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The Heart Of The Matter

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I'm re-posting this entry now since there were comments already posted to it.

Some background on this video:

It was taken on July 22, 2007 at Layforce San Carlos Seminary, when the newly elected council met with the provincial area heads in a consultation meeting. I will be posting the complete video soon.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Isn't It Ironic

Here's a short post. It should be hilarious if it wasn't so ironic. The latest from the FFL.

To: Recipient list suppressed:
From: Easter Group
Subject: Our theme for 2008

Our theme for 2008

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Rejoice in the Lord always!

We are pleased to inform you of CFC-FFL’s theme for next year 2008. It is taken from the book of Zephaniah. Our 2008 theme is “Our joy in Christ.”

“The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a mighty savior; He will rejoice over you with gladness, and renew you in his love, He will sing joyfully because of you” (Zep 3:17).

We had been unfaithful to our covenant. We had been rebellious. But now we have been purified and we have been restored. In CFC-FFL we are a remnant humbled and made lowly (Zep 3:12).
Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed (Zep 3:13). We have no further misfortune to fear (Zep 3:15). Indeed, the Lord has brought about our restoration (Zep 3:19,20).

The fruit of lamentations is restoration, which brings hope, and with hope is joy. Indeed, our journey of Lamentations has been a journey of hope and joy. This year we hoped in the Lord. Next year we rejoice in the Lord.

And so let our mourning turn to dancing. With great joy we continue to sound the trumpets.

“With trumpets and the sound of the horn shout with joy to the King, the Lord.” (Ps 98:6)

God bless us all.


Highlight mine.

" Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed"


Even in defining their new "theme" they find the time to be spiteful and accusing. GREAT.

- CD

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frankly Speaking

Updated Mon., Oct. 1 2007
*Frank Padilla's response at the bottom.

This will be the start of another very interesting multi-part entry.

I initially saw the questions posed to Frank in one of the comments in this blog. It appears someone made sure FP saw it and he responded to each question. It gets quite long because the original commenter responds to FP with his/her comments as well. I'll post the first couple of pages here now (there are 10 pages in all), but I'll give you all a link to the whole document. We will then get more into it later.

Download the entire document HERE.

On a related subject, it seems Frank is on a new personal "witch hunt". In this last email being circulated in the FFL circles, it looks like FP has his sights set on trying to discredit GK again, and this time drag their well-intentioned donors into the fray. Here's his email being forwarded Manny Hermano, who saw fit to include his own attacks (I'd like to see him prove his statements...) as well:

From: mzhermano
Subject: Fwd: pharmas and contraceptives
NOTE to N Central ldrs: pls disseminate in your areas as well.

Hello brethren,

Someone asked us to really have proof that GK have partners that have anti-life products or practices before we can claim that such a thing is happening. So far here's bro. Frank's response on the question - 'does GK have partners that sell anti-life products?'

There probably are more partners of GK who are engaged in anti-life products or practices other than these 2 drug companies (and we will give you an update as we find out more) but even with just this 2 partners, it is obvious GK and the IC is already going against the Church's teachings in a big way, plus they are misleading people when they say either that they don't have anti-life partners, or that they are now heeding the bishops strong recommendations to correct their veering away from the CFC orig charism and Church's teachings.

And that's the very thing the bishops have been finding out -i.e., that the IC has been making official pronouncements regarding their situation and relationship with the bishops, and on several occassions, the bishop officially responded that what they were saying was either totally false, or half-truths, or an incomplete description and therefore misleading. That's why Frank, and those who have aligned with CFC-FFL are calling for a restoration to the original charism of CFC - untainted by the secularism that has penetrated GK because of the all-out effort to achieve GK777.

Thanks/ God bless
--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 09:22:52 +0800
Subject: pharmas and contraceptives

Hello brethren. Contrary to what Joe Tale and the IC claim regarding GK partner Pfizer, Pfizer is indeed selling Depo-Provera. Yesterday we bought it from Mercury Drug-Pasig. Medroxy-Progesterone Acetate or Depo-Provera. Another GK partner, Wyeth, also sells an oral contraceptive, Norgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol or Femenal. We bought one too. Anyone can easily check this with Mercury Drug. The IC has been peddling an outright lie. God bless.


"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)
I will first post Pfizer's official response to this, to help THEM clear the air.

Depo Provera not on Pfizer’s list

First posted 01:57:58 (Mla time) September 18, 2007

In his Sept. 5 column “Evangelical Catholics,” Michael Tan cited Pfizer as the producer of the injectable contraceptive, Depo Provera. We would like to clarify that Pfizer does not manufacture or sell this product. Pfizer deleted Depo Provera from its roster of medicines when it acquired Pharmacia in 2003, the original manufacturer of Depo Provera.

