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The Village That Frank Built Pt II: The Issues

UPDATED 08/11/2008
Blogger Round Eyed Toddler queries Mario Pareno and gets a detailed response.

Easter Group emails a response, by a certain Mario Pareno.

7/31/2008 2:00AM
Document on the land acquistion and amortization scheme added.
Report detailing issues added.
Full translations of Salaysay added.
Pictures from the 7/20 build attempt.

7/29/2008 9:00AM
Partial translation of Salaysay added.

To those who've been following this blog since last year, you might remember the first hints of strife at the CFC International GK Village at Remarville, when some comments were posted back in October of 2007. The first was in the Time To Wrap It Up entry. I quote:

Anonymous said...

FFL said that there is no coercion in making people attend there activities...well maybe they have to ask jun junia and pancho lopez tan what they are doing with the beneficiaries of gk remarville...if they will not attend they will b ejected...and for the young ffl...why is it that if a ftw doesnt join you binabastos nyo...(xavy dont do it again ha)...and what kind of community are you building that is based on putting others down and labeling them us un christian?
I have 2 appeals for FFL to consider...
1. Can we all please move forward without maligning others.
2. tito frank pls stop acting like your God.

The next comment showed up in the Another One entry:

neokidntown said...

From what I heard, FFL is now managing former GK sites like the GK CFC International Village (Remarville).

The beneficiaries were asked to sign the petition paper that GK turns over the site to FFL.

I was told everyone signed the petition paper.

I’d like to know, is it true that failure to sign would mean ejection from the village?

Can anyone shed light on this?

Obviously, this isn't a "new" issue. People have known what the FFL (as represented by Jun Junia) have been up to, since last year.

You've seen the pictures in the first part of this series. Take a look at how CFC International GK Village looks like now:

We'll start this story with an account of events from within:

Download Salaysay as a pdf HERE.
English translation HERE and HERE.

Many thanks goes to our translators!

There have already been several comments in part 1 that were interesting (and gave us an update of events), one of which asked the pertinent questions:

What are the leaders of FFL saying about this?

Are they condoning the stoppage of the build? Why?

As obviously displayed by the coercion going on since October of last year, is it logical to assume that this is with the blessings of the Easter Group since they claimed the site, rechristened it "restoration village" and are apparently the sole authority there. I am hearing reports that now, the FFL are attempting to wash their hands of this and distancing themselves from the whole affair, with even Jun Junia claiming he is CFC and not FFL. We MUST NOT let them get away with this. The record of events goes back almost a year, with a finger pointing to the FFL and Jun Junia clearly showing attempts at coerction, harrassment, and incredibly unchristian conduct.

I am appalled.

As usual, I will welcome any communication from Jun Junia et al to air their side.


Download this document as pdf HERE.


Download this document as a pdf HERE.


Here are some images taken from the attempted build at Remarville that was reported first here, here, and the aftermath reported by Mike Santos here.

The first alarm sounded:
cfc international restoration village update!!!!!
this sunday july 19,2008, may build po sa dating gk village na ito but sadly to tell that they rejected our request to build the 3 houses for the 3 home office beneficiaries and they tell us under the command of dictator Jun Junia and his alliance group(atty.Ogie Bautista and the home owners board of directors na hilaw)to back off kasi daw ffl na daw ang lugar na ito kaya they will not allowed any attempt to build with other gk benefeciaries and of course with West c sector team to be lead by tito santos and delfi geraldez.Jun J, tell us if we will not comply his recommendation he said! dadanak ang dugo dito!!!! and he even called some names working in the nbi to give him support this sunday kasi daw sigurado na magkakagulo, pati barangay po pinapaalarma and he also instructed two of the board who working in ABC5 and Channel 2 to document the possible clash kasi daw tito s. insisted daw to enter the perimeter to build...he even instructed also na pagpumilit na pumasok ang mga cfc global at gk volunteers pukpukin na daw agad kaya nga kagabi sa meeting nila gumawa na sila ng letter for whatever happen this sunday may pan laban sila...he(Jun) even hired bugoy or tambay just for bakbakan daw sa sunday.....nasaan na po ang spirit ng cfc....200 expected volunteer to come, they come to support the build not to dimolish the area...oh! comm'n ffl drop ur pride and be united with us for the sake of the poor people living there....he admitted that they dont have funds anymore for the construction....kong sabagay wala silang pakialam kong wala silang pondo kasi kong ayaw mo na sa lugar na yan then you back out as homeowner and then they will sell your lot na mas mahal, i think 5000 or 5500 na yata per sqr.meter don before it was only 3500 per sqr.mter, kaya daw mahal kac na develop na ang lugar..ang tanong po? sino po ba ang nagdevelop ng lugar na yon, di po ba gk....they also said na lahat na cfc-gmfi sa lugar ay hahanapan daw ng butas para maalis...calling the attention of gk national to step up to this issue...taposin na ang dapat taposin...tama na!Sobra na!Palitan na!! walang iwanan di ba!!!!!

cfc remarville

Reported by Mike Santos:

About the Remarville Build tomorrow July 20,2008.

The build is initiated and coordinated by GK National. And is intended for the CFC full time workers who are beneficiaries and lot owners in this site.

CFC West C GK workers and volunteers are part of the team who will support the build. All volunteers were asked to gather at the basketball court.

Tito Jun Junia is aware of this scheduled build.

Before the build was scheduled, talks were ongoing between the FFL (Lito De Guzman) and CFC (thru CFC West C GK Tito Santos). Also Tito Santos (my dad) is constantly communicating with Tito Jun Junia about the site and its benficiaries.

FFL (thru Lito De Guzman) has agreed to it and Tito Jun will refer it to the Homeowners Association of remarville.

-- one of my dad's SMS message to Tito Jun ---"GK natl has scheduled a build on Sunday 9am to 5pm at remarville, hope to make the start of uniting our hearts again even with 2 organizations"---

Let's pray for this and may all our hearts be melted and peace reign as we strive to follow Jesus' way...
And the report of what happened after:
Remarville update:

CFC Volunteer workers were not allowed entry.

CFC leaders decided not to do build today.

CFC will be arranging a meeting with Remarville Homeowners Association and Jun Junia.

Note the kadena (chain)

08/08/08 CFC-FFL Response

A certain Mario Pareno gives his side of the story.

From: "Easter Group"
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 20:04:17 -0700
From: m_pareno@yahoo.com.ph
Subject: Remarville and GK Manolo Villages: A Study in Contrast
To: eastergroup@gmail.com

Just as one gets the feeling both communities seem to be moving on their own comes an issue somehow blown out of proportion by CFC Global/GK regarding Remarville Village. The latter site apparently was taken over by CFCFFL upon the strong clamor of the KB officers themselves, the caretaker team, and even the beneficiaries. The apparent reason offered by the parties concerned was alleged and apparent neglect on the part of CFC/GK to continue with the houses. Bro. Frank apparently took pains raising the money for 132 houses but up to this time, only 55 units have been built. We were told that the KB itself formally requested CFC-FFL to take over in writing.

Upon closer scrutiny, it was allegedly discovered that what CFCFFL inherited from GK had still some pending land documentation issues and it was altogether premature and hasty for CFCFFL to take over without proper exercise of due diligence from the former caretakers, the CFC/GK. So the continuous building of the houses just had to stop pending the resolution of the issues.

Now, Bro. Frank again bears the brunt of potshots, malicious charges and baseless innuendoes that he built the village with a lot of problems. ALL HE DID AT THE TIME HE WAS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR WAS TO RAISE THE FUNDS AND IT WAS UP TO GK TO BUILD THE HOUSES. Of course,the rest is history because came the split and the site was left with GK until the very recent takeover which was not without its attendant problems left by GK to CFCFFL.

Contrast this to another GK village in GK Manolo, Valenzuela where the same situation hangs and persists. The number of promised houses have not materialized after 2 years. Apparently irked by the non-delivery of the houses as promised, some beneficiaries have resorted to building their own homes from borrowed funds, without help from CFC/GK. Still others have gone beyond the official design and in the site are now dwellings with more than one floor, apparently now a common site to see in other villages as well.

But what was more disturbing was the continued ostracism received by two families because they chose to affiliate themselves with CFCFFL. It goes without saying that they were told that they cannot hope to see their houses built because of their affiliations. Instead of making these cases a federal issue, the community just quietly raised the necessary funds to complete these houses. Now, the two families are happily settled in their new homes built by their CFCFFL brethren.

A contrast in approach: Remarville and Manolo villages and how two communities responded to the call.

You be the judge.


Note that practically everything claimed in this email, ie:

"..upon the strong clamor of the KB officers themselves"

"...what CFCFFL inherited from GK had still some pending land documentation issues and it was altogether premature and hasty for CFCFFL to take over without proper exercise of due diligence from the former caretakers, the CFC/GK."


have already been covered in the "Salaysay".

He's asking us to be the judge. I believe we need to be supplied with evidence to make our own proper judgement, correct? First but certainly not the least, please explain the FFL's Jun Junia and his actions.

UPDATED 08/11/2008
Blogger Round Eyed Toddler queries Mario Pareno and gets a detailed response.

----- Original Message ----
From: Round-Eyed Toddler <roundeyedtoddler@gmail.com>
To: m_pareno@yahoo.com.ph
Sent: Saturday, August 9, 2008 10:12:12 AM
Subject: Remarville and GK Manolo Villages: A Study in Contrast

Bro Mario,
What role did you play in Remarville? Just curious. Then how do you explain the issues presented in these documents?

How do you explain the pictures of Remarville residents who blocked the entry of Couples for Christ volunteers to build the houses of home office workers? Click here, and here, then here, here, and finally here! Tell me why the sensibilities of relatively newer members of the community should not be affected by the brazen display of unChristian defiance of these residents? What does your Most Honorable and Most Humble Servant General Frank Padilla, the name above all names in the Catholic renewal movement for Christian couples, say about all these?

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Mr. Pareno responds:
On 08 10, 08, at 10:23 AM, Mario Pareno wrote:

My,my you are frothing all over. Not surprising for a toddler.
I am just as curious who the round-eyed toddler is. No one who hides under the skirt of anonymity (no pun intended as toddlers are wont to hide under the skirts of their moms) has any right to ask about roles if he is not willing to come up front and reveal his real identity... Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Bulatro, whatever.

Besides, ever heard of investigative journalism? More to come in our sequel coming from the residents themselves.


On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 10:22 PM, Round-Eyed Toddler <roundeyedtoddler@gmail.com> wrote:

My name is inconsequential. Would you have cared if I told you my name? You won't see my name in any of the pages as I am someone new to the community when GK started. But now, I just happen to be someone who feels strongly about this whole thing and none of the actions in Remarville is helping anybody, not even you in FFL. What do you think all this brouhaha will accomplish? Prove that someone's right and someone's wrong, as if Christ is smiling at everyone at the gate of Remarville on July 20? You gave a very "brotherly" reply. I wish you luck in your newfound community. A certain "spirit" appears to be working in you. We, in Couples for Christ, will move on. You certainly have the prayers of my community.

{RET's real name, CFC Chapter and Mobile number was indicated here in the actual email}

It would be interesting to see what Mr. Pareno will dig up. To him and the commenter who said,
"Imagine you do not have enough evidence and yet you wrote things against whomever you can put based on your sources."

I say, bring it on. I welcome ALL evidence. Let the chips fall where they may.

To be continued.


Athrun Atreides said...

I'll do my best translating it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow,I can see a lot of finger pointing and so many other fingers dipped in the pie.

So what do we have here;
1) a leader who wants to make big bucks out of a project
2) a pseudo gk project
3) a 'syndicate'
4)beneficiaries who are victims of greedy leaders
5) ffl leader lording over 'mahihirap na cfc'
6) harrasment
7) coercion

perfect ingredients for a Lino Brocka movie!

calling on frank, you are the origins of this 'dream village' tell your followers to allow the beneficiaries to build their houses. this are lots that they own and they are paying for.

calling on the bishop of novaliches, bishop tobias, who said there is no conflict nor confusion in the use of the same name!

forget about Lino brocka the way things are turning this might just turn out to be a sequel to "Amityville" the horror movie

Dante said...

Ang balita namin nooong una pa, eh, hindi tama ang pagsisimula ng International Village. Pinagtampuhan for awhile yang village na yan nina Pancho Tan at itong Jun Junia. Sa pagkaka-alam ko, eh, binayaran in advance ni Junia from sarili niyang pera ang properties at pagkatapos, eh, sa kaniya bibilihin ng mga beneficiaries ang mga lots na tatayuan ng bahay nila. Para bang low cost housing development ang nangyari para mapadali ang GK project ni Junia.

Noon pa, eh, ang sabi ng iba hindi espirito ng GK ang nagsimula nito kundi pagnanais na maumpisahan kahit na medyo mali o taliwas sa espirito ng GK. Paki-linaw nga ni Pancho na sector head dati ng area na ito baka siya sumama kay FAP o kung sino man na may alam ng problema ng International village. Paging Bro. Bostre at baka alam niya ang masalimuot na village na ito.

Danny, WB said...

What's next?

Hahamunin nila ng suntukan ang ayaw sumali sa FFL?

Anonymous said...

"...a leader who wants to make big bucks out of a project."

Brod, make sure the leader HAS NOT YET made BIG BUCKS out of the project. He WAS the repository of the purchase funds, and he WAS the one who dispensed with the funds when the lot was purchased. HE DID WANT TO MAKE BIG BUCKS. IT APPEARS HE ALREADY DID!

Same leader may want to run for a political position; if not, he wants to exchange his 'political clout' among the homeowners at Remarville and its environs into something usable for himself. That clout can fan the flame of hatred, which means there's more to his material future, or may be used to plant the seeds of understanding and harmony, which means ending his current spiritual drought.

Anonymous said...

"Still to come, another narrative, the real story of how the International Village came to be, and the important lessons we need to learn from all this."

CD, this quote here from you got me really wondering about the end of this exposure on Remarville CFC International GK Village.

Certainly there are important lessons we will "need to learn from all this." But more than ‘learning’ I wish somebody from the Public Attorney’s Office were to take the side of the ejected beneficiaries, as well as all those anxious about, or have felt, harassment by JunJ, Pancho Tan and FFL, and file the appropriate complaint in court!

More, TE there started asking audit-related questions that have strong relevance in seeking legal redress.

We do pray that some kindhearted brethren in the law profession will be able to bring this to a court settlement, which seems to be the only language that FAP and his FFL minions understand and abide with.

If -- as we’ve learned here, CFC has filed a case in Court against FFL -- the court ordered FFL to desist from using the CFC name, then those involved in the illegal and irregular delisting and ejection of the beneficiaries from GK Remarville will have lost a leg precisely because FFL can not anymore justify its being CFC as basis for taking over GK Remarville. They may thus be in ‘hot water’ in this prospective legal battle.

Anonymous said...

Jun Junia was a former Natinal Housing Authority employee. Pancho Tan Lopez is a real estate developer. Frank Padilla is a landscamer. There is a fine thread linking these players, I hope its not greed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, brother Anonymous, what can bind together: a housing bureaucrat (JunJ), a real estate developer (PTn), and a landscammer (FAP).

I believe common among them would be children and a CHILDREN'S PARK!

Someone there says FAP needs to "father an original child", meaning an idea, because he keeps on "cloning" the same issue and creating for it a foster father - some messy guy like Mecias.

I wonder if FAP seriously thinks about "fathering an original child". Maybe it is high time he does, so he can seriously define and explain to people the evangelistic role - or none of it - of GK, which is not his (child) at all.

Such act (of being an original father) will cut off his links with the playboys and bunnies whose originality could only be traced to their siblings sharing goods from FTPWF, book sales, and the suspicious government subsidy for family planning promos (?).

Anonymous said...

Please help our CFC brethren in the Remarville GK International village, if you know any fellow attorneys in CFC please ask them to help. Have them form a team to work on this case. I know we can do this. They need justice and prayers. We must not let this stand!

