Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Tale to Tell

Updated: July 8, 2008
A Sunday Reflection, and a special message from Tito Joe Tale and Tito Joe Yamamoto.

In a little over month's time, we will be marking the first year of this blog's existence. What arose out of a personal conviction to get to the bottom of how CFC was being torn apart has developed into a more enlightened and focused effort to get the truth out.

I have to admit, I started out completely ignorant. It was only when I started hearing trickles of information - some rumors, some apparently the truth, that I was made aware of what would soon be a protracted battle to keep CFC together and most importantly, on course. As the trickle turned into a steady stream and soon, a flood, I started to ask myself if those who tried to keep things under wraps to prevent scandalizing people they respected and cared for were out of their minds.

"Why," I asked, "should they try to protect those who were speaking out against them?"

What I will learn in the year that followed and the examples the IC set were abject lessons in humility and an enlightened understanding of Jesus' teachings.

At first, I could not bring myself to believe what I was hearing and discovering about Frank Padilla. His deeds and accomplishments after all were almost legend. I still get sad now, in seeing that his current misdeeds might just eclipse the legend. But as I discovered more, and in digging verified what I was hearing, I came to realize that maybe this information was not meant to be kept under wraps. Whether I was wrong or right, I guess only history will tell.

If you were to ask me now if I'd do it again: I'd look at every smiling face drenched in the rain at Luneta, and say without regret...yes.

I've heard it said that necessity is the mother of innovation. These modern days of text messaging, email, and countless other electronic means of spreading information has definitely given me options, but none seemed adequate to keep a permanent record of everything we all deserved to know. That's where Blogger came in and CD was born.

My first clumsy attempts reflected my pain, when I was still indignantly flinging responses to the Easter Group's attacks. In fact, one of my earliest communications with others was with Boogie Boydon, who apparently was able to save those early pages of this blog and emailed me to ask about them. I still owe you an explanation Boogie, and thank you for the reminder that at any point I had to be able to look my work in the eye, and not flinch.

It was when the blog became more focused and steadily gained readership, that I along with them actually gained discernment. I went from questioning both sides to realizing just which side I was actually on. The turning point came when an anonymous comment questioned what I was doing, and wondered if I was giving voice to both sides of the issue or just plain biased. That question formed a concrete answer in my heart: I AM defending the real CFC. The facts had spoken for themselves, the Easter Group's actions had cemented my own course. The blog did open the floodgates, as more and more people realized an outlet and a way to express their feelings about this whole affair. Along the way, it also served as a repository for documents and information that I started receiving through emails, some anonymous, some not. Thank you all once again for those, as you've made my job much easier, yet still enormously difficult as I had to discern whether some information I received would do the community good...or make things worse. The scariest phrases I would see in an email would sometimes not be what was disclosed, but when they tell me, "....CD, it's up to you if you want to publish this."

After a while, the blog took a life of its own and the commenters started to take up the slack, and now it's almost completely in their hands. The incredibly lucid and well written comments left here have left me believing I'm wading in waters waaaay above my head. Whatever credit I was given, you all deserved more. This blog will not be the same or as effective without YOU all.

I'd like to make it clear now, once and for all. This blog is a sole operation without ties to the IC. I alone am accountable for what is in here, for my actions, and my claims. I never asked for any recognition and I still don't want it. What you learn here, what documents you see, and discernment you make is in your hands. The comments left are sometimes anonymous, but now have mostly been identified in the A Call To Arms entry, which garnered 500+ statements of support for the IC that have brought me to my knees in humility.

I received an email yesterday, one that I never expected.

Dear CD and all the CFC defenders,

This is the first time I am writing to your blog site, or to any website, for that matter. I am doing so now for several reasons.

I confess that I very seldom visit the site, but brethren sometimes give me hard copies of interesting comments and posts, so I get updated from time to time about the issues that are discussed here.

I would like to make it clear that up to now, I do not know who CD is and I am not in a hurry to unravel the mystery of CD's identity.

I write you now, first, to thank CD for putting up this blog. This site has provided many people with the venue to express their views on many issues that have beset our community over many months. This has allowed many to ventilate their opinions. This has also enlightened many of our brethren on the myriad details that surround the major issues. Whether the views are right or wrong, the bloggers have been grateful for the chance to interact with one another.

Second, I wish to thank the many bloggers who have been vocal about their defense of CFC and of the International Council. I am humbled by your firm stance to protect the community. When my attention was called that the post "A Call to Arms" had begun to elicit an avalanche of comments from many people from around the globe, I did take the time to visit the site and I was moved by the expressions of support. Many of the bloggers in this post identified themselves and I saw some names that I knew but many names that I am not familiar with. The fact that they, who I surmise I have probably never even met, took the time to write and show their support was humbling and uplifting at the same time.

Third, I would like to remind everyone in this site to please refrain from any unchristian comments. We are, after all, Couples for Christ and we should show, by what we write and what we do, that we are indeed FOR Christ. I understand the frustration behind many of the comments and I commend those who seem to regularly remind everyone of our Christian duty to always be loving and respectful in our relationships. Let the discussions remain focused on the issues and principles.

Fourth, while I respect the decision of those who choose to remain anonymous, I commend all the bloggers who have identified themselves. I honor you for your transparency. It is understandable that CD continues to be anonymous, for now anyway.

Fifth, I would like to thank all of you for your keen interest in all of our CFC activities. I assume that many of you were present in all of them, particularly in our anniversary celebration, which was a blessed event.

It is not too late to wish you all a happy 27th anniversary.

God bless us all. God bless CFC.


* * *

July 8, 2008

Dear CD and all CFC Blog-Heroes,

This statement of gratitude and honoring has been waiting in the wings for quite awhile and I have been waiting for the most opportune time to express my sincerest and heartfelt 'Thank You' to all who, in the darkest hour of CFC's history, stood at the plate and made their voices and choices known. I believe that that day is today.

In yesterday's MCG gathering at the Ateneo Grade School, during my sharing. I asked if you, CD, were there. But even if you had not been there, the question was a simple and indirect way of honoring what you and the other quiet defenders of CFC have done for our beloved community. At a time and particular circumstance when it was not fashionable in CFC to call for Defenders , you were used by the Lord to be the voice of the many nameless and anonymous members who were shocked by the events and therefore at a loss to explain or understand what had befallen CFC. But now, we all know best- CFC is the community worth living, defending and dying for.

Your tiny electronic voice became the beacon and ray of light and hope for the community members. Soon, your voice was reinforced by the many electronic voices of equally courageous and passionate CFC members who saw in your platform the venue to search for the Truth and share the same Truth. Your collective voices have become thunderous and inspiring. The rest is history , as they would say. But I hasten to add, our history is still unfolding.

In the near future, when the definitive history of our Community, is written, I am sure that the immeasurable contribution of CD and the unsung heroes of the blog will be highlighted for it has become a cherished part of our collective tradition and memory. In the retelling of the 2007 historical crossroad in our CFC life, the saga of the Bloggers will stand out as a singular and special event.

Yesterday too, I shared – "Our God is the God of Creation, Time, Space and History and He has called CFC as His own." Perhaps by alluding to history, I tangentially touched on the efforts of the CFC Bloggers.

From practically day 1 of this Blog, I have regularly logged in and read and reread the entries. I was not too sure where you were coming from, initially, but after a few days, I was convinced that you and the Defenders have the interest of CFC at heart.

As one of the IC members who have been tasked to lead and navigate the CFC community through difficult, stormy and treacherous waters, it was indeed comforting to have you and the others on the side of the Real CFC. Frequently, I have been asked if I know CD and my ready answer is" No." I have resisted all entreaties to know the identity of CD because CD and some other Defenders best serve the Community in their anonymity, at least for now. There is a time and a season for everything.

In the near future, when the identity of CD and the other defender-bloggers would be revealed, I would like to be one of the first to say 'Thank you." I would also like to make this wish and invitation: May your tribe increase! Yours is not only the quest for the Truth but a defense of the Truth. You did your work in the best tradition of CFC- with love, service, humility, wisdom, fortitude and above all, fraternal restraint.

I enjoin you all to continue the good work and to offer all fruits thereof for the greater glory of God. Let me end with Romans 8:28- " We know that all things work for good for those who love the Lord , who are called according to his purpose..."

In Christ,

Joe Yamamoto

Thank you TitoS Joe. I am humbled once again. I reiterate, I could not have done it alone. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge us here. Once again, no credit is craved or needed, I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say that we look forward to the day this blog can be put to rest. I have had so much help; in technical expertise, assistance with the intricacies of internet navigation, etc., that to call this a personal blog would be an injustice.

(For the record, I was not able to make the MCG at Ateneo, though any of the bloggers could have stood up represent the blog. Maybe next time?)

I tip my hat to the unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to stay the course, and who continue to, despite the disappointments and stresses they have had to deal with. You know who you are, and thank you for teaching me that the best way to win a fight is on my knees.

This is the one thing that the servant general will never understand; that the making of heroes is not in giving the title or instilling the thought that they are in their minds, but in making the fact absolutely apparent, in the eyes of others.

To TitoS Joe and the rest of the IC: You sirs may not consider yourselves heroes, but you certainly are mine.

Thank you, and I remain,



WillyJ said...

What a nice gesture from Tito Joe.
Watch out, maybe one of these days you will get an email from Tito Frank :-)

jconline said...

Tito Joe,

You are chosen from amongst the elders of this community to be our leader. God is probably preparing this community for many legal battles ahead in choosing a lawyer to head us. But even so, I heard you refused to go legal all these times, except for now that our name and integrity is at stake.

What you've shown all these trying times is but humble leadership. You and all of the council has taught us even more to focus on Christ, remembering to do God's will, while persevering to do God's work for his people.

Our chapter is one of those affected heavily by the split. But more than ever, those left behind are working doubly more to continue the life and spirit that CFC has taught us.

We know we are blessed with anointed people from the council. People who will help us take one step closer to a life of holiness -- which our ultimate goal should be. And we thank you for being there for all of us. For serving CFC especially in these trying times of our community.

May God bless you and guide you, together with the council in bringing more families to Christ, in renewing the face of the earth and in bringing forth glad tidings to the poor.

Here's to the captain of our ship that has not abandon us even in the face of the storm.


AR said...

I've been a sector youth head for 5 years. Tatak Kristo was the last ilc for me cause my whole family migrated to Canada.

CFC has blessed me so much.

Even to this day, I couldn't imagine what my life would be if it wasn't for CFC. I was attending ILCs when I was still a KFC. I carried the ONE MANILA BANNER during Manila's first ILC as One Manila on my first ever ILC. I've served in the program team for Metro Manila conferences and even International conferences.

CFC has really blessed me so much.

Now, I am writing this comment at 3:31AM just because I keep on thinking heavily what has happened. I couldn't sleep. Even though I am far away from the Philippines I still feel the burden of knowing friends are split apart, lives have been changed and conflicts still continue.

My first household head who took care of me is now in FFL. One of my lower household is now a leader of FFL.

Well, I just really need to clear my head.

I remember one of my friends who is now an FFL told me "You know what, unity of FFL and CFC is not visible in this generation, it is in ours.".

