Wednesday, September 5, 2007

For Every Action ...

To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?
To die: to sleep; No more;
- Shakespeare’s Hamlet

I will be posting the FFL's reaction letters/emails in order of appearance but I might get the sequence wrong. Please correct me if I do. Once again, I ask for you patience because this post will be quite long. I wanted to cut it up into different entries but I didn't want to dilute its context.

This one was in response to the the CfC Council's first statement dated August 28, 2007. In it, the FFL questions the retention of the Vatican Decree as that was mentioned in the CfC Council's first statement.

"Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 17:50:28 +0800
Subject: CFC-FFL Statement

It comes as a surprise that the Council of CFC has chosen to come out with an official announcement regarding the results of the August 28 dialogue with the bishops without waiting for the official communique coming from the investigative body tasked with looking into the 'veering away of GK from the life and mission of CFC.' It would have been good if the Council statement is an accurate and factual reportage of the events. However, it has chosen to infer value judgement during the conduct of the deliberations. Thus, we are representing below, in the full text, what was officially reported in the CBCP News Website on August 28 if only to qualify some conclusions made by the Council regarding the event.

CFC opts to split

As can be clearly gleaned from the news article featured on the CBCP News Website, nothing is said about the continuing recognition by the CBCP and the Vatican regarding CFC Global Foundation (as represented by the International Council). As such, neither the CFC Foundation for Family and Life nor the IC can lay claim to both recognitions as presently residing in any communities represented in the August 28 meeting.

However, it remains a fact that spouses Frank and Gerry Padilla continue to sit in the Pontifical Council for the Family at the Vatican. Despite this fact, the CFC-FFL has chosen to be prudent in claiming any recognition and would rather wait for the official communique forthcoming from the investigative body of the Bishops.

We urge all brethren to exercise utmost restraint and prudence in providing credence to announcements which may unduly give rise to false expectations.

The peace and love of Christ and the loving care of Mother Mary, our Mediatrix, be with you all.

CFC Foundations for Family and Life"

The retention of the Vatican Decree by the CfC was told by the Bishops to the representatives of both the FFL and the CfC Council, as reported by Mon De Leon (a CfC BOE member) in an email circulating the CfC (and obviously the FFL's) ranks. I'll post it here in its entirety because it also leads into the 2nd FFL reaction letter:

"Almost the whole day yesterday( 28 August), the Bishops met with the two groups. Present were Bishops Lagdameo, Gabby Reyes, Pacana, Villena, and Afable. The Bishops met with FFL group first (10:30 to past noon), after lunch it was the turn of the International Council group. Thereafter at about 4PM, the two groups were called.

The Bishops asked the FFL Easter Group what their complaints were and it centered on the following: a) GK Veering away from the doctrines of the Catholic Church (e.g, latter day saints wanting to put up a GK site and seeking free evangelization), (b) witchunting of resigned home office officials pertaining to alleged financial indiscretion. (c) disobedience of the Council of the bishops' wishes to postpose election and follow their suggested formula.

When the turn of the CFC group came, they were asked by the bishops if CFC group had a complaint against the FFL, and the CFC council said there was none. The bishops then proceeded to ask about the issues pertaining to Gawad Kalinga, especially the coming in of the Mormons in GK villages, accepting donations from Corporations who has products that sell condoms and pills. The response was, "there was never a MOA nor funds received from Latter Day Saints and to date, there is no such village - unfortunately, no one can stop their evangelizers(who come in pairs) to visit GK families in their homes for that would be illegal". At best, we invite catholics and nominal christian GK beneficires to our CLPs and there are many. On the Acceptance of donations from Corporations that sell anti-catholic products, that can be corrected by a simple policy issue (which Brother Frank should have done years ago as the GK Chairman ordering Tony Meloto, his Executive Director).

As to the accusation of witchunting (by Gerry Padilla): Lito Tayag (council member) responded "who are being accused, kindly name them", he further said that "up to now, no one among those who resigned from the CFC office and joined the FFL has been charged with any case of malversation and similar cases. How can CFC Council (lito in particular) be accused of witchunting?" If ever, that should be the result of the audit by reputable Audit Firms like that of SGV or Lipana. For now, policies are being reviewed to minimize expenses in view of the greatly reduced tithing brought about by the division. Lito asked the FFL group about what to do with the Loans left and the unfunded retirement liabilities over the years that Frank was the leader, there was no response from their group. The bishops said "kayo-kayo na ang mag resolve niyan".

