Friday, September 21, 2007

Your Discernment Experiences

I was meaning to complete the Bereshit entry before moving on. It has been taking me a while since I've been busy as well, and I was getting left behind in updating you all with the new developments in CFC and in the FFL. I am moving the Bereshit entry to the right column permanently under the "In The Beginning" link where it can be more easily accessed for those who want to get more background on the CFC/FFL story.

This entry will be a permanent link in the right column as well, because I feel your voices are the ones that should be heard now that most of the facts have been revealed in this blog. I've been getting a lot of feedback in the comments from those of you who have heard both the CFC and the FFL sides of the story. Some had many great things to say about how it has helped their discernment and now I hope you can all help me help others who are going through the same thing. Most of them are mixed in the comments on other entries and I would like to ask you all to re-share in this this entry's comment section. Please share with us your experiences in going through your discernment process; the people you heard from, what influenced you, and how you finally made the decision (if you have) or what is keeping you from making it. I believe many of us will benefit from it.

I'll start it off now with something I got in my inbox.

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Happy sharing!


Anonymous said...

Frank is still blaming GK (in Houston) for the decline in numbers. Given the success of GK's evangelism and the swell of numbers joining CFC from GK villages, what is Frank's evidence to support his allegation?

Also, he has said again in Houston that there was disobedience to the Bishops. Given the Bishops themselves said this was not the case, how can he keep saying this? Surely it is ironic in the utmost if he is going against the statements of the Bishops by continuing to assert that disobedience occurred.

These are two things that bother me greatly about his statements. 1, an allegation without support, and 2, continuing to propagate something that actually contradicts what the Bishops said.

mindboggler said...

dear CD,

i have always been at peace since the start of all of these because i know that God has the best plans for His people and His community.

while the trouble was brewing, and as i read the emails and the blogspot and the memos and the text messages and the news items, columns and even watched the tv footages.... i always look for the "fruit of the Spirit". where i can find it, there i am led. one of the fruits is, of course, humility. and from all of these, i can only find that "fruit" from the IC.



Anonymous said...

In the end, a few things speak powerfully to me:

Big number 1. The Bishops have said following the discussion that they are happy to proceed with the International Council, in the light of the IC's willingness to work with them on any concerns.

Frank Padilla has said that despite the fact the Bishops are happy to do so, he is not. Why? Because, he believes the in the four months the IC has been in charge, they should have completely addressed any concerns, even ones which began and continued over a long time during Frank's 26 year reign over CFC. If Frank was not able to fix them, how could the council have done so in four months, much less with someone diverting their resource by causing division during that time?


2. Nonong Contreras and others misrepresenting the Bishops statements regarding the Vatican Recognition, which was clearly said to remain with the original CFC under the leadership of Joe Tale.

3. Rereading Frank's CFC-GK3, I'm struck by how often Frank takes isolated events and makes it sound like they are standard practices in GK. What good can possibly come of doing this? The Bishops were right to recognize the truth of Joe Tale's words that any cases of these were isolated, and not representative of typical GK.

4. FFL have asked that people stop talking about CFC finances under their reign, but continue to make insinuations about GK.

5. Frank tells people in the USA :If you're for all the ministries, you should be with FFL. If you're for only working with the poor, you should be with CFC. I can't subscribe to such dishonest representation of the International Council's priorities.

6. FFL representatives have made divisive statements to public media, an act which deliberately fosters division and makes Christians look bad to the world.

7. The difference between public statements of FFL and what has come out due to accidentally disclosed documents and emails etc.

8. Frank's problem with the profile of Tony Meloto in GK, a problem which did not seem to plague him regarding the huge publicity and exploitation of the 'brand' Frank Padilla when trying to recruit people to FFL. Double standard.

I simply cannot accept that a Christian organization should start through and using such means, including deceptive statements, fostering public division, unfounded allegations to the press, misrepresentation of the facts to international CFC members etc.

Given the Bishops see no reason not to carry on with the International Council, and given FP's over-branding of GK (inconsistent with FP's own statements), I see no reason to follow a person to a new organization.

We have elections and processes to protect us from such exploitation and abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

it was not even a discernment. every time FFL releases an email, comment, etc. (which is an insult to the minds and hearts of everyone), i can only say "huh?".

so just one word to describe my discernment experience ---- DUH!!!

lino of EB4 said...

Although I've only been in the CFC community for 8 years, I saw the community grow and overcome numerous problems. I've seen dedicated and disgusted, members and leaders to come and leave for various reasons. I saw how brotherly/sisterly relationships developed and how relationships disintegrated due to disagreements and conflicts between leaders and members alike. Despite the problems, I saw God's hand moving within the community,annointing it, guiding it and most of all, empowering it for the work He has given.

Throughout our ordeal, I never saw God leaving the community. Despite the disagreement, misunderstanding, grandstanding, pride, confusion the conflict has brought, God never left and brought His annointment with Him. I just know that everything that has happened has God blessing and is all part of God plan. I really felt that God is telling us that it is now the time for us to choose which road to take in the next 25 years. It is time to prune the tree CFC represents to enable it to grow and bear more fruit, even if it would require cutting some of its limbs/branches.

I lost 2 of my household heads and one household group to FFL. No other household leader or household group from the other units within my chapter transferred except those under me. At first I was disappointed with myself. Being a unit head for almost 4 years, I really thought that I fulfilled my duties and responsibilities. It was only after I heard my household leader bid us goodbye did I realize that God was really in control of everything. He was very much in control.