CFC has thought me a lot.
One of which is to have faith.

Even though unity is a flower blown away by disputes,
no matter how bad things get, I'll never stop planting the flowers.

That is my fight.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Tito Joe! Guys, let's stick to the issues at hand.

To guide us in focusing the discussions on the issues, I ask you all: What's the outcome, the future scenario, we're aiming for?
Should it include the following?

1. Legal decision proclaiming CFC-GMFI the sole proprietor of the appellation "Couples for Christ", including its shortened form "CFC".

2. Legal enforcement imposed on FFL to cease using these names.

3. SEC order rescinding the revival of CFCFI.

4. SEC order disapproving the existing application of FFL, ordering them to resubmit but using a name that does not contain "Couples for Christ" or "CFC".

5. Legal resolution on the ownership of Alpadi.

6. Should CFC seek damages from FFL?

7. Should CFC, in filing any suit, include the FFL members as defendants or only FAP and his lieutenants?

8. Should CFC seek a restraining order to make FFL stop publicizing internal CFC correspondence with the intent to injure? example: tampered Vatican letter.

9. Should CFC seek for FAP and his lieutenants to publicly apologize to CFC and the church for causing such a scandal? For that matter, do you think we should call for FAP to publicly apologize in a newspaper ad to the CFC and FFL members who have been hurt by his actions?

10. Should we strive for a reunification of both groups into one CFC? If so, at what cost? Do we all agree that a reunified group can only be under the governance of the IC and under the CFC Statutes? Meaning: FFL would have to renounce its statutes and submit themselves to the IC.

I apologize if some of these points seem harsh. But a clearer appreciation of the objectives allows us to see the relevant issues better.

For example, here's an issue. The SEC guidelines on foundations stipulate that foundations must have at least Php 1,000,000 deposited in a bank account and that every year, it should submit to the SEC an audited financial statement signed by the president and treasurer of the foundation showing the sources of funds, how much funds were raised and how the funds were used. Re the usage of funds, the foundation has to submit a list of activities and projects including the names and addresses of the people responsible for the projects and this list has to be certified by the mayor of the town where the projects were done.

In reviving CFCFI FAP submitted audited statements from 2006 and should also submit one for 2007 in order for the lifting order to become executory.

1. Can the bank records be called into evidence? It should show at least a million pesos in funds and withdrawals corresponding to the alleged projects in 2006 and 2007.

2. Who deposited the funds? When were they deposited? Was CFCFI really in operation in 2006 and 2007?

3. Who was the treasurer? The submitted financial statement should have his signature. Since this document was submitted to the SEC, it became a matter of public record and can be sub-poenaed. Is he the same treasurer as in 1994? If not, where are the minutes of the board meeting appointing another person as treasurer? Was the board meeting called according to the rules? When was this done? Who were the board members who attended? Would they state under oath that they did, in fact, attend such a meeting? Since the SEC has to be informed of any changes to the officers (including the number of board members), can FAP produce the documents informing the SEC of such changes?

4. Who is the auditor who performed the audits? Would he state under oath that he actually performed the audits in the corresponding year? Did he perform the audit of the 2006 statement in 2007? Who hired him? How was he paid? Can he show invoices dated properly for the audit services done? Can these transactions be found in his own accouting records? His accounting records can be called for as evidence and they should show that the owners of CFCFI paid him in 2007 for the 2006 audit.

5. The same questions can be asked regarding the audited financial statements of 2007. Remember that Frank resigned from the IC in Feb 2007. Further, in 2007 CFCFI was still a revoked entity. So who was operating CFCFI in 2007? Who hired the auditor? What were the sources of funds in 2007 to keep the balance above a million pesos? Who authorized the projects? Who was the treasurer?

Folks, these issues pertain to documents that FAP and FFL have submitted and will have to submit. Each document they submit is material evidence and should be questioned and tested as to their provenance and validity. If they fail this test, it opens up the possibility of fraud.

So, with just this issue in mind, how far do we want to take this? What's the future state we want to achieve? Folks, Frank can really get hurt here, personally. Do we really want to go that far? That last question to you, is also the issue, isn't it?


george asensi said...

dear CD,

i should be the last to commend tito joe for coming out in the blog himself because i am openly close to him as his "errand boy". but, i would like to take this opportunity to thank him for taking care of our spiritual lives by his keeping "Still". as God's anointed, he is more sensitive to Him and knows His voice and, thus His directions more clearly. and as tito joe does what God wants the community to do, he saves us to bigger perdition. God bless him and the International Council.

Anonymous said...

maraming salamat po brother joe Tale

European brod

Malachi3/Widow's might said...

My wife and I just came from the Coops For Christ General Assembly. There were FFL present,some in the Board of Directors. The general assembly affirmed my hope that FFL and CFC can indeed work together.

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

You've been annointed to do the job of opening the floodgates of sentiments from the general CFC membership, and you carried it out very well. My salutes! May God bless you and your household!

Tito Joe,
This will be my first time to address you in any of my blog entries and I find that strange. You're the CFC Director. I gave too much focus on your predecessor :) Anyhow, my sincerest salutes to you! You've been annointed to lead CFC in these very challenging times and, to me, you have demonstrated true Christian leadership far more than some that we know. May God bless you and your household!

The Round-Eyed Toddler

P.S. A number mentioned the word "reunification" with FFL. To me, such word does not apply. A "return" of prodigal sons and daughters however is more like it. The word "prodigal" is not a description about FFL members in general, but my personal description of FFL leaders who continue to "trumpet" what to me are half-truths and lies. These prodigal sons and daughters are free to come back, along with all those who followed them in good faith into the wilderness and back.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..natatawa ako kasi even tito joe dont know cd..swerte naman nung nakakailala sa kami hindi like tito..will keep on guessing sino si cd then baka di pa kami makatulog...mababaliw ba ako sa kakaisip? sabi mo po tito joe, does it mean youth or singles ka? hehehe...anyways, keep the fire burning..nasa mcg pala ako kanina..great day! God bless eevryone!!

ace rafols

Anonymous said...

May Pera sa COOP kaya hindi aalis FFL dyan! Ingatan nyo lang mabuti!

David V. said...

Mabuhay ka Tito Joe at sa lahat ng IC. It is truly God's wisdom that all you in IC were put there. vox popoli vox DEI

Anonymous said...

Bilib jud ko nimo brod! Ug sa Bol-anon pa "Abogadohon jud!"

People like you who has the knowledge about this should start gathering evidence!

Magka because-because jud Frank ani ron! Gasamot! God bless us all!

CFC West C Sector said...

God bless you Tito Joe!
God bless the International Council!
God bless you CD!

God be with us all always!


there is rumor spreading that you are from West C sector. But i'm guessing you are from West B. Anyways, it don't matter to me 'coz you are CFC!

mike said...

Tito Joe!

I pray that you will always be blessed by the Holy Spirit and guide you to seek the will of the Father as you lead us into following the Son!

CD! -- My prayers are also with you..

pasingit-off topic..

sayang maagang umalis si acc wc... me nakasalubong akong 3 FFL. a couple and a brother, attending the coops general assembly.... bakit kaya sila nag attend? babalik na o kukunin yung pera? ano kaya boss?

Jojo Peña/Jiggs said...

yesterday at the MC Gathering, JoeYam asked a question: CD are you here?

i wanted to stand up... no, not because i am CD but because i wanted to see who he is already.

i wanted to stand up din, because there is CD, the person... and there are C.D. - the bloggers, the CFC Defenders.

i was hoping there would be people who will stand up also. but there were none. nahiya si CD, or its not yet time!

nevertheless, as this blog nears its 1-year existence i tip my hat to you CD and the rest of the "C.D.s" for defending the community we all love so well. we ought to defend our community until all the truth has been set out and every time there is untruth being said.

Mabuhay Ka CD. Mabuhay Kayo C.D.
God bless us all! God bless CFC!
Mabuhay Kayo IC!! You have our utmost support!

Danny, WB said...


If it is true that you are from West B, then I am HONORED to serve with you.

If it is ture that you are from West C, then I am honored to share the BIG WEST with you.

If not, I am honored that you are CFC!

To Bro Joe,

I truly believe that the current council, with you as Executive Director, has been blessed with God's Wisdom!

I say this because for the first time in 27 years, you moved the anniversary celebration from the traditional Sunday to Saturday.

I used to be one of the "pasaways" in the (then called) ECG. I normally have something to say about anything the council says.

But since that anniversary celebration, I knew God spoke to me clearly and told me, "Listen to your IC!"

And listen I will!

Sabi nga sa awitin

God Has Spoken to His People
And His words are words of Wisdom

Ready To Fight Till The End,

Danny, WB

Danny, WB said...

"Prodigal" actually means "lavish" or "too extravagant".

I don't think they are apt descriptions for those who left.

WillyJ said...

Meanwhile have you all seen the latest CBCP news? Here are some excerpts.


“CFC-IC has designed suggestions and recommendations on how to improve and strengthen the relationship between our shepherds [bishops] and CFC-IC so that together, we can fulfill our shared mission of spreading God’s will to all,” said Joe Tale, executive director of CFC-IC International Council, in a letter addressed to all the bishops of country, dated June 4.

Tale also said that CFC-IC is gearing up for a new springtime of its evangelization and values formation mission.

“We have lined up Christian life and community values programs for 62,000 settlers along the railroad tracks now recoated in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Taguig, and take care of OFW’s and their families left behind in the Philippines,” Tale said.

CFC-IC also asked the bishops to pray for CFC-IC that its resolution of the conflict that has embroiled CFC-IC community may grow in positive manner.

IC is making all the right moves. God's work goes on!

From One to Another said...

Nice Letter!

Stay humble Bro Joe!

Never be fooled by any personal desire for position as the devil will tempt you.

Whether in or out of IC, YOU ARE ALREADY an asset to CFC.

Remain a child of Christ and leave to Him everything.

Remember the folly of a previous leader is the desire to always be the leader and to be always recognized as such, even when the walk was not matching the talk.

Don't fall into that trap.

Every leader needs unsolicited advice like this. I give as I take it.

Anonymous said...

if you put this in a corporate setting, it is heart-warming to know that your "CEO" is giving an eye and an ear to what his troops are doing --- and also writing to you at that!

tito joe! you and all the IC are always in our prayers, that God will continue to bless you.

nonoy dalman said...

God gave us CFC to help us find the way, the truth and the life.

God gave us CD to help us protect and defend CFC from the evil one.

God gave us our CFC leaders to bring us all to HIM. We are succeeding in our journey because God is with us and we observe and practice humility in everything that we say and do.

It is humility that gives us serenity, love and harmony in CFC.

God bless brother joe and the rest of the members of the international council!

noy dalman

Anonymous said...

grabe naman ang nangyayari sa cfc international before but now is restoration village ang tawag doon, cfc there are being treat unjust, ang sabi doon pag ffl ka at lumipat ka ng cfc, you are candidate for delisting...grabe..makikita mo how desperate they are talaga..abangan nyo po ang susunod na kabanata..marami pang revelation tungkol doon kong papano nila kinakawawa cfc doon

Max said...

