007 “Looking to the future with Hope and Joy”. I was not able to read the entire document because it was quite long, but what struck me was the portion about Moses which FP spent almost a page of write-up. I believe this is the summary – Moses was chosen by God to lead the people out of Egypt but Moses was not allowed by God to enter the promised land and here’s a quote from FP’s statement “.. and this seems a lot clearer because of some scriptural passage since he was the overall leader there was such thing as command responsibility”.

The question on my mind before was – why did he (FP) elaborated on the story of Moses in his talk, using a page of his 12-page talk? I believe that there is some sort of analogous situation here – FP maybe likened to Moses who was chosen by God to form the CFC and lead it to what God plans for CFC to be. But as FP said in this talk, Moses had faulted on God’s plan and as “..overall leader there was such thing as command responsibility”. In analogy, this is also true to CFC, the overall leadership faulted in its mission and vision and as the overall leader of CFC he (FP) has to take full responsibility of these faults and consequently God has to intervene thus, the overall leader should not be allowed to lead us to the fulfillment of (Promised Land) our mission and vision.

But why form another group? Maybe God chooses FP to lead people to another dimension of God’s plan therefore, we have to respect that. And being God’s chosen one for a separate dimension, the FFL should focus their attention on a separate platform – distinct and unique from CFC because (the FFLs are the Moseses) God has already barred them from the Promised Land (which is the mission and vision of CFC) otherwise if they still insist on pursuing a parallel platform, they will not be able to accomplish it.


Anonymous said...

They are moving forward.. just accept their decisions.. respect them.. why do you need to talk like this? The issue that happened must work as a wake-up call for all CFC members... What is happening here is not about the number of members.. It is not about statements of support.. It is not about witch hunts.. It is not about lies and deceit.. But this is about GOD and our love for him.. Both of the groups are for GOD.. That is more important than anything else.. Can't we stop all of these.. We are becoming proud of our community and services that we have forgotten that God is more important and everything is according to his plan.. It is time to move forward for God.. It is time to forget the hurts and focus on him than anyone or anything else and that includes these kinds of issues.. I hope that we can stop all these "defending" and focus back our attention to him or else we are letting the evil ones win..

deovolente said...

To Anonymous who wants to move forward and focus back our attention to Him,

I agree with you my dear brethren! We should all move on. For some of our brothers and sisters though, it's hard as there are issues blocking them from moving forward. It has to do with the name issue as it will always bring back bad memories and hurt. It's easy and very exciting to cooperate with BLD, Focalore, Light of Jesus, LNP because they don't claim to be CFC.

Here's a quote from Father Mark of Toronto: "If you must separate, then separate, and stop calling yourselves CFC. You are not helping CFC. You are not also helping yourselves. Do not be na├»ve. For every time, someone ask you the reason for the existence of two separate CFC’s in Toronto, you will always be opening old wounds".

Here's also a quote from the Archbishop of Newark NJ: "It is my belief, however, that two separate CFC led by different set of leaders will tend to perplex and result into greater division and confusion. In the interest of upholding unanimity of CFC in the Archdiocese of Newark, I pronounce that the Archdiocese reaffirms the recognition of the original Couples For Christ under the leadership of Jose Tale. Any other groups using or making reference to CFC, other that the original CFC group, may bear no authority or recognition to carry out apostolate in the Archdiocese."

If we follow the advice of these beloved people in the clergy, we'd all be happy. Nobody says that the members of FFL cannot be couples dedicated for Christ. But it's also not fair to claim they are Couples For Christ (in name) when they don't follow the Vatican-approved statutes of CFC.

I really hope there's a solution to this problem, whatever is acceptable to everyone because as long as we have this problem, it will always bring all of us pain. I will pray that FFL will be recognized by the SEC and by the Church devoid of any hint of affiliation with CFC but standing on its own merits. God bless.

melchor said...

Brod Deovolente, Ang songet songet mo naman. Palebhasa nasa FFL na kami, pipigilan mo na ang pagiging affiliated namin sa CFC. Tama ba yan masunget na sagot iyang ginagawa mo. Pagmamahalan ang toru sa atin simula pa lang sa CLP. Sabe ng mga Elders namu, ang pinakamahirap evangelize yung mga blood brothers and sisters. Consider ko na blood brothers and sisters ang CFC. Bakit ngayon, parang meron na ketong ang FFL. Ang ginagamit mo ayaw mo na ipagamit sa akin. Sana naman hindili natin ulitin palagi ang kasamaan na sinasabi ng CFC tungkol sa FFL. Masama na kung masama. Piro kailangan ba natin sabihin lagi ito at gagawin natin dahilan para kadiri na ang mga FFL? Plese Brod, balik tayo sa teaching ng CLP kahit na si Brod Frank Padilla kasama sa pag-sulat niyan, marami pa rin tayong magandang napulot na aral kesa sa masama. Huwag sana tayo maga-bakslide ng malayo para kapit kapit tayo sa pag sulong pag-tarbaho sa mga misyon natin para sa Dios.