As to the accusation of Disobedience to the wishes of the Bishops, it was explained to the Bishops that the Council did not disobey but rather it was made clear to the Bishops that the 230-man Electoral Assembly, which is an electorate higher than the 7-man council, simply followed its own mandate - electing the 7-man council after considering everything, including the proposed joint formula which was noted by the Bishops. It was then that the Bishops understood that it cannot "dictate" on the electoral body much like the college of cardinals that elect the Pope. Somehow the Bishops now realize that their lamentation about CFC not following their electoral recommendation is now beng used by the FFL to entice innocent members from joining the FFL, causing further division.

In the end, the bishops assured that they will continue to recognize Couples for Christ in their respective areas. They have also assured that they will not work to remove the Vatican recognition that CFC has as well as that of the CBCP itself. It is up to the respective Bishops (in their respective areas of assignment anywhere in the world) whether they would like to recognize the new group FFL or not, that is for FFL to work on in their respective Dioceses. (the SEC has disapproved the use of the word Couples for Christ by FFL group). In the case of the Archdiocese of Lipa, the Bishop (Arguelles) issued a circular to his diocese that he "will recognize only one group and that is Couples for Christ and all the seven pillars including Gawad Kalinga."

The statement of the CFC Council received in cellphone text is ..."We Thank God for our Bishops (reyes, pacana, villena, lagdameo, afable) who affirmed that the Vatican Recognition and the CBCP recognition are with the CFC International Council who were elected by the CFC Elders Assembly last June 22 --- let us respect the decision of Bro Frank's group to serve God in their new ministry called FFL while leaving the door open to those who wish to return and keeping the openness to serve together at the right time. Let us close our ranks and build a stronger and more vibrant CFC that will renew the face of the earth".

The Bishops further recognized the continuing mission of Couples for Christ and its Seven Pillars including Gawad Kalinga (which will need closer watch and correction along the way), "Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth and its Work for the Poor program thru Gawad Kalinga".

May God Bless our work. -- Kuya MON de Leon"
Now, somehow, the FFL seem to feel that Mon De Leon does not have the crediblity to report with any accuracy, hence the release of this 2nd email penned by Nonong Contreras:

"Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 09:34:12 +0800
From: "Easter Group"

Subject: Rejoinder to Mon de Leon's account of Dialogue with Bishops, Aug. 28, 2007

There was no categorical mention from the Bishops allegedly retaining both the CBCP and Vatican recognitions. What the Council has done could be a great disservice to the Bishops who still have to come up with an official communique' on the events which transpired on Aug. 28. The act of preempting the body of Bishops is indeed regretful.

The reportage ostensibly done by Kuya Mon could be a view from the balcony and perhaps from notes or remarks culled by a person who was actually in the proceedings. I flew in at 4:30 am Aug. 28 but was asked to proceed to the Laiko building to be an actual participant in the proceedings and perhaps, we can offer you a better context of what really transpired and compare this with the 2nd hand accounts.

1. The context of reporting on the Mormons could be captured very well if you download the GK website, unless Gk has taken pains to remove this item. We presented documents to justify this claim. It is reported that in at least one GK village, the Mormons have indeed installed a complete water system. Even in the GK expo at the Mall of Asia, the Mormons were very prominent in displaying their water system model.

The whole rationale beyond accepting all parties with good intentions should be qualified in the context of protecting our Christian values and being circumspect in refusing any undue influence that could pose a threat to these. This is very much in line with Vatican teachings, just like the Pontifical Commission for the Family where any form of collaboration with pharma companies selling pro-choice devices is followed to the letter. In this aspect, even if these companies do not attach any conditions to the donations they offer, any wiggling on our part constitutes a violation of the very core beliefs we adhere to in our pro life program. A simple refusal with a thorough explanation of the reasons why can gain us more respect rather than sticking to plain legalities. Who can indeed bring us to court for sticking to our beliefs and unfurling our Christian banner? In this connection, we also presented equally documented cases where CFC stickers displayed on doorposts of CFC beneficiaries in Gk sites are ordered to be taken out, including testimonies that wearing CFC t-shirts in GK gatherings are not allowed for fear of ostracizing partners. We could have cited more cases except that limitations of time prevented us from doing so.

