Monday, September 10, 2007

The One Nation For God Prayer Rally

As a change of pace, I'd like to draw your attention to this event that happened at the Ultra yesterday. Here is the flyer:

Here is an article about it by Boy Montelibano that was posted in the comments section by Broadkaster43 of the CfC North B Sector blog. Thank you for this, Broadkaster43.
In a rare display of solidarity, four renewal and covenanted Christian communities joined hands in a beautiful and spirit-filled prayer rally with the united purpose of working together to do battle with the evil of poverty and the curse of hunger afflicting millions of Filipinos. Spurred by the urgings of Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales citing Pope Benedict XVI who declared that communities cannot be truly Christian when they are unable to resolve the poverty in their midst, Bukas Loob sa Dios, Focolare, Light of Jesus, and CFC/Gawad Kalinga committed themselves to address hunger in our midst, especially Metro Manila which is experiencing shocking levels of hunger incidences.

From the homily of the mass to the emotional sharing of painter Joey Velasco and Bo Sanchez to the exhortation of Tony Meloto and an hour of praise and worship led by GK Executive Director Luis Oquiñena, the whole event raised the spirit and resolve of more than 5,000 Christians who committed themselves to serve Jesus by serving the least among us.

To put flesh to the fired-up spirit of the occasion, Ric Pascua of BLD led the elders and members of the four communities to a Covenant of Solidarity. The covenant is self explanatory and will be introduced to many other groups from the Church, from Business, from the academe, from civil society and also from national agencies and local government units.

Gawad Kalinga was instrumental in bringing the four communities together as all four have their respective engagements with Gawad Kalinga already - directly or indirectly. Three have GK villages while the fourth has been donating homes to the GK village that Joey Velasco is building for the street children in his painting and their families.

Each community will be contributing to an comprehensive and integrated campaign aptly called Feed My Sheep. Specifically intended to address hunger in Metro Manila which is suffering from an unusually high incidence of involuntary hunger, the Feed My Sheep campaign will solicit multi-sectoral support and resources and design a feeding/food distribution system asking all to be part of the infrastructure.

The message was clear. In prayer, the communities of believers heard a single reminder - that Jesus is fed, clothed and sheltered when the least among us are fed, clothed and sheltered. It is a time for Christian love to be manifested, and manifested powerfully in the face of massive poverty and growing hunger in our midst.

May the Lord bless us with courage and generosity.





Here is a video of all the representatives reciting the covenant.

Some pictures from this historic event:

The choir composed of singers from the different charismatic communities, singing as one.

A view from the bottom to the top.

Joey Velasco (Light of Jesus Community) telling his moving story about the children of Hapag.

Bear in mind that this was the first time these charismatic groups have come together under one roof to pledge support to one goal, a very worthy cause!


nations are built by faith said...

"A NATION FOR GOD PRAYER RALLY!" Wow that's Fantastic!.

Q: Did CFC Participate?
A: They organized it, but it was only successful because the other Catholic groups joined!

Q: Who were those Catholic Groups who joined?
A: Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Light of Jesus, and Focolare!

Q: Did CFC invite FFL?
A: No!

Q: Why not?
A: FFL does not want the billing which includes 'Nation'!

Q:Why is that?
A:Because 'Nation' is too related to Gawad Kalinga!

Q: Oh so FFL is not fond of GK?
A: Well yes, but then again No.

Q: That answer is confusing, isn't it?
A: The FFL leaders like it that way.

Q: Why is there no mention of CFC on the stage backdrop, if CFC organized it?
A: It was not necessary, the people already know! Just like there was no Focolare, BLD or LOJ also. God lang ang important billing !

Q: Ah but isn't important to show CFC all the time?
A: Not all the time. People there had their IDs and some wore T-Shirts? Anonimity is one of hallmarks of being servant, says Bishop Lagdameo.

Q: Did the GK partners participate?
A: Yes some gave free soda drinks, some gave T shirts, some gave biscuits.

Wow galing talaga! Para kay God may saya!

Anonymous said...


can you please verify this, i got an email containing this:

'Report on the Meeting of Frank Padilla with Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko in the Vatican

On September 5, 2007, we received an Inbox Message from Frank and Gerry Padilla as follows:

"Frank Padilla met with Archbishop Rylko at the Vatican for 40 minutes today. The Archbishop affirmed Frank as the Founder of CFC and stressed the importance of the original charism of family renewal. He said we are the Church and not a social agency, we must remain faithful to our Catholic identity. This crisis is a time of purificacion which is to be turned into an opportunity for a new creation. He wished Frank well and gave him his blessings."

Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko is the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the Vatican . He signed the Decree of Recognition of CFC approving the Statutes of Couples for Christ as an International Private association of the faithful with a juridical personality and gave it to Frank Padilla as the Director of CFC.

ecs of south b said...

an invitation was sent by email to me. But later another email was sent telling that this was not an official CFC event. I got confused and altogether did not attend.

In the past, there was only one voice, our local leaders, ie ClusterHD, ChapHD, UnitHD, and HouseholdHD led the text brigade. Though at times, they send it a day before the event, I could now appreciate if they would be sending them.

Now it's all too silent. Where have all the leaders gone, long time passing?

Local Leaders must be vocal and in constant contact with the CFC Membership.

This gives me an eery feeling, kinikilabutan ako kapag ang mga leader ay tahimik....

ecs of south b

CFC Emmaus said...

to anonymous,

This is what I am afraid of. The battle is now shifting again, first to the hearts and mind of the members. Now they are shifting to the flock abroad and then to the Vatican itself.

Our CFC brethren are sitting ducks out there. Much more the Vatican. The CBCP, unless asked, will not submit their findings to the Vatican. We can see this in the Official Pronouncement of Bishop Gabby. Hence, Frank Padilla may take this up again in the Vatican.

The problem right now, as in Manila, Frank Padilla is still the recognized "founder". He still officially sits at the Pontifical Council of the Laity. Likewise,he was instrumental in the creation of most of the country councils abroad. And hence command influence and loyalty among our brothers and sisters there.

It is important right now that the CFC council act swiftly to consolidate our CFC brothers and sisters there. They must explain to the Vatican the situation Frank Padilla is in now. But then again, our present Council used to be under the shadows of Frank Padilla. They are anonymous and unknown to the most of the National Councils abroad which has Frank Padilla as their director.

Just as Frank Padilla is making rounds, we must send Tony Meloto, the only one having the clout to counter Frank Padilla, among the National Councils. The CFC Council must deal with the Vatican.

Also the CFC website and the website must be continuously updated. We cannot afford to keep them in the blind about what happened in Manila.

Finally, we must make haste on the CFC Congress which must take place the soonest. It must involve the National Councils of all the CFC in the world. The Catholic Hierarchy in both the Philippines and Vatican, must observe and guide the deliberations.

This action is similar to the Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church (eg Vatican I) which dealt with heretics who spread lies about Catholic teachings.

I just pray that the CFC Council, in their advanced age, will be able to weather these things.

lino of EB4 said...

I agree with CFC Emmaus. Though I admire how the Council has handled the conflict so far, I would encourage the Council to now consolidate and protect what is left with CFC. FFL, through Bro. Frank and company, will not rest till they have taken what they think is theirs.

Moving on, I think the Council should go and mount its own offensive in winning the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters here and abroad. They should also make their rounds and make their presence felt. I know a lot of our brethen is just waiting for them to speak out, like shepherds to their flocks.

I would also like to exhort our leaders especially our elders who have made their stands and stayed with CFC to make their presence felt to their flocks. Go out! Meet your members! Lets exhort them to move on, carry out our missions and evangelize more couples to take the place of those who chose to leave.

I also agree that the Council should hav e the CFC websites updated (as regular as possible please). I would suggest that we drop the fulfillingthemandate website and just consolidate it with the cfcglobal website.

I would also like to suggest that CFC upload talks, MC gatherings, special activities where member can also hear, find out for themselves whats happening. The MC gathering of August 5 was truly inspiring and informative. I just regret that members like us would get to hear, read and view critical activities from blogs like that of CD, when we should have seen, read, heard of it from our own website.

To are a blessing!

CFC NORTH B, in the service of the Lord said...

If you have been feeling down lately, here’s your PEP TALK from no other than the POPE BENEDICT XVI himself, so please read this article from
“Benedict XVI Promotes Volunteerism
Says State and Politics Cannot Replace It

The Pope said this Sunday, as he closed his seventh international pastoral trip, in a meeting with Austrian volunteers in the Konzerthaus, Vienna's renowned concert hall.