My household head told me that they have decided to transfer since they see that they will grow more spiritually with FFL. We respected their decision and thanked them for the support and dedication they have shown while they were under us. During the discussion, I heard that one of their reasons for leaving was they believed that GK was too much for them and that CFC is now eating up the time they have set aside for their families. Bottomline, they were falling behind the work for one reason or another.

It was at this time that God made me realize that it was alright. He showed me a vision.

Since CFC took on God's work, CFC also built a wall that each member in CFC must climb and hurdle. In the early years, almost everyone was able to scale the wall and go to the other side. However, as the work progressed and CFC took on additional responsibilities, no one observed that the wall was getting higher and made it hard for some members to climb up to go to the other side. Those who failed to get to the other side represent those who left the community through the years. When Bro. Frank formed FFL, He smashed a portion of the wall thus lowering it so that those unable to scale the wall will now be able to go over it.

For me, God's message is, God needs everybody for the work He has given. He was just using the conflict to enable those who has failed to scale the higher wall to be part of the work He has commissioned. He is not letting anyone walk away from it. This vision has reinforced my decision to stay. The high wall will not deter me from doing God's work. I know my God is counting on me.

Anonymous said...

This is my discerment of What Really Matters.

This is IT, In the END, This Really WHAT MATTERS

Francisco din but not a Padilla said...

It was easy to decide to remain with CFC because:

1. The leaders Frank Padilla has in FFL are mostly made up of former brethren who do not like the work with poor program; some do not even have a real involvement in Ministries, except that their wives are the leaders in the Ministries.

2. The profile of the sisters (wives) in the top FFL leadership don't seem to be sisters who are submissive to their husbands in the CFC context of the word "submissive", and their influence extends to CFC. In the household of FAP, we hear that one sister/wife who is submissive to her husband is considered "bad influence" to the other sisters.

3. The FFL leadership's real agenda was exposed ; "Easter/Playboys & Bunnies", mis-sent letter due to carelessness of the Maribel-Gary e-mail loop.

4. Undue influence of Frank Padilla & wife Gerry, and Maribel Descallar of FFL on Bishops GReyes, ALagdameo & 'potential Cardinal candidate' SVillegas.

5. Frank Padilla's hasty resignation and because of desire to have power back wanted to be nominated for Council position for 2007-09, after having resigned in Feb. 20, 2007.

6. My fear that if ever Frank Padilla becomes incapacitated and could not be leader for FFL anymore, the choices for top FFL leadership will be......? Can they control the 'women power' in FFL?
It also would be hard to be a leader in a community with an "Office Of Women" looking over your shoulder.

7. Frank Padilla's actuations / pronouncements that:
7.1. remaining four Council members afteir resignations should not be included in the list of nominees for the June election
7.2. CFC disobeyed the Bishops
7.3. Council doing 'witchhunt'
7.4. Council owes Lachie Agana an apology even before checking if Lachie may not be totally innocent of charges made by H. O. staff.
7.5. impliedly leading/ condoning/enjoying the scheme to destabilize CFC with tactics (mostly dirty) in the meeting of their exclusive "Easter/Playboy & Bunnies group,
7.6. and many more.

However, beyond the reasons above, there is GK! And the best place to show love for God is at the GK SITE, WHERE ONE ENCOUNTERS THE POOR!

One day FFL will want to have their own GK too, save that one cannot run a GK program with anger in your heart.

Anonymous said...

In Houston, after the open forum with Frank Padilla was over, Gerry Padilla stood up, took the microphone and stated that since nobody asked about personal questions, she volunteered to clarify the issue regarding the alleged "affair" between Lachie Agana and Maribel Escallar.

Considering that many of those in attendance were not aware of such an "affair", they were surprised or stunned that she would be talking about the infidelity (whether true or not) of former top officials of CFC who are now with FFL. In disgust, some of them left the assembly hall. As an unintended consequence, a lot of people who were still discerning at the time decided to stay with CFC and they cited this as one of the reasons for their decision, in addition of course to the very positive and low key approach of Bro.Joe Tale as compared to the very negative attacks of Frank Padilla.

I believe Gerry Padilla owes the Agana and the Escallar families an apology for identifying Lachie and Maribel as the ones involved in the alleged "affair". It appears to me that the Padillas will not even consider the sentiments or dignity of the families of these two FFL leaders as long as publicizing the "affair" would serve their (Padillas) purpose of attacking the IC.

Ultimately, the end justifies the means....

zac said...

Among the many reasons I stay with CFC, I would say the following exchanges of letters between Frank Padilla and the brethren named hereunder were to my mind telling me as an observer that there's a new Frank Padilla eager to come out of its shell, a Frank Padilla I did not even think of in the past.

The letter writers to Frank, to whom he replied to were:

1. Dylan Wilke
2. Zeny Gimenez
3. Jun Uriarte (not here in this blog. CD, if you personally know Jun, you may please ask him)
4. the letters he wrote to the 7 man Council urging them to make the supreme sacrifice of quitting their elected posts. (I did not get to read items #3 and #4, but my source of their existence is reliable and the contents as relayed to me is all in the pattern of Frank's latest mind set.)

There are other letters sent out by the Easter Group, and the Nonong Contreras GENERIC CFC classic, and the spin of Roland Nillas dated July 29 telling us that we should not accuse Bishop Soc Villegas of trying to instigate a CFC - GK breakup.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous re; What Really Matters

I have read somewhere that the TRUTH can be expressed in three (3) words, more than that you just made it up.