2. This brings us to the point of passing the mantle of responsibility to Bro. Frank who should have ordered Bro. Tony from desisting in such acts. I have worked with both up close as a former member of the Council and it is a bit unfair to comment that Frank did not practice pastoral correction over Tony regarding the one and many indiscretions committed in favor of romanticizing the work because while he corrects, a lot of the activities reported to us were either after the fact, already in progress and too late to wiggle away from or just plain stubbornness. Perhaps, that is why Frank had just to accept part of the collective responsibility owing to his lack of oversight and lamented. We cannot perceive the same behaviour from the other party whose absence and silence after the resignations have been noticeable but whose influence in pursuing the "veering away" course remains palpable up to this point in time. This has prompted the Bishops to exhort the Council to investigate further and more deeply these reported cases, which the Council would make us believe are "isolated."

.3. Let us dwell on the veracity of the witchhunt. Both Lito and Mon should know better and recall that it was the continued vigilance of the Board of Elders (all 3 of us were members) that prevented the witchhunts from proceeding because we called the attention of the Council on the non-pastoral way it was conducting the investigations, complete from the taking down of statements and the preparation of notarized affidavits. The Council apologized to us in one of our meetings for its "procedural lapse", trivializing and dismissing in a cavalier fashion the anguish and agony these have caused the families of those involved. The fact remains that there have been no findings enough for the Council to build a case.

3. The matters of loans and the unfunded retirement plan are items of obligation the Council now has to bear, particularly since tithes have reportedly dwindled to all time lows these past few months. Does our brother intend to pass on these liabilities to a separate juridical body and escape the responsibility due its creditors and the would-be retirees? Hasn't the Council claimed that is it now the annointed body tasked with the administration of CFC affairs since it was legally elected under the by-laws? Has it not chosen, together with the Elders, Assembly not to heed the strong call of the Bishops to postpone the elections?

4. It could be a great disservice to Bisops Lagdameo, Villegas and Reyes and their wisdom and intelligence for us to hear that the Council has washed its hands off the responsibility of pushing thru with our win-win formula. Again, it seems Bro. Mon can wish away the heart and core of agreements arrived at thru negotiations and dialogue---that both parties who enter into them are bound by the agreement. Those who break away from negotiated settlements violate trust and confidence supposedly reposed by both parties on each other, if not the probity and sincerity of those who choose to enter into them tongue-in-cheek. The fact remains we had an agreement to resolve the crisis which was watered down by the Council and Joe Tale to a mere "proposal" to make it appear that the Elders' Assembly had every right to proceed with the election of the 7 instead of sticking to the agreement. To top it all, Bro.Lito, one of those who participated in the dialogue and brokered the agreement stood up before the elections to make a public pronouncement that "he was prepared to change his mind" regarding honoring the agreement. Of course, it was merely incidental that he was a candidate for a council position.

5. Again, the danger of not being a participant nor an eyewitness is seen on how the wisdom of the Bishops can be slanted to favor the other side. A reading of the official statement coming from the CBCP website does not contain any mention of what party retains or loses recognition whether at the CBCP or Vatican levels. It only says both parties should work for their respective recognitions depending on the wishes of the Bishop. In fact, in preempting an official communique coming from the 5-man investigation body, the Council runs the risk of being corrected again by the Bishops for inaccurate reporting and preempting their moves. The case of Bishop Arguelles was cited, conveniently missing the good Bishop's preamble that he was "one of those who first decried the veering away of GK from the life and mission of CFC."

It is our ardent hope that the next time reportage on important events is resorted to, we should focus and verify the facts before we release these reports. In all these events happening in the community, we should show equanimity and be more circumspect in reporting what are the ones true, precise and accurate.

Please pass this on in the interest of fairness. God bless.

Nonong Contreras"

I think this rejoinder is best rejoined by commentary in the 2nd Council Statement and When entries, but I'll bring up a couple of things:

1. Nonong Contreras was reported to have not been present in the late afternoon joint meeting with the Bishops, as he had left earlier in the day. In that case, There may have been things discussed that he was not personally privy to.

2. His passing of responsiblity for past financial issues committed during their tenure to the newly elected Council is......well, I don't know, you all can try to come up with the term.