We also wish to inform Tan that Pfizer’s support for Gawad Kalinga (GK) is through Gawad Kalusugan, a GK and Pfizer Foundation (PPFI) community health program that empowers GK residents to be capable health-care workers in their own community.

MILLETTE ASUNCION-ARNEDO, public affairs and legal director, Pfizer Inc., 23/F Ayala Life-FGU Center, 6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Copyright All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

And now what gives me a little joy...

In the course of this blog lifetime I've done my fair share of research, writing (and deleting, after re-reading what I wrote and cringing if my words were too "unChristian), and fact organizing. It seems now that the contributors have helped take up the slack, and helping me with subjects for new entries, answering queries from commenters, and providing information that I lacked. It has helped a lot and I'm very grateful, since the blog does take a bit of time away from my work. Here's an email that will shed some light on the darkness that Frank has decided to focus on in his quest to malign GK and the CfC council. My deepest gratitude goes to Marthe '57 for the incredible job in gathering this information to help defend CfC and GK from these misleading statements that the FFL keeps releasing.

Here is Marthe '57's email in full:

My dear CD,

I am a housewife with 3 children and 4 dogs. Am writing you because I am upset. I got an email this morning. I am attaching it here. No, the email did not upset me; it was what I found later. Let me share with you and everyone one else who reads your blog, what I found out today.

I went online to check out the details of Bro Frank’s email, he mentioned 2 companies. I only got as far as 1 company and I think I have to take a breather before I can check out the second one. Here is what I found about the first company mentioned.

WYETH- check out- and -

Bro Frank mentioned Norgetrel/Ethinyl Estradiol or Femenal. I could not find it in the list of Wyeth products, but found Lo-Femenal which apparently is manufactured in Canada. YES, it is true Wyeth does produce contraceptive products, not just Lo-Femenal but five other contraceptives:

1) Alesse
2) Lo_Ovral® Tablets (0.3 mg norgestrel and 0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol tablets
3) Norplant® System (levonorgestrel implants)
4) Triphasil® (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablets — triphasic regimen) 21- and 28-day regimens
5) Lybrel™ (90 mcg levonorgestrel and 20 mcg ethinyl estradiol) Tablet

I do not know if Wyeth is a GK partner. This is not the reason why I am upset. You see, I also found facts about other products manufactured by this company. This is when everything became real and personal to me. I am going to mention only a few; Wyeth has a long list of pharmaceutical products. See if you find something familiar among the popular products:

1) Caltrate- for osteoporosis and Bone health
2) Centrum® Brands- Nutrition & Vitamins
3) ChapStick®- Oral Health
4) Dimetapp®- Allergies , Cold and Flu
5) Advil® Brands- Aches and Pains
6) Robitussin® Brands Cold and Flu

My sister takes Caltrate for her osteoporosis. Centrum is a vitamin for everyone in my family. I take Advil when my back pains act up, I had slipped disc many years ago. My 1 year old grandnephew Jose takes Dimetapp when he has colds, my kids did too when they were small. My husband takes Robitussin which is now in capsule form. Now who doesn’t know Chapstick? It’s the thing in your pocket when the weather turns cold. And here are some other products:

1) Enbrel® (etanercept) for subcutaneous injection
- Inhibiting the progression of structural damage, and improving physical function in patients with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis.
-ENBREL is indicated for reducing signs and symptoms in patients with active ankylosing spondylitis.
- ENBREL is indicated for the treatment of adult patients (18 years or older) with chronic moderate to severe plaque psoriasis who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy.
2) Alavert- allergies
3) Anbesol- oral health
4) TYGACIL- a first class antibiotic
5) FiberCon- Constipation; Irritable bowel syndrome
6) Minocin- (minocycline hydrochloride) Infectious disease
7) Preparation H- Hemorrhoids; Anal Itch
8) ReFacto Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant)
9) LeptoVax™ 4-

Here are people like me who find that list significant:

Sis Mary has severe rheumatoid arthritis. My dear friend Bro Dennis in Yemen has Psoriasis. My brother in law Tony has ankylosing spondylitis. My sister in law Sonia, who is in the States, can’t function when her allergies act up. She takes Alavert. Anyone out there who has oral problems? A Sis Cely of Marikina has a grandson who has hemophilia. My daughter used Minocin when she was a teen-ager for her acne. Those who have problems with their daily morning rituals. Those like me with the H problem, have you tried Preparation H? Oh by the way, do dogs count? My dogs have their annual shot of Lepto Vax.