Here's another news item as below taken from CBCP on line that label the CFC as CFC-IC.

Let us Correct everyone who calls us CFC-IC, CFC-GK.

I always correct FFL members everytime I hear them calling us CFC-IC. Just advised them to CALL US CFC there is no CFC-IC or CFC-GK and advised them to read the CFC STATUTE, nowhere they can find CFC-IC or CFC-GK. FRANK just labeled CFC like that.



CFC-International Council to reinforce tie with RP bishops
MANILA, July 6, 2008--Couples for Christ-International Council (CFC-IC), has been seeking the support of Philippine Bishops to strengthen cooperation between them.

“CFC-IC has designed suggestions and recommendations on how to improve and strengthen the relationship between our shepherds [bishops] and CFC-IC so that together, we can fulfill our shared mission of spreading God’s will to all,” said Joe Tale, executive director of CFC-IC International Council, in a letter addressed to all the bishops of country, dated June 4.

Tale also said that CFC-IC is gearing up for a new springtime of its

REmain Unknown CD! said...

I think all of should stop asking or trying to know who CD is.

Let us just be thankful to have a person or group of persons known as "CD", because much of what was writen here happened becasue of the dedication of CD -person/persons- in defending CFC.

Let us just pray that he will not tire of doing it -- sacrificing time, talent, and treasure, so that you and me could air our opinions and truly defend CFC.

Please stay anonymous CD!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brod TE,

See you in Milan,Italy this October(CFC EUROPEAN CONFERENCE.

European Brod

Anonymous said...

Tito Joe,

You are reaping what you sowed. Both the CFC and FFL have acted in a manner truly uncharacteristic of Christian charity.

Both your groups should repent and follow the humility of Ligaya when you decided to break away from it. You may have all the accolades of a evangelistic organization but you lost the faithfulness of Jesus in your group.

I am not a Ligaya member but i have read the documents. Whatever justifications you both raised up in your respective defensive blogs, you will always fall short of the example of Ligaya and its leaders. And while you may have reconciled with Ligaya, the original leaders should apologize.

I sense in your hearts that you are all rationalizing what all of you have been doing, and in the process, invoking God as justifying your actions. I have never seen such hypocrisy.

All of you should take a step back and repent from your pride and arrogance. Frank is a deceiver, you were all deceived. And now, you are reaping the whirlwind. The real CFC is no longer in our midst. This was a moral scourge waiting to happen since you broke away because the stain of pride remained with the two groups.

Return to your roots and I do not mean the time you broke away. I dare you to return to the roots of Ligaya where the elders have through the years resolved their differences in an authentic Christian manner.

All I read from your blogs are moral justifications, pride in defending yourselves from the other front, even using Vic Gutierrez to shed on the true history of CFC, well after the scandalous division that now envelopes your group, when before, you listened to the lies of Frank, hook, line and sinker.

I say to you Joe and the leaders that unless you return to the roots of Ligaya, you will never, ever regain the credibility and despite your delusional attitude that everything is on the way back to normalcy, the fact is your scandalous break has shattered people's hopes and lives.

And I know that none of you possess the humility of even considering a return to the fold of Ligaya. I pray that your God touch the leaders and your hearts to see the wisdom that you so lacked from the very start and which has only recently become so evident.

Anonymous said...

Galing mong mag comment Brod! Sa salita mo Judgemental kana rin! Jesus came not to judge but to redem the world! Huwes kaba talaga? God bless us all!

Anonymous said...


Yong SG ang prodigal kasi iniwan tayo ng Malaking utang! STRAVAGANT!

Anonymous said...

The latest CBCP article also says:

"CFC is a lay Catholic group established in 1981 by Fr. Herb Schneider, SJ and Vic Gutierrez. CFC got split from its original group “Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community” in 1993.

There it is for all to see. CBCP's own proclaiming that Frank is not the founder of CFC. So no founder's charism. So there is nothing to restore.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said we are all acting in a manner truly uncharacteristic of Christian charity.

Thank you. Your words have certainly showed us what your brand of Christian charity is. Did it feel good to let it out?

Did you really read the documents? All of them? And you still say we should ignore the facts at this present time, repent and go back to LNP after 15 years? You're saying that all that has been achieved in the past 15 years do not mean anything? I marvel at your sense of history.

Can I ask you to look into your own life? Would you say that you are capable of throwing 15 years of it as worthless? But of course, you strike me as someone who may have spent 15 years without any remarkable experiences. Well, we've had 15 incredible years of service.

Why do you say we should go back to LNP? Do you not realize, after reading all the documents that we are somewhere else now. We've moved on. That we're someone else now - we're CFC not LNP. And we feel gratefulness in our hearts for their generousity and love.

Why do you say that what is happening now is the result of splitting from LNP? Did you not read the document of reconciliation with LNP? If you did, did you not notice that it's message was also of forgiveness? Did you miss that one? Perhaps you did not recognize it. If so is that because you haven't had any forgiveness experience yet and so could not recognize it? That's ok. I forgive you. True forgiveness wipes out the fault, whatever it was. As if it did not exist at all. That's what is meant by being "cleansed and become as white as snow". If something has been wiped out, how can it still have an effect today?

I just want to remind you that before you throw the first stone, you should be qualified to do it - make sure you yourself are sinless. If that did not occur to you either, that's ok, we're all WIPs - works in progress. But even as we accept being WIPs, we still dare to serve, even imperfectly. We're WIPs not wimps.

So don't wimp out on me. Is your righteousness justified? Can you truly say that you yourself occupy such a high and unassailable seat that you can write what you did? Be honest with yourself now. No cheating. Are you truly justified, without a doubt in your heart, that you are qualified to judge?

May I ask why you felt you had to judge?

Well, you strike me as someone who can obviously answer these questions truthfully and still come out with flying colors. We are all so obviously way below your league. Can I just ask you instead to play in your own league and leave the rest of us mortals here below to sort it out while trying to be worthy of your Christian standards?

Anonymous said...

At least we know now that IC supports this kind of blog!

While IC had been asking its members to be still, conveniently, it encourages blogs like this that is unchristian and biased. It’s not surprising that members and IC supporters had never been ‘still’. This blog maligns anybody who do not agree with IC may it be a cardinal, a bishop or a brother. It ridicules anything of FFL from their internal emails, memos, websites, banners and car sticker. It encourages the worst of CFC.

And its author does this without courage to reveal his identity. Yes, you are defender of IC but are you ‘for Christ’?

What a shame!

Divinos said...

(At least we know now that IC supports this kind of blog!

While IC had been asking its members to be still, conveniently, it encourages blogs like this that is unchristian and biased. It’s not surprising that members and IC supporters had never been ‘still’. This blog maligns anybody who do not agree with IC may it be a cardinal, a bishop or a brother. It ridicules anything of FFL from their internal emails, memos, websites, banners and car sticker. It encourages the worst of CFC.

And its author does this without courage to reveal his identity. Yes, you are defender of IC but are you ‘for Christ’?

What a shame!)


Deo Volente said...

"...While IC had been asking its members to be still, conveniently, it encourages blogs like this that is unchristian and biased..."

Kapatid, not once had I seen the IC encouraged blogs like this while we were at that moment in the past where we were told to "be still". Forgive me if I missed it so kindly give us the proof about this.

And why have you judged that this blog is unchristian?

True, there have been cases where there were unchristian remarks made by members of both sides, but I wouldn't judge everyone or everything here as unchristian. Sentiments that make sweeping allegations of unrighteousness are very similar to how GK was discredited and its imperfections were overblown to overshadow the inherent goodness in loving the least of our brethren, not just in spirit and truth, but with actions.

"...This blog maligns anybody who do not agree with IC may it be a cardinal, a bishop or a brother"

Again, I would caution people to make generalizations. I have indeed seen cases like this but please be charitable to the rest of the bloggers who have shown restraint. And I ask you to be forgiving to those who have been overwhelmed negatively with emotions.

Also take note that we also defended the clergy such as when brother Nonong Contreras of FFL suggested that the bishops are smoking marijuana.

You should also consider the gravity of statements from both sides by its source. On the CFC side, the official statements from the IC have been very tame and charitable even if members on the grass-roots level might have been very "frank" and sometimes unchristian. On the FFL side, official statements from brother Frank or brother Nonong have been very provocative (I must admit I found some of their words very unchristian too but that's my personal opinion).

"...It ridicules anything of FFL"

Most of what we write here are responses to allegations thrown at us from other groups. A good example is this attempt of mine to make an argument against your allegation that this blog is unchristian in totality.

May God continue to bless you. I also ask forgiveness if I offended you in any way.

Zac said...

CD, I do not know if you will post my opinion.

The letters of the two brother Joes are well meaning and well written.

But something tells me, if the two Joes write would Roquel's be far behind?

So what's the point?

Brothers, may I suggest that we minimize the talk?

After all for every major event from January to June - including the 27th Anniversary, not to mention almost in all events/meetings preparatory to the Anniv and after the Anniv, we've heard much from you two, with some additions from the others like Ernie M and Lito T (but theirs are fewer compared to the two Joes), you have always been speaking -- and writing.

I think there are articles in Ugnayan too from the two of you; Roquel too.

So what do I like to propose?

Visit the areas where the real work is being done! May I propose that Sector or Provincial visits be as frequent as foreign trips?

And by visits I mean, going to small Sector meetings (Sector Head plus Clusters Hds) and be there not necessarily to give lengthy talks but primarily to build relationships.

I realize it is a different story when you go to the Provinces or Countries. There you really have to talk. In Metro Manila, just leave the talking to the other ICs.

Honestly, I get an can only talk of point up to a certain extent.

Pardon me brothers but your exposure almost equates to a .... well I thought it better not to say the word.

[CD, it is okay if you think you do not like to post this]

Julie said...

My family and I went to sm megamall about a week ago, and had dinner (or was it lunch?) at Pho Hoa. I was surprised when ma and pa said hi to the couple next to us, and I found out that it was Tita Joe and Tita Babylou Tale. They were so humble, and I guess this speaks a lot about them. They don't think high of themselves, and just SERVE as Jesus taught us all to do. :)

Listen if You Have Ears! said...

The MEMBERS of FFL intentionally misinterpret the messages of our IC, like that of 'BEING STILL', to mean total inaction.

They would like us to believe that they have every right to comment on our actions, specially those that defend the name of CFC, which they appropriate unto themselves with deceit.

They would like us to keep quiet while they show to the whole world the fake claim of a 27th Anniversary, a charism that piggy backs on the Charism of CFC, events happening on days intentionally scheduled to coincide with ours until Nature had to intervene and wipe out their fake June 22 fest!, etc. etc.

It will take time before they realize it is futile.

Someone over there needs to go on a sabbatical so that the voices of those around him could be toned down in his ears and then for him to see/hear in solitude the real charism that God wants to bestow on is a path that would still lead to Christ but not a copy of the charism he has given to CFC.

But only if the Servant General listens. SG may disobey Cardinal Rylko (with tacit and obvious and stated approval of his Bishop, thumb tweedler Gabby Reyes) but he better not disobey the Real Dispenser, True & Only Source, the Unquestionable Keeper of the Charism, the Holy Spirit of God!

