Thursday, September 6, 2007

Of Plans And Mysterious Ways

A comment in a past entry gives a little background on how this controversial document became semi-public. I say semi because even though it has been talked about and speculated upon by members of CfC and FFL, I don't believe it has become fully public until now.

This document details (kudos on great formatting by the way) in outline format how the Easter Group will act/react to moves by the CfC Council during their quest to get the elections postponed (among other things).

There are several things to note, the first of which is the date of this meeting, June 7, 2007. That is almost 2 weeks prior to the Council elections and shows that the wheels have been turning in the FFL management for quite some time already. The premeditated manoeuvers planned by the Easter Group's core members are almost quasi-political in tone and flow like elements in a high stakes chess game.

Also, for those who don't know yet, this is the source of the "Easter Bunnies" and/or "Playboy Bunnies" inside jokes that have been going around in the CfC circles and has even been pointed out in newspaper articles.

What is still a mystery is why they would choose a nickname that has forever been associated with a ... well you all know the source and it espouses everything that CfC does not. If you don't know then please call your parents before you continue reading this entry, if they're not around, click here.

It was the discovery of these minutes that prompted a response from the CfC Council back in July 19, 2007, where they addressed the issue.

What some feel as almost the hand of God at work was how these minutes were discovered, accidentally left behind/dropped at a CfC Council member's house by an FFL member. Another example of the Lord's mysterious ways was how a very revealing email meant for FFL eyes somehow gets sent to a CfC leader.

Anyway, here they are, the minutes you've all been waiting for:

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So, lets try and define power grab, once again, in the context used by this reporter.


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Anonymous said...

So from the very start they really knew and even PLANNED for this? Too hard to judge them and even harder to think that these are the people most of us look up to..even calling some of them "cousin ni God"...but why would they really do such act? A lot of brothers and sisters from our area felt sad for our leaders who moved to FFL, thinking they are being we wish you are all seeing and reading these information. At the end of the day they say we all have to choose..i thinkthey are wrong...because really at the end of the day..we should just realize that in the beginning we entered in this community not because of these leaders who call themselves prophet..but because we want to serve God and God alone.

Anonymous said...

Why i chose to remain with CFC?
1. Referring to FAP (by FFL)as "keeper of the charism","the true prophet" > terms reserved only for Jesus Christ < reveals the primary intent is for them to "restore" FAP back to the council
2. What will happen to FFL if one day FAP doesn't wake up anymore?
3. How many % of GK villages really "veered away from CFC charism?" At best, only isolated cases which are being addressed.
Why doesn't FFL show the figures of these cases?
4. You will know them by their fruits...
FFL tactics "make noise with emails, raid membership from within CFC, insistence that their way is the only way, political tactics, etc."
CFC tactics "to be silent & listen to the Lord more, respect members' discernment, defends itself on issues only,submits to bishops in humility"
I am at peace with my decision

CFC Emmaus said...

Brothers and Sister,

It is now revealed how they planned to destroy the Couples for Christ to serve their own means.

We will survive this wolf attack by wolves under sheeps skin. They will lead others to their own blind intentions.

The question at the end of the day is " will CFC accept them back to the CFC fold after what they did?"

My answer is still forgiveness and let them return as members till the end of their days. And let them be servants in GK with no option for leadership and be under the household of the poor people they tried to separate from CFC.

All of this till the end of their days. and this includes FAP, Nonong Contreras and others.

God will show his mighty hand and CFC will be victorious because God is on our side.

cfc emmaus

Francisco said...

The names of brothers Frank Padilla, Nonong Contreras, Roland Nillas, Deniece Price are listed as attendees, participants, co-makers of the plot, schemes, tactics, steps made on June 07 2007.

This refers to the meeting of the Easter Playboy and Bunnies Group.

The ad-hoc meeting between the Easter Group, represented by names above and the group of CFC: Joe Tale, Roquel Ponte, Lito Tayag, Ernie Maipid was supposed to look and agree on how the Elections or non-elections for June 22 could best be handled.

When the ad-hoc meeting were agreed on, both were assumed to be meeting with a clean and honest intention to search for a peaceful resolution. They were supposed to drop all hidden agendas.

Now with this "Easter Group/Playboys and Bunnies" Minutes of Meeting recorded by Mimi David (is she married to Ed David, the very respectable Hambrecht & Quist Director? If yes, this is sad...for I've had many business dealings with Ed and he is a good man, to my mind) it goes to show that Frank's Group were simply toying around with Joe Tale & his team. They, as events subsequently proved, were not ready to drop their plans of June 07.