You are right in your discerment THIS IS IT (3 words)!

I am bitter about this... said...

I quote this from a comment of a blog reader from Houston, USA, on September 22

“Anonymous said...
In Houston, after the open forum with Frank Padilla was over, Gerry Padilla stood up, took the microphone and stated that since nobody asked about personal questions, she volunteered to clarify the issue regarding the alleged "affair" between Lachie Agana and Maribel Escallar. “

Ohh my……………!!!

What are you doing Sister Gerry Padilla?

Isn’t Maribel Descallar your friend? Isn’t she a co-member of the “Playboy & Bunnies” Group?

Isn’t she your most beloved partner in “Office on Women” and “Teodora”?

Isn’t she your closest ally?

What about the Agana Family?

Didn’t Gie Agana side with you even if her husband, Lachie, was only a collateral damage on the night of February 13, when he said yes, he will resign too, after Tony and Frank “forced” him to do it?

Didn’t your husband Frank show total loyalty to Lachie by siding with Lachie against the staff of the Home Office who were “telling on him” with their affidavits? And against the remaining four Council Members who did not resign?

Hindi yata kayo nag-uusap ni Frank tungkol sa game plan ninyo!

So why are you declaring the LACHI – MARIBEL affair in Houston? Ano ka ba?

Ano ba talaga?

Sinabi mo rin yan sa meeting with the Council Members in front of the Bishops last August 28, 2007.

Question to Agana and Descallar Families: With a friend like Gerry Padilla, do you need enemies?

Please pray and discern well Lachi and Maribel, are you really in the right team?

Goodbye, Gerry! said...

First I was with know the one with the GK!

Then I was in discernment, but I heard Frank Padilla speak, and so I am now in FFL.

On my desk is a letter to Frank Padilla telling him that I am about to deposit a US $ CHECK for FFL, with a modest 6 digit amount, a fact that I couldn't bear to tell my wife.

Now I just read a GERRY PADILLA bombshell!

Lachi Agana and Maribel Descallar are lovers? How?????

Why oh Why? ... I can't believe it!

The other thing is why can't Frank Padilla, my leader, my source of inspiration do something about this?

Gerry I can't take this. I'm sorry for you Maribel.

Kahit na si Nonong Contreras ay nandyan, FFL pa rin sana ako!

Pero Gerry? After this tabloid kind of a revelation?

I am going back to my CFC Household Head tomorrow, and I think we will have a good dinner at his home.

Check cancelled!

just curious... said...

i noticed that there are no FFL members who post their sharings/their reasons why they opted to separate from CFC. Is it because they don't read this site or the moderator did not approve of their comments?...just curious. i really think they should read this site for them to hear the voices from the field...

Ernie said...

My friend send this to me. It's a good reminder for everyone specially those who have made their choices and ready to MOVE ON....


Harmony does not mean that everyone is in agreement. It means that no one is attempting to force his or her opinions on others.

Harmony does not mean that everyone is the same. It means that everyone respects and tolerates and even celebrates the differences that give so much richness to life.

Harmony is not ever achieved by brute force. Harmony is reached when every individual understands, on his or her own terms, that it is by far the most effective way to live.

Harmony does not come about through intimidation or scolding or threats of punishment. Harmony is reached through understanding.

Harmony cannot exist where people are interested only in what they can take. Harmony is built through giving.

Harmony comes not by giving in or by being weak or by surrendering one's most treasured principles, or by the cowardly attempt to control others. Harmony is the domain of those who are confident enough in their own lives to allow others to peacefully flourish.

Just sharing.....
Ernie S

Anonymous said...

To whoever runs this blog (or, to whoever can respond to our request at the end.. please read thoroughly):
Just this afternoon, the CFC-FFL cluster in our area had an assembly supposedly for the YFC and KFC. We were able to hear their arguments over why they broke away from CFC-Global (although they continue to call it CFC-GK, which is erroneous since GK is still one of the pillars of CFC, and maybe it's a tactic to confuse current CFC/YFC members?) because they weren't able to turn off the external speakers of the village chapel where they held their assembly. Consequently, homeowners were able to overhear them. Some of their arguments (before they were able to turn it off): 1) the council disobeyed the RECOMMENDATION of the bishops regarding the postponement of the elections. 2) the questionable involvement of non-Christian groups such as the Mormons in GK communities. 3) that GK is veering away from Catholic values 4) that CFC is no longer family-centered.
There may have been other arguments, but as I said, they were able to turn off the external speakers so we may not have heard their other "points". We would want to clarify these points and other "questionable deeds of CFC" (as propagated by the CFC-FFL) to current members of CFC-YFC by sending them an email, but we found it hard to do so, as we may make mistakes regarding certain details on the CFC side of the split. Please help us in spreading the truth! -a concerned YFC head
a lot of YFC members in our area were texted about this assembly, but weren't clarified that it was a CFC-FFL-YFC event. Rather, they said it was a YFC assembly.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Ernie S.
Harmony is it. Time to move on...time to move forward for everyone. Let go and let God.
Happy Weekend.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the calls for harmony and letting go...BUT...

If the things that anonymous described of which the FFL is telling the KFC and YFC members are still being said, WELL, it appears there is still a need to defend against the propagation of such dishonest propaganda.