Anonymous said...

Mayroong isyu din sa former GK site sa Himlayan diyan din sa West C.

Bago pa humiwalay ang FFL, may mga 40 or so HOLD ang kasama sa list of beneficiaries sa inaayos na GK site sa Himlayan, Tandang Sora. Nakabigay na ang bawat isa ng may P20K kaya may P800,000 ang pera ng mga HOLD members na naihulog. Nang magkagulo, dahil halos lahat sa cluster na may sakop sa Himlayan site ay lumiban patungo sa FFL, ang prospektib GK site na yan ay natangay.

Nang mabalitang Restoration Village na ngayon ang Himlayan ay pinipilit (coersion) na ang mga HOLD na sumapi sa FFL. Magiging out of place daw ang mga HOLD na hindi mag-e-FFL sa lugar. Naging matatag naman ang mga Handmaids at kahit ayaw sana nilang bitawan ang kanilang mga assigned lots (nagrequest din pala sila na gawing contiguous o tabi-tabi na lang ang mga lote kahit na nasa isang RV sila; hindi raw puede sabi ng isang miyembro ng RV project team dahil na-assign na nga ang mga lote) at nagpasiyang bitawan ang mga lote at hingin na lang na maisauli ang perang na-down na nila na may P800,000 nga. Pumayag ang FFL Himlayan RV handlers pero sabi nila gumawa daw ng kasulatan na talagang pull-out ang desisyon ng mga HOLD members na ito. Nagawa naman ang dokumento after a month or so. Matapos noon ay sinabi ng FFL na maibabalik ang kontribusyon ng HOLD after a month daw or so. Walang pera pang tumatawid.

Sa isang negosasyon ng mga FFL at West C, sabi ng mga FFL suklian na lang dahil may P300,000 pa sa GK Gressar (isa pang site sa West C na sabi ng FFL sa kanila na rin) na na-donate doon galing sa mga donors bago maghiwalayan; ibawas na lang ito sa P800,000 kasi sa FFL na iyon. 'Yung .5M na lang ang babalik nila kasi ang P300,000 ay hawak pa rin naman ng West C Finance.

Sabi ng mga West C, walang problema kaya lang patunayan dapat din naman ng FFL na kanila ang perang iyan. Gawa naman sila ng dokumento na ang mga original donors na sa GK ibinigay ang donation ay payag na sa FFL na ang ibinigay nila.

Hanggang ngayon wala.

Ano tingin ninyo?

Baka may mga nag-donate sa GK Gressar na walang malay sa pag-claim ng FFL sa donation niyo.

Anonymous said...

Di po ba our St. Thomas More & Associates Ministry is the one in the "best" position to take up the defense of those who've been victimized by this GK site fiasco? Before we avail of the legal services of "outsiders", we might as well ask for the help from our brethren within the community who are fully capable of handling such cases.

Anonymous said...

Maybe STMA should help our poor brethren in CFC GK Remarville. I suggest, the GK Board should ask STMA to assist in whatever legal action in order to stop and also prevent any harassment to the CFC beneficiares . Let's stop these actions by FFL as soon as possible to avoid future incidents in other GK sites.
Let's pray that God will triumph over the wrong presumption of what is right in some of our brothers and sisters in FFL !

Round-Eyed Toddler said...


I am making use of the RSS Feed available in this blog and, well, nakakatuwa everytime new stuff comes in right into my mail box. Thanks for putting this up, Brod.

The accounts about Remarville are apalling, indeed. Need I say more?

Tonight I just watched with my 5-year old son Episode III of Star Wars (one of my favorites, hehe). Anyhow, Episode I, II and III show the transformation of this young and idealistic boy, Anakin Skywalker, into his dark version, Darth Vader.

This transformation was fueled by fear that was so strong inside him, even as a child. It was a fear he was never able to overcome, despite all the trainings he underwent as a Jedi Knight. This fear gradually led him to pride, greed and lust for power or absolute control. This fear made him prey to the seduction of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord.

Anakin's mentor, Obi Wan Kenobi, had no choice in the end but to draw his light saber and fight Anakin. Anakin lost his two legs and one arm. Anakin already lost his other arm in the fight with Count Duckoo in Episode II. So his loss to Obi Wan Kenobi left him absolutely without extremities. But he survived to live, through sheer will power, to become the dreaded Darth Vader in Star Wars, which kids of 20 years ago (me included) watched with round eyes.

I cannot help but be reminded of Lucifer, the most beautiful and intelligent of all angels. He fell from heaven because of pride and then seduced everyone else, just like "Darth Sidious" of Star Wars. The image of Lucifer losing to St Michael happens to be sculpted in the arc going to San Miguel, Bulacan; as well as in the bottles of Ginebra. But Lucifer is still here, wreaking havoc to humanity.

Then again, I cannot help but see the same things going on in the community. One "Lord" lost in the battle of wills and abdicated his throne. Wrong move. He then totally fell off his pedestal when the Elder's Assembly did not heed his call to postpone the elections, he was not nominated back to the Council, and he lost his bid in the Board of Elders. Factor? This "Lord" gave in to pride, just like Anakin Skywalker pledging allegiance to Darth Sidious.

Now this "Lord" needs a base of operations somewhere in the galaxy, where he can make long term plans to return to power, and strike back when it's time. That base, I believe, is Remarville, perhaps among others.

Speaking of time, he may not have much. This "Lord" is 60+ I believe. But then, can we really tell? Being 60+ now means he still has 60 years to age 120. Scary thought.

So I salute you CD for this blog. This is where we have established our "base" of operations. This is where the "Lord" will feel the intensity of our light sabres, as we exercise the vigilance needed to put his designs at bay. This blog is an itch this "Lord" cannot scratch.

I also salute the brothers and sisters who keep this blog alive. I haven't been into this blog, outside of quick browsing, the past months. But I look forward to return and join you more actively once again.

May the Spirit guide us in the exercise of our vigilance. So shall we all pray. Lucifer, aka "Darth Sidious," has cast bad seeds and grows weeds among the wheat. We have to be really vigilant, and wise in being vigilant. Lucifer is clever, and he can seduce any unguarded soul into his scheme, even those who are highly trained to combat him. If this "Lord" was seduced by the dark side, how many can do better? Let us all pray.

I believe that we are dealing here with a "Darth Vader" who still has a good side. The question is, what will make this "Lord" throw Lucifer (aka pride, lust for power) away? Only God knows and God will lead the saga to that point of decision.

May the Spirit be with you.

May the Spirit be with us all.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

Jun Junia, a former Cluster Head? How are/were leaders chosen in CFC? I thought they are suppose to show us...lead us...Christian living by example. The only way for Jun Junia to redeem himself is by a just/Christian resolution of this Remarville mess.

I am from CFC-Brampton, Ontario Canda, as far as I know Camp Gressar was funded by CFC-Brampton. I am one of those who raised funds for this GK site and we remain CFC. Our chapter was split. More than 50% went to FFL, with our former Chapter Head. I suppose that is the reason why they are claiming that Camp Gressar is FFL's.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody check if some of the donors to Remarville were tainted sources, like pharmaceuticals or gamblers? If so, maybe FFL doesn't have to steal it from GK. By the way, stealing is the opposite of restoring.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

The basic legal question here is: Who owns the village (houses and lots) before it is actually finished and turned over to the recipients?

It is not the volunteers. It is not the Chapter leaders. It is not CFC. It is not even GK. Until the village is finished and turned over fully to the beneficiaries the owners are the donors.

There is a de facto contract between GK and the donors and the beneficiaries. The donors fund the projects and give GK their consent to call the village a GK village. The donors' intention is for the beneficiaries to enjoy the benefits of the project. This de facto contract can be easily understood in the roles they play. The donors are actually buying the houses and lots with the intention of donating them to the benficiaries. GK provides the means to make this donation a reality. Once the house and lot have been turned over to the beneficiary ownership passes to the beneficiary.

In the eyes of the beneficiary GK is an enabler, making it possible to make their dreams a reality. In the eyes of the donor GK is also a steward. The only thing that GK owns is the project, i.e. the dynamic interaction of processes, people, materials, plans and ideas set into motion over a period of time to achieve a desired result. The houses and lots are not owned by the project. GK, as steward, acts on behalf of the donor but it is still the donor who owns it - until ownership has transferred to the beneficiary.

The volunteers are simply what they are called - volunteer workers. Unless they are also beneficiaries, they are never part of the chain of ownership from the donor to the beneficiary.


1. FFL cannot legally take over a village without the consent of the donors and GK. The donors' have the option to empower GK to give their consent because GK has already assumed stewardship responsibilities.

2. When CFC people are responsible for a GK project, they are doing so as part of the GK stewardship responsibility. When these people move to FFL, they automatically lose their role in GK. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT GK HAS LOST ITS STEWARDSHIP ROLE. FFL does not have a right to claim a village as its own just because the former CFC members who acted as project leaders have moved to them.

3. What FFL is doing in Remarville and Gressar is illegal. It is usurpation. The former CFC members who moved to FFL do not have any right whatsoever to take over the project or the village. In taking over, they are in fact saying to the donors that they are now the other party in the de facto contract and not GK. No contract can be legally changed by a third party without the express consent of the first two (originally contracting) parties.

Is the info on GK Gressar correct? - that FFL wants to give back to the HOLD members only 500,000 because there is still 300,000 in GK Gressaer. If so, then I can tell you categorically that FFL DOES NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT to disburse any GK money. FFL does not have any connection with GK. They do not have any right to decide what to do with money in GK. That money was entrusted to GK by the donors. GK is the steward of this money.

4. Because money is involved here, the contractual obligations as well the obligation to account for the funds must be strictly fulfilled.

Mga kapatid the issue here involves ownership of material things, money and the contractual obligations of GK to the donor. These must be clearly settled otherwise GK's reputation as a trustworthy partner in nation-building will suffer.

I would suggest to the GK board to implement strict measures to prevent these things from happening. In the places where it is happening already - at Remarville and apparently GK Gressar - the GK board should file for a cease and desist order. GK must live up to its contractual obligations to the donors. It must act as a responsible steward.


Anonymous said...


That Anonymous CFC Brother from Brampton, Ontario unveils the thread: the sly player of it all has seen the same line wind up from GK up to the donors, tinkered with the relationships at the ‘bottom’ (say delist the beneficiaries at Remarville) and draw that contaminated thread up the "donor level", where ringleaders of the CFC breakup have established sympathizers for the breakaway group of FP et al. And, paradoxically (!!!), all that was coated with vehement condemnation of GK as ‘evil’, as the reason why CFC has veered away!

In another post here at IDOTRCFC, I have suggested that Frank's accusation of GK making CFC veer away from the original vision could be nearer his own coloured vision: the color of money. That dollar vision or the love of it must be the root of all the evil we have now.

I reserve making comment whether or not "their bishops" also shared the same "coloured vision". We will certainly be scandalized if later on, Pader Tulabing - the convenient diversionary instrument – will show some “slip”.

Tama ka (It is right of you), Brother Round-Eyed Toddler, to focus on Lucifer / Satan as the driving force behind all the Remarville scandal and confusion. If we put in the “dollar vision” in the person of the scammer, we see him looking into the skills of JunJ as a housing bureaucrat joining with PTn a wily land developer. If we talk about "fathering an original child", we also see Lucifer in the scammer stealing that child's playground, "fathering cloned issues" and creating for it a foster pater; if we talk about knowledge, we see the landscammer hair-splitting the definition of a "spirit" - that it can move out of the material corpus but claim material dominion, e.g., not being ‘legally CFC’ but still being spiritually in it and therefore being able to claim ownership of a CFC GK project of its choice ("because the spirit is superior to the body"); else, to claim "spiritual restoration" through intellectual "mast'r__tion", by "materially” changing the usual reference to Remarville as "CFC International GK Village" into some kind of a "Restoration Village", with allusions to a new, restored "spiritual work with the poor" that is nothing different from GK model, for all intents and purposes!

johnpaul said...

there were stories that SG went around from country to country and talked to and convinced brethren who were caretakers of the area's finances... the self professed owner of the charism worked on them and got them to follow him... and with them the funds....

Anonymous said...

Jun Junia, a former Cluster Head? How are/were leaders chosen in CFC? I thought they are suppose to show us...lead us...Christian living by example.Who chose Jun Junia? Pancho Lopez Tan chose him diba siya ang sector head. Nagkatampuhan daw sila, siguro sa partihan ng commission re bentahan ng lote. Lack of Pastoral Formation is the culprit, West C was the most affected by the splinter group. From the lighter side, God pruned CFC,lahat ng landscammers,corrupt gov't officials, and greedy sectors heads nasa kanila. Kaya di maka move on. Kawawa naman Gary Faustino,Ramon Arguelles,Jess Lumbang,Ted Navarro,Jack Borgoyn,Roland Nillas, Benjie Gadi and many others who persist in their blindness. God will ask all of them what have you done to the Handmaids in GK Himlayan, to the CFC members in Remarville? Frank's answer Lord they were veering away.

mike said...

off topic: short lang promise!

we just got back from the recently concluded SFC Ablaze Conference and wow, being blessed by the Holy Trinity the SFCs are now ready to set the world on fire!

I'd like to thank an FFL member who let the SFCs use his van to transport them to Subic.. salamat kapatid at naka attend ang mga SFCs...

Anonymous said...

"Jun Junia, a former Cluster Head? How are/were leaders chosen in CFC?"

He's probably one of those FAST-TRACKED to become a CFC leader in GK, one of the early pitfalls in implementing GK when leaders were chosen not for their growth in prayer, in pastoring households, and in obedience, but for their material and secular endowments and achievements Could he have been chosen leader because he could provide the cash DP for the proposed GK site? I wonder if this Brother is mission-ready to give any of our talks in CFC as cluster head...

WillyJ said...

(I feel sadness more than anger...)

From the SERVANT GENERAL, June 14, 2008:

"This way, we co-exist peacefully, and even keep the door open to eventual reconciliation and true unity"
"I extend my hand of peace to my brethren in CFC-GK."
"Let us praise and thank God for the wondrous deeds in our life and in our work".

- - -
Tell us now Frank, where is the peaceful co-existence, where is the hand of peace,
and where on earth are your wondrous deeds in our work?

Bishop Soc Villegas, as you quote on your website, says:

Pride and personal hurts should not matter anymore at this time and space, and it is never too late to right a wrong. All things come to pass with a reason, and I believe this Remarville issue
is a trial by fire - an ACID TEST to reveal what is TRUE and the RIGHT THING to do. Would one let it pass? Would one will oneself to FAIL before the eyes of God? Brethren, deep in our hearts we should know what to do, and there is nothing hidden before God.

"...in that they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness and their thoughts alternately accusing or else defending them, on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus." (Rom 2:15-16)

We are building the church of the poor, and it is the face of Jesus that must show.

Anonymous said...


the village should be called eviction village rather than restoration village.

Anonymous said...

Brother Jun Junia, Cluster Head:

Now you are beginning to feel the heat because FFL is dropping you like a hot potato (we may risk a wrong spelling here just like US VP Quayle if we append an "E" for 'echapuera' as one does an 'excreta', which in Tagalog is used to treat a person too condescendingly, the syllable e completing the spelling of the equivalent local term that is used to insult someone, as in: "Walang kuwenta!...ta__ ka talaga, kapatid!" – You are a good for nothing sh__t, brother!).

Brod, even if I wish you were punished severely for leadership failure in CFC, I know that vengeance cannot be mine at all.