For deep in their dark minds and angry hearts, they knew that they will not really vote on June 22 if an election was decided on.

Where is the love for brothers and sisters that we keep saying in our talks? Where are the Christian lessons that Frank so eloquently speaks of, so perfectly writes in good prose -- that of being forthright and honest in your dealings?

How can we still believe and love the team of Frank when all along, they knew that they have very specific plans -- even going to the extent of planning to use people (our brothers and sisters) to spread their scheme (Ex: Pancho Lopez Tan & Oca Oblefias were supposed to tell the Sector Heads, Region Heads about the plan of having No Elections).

How can you forget the dramatics of Edwin Andrews when on two separate occasions - the June 21 Meeting with Bishop G. Reyes and on June 22, Election day - he said he will resign from CFC if the 4 council Members who were left will win the Elections? Bro Edwin, they have won the election, now where is your resignation to formalized your move to FFL?

So in accordance with their June 07 Plan, the Easter Group walked out of the hall where the Elections are to be conducted on June 22, 2007!

Perfect action!

Then another scene, still on Election Night, June 22: Upon meeting with Marie Oquiñena at the hall/corridors leading to the driveway of Layforce, they say to him "they were leaving so as not to disobey the instructions of the Bishops not to hold an Election!"

Ang galing talaga sa drama! Scripted na kasi!

Then everything else is the sad part of CFC's history...for Frank Padilla will not stop, neither are the meetings of FFL / Easter Group/ Playboys and Bunnies and so our real Lamentation is upon us.

Frank's group will not stop bullying us, will try to look for every CFC or GK mis-step and search for dirt in every nook and cranny, and make it all appear that all of us are less holy, less prayerful, totally unworthy, un-acceptable to the Lord, etc, etc.

Or Frank will say, we now have two branches of CFC (???) we can bless each other, have combined celebrations for a time in a year..while in the process our agents of ...well, agents of evangelisation poach on your angry, uninformed, may-utang-na-loob, kamag-anak-ng-lider-namin, empleyado-ng ministry-na amin-ang -lider members into our FFL fold.

So this is what it was all about. The spirit of the world in Playboy has entered the supposedly holy grounds of CFC, that spirit of a wolf in sheep's clothing is here!

West-C Divided said...

Haynaku. If only the CFC Council will show this to the bishops so that they will know what really happened.

pero hanga talaga ako sa council. when they were asked by the bishops last august 28 if they had any problems or complaints against FFL, they didn't mention any despite the many attacks they were getting. They DEFENDED FFL in front of the bishops by not speaking ill of them. that, my dear brothers and sisters, is servanthood in its truest sense. binato ka na lahat-lahat, sinuklian mo pa ng pagmamahal.

ironically, in Gary Faustino's email last week for the Easter Group, they portrayed the CFC Council as an abusive husband. FFL daw is the battered wife. Who really is being persecuted?

this is from bro. frank's email on july 22, 2007:

I categorically state that I am not after power, position, or being restored to governance.
I am not envious of anyone and simply rejoice in the blessings the Lord bestows on brethren. But I am committed to defend the authentic charism God has given CFC.

Hay naku Frank. WALK YOUR TALK!


Anonymous said...

Bro Francisco,

I picked up this posting from the Heading "In the News Once Again" and of the comments said
lina said...

To Zac - You must be mistaken about Ed David "working hard with Contreras and Nillas to separate CFC and GK. You must mean Oland David, one of the incorporators of FFL. Ed David supports the IC and our work with GK.

So you need not feel sad about Ed David for he is still with us

FRANCIS said...

"Now with this "Easter Group/Playboys and Bunnies" Minutes of Meeting recorded by Mimi David (is she married to Ed David, the very respectable Hambrecht & Quist Director? If yes, this is sad...for I've had many business dealings with Ed and he is a good man, to my mind) it goes to show that Frank's Group were simply toying around with Joe Tale & his team. They, as events subsequently proved, were not ready to drop their plans of June 07."



roundeyedtoddler said...

Wolf in sheep's clothing.


The very person who sought Vatican recognition ought to know Canon 324 to wit:

Can. 324 §1. A private association of the Christian faithful freely designates its moderator and officials according to the norm of the statutes.