They seem to be continuing to disseminate dishonest statements in order to recruit people.

I just can't understand how they can found a movement using such dishonesty. It's just bizarre.

Anonymous said...

In our Cluster,we are the only Chapter suffers the storm of division ,2 of the units stay with community and 2 units join breakaway.Our Chapter Leader cause us to go through Lamentations for two Saturdays we were ask to check on the piece of paper whether you are CFC-GK or CFC-FFL. Our names were read loudly, when names of the members called under CFC -FFL they are clapping their hand in jubilation as if they won the game.
I isolate myself and silently pray to GOD ,and He answer me this is part of the pruning process GOD allows to happen to really clear our vision of continuing our mission for the next 25 years. OUR CHAPTER LEADER BREAKS HIS COVENANT WITH THE COMMUNITY...
and the sad thing He openly campaign for the FFL and 2 of the unit leaders sided him while the lower members blindly join the group.(only because they dont' know)
But going through the process I really feel that our Chapter members were deceived from the very beginning of what really happenned,its because our Chapter leader disoriented us with only bad comments towards the International Council and all praises to BRO.FRANK PADILLA as the sourse of his inspiration,he even comment BRO.FRANK PADILLA as prophet.( I also thank GOD for giving Bro. Frank to our community but,I join CFC not because of Bro. Frank its because I believe in the mission and vision of CFC)
Its a painful process on my part since I love all the members of the Chapter ,they have been part of my life for the past 11 years of my CFC Life. My husband and I was given the chance to share why in hurry of choosing,is there urgency,only to find out our chapter leader is eyeing for a position in the Core of FFL community.

THAT STRONGLY ANSWER MY PRAYER THAT I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK OF CHOOSING To STAY in the community A community that blesses me and my family with good things and plenty...
It's not that my friends ay nasa FFL ,mag-FFL na rin ako.


I thank our brothers and sisters community that immediately after the storm ,we are comforted ,THEY CHALLENGE US TO SHOW COMPASSION AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO ALL OUR BROTHERS aND SISTERS EVEN IF THEY BREAKAWAY.
But still I feel the frictions because we are seeing each other and they still winning our brothers and sisters who opted to stay with CFC.They even win the hearts of our village chapel workers whom we are also a member to be a part of the work for the church.(and it is not bad,kasi two groups will be working for the LORD)But still it is a challenge to work together.

Please pray for us that truly we can stand STILL above the storm and one DAY our chapter will be one again .ONE CFC UNDER ONE GOD!!!

AN SFC said...

i think someone from the center should relate here why the employees didn't dare to give thites. i think they should also extract LACHIE AGANA'S FINANCES that's been paid by CFC CENTER also the overpriced water dispenser/purifier that's sold to the center from lachie. also please check the insurances... FRANK is well-aware, but good-men do nothing...

Ernie said...

MOVING ON, I attended the CFC NJ Meeting last Sunday and one of the plans of CFC IC in the pipeline is to introduce "CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYERS". I ask myself WHY Contemplative Prayers. Moving On nga, backwards naman yata.
So I researched to clear my doubts and I was surprised what I've found, watch these Video CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER and discern it yourself.
Highlights in 10 mini-clips by clicking NEXT or HOME button to find out details of the author/presenter.

Your comments please....
Ernie S

Anonymous said...

In the event, God has allowed these things to happen because He wanted us to know what really the kind of top leaders we have. Maybe God wanted to stop the hypocricy of the top leaders. He doesn't want us to be blinded and deceived by them at all times.

For me, there is no need for us to change gear bec. we already have taken the highest speed on the road straight in fulfilling the mission that God has set for all of us.

Anonymous said...

from the province...

I was once an active member of sfc until i got married and decided to try the couples group for a different level, but with little time for the community my spirituality continued to dry up. I was already in the process of looking for another support group cause i can't see any development in me until...

I learned about the cfc crisis mid August and was updated only through this blogsite, (it's really a big help for us ordinary members). Mixed emotions, i cannot explain how i feel seeing the community that once lifted me, being in war(within).

When i saw the election video, i already knew where to side, but as new facts are uncovered the more convinced i am for the council. Actually i don't even know who the top leaders were, who was frank, tony,etc, i just saw their names during our ugnayan sharings, during households, but i didn;t know that they are our top leaders, that there were 7 man council etc. etc.

I learned a lot viewing this site with different ideas coming from comments good or bad, its how you take it that matters. I was excited when i saw the phrase from bottom to top. that was our very long struggle then during my sfc time, because every community that we get into is totally differerent from each other. there is a constant change, strategies have to be updated to accomplish missions. Sad to say we had few elders who listens well. but i'm sure there are more great leaders out there who can tell our council that more ideas can be found in the grass roots. The pastoral congress i hope can go down some more to the ordinary members. If before, we can't connect to the upper leaders our concerns, how much more today when there is little truth and a lot of lies scattered.

I accidentally saw a list of ffl leaders with their members in our area and i was so surprised to see my name on it with my household head and our goup. i don't know how to deal about it, but i am sure a lot of our leaders here in our area didn't know the whole truth.

I wish i can grow again with this community, nakakainggit ang maturity ng nasa council.

Ernie said...

Not that I FORGOT to mention the OBVIOUS (one of the Back to Basics discussed in the meeting) which were BURRIED in our wallets.


Kindly TAKE IT OUT wherever you placed IT and lets review it together.


...furnish the details of WHAT YOU ARE DOING....