The Holy Father delivered a discourse after an address from Austrian President Heinz Fischer.

"Love of neighbor is not something that can be delegated," the Pontiff said. "The state and the political order, properly concerned with the relief of the needy and the provision of social services, cannot take its place," the Pontiff said. "Love of neighbor always demands a voluntary personal commitment, and the state, of course, should provide the conditions which make this possible.

"Thanks to such involvement, assistance maintains a human dimension and does not become depersonalized. Volunteers like yourselves, then, are not 'stopgaps' in the social fabric, but people who truly contribute to giving our society a humane and Christian face."

The event with the volunteers included an address from youth who donate their time. Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg also spoke. He told the Pope that in Austria, some 17 million hours of work are donated each year, with an estimated value of €3.5 million ($4.8 million).

Jesus' eyes

The Pope invited the young people to learn to see the world and their fellow human beings with the eyes of Jesus.

"There are people who see, but pretend not to see, who are faced with human needs yet remain indifferent. This is part of the coldness of our present time," the Holy Father said. "In the gaze of others, and particularly of the person who needs our help, we experience the concrete demands of Christian love.

"Jesus Christ does not teach us a spirituality 'of closed eyes,' but one of 'alertness,' one which entails an absolute duty to take notice of the needs of others and of situations involving those whom the Gospel tells us, are our neighbors.
"The gaze of Jesus, what 'his eyes' teach us, leads to human closeness, solidarity, giving time, sharing our gifts and even our material goods."

Benedict XVI affirmed that the aid offered by the Church is not merely material.

He explained: "For this reason, those who work for the Church's charitable organizations must be distinguished by the fact that they do not merely meet the needs of the moment, but they dedicate themselves to others with heartfelt concern. This heart sees where love is needed, and acts accordingly.

"Yes, I have to become like someone in love, someone whose heart is open to being shaken up by another's need. Then I find my neighbor or -- better -- then I am found by him."

Visit us at:

ZENIT is free for personal use.”

(Papal message ends here. Change of text size and font color were done by the undersigned blog commenter)

This message is forwarded to you from and in the name of the GAWAD KALINGA Project Directors, Program Managers, Sibol Teachers, GKare Volunteers, Mabuhay Ladies, Kapibahayan Officers and Members, members of Chapters who are the care-taker teams, GK beneficiary residents of the GK areas of NORTH B (CFC of Metro Manila), namely: GK BROOKSIDE, GK TALANAY, GK PAYATAS-BLUE EAGLE, GK LAURA, GK LICAD, GK PAG-ASA, GK MELCHORA, GK MOLAVE, GK BOTOCAN, GK MANG PANDOY, GK SITIO PAYONG.
The message elates those of us who have chosen to stay with CFC NORTH B and continue to work with the poor through GK. We believe helping the poor is NOT to be SLOWED DOWN!!
Our prayer is that FFL no longer continue their trying to get GK residents who are members of CFC NORTH B to join them. We believe God will give them their own work with the poor program and give them their own measure of success once they honestly put their hearts, minds & souls into the task of building their own villages and evangelizing those outside of CFC.
Brothers and Sisters in FFL, just for the sake of our previous togetherness in the households, in our friendship (which we continue to extend to you) in the moments we joined hands and prayed together, in our common focus on Jesus, in our similar desire to serve Him, please listen to our appeal.
Since you were the ones who left please do not bring with you the possessions of Christ, the CFC members, for God already named and assigned them to be in CFC and they are already an evangelized people.
Your fair share of FFL membership await their call from you, they are out there in the wide expanse of the mission field, so stop raiding these field where the seeds of faith have already been sown, and are being cared and nurtured after by CFC. Since you are all honest people, have nothing to do with dishonesty by claiming as your members those you did not voluntarily join you but are merely influenced by you because they owe a debt of gratitude.
If you refrain from your poaching, even if your personal method is subtle while some of your co-FFL are so gross and direct, then we could really be brothers and sisters in Christ again.

SGD. In the service of the Lord, through CFC NORTH B

JojoD.Peña-SA2 said...

Magandang Araw CFC !!!