Next list is for women like me who are in the menopausal stage, these we consider friends:

1) Premarin® (conjugated estrogens) Vaginal Cream
2) Premarin® (conjugated estrogens tablets, USP)
3) Premarin® Intravenous (conjugated estrogens, USP for injection)
4) PREMPHASE® (conjugated estrogens_medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets)
5) PREMPRO® (conjugated estrogens_medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets)

Next list is significant to a few you might say:

1) Those with Glaucoma- Phospholine Iodide-
2) After surgery they give you- Phenergan (promethazine HCL)-
3) For Tuberculosis- Trecator (ethionamide tablets) -
4) Leukemia- Mylotarq (gemtuzumab ozogamicin)-
5) For a patient undergoing chemotherapy- Neumega (oprelvekin)
6) Kidney Transplant patients- Rapamune(sirolimus)
7) Renal Cell Carcinoma- Torisel (temsirolimus)-
8) If you are bitten by (rattle snake)- Antivenin (Crotalidae) Polyvalent-
9) Or bitten by the famous North American Coral Snake- Antivenin (Micrurus Fulvius)
10) For those who have cattle/bovine Synanthic (dewormer and parasite control)

My final list is short but very dear to me; let me start with a backgrounder…

My life has been blessed with good health and plenty. However I also count as blessings, my experiences of trials and difficulties. When life is threatened by disease, everything becomes secondary. In my lifetime I have come across many of this ‘abyss’. You fall into helplessness when a love one gets sick, and cling to GOD. Now my next list starts and ends with my family. When my children were small, I saw to it that they had all their shots/vaccines done-

1) HibTITER® Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Diphtheria CRM197 Protein Conjugate)

Today they are all grown up. My eldest, who used to have acne, is done with school. She works in downtown Los Angeles. My second daughter was the sickly one, besieged with asthma as a little girl. Today she works in an accounting firm in San Dimas. My youngest is in his first year Med Proper. He was a football player from Kindergarten to the 7th grade. A basketball player in high school (Varsity team). In college he was a bench presser, and a member of the Varsity team (track and field). He won silver and gold medals (Shotput/Discuss/Hammer) at the UAAP and in Malaysia. Early last year he was diagnosed with AHS (Athlete’s Heart Syndrome). His athletic activities had to end and yes he takes;

2) Altace (Ramipril)

This issue that Bro Frank has been harping at is before me this moment. The issue is about companies like Wyeth partnering with GK and its apparent ‘incompatibility’ with CFC’s faith and morals. That, GK should not partner with Wyeth because this company produces contraceptive medicine and it goes against our teachings as Catholics. We should therefore ‘walk our talk’.


1) Does it mean that I, being a member of CFC should also not partner with Wyeth?

2) Therefore, I should also refrain from buying/taking/using products that are manufactured by Wyeth?

3) What about a sister in the community who has cancer, does it mean that she will have to find a drug company that does not produce contraceptives and only use those products?

4) Should my husband refrain from taking Robitussin when he has a cough?

5) What about Sis Lily, she has glaucoma?

6) As members of CFC, does it also follow that we should not accept donations nor distribute/dispense Wyeth products when we conduct Medical Missions?

7) What about the many children in the GK sites who are suffering from Tuberculosis? Are we to refuse TB medicines donated by Wyeth?

8) Can I also include my dogs in this category?

9) What about my son?

10) And what about you Bro Frank? Are the medicines that you and your family take, made from companies that do not manufacture contraceptives? Take note, Gerry must never take Caltrate! While we’re at it, be sure Xavy and Des do not give Dimetapp to their little one, at all.

What do we call all this things happening around us? Isn’t this a witch hunt?

1) Is it about issues of faith and morals? Is it about CFC being Catholic?

2) Is it about Pro Life and Anti Life? Is it about Wyeth and Pfizer and GK?

3) Is it about Pfizer because Gerry Bacarro works with that company?

4) Or is it about Gerry Bacarro, working closely with TM, being a GK advocate?

We go around in circles, round and round. Bro Frank says, it’s about GK, about IC, about the bishops, about the elections. Is it? Really? Honestly? I think it is best that we simplify things so that it will be easier to comprehend. What is the issue? Isn’t it about Bro Frank Padilla and Bro Tony Meloto?