Anyway, what follows then is the latest statement from Frank Padilla, dated Sept. 1, 2007:

"My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peace be with you!
The meeting of the Int’l Council, Tony Meloto, Lachie Agana and myself last August 14 resulted in both sides accepting that the only way left to go was to separate. Last August 28, CFC-GK represented by the Int’l Council and CFC-FFL affirmed their decision to go separate ways, and this was accepted by the bishops. As one of the bishops said, CFC has been held in bondage by GK, and so now each one, CFC and GK, should be given freedom.

As we separate, know the following:
(1) We in CFC-FFL remain as “Couples for Christ.” We have not left CFC, which is the global spiritual body distinct from the Philippine corporation. What we have left is the legal entity of “Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc.” We in CFC-FFL have as much right, if not more, to remain as CFC than those who have veered away from our original charism. Bp Gabriel Reyes said it was acceptable to have two CFCs.

(2) We in CFC-FFL, contrary to pronouncements and threats from the other side, can and will make use of all teachings, formation programs, materials, the CLP, songs, etc. of CFC. CFC-GK does not have exclusive rights to these materials. CFC-FFL has the right to make use of these CFC materials for the work of the Lord. Later we will also make revisions as needed.

(3) In the Philippines, it is time for all who are for CFC-FFL to remove themselves from the official CFC-GK structure. You no longer have to attend CFC-GK activities. We will integrate you in our own structure, and we will have our own activities. For CFC in other countries, you can try to insulate yourself from the conflict in Manila and wait until the dust settles, and in the meantime just go on with your own life and mission. You may however work internally for the restoration of CFC in your country, for as long as that is possible.

(4) Try to remain peaceful with those who opt to stay with CFC-GK. Maintain your friendships and remain as brethren, though now separated.

I had proposed to the Int’l Council in the presence of the bishops that we can maintain some sort of unity within CFC, by having one CFC but with two independent branches. Each branch, CFC-GK and CFC-FFL, can pursue its own particular charism. Each can bless the other. Both can have joint activities during the year. Though the Int’l Council did not accept this, I continue to leave this proposal on the table.

Let those of us in CFC-FFL now move on. There is much to be done.

God bless.
In the service of Christ,
Frank Padilla"

Speaking of anomalies, I wonder how Frank Padilla can reconcile being identified with but not be a part of the legal entity that is Couples for Christ. Is this because their application to the SEC to use the CfC name for his new corporation was not approved? It is also quite interesting that he's taken it upon himself to bestow a new name to CfC: CFC-GK.

Also, many rights are written about, but are these rights legally conferred or just imagined?

Try to remain peaceful with those who opt to stay with CFC-GK. Maintain your friendships and remain as brethren, though now separated." - Now this is what I'd really like to see put into practice, maybe for starters by Nonong Contreras, to lead by example of course.

Let those of us in CFC-FFL now move on." One wonders if "moving on" means they'll leave the current CfC members in the Philippines and Worldwide alone and start recruiting legitimately.

Lastly, this statement is what I have a problem with:

"For CFC in other countries, you can try to insulate yourself from the conflict in Manila and wait until the dust settles, and in the meantime just go on with your own life and mission. You may however work internally for the restoration of CFC in your country, for as long as that is possible."

FP claims that international members should just "go on with their life and mission..." yet he is even at the present actively campaigning for them to join the FFL fold, as evidenced by this flyer (actually more like a resume) for his appearance at a "CfC" event in the USA:

"Catch the Authentic Vision!
A lot have been said about this man of God, a prophet for our times.
Pray and worship with him. Hear and ask him yourself.
Frank Padilla
One of the original 16 couples who started Couples for Christ in 1981 Former Executive Director of Couples for Christ for the past 26 years Sole Signatory and Proponent to the CFC Vatican Recognition, The Driving Force to the Establishment of CFC in 160 Countries Worldwide Chairman and Founder of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life, and Author of the following Christian books: Bringing Glad Tidings to the Poor, Facing the Future, Families in the Holy Spirit, Females are Fabulous, Fishers of Men, Focused on Christ, Freeing the Captives, Fulfilling the Mandate, Renewing the Face of the Earth, Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth, Forty Days with the Poor, Friend and Foe and more at the First Regional Assembly and Open Forum CFCUSA Mid-Atlantic Region CFC Washington DC and Missions, CFC Maryland, CFC Virginia, CFC Delaware, CFC West Virginia and CFC North Carolina
(Free Admissions – No Charge for Registration)

on Saturday, September 8, 2007
(the birthday of Mother Mary)

at the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church
600 North Capitol St. NW Washington DC 20001
Arrival at 12:30 pm for the Assembly
and 4:30 Anticipated Sunday Mass

Reception follows at 6:00 pm
to honor Bro. Frank, his party and out-of-town CFCs and guests
at the Taylor residence."
To whoever sent this flyer/email to me, my thanks and gratitude goes out to you.