...furnish the details of WHAT YOU ARE DOING....


...furnish the details of WHAT YOU ARE DOING....


...furnish the details of WHAT YOU ARE DOING....


...furnish the details of WHAT YOU ARE DOING....


Sgd Ernie S

As we CHOOSE to MOVE ON, we CAN'T GIVE what we DON'T HAVE. I want PEACE and may the peace of GOD starts in ME.

May YOU also FIND YOURS....

Anonymous said...

Our Covenant is with God not with our chosen leaders kaya remember sino ba ang sinasaktan ninyo ngayon - sino ngayon ang nagkakasala pleasec dont make as fall to sin again

Ernie said...

To those concerned,

Are you not having Households or attended a Prayer Meeting lately. Are you feeling Spiritually Depleted and Drained. Click this to get some

Anonymous said...

bro. ernie,

nag ha-household po kami. kaso meron isang taga FFL pa rin na nakiki-household. di ko alam bakit. siguro, hindi pa siya nabibigyan ng pwesto sa kabila.

mahirap maghousehold, mga kapatid. nakakainis, kasi dati mo siyang "kapatid", marami kayong pinagsamahan. ngayon, mainitin ang ulo. ang hirap mag household. mahirap ang discussion. mahirap magdasal. nakaka walang gana.

it's really a lesson of love. kaya kailangan talagang tanggapin mo pa rin sila sa household.

nakakalungkot lang kasi parang naloko lang sila. di naman namin mapagusapan sa household. pero di ba parang hindi rin naman tama na parang ginagamit lang din nila household??? di ba dapat, umalis na kung umalis! pero...

it's a lesson of love talaga mga kapatid.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brethren,

Let us all be sober and circumspect in all our ways. Dwell simply on facts and glean over the truths. Journey with me...

1) FFL raised the issue of disobedience to the Catholic Bishops...
Fact: On August 28, 2007 the Bishops have spoken after listening to both sides. They clearly stated :the CBCP has no authority over the Couples for Christ in the national level. It can only make recommendations to the Couples for Christ, not impositions.
Question for Discernment: Is the issue of "disobedience" valid?

2) FFL raised the issue that CFC because of Gawad Kalinga is "veering away from the vision/mission of CFC and Catholic teachings..."
Fact: On August 28, 2007 the International Council of CFC admitted & accepted that there are isolated cases happening in the conduct of GK activities but these do not happen in most of the GK areas throughout the country. The IC group committed themselves to look into the matter and make whatever corrections are needed.
Question for Discernment: Upon acceptance of the IC and declaring their commitment to correct all these in front of the Bishops, is the issue of "veering away from the vision/mission of CFC & Catholic teachings" still valid?

3) The Easter Group called for a Restoration Movement to bring back the authentic charism of CFC...
Fact: The Restoration Movement called by the Easter Group became a movement to establish a Foundation for Family & Life (FFL).
Question for Discernment: If the movement was to restore the original charism of CFC, why was it used to gather our brethren and organize a new group? How can you restore something within if you are out there separate from it?

After gleaning over the stated facts, the BIG QUESTION for discernment is: Were there enough valid reasons to "SPLIT" or "SEPARATE"?

May GOD bless us all!!!

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Good point, Anonymous on your Discernment questions.

I believe God allows separation and division for a purpose.

In 1993, God allowed CFC to separate from LNP for a purpose. Some member then questioned why CFC separated from LNP when LNP had a strong pastoral support for one to become a strong Christian at work and at play, with his Family at the center of his Christian life.

On a hindsight, God allowed CFC to SEPARATE from LNP in order to do massive, rapid and global evangelization. Also to be able to bring the whole family to the CFC loop as in KFC, YFC, SFC, HOLD and SOLD. CFC reached its highest membership of about 1,600,000 individuals in 1999/2000. After that, CFC started to decrease about 100-200 members annually down to where it is now, about 600,000 indiv members.

In 2007, God allowed Frank Padilla to DIVIDE for a purpose. I am not sure yet why God allowed this to happen. Free will of man? Man's fallen nature of rebellion and pride? I don't know. Let's see in the years to come.

In my opinion, whether SEPARATION or DIVISION, for as long as God's plan is clear, the Lord will bless the work, any work. Even in a seemingly wrong situation, God can make right.

Let us therefore move forward. Let us all let go and let God. God bless Frank and FFL, God bless CFC and Joe Tale (and the Council). God bless GK and Tony Meloto.
God bles all of us!


Alab said...

Just met a brother who is a full-time worker with FFL and it just dawned on me that the issues that they raise are the same - disobedience, the IC not being in communion with the Spirit, etc, etc. There is anger in the way that they explain things and this is why there can never be a "moving forward" if we continue to address each and every "spin" that they put out there. Mga kapatid, subukan kaya nating maging constructive instead of being condescending and provoking. It's ok if we do not have the facility for Spanish, or French, or German. We can certainly speak about the love and peace of Christ by our actions. Remember 1 Cor. 13:4-7 where St. Paul wrote about what love is:

"Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith,hope and patience never fail."

God bless!

roundeyedtoddler said...

The discernment process my wife and I took was really very simple. We said, when we joined CFC (passionately for that matter) and were introduced to GK around a year after, we said we would commit to GK as our service in CFC. Given what's happening, we said we will continue to serve in GK, whether we choose to remain with CFC or jump to FFL.