Simply put, it has to be about pride. It is all about who is the better man. It’s all about who has the last word. For as long as Bro Frank is on the outside trying for a comeback, we, Couples for Christ members will never hear the end of it. Listen to his talks in Laguna, in Los Angeles in New Jersey. He says it over and over in English and in Tagalog. For CFC to be united, two things he suggests. “First separate GK from CFC”. Why GK because he means Tony actually. “Next, IC should resign and we can be one.” Now, let me see…

Why should I be made to choose whether I should take Advil or something else when my head aches. Hey, come on. Come to think of it what does it have to do with Bro Frank? It is tough facing life as it is, must we really contend with all this? I’m not upset anymore, but I will still take that Advil, because I have one more question to ask…


Marthe ‘57

Now, if we were to take Frank's line of reasoning a bit further and attempt to use the "birth control/contraceptive" issue as a Christian reason to avoid doing business with certain entities (
This was also covered in this comment.):

Lets take a look at HOUSE BILL 4110 (Reproductive Health Bill) which will soon become a law did not pass.

An excerpt:
2) Broad Reproductive Health Care. The provision of broad reproductive health care needs, including

a. Family planning counseling, information and education regardless of marital status and age;

b. The full range of family planning methods both natural family planning and modern contraceptive methods (e.g., condoms, vaginal barrier methods, oral contraceptives, implants, intrauterine devices, male and female voluntary sterilization, and emergency contraception (EC).

That pretty much spells out everything Frank has against the Pharma companies that contributed to GK, right?

Well, one of the bill's co-authors during the 12th Congress is Gerry Padilla associate, Cynthia Villar of Manuela Corp., the company that owns Star Malls. Being one of the authors of this bill signifies an active support for it and what it stands for.

During the 13th Congress, this particular bill went through several modifications and identities, and is now known as
HB3773 (Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005) also known as the "mother anti-life Bill of 2005", which is a consolidation of 4 related bills that was approved by the Commitee on Women. (Cynthia Villar as a member was one of those who signed and approved)

The FFL's new base of operations?

Foundation for Family & Life, Inc.
Apartelle 12, Star Mall, Edsa corner Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines

There is a 9-letter word that describes this kind of behavior. It starts with "H" and ends with "E".

It gets better.

Now who here knows that Senator Manny Villar and Cynthia Villar are members of CfC, and are now with the FFL?

Yup, you read that right.


Just got this in my inbox. To be fair lets show Frank's response to the questions we raised. In the exchange below, Rene Rieta asks for a bit of clarity on how the FFL stands on dealing with anti-life companies.

At 10:01 PM 9/29/2007, rene rieta wrote:

For men with Godly wisdom, does this mean that we have to boycott all the products of pfizer & even mercury drug stores because they sell this anti-life products? Does this mean we have to ask all our brothers & sisters in CFC, families, relatives & friends who work in all companies who conspires in manufacturing, selling & distributing anti-life products? Does it includes the office of POPCOM & U.N. which we all know have anti-life programs?
Please help us enlighten with your statements...thanks- rene rieta

From: Frank Padilla

Subject: Re: PRO-LIFE MINISTRY / GK777

That is a very ridiculous conclusion coming from an elder. That is part of the defense mechanism put forth by CFC-GK. What is relevant is that a Catholic community that supposedly proclaims Christ and is pro-life should not partner with pharmaceuticals that produce or distribute contraceptives. It has to do with CFC being an evangelistic community, proclaiming what is right and true and just in the Lord. If GK detaches from CFC and becomes a social agency, then go ahead and partner with such pharmas. God bless.

It's funny how he hasn't addressed any of the issues raised and still manages to attack CfC.

Question: Isn't the FFL an evangelistic community now as well? I still don't know why their headquarters are at Star Mall, and what Frank takes for his (presumably) frequent headaches.

Maybe another round of Lamentations and clarifications will get me closer to the truth. But then again...

UPDATE (again)

This just keeps getting better.

Nonong Contreras' reply:

"Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." < >
To: "rene rieta"
Subject: Re: PRO-LIFE MINISTRY / GK777
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 20:50:24 -0700

Hi Rene,

For men gifted by God with mortal wisdom, the rash generalization is a non-sequitur. The issue is the GK partnership. All GK has to do is rescind the partnership, unless it simply wants to be an NGO without CFC. I hope the point is clear, Bro. God bless.


"For men gifted by God with mortal wisdom"

The implication being, those who get it, have IMmortal wisdom...much like prophets.

(If I was being sensitive, I'd actually think that Nonong was throwing a zinger at Rene and telling him that his logic was well....sadly short of their standards, but I'm thick skinned so I'll let that pass)

I guess this "mortal wisdom" applies to all the Christian orgs who support GK as well.

Well, At least we know how they see themselves.

It really explains a lot. But not why men of such immortal wisdom will put their headquarters in the building of anti-life supporters.

I'll wait for the next email for better clarity, but at the rate they're going, I think they'd have to make their responses more consistent, lest they appear to have immortal wisdom but really bad coordination.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Believe This Deserves Attention...