Melchor (Cebu City)

Jesus said...

To anonymous who wants to move forward,

Peace Bro. I am sure everyone wants to move forward. Even the brethren who departed, I am sure, just want to move forward as well. But the problem, you see, is the FFL leadership's insistence on appending CFC to their name. For reasons already highlighted by Bro. Deovolente they just need to desist from saying they are still with CFC and attaching CFC to their group's name. Common sense simply dictates they do so as they separated from us.

Imagine evangelizing a couple or say giving the Orientation Talk. Under the current circumstance you will have to make them aware that there are two CFC's in the same area. You will have to explain why this is so and probably be forced with the circumstances surrounding the split. Would that not confuse or even turn off the candidate? Don't you wish you could just evangelize purely on the mission?

I just hope that the majority of the FFL's members ask their leaders to drop CFC and let FFL stand alone. Then maybe, just maybe, they'll relent and listen. Or, is it just wishful thinking?


jiggs said...

melchor said...
Brod Deovolente, Ang songet songet mo naman. Palebhasa nasa FFL na kami, pipigilan mo na ang pagiging affiliated namin sa CFC.

bro, siguro hindi naman sa ayaw ipagamit yung name sa inyo. it just brings confusion to non-CFC members when we hold meetings, dialogues or even CLP. sana FFL na lang or other name.

if you look at the banner sa Paleco posted here in the blog. can you answer with a straight YES to this question - 15 Years na ba ang Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life sa Palawan?. anong isasagot mo dun?

just because may CFC dun sa name ng community eh, we can say na 15 years na ang EFEFEL dun?

it gives confusion lang po, kung ibang name i dont think people will argue about it.

PEACE - jiggs

deovolented said...

Brod Melchor,

Pasensiya ka na brod if you think I am "masungit". I also consider my brethren from FFL as my blood brothers and sisters. And I continue to pray for them and to love them. I absolutely abhor any personal thoughts that they are "kadiri" because they are not. They are sinners like me, they love the Lord like I do. I also believe that everyone in FFL is true to their intention of serving the Lord. I also believe that brother Frank Padilla was inspired by the Spirit when he wrote those books and so I still consider them as treasures. And I do not doubt that you love me, and I love you too.

I was simply echoing the same opinion as the 2 clergies I mentioned.

Actually, in the beginning of the conflict, my opinion was different. I thought that it should be OK for FFL to have CFC attached to their name. My reasoning was that if it will make them more effective in their evangelization, then so be it.

However, after I read the opinion of others like the 2 clergies I mentioned, suddenly I realized that they might be right. That this name sharing might be the very thing that divides us and brings back those old wounds. I'm still in contact with my friends from FFL and it hurts me when they refer to me as CFC-GK and somehow giving the impression that I am not spiritual but just a social person. I just stay quiet because I don't want to argue. That's one case where the name issue is hurting all of us on both sides. Another case might be what brother "Jesus" above mentioned where having to explain the circumstances of 2 CFC's will confuse the participants and possibly turn them OFF. Imagine telling a couple in trouble that they can solve their irreconcilable differences when the existence 2 CFC's is a perfect example of un-solvable differences. Another case is the trouble we have to subject our priests into when the two CFC groups present their own CLP schedules in a parish.

Note that this opinion of mine that both groups should not share name is just a suggestion. By making that suggestion, I am not in any way telling "kasamaan" (but I respect your opinion if that is your impression of it). I am offering a solution to a known problem by echoing the same opinion as what the 2 clergies said. The bishop even went further and made a directive whereas I am merely making a suggestion. Siguro naman, nag-discern din ang bishop before making those statements, and I believe he is sincere when he said his reason is to prevent division and confusion.

I don't know. We're running out of options. We can't let this name issue hurt us forever. There has to be a solution. Let us all pray for it.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Please post also the lyrics and the chords/notes of the new songs sung in Baguio especially the "Love one another as I have loved you".