I hope you understand very well, Brother Jun, the sentiment of an innocent that is beguiled. You see, from this distance outside of Luzon, we innocently thought that it is only the highest leader of CFC who could insult our sensibilities with peddling his kitchenware and all the dirt in the CFC sink - dirt from his 25 years of washing his leftovers, clothes and utensils, on which vermins thrived and fattened. I thought no other else would be so dumb to pretend to carry the anointment of the Holy Spirit as a CFC leader... until...here you come, Brother, a lawyer, they say, who took a joyride on the FFL train to dispense with the GK assets and squander opportunities for showing the love of Jesus there. Instead, you killed the hope of the poor brethren you've selected to punish for not toeing the FFL line.

For how could you act so casually as to threaten a build project in favor of a housing beneficiary by suggesting to the goons around to spill some blood if the CFC builders insisted on doing the “padugo” for house parts like a stairway so that house becomes livable? Or how can you pose as “overlord” of Remarville, just because in paper your were "volunteered" to be our Atty-in-fact as the seller only wanted to deal with one person (by the way, was this a convenient arrangement or was it premeditated for your mutual conveniences?) You even arrogantly suggested that you would determine who can and cannot live the convenience of a GK village life at Remarville!

Oh, Brother, I wonder what goes in the innermost chamber of your being... I know the Lord Jesus is there waiting to tell you that He knows how you suffer, that you can even turn Him around to see the wounds He has also suffered for you every time an insulting piece like this one comes out.

But then, as much as I want to offer love and understanding, Brother Jun I first demand rightness, righteousness, justness, and justice from you. And must I ask our Lord his forgiveness that I must hurt you first by this letter before I will begin to embrace you, despite everything? Because, on the other hand, I believe you CAN BE, MUST HAVE BEEN a prodigal brother.


Anonymous said...


I suppose, like the two Brother Joes, they also visit this blog every so often.

There's been a lot of carefully-writ presentations here about GK controversy at Remarville, the most lucid legal perspective and logical conclusions coming from Brother TE. In his latest entry, this kind Brother recommends:

"I would suggest to the GK board to implement strict measures to prevent these things from happening. In the places where it is happening already - at Remarville and apparently GK Gressar - the GK board should file for a cease and desist order. GK must live up to its contractual obligations to the donors. It must act as a responsible steward."

I assume our brethren in GK have been burrowing deeper down the surfaces that have been scratched by the “ploughshares” of those who made a fakery of GK. They are those in FFL that a commentator-brother refers to as those that God has pruned from CFC: "...landscammers, corrupt gov't officials, and greedy sector heads..." (pity of course the others that that brother express sympathies to - I don’t really know them, but I also lift their sanities and foresight to the Almight Lord: "Gary Faustino, Ramon Arguelles, Jess Lumbang, Ted Navarro, Jack Borgoyn, Roland Nillas, Benjie Gadi and many others who persist in their blindness."

It does pain to be publicly slighted for the failure of a once-trusted leader like Bro Jun Junia and to treat Remarville and another GK in Himlayan as if these were the whole of GK. I am aware of GK beneficiaries engaging in mutual self-help activities – in a distinctly authentic expression of “walang iwanan” dictum. That is why I also feel “iffy” suggesting a Board reaction on the developments here, even as I venture saying that many of us in the general membership of CFC will welcome any response from it.

However, it will not really matter if there were no responses because this blog already provides the venue for a problem to be shared, which is virtually solved even if it remains unrequited.

Lord, we lift to your Almighty Hand, our leaders in CFC and the GK.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, I read that Jun J advanced the funds to buy the land. Being his personal funds, he must be simply protecting his interest until he recovers them... with interest? I don't know. (sorry for the pun) Anyway, subsequent events created problems such as how will he recover if the beneficiaries are not members of the community he belongs to. If the village is FFL and he is CFC, he loses the inside track and similarly if the place is CFC and he is FFL, problema rin.

Now should the tatag house be completed, he can no longer coerced the beneficiary to vacate the property since it can no longer inconvenience the beneficiary. Remember, the house is free but the land has to be paid. And so, if he can resell the land at a handsome profit, he recovers the funds he advanced.

That is the reason there are guidelines for properties to be declared as GK Village. Should our interest be marred by personal matters, all the sacrifices that we do, the time we spend in the place, the calluses we get carrying heavy building materials will all go to naught for everything we did, we did for ourselves and not for our God and not even for our brethen.

Anonymous said...

Today last year, Mr. Padilla formally declared his split from CFC by his letter “The Way Forward 1”.

FP’s definition of the problem in the said letter does not reflect his vaunted Harvard background because he conveniently starts describing it from the time CFC-IC did not follow the recommendation of the Bishops. His exposure and skills in SAPADAPPA the Kepner-Tregoe way (I would know they had this in Harvard!) would have easily led the analysis to his personal ambition to retake power using the Bishops, which ambition was driven by pride and jealousy.

Well, it is good to look at issues more coldly. I invite his faithful followers to review the past events and write-ups related thereto for a better understanding of the present situation, including the one here now obtaining there in GK Remarville..

The other thing I saw that was “interesting” in that letter was Frank’s definition of a CFC that was a spiritual body doing pastoral work subject to the law of the Church and a corporate, legal body that is governed by SEC rules. He forces the dichotomy of these two kinds of bodies in the CFC structure, and, assuming that the disaggregation was concrete and tangible rather than a product of his imagination, he decided on a SPLIT or SEPARATION! Describing such mental exercise and consequent course of physical action as ABSURD AND CRAZY WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT. I wonder how it was that he got sympathizers from among the bishops!

I pose a public, open challenge to any Philippine Bishop, particularly those bishops who sympathized with and openly supported Mister Padilla’s proposal of two CFCs, one spiritual and the other legal, administered tangibly to do a common vision and mission. I ask them and PADER TULABING: SHOW US HOW AN EXISTING CHURCH-SPONSORED ORGANIZATION IN YOUR PARISH OR BISHOPRIC THAT IS BOTH FOLLOWING THE CHURCH STATUTES AND THE PHILIPPINE LAWS, CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY SPLIT, ONE TO FOLLOW THE CHURCH AND THE OTHER TO FOLLOW THE PHILIPPINE LAWS, AND STILL RETAIN YOUR SANITY!.

A cautious analysis of Mister Padilla’s crazy idea would have told his supporters and bishop-sympathizers that the spiritual CFC he proposed was actually his own person!

One year ago, today, it has been made clear (from Mister Padilla’s insistence of him being the CFC Founder and keeper of charism and his argument that by repossessing and reactivating a long-dead organizational name, he would have conferred the original nature of CFC on his group): MISTER PADILLA LED CFC FOLLOWERS TO EMBRACE THE CONCEPT OF A “SPIRITUAL MISTER PADILLA.” THEY HOPE TO CONTINUE CLINGING TO THE CFC NAME. BUT CLEARLY…


Anonymous said...


Teaser lang ito, ha?

I started the comments here (in Part I, that is) by vehemently objecting to crediting Mister Padilla, an antithesis of CFC, with having built a CFC Village.

But then, looking at it more closely, the title does not mention CFC at all!

A Brother Anonymous here suggests that the village be called "eviction village rather than restoration village."



The original title: "The Village that Frank Built"

Proposed re-title: "The 'Eviction Village' that Frank Built for 'CFC Restoration'"


Anonymous said...

I see that we are dealing here with 4 concurrent issues:

1. The resolution of the Remarville and GK Himlayan
2. What measures should be put in place to prevent the same thing from happening again.
3. The grievous affront to the Spirit perpetrated by JJunia and FFL
4. How should we treat the culprits?

Though they are interrelated, each is in a different plane and require a different set of responses.

Issue 1: This is a mainly a legal issue and its venue of resolution is either an honest dialogue between GK and the culprits or the civil court. I think an honest dialogue brokered by the Bishops would be preferable.

There are many legal issues that are touched here, including the legal concepts of possession, ownership, donations, contracts and contractual obligations. These are all within the purview of the Civil Code.

A contract is defined in Art. 1305 as follows: "A contract is a meeting of minds between two persons whereby one binds himself, with respect to the other, to give something or to render some service."

There is a contract between GK and the Donor, in which both parties have agreed (a meeting of minds) that the Donor commits to providing funds, and GK commits to rendering the necessary services, both for the benefit of the poor.

Art. 1315. states "Contracts are perfected by mere consent, and from that moment the parties are bound not only to the fulfillment of what has been expressly stipulated but also to all the consequences which, according to their nature, may be in keeping with good faith, usage and law." The nature of the contract between GK and the donor necessarily involves a third party - the beneficiary. Note that the contract can only be perfected once the beneficiary actually receives the house and lot.

Art. 736. "Guardians and trustees cannot donate the property entrusted to them." The funds given to GK by the donors are not for GK's benefit but are intended for the poor. The agreement is for GK to acquire the lots and build the houses by using these funds. GK's roles here as a trustee and steward are clearly implied. GK thus does not own the properties nor the money. Only when the contract or MOA with the donor specifically states that GK is the donee will GK own the money or the property. Otherwise GK acts as a trustee and steward. The donor thus retain ownership until the donation is perfected - Art. 734. "The donation is perfected from the moment the donor knows of the acceptance by the donee."

In this contract, GK represents the interests of the beneficiaries (donee) to the donors.

For every project there is also a de facto contract between GK and the beneficiaries, which is tied to the contract with the donor. This agreement (meeting of minds), includes specific responsibilities on both sides. GK commits to bringing the resources together to build the houses and the beneficiaries commit to certain stipulations. In Remarville, they committed to buying the lots. They also commit to the GK requirements of bayanihan, attending GK values formation programs, etc.

In this contract, GK represents the interests of the donors to the beneficiaries (donee).

FFL, by changing the sign at the entrance from "CFC International Village" to "CFC Restoration Village" has, de facto, declared possession of the village. This means that they have subrugated themselves into both contracts, replacing GK as the contractual party. FFL's action is tantamount to saying that they now have a contract with the donor and with the donee.

Art. 1317. "No one may contract in the name of another without being authorized by the latter, or unless he has by law a right to represent him.
A contract entered into in the name of another by one who has no authority or legal representation, or who has acted beyond his powers, shall be unenforceable, unless it is ratified, expressly or impliedly, by the person on whose behalf it has been executed, before it is revoked by the other contracting party."

Regarding the contracts between GK and the beneficiaries: Since again FFL does have any right to represent the donors, their "takeover" is illegal.

Regarding the contracts between GK and the donors (one for every contributing country): Because FFL does not have, by law, any right to represent the beneficiaries, their action to replace GK in the contract is also illegal.

And why doesn't FFL or JunJ have the right to represent the beneficiaries? Take a look at these!

Art. 1330. "A contract where consent is given through mistake, violence, intimidation, undue influence, or fraud is voidable."
Art. 1335. "There is violence when in order to wrest consent, serious or irresistible force is employed.
There is intimidation when one of the contracting parties is compelled by a reasonable and well-grounded fear of an imminent and grave evil upon his person or property, or upon the person or property of his spouse, descendants or ascendants, to give his consent."

Art. 1336. "Violence or intimidation shall annul the obligation, although it may have been employed by a third person who did not take part in the contract."

Art. 1337. "There is undue influence when a person takes improper advantage of his power over the will of another, depriving the latter of a reasonable freedom of choice. The following circumstances shall be considered: the confidential, family, spiritual and other relations between the parties, or the fact that the person alleged to have been unduly influenced was suffering from mental weakness, or was ignorant or in financial distress."

Art. 1338. "There is fraud when, through insidious words or machinations of one of the contracting parties, the other is induced to enter into a contract which, without them, he would not have agreed to."

Art. 1339. "Failure to disclose facts, when there is a duty to reveal them, as when the parties are bound by confidential relations, constitutes fraud."

JunJ may say he got the signatures but, how did he get them? The Salaysay clearly described how he got the signatures, how intimidation was used, how undue influence was brought to bear. Note that Article 1337 considers the spiritual and financial distress aspects in defining undue influence.

Whatever JunJ got from the beneficiaries it is null and void. There is no contract between him and the beneficiaries and he therefore does not have any right to represent them vis-a-vis the donors.

Here's the scary part for JunJ and FFL: Art. 1314. "Any third person who induces another to violate his contract shall be liable for damages to the other contracting party."

JunJ and FFL are forcing the beneficiaries to become FFL members, which will force them to violate their contracts with GK. Interestingly, it is GK who can sue them for damages.

There are still other legal ramifications on this touching on ownership and possession. But this is getting to be too long now. For those who are interested take a look at articles 712, 1134, 526, 531, 532, 536, 537, 555 of the Civil Code.

Issue 2: This is rightfully addressed to the GK Board. Everything in GK's governance must be above board. The same standards pertaining to a business corporation must be adhered to. Accounting must be impeccable. Every cent donated must be accounted for, every source and usage of funds must be traceable. In fact, because GK "does its business" through projects, I would go so far as to suggest implementing project audits. Stringent due diligence should be conducted before signing any deals, i.e. partnerships, land acquisitions, etc. Contracts and MOAs should pass stringent legal requirements before being signed. Reporting must be faultless. Accountabilities must be clear and enforced. GK must be clean and must be faultless in its dealings. It must be a paragon of integrity.

Issue 3: CFC has been blessed by the Spirit with a strong charism to tend to the poor. GK is CFC's response. GK is the vehicle through which CFC practices this charism. Everything that GK does for the poor should be for the glory of God. A GK project, by extension, is an endeavour inspired by the Spirit for the glory of God. We should treat this with all the seriousness and sacredness we can muster. In this context, taking advantage of a GK project is a grievous affront to the Holy Spirit who trusted us to fulfill his work on earth. Bro JunJ, this is what you have done. Mag-ingat ka kapatid. Issuing threats to the workers is not consistent with the Spirit and comes close to speaking against the Spirit. Mt 12:32 "Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come."

Issue 4: Though the culprits have perpetrated injustices, their actions do not make them any less a brother. While we seek justice, it must be tempered with mercy and compassion. I ask the GK leaders to invite JunJ to an honest dialogue. Both parties must seek a resolution to this conflict not in the spirit of seeking blame but to address the concerns of the beneficiaries. Bro. JunJ, this village, regardless of the name, is FOR the beneficiaries. They are the rightful recipients of the donations. Any other consideration, including your personal ones or FAP's, cannot be as important as that. Bro, you, more than anyone else, have the power to resolve this. I appeal to you. Ituwid mo ito, kapatid.


Anonymous said...

Hi IDOTCFC Bloggers... May I suggest something. Why don't we have an eyeball at the Remarville GK-FFL International Village (hehehehe). Lets have a build there. I'm from Bulacan and I'm willing to go there just to show my support to beneficiaries who stayed with CFC like Kirby Llaban an his family.

Let's have a GK-Restoration Village visit... (magulo ba?)


Anonymous said...

I have seen dozens of pictures of settlers barricading & defending their homes from DEMOLITION SQUADS... but never in my mind did I expect that I will ever see a picture of settlers barricading their unfinished homes from GK BUILD TEAMS.

[ a CFC in Anaheim, Cal ]

Anonymous said...



I trust the Lord God will continue to bless TE with GOOD HEALTH, KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM so he will be able to share them here and provide clarity and direction on our discussions for the benefit of all concerned, for GOD's greater glory and honor.

I just finished reading his latest write-up here. I have no words to say anymore in connection with it, except to give praise, praises, and more praises to God for the talent He endowed on this kind brother! God is Good! Thank you, Lord for the freedom this early morning!!!

galo said...

for me the chains symblolizes their attitudes towards other!pano kayo nakakatulog sa ginagawa nyo,to all ffl leaders pastoral nyo nga mga members nyo na involve dito,sa aming mga cfc na medyo may kaya, kaya pa namin tiisin mga ginagawa nyo,pero itong ginagawa nyo sa mahihirap nakakainis na!san nyo patutulugin tong mga inalis nyo?sa bangketa?!ama din kayo,may mga anak din kayo!pag pinaalis nyo mga yan parang pinatigil nyo na din sa pag aaral mga anak nyan!kung kaya nyo agawin cfc name sa SEC wag nyo naman agawan ng kinabukasan ang mga mahihirap!im a gk worker and i encounter much worst kapitbahayan na nalabag sa structural standard.but we cannot afford na palayasin sila!its so easy for you na gawin yan sa mga mahihirap kasi you have siguro a comfortable life!sana lang before you do such an act like this (eviction)remember the justice that awaits you in heaven!