I had previously posted a statement from Fr. Mark Villanueva, CFC Toronto's spiritual director. It seems in the propaganda campaign being waged by the FFL, they have mistakenly (or purposely) taken Fr. Mark's words out of context. This is a clarification email directly from him.

From: Mark Villanueva

To whom it may concern:

I am shocked by the statement, which I quote below:

Now that Father Mark has found out the real truth, he said that his open letter is already outdated, then he made a decision that he is resigning as spiritual director of CFC GK and he assured that CFC FFL will have a spiritual director by November to be assigned by the Bishop of Toronto.

The truth? What truth? I stand by everything I wrote in my letter to CFC Toronto. Whoever is disseminating this information from the FFL has taken me out of context. I DEMAND AN APOLOGY!

This is what I have been telling everyone:

1) Some parts of my letter are outdated in so far as FFL has decided to move on. My appeal for unity has fallen on deaf ears!!!

2) It is no secret that I have been toying with the idea of resigning as the spiritual director long before the separation took place. I have voiced out my intention at the Filipino Priests' Pastoral Council Meeting held at Blessed John XXIII Church in February with the Bishop. I have been the spiritual director since 1998. In the Archdiocese of Toronto, a pastor is usually appointed for six years renewable for a second term, but not more. The bishop agreed in principle and asked that the Filipino Priests' Pastoral Council look into this question in the Fall and make formal recommendations to him.

3) I have expressed my intention to Ricky and company when they took me out for lunch on the occasion of my birthday last May. This has nothing to do with the breakup!!!

3) I have mentioned my intention to Francis Berroya in one of our telephone conversations.

4) These are also my reasons:
a) I am the chaplain of the entire Filipino Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Toronto. I PERCEIVE MY ROLE AS A UNITER NOT A DIVIDER! All the Filipino Lay movements come to me for advise. With FFL's decision to separate, I thought it would be wiser to appoint a spiritual director for CFC Toronto and another for FFL. THIS WILL HELP EVERYONE MOVE ON!
b) I am also preparing for my Comprehensives for the doctoral studies I am pursuing at the University of Toronto. There is already too much in my plate.

5) I DO NOT SEE ANY MERIT TO THE SEPARATION! But since, FFL leaders are intent to separate, I need to respect that. I EVEN ASKED A SECOND TIME IF THIS IS WHAT THE FFL LEADERS REALLY WANT TO DO TO MAKE SURE I REALLY HEARD THEM CORRECTLY. As the chaplain for the entire Filipino Catholic community, it is my duty to make proper recommendations to the bishop REGARDLESS OF WHERE I AM ON THE ISSUE. I am schooled in Hermeneutic phenomenology. I should know how to bracket my biases and prejudices.

Regarding properties:

1) I did raise the question of properties (including intellectual properties) to Frank Padilla and company when they came to the rectory. It was Frank Padilla who suggested that the properties be divided equally or that FFL indemnify CFC or vice versa. I warned them of possible litigations since under Canadian law, FFL has no right over these properties. I even mentioned to them what happened in the Philippines at the turn of the century when the Aglipayans took our churches and our books . They were ordered to return the properties to the Catholic Church by the Philippine Supreme Court.

2) I also raised the question of two CFC groups in a given parish. I appealed to Frank Padilla and his group not to put the pastors in our parishes to choose between CFC and FFL. This will put them in a very awkward position.

3) I also raised the plight of members who do not know where they should belong. They are like children who are made to choose between dad or mom in an awful separation and divorce situation. I appealed to both groups to allow these members to move from one group to the other and not force them to take sides until these members are ready. I even raised the possibility that this might take YEARS.



I trust that these points will HELP correct the misinformation out there.

Fr. Mark Villanueva

Joe Tale and Frank Padilla Talk in Los Angeles, California

Here's something new to share with you all, video of the joint talk with Joe Tale and Frank Padilla in Los Angeles.

Part 1 - Introduction

CLICK HERE to view and download the video.

Part 2.1 - Question and Answer Portion

CLICK HERE to view and download the video

Part 2.2 - Question and Answer Portion

CLICK HERE to view and download the video

Part 2.3 - Question and Answer Portion

CLICK HERE to view and download the video


I just had to add this. This is actually an email and issue that will be covered in an upcoming entry, but just to show you an incredible inconsistency in the FFL's actions when they are supposed to be LEADING BY EXAMPLE and showing what Christian behavior should be like. Didn't they just come out with a statement entitled "Be Still"?

From: Francis Berroya <>
To: Undisclosed Recipients <>
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 7:16:43 PM
Subject: GK Issue
Brethren, attached is Frank Padilla's reply to a long list of questions from Fortes Fide aka bro. Jojo Rodriguez, cfc/gk winnipeg. God bless, francis berroya, cfcffl toronto ps: you need an Adobe Reader to open attached file.