To our brothers in the US and other Foreign Countries:

i have been hearing/ reading some articles that "nagugulat na lang kayo na kayo pala ay nasa FFL na because you're leaders are already with FFL?"; that you were not even consulted or asked by your leader?

why do i ask - dito po kasi sa Manila, bro.frank appealed that discernment should be done individually. and that's what i did for my chapter. in one of our household meetings - i told them that they can attend the talk of bro.frank (falling on a thursday) and that of the council through bro.joe (on a saturday). so that i will be fair. but what did they answer me. "NO, we will not attend both. WE ARE HAPPY WHERE WE ARE! and WE ARE SATISFIED with your EXPLANATION.

kse po, they asked me - what is OUR stand. i told them its about a PERSONAL stand para maging FAIR sa FFL kse yun ang request nila.

im just wondering iba pala ang approach kapag nasa US na. iba talaga pag imported (biro lang po). but funny how things change or STRATEGIES change !!!

PEACE brethren !!! God bless us all !!!

Anonymous said...


We do not 'still do work with the poor' as a mere way of fulfilling our own spiritual checklist of To-Do's. Rather, it is based in their needs - not our needs - inspired by the love of God and rooted in the greatest need, reconciliation with God!


Jojo P. (SA2) said...

i just thought of the proselytizing (tama ba?)mormons na sinasabi ng EFEFEL...

wala lang naisip ko lang. i think our Pope is for Church Unity and Ecumenism...

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 17, 2006 ( Benedict XVI confirmed that the ecumenical movement toward full Christian unity is a priority of his ministry as Pope.


in one of the prophesies i read:
Pope Benedict XVI will be Pope at that time. Very soon after that event, Pope Benedict XVI will suggest to the world that three booths, that is, three places, be built in Jerusalem: a Temple, a Church, and a Mosque. He will suggest that the city of Jerusalem become a place of peace and of worship for all three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
- ang ganda di ba... wala nang away about religion.

i think i also heard our Bishop or one of our church leaders about Ecumenical Evangelization. this is a different style of evangelization - we make a muslim a better muslim. an INC a better INC and in effect of doing so we become better Catholics and Christians. we dont have to convert them to Christianity and we dont have to be converted to their religion.

eh di ba ganun nga nangyayari sa mga GK sites?

wala lang, naisip ko lang... hindi ko kasi maikonek po. HELP...

Francis said...

The council have been very busy visiting the members around the Philippines and other countries. Even some of the BOE are also going abroad using their own funds. talking to the members on the ground. Joe Y. went to Europe recently and just got back. Joe T. is in the US to talk to the leaders and members there. Frank's deception have really caused a lot of damage, but people are coming back. Those who look for the truth and look beyond the words of Frank realize and see his deception. Actually madali namang makita. kaya lang pag na idolize mo si Frank hindi mo na nakikita ang katotohanan, si Frank na lang ang nakikita mo. Pati si Lord natatakpan. So Brothers in CFC and FFL focus your eyes on the truth! Focus your eyes on Jesus.

cfc north b in the service of the Lord said...


List should include GK RUBY, where a three year Anniversary was just celebrated last recently.

Congratulations to Gk caretaker teams of North B 1 in your dedication to serving Christ through the work with the Poor!

Anonymous said...

One can wonder what the intention of Frank Padilla is in going to the Vatican. I see the following possibilities:

1. He wants FFL to be recognized

2. He wants to say to the Vatican that CFC is veering away and that the Vatican should correct CFC

3. He wants the Vatican to drop recognition on CFC

We already heard from Bishop Reyes that FFL "should start as a diocesan association, then later can apply for recognition". So it seems like going directly to Vatican for recognition is a big jump. But if that's the case, let's pray that they would have the blessing of the Vatican too because that will also help them in their mission.

On whether Frank went to Vatican to have CFC corrected... we know that the International Council is committed to stop any malpractice by GK (if any). And once you move to a different group, it's really bad etiquette to criticize your previous group. Sometimes it's more honorable and peaceful to mind your own business. Just like how CFC taught us that only God can change your spouse, we should just love each other and accept our differences.

We already heard from Bishop Reyes that "the original CFC, with Gawad Kalinga as one of its ministries, retains its recognition as an international private association of the faithful" so I don't know what else needs to be done.

