Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CFC & GK - Here We Go Again

The community is yet again embroiled in another dispute (although some would say that term is an understatement). This time the potential stakes are higher, the potential losses will be more deeply felt, and the feud potentially more bitter. Yes, even more than THAT.

Some faces are familar, some are new, but the enemy remains a constant. Guard your hearts and your minds my friends. Sometimes in our arrogance that our faith and prayers protect us well against the devil's plots and keep our intentions pure, we don't realize that it is in that arrogance that he finds his way in.

Everything I've said above is the extent of what I have to say on this. The emails/documents are below, I'll leave you all to discern for yourselves.

And so, with a heavy, heavy heart, here we go again:

First, a look at how this situation may have been instigated. The following are emails from GK leadership starting from November 3, 2009.
Gk Internal Emails
Download this document HERE.

One of the emails contained above is from Jose Mari Oquiñena, dated January 12, 2010 and entitled "WHERE SHOULD BE OUR LOYALTY?". Zeny Gimenez responds:

Download this document HERE.

Lastly for this entry, the IC statement dated January 15, 2010.

IC Statement - Preserving the Cfc Way of Life
Download this document HERE.

Some faces are familar, some are new, all are friends. All share a bond that has tied us together as family, through thick and thin. Let's not forget what brought us together, let's not forget that in our community, the thread the binds us together is much, much stronger than the temporary thorns that threaten to tear us apart.

I start my journey of discernment again, and I am inviting you to join me.