Psalm 1915 said...

Just a suggestion, bring this up with the parish. I think the stand of CFC should not be "this is CFC v FFL", rather it should be this is about human decency, social justice and moral right and wrong. We can't keep using the CFC v FFL stand for long, it only makes us look like we are stooping down to the level of some of the leaders of FFL. I say some because I know FFL members who look at the separation not as a "Frank Padilla wanting power" issue, but look at it as "this is where the Lord calls me to serve" and I respect that. Are there issues that need to be ironed out? yes, there are! but CFC also needs to understand that we are NOT TOTALLY blameless in this whole mess. We also made mistakes and errors in judgement and at one time or another we too acted based on our emotions rather than calling on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

That last statement I know will be challenged by CFC members, and its okay with me if they do, I respect each and every member's discernment process and disagreements...from Tito Joe Tale's down to the newest dedicant into the CFC community. My hope and prayer is that all of us will recognize our ability to be able to hold on to our individuality and still be able to live with and work with our brethren regardless of group affiliation, FFL, BLD, LP, Opus Dei etc. After all, we are one body in Christ, gifted with charisms of the Holy Spirit...when we start living out our charisms and are secure in our calling, these secular irritations won't matter and won't faze us...we will have peace in our lives and only then will peace reign in the hearts of God's people.

Anonymous said...


The situation in GK Remarville is another reminder for all of us of our theme: “Love One Another as I have loved you.”

Pope Benedict XVI in Part II of Deus Caritas Est explained how we as Christians should practice “organized charity”.

x x x x x x

“b) Christian charitable activity must be independent of parties and ideologies. It is not a means of changing the world ideologically, and it is not at the service of worldly stratagems, but it is a way of making present here and now the love which man always needs. …… One does not make the world more human by refusing to act humanely here and now. We contribute to a better world only by personally doing good now, with full commitment and wherever we have the opportunity, independently of partisan strategies and programmes. The Christian's programme —the programme of the Good Samaritan, the programme of Jesus—is “a heart which sees”. This heart sees where love is needed and acts accordingly. …

c) Charity, furthermore, cannot be used as a means of engaging in what is nowadays considered proselytism. Love is free; it is not practised as a way of achieving other ends.[30] …… Those who practise charity in the Church's name will never seek to impose the Church's faith upon others. They realize that a pure and generous love is the best witness to the God in whom we believe and by whom we are driven to love. A Christian knows when it is time to speak of God and when it is better to say nothing and to let love alone speak. He knows that God is love (cf. 1 Jn 4:8) and that God's presence is felt at the very time when the only thing we do is to love. He knows—to return to the questions raised earlier—that disdain for love is disdain for God and man alike; it is an attempt to do without God. Consequently, the best defence of God and man consists precisely in love. It is the responsibility of the Church's charitable organizations to reinforce this awareness in their members, so that by their activity—as well as their words, their silence, their example—they may be credible witnesses to Christ.”

If indeed, FFL discriminates or worse, is making FFL membership a precondition to be a restoration village beneficiary, where is the love in that? Where is the adherence to the papal teachings in that?


Anonymous said...

Analyzing everything from the beginning of the split up in CFC up to now, we can clearly see that all these problems is a fight for leadership. Everyone wants to be a top leader for control of the community.

My suggestion is why not replace all the top leaders both in CFC and FFL including all the top leaders in GK who cannot seem to agree on anything because of their strained relationships. They were the ones who started all this and up to now these same leaders continue to fight. It is very clear that the leaders of FFL have a vendetta against the leaders of CFC and GK, and as long as these same people remain, there will be no unity.

We, the members were forced to chose sides and as a consequence, have been drawn into this fight whether we like it or not, making us liable as well for the sins of our leaders. What happened to passing on the torch.

So many teachings have been given about passing on the torch to the next generation of leaders. Most of the members of the council now have been serving for more than 20 years as leaders of CFC and they were the ones giving those talks to us but still up to this point they haven't passed on their torches including Frank Padilla and his group and worst of all they have divided CFC. I praise all those leaders who have passed on their torches to the next generation and still remain serving in their own capacity

CFC and GK, as we know, are Gods gifts to us, and God is the supreme leader of us all. Whether these leaders are there or not, or you and me are there or not, Gods work will continue. It does not matter who the leaders are because their strength comes from God. A replacement of all our leaders is required at this point, and will be a sacrifice on the part of the leadership today, to show complete humility to God, and have faith and hope that unity will be achieved by those who will take over.

As someone said in this blog no one is indispensible. If the leadership today are not willing to step down for the sake of unity then their true colors will show. I know the present CFC IC has tried everything in their means to solve this situation, and have done so much for the good of the community, but it still falls short. The Bishops have tried to reconcile us, but to no avail, because none of the leaders want to give in and thus also divided the Bishops. This is basically a personal conflict among the leaders because of their strained relationships with one another. If they cannot repair their relationships with one another then all of them have lost their right to lead or govern the community in the EYES OF GOD.

I believe its time for the next generation of servant leaders. Leaders who have not been tainted by this controversy. Leaders more humble, patient and understanding and most of all, leaders who are guided by the Holy Spirit. Leaders who will put God first before anything else and them last. The life of our community emanates the glory of God through our leaders.


Anonymous said...

BTW, tignan din ninyo yong GK Grezar that used to be funded by Ancop Cananda. All the CT joined FFL and they brought with them all the benficiaries who were mostly members of CFC. They continue with the project complete with all the programs. They even had the guts to ask that Ancop Cananda continue to fund the same.

Ganoon din yong GK Himlayan. They insisted to get the GK site and even requested the Sector Head of West C to give to them the funds solicited for GK Himlayan by Atty Liban from one of his friends to be turned over to FFL. I do not know whether the amount have been given to them. Yong other proposal by them is to have the said amount of Php 300K offset vs the claims of the HOLD.


Anonymous said...

In fairness to Pancho Lopez Tan, wala siyang kamalay malay diyan sa kaperahan diyan sa Remarville. Possibleng may kumikita o kumita diyan pero I doubt if Pancho is one of them.

Take note that at one point in time in 2006, he was at odds with Jun Junia regarding the following:
1. In Feb 2006, in a meeting with the CT of Remarville at the residence of Pancho, Junia and the rest of the CT felt insulted when Pancho questioned the professional qualifications of the CT specially the Tatag PM. Sabi ni Pancho at that time “Engineer ka ba? Anong qualification mo? Pag may bisita kaya mo bang humarap?“ The poor man could not say anything for he was just a lowly construction foreman. Nagtampo tuloy si Junia and the team because of this incident. Inamoamo ng iba para again bumalik.
2. Construction procedure- Pancho insisted that construction of houses should be by cluster of 4 units to be able to show some progress and to have completed units for turn over to beneficiaries. What Junia did was to start laying the foundation of all the houses for the entire village which resulted to a significant cash outlay without any houses for turn over to beneficiaries. Mga Php2.5MM na ang nagastos wala pa ring na turnover at that time kaya nagalit si Pancho kay Junia.
3. Walang Sibol School ang site dahil wala namang residents pa but the wife of SG talked to the Lopezes of Meralco that a school be sponsored by them. So nag punta ang Meralco engineers at tinignan ang lugar at gumawa ng plano without coordinating with Junia and the supposed rag tag CT. Gusto ng Meralco sa ibaba ang school at sa second floor ang social hall. Hindi pumayag ang Junia at nag away sila ni Pancho.
4. Bandang huli, because of a lot of disagreements between the 2, Junia resigned as Cluster Head of West C Cluster C together with the PD. They resigned but refused to turn over their accountabilities, documents etc., probably to make the life of the successors difficult. Further, inspite of the resignation, Junia did not divorced himself from the GK Project as he continued to wield power because of the clause in a contract that he is the “Originator” and as such has the power to delist a beneficiary for any reason and to select a replacement.

Para sa mga nagtatanong kung na fast track si Junia as Cluster Head, background lang:
1. When he was a unit head at San Isidro Labrador in the late 90’s, he felt by passed because he did not become a Chapter Head in his own parish so nagtampo at nagpalipat sa chapter sa San Lorenzo Parish.
2. Noong naging Sector Head si Pancho, ginawa niyang Chapter Head si Junia sa bandang Novaliches at in the end ginawa din ni Pancho as Cluster Head and that was when the trouble started.
3. Madami siyang sinimulang GK but purely housing walang ibang program components.
4. Sikat ang cluster nila sa entire community because they were harvesting 200 to 300 couples per CLP because they promised the participants houses. Yong mga graduates hindi na maintain because they could not fulfill their promises and they fast tract household heads and unit heads who were not ready to take on responsibilities.

Yong ibang kuwento saka na lang.

Isa pang GK Worker

Anonymous said...

“Just a suggestion, bring this up with the parish. I think the stand of CFC should not be "this is CFC v FFL", rather it should be this is about human decency, social justice and moral right and wrong. We can't keep using the CFC v FFL stand for long. - Psalm 1915, July 31, 2008 10:20 AM


The case needn’t have to reach this far, if FFL did not create any “crazy” idea like they are following a “spiritual” path which was opposed to the “legal path” those in CFC-IC are doing, and then forced everyone concerned to make a choice! Certainly there was no space for such arrogance in CFC...

Indeed, confining CFC brethren to such "spiritual" and "legal" straitjackets is an abnormal, foolish, and irrational act! Friend, by embracing the work of GK and taking illegal possession of GK projects, even as they have condemned it through FP, their servant general, the FFL have brought the issues wildly far enough to be simplified as some “fraternal” problem needing the spiritual advice of a priest.

TE puts it more succinctly:

Mga kapatid the issue here involves ownership of material things, money and the contractual obligations of GK to the donor. These must be clearly settled otherwise GK's reputation as a trustworthy partner in nation-building will suffer…GK must live up to its contractual obligations to the donors. It must act as a responsible steward.

But let’s not leave the mater of “morality” just yet.

I agree that what is happening now at Remarville cannot be simplified as CFC and FFL in opposing camps.

Certainly in a larger sense, it is about social justice and morality. However, I wish these were chopped to smaller pieces right now. May I therefore reiterate: that this is about money, the donor, the donee, and the steward; this is about trustworthiness, accountability, and responsible stewardship.

May I also warn Frank Padilla and FFL from ever invoking again any DISOBEDIENCE to unsolicited opinions from any priest or bishop about their illegal possession or stealing of GK projects.

Salamat po.

Anonymous said...

totoo yun brod they harvesting 200-300 couples per clp dahil sa pangako nila na magkaroon ng bahay ang lahat na gagraduate, sad to said brod until now, they do it again the same strategy in order to attract participants from their cls(christian life seminar) some ffl members revealed it with us kaya daw nakakuha sila ng maraming participants kasi daw pabahay pa rin daw ang inaalok at magugulat ka brod galing sa ibang lugar halos ang participants...may fairview, pasig & laguna yata yun...cluster pala ito ni Brod.Boy Balgomera, ka buddy ni Jun Junia...masaya na naman yan si Brod. Frank kasi marami participants pero hindi nya alam kong ano ang pinaggagaw ng mga leaders nya...hay naku!!!Hanggang kailan kaya tatagal ang mga iyon? pag nalaman nila na imposible pa sila magkabahay...

Anonymous said...

Clearly J Junia made a livelihood out of GK Remarville. My freinds in NHA gave me a bad feedback on Junia but did not give the details. I proudly mentioned Junia as a CFC member in our office get together about 5 years ago ,one of them remarked that walang hiya yan taong yan, I was disappointed because of said feedback. I did not believe that former NHA manger.I did not know that this guy Junia will come back to haunt us. What is clear is that here GK was abused. The intention is to give houses to CFC members using GK funds. The lots were paid through amortization but the houses were free. Jun Junia got the comission for the 12 million lot price. I hope I am wrong but I suspect one or two of those benefeciaries are dummies of Junia. This is a practice common in NHA housing projects the benefeciaries are the employees of NHA themselves. The GK Comittee should investigate GK Remarville. The use of goons,police,city officials is a usual practice in NHA in the implementation of there projects. Clearly the way of God to qualify the called,rather than call the qualified is indeed divine wisdom. Jun Junia has very high credentials for being qualified to commit corruption,he is well versed with the manueverings in NHA. GK sites manage by unqualified but loving CFC members have been successful. Junia should allow GK Remarville to be completed, he should not use his position in Remarville to interfere with a conscience issue such as where to join CFC or FFL. FFL leaders here is an opportunity to do God's will and redeem yourselves. Gary, Ted, Jess, Roland,Jack,Benjie, Oca, the ball is in your court.Di kasama si Frank and Pancho sa list kasi di naman nila ako kaibigan eh,matayug ang lipad nila di ko ma reach.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said 'My suggestion is why not replace all the top leaders both in CFC and FFL including all the top leaders in GK who cannot seem to agree ...'. I can only sense that you are still stuck in the middle. If you can read back and review all the contents here, we at CFC will have another election soon. There will be another set of officers while in FFL they have their 'Servant General' aka 'prophet of the time' forever.


Anonymous said...

I really feel bad about saying this and I hope God will forgive me.

Somehow inside me, I am relieved that these shady leaders are no longer with us.

And I feel at ease that those who choose to remain silent and don't have yet the courage to stand up for the truth and justice are no longer with us.

Anonymous said...

Lessons from Process and Change Management...

To the brother who suggested changing all the leaders for younger ones.

One aspect of the time element associated with changes to processes and organizations is that there are changes that start as interrelated but after a period of time become independent of each other. At that point, the changes become irreversible.

This is one of those. The leadership and the problems started out interrelated but it has gone so far that they are now independent of each other. Changing the whole leadership will not make the problems we now have go away.

While changing the whole leadership may have a certain charm to it - as in signaling a new beginning, a "going back to basics" kind of process or a "true
restoration" - I believe the time elapsed has been too long for this to be effective. Sides have polarized, both organizations have changed and continue to evolve and issues have migrated to the legal plane. These have made the changes
irreversible. Restoration implies reversing all that has happened. This is, I'm afraid, not possible anymore.

As one would-be philosopher said: Murphy's law is recursive and it doesn't work in reverse. Washing your car to make it rain does not work.

I think it's better to ask how it was possible for such leaders to behave the way they did. The root cause may not be the person but that person's spiritual maturity and his capability and willingness to put it into practice.

So here are a couple of ideas that, I believe, may work:

1. An honest assessment of our, as Tito Joe calls it, State of the Mission, at the grassroots level. I do not mean the 160-countries-almost-a-million-members state of the mission. The state of the mission that is more important is the "how far are the members in walking the talk" kind. Sort of like asking the question: "on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, where would we all be, all 800,000 of us, in walking the talk?"

Over 25 years ago, one of the competitive advantages that McKinsey & Co generated for itself came from a thorough assessment of its business. They concluded that, fundamentally, at the grassroots level, as management consultants they dealt largely with information, knowledge and continuous learning. They started a knowledge management program way before any competitor. Almost overnight each McKinsey consultant had access to knowledge gained by other colleagues in other projects. Until today, this is one of the reasons why McKinsey is a leader in their business. (see Harvard Business School case study 9-396-357)

We need to do something similar. The pastoral congress was a very good start. Not only in terms of the leadership knowing what we thought but in terms of building communication links between leadership and members. We must find innovative ways to continually enhance the learning of each member. Too often, binibitawan natin ang ating mga kapatid once naka-attend na sila ng formation talks. Minsan meron tayong attitude na "we will feed you the talks but you have to be responsible for developing your own spiritual maturity."