§2. A private association of the Christian faithful can freely choose a spiritual advisor, if it desires one, from among the priests exercising ministry legitimately in the diocese; nevertheless, he needs the confirmation of the local ordinary.

Check this out at:

That's Canon law folks! Bishop Gabby Reyes, nor any Bishop outside of the Pope, has the right to order us how to choose our own officials. We even have the option to get a Spiritual Advisor or not! So what is this thing about "disobedience" to the bishops? Why, curiously, did the bishops used the word "strongly recommended" in their letter? The bishops know Canon law and they know their limitations! And we ought to know our responsibilities!

This is not to call for disobedience to the bishops. Far from it. This is a call to be responsible for our own affairs, following the Vatican-approved rules and procedures for CFC. The bishops are there to ensure that faith and morals are followed by our community. That's their mandate. But they don't interfere with our own workings.

There's nothing to choose. There's only one CFC under the duly annointed International Council we have now. Anyone who disobeys the IC is free to put up his own organization but stop destabilizing CFC! We in the ground have suffered enough.

Mina said...

To Francisco, re your question:

"Now with this "Easter Group/Playboys and Bunnies" Minutes of Meeting recorded by Mimi David (is she married to Ed David, the very respectable Hambrecht & Quist Director? If yes, this is sad...for I've had many business dealings with Ed and he is a good man, to my mind)..."

In reply, let me quote this post from Lina, lifted from from another comment in this blog --

"You must be mistaken about Ed David 'working hard with Contreras and Nillas to separate CFC and GK.' You must mean OLAND DAVID, one of the incorpotators of FFL. Ed David supports the IC and our work with GK." (Emphasis supplied)

My additional inputs:

1. Mimi is married to OLAND David, NOT Ed David.

2. Yes, ED David is a good man. I had a business dealing with him in the past, too. I didn't know then that he was a CFC brother.

Anonymous said...

From my viewpoint, I think we are witnessing some similarities to what is written in 1 Samuel between King Saul and David. It seems that God has taken away the anointing of a leader and has given it to another. God was very patient with us especially the leaders. Misdeeds started long ago but God gave a lot of time for them to correct and repent, but instead of repenting, things even worsened, hence this defining moment (I would not say crisis) in our CFC. This latest posting on the plans hatched and executed by the Easter/Playboy Bunnies gave me an “AHA” experience. I was instantly transported from darkness and confusion to light. Grabeee!

This website is very responsive to our quest for truth. Nuong unang sumabog ang issue we were Down and Depressed, then Confused and Searching, after seeing some signs of misdeeds I was Enraged, but now I’m Enlightened. Now we can move on with our mission. Let us pray and support our newly anointed leaders. Let us also include our brothers in the Easter/Playboy Bunnies group in our prayers.


truth seeker said...

Open letter to Mimi David, Frank & Gerry Padilla, Nonong Contreras, Roland Nillas, Deniece Price, Tony Borja, Lachie Agana, Edwin Andrews, Jay Pangan, Jack Burgoyne, Gary Faustino, Maribel Descallar, Xavy & Des Padilla and a certain Tesoro.

On Page 12, Daily Inquirer Issue of Sept 06,2007 a Mr. George Dee with e-mail address of wrote:

"The NEWS ITEM TITLED"BISHOPS TO Discuss 'Couples' split", under the byline of Jeannette Andrade (Inquirer, 8/28/07), appears to be biased in favor of Antonio Meloto who is often quoted in the report. It is only his side of the issue that gets prominently articulated."

"There was also this allusion that Frank Padilla formed a "faction" dubbed as "Easter or Playboy bunnies". The reporter must be referring to the Restoration movement that later blossomed into Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life"

"No one in Frank's group ever called it "Playboy bunnies," which cannot be taken as pejorative label considering that this is a "Catholic and faith-based community."

"It must have come from Frank's detractors. Yet it gets printed as a fact in the report"

_George Dee"

Now Brothers & Sisters in the Easter Group:

- please make a open letter or an e-mail in this blogsite and admit to Mr. GEorge Dee that the Easter Group in fact met an June 07, 2007 at the residence of Nonong Contrras.
- please admit that your Secretary Sis Mimi David recorded faithfully your unanimously approved name for yourselves - "Easter/Playboy Bunnies."
- please inform Mr. George Dee that such name did not come from any of Frank Padilla's detractors but one you all created and agreed on joyfully, I heard, with much fun and glee. This Nonong Contreras agreed!
-please send a copy of that e-mail / letter to Inquirer reporter Jeanette Andrade, so that she will also be free of the implied charge by Mr Dee that she wrote an erroneous news item

Frank, special request, please instruct your Secretary Mimi to do it, in the interest of truth. Or even Nonong Contreras, your take-charge guy!