1. On August 14, 2007, the new and former international council members met and agreed to separate ways - was confirmed in a letter they all signed dated August 15, 2007.

2. Meeting with the Bishops on August 28, 2007; the bishops concurred with our elders of both groups and gave their blessings for the two groups to separate ways as confirmed in Bp Reyes' (CFC spiritual director) in a clarification letter he signed dated September 6, 2007, par 4 page 4.

3. Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFCFFL Toronto) declared as a separate group last August 28, 2007. It is no longer a restoration movement whose members need to insulate themselves and work from within CFC.

4. The Letters Patent for Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFCFFL) was approved and dated September 17, 2007. CFCFFL is now a charitable organization in Ontario.

AS AGREED by our elders and as concurred by the Bishops, we now have two separate groups of CFC:

CFC/GK: its emphasis is more on the social dimension of the mission. GK777 means 700,000 homes in 7,000 communities in 7 years. As of April 2007 per GK website, there are 21,759 homes in 1,253 communities in 3.5 years (GK777 was launched in 2003). To meet GK777 target, there is still a need for 678,241 in 5747 communities in the remaining 3.5 years. Per Ancop Canada Summit in 2006, the fundraising target was placed at $10,000,000 for the next four years or until 2010. With the big balance still left to meet GK777 target, it may seem that this fundraising
target of $10M will be increased in the next Ancop Canada Summit. This could mean that CFC/GK in Canada will be engaged in more fundraising events till 2010.

CFC-FFL: its emphasis is more on evangelization, family renewal and life. It will restore CFC's original charism. It will also have its seven pillars including work with the poor ministry.

Let both CFC groups now move forward:

GK emphasis: fundraising --- building a nation, making heroes, doing
charity work hiding its Christian identity.

FFL emphasis: evangelization and family renewal --- building the
kingdom of God, going after holiness, doing charity work with Christ.

Highlight mine.

One cannot help but notice the snideness and cynicism behind the words "making heroes....HIDING its Christian Identity."

I'd like to ask Mr. Berroya; Is this really necessary to get a point across? You do realize that you have just labeled and accused tens of thousands of active CfC members of hiding their Christian Identity, right?

I am just asking you now to watch this video. Show it to all you know. Mr. Tale acted in absolute humility in the face of the open accusations by Frank Padilla. He reiterates again and again that they (the council) are NOT veering away from the mission/vision of CfC. How many times does it have to be said?

Labels and accusations can hurt people, spread disunity, and cause rifts in communities. Was that in the mission/vision/plan of the FFL? Who among us here is actually walking their talk? Or is it a case of "Do as I say, not as I do"?

I really can't believe that GK under CfC is hiding from its Christian Identity when "Couples for Christ-Gawad Kalinga and Catholic charismatic groups Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Focolare and Light of Jesus communities formed a partnership to help the poor."

I guess all these Catholic Charismatic groups are hiding from their Christian Identity too. Don't forget to copy them on your next email blast. =)

This next video will actually have its own entry, but I'll post it now to make a point.

Please download it HERE.

Or go to

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Pastoral Congress #2

Something I got in my inbox, pictures from a successful 2nd Pastoral Congress that had over 300 participants.

Here are the invites:

The pictures:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Temp Post




Friday, September 21, 2007

Your Discernment Experiences

I was meaning to complete the Bereshit entry before moving on. It has been taking me a while since I've been busy as well, and I was getting left behind in updating you all with the new developments in CFC and in the FFL. I am moving the Bereshit entry to the right column permanently under the "In The Beginning" link where it can be more easily accessed for those who want to get more background on the CFC/FFL story.

This entry will be a permanent link in the right column as well, because I feel your voices are the ones that should be heard now that most of the facts have been revealed in this blog. I've been getting a lot of feedback in the comments from those of you who have heard both the CFC and the FFL sides of the story. Some had many great things to say about how it has helped their discernment and now I hope you can all help me help others who are going through the same thing. Most of them are mixed in the comments on other entries and I would like to ask you all to re-share in this this entry's comment section. Please share with us your experiences in going through your discernment process; the people you heard from, what influenced you, and how you finally made the decision (if you have) or what is keeping you from making it. I believe many of us will benefit from it.

I'll start it off now with something I got in my inbox.

CLICK HERE to download the pdf file.

Happy sharing!

Monday, September 17, 2007


(updated Sept. 25, 9:00pm manila time, please scroll to the bottom)

*Tony Meloto letter to Bishop Reyes posted
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Bereshit (Hebrew) - "In the beginning"

This entry will be the start of a summary of events leading up to what the situation is now. Questions will be answered, previously UNposted items will be revealed. To help those who are new to the site, remember to click on highlighted and underlined words because they will be active links to related articles or entries.