Zeny Gimenez said...

To Zac:

Hello, Zac! May I inform you that the IC take very frequent trips (individually or collectively) to the provinces, not just to give talks, as you seem to think, but mainly (as you suggest) to touch base with the brethren.

I guess everyone knows why some of them took trips abroad during the past year. It was a period of consolidation and of reassuring the brethren that all was well. It was a time to show the brethren abroad (who were far from home base) that CFC is strong and still united. It was a time for the shepherd to protect his sheep. But now that the base is secure, so to speak, they no longer take unnecessary trips abroad. They are all too conscious of the need to conserve funds. All you need to do, kapatid, is to check with the HO to find out if they indeed take unnecessary trips.

Provincial areas were, and continue to be, visited as part of the IC's pastoral responsibility. I presume that you are from abroad, so you are not aware of these pastoral visits of the IC.

You also suggest that the IC take time to go to sector or cluster meetings. Maawa ka naman sa kanila, kapatid. There are only 7 of them and there are thousands of these households all over the country. That's precisely the reason for our organizational set-up-- the sector and provincial heads get nourishment from the IC and other top leaders -- and they in turn cascade this nourishment to their members.

When the two Joes decided to write to CD and the rest of the bloggers on this site, they did so out of a sincere desire to express gratitude to the many people who have come forward, many of them giving their names, in defense of CFC. There was no other motive. How unfortunate that some are now trying to read more into the letters than the writers intended.

How unfortunate that there are still some who refuse to see beyond the negatives and to look beyond. Reading through the comments on this blog site, there are very many brethren who are now so grateful that we have a renewed spirit in our midst, that we have a leadership that has been proven to be more effective precisely because they do not talk and talk (Be still, remember?). If there is anything positive that has come out of this whole mess, it is that we now have an IC that is responsive to the people on the ground and who are so sincere and transparent.

I guess one of the bloggers said it all -- our IC have been ANOINTED. Need we say more?

Anonymous said...

zac said,
"Honestly, I get an can only talk of point up to a certain extent.
Pardon me brothers but your exposure almost equates to a .... well I thought it better not to say the word."

the comment of both joe's is a breath of fresh air. i presume bro zac is a top leader, that is why he gets to meet and hear the 2 joes constantly, hence the overload feeling.

an overload of something good can never be unpleasant. for us who hunger to hear from our leaders, we can only wish we were in your shoes.

Paulijah said...

I'm just thankful to God that T. Joe is our IC leader when this crisis happened to our community. Kakaiba talaga! Simple pero rock!

Salamat for being a Christ among us, T. Joe!

Anonymous said...

I agree with ZAC with respect only to Bro. Joe Yam.

At the MCG last Sunday, where he was supposed to be co-discerner, he also shared (and somewhat already gave a "talk"; which led me to thinking - how could would-be-sharers approach him when he was full of his own sharing, the contents of which we already all know since it was about the anniversary.) He may have forgotten the "B" in the "ABC" guidelines - "Audible", "Brief" and "Christ-centered." He took considerable time on the floor - a far contrast from the brief but effective sharing of the little girl who went straight to the point by telling how God saved her twice in her young life. That was the ABC to emulate.

As for Bro. Joe, I find him still laid back -hindi humihingi ng attention , and this is what I appreciate most about him. He only speaks and writes as needed - and that is as IC Exec. Director. I've seen him in some events and appreciate his being a real "tao" na marunong makihalubilo sa mga kapatid, at wala sa pedestal. Marunong mag-smile from the heart and with real eye contact when relating to people. To me a sign of a sincere heart.

In any case, our IC members are like us, also human and have imperfections. I know that they can also accept suggestions for improvements in dealing and relating with members during events and assemblies.

Please trust that these comments mean well for our IC. Lest we re-experience the kind of leadership from where the Lord had already deilivered us.

Anonymous said...

Kapatid na Zac:

Thanks for your thoughts.

To me you comment is bitter-sweet, for there is a tinge of something negative - I can't say what it is right now - that does not make me fee l good...the way you seem to dislike the two letters from Brothers Joe Tale and Joe Yamamoto. As much as I feel this way, I also praise God, indeed, that at least you anticipate your entry’s negative impact, i.e., it's possibly not seeing print here at all... Certainly that is also grace. Bless you, Kapatid.

On my side, I just feel honoured and blessed to read kind words from our once-embattled leaders, who, at the start of the conflict, were tongue-tied. They did not seem to have the right words to say or make of the sudden unexpected attacks by F Padilla whom they have always revered and followed as the first among equals...So, I can empathize with the words of thanks from our leaders one year after having seen the ordinary CFC members come in whatever form or make to defend the CFC structure under the “bugle call” of CD's IDOTRCFC blog. I am aware of instances when voices from the fields - like that of a brother from Northern Mindanao – were thankfully articulated to counter Brother Frank and show the world that CFC was alive and not down on its knees... And CD’s IDOTRCFC was a soothing balm that was giving a balanced perspective of the conflict, with the end-view of defending CFC and the embattled IC! Kapatid na Zac, we have to give space in our hearts to accept wholeheartedly and joyfully the generous gratitude flowing from the innermost beings for our Tito JoeS, devoid muna of anything else...young purong-puro love and acceptance of gratitude given.

So, Kapatid na Zac, as much as we may place in an acceptable context your desire to have less of letter-writing from the two Tito JoeS (who could as well, you imply, be more "grounded" by attending Sector and perhaps cluster meetings), I am of the firm belief that they have always have that in mind and heart - in fact there is a standing order for all leaders to go down at least two structural steps below to be more grounded.

I want to reiterate, though, that I find their public letters very much welcome as much as they bring peace, warmth, and joy in my heart. Besides, they are our leaders and it is expected that we hear from them every so often, isn’t it?

Relax lang, Kapatid na Zac (are ou brod or sis?), and just let things be...when the time comes, we may hear some welcome views from Brother Roquel, too.

Until then, let the spirit of thanksgiving, love and respect for CD and the IDOTRCFC that are brought to all us by Brothers Joe Tale and Joe Yamamoto be savored wholesomely here...GOD BLESS.

Malachi3/widow's might said...

To Real Defenders od CFC let us not mind this anonymous, saying we are unchristian and questions the christianity of the I.C. He or she is abosolutely clueless about the present happenings in both FFL and the true CFC. He calls this blog biased? what does he brand or label the FFL, this anonymous is obvoiusly led by another spirit. Let's move on brothers and sisters let's ignore the posts of this person.Let's encourage letters of the Joe Tale and Joe Yam's theme of humility,forgiveness,celebration and loving. This anonymouse is just out to disturb our peace,let's all pray for one another lets most specialy include in our prayers this anonymous.

Anonymous said...

ok lang na kasama natin dito nakipag blog ang mga leaders natin..i think it's a good way to show everyone that they are one with us. sometimes (if not most of the time) our leaders should make time to interact with us and if they cannot physically do it at least this blog is a very good venue to be able relate not only as leader to its members but more so as brothers and sisters...pagbigyan ninyo na mga kapatid 25 years nga tayo nakinig kay problem general di tayo nagrereklamo. itong mga leaders natin ngayon nakakaisa taon pa lang..ok lang yan!
mabuti na yan ganyan na madalas natin madidinig ang kapitan ng barko natin lalo na pagbumabagyo at least assured na may driver tayo...sakay na sa byaheng luneta to marikina!
basta driver sweet brother

Anonymous said...


Given the many miracles that have come, I can accept without complaint any expression or sharing - however long it can be - as part of the whole process of God's loving and making Himself available...

It is still another miracle unfolding, here and now, that we are able to share our thoughts in this blog, aware though, that while some expressed thoughts can hurt, we are ever ready to accept our limitations and apologize.

Indeed, it is kind of “risky” to be somehow “petty” here (may I say sorry for this particular impression?), to the extent of suggesting that an IC member abide by the "ABC’s" of sharing... (Right now I recall the most able writer, Teddy "Boy" Locsin, making an editorial piece about that parish priest in an English Church who he felt gave one of the best-ever homilies as it was well-researched, most concise. and delivered with utmost consideration of the attention span of the audience-parishioners). But then, I wish to say that we are still in a state of euphoria, bathing in God's goodness; so, we may tolerate anything that is meant well, even if stated long enough, no?

I honour Bro Joe Yam more as a doer than a talker...If he did speak a lot more in some recent sharing, that could still be favorably considered as an extension of what postively resulted when he advised that Metro Manila CFC totally mobilize and participate in the Anniversary... Certainly, an excitement about the miraculous success of that celebrated event still found expression in that sharing by Brother Joe Yam...So, K lang, kapatid!

Pero, for me, at a distance lang naman, hearsay pa nga...I admire some strategic moves coming from Brother Joe Yam during those darker days...when instead of unleashing a direct frontal attack he advised a brother in an “attack mode” to just “fire over the bow” ... when he coordinated moves that sealed CFC Mindanao’s total allegiance to the IC.

Those past actions and strategies, the joy of seeing Truth triumph, the gratitude from the leaders to the members, all of those converge with and in us here to salute God, our Trust and Deliverer...Here through the IDOTRCFC Blog.

So, we pray that all the “telling” and expressions here will make us abide in Jesus who transforms our tales and opinions into a neat piece of mast as we set sail together – In Truth and In Defense of the Original CFC.

Diczen said...

To my friends in the FFL- I am reminded of the saying: "None is as blind as those who refuse to see... and none is as deaf as those who refuse to hear....!
We have been taught to discern. Do you see nothing wrong in the actions of Frank Padilla from the time he resigned in Feb 2007 till now ?
As for Bishop G. Reyes- please ask Frank how many times he has consulted the good bishop on spiritual matters these past 25 years, or when he thought CFC was veering away (which Frank alleged was happenning for quite some time before 2007)! And most important- please ask Frank why he did NOT bother to consult the bishop when he made that monumental decision to resign from CFC, but conveniently ran to him for help when he was unable to get back his top position in CFC.
I am one of those who used to hold Frank in high esteem.... but that is history now....

Diczen Young
Chapter Head
SB-8E Muntinlupa

Max said...

Zac and Anonymous who agreed Zac,

Nagsawa rin ba kayo sa Parish PRIEST Nyo at kung sumisimba ka araw araw ay lagi mo siyang makita at nadinig ang kanyang mga Homily?

Come on! mga kapatid, When we are on fire or When the Holy Spirit leads you to say something, you dont even sometimes notice how long you already TALK!


Are you getting bored by their SHARING or TALK?

I DONT! It's always inspiring, refreshing specially it COMES from the Holy SPirit.


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

At least we know now that IC supports this kind of blog!

While IC had been asking its members to be still, conveniently, it encourages blogs like this that is unchristian and biased. It’s not surprising that members and IC supporters had never been ‘still’. This blog maligns anybody who do not agree with IC may it be a cardinal, a bishop or a brother. It ridicules anything of FFL from their internal emails, memos, websites, banners and car sticker. It encourages the worst of CFC.

And its author does this without courage to reveal his identity. Yes, you are defender of IC but are you ‘for Christ’?

What a shame!