When your FFL members read such letter, they will celebrate your being honest forthright, admitting the truth despite the pains it brings.

Sorry, these are all coming out in the open now ...all because of that fateful night when a decision was made in a rush.

So how about it? You up to it? Deal or no Deal?

Anonymous said...

are there any basis of the authenticity of this documents????by the way! im not a playboy! im just curious if this docu is real.they might say that its easy to produce such a docu like that!if so who's that traitor bunny who did that to the bunnies?

Anonymous said...

frank padilla, pray for us!

Anonymous said...

The authenticity of the Easter playboy document has been verified by nonong contreras himself in one of his emails when he he said that the recorder was just being playful and questioned people why they focused on this instead on issues.

EA said...

Magandang balita kay anonymous,
1) Yes, pirmado po ang original.
2) At mismong si Nonong C ang nag-confirm... he said 'it was a monicker'blah..blah..

Dagdag balita kay Francisco,
1) Ang sabi ni FP kay Mari,
'You won'!
2) Said Mari to FP,
'That's life, Tito'!

What's in a name, Zac and Emmaus
1) David, Oland and Mimi
2) David, Ed and Lina
3) David, and Goliath
4) Foundation for Frank & Lachie
5) Frank Full of Lies
From me-
Forgive Frank & Love him.It's September, remember, soon December.

To my half bros and sis in FFL-
"Pasko na, sinta ko
Hanap hanap kita,
Bakit ka nagtampo at iniwan ako
Kung mawawala ka, sa piling ko sinta, paano ang paskong inulila mo"

Dante said...

Grabe na ito! While the Elders Assembly was supposed to be in prayer for discernment as to who the Lord wants to be the leaders of CFC, the Bunnies and Playboys headed by the resigned Executive Director of CFC were PLOTTING and SCHEMING to control or rig the events surrounding the election. They even had the temerity to include the bishop/s in their scheme! Wala akong masabi, brothers & sisters. I am simplt appalled and disgusted at the behaviour of our supposed leaders. Are we not glad that they put up their own group now? Good thing we stayed with CFC. Note that CFC is spelled CFC and not CFC-GK as the resigned Executive Director wants to propagate now.

Anonymous said...

i like this ea guy, very funny... ha ha ha ha, bwa haaa ha ha, he heee hee hu hu hu hu, ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

what can one say about this latest document? disgusting.

surely our brothers and sisters who joined ffl feel betrayed and misled.

wake up brothers and sisters in ffl. fap and his group are using you.

Beth Charlie said...

Oh, so Nonong said the recorder was just being playful.

So you like us to believe that only the recorder, Mimi David, was being playful that night of June 07, when your group of Playboys and Bunnies met to plot CFC's fate?

You mean, you were not part of the fun, the laughter, the noisy exuberance after completing the meeting? As host of the night you had to go along with the joyful mood of your guests, that would be the situation isn't Nonong?

Are are you just trying to minimize the negative impact of the inclusion of those embarrassing words: Easter/Playboy & Bunnies?

How could you merge the word "Easter" - a very important day of celebration in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ with the very secular word "Playboy & Bunnies" when you know all along that those are brand names of a corporation that promotes everything that CFC is against, including abortion which your "Pro Family & Pro Life stance" should have made you so conscious on the implications on attaching your group with those words.

Ok, so si Mimi lang ang may gawa noon. Do you think Mimi will just sit down and take all the blame?

At the time she typed that on your document are you telling us you all never knew such was written...or did you individually had more smiles, laughter and fun upon seeing it?

Or are you at this moment already quarreling about this classic mistake?

How is Frank avoiding the issue?

This is difficult for all of you in FFL because it is now on the web, in the newspapers and in the minds on those you recently asked to join you. Please explain it to them, why it is just being playful.

WE do not know how the Bishops reacted when they got it before the August 28 2007 meet. I think they would not have mentioned it to you para hindi na kayo mapahiya.

Beth Charlie said...

The Lord God must have been very angry with that "Easter/Playboy & Bunnies" document!