There were several issues brought up as reasons for why Frank Padilla and his group decided to break away and form the FFL. The major ones can be broken down into 3 main issues that Frank Padilla constantly brings up:

GK Issues
In an virtual about face from his GK-2 paper, Frank releases GK-3 which contends that GK has has become Tony Meloto's pet, and is veering away from spirituality. He brings up how GK partners with anti-life companies, and how GK partners with other religious organizations.

Relationship with the Church/Bishops

Disagreements with the council/present leadership


We'll start off with this email thread from Joe Tale to Frank Padilla, and back again to Joe FROM Frank. Note the DATES:

To download the pdf file, CLICK HERE.

This email exchange between Joe Tale (present CfC Council head) and Frank Padilla (current FFL leader) occurred on the eve of the actual resignation which happened on Feb. 20. Joe's pleading with Frank not to resign should put to rest any talk of attempted "power grabs" by the present council. Frank's response stands on its own but definitely shows his frame of mind. Whether he swallows his words later on and in future correspondences will be up to you all to discern.

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The Act 1 Series

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

The resignation speeches can be downloaded HERE:

direct link:


Start with a little background here:

The Zeny G email to Frank truly sets the stage for the home office issues that were revealed after the 4-man council took over. I had initially posted Zeny's email in a previous entry but she emailed me to request that it be removed. I'm now posting it again temporarily so it can provide the necessary background into what was going on in the home office that prompted the FFL to accuse the Council of a "witch hunt."

CLICK HERE for the pdf file.

Instant Gratification:

The questions raised from this email were answered here:

Side Notes: Questions Answered, pt.1 - "Who is Marco?"

Side Notes: Questions Answered, Pt. 2 - "FTPW Fund"

Side Notes: Questions Answered, Pt. 3 - "inappropriate relationship"

Side Notes: Questions Answered, Pt. 4 - Affidavits


There have been several statements by the Bishops, the IC, and the FFL that there are no financial issues. Certain parties say that this was done in the pursuit of peace and to keep things from being more muddled than they already are, but actually, during the dialogue, the financial issues were not taken up because the IC deemed them to be internal issues and unrelated to the split.

However, some questions remain:

This entry gives us some background on an "
ALLEGED ANOMALOUS TRANSACTION BETWEEN THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND THE COUPLES FOR CHRIST" worth P50 Million. The fact that a senator has opened a resolution to investigate this should put to rest any denials by the FFL that there were no questionable financial issues committed on THEIR WATCH. The fact that the IC chooses to downplay this is a true display of Christian behaviour.

This entry gives us a look at the financial situation of CFC as it stands now. There are questions on the retirement pay to former CFC officials who are now FFL leaders, the collection of tithes, and possible mismanagement of funds. Another entry gives us a bit more detail on this.

Something new: An old email from Caloy Yturzaeta questioning the attempt by CFC to borrow from Coops for Christ.

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The Frank and Dylan exchange where FTPW Fund and TM Fund is discussed.

The FFL's threat letter in reaction to the financial issues that were being revealed, released a few days after Frank announced the split and the establishment of the FFL.

That's it for the financial issues.


Of note:

What Frank Padilla is saying about GK in Nov. 2, 2006.

What Frank Padilla is saying about GK in Apr. 9, 2007

A look back at the attacks on GK/Tony Meloto

Tony Meloto speaks about GK

The idea of a CFC/GK split was broached for the first time here, as well as the revelation that it was Bishop Soc himself who drafted the proposal letter for the split:

A related entry on whether I should release Bishop Soc's draft.

Here is Bishop Soc's draft letter [temporary]:

A statement that the FFL released in reaction to the spreading news that Bishop Soc drafted the proposal letter.

Sun, 29 Jul 2007 21:18:32 +0800
From:"Easter Group" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

brothers and sisters in couples for christ,

on may 02, 2007, brothers frank padilla, lachie agana, joe tale and ernie maipid met with bishop soc villegas in bataan to discuss the ongoing crisis in cfc. after jointly praying and hours of discussions, they all felt that the only way to relieve the tension and move forward was to recognize the very root of the problem and alienate it--- they left bataan with the consensus that cfc and gk need to separate.

because a meeting with the metro manila sector heads was scheduled that evening, brothers joe tale and ernie maipid decided [on their own] to test the waters and bring up the proposed solution to them. the overwhelming response, of course, was very negative. you cannot, in a brief moment, define the problem and propose a solution while maintaining the slant disapproving it. but the bishop, who was tasked by the four, a day or two after drafted the procedure for the split and the draft inadvertently reached the wrong parties. these brothers are now pointing to bishop soc as the instigator of the split.

how come brothers joe tale and ernie maipid have not come forward to correct this? why do they allow that the wrong person, specially a holy man, be branded as the culprit?

we challenge them to speak the truth, and now.... before more people are poisoned by the likes of those who know not the whole story.

i doubt really if they are up to this challenge for truth to be in the open. why? these leaders have deceit in their hearts. they are protecting only their personal hides.

but, miracles can happen. i hope the Lord touches their very hearts now and start to move these mandated daw leaders to not crucify bishop soc.