Nonong Contreras throws about words like trust, sincerity, and confidence like they are light as feathers. Does this also apply to the underground recruitment of CfC members worldwide?

To complete the title phrase (a quote from Newton's Third Law of Motion):

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

What should the reaction be to FFL's actions?

Coming later....the bunny minutes and closure to past posts...


B. Aris said...

deception continues but fools less

The disgruntled former leader of CFC, Frank Padilla, just cannot get it anymore. Rebuffed by the Lord at every turn, Frank remains obstinate. It is not enough that his first lie about the CFC Council disrespecting and disobeying the bishops is now totally exposed. Even a partisan Bishop Gabriel Reyes cannot categorically state that CFC has committed any wrong except hurting his enlarged ego. He continues to allow his position as head of Laiko to be the platform for deception and discord, just as the CBCP website allows itself to market half-truths with the illusion of official blessing.

The meeting with five bishops last August 28, 2007, is an example of how the Lord affirms a faithful and humble set of nondescript leaders and shames the proud and mighty. The illustrious Frank Padilla, scion of power and wealth, and Gerry Sotto Padilla, member of a clan that was the most landed in their home town in Iloilo, had ruled CFC like royalty in a fiefdom. Their word was law, his over the spiritual and hers over everything else. They believed that God had anointed them to govern a community of believers in any way they liked, even without accounting to the community the way they spent the people's tithes and why CFC incurred more than 20 million pesos in debt under their stewardship. Before the eyes of three bishops, Pacana, Afable and Villena, the Padilla couple behaved and argued in a manner that made it understandable why the community has rejected them.

Bishop Gabriel Reyes, before the same eyes of his peers, behaved and argued in a manner that made it understandable why he commands no respect as a person, and how he abuses his office to sow more discord in a community that he has effectively dismembered. Acting as though he was lawyering for the FFL of Frank and Gerry Padilla, he immediately declared that the conflict was not about money because he suspects that money is a vulnerable area for the Padilla couple, Lachie Agana and Maribel Descallar. He conveniently forgets all the protestations of Frank Padilla about a witch hunt in the Home Office which resulted in yet undisclosed affidavits and a letter to Lachie Agana enumerating his lapses. Those lapses, if committed in a corporation, would have been a valid cause for termination or for the filing of a case over fund mismanagement.

Declaring that money was not the issue also saved Gerry Padilla having to explain what happened to the Smokey Mountain livelihood fund from national government, and whether she had satisfactorily and transparently accounted for them. Fortunately, Bishop Reyes cannot absolve stop the Commission Of Audit from going through a controversial Gawad Kaginhawaan contract which has recently been a subject of a PCIJ report. The objections of various groups touch only on the propriety of government giving a 50 million contract to CFC, not yet on the way it was spent. But I am sure that it will not be long before questionable expenses will be a point of interest.

When many truths are brought to the open, and when these truths include among others a shameful lack of transparency and propriety in the handling of funds from tithes and from government, Bishop Reyes will have to step up his defense of Frank Padilla and the FFL splinter group whom he quickly recognized in his diocese. He cannot just allow Frank and the FFL to hang for their lack of transparency and integrity in the management of community and government funds. To do that would cause him more shame than he already suffers for his condemnable role in dismembering CFC.

Meanwhile, all other bishops of the Philippines quietly affirm CFC under its new leadership and the community's work for the poor, Gawad Kalinga. Most of them keep their opinions contained in the four corners of the rooms where they have frankly expressed to CFC leaders that CFC and GK have done no wrong - another way of saying that Bishop Reyes has been unjust in the way he has persecuted the present Council and elders Assembly and allowed the lies of Frank Padilla and the FFL to appear as truth by his deliberate silence.

Now, Frank Padilla has written a pathetic email asking FFL members to stay in CFC when they do not recognize the leadership of CFC. By temporarily staying in CFC, Frank Padilla hopes that FFL can continue to poach for more CFC members to transfer to FFL. For lack of an inspiring vision, FFL concentrates on sowing confusion and enmity, making CFC members angry at their current leaders so they are motivated to leave CFC. Frank Padilla and the FFL can be credited for introducing "poaching" as FFL's creative form of evangelization.