Next, we asked ourselves, have we veered away in ways described by Frank? We said, no we don't. We may have slowed down at some points and in some areas of our life in the community, given our human shortcomings, but we have not veered away. Veering away is different from failing at one point or another.

Finally, we asked ourselves, do we need to change anything in our CFC life? We said, no, there's no need to change anything.

That's how we ended up staying with CFC. Simple! No deep meditations or profound discernment processes :-)

Our discernment process as a couple happened way before I read anything outside of CFC & GK 3. After constantly updating ourselves by talking to leaders within the sector, we thought, hmmmm, it looks like my wife and I were on the right track.

Then, during one sector gathering, surprisingly, Luis Oquinena himself dared everyone to read the Easter Group's website. I took the challenge! I saw how Frank smartly rebutted every statement of the International Council. I saw how "holy" and "righteous" his arguments were. I was dumbfounded. He resigned as CFC Director and he talked that way to people whom he left behind to fix things? That bothered me no end. Not only did I choose to remain with CFC, I began to be critical of Frank Padilla and passionately sympathetic to the International Council.

Still, I gave Frank the benefit of the doubt and sought information about how elections were done. Someone told me to check this blog site. Lo and behold, I felt so blessed with the videos and audios available here. I was further enlightened and fully convinced that the election process was done with the guidance of the Holy Spiirt. I downloaded Fr Mario's talk and the video of the elections and made copies for the early birds in our Chapter Assembly. Many were further enlightened. Thanks to you C.D.

God is Good. Our Chapter is intact. Our Cluster is intact. Our Sector is intact. There are dents of course when a unit or two broke off in our cluster, and a chapter or two broke off from our sector.

From admiration for Frank (whose books I read), to simple deference to his different stand on present issues, and now to being passionately critical of his intentions...that describes the painful process I personally underwent in my discernment process. My wife is luckier. After our decision to stay with CFC, she couldn't care less about everything else.

My prayer is to be more forgiving, more loving, more accepting. In our passion to follow Christ, still, we all need to be careful about where our passions can lead us momentarily. May it not lead us to the various traps Satan has laid out in his war against God.

May the Lord's name be praised forever and ever by all generations and by all nations. Amen.

Non-Filipino BASIC (aka "Brother and Sister in Christ") said...

Brothers and Sisters, let us pray. Lord God Heavenly Father, Abba, we are your people, the sheep of your flock. Heal the sheep who are wounded, touch the sheep who are in pain, clean the sheep who are soiled, warm the lambs who are cold, help us to know the Father’s love through Jesus the shepherd and through His spirit. Help us to lift up that love, and to show it all over this land. Help us build love on justice and justice on love. Help us to believe mightily, hope joyfully and to love divinely. Renew us that we may renew the face of the earth. We ask all this in the name that is above every name, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

After many conversations with Our Lord God in the isolation of the open fields of His creation, before the Blessed Sacrament, and within our own dreams of the Heavenly Eternal Presence, we finally came to a decision that we could be at peace with. Before joining Couples for Christ in 2006, we prayed and sought the counsel of current members, because at that time we were nervous to commit ourselves to something that was not fully known to us. And when we joined, we did with the resolve to enter cautiously and fully-dressed with the Armor of God. It was and is by the grace of God that we chose to wear His Armor, for protection, for battle, for resiliency and for zeal for Spirit and Truth. It is this very armor, His word in particular, that guided us throughout our discernment.

11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


It was during our own CLP in April 2006 that we noted that Talk #5, which is based on scripture, Mark 12:30 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, was incomplete. As we listened and discussed the talk, we noted the absence of the “with all your soul” part from both the talk and the group discussions. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I attributed the omission to human error on the part of the speaker. Less than 10 months later (and after much discernment on the part of the Chapter leader), Sophie was asked to give Talk #5 and it was then we discovered that the CLP outline given to speakers really did not include a discussion of “with all your soul”. Sophie refused to do the talk without the soul in it so she talked with the CLP Team Leader who in turn consulted the Chapter Leader who gave instructions to “let her do what she wants”. Sophie gave her talk with much apprehension about upsetting any CFC leader but thankfully her talk seemed to have been well received by the CLP participants and service team members that she was even asked to do the same talk at another CLP a few weeks later. It was at this next CLP that the Chapter Leader heard Sophie’s version of Talk #5 and gave his approval. So again Sophie and I attributed the omission of “with all your soul” to human error only to have our doubts raised anew when at the next CLP where we served, a Unit Leader did Talk #5 and again no discussion of “with all your soul” was given. This Unit Leader was directly under the same Chapter Leader, so does this mean he was never told about the issue raised regarding non-discussion of "soul"? This time we were starting to question whether such omission was just human error and our answer came a few months later when we again brought the matter to the attention of local leaders. Despite a very heated discussion however, the Chapter Leader refused to acknowledge that the omission of “soul” in the CLP talk is a matter of concern. His reasons: (a) “loving with all your soul” is difficult to comprehend thus difficult for speakers to explain, and (b) it would also be difficult for ordinary folks to understand this highly theological teaching. Another leader present during our discussion went as far as to point out that CLP participants in the Philippines could be mere farmers and fishermen. Needless to say, this reasoning caused us much disappointment in our leaders for isn’t it that the Lord’s words were first taught to and understood by ordinary fishermen?

A few weeks later, during the open forum which followed a talk on “moving forward” someone asked if the CLP teachings would be reviewed. The FFL guest speaker said “yes” and this Chapter Leader noted that they might think of including our concern about Talk #5 in such a review. Unfortunately, said guest speaker hastily pointed out that he didn’t see a need to change anything in the CLP teachings.