To anonymous,

unchristian and biased.....
Can you please ask your co ffl.What are they doing here in Europe? Can you also ask your Regional coordintor in Europe how true is their report "for example 75 finished the yfl camp in Torino Italy? Can you as them how they manage to have a youth camp. How they deceived even the parish priest in that area. And the report that 90% of Vienna Austria is with them. Brod or Sis before you make a comment pagisipan mo munang mabuti
Alam mo bang lahat ng report ng inyong Regional Coordinator dito sa Europa ay pawang kasinungalingan Buti na lang at tahimik yung mga brothers dito ayaw ng away ako lang ang hindi makatiis matagal ko g gustong sumulat dito sa blog na ito
pero tinitimpi ko.But now I think its high time to retaliate.

CFC Defeder in Europe

Anonymous said...

To CFC Defender in Europe,

It's good you have aired your side of what's exactly happening out there especially in Europe. We are called to defend the real CFC and most part of it should be to broadcast the truth and keep brethren away from being deceived. "For evil to triumph, it is enough for good men to do nothing".
Hence, I enjoin you from all parts of the globe, to get involved by upholding the truth and denouncing the lies, deceptions and treacherous acts of creating confusion in the hearts & minds of our CFC brethren.

Let's fight the good fight of faith. It is only in knowing the truth that one can be set free.

God bless,
North B

Anonymous said...

Malachi3, we should not ignore these people 'tol. We also have to defend CFC against them. Note that they fired the first salvo. The spirit of the Tale to Tell entries is one of praise and gratefulness to the IC. The thread does not contain any attacks at all - at least the foregoing ones. Yet somehow, they found the comments so repulsive that they could not resist but show their judgmental natures. I wonder why? Since when did praise and thanks become repulsive?

Note also that the one who accused the authors of not having the courage to reveal their identity did so without revealing his own. Siya rin pala walang courage.

I agree with everything that Deo said. Let's all stand up to these people. Note that if you compare the tone and language of the two "con" entries here against the "pro" ones, they are so obviously judgmental without offering any proof whatsoever. As far as factual content is concerned these comments are worthless. But as a "peek" into how those on the other side think and feel, their psychology if you will, they are useful. Certainly the comments make us aware that such types of people are there - shooting off without making sure he's got real ammunition. Distasteful may it be sometimes, we still have to defend against them.

To the Defenders in Europe, including Euro Brod, let's rouse everyone up. Hindi naman siguro tayo tatatlo lang, di ba? Here in Germany, some of our brothers and sisters used to post a copy of the IC Statements on the parish church bulletin boards. They would stay there only for a few hours. FFL would take them off as soon as they see them. They have been telling their members that they are the "original" CFC, especially because Frank is with them. They have also instructed their members to automatically discount any evidence to the contrary. Even the documents on the origins of CFC. To them Frank is the founder despite all the evidence proving he is not. They also maintain that the church says that Frank is the founder. Ano ngayon ang sasabihin nila if they read the latest CBCP article clearly stating that Frank is not the founder? CBCP news is, after all, one of the voices of the Church in the Philippines. Pag-usapan natin 'to in Milan in October, bro.


Anonymous said...

Those who allow themselves to cheat or tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time.

Let us not be surprise if those who are trying to build a false front that FFL is gaining strenght continue to lie.

They have lied before the SEC, they have lied to the church and they will continue to lie to decieve anyone who will listen to them.

Let us pray for them that they may realize that what they are doing is sinful.

jonitanitayturin said...

Re: anynymous blogger of July 7, 2008 6:42 PM


That blogger who cautions the followers of CFC and FFL from basking in anything less than retracting from sinful acts and/or atoning for sins caused by the unceremonious break from LNP a long time ago, may have a point: because FFL can not just jump joyfully at its “re-use” of the acronym CFCFI, and CFCGMFI can not “sweep under the rug”, as it were, the same wrongdoing against LNP.

We really have to face squarely the skeletons of our past and cast them out through genuine reconciliation. On this matter, CD mentioned earlier that if it was judged that mere acknowledgement of the wrongdoing could suffice, then that was it; but if atonement was needed, then that should also be done.

So, I guess it was OK to have such cautionary entry from an Anonymous blogger. I just feel, though, that with so much of CFC’s efforts exerted to seek the truth about our true history with LNP, to embrace it, to publish it, and to generate as much reactions to deal with our “collective” conscience, that was acknowledgment which was sufficient enough to expunge our early leaders’ guilt or sinfulness that flowed into our CFC “bloodlines”. Furthermore, some personal act of contrition made by those involved early on, or following the historical “excavations” may have also removed the ill-effects of such sin. And I want to risk saying that, with the blessing of reconciliation accepted by LNP in 2005, atonement by us in CFC these days may not be called for anymore.

I wonder, though about the collective guilt of those in FFL, whether or not they have come to terms with our common history and accepted the mistakes committed against LNP. Gleaned from the fact that the FFL leaders, notably Frank Padilla, insist on having the CFC “founder” with FFL, there is every reason to believe that they need to separately reconcile with LNP.

Towards this end, that Anonymous letter can undoubtedly be directed towards Frank Padilla and his followers (I refrain from using here the pejorative “minions”).

(Hi CD and all CFC defenders in the IDOTRCFC Blog! It is profoundly uplifting and heartening to read, taste, and see the handiwork of our elders in joyful prose, essaying hosannas and blessings to a well-deserved volunteer service in defense of CFC. Once again, we kiss our hands to the skies above, thanking God Almighty, Him whose Eyes (I dare interpret) approvingly peeked through the stars and the moon shining out from feathered walls of red-ribboned clouds that miraculously parted the darkened, rain-threatening skies on July 21st, the 27th CFC Anniversary...Our God is infinitely merciful and tender. He is Love. God Bless.)

Anonymous said...

you'll be surprised that NOT everyone in and out of CFC is blog-aware, or have HEARD what is really happening to CFC.

so it is up to US, defenders, to really TALK about what really happened, to talk about the truth to everyone we know.

if some of us feel that we're "overloaded" or it is "overexposed", then we have to "unload" what we know to our brothers and sisters who haven't heard. we don't have to keep it to ourselves.

you'll also be surprised that even in MCG, there are still brothers and sisters who are not convinced of our work (or even are still "discerning" to go to FFL). it has to be talked about and drilled through. i remember being with MARI and LUIS O. 4 years ago, and they were telling stories about TM's passion about GK. TM was talking about it to them everyday. And hearing it everyday of their lives made them also convicted to it.

kung "nakukulitan" na tayo, then maybe we need to go to the GK sites assigned to us, because some elements are misleading the people there. we need to tell them.

kung "nakukulitan" na tayo, then we can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in what to do, with what we know, with what we have.


Bro. C. Tsew said...

To Zac:

Bro, if I say, "Keep it to yourself and serve your family better," you'd feel resentment because you'd think I don't have a right to say it because I don't even know you... that I'm a selfrighteous know-it-all.

Honestly, that's how you show yourself, pare. You're saying people can live their lives better if you were in their shoes.

Bloggers, can you consider it Christian? I don't.

Anonymous said...

Bro Zac should be given the advice that he should not criticize the tree if he is enjoying the shade it gives.
Or even if he is not under its shade, the tree is beneficial; to the place God planted it.
Leaders are like trees Bro, they are beneficial in the places where God assigned them. Or at least that is God’s plan.
Just take it that way.

Anonymous said...

GOD continues to bless our community.
As we weather the storm that hit us the past year, the Lord poured on us blessing upon blessing. He blessed us with the truth, He blessed us with Bro. Joe Tale, He blessed us with our IC, He blessed us with IDOTRC, ... We Praise and Thank You LORD!
ninoboy, NB

Max said...

---Anonymous saud,
----At least we know now that IC supports this kind of blog!.....

The two Joe's just honored and thank the members who answered the Call to Arms and pledge the support all the way with our International Council in whatever action regarding sa binubuhay ni Frank na CFC-FI na kanyang pinatay and rejected noong 1993.

-----While IC had been asking its members to be still, conveniently, it encourages blogs like this that is unchristian and biased. It’s not surprising that members and IC supporters had never been ‘still’. This blog maligns anybody who do not agree with IC may it be a cardinal, a bishop or a brother. It ridicules anything of FFL from their internal emails, memos, websites, banners and car sticker. It encourages the worst of CFC……………

The time to be still has passed.... Unchristian and Biased? That’s your opinion, What is your opinion on your FFL side, who sowed confusion, deceive people, claiming to be CFC but don’t abide the STATUTE of CFC.

While some CFC members who gave comments here sometimes have unkind and harsh words, there are also other CFC member who corrected them and gave comments and thoughts regarding the ISSUES from SERVANT GENERAL Frank and FFL Playboys and Bunnies.

You have to bear the Righteous ANGER and the DEFENSE of TRUTH by CFC members from the LIES of FFL. FFL and FRANK-STOP YOUR LIEs! (the Banner Lie, the anniversary Lie, the STICKERS – Don’t USE our LOGO).

--- And its author does this without courage to reveal his identity. Yes, you are defender of IC but are you ‘for Christ’?---

YES, WE ARE CFC – Couples for Christ and you are FFL and I am MAX and I challenge FRANK or YOU or FFL to debate regarding the STATUTE of CFC duly recognized by the VATICAN, if you continue to DEFY the STATUTE and don’t recognize the International COUNCIL as the overall Governing Body of CFC worldwide THEN YOU ARE NOT CFC and STOP calling Yourselves CFC. Frank and FLL, Do You understand?

----What a shame!....

I’d rather a shame by DEFENDING CFC and labeled being unchristian than be with FFL and Follow the Unrepentant LAND SCAMMER who deceived and misled me. I demand Apology FRANK! And FFL members who continue to follow the lead of this PERSON is a blind follower.

Again, this is Max. said...

Vienna might be few in number but least assured that we will remain CFC forever regardless of who carries the zeal of CFC . . .

C.D. said...

My friends, while I understand the zest and zeal to defend, let us please refrain from giving labels to people. I don't want to be forced to moderate comments. Let us respect the bishops, however their stand may be. It is still called for in our Christian upbringing to do that. Let us be great examples of what CFC'ers are all about.

Thank you all and God bless,


Athrun Atreides said...

I would like to share these two videos (from the movie "The Alamo"), because at some point they can be related to our story...

The Mexicans begin their nightly bombardment of the Alamo. Before they start firing, they play the "Deguello", a march that translates as "slit throat".
* For months, it was the situation. The FFL began to sound the trumpets, then started their bombardment. Eventually we learned to retaliate, but not before exhausting all other avenues of dialogue.
* On both sides, people were crying, seeing themselves as the underdog. Filipino culture puts the underdog in a pedestal, glorifies the losing side in the hopes of earning sympathy. I daresay both sides were guilty of this tendency.