God bless CFC,

roland t. nillas


The FFL speaks out about GK's finances when all the while they were claiming it wasn't about finances.


The infamous playboy bunnies meeting comes first, because the meeting was actually held prior to the elections. The minutes show the meticulous planning by the Easter Group (now the FFL) in their quest to derail the election and bring Frank Padilla back to leadership.

The Election Question entry details the election process, from start to finish, so you can see for yourself if there were any anomalies as repeatedly claimed by Frank Padilla in his attacks on the council saying that they're not "annointed".

Something new:

The actual election results, starting with the referendum tally:

Elections results for the members of the International Council :
Election results for the members of the Board of Elders:

Then, see the actual 2007 CfC Council elections video in this entry, as well as other related media files.


The CBCP hosts a dialogue between the two parties, CfC and the FFL.

We report on it the very next day as hints of progress start to filter through.

Somewhat expectedly (but with much disapointment regardless), we find that things are not quite over yet.

Gary Faustino's thoughts on forgiveness...

The Council then releases its first and second statement after the dialogue.

The FFL reactions start rolling in...along with Bishop Reyes's take on things.

The Council releases a final statement on Looking Ahead...

Now, it can be told that:

On the evening of Sept. 7 (right after Bishop Reyes' Statement), Tony Meloto had an audience with Bishop Gabby Reyes. This was facilitated by a couple from Aklan who was related to the good Bishop. Tony Meloto also had a previous audience with Bishop Reyes on May 30, a few weeks PRIOR to the elections. Here is his letter dated June 1, that was sent after that meeting:

This post will be updated throughout the day and tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Sides Of The Coin

I was supposed to post Bishop Soc's draft letter as promised in a previous entry.

However, a well meaning and impassion plea from an anonymous email touched a nerve:

One thing I ask (I'd say BEG even) is that the draft letter of Bishop Soc Villegas NOT BE POSTED IN YOUR BLOG. Please avail to the Bishops REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY SYMPATHIZE OR AFFILIATE THEMSELVES WITH the respect that their office holds. We are treading on very thin ice when it comes to our mother the Church and the pastors she has called to serve us....please do not crack that ice just to make a point. Its not worth it. You can reveal the truth about FFL and the purity or impurity of their heart (believe it or not, I still believe they have hearts, a little hardened perhaps but it still beats for God) and the perverse manipulation of truth to make their point echo across the globe. HOWEVER, we do not need to stoop down to that level. God's truth is His truth for each one of us...His mission and call to each one of us is lets seek it individually without destroying our relationship with His Church...and move collectively in whichever group He WILLS us to be.

I pray that both CFC and FFL will one day be able to worship together, will be able to heal, rich or poor, materially or spiritually; we are still ONE BODY in our Christ...and we serve never for our own, but...

In light of this totally unselfish request, I am refraining from posting Bishop Soc's draft letter for the meantime. I will, however, summarize it:

In short,

1. This draft letter was addressed to Cardinal Rosales.

2. It discusses details on how to go about a CFC/GK split.

Now, the Bishops have spoken, ostensibly, to put an end to the confusion.

Archbishop Lagdameo has said his piece...
(However, during the CBCP dialogue, of which he was panel member, he stated that he recognizes only one CfC in his archdiocese.)

Archbishop Arguelles released a decree...

Bishop Reyes released a paid ad in the Bulletin...

Now I'd like you all to watch Bishop Pacana's (another panel member of the CBCP dialogue) talk:

or download HERE.

Now that the Bishops have made their moves, which pieces will follow next, the Knights or the Pawns?


Some of you are calling for a release of that draft letter. I'm praying about it and hope to discern the right thing to do soon.

Let me remind you all that while our focus here is on the truth and transparency, this site is NOT about the bishops and/or their actions. We are all human. Any one of us can be misled, if that was ever the case. There are times when certain things can do more damage than good, and this is what I'm praying about. I beg you all to think about ALL you have gleaned from this site, as I believe there is enough in here for you to discern already.

Remember the last council statement: Let us look ahead, move forward, focus on our goals with CfC, and continue to do its good work.