Across the board we all have differing levels of spiritual maturity, which, to me begs the question: "what are we doing to guide the others?" Those who have reached a higher spiritual maturity should pass on their knowledge to others.

This is happenning to a degree - new talks, in sharings, assemblies and conferences. But too often these are delivered in an "if-God-can-bless-me-this-way-He-can-do-it-to-you-too" approach. What I was thinking of was more of the "how- I-did-it" approach - a sharing of methods, how-tos and attitudes.

Walking the talk is a multifaceted challenge. We have to achieve some mastery of all of them before we can claim to do it. You can't walk the talk during CLPs, household meetings and assemblies and then go and oppress your kapatid dahil lang ayaw niyang sumama sa FFL. Walking the talk cuts across all our modes and forms of behaviour, attitudes and thinking processes.

We need to assess the ways we pass on the knowledge of how to walk the talk. We expand and repeat those that work and throw away those that don't. We also need to continuously innovate new ways to do this. For those on a "higher" plane it is a mentoring challenge. To all others this is a learning challenge. Some of us are senseis and shifus while many of us are still grasshoppers.

Mga kapatid, walking the talk is about mastery, no less. When the Lord said "follow me", I believe he did not only mean "walk behind me". I believe he also meant "think the way I do", "speak the way I do", "love the way I do"... Walking the talk is to think Jesus' thoughts, see what Jesus saw (in others and in the world), love the way He loved and do what Jesus did. That last part is especially exciting for me. To do what He did. His promise is incredible "he who believes in me, the works I do he will do, and greater works than these he will do..." (John 14:12) Can you imagine doing greater works? That one blows my mind.

Mastery requires training because practice makes perfect. The masters among us must not leave us groping around trying to find our own way. They can guide us, pass on to us their knowledge. Best of all, they can pass on to us how they did it, their methods, their attitudes, the processes they used in learning.

In Gawad Kalinga this is easily appreciated. Lessons learned from builds - in project management, construction techniques, CDP and KB for example - can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of subsequent builds. How good are we in doing this? The list of issues in Remarville published here implies that we may not be that good. Or is Remarville an exception? Or was it just Murphy's law letting one slip throught the cracks?

2. Live out the CFC Corporate culture and identity. Why do people stash their money in Switzerland? It's not because of the banking. You can do banking in any city in the world. It's because the Swiss have a culture and identity of being trustworthy and discrete. It's about secrecy. In the 70's when Kodak saw their market share start to slip, they re-invented themselves. Almost overnight it wasn't about Instamatic cameras and cartridge films anymore, it was suddenly about capturing memories. Even Hallmark Cards jumped in, reminding people that "no one throws away memories". By defining their culture and identity, they continued on their roads to success.

I have heard former CFC leaders tell members that CFC culture allows them to sing only the songs in the Glory books, even outside of household meetings. I said former because, thank God, they went to FFL. And that CFC Culture dictates that households have to be led by a couple and that leaders should exercise brotherly correction but only downwards because leaders, being anointed, should not be questioned. Sound familiar? I am not talking about that culture.

The culture and identity I am talking about is the real charism-driven, Spirit-centered CFC culture that continually asks "what would love do now?" Much
like YFC's wearing WWJD bracelets (What Would Jesus Do). I am talking about a culture that defines our identity as Catholics who first see Christ in the other before anything else. I refer to a culture that pushes us to give our best to the Lord in everything we do. We have often been told to share our Time, Talent and Treasure. It is not so much the quantity but the quality that matters. I can share my talents with you every day of the week but if I don't give you the best performance I can give, it still may not give results. What I am talking about is the real CFC Culture and Identity that causes us to think twice or thrice before we decide to fail in walking the talk.

In GK, this, again, becomes almost obvious. TM tells everyone to be excellent always. I couldn't agree more. No one wants to build a house that will last only for a few months. I had a client once, a personnel manager, who said that he is really good in differentiating between an applicant with 10 years' experience from another with 1 year's experience repeated 10 times. Quality counts. Fast Tracking people is not it. Paying lip service to talks and even Catholic teaching is not it.

The real CFC culture and identity is one that results from a sincere personal transformation caused by love, an internal realization and acceptance of Christ's redemption, an outpouring of love for another because of a deeply felt clear awakening to the fact that God does love us. It is a culture that forgives easily yet does not deny the other the benefit of brotherly correction. It is a culture of true humility, a culture of hope, faith and love. It is a culture that suffers much and endures much but it also rejoices in God's triumph. It is a culture of joy, greeting each day in gladness like David who said "this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." It is a culture of strength, not weakness, of abundance not lack, of healing not sickness, of community not division, and of peace not strife. It is a culture of justice and mercy, a culture of obedience to the Spirit, a culture that places Jesus way above any other consideration we can think of. Our culture and identity gives primacy to God. It is a culture and identity wherein we can do nothing but walk the talk. It is a culture of mastery.

3. Monitor Results, they indicate success. Walking the talk is a process and a result. It is a way of life that results in itself. The more you practice it, the better you become at it and the more you have of it. Walking the talk is a process of daily transformation of love. By practicing the Love inside us, we become love. By practicing the wisdom that God gave us, we transform ourselves and others as well. We become more of who we really are.

We all grew up taught that we were created in the image of God. Well, God is love. So we are all images of love. That, mga kapatid, is our essence. That is our true self. An apple tree cannot bear oranges. It can only bear apples. It can only bring forth more of itself. As God is love and we are his children, we must be made of the stuff called love. In essence, we are love, each of us.

That is why we feel bad every time we do non-loving things - because they violate who we are. Every time we do something not of love, we reap guilt and require forgiveness. In many cases we insist on doing it, dahil we think that what we gained more than compensates for the guilt we feel. Yet, deep down, we know that whatever we gained does not change the fact that we did something against love and therefore against our own selves and against the whole Sonship.

Walking the talk is allowing this love to overflow in whichever direction it wants to. That is why when we do something for a friend, we always try to do it the best way we can. Nothing is too good for our friends. This is GK in action.

GK is love in each of the workers overflowing.

Everytime love overflows, it produces results across many levels. Observe GK and you will see that in each GK worker the outpouring of love produces a spiritual joy that overwhelms his/her heart. A joy so deep that it washes away the weariness of the body (sa kakapintura't pagbubuhat ng hollow blocks). Look at the beneficiaries and see hope, joy, openness, love. On the material level you can see the results as well - beautiful villages ablaze in color, schools and clinics and playgrounds. The results are visible and felt in other levels as well - in human relations, in community relations, even criminality suffers a drought and peace reigns where war used to wage.

Virtue is its own reward. Practicing love gives you more of it. Walking the talk is practicing love. GK is one way to walk the talk. In CFC, this is our daily
life. This is the mastery we seek.

And believe it or not, we will get results in many levels - from the spiritual to the material. Walking the talk is God's will being done on earth as it is in heaven. Walking the talk is seeking the kingdom...the results come when "all the rest are added".

So look to the results mga kapatid. If they are not coming, that tells us we have to correct. By our fruits we shall be known...

As CFC, the results we leave should be like...leaving people just that bit more peaceful, more tolerant, more loving and joyful each time we interact with them. People should feel inspired by us. People should feel uplifted and built up. People should feel gratefulness to God - as in people saying "thank God I met that CFC member" instead of saying "ang gulo nyo..." I'm sure you all know what the rest of this paragraph should be.

God bless everyone,

- TE

C.D. said...


Kapatid, I'm saving that one for posterity. I hope you are doing CLP's and talks where you are because you have the ability to make the complicated easy to understand for the rest of us.

I did not want to comment on our anonymous brother's call for a complete change of leadership because I knew you all knew better than that. I believe it would be a mistake to switch leaders now, especially since changes are being made to better the organization. They have to see these changes through, to lead by example, and to show us the results. I don't believe they're trying to hold on to positions (unlike others) for the power, but with the love to see CFC through its darkest moments. I do firmly believe that when the time comes, they will gladly give up the mantle to the next generation of leaders. It would further complicate matters for them to do it now, when we're in the middle of changes and reforms that need the guidance of those who instituted them.

I believe there was a comment made here that said (in essence) that one of the traits of great leadership is the breeding and fostering of even better replacements. It is done not with an eye for enduring rule, but for the greater good of the community. I see that now, and I didn't before.

Thank you again TE, I'll be saving your comment for downloads in our Archived Documents section.


Deo Volente said...

To anonymous who called for the resignation of all CFC, GK, FFL leaders:

I know you have a good intention in your heart for the improvement of CFC. You made your proposal in good faith and so I respect your opinion. Personally though, I don't think resignations will solve our problems.

In an argument or conflict between 2 parties, there are many possibilities with regards to who is at fault. At this point, even though some of us may have a general idea as to who are the worst offenders and who are mostly innocent, we still really don't know the whole truth because only our God knows that. We can only get an idea of our leaders' characters by their actions and words. For example: So far, I have personally been satisfied with how the International Council handled this crisis to the best of their very limited human capabilities. I can't tell you that they are blameless but I have not found any reason to believe that I should blame them. They have my full support, respect and prayers.

I am not in favor of the idea that all the top leaders should be disqualified from further top level service by virtue of their involvement or their term coinciding with the crisis. (I do welcome the news that the recent Pastoral Congress made some progress regarding "passing the torch" by limiting the number of years that a leader can serve in a position).

My personal opinion on the matter is that we should follow our CFC statutes which are Vatican approved, specially on how the top leaders are selected or elected or removed. This is very important to me as this is the thing that will give indisputable legitimacy to their mandate (or removal from position) from the legal and spiritual perspective.

We have to do things according to our Statutes (most specially at times when there are very serious internal conflicts). Otherwise, there will be lawlessness which can further invite corrupt leaders taking advantage of the power vacuum. So, my recommendation would be to wait for the next election. These elections are what gives our Elders Assembly the power to discern who our rightful leaders should be. Some people would even say that the voice of the people is the voice of God. I feel a special connection with the Elders Assembly in that I believe they are my representative to election process. So when they vote, they are voting on behalf of everyone in our area. They are voting with the prayers and interest and concerns of everyone they serve.

In addition to that, we also need to trust in the Lord's corrective power. I truly believe that no matter how one bad leader clings to power, he will be powerless against the Lord's divine plan for His community. So there's no need for us to enforce our will on others.

It's possible that your plea will reach some leaders and that they might resign (so there's still some value to your proposal even as I disagree with it). But if they don't resign, maybe God really wants them to serve. If God doesn't want them to lead, in His time, the leaders will be removed. We really can't know for certain what is in the hearts and mind of people. Giving service and continuing to be anointed is between man and his God. There's not much we can do but TRUST, have FAITH and LOVE.


Deo Volente said...

God bless you TE. That was so beautiful, I thank the Lord for you.

I hope you won't mind if I forward this to my brethrens in our area.

2k2k said...


Very Good Morning jud ko karon after reading all you have written!

I saved it for future referrence! he he ..and for my wife too..ha ha ..himasahon man gud pod ning ako asawa! Moangay mobasa basta maka mao ang writer!

God bless us you! God bless CFC! God bless GK! God bless us all!


Anonymous said...

Lessons from the Master Manager...on the question of leadership quality

My Thermodynamics professor in my university days once had occasion to discuss the characteristics of a good project manager. It turned out that the attributes he discussed applied also to other managers, not just to those responsible for projects.

He said that, as a manager, you have to be able to do 7 things very well.

1. Select people
2. Train them and monitor how much they learned
3. Motivate them
4. Communicate clear objectives
5. Give clear responsibilities
6. Give adequate authority
7. Provide adequate management support

Then he told us a story. This guy was a mechanical engineer but he had us spellbound for almost an hour. I obviously can't tell the story as irreverently well as he did, so here's a summary...

2,000 years ago there was this guy who had a mission to save a whole bunch of people. The people had an idea what His mission was but none of them understood what it really was. This guy, this Master Manager, knew that solutions spoonfed to people never last. He also knew that when people do not place value on something, they never take it seriously.

So he decided to do two things: (a) involve the people in delivering the solution and (b) provide the solution (save the people) but do it in such a way that people have to say "yes" to it and they really have to work to understand it. The former made the people part of the solution, so no spoonfeeding, while the latter made sure that people invest time and effort and thus, value, in the solution.

So the first thing he did was to select a few assistants. They had to come from the populace, the common people. So he got a couple of fishermen and some others, one was even a tax collector, 12 in all. He then proceeded to train them.

Training by nature results in a person having skills that he did not have at the beginning. The training took all of 3 years. The training was "hands-on". The 12 trainees watched, listened and observed as the Master exposed them to concepts they never encountered before.

Some of the concepts seemed easy, like the poor in spirit being blessed and such. Other concepts were more challenging and harder to understand, like a prophet being not welcomed in his own place. Some were really powerful but again hard to grasp, like faith as small as a mustard seed being able to move mountains and empower you to walk on water. Still some others were reassuring and comforting, like the idea that the Father feeds the birds who don't even work and how much more will He care for people who are worth more than birds.

Once in a while, He'd give them a test, maybe to find out if they were really listening to the lectures. Once He'd suddenly asked them "Who do you say that I am?" That wasn't a trick question. Maybe He wanted to find out which one had gone far enough along that he could receive the Father's messages. One of the 12 came out with the right answer and the Master Manager told him that his answer did not come from him but from the Father. So, at least, that one had developed enough spiritual maturity to be able to get the Father's messages.

He also started to give them assignments and responsibilities. The Master of course knew that He had to trust them with little things first before they can be trusted with bigger ones. So one became their treasurer and carried their money. One became in charge of looking for a place to sleep whenever they came into a town. One, a big guy, always carried a sword and probably provided security.

While they were learning concepts, the Master "packaged" the learnings in such a way as to motivate them as well. He showed them some really amazing things to motivate them to raise their sights to the possibilities of higher, divine powers. It takes the same amount of energy to have a big dream as a small one, right? So aim for the big one. Blind people, lepers and other sick people were healed. Even the dead came back to life. If I saw such things with my own eyes I'd be motivated to faith just as fast as my mind could grasp it.

Later in the training period, he gave them apprenticeship practice, sending them out with 72 assistants to tell people that the kingdom is here. He also told them to bring nothing, not even money. And he empowered them. They could heal the sick and cast out demons. When they came back, he asked them if they lacked for things even though they brought nothing with them. They said no, whatever they needed was always provided. It was like a student pilot doing his first solo flight.

He trained them on how to behave with each other: "Love one another as I have loved you." And He never asked them to do anything He Himself was not willing to do.

Finally the training was over and it was time for the Master to leave. He had given the solution to those that remain of the 12. It was now up to them to bring it to the people. People have to say yes to it so they have to be convinced and converted.

The Master now gave them a clear Statement of Objectives. A mission and a vision. He told them to "Go to all nations and proclaim the Good News". Talk about stretch goals! In one sentence He told them what their mission and vision, their roles and responsibilities are. And it had a global coverage!

He had, of course, already given then adequate authority: "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

Adequate management support was also given: "Behold I shall be with you until the end of time." Consistent management guidance was given as well in the form of the Helper, the Holy Spirit.

If they needed something, they didn't have to fill up requisition forms. All they had to do was ask and it shall be given them.

It's a different perspective on the whole story, of course, and is slightly irreverent and may be a bit simplistic. But I can tell you that ever since I heard that story, I never had questions anymore on what makes a good manager.

Do you?

God bless,

- TE

ah-men said...

The village that Frank built-

An honest assessment-
There is chaos there is oppression.
There is anxiety and uncertainty. There is fear and paranoia.
There is greed and injustice.

In this village that frank built there is no compassion, nowhere can we find a trace of the cfc culture. There is no spirit of brotherhood, absent from their midst is the CFC trait of camaraderie, and caring.

Where it should have been brothers and sisters living as a people of God, today we read the opposite is happening. Somehow it is also a reflection of its 'builder'. apples don't grow oranges, yes.He did that to our community as well.