"I just figured it out...what it's missing," said Davy Crockett, referring to the "Deguello". He runs to the rampart of the Alamo, brings out his violin, and plays a tune that complements the march. The bombardment ceases.
* Who represents Crockett in our story? I see it as God's voice calling us all (on both sides) to "be still." Listen to Him as he plays the tone of peace and love, in the midst of the trumpets of evil. Let us not fall for the devil's trap of anger and hatred.
* Unfortunately it was cut from the clip, but in the silence that followed, Crockett said, "It's amazing what a little harmony'll do." Harmony is a major reason why we have avoided the legal arena: despite the fact that there only remained a wisp of harmony, CFC strongly held onto it, hoping that by being still, our prodigal friends would come to their senses without the unnecessary judicial system coming in. But now it appears harmony will come by legal means, for apparently only the long arm of the law can tame the volatile situation and restore the harmony that has been lost.

I am no theologian, just an aspiring writer. Nor am I a good sharer, for even I myself find faults in the reflection I opened above. I just hope that what I said, what all of us have said, will matter in resolving the 511-day CFC crisis.

That is why I feel elated (as all of you felt, especially CD) whenever I read the IC letters posted above. It really affirms us all; our efforts, every comment (both good and bad) here did matter. Like Tito Joe Yamamoto, I hope that we can all share a (blog)spot in the definitive history of CFC.

(On that note, I hope we can get unbiased journalists to write it. That way, a condensed version can make it to Wikipedia without earning "The neutrality of this article is disputed" tag.)

PS. CD can't surface yet for legal considerations. I'll bet my laptop he'll be charged with libel by those who've really felt offended by his work. (And I don't even own a laptop.)

Anonymous said...

To Sis Zeny Jimenez:

I read your posting, this is out of topic but this is my only way of reaching you and the IC, now that we know, they read this blog too.

Before the split, I get spiritual nourishment from reading the Ugnayan On-line issues, I am sure there are many others who feel the same. Is there a plan to make Ugnayan available in the new CFC website? I hope I'll get an answer this time 'coz I tried before and got nothing. Thanks in advance & God bless!


mike said...

to tell or not to tell!!!

while taking my coffee break i overheard a group of CFC talking about FFL.

apparently, these FFL peeps asked some CFC to put a stop to this blog...

syempre tumaas ang BP nung CFC...
and they replied, stop using the Couples For Christ name..

i presumed the meeting ended with nothing resolved. manghihingi pa naman yata ng audited FS yung mga yun...

Zeny Gimenez said...

To Elv of Toronto:

Yes, we shall be relaunching the Ugnayan online again. Sorry about the delay in posting it in the website but as you are probably aware, our communications network was severely affected by the fact that some people (including our former webmaster) left CFC, and also left our systems in shambles.

We have managed, by the Lord's grace, to put up a new website, we have a new webmaster, and we are soon to launch a new domain name. So we are getting there, kapatid.

May I ask for everyone's patience, as we are trying to do everything we can to really make our communications system more responsive to your needs. For your info, your leaders in Canada are now in the process of putting up the structure and the system that will be linked to the Home Office so the flow of communications should be more efficient and rapid.

If you need to get in touch with us, please use the Ugnayan address: or the UMC address:

God bless.

jonitanitayturin said...


Excerpt from Anonymous Blogger (July 7, 2008 6:42 PM):

“Frank is a deceiver, you were all deceived. And now, you are reaping the whirlwind. The real CFC is no longer in our midst. This was a moral scourge waiting to happen since you broke away because the stain of pride remained with the two groups.”

From an Anonymous respondent (July 8, 2008 3:06 AM):

Is your righteousness justified? Can you truly say that you yourself occupy such a high and unassailable seat that you can write what you did?... Are you truly justified, without a doubt in your heart, that you are qualified to judge?...May I ask why you felt you had to judge?... Can I just ask you … to play in your own league and leave the rest of us mortals here below to sort it out while trying to be worthy of your Christian standards?”

May I say:

Brod/Sis Anonymous respondent, the criteria you’ve set before one can make a “judgment call” may be bit high. I think that somebody without an “unassailable” position can readily observe that the “original sin” of Padilla and the CFCGMFI ringleaders against Father Schneider and the CFC founders in LNP, might as well have affected their futures in CFC – reason enough to “judge” that all of them could not be holier, or more righteous than each other, then and now...

On the other hand, may not one be in “another world” to abide by anonymous' ironical request that those wounded by the original sin be left to sort themselves out of the mess, while begging what can likely be a "bystander-moralist” (a priest or a bishop, perhaps, as in the parable of the Good Samaritan) to be less judgmental of the whole thing, else leave their “mortals selves” alone?

Mr. Anonymous Blogger, are you a member of the Clergy? Better, if you are, because I think the most crucial factor in Padilla’s abdication from the CFC Executive Board was the so-called collective guilt. I think it was more than the dwindling number of new CFC members or the decreasing volume of members’ tithes! It was more like what the Anonymous Blogger here refers to as a “moral scourge” (of course, for Mr. Padilla, that also included his engaging in a landscam - for titling and selling a portion of an already-titled children's playground - and perhaps committing other serious sins he alone knew).


I now wish to post these questions for CD (the author and fellow CFC Defenders – C.D.), the CFC-IC, and the levelheaded FFL followers:

1. Are we living NOW in a moral scourge?

2. Is not this “scourge” our COLLECTIVE GUILT that has emanated from the original sin of Padilla and his ringleaders in the CFCGMFI Board in 1993?


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your instructive comment. But let me respond to the issue of passing judgment.

I think in our everyday life, we are called to pass judgment. The proscription from passing judgment is not that we ought not to judge but to be able to receive judgment as well.

Anyway, it really does not matter whether I am a member of the Philippine hierarchy. I called it a moral scourge because the "sins of the father shall be visited on the children". It is akin to original sin. We maybe good as natural persons but in the very core of our humanity exists the stain of original sin. It took the Son of God to assume the vicarious liability and expiate the sins on our behalf.

Who then should assume the vicarious liability of the original sin of separation from LNP?

I have also read the statement of reconciliation and like all generic documents, the sins are not specifically pointed. That is the problem of diplomacy which should not have room for reconciliation because the existence of sin compels us to call spade a spade.

I am not asking for physical unity with LNP. The paths taken by the two factions do not permit this. Rather, I am speaking of a fraternal unity where the leaders of both factions can benefit from the ways and means by which the elders of LNP govern themselves.

I personally know Joe Tale. I knew him when he became a member of Couples for Christ and before he became a member of LNP. I have no doubts on the goodness of Joe. He is a good and decent man. But this moral scourge is something that cannot be healed from within CFC. You must admit and seek external help. The bishops will not be helpful either as we have seen from their past involvement, they do not have enough "charismatic" experience and enough familiarity with the way of life within LNP and CFC to shepherd CFC from its straits. You all must remember that the way of life of CFC emanated from Ligaya, and that way of life persist in both communities.

If there is any charism that LNP can offer both factions, it is the charism of a brother who has lived the same way of life as CFC but is not altogether involved in the quarrel. The bishops have proven themselves unequal to the task. LNP is the only body which can fully comprehend the situation.

But that can only happen if Joe Tale, Roquel Ponte, Frank Padilla, Tony Meloto et al have the humility to ask a fellow lay group to mediate. I am afraid that is too tall an order for the leaders to rue over. And that is the greatest tragedy of all.

This is not about me against CFC. This is a fraternal call to arms for all of you to realize that the original sin remains amongst you. So, come back to your roots. Do we not always hear the call to go back to the fervor of first love? Is this any different?

Anonymous said...

Joni, those are very insightful observations you made. Unfortunately (for me) it raised several questions.

(1) Why are we talking of having a collective guilt?
(2) Was the reconciliation in 2005 not enough?

If the reconciliation in 2005 was genuine, it would have included forgiveness. If this is true then what collective guilt are we talking about? Meron pa ba dapat naiwan nun? I have noticed though that we Filipinos have a character flaw - even after napatawad na, ayaw pa rin kalimutan yung kasalanan. Parang binabaliwala natin yung pagpapatawad at mas gusto nating buhayin uli yung masamang nangyari. This is, I think, part of our Filipino culture. Is that what we are talking about here or something else?

If the reconciliation was not enough, I would agree with you that all of us, including yung nasa FFL suffer under a collective guilt. If so we should seek atonement. But what do we do with the 2005 reconciliation? Shall we declare it meaningless? Why? Sabihin na nating, ok we will seek reconciliation and atonement again, how do we make sure that in the future the same thing does not happen again? Na buhayin ulit yung nakaraang kasalanan and the community suddenly has collective guilt again? Secondly, would such an atonement and reconciliation include returning to LNP? Did not the reconciliation document in 2005 also recognize that both groups follow one Lord but separate paths? Should we declare that meaningless also?

Baka naman valid yung reconciliation in 2005 pero kulang dahil mga leaders lang ang nakipag-usap with LNP? So ang mga members hindi pa nag-atone and therefore still have collective guilt. Yan ba ang ibig nating sabihin? If so, aren't we saying that our leaders do not respresent the whole community? Or are we saying that this is a special case, one in which, each and every individual member must atone and be reconciled with LNP? If so, kasama ba diyan yung mga naging CFC members after the split in 1993?

Kapatid, you have convinced me that this is an important issue. Paki-enlighten naman. Ano ba talagang tinutukoy natin when we raise the issue of collective guilt, atonement and reconciliation?


Maputing Balut said...

As a foreigner who joined CFC, like some others because of being linked with a Filipina, it initially concerned me the amount of almost veneration that people displayed for Frank Padilla. One of the largest CFC gatherings I saw in my country was when Frank came to talk to us.

It was most unlike my own culture, where all people are regarded as pretty equal, and none much greater than another. But I went along to the talk, and it was a decent talk...but I was still slightly disquieted by the reverence it seemed Frank Padilla was afforded.

When I came to the Philippines with family it was my first time to see the incredible presence of religious groups so integrated in the culture. As one of my friends even said to me (something along the lines of), "We have a saying here: If you want to get rich in the Philippines you should start a religious group."

When I saw GK while visiting the Philippines, my doubts went away. I saw Christians living the life of the early Church, embodying the life of Christ on earth.

"CFC is different," I said to myself. It's not about personalities.

So I was disturbed once again when the crisis happened, when so much talk came out along the lines of "We should follow Tito Frank, he is the founder" etc. Was CFC now about a person?

I praise God that we now have a council of comparative meekness.

I praise God for the fact CFC had pastoral congresses, where suggestions such as "term limits on council members" were taken up, to protect CFC from ever becoming too much about a particular human leader.

We have the opportunity to do something great, as long as we do not feel we have to be recognized as someone great.

I pray not for a dynasty of leaders from the same family, not for generation upon generation holding power (like politicians in the Philippines), but for meek yet strong leaders whose purpose is simply the work that we're are given to do.

Maybe one day we can have many writers of books being published through CFC (rather than one).

Maybe one day we can have a GK resident rise up to be a CFC council member.

I love the fact that I've seen CFC members, like St Paul before them, move to the wrong end of town and work humbly with their hands, the more to spread the love and Lordship of Christ.

God bless CFC and GK.

andyalquiroscfcquezon said...

In the recent controversies hounding our community this past year one has to ask ones self, have I been doing what the Lord asks of me? Have I been obedient to the Faith that God has instilled in my heart?

Serving CFC this past 18 years has truly been a learning experience. One of the most important lessons I learned was distinguishing whether I was serving passionately or serving obsessively. A lot of us fall into this trap by the devil that he deceives us by letting us think that we are serving God but in reality we are serving ones self.