At the same time, by not structuring the FFL as a separate and distinct body, Frank Padilla hopes to hide the fact that FFL is just a small splinter group that is more noisy than anything else. FFL has to hide under the cover of CFC because it is embarrassing to show the world that only a handful can find it in their hearts to follow a man who has lost his integrity.

Bishop Aris

Anonymous said...

Quote from FFL:

"It comes as a surprise that the Council of CFC has chosen to come out with an official announcement regarding the results of the August 28 dialogue with the bishops without waiting for the official communique coming from the investigative body tasked with looking into the 'veering away of GK from the life and mission of CFC.'"

This quote is heavy in irony. I wonder if FFL realize just how brazen they are being here.

By this logic they should have waited for the communique from the investigative body prior to separating from CFC.

In separating from CFC merely on the basis of their own allegations they have shown just how illogical their claimed reason for separation is.

For every problem there is a solution. If the solution taken doesn't match the alleged problem...well, I guess we have to suppose that the real problem is not the one they have claimed it to be.

joel ferraris said...

How strong could a man absorb two punches? How firm are his legs to stand a double-whammy?

As the Filipino people still feels the tremors of a crack that still reverberates up to now and affecting GK, there exists yet another arrow from the evil one that swiftly flies to penetrate the weak spiritual armor of the spiritually ignorant and/or weak.

GK has shown violent fratmen a solution to our country's problems. It has painstakingly inspired "battle"-hardened student "warriors" to lay down their arms and fight a new war instead - POVERTY.

They have "turned their swords into ploughshares" only to be threatened again by the news of another neophytes death!

What more could the CFC split and all the bad and sad news do to worsen the situation for GK and compel these young, mislead men to take up arms again and fight a stupid war when its role model is clearly in trouble?

Violence comes in many forms. The worst is when the faith of others is affected.


roundeyedtoddler said...

Frank's Sept 1 email said:

(3) In the Philippines, it is time for all who are for CFC-FFL to remove themselves from the official CFC-GK structure. You no longer have to attend CFC-GK activities. We will integrate you in our own structure, and we will have our own activities. For CFC in other countries, you can try to insulate yourself from the conflict in Manila and wait until the dust settles, and in the meantime just go on with your own life and mission. You may however work internally for the restoration of CFC in your country, for as long as that is possible.

Frank actually said this? I cannot believe it! Who gave him the right to dismember CFC simply by sending an email like this? Didn't he resign in February? Didn't nobody nominate him back to the Board nor to the Council? So, on what grounds is he saying all of these things?

From the ground, some things simply look very shocking. May God forgive me for the great outrage I feel.

CFC Emmaus said...

Me thinks that FFL, for whatever intents and purposes, is basing all of their claims and appeals on emotionalism. The problem with this is that it passes away when the smoke clears.

Veering away takes a lot of documented proof, but at the meeting with the bishops, they failed to put place any. The CFC Council is right to take the stance of Jesus, to be meek and humble in the face of stiff opposition. We all know the truth and it will set us free, but only after being bruised black and blue. I hope we survive to the end.

May God intervene mightily.

Inquiring FFL said...

B. Aris, will you kindly tell us more about this Smokey Mountain Livelihood Fund? How is Gerry Padilla connected to this? Are you insinuating an anomaly like our Bro Nonong Contreras?

Also how did Frank and Gerry behave before the Bishops?

Sources from CFC told us that before one could talk, one has to raise his/her hands and wait for the Bishop to acknowledge it before asking questions or making comments.

Do you mean on the side of the FFL team, this was not observed?

Was there anything raised by the FFL team other than hands?

Francisco said...

Hi C.D!

what do you mean closure to past posts?

do you mean they can no longer be viewed after a time?

if so, I think you should compile them and print it later as a book.

it will make interesting reading as this whole saga of Frank versus CFC will evolve.

Anonymous said...

Kawawa naman si Nonong Contra(bida), trying to defend the undefensible. Mga Easter Playboys from West C tumulong naman kayo!!!

dante said...