Do you agree with that statement or not?

Are you not curious why it is only Nonong who is making a comment about it?

Why the silence from Team Leader Frank Padilla, who has the Prayer Leader and Pastoral Head of that Group that fateful night?

Our covenant card says, though, that we all need to contribute to the good order of the meeting, so hindi lahat kasalanan ni Frank, kasi lahat naman sila mataas na ang inabot sa CFC.

To think of using a secular & so worldly monicker is not contributing to good order, I think, but everyone that night forgot, kasi isa lang ang nasa isip...kung papano planohin ang kanila gustong mangyari bago mag June 22!

Now, did the sisters who were present that night not even feel a sense of guilt or irritation to their recorder Mimi David on why she even had to write those words? To be considered a Playboy bunny kasi is cheap.

Never mind the brothers, in the past perhaps, they were really Playboys!Frank included.

There are so many implications with that miscue...but we do not really know whats happening there now.

Lets all pray and be forgiven and be guided accordingly

Anonymous said...

mga kapatid,

mahirap man aminin pero parang lumalabas na power grabbing talaga ang issue ng split ng ating community. mahirap ba talaga bumitaw sa kapangyarihan?

ang hindi ko lang talaga maintindihan ay kung bakit hindi matanggap ng iba nating mga kapatid na hindi sila kasali sa mga nominado para makasami sa council.

hindi ba dapat makaramdam naman sila na gusto na natin ng bagong pamumuno? lalo na ngayon na lumalabas na ang dami nating utang. oo UTANG. utang na hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit tayo umabot sa milyones.

ano pa ba ang gusto nila? nagamit na nila ang binabayad natin na tithes kung saan saan. ni minsan hindi ko pinakialaman kung saan nila ginagastos ang "tithes" ko. nagtiwala ako sa ating dating liderato pero lumalabas na ginagastos nila ang ating tithes sa mga questionable na transaction.

ang sakit talaga na isipin na after lahat ng pagdadasal ko na sana maging isa tayo uli, nakapagdesisyon na pala si frank at ang mga kasapi niya na wala nang atrasan bago pa man nagsimula ang mga peace talks.

taas noo ako kay frank noon. ngayon? hindi ko na alam. ang tanging alam ko lang ay hindi ako sasapi sa ffl dahil nabuo ito dahil sa pride and greed.

tanong ko lang... aanhin mo naman yan sa langit? basta ako, sa cfc hanggang nakikita ko na gumaganda ang pagsasama namin ng pamilya ko. yun naman ang essence ng cfc.

West-C Divided said...

Beth Charlie,

i totally agree with you. For a group that is claiming to be trying to back to CFC's original charism and wanting to do more for/with the Church, it is highly insensitive, inappropriate and insulting to put the word "EASTER" with "PLAYBOY/BUNNIES".

Which really would make you wonder... PRO-LIFE ba talaga ang FFL? PRO-FAMILY ba talaga sila? Of course, they wouldn't allow themselves to be heard in public saying those things, but if behind closed doors, they can joke about things like that, then what kind of morality are they trying to portray here?

As Nonong Contratista said in his reply after this document was made public: Let the minutes (which, by the way, was strictly confidential)speak for itself The document was never supposed to be made public. Lo and behold, by one of their mistakes, the document falls into the wrong hands. Truly is a hand of God. The truth will always find a way to come out.

And yes Bro. Nonong, the document does indeed speak for itself.

Francisco said...

About the meeting of June 07 at the residence of Nonong Contreras, a few important questions for Bros Frank & host Bro. Nonong, if you please?

Could I assume that the meeting was a Service Meeting and NOT a Pastoral one?

Could I assume that in view of his moral and implied ascendancy over all of the attendees, then Bro Frank was the Pastoral Head of that group?

As Pastoral Head then, Bro Frank may have led the Assembly in Prayer and the three elements of our usual prayers would have included: Praise, Thanksgiving, & Petitioning.

Or if it was just meant for service and fellowhip, the prayer may have short and led by Bro Nonong.

The point I am driving at is I firmly beleive that prayer was done.

My confusion begins to come in on the result: HOw come a document with this title "Minutes of Easter/Playboy Bunnies on June 07 at the Contreras Home"?

If no one from that previously highly respected group comes out to admit it was simply his/her playful conduct that led to this misconduct, then the responsiblity rests squarely on the Pastoral Head of the Meeting, no other than President of FFL, Frank Padilla!