The first 25 years of CFC was truly remarkable. We were able to achieve so much. More than a million members worldwide plus GK a work with the poor program embraced by even none members of CFC. We became a force to reckon with. Even politicians started to take notice of what we were doing. We became well revered by almost all sectors of society. All this passion of serving the Lord has gotten us this accolade because God rewards those who are faithful to him. What happened after? Slowly brewing in the horizon was a contraversy none of us could ever imagine.

Because of the remarkable numbers we had, plus the praises and accomplishments GK was receiving,Pride was not far behind. We now had bragging rights. We could now demand for things we could not do before. We started questioning even the Roman Catholic Heirarchy for not doing what we were doing especially when it comes to work with the poor. CFC's way was the best way. Our passion turned into obsession. We had too much pride thinking that we were invincible because God is on our side.

Matthew 6 " Be careful not to make a show of your righteousness before people. If you do so, you do not gain anything from your Father in Heaven. When you give something to the poor, do not have it trumpeted before you, as the hypocrites do in order to be praised by the people I assure you they have been already paid in full."

We have been bragging or trumpeting our accomplishments this last few years and because of this our pride has swelled tremendously.

Matthew 5 " But the scripture also says: You shall not put the Lord your God to the test."

Haven't we been putting God to the test this past few years. Practically challenging him with the pronouncements we make. Building 700,000 homes in 7,000 communities in 7 years. I know Christ told us to love the poor but did we have to put numbers to achieve this calling? Or did we assume that God will make this happen? Isn't that putting God to the test? Having a 20 million peso loan inspite of all the things that God has given us. Did not God give us enough that we had to make that loan? Or were we assuming God is going to pay for this? Isn't that putting God to the test again?

The unimaginable happened. God is now the one putting us to the test. All these things happening to our community right now is God's plan to put us back to Faith in Him. He wants to restore the passion which he instilled in our hearts and remove the PRIDE. We CFC and FFL have been obsessed with the name and are fighting for it. God is asking us will you still serve Me and have faith even if I take the name CFC away? Will you still do what you do if I take the name CFC away? Or does your serving end the moment I take the name CFC away?

Our God is truly a generous God. In just a span of 7 months CFC's loan of 20 million has been eradicated. We are debt free.Our 27th Anniversary celebration by far was the best ever. All of us parading in the rains with renewed spirit and passion for the one true God. God is just reminding us that He alone reigns supreme. God loves EVERYONE in CFC. Let us stop focusing on the name and focus all our attention on doing our Faith in God. Remember brothers and sisters when we come face to face with God he is not going to ask us if we were members of CFC nor if we are the founder or the holder of the charism. He is simply going to ask us if we did our Faith in Him and by this He will give us the grace to enter Heaven.

johnpaul said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"...leaving the physical manifestations of the community (i.e., Governing Council, the name, logo, etc.), but they remain steadfast and loyal to the charism of CFC"

I don't know about you my brothers and sisters, but in my opinion, this is very offensive to me. Somehow, it implies that we, the CFC members who did not leave are not capable of being steadfast and loyal to the charism of CFC. And that we have to leave the Vatican approved CFC Statute's mandate of the Governing Council in order for us to have that charism.

I am sure our FFL brethrens meant no offense in pointing their righteous fingers at us, but it makes me sad that we always have to be looked at as incapable of good things or that what we have in the current CFC (governance and policies) is plain wrong.

Just a friendly question to our FFL brethrens: What are the specific things that you are now doing differently that allowed you to achieve this charism? And what are the specific characteristics or qualities of your charism that are different from ours?

Divinos said...

Hi CD,

I think you may need to create a blog summarizing the structure of our beloved CFC community before and after. In areas of leadership, finance, governance etc.

Thanks & God Bless

jonitanitayturin said...

Brother TE, I am so sorry that the issue of collective guilt had to be raised in relation to "moral scourge" that the Blogger Anonymous cited. Honestly, ako nga (personally I) am not very sure of the total shape, extent or context of this “animal”.

I was stunned when Mr. Frank Padilla announced in February, last year, that his abdication from the top executive position freed CFC from collective guilt! As debates raged over the Net in the succeeding weeks, I recall making a rejoinder to FFL-Manny Hermano’s diatribe against an anti-Padilla masterpiece written by Fortes in Fide, when I asked something like: Was I not solely responsible for my own sins as a member of CFC? How could Frank Padilla claim that my sins in CFC were extirpated by his act of resignation? (I suggested then that those questions were more theologically important than a purported “disobedience” of some bishop’s recommendations regarding the conduct of CFC’s regular elections...)

On whether or not we will atone for this guilt, I mentioned the option given by CD in this Blog, which I included in a “para-talk” on CFC history that I crudely attempted to make an outline of based on the bloggers’ reactions (CD, a little pitch for those interesting exchanges between FFL and CFC regarding the Ugnayan-serialized history of CFC: they may open The Unofficial CFC Forum and see the draft of “(Suggested) SPECIAL TEACHING: LESSONS FROM CFC ORIGINS” based only on first two of the three-part series...). I quote CD: “…seeing as the vast majority of the members of CFC had no idea about what went on, acknowledgment might be more important than atonement, and is actually long overdue.”

I think we are on the right track to go back to the issue of collective guilt, with the help of that Anonymous friend from LNP (“Bro. Vic Gutierrez, I presume?”)

May also be time already to entertain some kind thoughts about Bro. Frank Padilla and all the other “old CFC guards” coming together to exterminate the “moral scourge” from a sordid past?

It is a “heavy” call or a tall order...But, for once, SHALL WE HIT THE STARS FOR IT?

Certainly, it will be a joint-walk through a storm...

Jonny said...

I do believe that the issues raised by Andy of CFC Quezon require consideration, but in my heart I do not agree that the gain of profile of CFC's work necessarily equates to pride or worldly ambition.

In reading the business book Good to Great recently, I was impressed to see that the most astounding transformations of organizations were achieved through leadership that had tremendous ambition for a particular vision while at the same time possessing little personal ambition.

We shouldn't forget that the incredible profile that God has blessed GK with have come from the efforts of CFC members mentoring communities directly, sweating with the poor, and sharing the love of God with the poor through both word and deed.

It was not empty marketing that brought GK the profile it now has - it was the effectiveness of the work being seen by others.

Of course, pride is something we should be vigilant against. As soon as we start claiming credit for what has occurred we are claiming that credit away from God.

But I don't believe that taking hold of great vision is necessarily pride. I don't believe that when Frank Padilla stood on the stage at the GK Expo and launched GK777 that it was about pride, but about vision and about dreaming of a future in the Philippines that more truly reflects God's Lordship.

I also believe that in GK leadership today we still see (and I indeed see constantly) such ambition for the vision, at the expense of personal ambition.

Theirs is not ambition for their own person, but for the poor. Their leadership most strongly resembles that described in the book Good to Great.

And it is indeed such values in leadership that have led so many to trust Gawad Kalinga in their efforts to uplift the poor.

Precisely because of a lack of ambition for ourselves, we in CFC are able to attract others to work with us in creating the vision of a better - more Christ-reflecting - Philippines.

Like you say, pride must be fought...but my point is that I don't believe pride was the source of our vision to attempt tasks that are far greater than we are capable of in our own strength.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

to Zac who proposes that the
IC "Visit the areas where the real work is being done! May I propose that Sector or Provincial visits be as frequent as foreign trips?"

did you do your homework and researched on the IC's travel itinerary this year? they have been to many provinces and MM sectors. when they are in foreign countries they hop from one city to another to meet with our brethren -- i believe that their trips are quite maximized and they sometimes have very little time to rest. (or do you take it against tito joe tale that he had to spend extra days in singapore because he had to fight for dear life in a hospital when the deadliest strain of malaria manifested itself when he was there? or that tito joe yamamoto is still practicing his profession and continues to save lives as a doctor/surgeon?) as IC they have given practically all 7 days of their week. ask their families and you will understand their sacrifices for our community.

so zac, i think that your statement is unfair.

i suggest you do even more research and check on the travels of FFL leaders while they were active in CFC. check who pushes for the CFC-funded 'rest and recreation' after a conference, etc. that will put things in perspective.

Anonymous said...


Since you are not Mr. Stanley, I cannot presume to be Mr. Vic Gutierrez. Mr. Vic Gutierrez, as I read the Ugnayan article, is no longer in the Philippines.

But if I may be so brazen as to improve on the eloquent statement of CD which you quoted, i would hazard that acknowledgment is equally as important as atonement.

I believe what is going through CFC and the FFL is a period of purification. And I pray that both groups can learn to be still and profit from this difficult period.

FFL in Florida USA? said...

Ang sabi, walang FFL sa Florida USA.

Magingat at may mga lupain ang Alpadi Estate sa Port Charlotte Florida!

Tsek ninyo sa:

Search: Padilla Francisco

Anonymous said...

First Typhoon Frank, now they're setting up base here in Florida? Haha, Port Charlotte is an attractive port of call for hurricanes. I guess that's the ideal 'Foundation for Family and Life.' =P

from a yfc in florida

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anonymous Friend:

Let me join the discourse this way, please... There's an advantage in keeping still and anon with the rest...

Actually, I am Mr. Stanley, but rest assured it is not material that I reveal who you really are; in time, perhaps I will. Was it in Kenya that I was "presumptuous"? Or Nigeria? Well...

Brod, I think mainstream (i.e., original) CFC -- I am sorry to contest your view on this, but yes, Virginia, the original CFC has remained and blossomed as such -- has already acknowledged and honoured its past with LNP. I so hope this entry will INTEREST the FFL to erase their share of the moral scourge so that they can move ahead as CFC- and LNP-acknowledged charismatic organization!

Now I see you point... The Bishops cannot make the fraternal blessing because THEY ARE NOT UP TO IT. They may not also preside and absolve the "installation" of FFL because the hands of their leading lights helped stoke the fire of conflict in CFC... Only the unstained LNP, acting as older brother can give fraternal command, direction and blessing.... and, having been reconciled with LNP, CFC, the younger brother. may also give FFL its blessing.

OK. So, we wait as small fires are still sputtering following the storm that revealed THE WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but...

2k2k said...

To andy alquiroz of quezon,

GK is like light for the whole world. The bible says, " No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead it is put on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house. In the same way your light MUST shine before people, SO THAT THEY WILL SEE THE GOOD THINGS YOU DO AND PRAISE YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN."(Mat 5:15-16). Please remember that GK is not CHARITY but about LOVE and CARING! Which is hard to do if you have less FAITH in the Lord that it can be done! Didn't Jesus said to His disciples? " I assure you that IF YOU HAVE FAITH AS BIG AS A MUSTARD SEED, YOU CAN SAY TO THIS HILL, 'GO FROM HERE TO THERE!' AND IT WILL GO. YOU COULD DO ANYTHING!" (Mat 17:20). GK777 is not a challenge to God! Why do we need to challenge Him who can do anything? GK777 is a challenge for you and me! For all human beings! Not only in the Philippines but to the whole world! To all race and color! To all religions! Christians and non believers! Tulong kana lang brod! But, " Unless the Lord builds the house, it is painful for those who build it". God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

To Andy of Quezon!