A question to our dear brothers who left CFC (or did they? I'm not so sure anymore.)- if you say you have not left CFC then you should submit your tithe collection (I heard you've been accepting tithes from your followers)to the center at Ortigas so you can participate in paying the debt that you left behind (that is if you actually left CFC na)which is still your debt because you say you never left. If you do not agree, then you must have left CFC and therfore, quit saying that you are still CFC.

dante a. said...

It is sad that bro. frank has resorted to deceptive maneuvering and campaigning.

He's visit here in the U.S. is a spectacle for many. We will go and see not a prophet, but a once brilliant Jekyll turned into a hideous Hyde.

It is a shame brother, what you have become and to think me and the rest of my family onced looked up to you.

What has happened to the old Frank?

body snatchers maybe? i hope not!

CFC Emmaus said...

Brothers and Sisters,

It is very important right now that we take initiatives to verify our connection. This means that we must trace our upper leaders if they connect to the CFC Council. If they do not, then we must take necessary actions to find leaders who does. Starting with the local Cluster Heads, Chapter Heads, Unit Heads and Household Heads.
This was the practice of the Catholic Church back to the 1st and 2nd Century. St. Irenaeus traces back his connection to the Apostle St. John in order to prove he had the authority from the Apostles.

We must do the same and as leaders we must be ready to bear our connection to the CFC Council.

In this way, we can clearly see the wolves hiding in the sheeps skin.

CFC Emmaus

maria said...

International Council--- if you all care enough for the community..please resign and bring back Frank Padilla who's truly the pillar of we all have peace.

West-C Divided said...

Bro. Anonymous,

Masakit ka magsalita. Taga West-C ako, pero meron pa rin naman natitira na CFC sa sector namin. Please don't make hasty generalizations like Nonong Contratista. (hehehe)

Mahirap talaga sa sector namin ngayon, pero at least, slowly, dumadami na ang nakakaalam ng katotohanan.

Manu said...

I consider Bro. Nonong Contreras statements as full of insinuations and no longer reflect the brotherly respect that we used to have in addressing our brethren. In rebutting Bro. Mon de Leon, he sounds very defensive and lawyer-like which is out-of-character for a CFC leader and servant that he used to be (I’m not sure?). He is not even addressing directly the issue on what to do with the loans and retirement liabilities but circumventing the arguments.

For Bro. Frank Padilla, I think it’s time for all of us to move on. He should refrain from calling us CFC-GK for no such group ever exists. He should not use CFC in calling his new flock as he is confusing our not-so-informed brothers. For us all to live in peace and move on to live out our missions, Bro. Frank Padilla should stop insisting that his group is still part of CFC. He is sowing the seed of division and yet he could afford to say that they still remain as “Couples for Christ.” We know that his group is pursuing SEC registration for CFC-FFL but because they were not allowed to use CFC, he continues to insist that they are part of CFC distinct from the Philippine corporation.

It is only proper that the Vatican and CBCP recognition will remain with CFC because the group is still is not dissolved and remains faithful to its mission. CFC is not veering away from our original charism. Our community evolves into a community sensitive and sympathetic of the needs of the poor and less fortunate. So if Bro. Frank Padilla thinks otherwise, he should move on with the rest of his flock into their self-centered mission.

I’m from the ground, have spent few years working for GK, and I consider this as my greatest expression of love to my God, by serving His people.

May God bless us all!

Mario said...

For every action a reaction, heregoes...
To Maria, this is Mario!
If Frank wants to be the leader of CFC again, all he has to do is leave FFFL, become CFC again and run for council post. He has to have patience tho, next election will be in 2009. At the rate he is going, I think he has to undergo lessons on Patience 101.
By the way Frank, it's a virtue, in case you forgot (senior moments)...

jiggsaw said...

Dear Maria,

i think CFC is now at PEACE after the Bishop's pronouncements that the CBCP recognition stays with CFC (hwag na muna natin isama yung Vatican recognition, sa FFL [For Frank and Lachie] na lang yun kung yun ang gusto nila).

resignation of the IC is no longer the answer. the die has been cast - a new community FFL has been created. let's jut GO separate ways and MOVE ON...

i've read the headlines - its all written here in this BLOG. sad to say, the leaders we used to look up to are not WALKING THE TALK!... with all these things happening around, call it RUDE AWAKENING! lets ALL WAKE UP! sa tagalog - HOY GISING!

Peace. God bless...

West-C Divided said...