Readers, is this a fair evaluation or not?

But let us discuss the issues, not the billing, says the Host, Nonong C.

So the question is, could not a non FFL reader of the document think that the purpose of the meeting was to set the plans and the strategies, and the disuniting moves against the 4 remaining memnber of the Council as of June 07 and the whole CFC community?

May I ask the Prayer Leader of that meeting then, was this one of your prayer petitions -- that the good Lord bless your schemes, strategies, plots, etc. against CFC?

Anonymous said...

Amen!!! i believe this is another God's intervention...

1. An email from one of the FFL member (the initial move that triggered the Bishops)about the CFC and GK issue was intended to Gerry P. but was instead missent to Gerry B.

2. The Minutes.....

It's an affirmation sa aking decission to remain in CFC...

God will not allow any mysterious ways to destroy His Plan... Go CFC let's move on... God is with us....

CD Pasensya kana medyo na delayed yong comment ko for this issue,hehehe.

God bless you and more power to you.

EB-3C said...

“So there is an additional reason that urges Bro. Frank Padilla to object against receiving donations from drug companies that produce contraceptives,” Bishop Reyes said.


Please correct me if I am wrong; Noong buhay pa si Cardinal Sin, he was asked to comment on the issue on the church receiving money (in the form of donations) from gambling lords and to be more specific from PCSO which promotes casino and gambling. He said that it is OK since the money that the church receive will be channeled back to the poor thru the church pro-poor programs.

In the same token, why are we so hypocrite in saying that we will not accept assistance in the form of life or health preserving drugs from entities that promote contraceptives when in the first place (please correct me if am wrong, only our hard working, hands-on GK volunteers can answer) these entities will not magpamudmod ng kanilang contraceptives sa GK sites. Just follow Cardinal's Sin line of thinking; use these life-preserving ang life- promoting drugs in our GK sites to alleviate the condition and dignity of the poor. You know, these barking people are rich people, hindi nila ramdam ang kumapit sa patalim. Tama yung comments ni Bro, na at the moment of near-death situation, tanungin pa ba ng mga doctor kung ang gumagama ng gamot na gamitin upang ang pasyente ay mabuhay ay gumagawa din ng contraceptives. Those barking FFLs, please put your feet on the ground!

Di ba sa Bible mismo, hindi pinakialaman ni Jesus kung ang araw na may nangailangan ng tulong ay Sabbath day. My point here my Bros/Sis, Jesus presents to us a situation wherein we can act in accordance with that partular situation.

On the issue of succession which Fr. Mario clearly presented and which I would like to add. Sabi ni Fr. Mario na habang tayo ay palapit ng palapit na ng source of light, mas lalong lumalaki ang ating shadow. On reflection of this thought, maihambing natin ito sa ating crisis. We have a leader at siempre siya ang mangunguna sa atin at ito ang picture na ilarawan ko sa inyo mga kapatid; lumalakad tayo sa isang makatid na tulay kaya single line lang, ang ating leader ang nasa unahan at tayo ay pupunta sa dulo ng tulay na malawak ang lugar at tinunumbok natin ang nag-iisang ilaw doon. Dahil single line, hindi natin makita ang ilaw, ang shadow lang ng nangunguna sa atin ang mapansin natin. Upon reaching the end of the tulay, that leader if he is a caring and loving leader should side step so that those at his back can see the light and likewise, as the next person also reaches the end of the bridge, he should side step to let the other person see the light and so on and so forth - what is your idea of this scenario mga kapatid?

I hope you have the same idea and conclusion as I have; our leaders upon reaching the end (as Fr. Mario said - you have already reached the purpose of your charism, anointment and empowerment)have the moral and spiritual obligation to "pass the torch" so to speak, to others who is already been groomed by the Holy Spirit and given another charism, anointment and empowerment to lead the group to another dimension, let go and let God. Fr. Mario said that the charism, anointment and empowerment of the "16" has come to its fulfillment at kung hindi pa raw na realize ng "16" ito, meron daw malaking problema ang CFC and the Holy Spirit needs another person to lead us to another mission to address the dynamism of the church. Maybe the purpose of the "16" was to lead us for the celebration of our silver anniversary. (I think they still don't want to relinquish their anointment, charism and empowerment kaya nagtayo ang grupo para they can still celebrate their new silver anniversary).

Thanks and God Bless.