It has been a year since Frank left and look where cfc is today? 365 days after- a new wind has blown across our 'land'. Change has brought excitement. Spring brought fresh air. We did our own spring cleaning and today we are debt free. Our international council lead with love and diligence and prudence and by example!

Frank padilla brought CFC close to the dark ages. We thank God he (FAP) left us period.

Now, let us pray for Frank, that God will bless the work of his hands, that he will prosper in his ways. Let us pray that God will bless him with a new spirit as well. That in its real sense- he will be a builder who restores and not destroy...

as what we see happening in this village that Frank built...


Diczen said...

From Diczen Young- Just downloaded this from the FFL's website:


It is with some regret that we bring to the community's attention that CFC Global filed a case with the Court of Appeals against Couples for Christ Foundation Inc. (CFCFI) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). CFC Global has also petitioned the Court of Appeals to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) or a preliminary injunction to stop both CFCFI and the SEC from implementing said order. However, the Court of Appeals has not issued such TRO or injunction. This means that the SEC order remains in full force and effect, and that there is no legal obstacle whatsoever to our use of the names/acronymns "CFCFI," "Couples for Christ", "CFC", or even "CFC-FFL".

We have explained in a previous circular that the SEC order allowing the use of the CFC Foundation, Inc. name, as well as the latest Vatican letter of Cardinal Rylko allowing both communities to exist in any diocese in the world (provided the Bishop of the place authorizes it), would have settled the issue of the use of the name "CFC," both from a pontifical standpoint and the legal sense. In truth and in fact, CFCFI /CFC-FFL now has primacy over the use of the name because of its "prior right" and earlier use of the name "Couples for Christ."

Our Servant General has gone on record that in view of both the Vatican and the SEC accreditations for and in favor of CFCFI/CFC-FFL, we had plans of just letting the issue pass and allow a peaceful co-existence of both communities to subsist. But now that CFC Global has placed us anew on the defensive, and chose the legal arena at the appelate level, we are left with no other option but to comply with the requirements of the law by defending the position of CFCFI. This we are constrained to do with much hesitation and regret because our brethren at CFC Global have chosen a different path.

To all CFCFI members, we issue a call for restraint and sobriety and most of all, more prayers that both communities will choose the more Christian attitude of "beating their swords into plowshares" and peacefully co-exist with love and joy in our hearts.

CFC-FFL / Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc.

For FFL Only said...

Frankly, I think if it is true that Frank built GK Remarville,
well .... Frank also destroyed it!

As of today I think there are at least two CFC staff workers at the CFC Center (Ortigas address) who can't have a house at GK Remarville for now because the Build activity on a certain Saturday was prevented to be by Frank's Followers who are Lost.

Preventing these two families from having a decent home just because they belong to the community of CFC and not FFL belies the pronouncements of the Easter Group.

This is just one reason why one tends to delete outright, or put in the electronic trash box after a cursory reading, messages that emanate from the Easter group. They continue to blast it to CFC members. Even in the email, the Easter Group wants the CFC leaders/members to be a part of their mailing list because if they restricted the list to FFL, perhaps it will be so short it becomes meaningless.

So all those misleading words one reads in Easter Group's emails are only for the consumption of those who still like to get lost in the illusory world of Frank's Failing Leadership.

WillyJ said...

Dicsen and all,

This recent FFL circular raises some serious questions.
Its says in part:

However, the Court of Appeals has not issued such TRO or injunction. This means that the SEC order remains in full force and effect, and that there is no legal obstacle whatsoever to our use of the names/acronymns "CFCFI," "Couples for Christ", "CFC", or even "CFC-FFL".

If FFL is referring to the June 5 SEC order, then that one is not "in full force and effect" with respect to the legal use of the name CFC-FI. To my understanding, it is only a lifting of a name revocation order, which is not executory and final, pending compliance
of FFL-petitioners for further requirements. Unless FFL-petitioners
have already fully complied thereafter, and SEC releases another order to the effect that the use of the name CFC-FI is final and executory, there remains a legal contraint on the use of the CFC-FI name. Am I missing out on something else or what? Can anyone please shed light?

We have explained in a previous circular that the SEC order allowing the use of the CFC Foundation, Inc. name, as well as the latest Vatican letter of Cardinal Rylko allowing both communities to exist in any diocese in the world (provided the Bishop of the place authorizes it), would have settled the issue of the use of the name "CFC," both from a pontifical standpoint...

We are not aware of any "Vatican letter of Cardinal Rylko" to the effect that it allows FFL to exist in any diocese of the world using
the name CFC. If so, such declaration runs counter to the clarification of Bishop Reyes last September 2007 that FFL "should start as a diocesan association, then later can apply for recognition as a national association if it has branches in other dioceses and even later as an international association."..but.."abroad Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life may not use CFC in their names."...
What gives?

Anonymous said...

"And I feel at ease that those who choose to remain silent and don't have yet the courage to stand up for the truth and justice are no longer with us."

Brod in some sense, your observation is comforting, for certainly some people are silent because they cannot speak nor stand for the truth. Therefore, salamat, indeed, that they 'have left'.

In another sense, the silence can also be intriguing. Count the number of real bloggers who responded to the "call to arms" as CFC declared the time to be still as FFL twitted it with a ruling by SEC that it could use the CFC name legally sine its petition to revive the long-dead CFC Foundation, Inc. was approved (last month, I think).

as ended due to the as the time to be still was declared ended. . to stand up

WillyJ said...

Frank never tires so far. Check out his
recent open letter
dated July 30.

"The first crisis was in 1993, when CFC separated from its parent community. This was because its parent basically opposed the growingly clear call to CFC to do rapid, massive and global evangelization."

A myth that was already debunked by Vic Gutierrez. We can read and understand english moderately enough, Frank. In fact we have read: The origins of CFC - part 1, as well as The origins of CFC - part 2. You seem to have taken the liberty of rewriting history though.

"The next crisis was last year in 2007. CFC in the last few years had been veering away from its authentic call. There came a greater focus on the social dimension of our work, at the expense of proclaiming Christ and evangelization. There was even opposition to the Church, manifested in violation of Catholic values, disrespect and disobedience to bishops, and later even outright attacks on the hierarchy."

Now, now Frank, these tiresome accusations of yours has already been expertly rebutted time and again. Is it not any crystal-clear by this time that...oh, never mind.

"Now we must be mindful that the enemy continues to seek to destroy God's authentic work. God has His plan, and the enemy opposes it. Thus we are into deep spiritual warfare... Amidst all these, we simply continue on with our evangelistic work. We proclaim the gospel of peace..."

The enemy seeks to destroy...God's authentic work...the gospel of peace. Sure, Frank. Tell that to the remarville beneficiaries.

We have done our part, by treating our separated brethren with love and still as brethren.

Separated brethren?? Now Frank has conveniently lumped us together with Protestants - outside the Catholic Church. Not to malign Protestants here, but I think it comes as no surprise for Frank to put this label on us, since he pronounces an edict that we are in "opposition to the Church, manifested in violation of Catholic values, disrespect and disobedience to bishops... Frank has this habit of pontificating and coming out with his own astonishing edicts, apart from the proper church hierarchy that has the sole authority to pronounce. Am I just imagining things? Because it appears to me that Frank is establishing his own "church", with him on top of it all with an assumed power to -- shall we say -- bind and loose? If this isn't cultish, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...


In his letter dated 14 June 2008 re The Couples for Christ name, FAP announced the revival of CFCFI. He also wrote the following:

"In a recent letter to me dated May 27, Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, also left it to individual bishops to recognize CFC-FFL, including that of our name.

Therefore, from both the spiritual and the secular, from both Church and state, we have every right to use the name “Couples for Christ.”

I haven't seen any such letter anywhere. Apparently FAP has kept it inside his desk drawer. This seems out of character as he had always gobbled up every little chance to publicize letters, even those that don't belong to him. Leads you to wonder whether the letter does, in fact, exist, right?

His statement now makes it public knowledge that he has such a letter. Whether it's true or not does not matter. As part of the lawsuit, the letter can be sub-poenaed as evidence and he will have to produce it.

- TE

Anonymous said...


Sorry...I should have included this one with the previous post...

Re: validity of SEC order, you're right. The finality of the SEC Order was contingent upon FAP submitting documents from the year 2007. These are (SEC Circular 8 of 2006):

Section 4. Upon the effectivity of this Circular, all registered Foundations shall submit, in addition to the General Information Sheet, its Audited Financial Statement which shall include a sowrn Statement of its President and Treasurer on the following information that relates to the preceding year:

a. Source and Amount of Funds

b. Program/Activity planned, ongoing and accomplished;
i. Complete name, address and contact number of project officer-in-charge;
ii. Complete address and contact number of project office; and

c. Application of Funds.

Section 5. A registeref Foundation shall attach to the sworn statement mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph a Certification from the Office of the Mayor, or the Office of the Barangay Captain, or the Head of either the Department of Social Welfare and Development or Department of Health, on the existence of the subject Program/Activity in the locality on which it exercises jurisdiction.

The SEC gave FAP 30 days to come up with these documents. The deadline was last July 12. Until now, it is obvious that the SEC has not given out any word on the finality because FAP only refers to the June Circular in his communications. However, if you do a query on the SEC website, CFCFI is listed as active. Maybe someone can make inquiries at the SEC?

- TE

WillyJ said...

Thanks TE for the clarification.

Whoah! those are lot of documents that FFL has to submit, and he has to befuddle many people to give supporting(?) documents to him to legitimize(?) his petition. Frank must remember that this matter is now hailed to the courts, just imagine if all those people will be served subpoena's in relation to all those documents..mukhang maraming madadamay...FFL must remove any doubts that there are no legal obstacles to their use of the CFC-FI name, otherwise they will be compounding their troubles. Worse, if any invalid or contested transaction is heretofore entered into by FFL as Couples For Christ-FI and a lawsuit emanates, the entire CFC name could be dragged along and tarnished. Talk about confusion...I recall with some amusement the emcee at last Friday's Humanae Vitae rally at UST. She was calling out the lay groups who were there, and she called out: Narito ang...El Shaddai!, K of C!, Couples For Christ!...at...Couples For Christ!

Anyway, whether or not the SEC order is final and executory,
CFC-GMFI has more than enough basis to contest the matter over at the Court of Appeals. The astute legal analysis posited here recently should give FFL's legal team enough reason for some sleepless nights...
I wonder if Frank already has eyebags...oh, and the FFL board and officers as well..and many others involved in one way or another likewise..I think this is something that happens when something malodorous hits the fan...

Fried Piranha said...

Anonymous said: FP’s definition of the problem in the said letter does not reflect his vaunted Harvard background because he conveniently starts describing it from the time...

I've never quite understood why politicians kids here in the Philippines are so proud of their Ivy League MBAs...

...what's to be proud of an education paid for through corruption and the inappropriate appropriation of public funds?

What kind of standards does that set for the offspring being educated?

Anonymous said...


To me, Padilla’s voice doesn’t anymore carry weight. Because of the landscam, a distorted ‘dollar’ vision, and a mission to prevent the Al Padi training venue and facilities from falling into CFC to which it was donated, he tells everyone who cares to listen that the execution of the SEC order allowing him and FFL to reactivate the defunct CFC-FI is final. Meantime, he diverts everyone’s attention to Remarville GK in order to focus attention on anomalies at GK and the chaos resulting from FFL’s unilateral takeover of said village. Attention Jun Junia and Pancho Tan, you are dispensable.

So, don’t get confused or agitated, brethren. Meantime, just sit back and relax while the time ticks against Padilla and FFL who must move heaven and earth to produce every kind of legal document to support its contested revival of CFC-FI.

I would think it is more exciting if FP and FFL barricade Al Padi from takeover for CFC use, say regular leadership and related training seminars for the GKIMB. Is it possible for CFC-IC to initiate legal proceedings to take physical control of Al Padi Seminar Facilities? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

FAP's Song and Dance Soiree

It's a dance competition and FAP knows he will win if we all dance to his tune or if we don't dance well enough. If he can't make us dance to his tune, he'll try to confuse us enough to go out of beat with the music. He knows it is easier to conquer a confused enemy than a clear-headed one. Here's some of FAP's dance steps intended to sow confusion in CFC.

1. Keep the tune, Change the lyrics and then do the two-step shuffle. First separate CFC's two meanings - it's (1) an organization and (2) a spiritual idea. As organizations CFC and FFL are two different things. Then insist that FFL subscribes to the CFC ideal and follows the spirit of CFC, therefore FFL is CFC. He even claims to be restoring this Spirit. The two-step shuffle is easy, you take the argument for one and use it for the other. To wit, since FFL submits to the CFC spirit, it is also CFC, therefore it is entitled to the use the name. Conveniently forgetting that the name is given to an organization.

The other variant is to argue that the name is not given to the organization but to the idea. Easy to do, the organization is named CFC-GMFI and the idea is called CFC. Since FFL subscribes to the idea, it must be CFC. Then shuffle to the other side - by extension FFL can use the name.

This is also called the up-down jig. "Up" is the higher meaning - the idea. "Down" is the lower, temporal, meaning - the organization. Shuffle between the two steps and mix it up. FAP seems to be an expert in this dance. But it's easy for the rest to fall out of the beat, confuse the steps and lose.

The reality is that the two meanings cannot be separated because they pertain to a specific entity. However, the name is given only to the organization. To be entitled to the name, you have to have both. You have to live the spirit and be a part of the organization. You can't mix steps either. You can't use the "up" argument for the "down" step. If you're an avid follower of Shaolin KungFu you can consider yourself a Shaolin follower at heart but that doesn't mean you are now a Shaolin monk. Non sequitur.

Be careful when FAP tries to give you the shuffle.

2. The Twist. Literally step in a different direction than the one people expect. Deliberately give a new meaning to something. Like giving a definition of "founder" that has nothing to do with founding, creating or originating.

One variation of this dance step is to make big sidesteps when people expect small ones. Exagerate. Call a molehill a mountain. Like accusing CFC of murdering millions of unborn children because it had a partnership that allowed pharma companies to help out in health care for the poor.

It's easy to get confused if big step twists make you dizzy.

3. Sing Lupang Hinirang to the tune of Welcome to the Family while doing Ketchup hand movements. Otherwise known as Redirection. First take the vision statement "Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth" and limit "renewing" to mean only "evangelization". Then take GK and marginalize it to "social action" to distance it from evangelization. Then do the hand movements to get everyone's attention. One hand says GK is good and the other says if you do GK you do it at the cost of evangelization. In CFC, patriotism and nation-building, FAP declares, are done at the cost of spiritual growth.

Never mind that the Church's Social Doctrine makes social action a big part of being Catholic. Never mind that the Vatican approved CFC statutes states that CFC "raises up responsible members of society and patriotic citizens..." (CFC Statutes 2.24). Lupang Hinirang is only acceptable if you sing it to the tune of Welcome to the Family.

David Copperfieldian redirection focuses our attention to the spurious issues leaving FAP to wreak havoc in GK villages like Remarville. Confusing isn't it? That's what he wants. We can't let him get away with it.

Well, the dance floor has changed. It's now called the Court of Appeals. How do you think he will dance there? Maybe dirty dancing while having the time of his life...

- TE

Anonymous said...

Frank never tires so far. ...
A myth that was already debunked by Vic Gutierrez. ... Now, now Frank, these tiresome accusations of yours has already been expertly rebutted time and again.

Unfortunately, these lies by Frank are very effective to the general FFL membership that's why he continues to use them even if he looks like "sirang plaka". The more and more you tell the lie, it becomes truth to some people to the point that even the person telling the lie will also believe it as truth.

Frankly, I don't think a lot of CFC and FFL members really research what is going on. What I think about the FFL membership is that they did their discernment long time ago and they decided to side with the "evangelization" camp instead of the "social camp" (they bought the "veering away" allegations obviously). Then from then on, they promised themselves to stick to that decision no matter what. It would then be very convenient to just ignore the new facts that arrive even if those facts dispel those original accusations. For fear of admitting that the allegations are wrong, and that they have been duped, they will just hide from the truth and not stand up for justice by saying "we are moving on" (meanwhile their leaders continue to attack).