Galatians 6:6 One who is being instructed in the word should share all good things with his instructor.

Could Sophie be the first one in twenty-five years to bring this to the attention of leaders? How about other doctrines of our Catholic faith that have consciously been excluded from the CLP teachings such as the sacraments and our devotion to the Blessed Mother? From what we heard from other leaders, these doctrines are downplayed in CLP for fear that these might offend non-Catholic participants. At first, we couldn’t believe the blind acceptance of this reasoning given the very negative reaction to the use of the same reasoning as regards Gawad Kalinga. Was this actually the official stance of the organization or merely an erroneous interpretation by some local leaders? We realized that the inconsistency in upholding our Catholic Faith went all the way to the top of the CFC leadership when we listened to the Talk #5 CLP make-up CD where Frank Padilla was the speaker. Much to our regret, Bro. Frank himself omitted discussing “with all your soul”, dashing any hope we had that this and other similar matters would ever receive the urgent attention they deserved.

Hebrews 5:11-14 11About this we have much to say, and it is difficult to explain, for you have become sluggish in hearing. 12Although you should be teachers by this time, you need to have someone teach you again the basic elements of the utterances of God. You need milk, and not solid food. 13Everyone who lives on milk lacks experiences of the word of righteousness, for he is a child. 14But solid food is for the mature, for those whose faculties are trained by practice to discern good and evil.


“… give them strength in mind, body and spirit in supporting one another.”

The above is quoted from a CFC leader’s email and when such a statement as this is made, we must be diligent. No matter how “scriptural” this statement may sound, it is NOT. We must be alert to the tricks of the evil one; tricking us to believe in the unholy, or casually accepting unholy expressions carelessly made by local leaders.

1Thessalonians 5:23 May the God of peace Himself make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For those who don’t know, the phrase “mind, body, and spirit” is directly connected to New Age movements, The Occult, spiritualism and the like. This information may strike many as simply “interesting” but for us it is “alarming” because the phrase places man first (i.e. “mind and body”) before God (i.e. “Spirit”). Whereas in scripture 1 Thessalonians 5:23, the spirit of our Living God is first, followed by our soul and body. This is the Holy order of primacy.

Galatians 1:7-10 7You were running well; who hindered you from following the truth? 8That enticement does not come from the one who called you. 9A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough. 10I am confident of you in the Lord that you will not take a different view, and that the one who is troubling you will bear the condemnation, whoever he may be.

WHAT CAUSED THE DARKNESS. We must remember that the news of the separation came with a great deal of slander, finger pointing, accusations and panic, along with a self-proclaimed restorer. We are not denying any of the serious wrongdoings imputed against both the International Council and the new group. What was more of a concern for us, however, was the manner in which all the messages were delivered.

Ephesians 4:1-6 1I, then a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to live in a manner worthy of the call you have received, 2with all humility and gentleness with patience, bearing with one another through love, 3striving to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace 4one body and one spirit, as you were also called to the one hope of your call; 5one Lord, one faith, one baptism 6One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

We all have heard that our CFC community is a gift from God,

Acts 4:32 the community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of possessions was his own, but they had everything in common.

Yet when one part is having difficulties with staying the course there are those ready and willing to part.

Galatians 6:1 Brothers, even if a person is caught in some transgression, you who are spiritual should correct that one in a gentle spirit, looking to yourself, so that you also may not be tempted.

We also understand that the main reason for separation was due to sin. Yes, one cannot associate with sinners who refuse to repent or have an unwillingness to correct their actions. However this is not the position of the CFC International Council who going by their plan of holding a Pastoral Congress in November do seem committed to correcting past errors.

We believe that the real sin committed was keeping the general members of Couples for Christ in the dark. The persons with knowledge of why this was occurring were being secretive. They shut out the ordinary members, the actual servants doing CFC’s work, the ones who could have assisted in correcting the problem by having their voices be heard by the elders, officers and by God Himself before it was too late. This separation has caused the light to be shed on the areas that need correction.

1John 2:8 Yet I am writing you a new command; its truth is seen in him and you, because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining.

PERSONAL REVELATION: MAKING SENSE OF A VISION. On or about the end of May 2007, we were asked to be Household Leaders of the same household we were part of. After much praying and talking we could not come up with an answer, we thought we were not silent enough to hear the Lord. On the night before giving our answer, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to come to us in our sleep for answers and truth. The next morning, Sophie awoke, rose from the bed and before her, she saw this vision: The CFC sign (like a billboard) sits on a stone that is cracked in the middle. Pearls were embedded on each of the broken pieces, though some of the pearls have fallen off from one piece. We interpreted the vision as: “CFC stands on a foundation that is cracked, hence why some of the pearls of wisdom have fallen.” We needed to make more sense of the vision so we shared it with our local leaders and it was during our discussions with them that we first heard about the problems CFC was having.

As details of the problems unfolded, we began to delve deeper into the meaning of the vision. Does the stone equate to the foundation of CFC? Do the 7 pearls on each side represent the old and the new council? Do the 3 fallen pearls from one side represent the 3 members who resigned?