Nag-email na ang easter group. Attached was Bishop Gabby's letter. Points daw for clarification regarding the dialogue (teka, spokesperson ba si bishop gabby ng ffl?).

well, nakalagay dun yung sandamakmak na complaints ng ffl against cfc. tapos naka-note din dun na walang complaints ang cfc against ffl.

towards the last part of the letter, bishop gabby said that we are retaining CBCP and Vatican recognition.

Nonong Contreras, would you care to comment on that?

sasagot lang para sa poor said...

Easter Group is sending this e-mail entitled "Interesting GK Story"

It is a forwarded e-mail from Cef/Aida Hermano of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

The e-mail contains a forwarded message coming from a Bro. Agapito Buenavidez, of Victoria, PEI, who calls himself "Lone CFC Ranger" who reacts to an Daily Inquirer story wherein Tony Meloto was quoted as having said GK does pass judgement on any corporation it engages, nor its products so long as it helps the poor or in nation building.

Bro A. Buenavidez writes:
"If that's the case GK doesn't care of any moral/spiritual values at all...basta may PERA ayos!
Clearly if this is the case GK has no place at all in CFC"

Along with the many other topics Cef and Aida Hermano's e-mail covered, Easter Group spreads misinformation again.

In the real world of GK, CFC volunteers going into the slum areas of Metro Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines, HAS LONG realized that this brand of generalizations, moralism, sentimentalism and holier-than-thou attitude will not help the poor.

For instance if a GK worker meets a man who is sick of tuberculosis, not terminally, but could be cured and finds a drug company willing to give to the man in that particular GK village along with any one resident therein who is similarly ailing of such disease, will the GK volunteer refuse the aid should he discover that the pharmaceutical company donating the medicine is also a maker of condoms?

Now let's bring that story closer to the life of our Lone CFC Ranger, who we will assume is not poor.

God forbid, but if he one day he is rushed to the hospital and the one drug that could save his life is available but before it is administered to him, will he bother to ask the emergency ward doctor if the company making the drug has moral and spiritual values?

Assuming the attending doctor does not pass out because of this dying man's inanity, should the hospital then ban the use of the medicine because the company making it does not have moral and spiritual values?

Or will he say ...basta may GAMOT ayos!

Obviously my friends in Calgary and Victoria, your little story is being used by Easter Group.

But you don't seem to know the work of GAWAD KALINGA.

In GK we have values formation, we have CLPs, we have households, but just as sson as you could get out of your comfort zones, come to Manila and we'll bring you to Baseco and other GK sites. Doon masusubok ang faith kay Jesus, kasi si God nating dalawa na si Jesus ay may preference for the poor.

After that visit you probably make a better judgement on whether GK has a palce in CFC.

Unless you harden your hearts.

God Bless mga kapatid. I pray you will never ever become poor.

Anonymous said...

In helping the poor, does it matter what they believe in? If we are limiting our help to Christians, isn't that discrimination? Accepting donations from "non-Christian" companies does not mean that you are agreeing to what they believe in. Last time I checked, donation is giving without strings attached.

With regards to the Mormons' presence at GK sites, no one has the right to tell them that they can't visit the sites! Are we threatened by their presence? Is it because they can do evangelize better? The bottom line is, if Jesus Christ is in the hearts and lives of these people, nothing can change it, no matter if there are truck loads of preachers from other religion visit their areas.

Anonymous said...

it's interesting to note that people who have "something" to say about GK that it is veering away from CFC's vision/mission, and quoting the Bible at that, DO NOT WORK in GK. maybe they are just by-standers. mga "miron", wikanga.

but the thousand GK volunteers and care-taker teams are still there in the thousand GK sites, in their silence, continue working.

i invite the "mirons" to work, stay, live with the families in the GK sites.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the email from Cef Hermano of Calgary:

Cef is an inactive leader who left the community years ago and then came back and then reappeared again. He has no direct knowledge of GK and his interest here is personal.

His Bro-in -law is Manny Hermano who is the FFL National Director for US.

Anonymous said...

If the CFC -FFL were not able to get a SEC approval because of the attachment of CFC ... eh di FFL na lang pa approve nila and move on-- get out of the community .. start anew!!! there are lots of work to be done .. Bro Frank .. PLEASE 10x dont sow confusion in the CFC community .. i belive you are still a man of GOD dont let your book " friends or Foe apply on you ( being the Foe)