Mat 6 is for Hypocrites! Hindi naman mga hypocrites CFC ah! Ikaw? Go back Mat 5, read it carefully! God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

Bro 2k2k and Anonymous on Andyquirosofquezon:

Suggest you go slow, brothers. Hindi naman talaga masama ang musings ni Brother Andy. He's just thinking aloud that we may put God to the test by an overconfidence that He will "miraculously" come to our succor in GK, for instance on the committed number of houses to build...That "confidence in God" re our GK work is certainly OK; there's only the danger of overdoing it to the point that it may appear that one "manipulates" a situation to put God "on the spot" or "to the test".
No quarrel really. No hypocrisy, either. Just some musings...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

pasensiya for the misnomer, brod, it is andyalquiroscfcquezon

Anonymous said...


As he suggested, in reply to jonitanitayturin, Brother Anonymous offers the LNP charism to lead F Padilla back to his roots in LNP in order to expunge the moral scourge he and his cohorts netted from their deceit and treachery ("original sin") against the CFC FOUNDERS way back in 1993.

Since the original CFC is already deemed to have acknowledged those hideous acts (through the Ugnayan’s serialized “Origins of CFC Parts 1, 2 and 3”) sans F Padilla, it stands to good reason that he, F Padilla himself, must have to quash his part of the moral scourge, he being the ringleader of the pack that did Father Schneider and the other LNP leaders in.

As Brod Joni recalled F Padilla’s conceited (may I?) notion of having redeemed CFC from “collective guilt” by their (his, TM’s and LA’s) resignations last year, it behooves on F Padilla to bring the classic act (resignation) backwards to where his knees must bend in complete humility – before Fr. Schneider and the founders of CFC. (Bishop Reyes, you must command and commit Frank Padilla THERE TO THEM (IN LNP), IN THE NAME OF TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND PEACE. In there is a moral scourge you, dear Monsignor, cannot ignore and must forthwith help banish because, contrary to your own impression, Mr. Frank Padilla is NOT THE FOUNDER of CFC. NO, NOT AT ALL!!!)

So must the church bells start tolling now…for the demise of conceit and pride in the man, for the expiation of “original sin” in CFC, for the elimination of the moral scourge, for casting out collective guilt…Yes, let the bells toll for Frank Padilla…and toll they must for his FFL followers, too…

andyalquiroscfcquezon said...


Lets talk about GK

Gawad Kalinga is a gift from God. It is a calling to help the poorest of our brethren. This is part of our Faith in Christ. Gawad Kalinga in all its purity is a challenge that our Lord gives us to love the poor in action.

Gawad Kalinga, as it is, is already a challenge on our Faith in God. Actually this challenge to help and love the poor has always been there since time immemorial. Gawad Kalinga was given by God to us to further our Faith in Christ to love the poor.

Now lets talk about GK777

The challenge is there to help and love the poor. As you say GK777 is a challenge to you and me. This is a challenge to our Faith in Christ to help the poor. Our Faith was given by the grace of God. To build 700,000 homes in 7 years is a challenge on our Faith. By challenging our Faith which comes from God we are challenging THE GIVER OF THE FAITH. Thus the pronouncement of GK777 is a challenge to God. You cannot say that it is only a challenge to you and me alone if the basis of the challenge is our Faith.

I have always been a supporter of GK. Up to this very day we have not stopped building communities for the poor in our province. What will happen on the 7th year of GK is up to God. If we accomplish the said target then that is truly a miracle from God. We just keep on helping the poor as God provides. If we fall short on this target does this mean we have little Faith and have fallen short of our calling? I dont think so. Even if we only build 10% of that target my heart will be full of joy because to me that is a miracle in itself. What you do to the least of your brethen you do unto Me. No numbers, no time frame, because our God will rejoice if just but one is saved. Praise GOD.

Anonymous said...


Wala ng tension, we wait for the seeds to grow, we take stock and move. FFL and FP, itapon na yang 'Mecias' principle or similar concotions or distortions. I just to share these early morning thoughts:
1. We wait for the hearing of the complaint filed(?) with SEC
2. We individually attend to our commitments (CLP talks, assessment of the current membership, teachings, tasks agreed after bible-sharing, etc.)
3. We review our covenants and personal time with the Lord; we also remember our friends God brought to Himself a long time past and most recently (God rest our sister - a chapter leader - who was in deathbed for close to two weeks and left this world 9 days ago yesterday)
4. We can almost predict what FFL will do and not be as much bothered (FP and his minions can wind and rewind their most stale arguments about 'veering away' for all I care, for instance...)
5. We have gained confidence and overcome the fear of a Padilla-less or a Padilla-threatened community of couples FOR Christ;
6. We have come to terms with our fears and have been strengthened (yesterday we turned over a GK housing unit built from the "padugo" of the caretaker team)
7. We are individually responsible for our lives, and thank You, Lord, for the sacrament of matrimony and the gift of community in CFC.


andyalquiroscfcquezon said...

Bro 2k2k,

Another clarification for you.

If you defined Charity as merely almsgiving then you are correct that GK is not almsgiving. But Charity in its whole context thru Faith is much much more than that. It would have been better for you to say that GK is not almsgiving.

Anonymous said...

want to be known? attack CFC.

pader tulabing, as one suggests may be overeating seafoods in Dumaguete. This glutton-apparent has suddenly found himself as "notorious" as F Padilla and his Easter playboys/bunnies. I don't see anything in his writing that is worthy of emulation.

I can't dignify any of his thoughts on CFC and FFL. Sori.

Anonymous said...

1. What is wrong if FP is in the US? That has always been his “turf”. Remember that the US network blacked out last year without openly supporting the IC. When it went back on line, it insisted on following a “united” CFC, which was essentially anti-IC because unity was becoming near-impossible. By such stance, CFC USA “veered” towards FP – although he really manipulated it that way. The world is wide open to spread God's word, although as far as doing it through CFC is concerned, Frank will realize that the original CFC has come to its sense and can live without him; also, that CFC USA may not be confounded by him anymore.
2. Look at our own EFI. Was it not originally registered separately as a CFC entity (no wonder we cannot touch it even if there have been musings about funds there going to FFL because the Board laid EFI at the service of FP?)
3. The Devil and Pride is something else. They are dominant. FP continues the pretense that he is the founder of CFC – 15 years after his treacherous replacement of a 10-year old CFCFI founded by LNP leaders Fr. Schneider, S.J. and Bro. Vic Gutierrez. Of late he won the legal battle to use that same discarded name to legally append to his FFL (at least in the Philippines). (Talking about patience, it took hundreds of years before the Jesuit society was "reinstated" to its special role in the Vatican)
4. Then you will have members who will only push others to do the fight for them, virtually afraid to stand up for themselves and for the community they want to live for. Some will also cringe at the words ‘call to arms’, or ‘battle’. Remember that Bro. Joe Tale is from Dumaguete, and where else would the war between CFC and FFL have the best impact except in the hometown of the CFC leader? And if CFC loses there?
5. Sometime here, someone mentioned about having “pusong mamon”. Ok, you may feast at your laurels, and feel-good state, and have all the “mamon” cake for all we care, but that is all hot air. Vigil at SEC? May be absurd. I bet your one-month roster of those who publicly signed up their names, including children, in a ‘call to arms’ have not reached 300. (And may I say it just took a personal visit to Msgr Capalla in Davao to open his archdiocese to FFL because CFC there were not heard of at all by the good bishop and FP brought to him a "crying letter"...)
6. When the Bukidnon CFC gather for an MCG the Bishop usually says the Mass. Last month, the CFC brethren in the Province spent for the travel of their eleven priests to attend the CFC Anniversary, with the parishioners only too happy that their beloved Bishop made up for the slack time that their cura paroco were “CFC”. That is the way to lead and fight!
7. Come on sheepish people!

Brothers and Sisters, I may overdo the negative side to highlight some points, but really, it is about being made of the right stuff, fit for a fight, fit for battle against the dark forces of the enemy, who does not take prisoners at all!

2k2k said...

To Brother Andy of Quezon!

Praise God! Let us continue the work of GK not only in the 7 years time frame but until our life-time! You can count on me as I count on you in doing this work that God entrusted to us in helping our poor brothers and sisters! I LOVE YOU AS LOVE GOD! May we have more like you who will see to it that GK will continue even at the middle of a storm! May God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

To bro. Andy,

Sori, pero alam mo naman na kulang pa tayo ng mga Care takers/volunteers sa GK! Kaya huwag muna yang mga Challenging God dyan kasi nakaka turn-off ng mga hindi pa kumikilos, ok lang kong ang isip ng lahat ay katulad mo. Maganda naman yong mga sinasabi mo. Kaya lang huwag muna yan, sabihin naman ng FFL na tama sila for attacking GK. Sana yong mga Pride natin ang alisin para hindi tayo matulad sa mga gumagawa ng Tower of Babel na talagang they were Challenging God! Yan lang sori! God be praise!

Anonymous said...

GK777 is not a challenge to God. I look at it as a Battle Cry, even as a Prayer! CFC as we are, we know that man proposes and God deposes. Didn't God said, "Ask in faith and I will give it to you!" In our humble ways and sacrifices, God will see into our hearts the small faith that we have will grow like a big plant where the homeless seek shelter and in His time give to us what we asked in faith.

cdopards said...

As a Full-time worker of GK, I do not need Praises, Awards or Rewards but encouragement that will boosts our Faith in this work. Comments like that of Bro.Andy that we have Challenge God only discourage those who are not yet committed to this work. For me it is God who is Challenging us in GK777 because it is Him who will make this work possible by looking into the condition of our hearts as we do this work. I know of many CFC brothers who can talk, write and explain well about GK but most are the ones who are complaining about this work. The best example is the Servant General. Sorry, but please pray for us instead of giving comments that dimishes our burning passion!

Anonymous said...

those who have a lot of negative things to say about GK are the ones who were in the community (now FFL), and still the ones in CFC. mabuti pa ang mga wala sa community natin, they embrace GK like their own.

for me, i salute and always give a special prayer for those "quiet" GK workers and volunteers.

to all GK workers and volunteers, i pray that God always bless you abundantly. this i ask in Jesus's name, with the intercession of our Mother Mary. AMEN!

Diczen said...

Hi everyone! Despite the recent SEC decision allowing the revival of the old "Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc."- I have noticed that FFL has NOT dared to use it yet on their official website and on all their internal and external official communication ! Bakit kaya ? Guilty conscience ? Playing safe ? Or waiting for the right timing ?

Diczen Young
SB- 8 E

WillyJ said...

Hi diczen,
If you are referring to that June 5 SEC reinstatement order (setting aside order of revocation of CFC-FI), it is not yet final and executory, and so they
still cannot legally use the name CFC-FI. They still have to comply with further requirements like submission of 2007 Financial Statement, among others. They have 30 days upon receipt of that order to do so, otherwise that same SEC order will be recalled. Now that you've mentioned it, I am also wondering what is the latest development on this. Definitely, the supposed 30-day deadline is already over. Hmm...anyone here in the know??