The shame in all these is that there seems to be a lot of very intelligent people in the FFL camp, yet they continue to have their intelligence insulted by tolerating Frank's words and actions.

Athrun Atreides said...

Just a segue:

Most of you know this segment created by Discovery Channel.

Well, after spending an entire night, and just for the heck of it, I thought I might create a CFC version.

And here it is. Hope you like it! :-)

jonitanitayturin said...


Very, very good, Brother. Lingaw kaayo ko (I am so amused) at your well-defined satirical representation of FAP’s problem as a two-step “shaolin” shuffle-dance and a twist, to the lyrics of “Lupang Hinirang” sang as a CFC anthem “Welcome to the Family”.

Perfect! Thank you so much for the “wordplay” on the “name’ and the “organization”. As Anonymous recalling the anniversary of his "The Way Forward #1", I found his "forced-split" of CFC into “spiritual” and “legal” groups crazy. You’ve put in a better, saner, livelier, and genial song-and-dance “conversation”.

But let me differ in judging if FAP was good at dancing his dance-tune.

Brod TE, I think FAP forgot to avoid the PITFALL: he was lost in the juggle of the mental and physical "esse", what you refer to as the up-and-down jig, from up - the idea of CFC, to down – the organization of CFC, from what he called the “spiritual” CFC to the “legal” / secular one. FAP forgot that the segregation could only be valid as a fantasy movie and never in reality. I believe every single CFC follower longs to breath and live the Spirit of God: amidst the many voices, HIS SONG; among the various reasons, HIS PROMISE; and for all the questions, HIS CHOICE.

I think FAP could not dance his tune because he took ADAM’s curse for granted (both in the doctrinal and in the metaphorical sense – the latter he committed in breaking up unceremoniously from LNP in 1993); for, like the rest of all of us, he must “live by the sweat of his brow”, not “having his cake and eating it, too”, but having one cake eaten first and another one worked for in the next morrow. For he cannot claim RV and feign GK or claim Remarville as a “restored” CFC village and still make them pretend to live the GK way; in-step with work with the poor and out of step with it; within CFC and out of CFC; donate Al Padi and prevent its take-out... No, “that is not it, at all”, Mister FAP.

More than once, and sometimes as Anonymous, I have hinted that this guy Padilla, FAP, our former key leader, “vaunted Harvard graduate”, an Ivy Leaguer, did have a coloured vision that was closer to the color of money, the love of which is root of all the evil in the world.

I want to stay with this argument while watching FAP perform in a different dance floor of the Court of Appeals, as TE puts it, after we have walked past his strong storm. Of course there was joy at being able to distinguish, recognize, and confront its accompanying winds – hangin – like Bishop Reyes (”malakas”strong), Pader Tulabing (”walang hangin” – no windy thing he was), Jun Junia (”wala”, a wisp, a wimp, nothing; seems FFL is disgorging him with a big “E” for “__xcreta” or the Filipino “Ta__”), and these other winds that will help power CFC if retrained / reoriented: Raul Contreras, Gary Faustino, Ramon Arguelles, Jess Lumbang, Ted Navarro, Jack Borgoyn, Roland Nillas, Benjie Gadi and many others who persist in their blindness, as per a blogger.

Brother TE, I notice that the more you write, the more you piece sharper words of wisdom. I thought and wrote it was crazy and foolish of FAP to instruct stunned CFC members to follow him and the “spirit” while they continue to live by the statutes of the IC-led, “legal” CFC. I reiterate that I like it better as a ridicule of a “dance in tune” like what you have so effortlessly described here to our easy and delightful understanding. Salamat sa Lord for your gift of pen and speech.

Let me put in here, too, a “secular” perspective cause I am not that adept at referencing Biblical passages (TE, paki-reflect nga din on this and provide some of the helpful quotes from the Holy Book, if possible. Thanks). I wish to link this particular discussion to some “universal” realities about life and death or youth and old age, whether or not at the end of the day, so to speak, you can really split one from the other. I quote the concluding lines of the poem, “Among Schoolchildren” by William Butler Yeats, modern English poet, thus:

“O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer from the dance?”

According to a critique, Yeats: “…confronts human frailty, reflecting on the impact and worth of his life...he agonizes over the most basic of questions — the value of life itself...(He) discovers from his assessment of the great ancient thinkers, there is no way to separate “the dancer from the dance.” He learns that one cannot divide life into “the leaf, the blossom, or the bole,” analyzing each individual part. Instead, one must view life with a “brightening glance,” seeing the beauty in its entirety. Through this intense examination, (he) comes to terms with himself, realizing the necessity of a peaceful, self-honest existence.”


Have a beautiful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Joni, that was profound, bro. I was thinking about what you wrote mientras nanghugas kog plato. It reminded me of this:

And an old priest said, "Speak to us of Religion."
And he said:
Have I spoken this day of aught else? Is not religion all deeds and all reflection, and that which is neither deed nor reflection, but a wonder and a surprise ever springing in the soul, even while the hands hew the stone or tend the loom?

Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belief from his occupations? Who can spread his hours before him, saying, "This for God and this for myself; This for my soul, and this other for my body?"
All your hours are wings that beat through space from self to self.
He who wears his morality but as his best garment were better naked. The wind and the sun will tear no holes in his skin.
And he who defines his conduct by ethics imprisons his song-bird in a cage. The freest song comes not through bars and wires.
And he to whom worshipping is a window, to open but also to shut, has not yet visited the house of his soul whose windows are from dawn to dawn.

Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Whenever you enter into it take with you your all.

Take the plough and the forge and the mallet and the lute,
The things you have fashioned in necessity or for delight.
For in revery you cannot rise above your achievements nor fall lower than your failures.

And take with you all men:
For in adoration you cannot fly higher than their hopes nor humble yourself lower than their despair.

And if you would know God be not therefore a solver of riddles.
Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing with your children. And look into space; you shall see Him walking in the cloud, outstretching His arms in the lightning and descending in rain. You shall see Him smiling in flowers, then rising and waving His hands in trees.
- "The Prophet" By Khalil Gibran

Indeed we cannot split ourselves into pieces and think that by justifying one piece we have justified the rest.

We are all made from that stuff called love. We are all love. We are one. There is only one of us. There is only one Sonship. An offense to another is an offense to oneself and to the whole Sonship.

And true forgiveness of another is like the awakening that he is part of one whole and the whole welcomes him in love.

God gave us one song to sing with a million voices. That's why it's called universe (uni=one, verse=song). We must all do our best to take up our part, find our voices, and sing in tune with the whole Sonship.

If God weeps when some of His children suffer, our voices raised in the one song of the Sonship may make Him smile.

Bro, this is the song that CFC sings. This is the song that GK brings. This is the one song that binds us together as brothers and sisters. This is the song given by the Father that gives us the "our" in Our Father. The same song that springs from each of our hearts, overflowing with love and makes us look with tenderness at each other and moves us to call the other kapatid.

Sing the song, bro. We'll all blend with you.

God bless all,

- TE

jonitanitayturin said...

Thanks and a million more, TE!

Human na pud ko'g hugas ug plato, Brod, he-he.

It is wonderfully filling enough to hum and feast on all the good that is coming from the

Healing, and
of the AngelS

And now we pause
To be caressed
In GOD's embrace
..and savor
Some more of Him,
and His Promise;
and the Choices
He'll make us take...

Anonymous said...

“The Village That Frank Built”...

NOT A VILLAGE, but only a spirit of it!
It has no strict accounting of “sweat equity”,
No functional organizational structure;
No physical, material, secular boundaries
Defined in legitimated contracts and titles.

The village that Frank Built is all hot air...
An illusory receptacle of foreign and local goodwill
That was trumpeted with “all sound and fury,
Signifying nothing”, yes, nothing but deals so juicy
A cluster head’s role they were exchanged by JunJ.

The village that Frank built is only in his mind,
Contemptible of a heart both peaceful and kind,
Of a disposition that is shining, bright and easy,
Which leaders and followers, all builders of GK,
Committed a village to, a life at once so Godly!

Now FAP and FFL must be faced with the most difficult questions like:

1. Was the ALPADI Training/Conference Facility in Antipolo donated to CFC-GMFI in “spirit” only but that the “legal, secular” ALPADI stays as a Padilla ancestral property? Is this the same “spirit” that FAP insists must disassociate from the “legal” CFC-IC and follow him in a “spiritual restoration” of CFC? If so, then this “spirit” blends, to at one time become legal and at another to being a “ghost”, like a “ghost project”?

2. Must a “spiritual director” dip his fingers, so to speak, in “legal” matters like regular elections as embodied in an organization’s statutes? Is that spiritual director’s actuation a converse of the ALPADI disposition?

3. When FAP insists that he and FFL are CFC because of the “ruling” or legal fiat handed down by the Philippine SEC, are his followers supposed to leave him to rot with his “legal” or secular misadventure at the Court of Appeals, so they continue to follow a non-FAP, UNKNOWN spirit? What happens if the same followers go with FAP the SEC and Court of Appeals way? Aren’t they, in effect, going the ALPADI WAY, blending at one time to be legal or secular, and at another, acting as “ghost” rendering the legal nature as purely “imaginary” or spiritual?.

4. FFL, you have been through an imaginary, illusory spiritual journey, calling on “ghosts” and spirit-world to dominate your being. In the mundane world, this is called being thrown into the asylum or mental home. Lest you accept your state as real or matter-of-fact, better world, you are advised to shatter that “looking glass” and come back to the real world.

COME HOME, kapatids. We’re preparing the most nostalgic but welcoming songs and sounds! God Bless.

Anonymous said...

sabi nila,FFL,si frank ang bumuo ng CFC,at siya rin ang sumira,sabi niya kaya humiwalay ang CFC sa ligaya ng panginoon para sa massive at blobal evangelization,lahat naniwala sa kanya at sumunod.
Ngayon naman ang CFC ang iniwan nagtayo ng bago FFl,25 yrs o higit pa ang pagbuo ng CFC maraming taon ang naubos at mga tao ang ang nagtulong -tulong upang maging matatag ang CFC, sa pag-iwan niya sa CFC at nagtatatag ng bago,sa palagay ba ninyo may roon pa siyang another 26 yrs sa bagong samahan na ito,FFL,kaya ang ginagawa nila ngayon ay pinipilit nilang kunin ang mga lider ng CFC at pati pangalan kinopya rin, lahat ng paraan ay ginagawa nila,kay pati ang ibang GK site ay kinukuha nila ay para may maniwala sa kanila(pakitang TAO)e saan pa ba kukuha ng mga member na matatag at mahuhusay e di sa CFC,kung mag traning pa sila ng bago e ilan pa ang matitira sa kanila,wala!!!!
Kasi mabibisto na sila sa kanilang mga ginagawa,sabi ng lola ko,malalman mo raw ang tao sa kanyang mga ginagawa,e di alam nyo na kung anong klaseng tao ang mga ito... kayo na ang humusga..
Ipagdasal nalang natin ang mga ito na maliwanagan ang kanilang mga isip at ituwid ang mga maling gawain...

Anonymous said...

hay....ito out of the box lang to... meron lang akong nakita na nakakatawaa. yong sa 1st picture may naka red na t- shirt doon na may print na FHM...heheheh. ano kaya behind noon. buti nalng sa ibang pictures lumipat na sa likuran....haayyyy...

Anonymous said...

Dear CD,
Can you please give us an update on the SEC issue?

Please lang po. We really want to know what going on there.

Thank you and God bless.

jonitanitayturin said...


Quoted here are two paragraphs from the "anniversary" letter of FAP, FFL's SG:

“The first crisis was in 1993, when CFC separated from its parent community. This was because its parent basically opposed the growingly clear call to CFC to do rapid, massive and global evangelization. With the split, CFC grew rapidly and touched the lives of very many people of many different nationalities in many countries. The 1990s were golden years for the evangelistic work of CFC."

“The next crisis was last year in 2007. CFC in the last few years had been veering away from its authentic call. There came a greater focus on the social dimension of our work, at the expense of proclaiming Christ and evangelization. There was even opposition to the Church, manifested in violation of Catholic values, disrespect and disobedience to bishops, and later even outright attacks on the hierarchy."

“ONE YEAR AFTER” (An Open Letter to CFC-FFL Worldwide from the Servant General), July 30, 2008 (http://cfcforfamilyandlife.multiply.com/)


1. About the reason for the split in 1993, I think it is Vic Gutierrez's and Father Schneider’s words against those of Frank Padilla. Drawing also from the account of TM alluding to “religious politics” when he sensed he was groomed by LNP to nip the budding Padilla star, it can be surmised that FP, et al were so intent on pushing hard their own version of rapid, massive and global evangelization to the extent of breaking up from LNP. This break-up was accomplished on March 19, 1993, a day before Padilla’s scheduled “negotiation” meeting with Father Schneider. Thus, this “crisis” marked the first BREAKOUT OF THE SIN OF PRIDE. Why? Father Schneider and Vic Gutierrez asserted that Padilla et all were never prevented from engaging in global evangelization. In fact, global missions of CFC already were supported and encouraged by LNP!

2. Frank Padilla is quite adept at hiding facts with bundles and mumbles of words. Please read carefully the 2nd quoted paragraph. Here he refers to the crisis in 2007, last year. He says the veering away from the authentic call - because of a greater focus on the social dimension - occurred a FEW YEARS EARLER. He continues: “There was even opposition to the Church, manifested in violation of Catholic values, disrespect and disobedience to bishops, and later even outright attacks on the hierarchy.”

There, my friends. Look at how Padilla plays with the words to hide the facts. Three years BEFORE 2007, Mr. Padilla was at the height of his power. So, when the social work he subsequently abhorred (or appeared to) were initiated through GK, MR. PADILLA WAS TIGHTLY BEHIND IT THROUGH AND THROUGH!

Now, if he refers to the so-called “disrespect and disobedience of bishops” and the rest of what he calls “violation of Catholic values” AS OCCURRING A FEW YEARS EARLER, THEN MR PADILLA’S FACTS AND MIND ARE TWISTED. MORE, HE IS TO BLAME IF THESE WERE TRUE BECAUSE THEY HAPPENED AT THE HEIGHT OF HIS REIGN IN CFC!!!

3. To recap, by placing the information and “facts” in the context of the above-stated two paragraphs, FRANK PADILLA HAS LIED, OR HAS INTENDED TO FEED THE LIE TO HIS FOLLOWERS AND THE READING PUBLIC.

“ONE YEAR AFTER,” Padilla cannot reconstruct the true events, and the only factual statement we may totally agree with, is that his separation from CFC and his subsequent creation of the breakaway FFL is ONE YEAR already. (FFL IN BILIRAN, you are sinfully celebrating 17 years as CFC-FFL!!! Kindly stand down and retract...)

4. “ONE YEAR AFTER,” Padilla claims to have established some “Restoration Villages”, which act is a manifest indicator that the more he banks on the “so-called veering from an authentic call” the more he and FFL are condemned to make their work for the poor as authentically GK as possible.