Regardless of what the vision means, it (i.e. the crack, the split) has happened. But take note that the “CFC” remains standing. Only with brokenness can there be a healing, a true surrendering to God, for HIS WORK to be Glorified, not mans. And maybe, just maybe that’s what each of us is being asked to do by our Father. We must make ourselves see through the eyes of God, put on the mind of Christ, and to walk in the Spirit. It took two pieces to create the cross that Jesus died on, with all the suffering and sin. God continues to love us today, sinfulness and all. May God be merciful.

We are done discerning and to our own amazement, we found ourselves being lead to remain with whom we were originally brought to by God. We are staying with Couples for Christ, Houston, Texas USA. Please know that this decision is about obedience to OUR GOD, Our Father, Our Abba who chose us before the foundations of the world. It was, it is and it will always be God that transforms and convicts through, with and in the Holy Spirit, His people, His children, His chosen. God brought us into Couples for Christ by way of newly formed natural friendships but make no mistake that it was HE who called us and still continues to call us for such a time as this. Yes, this is a time for restoration but restoration means the process of repairing or renovating a building, work of art, vehicle, etc., so as to restore it to its original condition. Nowhere does it mean abandonment.

Amos 9:11-12 11"In that day I will restore David's fallen tent. I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and build it as it used to be, 12 so that they may possess the remnant of Edom and all the nations that bear my name, declares the LORD, who will do these things.

Most Gracious and Merciful God, look upon this community, the community of lovers of God. May you bless us with clean hands and pure hearts, so we may enter into the holy of holies to prostrate ourselves before your Holy presence. Bless us with holy conviction and guidance to be obedient to your will and extend the angels’ wings to provide us protection and defense. Allow us to continually hear our name being called by the voice of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to surrender our lives to the very breath of God. We ask all of this in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Bro. Miles & Sis Sophie

Ernie said...

MOVE ON TRAIN is rolling in New Jersey....

I got this in my in box

-----Original Message-----

From: Marlon Baculio []
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 2:01 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: [CFC-NJ North] CFC-Youth Assembly on Oct 13 (Saturday)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We invite all young people aged 12 to 21 and their parents to attend:

CFC-Youth Assembly

October 13, 2007 (Saturday) 1PM - 5PM

Conlon Hall (St. John the Evangelist)

29 N Washington Ave Bergenfield, NJ 07621

Most of the attendees will be from NJ North but those from other areas are very much welcome. Please also invite your friends, relatives, co-workers outside the community.

Thanks and God bless!!!

Marlon & Riza

CFC-Youth for Christ (CFC-Youth in the USA) is a youth organization under the Couples For Christ Family Ministries (Global Mission Foundation under the leadership of the International Council). It is open to people aged 12-21 of any Christian denomination, although the majority of the members are Catholics. YFC creates an environment to help every young adult in their journey to become close with Christ. Like Couples for Christ, YFC calls for, "Rapid, massive, global evangelization." Read more...

(This email is intended for CFC-NJ North Chapter members. I apologize to people who have indicated their intention to join FFL and still got this message. If you would like to be removed from future emails, pls let me know, indicating your name and email address. God bless you. --marlon)

Anonymous said...

I've only been a CFC-Singles for Christ member for a year and I have trully loved this community since my orientation in the CLP and my relationship with God has flourished ever since. The division in this community made me realize how true it is to: (a)NEVER be attached to anyone or anything within this community, and(b)NEVER focus on the imperfections of the community but rather have a focus on God and your service. Well a lot of former CFC-Singles for Christ members discern by knowing: (a)Where their friends/family are, (b)What the stand of their chapter/sector, (c)Where the majority is, (d)Where they can be more popular through their service/leadership, (e)What makes them happy. Okay, the last part, personally, I find it weird, I mean if you claim that you are God's servant, does making yourself happy a priority? As a young and single individual, making God happy should be first and above all. Anyway, I just state those facts, just to inform everyone, that a lot of former (I say former, 'cause they're FFL now) CFC-Sfc members discern in those manner and being the next in line to our CFC elders, it is really sad knowing that these former CFC-Sfc members still don't know how to make the right decision and to take a firm stand--- A Stand for the Truth, for God, and for the REAL CFC!

Anonymous said...

Lowly Christian...

The past events really unveil the real person of Frank P. and his cohorts. Right now his ragtag army wounded by PRIDE and SELFISNESS conitnuously spreading lies and deceit to sow dis-unity and create a CFC with-in CFC.

Hence, my inner heart has been bleeding to what had happen to our CFC Community but in the other side of the coin it's also a blessing and purification to our Elders and to the CFC community as a whole.

A lesson to learn for all and a challenge to move forward putting our whole TRUST and HOPE to God.

For them - FFL - a PRAYER of EnlightenmenT, ReconciliatioN and may their Heart rest in Peace with Christ.

Anonymous said...

frank for life?

Anonymous said...

Dear CFC- whatever title,

The only good thing that will come out of this CFC split up is when each group starts its vision and mission on their own brand names CFC-FFL, CFC-IC-Gk, CFC-United, CFC-Independent, CFC- Whatever etc. even when each have variable pillars and ministries. Each group still help one another like one body with different parts.

What is happening now is one part is claiming superiority to the other parts or the other denouncing the other parts. Is the eye greater than the ear or the ear greater than the feet.. even in the scriptures says this so..

It would be worthwhile to explore this vision, that each CFC-title can accomplish and evangelised more by concentrating on spreading the good news rather than spreading the fire from one's tongue..

IT was said by J.C. that those who forgives most are those who loves most..

Akong DG
Vic Melb. Aust