Anonymous said...

yong lalaking naka FHM po ay walang iba kundi si Romi Prinsipe-chapter head po ng remarville FFL, na may bahay din po sa lugar na iyan, nakakotse at may sariling bahay, isa rin sa mga puppet ni jun junia, every meeting ng board ng association with jun junia ay palagi din daw present kahit na hindi naman silang mag asawa parte ng board...sa kanila din minsan galing ang mga maling turo sa mga FFL members nila katulad ng "wag kayo bibili sa tindahan ng global, kong FFL ka don karin bibili sa FFl na tindahan" tama ba yon ang mga kapatid??????pero pang umutang ok lang!!!!bahay nya ngayon sa site ay almost finish na pero yong mga kawawa nyang members ay nakatingga parin ang bahay...Saan na conscience mo Bro?..iba na talaga ang malakas noh!!!just like the old time of Marcos Regime, kong sino ang malapit sa dictator siya ang maraming biyaya..di ba!!! sabi ni JunJ. dati daw sa gk ang mga opisyales ay una sa serbisyo at huli sa biyaya pero ngayon daw ay una sa biyaya huli naman sa serbisyo...Ano brod gusto nyo bang bumili ng lupa sa remarville kasi marami daw vacant,marami madedelist na global...ready nyo lang 120,000 nyo...at make sure dapat kasama kayo sa board para magawa bahay nyo!!!!hehehe
kaya ganun nalang ka loyal ang mga board at officers sa kanya...mga sipsip,mga phariseo ng gk..hypocrites,,,

Knights of WEstC

Diczen said...

Food-for-thought for Frank:
You can not fool all the people all of the time.

Law of Karma: You reap what you sow.

It is easy to condole with a brother in grief or in pain or in failure; But it takes a mature Christian to be able to rejoice with a brother in his success and triumph !

Reputation is what people think you are. Character is what you really are.

Diczen Young
South B-8E

Anonymous said...

There is a old Indian story about a monk who sat at the riverbank. He noticed a scorpion that fell into the water. He picked it up and put it back on the bank. Whereupon it fell again. He picked it up again and put it back on the bank. This went on for a while and everytime he picked it up it would sting him. A man, walking by, noticed this and asked, "Holy one, why do persist in picking it up when it would only sting you in return?" The monk answered, "I know but it is the dharma of a scorpion to sting and it is the dharma of a human being to save."

Dharma is an Indian word that means both fate and duty. It refers to a mission, a divine plan, a higher calling. It is at once inescapable and intrinsic to us. It is part of who we are and yet, at the same time, it guides us on what we are to do in any situation of our lives. I have met Indian Catholics who talked about the dharma of a Christian. The question for us is, what is the dharma of a CFC member?

What does our higher calling, our mission entail? In the western world mission statements are phrased as someting to do. Even our covenant defines for us things to do. We are so used to taking it as something we are called to do that we often do not realize that it also has something to tell us about who we are.

When his majesty FAP writes an open letter addressed to his FFL subjects and posts it on the internet, he is either being very clever or being naive. By putting it on the net, king FAP is making public a letter addressed to his subjects. If you are not one of his adherents, you can are free to wonder whether the letter is also meant for you. If so, you will probably react by being irritated or angry, like Bro Dante here. On the other hand, you can remind yourself that you are not one of those paying homage to FAP then the letter is not for you. You may react differently then.

Of course, his highness may just be naive and totally ignorant of the fact that putting it on the net makes the letter accessible to people all over the world. In which case, he probably doesn't know that there are people who interpret the letter as showing his majesty's dark side.

Some of us can readily see the royal untruths said in the letter. After a year of it we have all gotten quite adept at it. That's one skill that his highness had managed to impart to us from the other side. Because of this many, of us react in anger. But if we were to keep our cool, we might retain enough clearheadedness to realize that by not being truthful to the point of trying to rewrite history his highness was obviously attempting to deceive whomever he wrote the letter to. That is to say, his majesty is publicly deceiving his own FFL subjects.

Keeping our cool, keeping a clear head and not losing our perspective keep us from being deceived. They make us immune to the pronouncements and edicts coming from his majesty. I am also quite sure that they are part of who we are. All we have to do is remember that we have a higher calling. We have a mission, a dharma. That the utterances of others, whatever they are, cannot detract from that dharma. It does not matter how many untruths come from his majesty FAP. The truth of our higher calling cannot be changed by any man.

He can keep on trying to rewrite history. Our truth, our calling will still remain unchanged and untouched. He can try to deceive us but if we remember our dharma he cannot touch us. Keeping our cool and having clear heads are part of who we are even as we take up our places in the great divine plan.

Pettiness, lies and deception do not have any part in our dharma. St Paul says it better - "what fellowship does light have with darkness?" Kapatid, let us realize that reacting in anger and allowing FAP to irritate us can make us as petty as he is. Let us lift our eyes instead and see the purity of that higher calling, the calling behind CFC and know that it remains unblemished and pure, anointed by God, inspired by the Spirit, this, our calling to servanthood. Our CFC dharma kapatid gives us loyalty to truth, a passion for excellence, faithfulness to our Lord, servanthood for the poor, obedience to the Church, respect and love for each other and a commitment to our calling.

Like the monk, let us be who we are even if the scorpion only stings us in return.

- TE

cfcforlast said...


Anonymous said...

Very well said TE.

Whatever Frank Padilla and his group of believers says or does should not matter anymore. We already know their true colors. They can try to steal all the GK sites if they want. What we should do now is try to prevent them from taking it. We should do it peacefully. If we are not successful in doing this then maybe God has a different plan so we wipe the dust of our feet and move on. Let God be the judge.

jonitanitayturin said...


Brod TE, I am trying to recall a phrase like, “... not.having enough of a good thing” or something close to it in relation to your story of the monk and the scorpion...

Here, I’ll have your quotes once more as a keepsake, fair enough to be tucked around the waist for the longest haul...

“...The truth of our higher calling cannot be changed by any man.”
“Keeping our cool and having clear heads are part of who we are even as we take up our places in the great divine plan.”
“...the purity of that higher calling, the calling behind CFC ... remains unblemished and pure, anointed by God, inspired by the Spirit, this, our calling to servanthood. Our CFC dharma kapatid gives us loyalty to truth, a passion for excellence, faithfulness to our Lord, servanthood for the poor, obedience to the Church, respect and love for each other and a commitment to our calling.”


I remember a friend in discussions some years back exhorting the need to take possession of the “moral high ground” in order to seal a victory. In that ground, I think the heart and soul is free and one with the rest.

Yes! Brod TE, I think this is in tune with what you have referred to earlier as a “united” people singing a song – a UNI-VERSE. So, the Indian dharma seems no different from All The Good That Is Our Lord Jesus Christ, from the basic Christian values imparted and learned in our CFC life.

Yes they are universal languages blending together as one pure, higher call “anointed by God, inspired by the Spirit”.

That blend is a perfect rendition of GOD’S POETRY with compelling reason to extol and praise the beauty of kapatid, truth, loyalty, faithfulness, obedience, servanthood, respect, love, passion....

We think and sing to ourselves... “What a Wonderful World”... Indeed!


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with TE.

As CFC brethren, we are called to a higher mission which NO man can destroy nor manipulate to propel his own selfish interest & agenda.

Therefore, let us all focus on our DHARMA so that we (CFC) will NOT be dismayed nor dissuaded by the Servant General's DRAMA.

God bless,

Anonymous said...


Some entries in this thread ("The Village that Frank Built, Pt II: The Issues") seem to be lost. “Let Us Sing” in relation to the monk-scorpion story of TE can't be accessed anymore. This one likewise: “On Aug 07 Anonymous commented on village that frank built pt ii issues: “I fully agree with TE. As CFC brethren, we are called to a higher mission which NO man can destroy…”

When I checked last, there were 77 comments. Now, it is back to 75. "Moderation" was probably activated.

Or something is wrong.

jonitanitayturin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That could hardly be considered a "study" in contrast; the write-up by one FFL Mario Pareno only contains his impressions,which are hollow. Better if he presents another "salaysay" or he sustantiates the circumstances, e.g.: the specific role of JunJ in the acquistion and payment of the lot at Remarville... Otherwise, this "update" from FFL is equivalent to pffft... nada!

Anonymous said...

FFL should not engage in GK Bro Mario its plain and simple. GK is far from perfect,nothing is perfect in this world. You see a spec in your brothers eye while you have a log in yours. Even if the KB wanted CFC FFL to take over,you could have rejected the clamor because you will be veering away according to your beloved FAP. Bro Mario and FFL, get out of GK , build your own restoration village from scratch. GK issues will be taken cared of by GK and CFC in God's time. Family and Life kayo diba so go on move on, leave GK to CFC. If GK gives houses to Muslims why can't GK give houses to FFL you must be twisting the truth bro Mario

DIVINOS said...

Bros/Sis (CFC & FFL),

With your permission & forgiveness, just want to release....





Anonymous said...

Sori, CD:
This really jars. The latest comments on Frank's village and boom de ah da capsulized in 'recent comments' - at the right side -- couldn't be accessed, or don't appear since two days ago. What are opened are the older entries.

A few more times perhaps and we think this blog goes down. Nakakainis na rin, kasi... Is something wrong? Let's be honest.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mang Cd,

Nakakatawa ka naman, you're speaking about this in one greatness of the Lord. You should settle this in proper place, not creating BLOG over this matter. Imagine you do not have enough evidence and yet you wrote things against whomever you can put based on your sources. Let me ask you this: How come your asking for unity and yet you created this. I don't know if you will approved this, pero sana OO.

C.D. said...


Anonymous said...

The glitch in this thread and 'boom deh ah dah" only shows this Frank should not be honored with having "built' a village. Like the typhoon, technology also hints its opposition.

I propose:

1. let them in FFL go ahead with their own GK and allow them still to make a "study in contrast", the Spirit will make them know the real difference, anyway;

2. leave or close this thread about Frank's village, but let us continue singing as suggested: that is a good theme there about a "WONDERFUL WORLD" and TE's story on the monk and the scorpion. Well, perhaps give it a 'nice' satire: let the tune push up the level of discourse to one that encourages FFL to build GK villages more authentically... quite difficult, though, so just close the thread. Maybe the glitch will out...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kay "Nakakatawa ka naman, you're speaking...". Nakakatawa talaga. Palagay ko ay FFL ka kaya eto ang tanong ko sa iyo. Saang proper court natin idaan? Eto nga at nag-reklamo kayo na idinaan sa Court of Appeals ang SEC order (nasa website ninyo iyan). Either hindi mo alam or nag-maang-maangan ka lang. Pakilala ka naman.

Raul Aclan
New Jersey
(P.S. CD, kung i-translate mo sa English ay bahala ka na)

jocken said...

I just wonder if FAF decided to follow what TM did, he simply steap down then accepted to stay as an ordinary CFC member... Would our CFC community be better off by now ?? A CFC friend said "That would be a disaster" Why?? because the whole community will certainly proclaim him "Saint Frank" as he was already used to be called by some. Not only that, CFC members will surely cries for his re-instatement to the CFC COUNCIL. Then suddenly we saw his true color by now...
Well, God is really good . . . . jocken

Anonymous said...

A write-up by a certain Mario entitled "A study in Contrast" is so preposterous and lid. Too far to imagine and too good to be true!


Coz this is totally different from the cry of the poor benficiaries i there!

I just hope that FFL should stop all this folly move. Lalo lng nakakaawa ang mga mahihirap. Do not use the poor for your personal interest.

You (FFL) have already made a "restoration villages", be contented with that. Do not force every poor to join you before you build them a house and then tell a story that GK left them that's why you took over. That is a lie!

Anonymous said...

remarville update!!!

last sunday, most of the cfc global benefeciaries(9) received their delisting letter for allegedly involved in failed july20 build, lahat na cfc na nakita sa labas ay binigyan ng letter at ang nakakaawa pa po ay ang iba pong nabigyan ay hindi na nakakain ng maayos, hindi makatulog ng maayos, ang isa nga po ay kapapanganak pa lang ng ilang buwan...brothers and sisters they ned your prayers again to give them strength....binibigyan lamang sila ng 15 days para evacate ang kanilang mga bahay na binigay sa kanila ng panginoon...

Anonymous said...

CD et al:

Something is really wrong with the village-village thread for Padilla.
Can we now know about any progress on the glitch? There's a comment there entered today which does not appear together with the other comments. The last entry there is on August 10. Today is August 12, and that latest comment does not appear at all.


C.D. said...

Hello bloggers, there really is something wrong with Blogger/Google. They seem to be having issues with their database, and we're not the only ones affected. I'm sure they will deal with it soon.


Anonymous said...

From the discussions -- on the conceptualization and implementation - Mr. Padilla wanted the Remarville village as a "showcase" where every "CFC Country" would have an equity. Nice one. Yet, I read someone saying that the Remarville GK was started in a "bad" spirit, it did not have the groundworks of a "typical" GK. As a matter of fact, it proceeded as an "NHA-type, housing" project with JunJ proposing and hurrying to cash in on the rising land cost by putting in the money up front.

Thanks for the update, Brod! We are far from Luzon but we lift go God our prayers for the delisted brothers and sisters.

Now, I think this case is clearly not lost on the GK Board. Pardon, but I think GK will just have to lose its grip on Remarville. It does not have the "loving feeling". Let it be "owned" by FFL and JunJ. Give it up as a "bad dream" village. Those who stayed by CFC will have to be absorbed in other GK projects.

Let's get all the data possible in order to document this case as "How not to do GK" for the succeeding projects and for posterity.

Meantime, I suggest the review on the failures in doing the GK must be clear to all the CFC beneficiaries in Remarville, those who are already delisted. We hope a rehab village for all of the affected ones can be built.

Thanks and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

CD, I don't want this particular thread to be popular; but then, the glitches just make us post unnecessary entries... I can't read the latest one a snapshot of which appears at the right side.

I feel helpless not being able to help, or at least be present to sympathize with the situation of the delisted brethren. Sometimes, even if without handing out anything, mere presence helps. Like last night, we stayed for a time at the wake of our friend's mother - they are CFC leaders. Just presence helps a lot. You don't even need to speak - just stay...that will be enough.

If such were good enough to express our sympathy for the grief at the passing of a loved one, the same PRESENCE will be good to empathize with the delisted CFC families at Remarville.

Therefore, CD and all who are near Remarville:





Anonymous said...


i know it is not your fault (the glitch); so, let's make do with the current constraints about not being able to retrieve and read newer comments at a reasonable time interval.

how about making concrete steps towards the indignatin rally?

on the other hand, it does not "sound" good to rally against SEC for a good cause like the good name of CFC. Why? SEC is not a reputable government institution. As a morally decrepit office, you don't make any progress because the public will just be mum, 'deadma'. If the purpose is to convince SEC of its mistake, the best way is to fight at their own homeground: legally.

The other option, perhaps is to reproduce the FS of CFCFI/FFL, append the FFL acronym, and post them openly, maybe near star mall or in ALPADI, or a children's park near the Antipolo Cathedral. The public, and even Bp Reyes, will be the judge.

What else...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CFC member po ako at taga remerville gk. Nagpapasalamat po ako ng marami sa lahat ng blogger na nag ingay at nag lantad ng mga katotohanan tungkol sa amin at kay bro JunJunia. Pansamantala nakaranas kami ng konting kapayapaan ngayon at mas mainam kung tuluyan na nating mapapaalis si bro Jun kami na po ang bahala sa mga opisyales nya. TE makapagtanong na nga po, Tama po ba na wala daw karapatan na tumakbo sa kapitbahayan election iyong mga nabigyan ng delisting notice sabi po yan ng opisyales ni bro Jun

Anonymous said...

Kapatid, sorry hindi ako nakasagot agad. Ngayon lang nabuhay uli yung blog. Ilang araw na walang bagong komentaryong lumabas. Baka sa connection ko lang. Anyway, ang masasagot ko lang po ay - depende po yun sa by-laws ng homeowners association. Kung nakasulat po doon na yung nabigyan ng delisting notice hindi puedeng tumakbo ay yung by-laws po ang dapat masusunod.

Ang question po ay: Valid by yung by-laws? Kung tama yung pagkaintindi ko ng salaysay yung meeting na nag-organize ng association ay hindi tutuong nangyari. Kung mayroong ebidensiya nito then the by-laws can be questioned. Magiging civil case po ang bagsak nito. We need a kapatid who is a practicing lawyer to help here, kapatid. Can someone from STMA please help.

- TE