I don't believe that Frank would stoop as low to campaign the Vatican to strip CFC of the recognition. Frank is a good man judging from the books he has written which inspired a lot of souls. The recognition was a gift from our Catholic leaders in acknowledgment of millions of CFC members committed in their mission. It is a vital help in convincing the parishes for cooperation. It would not be in the interest of evangelization to not have it. I remember the story from the bible about Solomon...

Two women come to him looking for justice. Each had an infant, but by accident one of them had suffocated her child and had switched her dead baby with the other woman's living baby. Both now claimed the living infant was theirs. Solomon cleverly cut through the conflicting claims in this way: He ordered that a sword be brought to the court and offered to give each woman half of the disputed child. As he had hoped, the real mother revealed herself when she relinquished her claim in order to spare the child's life.

Unfortunately, the Vatican recognition is non-transferable. If it was, it doesn't really matter who gets it as long as it's put to good use.

Anonymous said...

I agree with francis...

At first, i was in a situation na nahirapan ako sa discernment ko kasi my family grew in CFC but on the other hand inspiration ko si Bro. Frank Padilla. When i ask my wife saan ba talaga tayo sa CFC or FFL. I never thought that my 16 year old son heard me. Biglang nagbutt-in siya and he ask me Dad is Tito Frank with during the good and the bad times of cfc's work in evangelization in our province? or is it the brothers and sisters dito sa province natin are with you? Think of those naging kasama mo sa hirap at ginahawa sa work in God's vineyard.

I thank God for using my son to give a word of, i have my decision's not for one person but it's all about the flock that God has given me to shephered.

lino of EB4 said...

Thanks Bro Francis for the info. I am glad to hear that the Council already went out to visit our brethen here and abroad. Its reassuring to know that they are making their rounds to make their presence felt. I hope the Council can update our website and post the result of their travels/visits there.

However, I think this will not be enough. So ask our elders to also go out and make their presence felt especially in areas where FFL is vigorously evangelizing CFC leaders and members to transfer to FFL. Reassure those who stayed and exhort them to go on with our work. Lets move on!

God bless the peacemakers!

Anonymous said...

for me, i don't care if FFL or Frank gets Vatican recognition. Or whether CFC is stripped off of its Vatican recognition.

i don't go around evangelizing, inviting people to CFC CLPs saying "kami lang yung may Vatican recognition". we all know that the best way to evangelize people is through our actions. "Go out and evangelize. Speak if you must!" said St. Augustine.

that is said with all respect to the Vatican.

you can conclude that this problem in our community is due to PRIDE, pride of some of our leaders, pride for power and recognition.

if we humble ourselves, God will know where to bestow that recognition --- either vatican or something else.

i'd rather have God bestow me that recognition, rather than fight for recognition.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Yes, i fully agree with the last posting, Sep 12, 5:12pm by ANONYMOUS.

All of us should be asking ourselves-Why is the Lord allowing all these seemingly negative events to take place in CFC? When in fact CFC is doing good works of evangelization and nation building at the same time?! Shouldn't God be happy with all these good works? God must have a purpose for allowing these events to take place! Di ba?.


CFC was too proud to be one of the firsts, if not the first group to be at EDSA II....Maybe CFC should march again in EDSA to start celebrating the conviction of ERAP and say....Yehey, CFC did it!

CFC was too proud to campaign 13-0 senatorial bets for GMA administration.(even the Catholic Church did not campaign for that one).. arrogantly enough not to consider that there are others who may have their personal preference of who to vote for...rightly or wrongly? ...that these elected Senators will be accountable to CFC....Were the elected Senators ever came back to CFC and made even a simple report?

CFC was arrogant and proud to have claimed in many leadership conferences that CFC is the only group with credibility according to SWS....Do we really know that in God's eyes, there are also other groups that have credibility even if SWS has not recognized them?

CFC was proud in claiming that it "conquered" 153 countries for Christ (when many of those country memberships are "ampaw")....Is CFC only concerned about numbers? For what? For Vatican-- so CFC can be recognized similarly to Focolare, Opus Dei, etc.For whose glory?
Isn't El Shaddai, JIL and others are also doing "conquering" works for God?.

CFC elders were arrogant in rebutting those asking for financial reforms... instead of putting the house in financial order, elders even accused the leaders of "robbing" God of His tithes by not giving more instead of cost some talks ...instead of cost cutting, elders arrogantly said, CFC will hire more missionaries....

CFC was too proud to have given the "poor" houses through GK...Isn't the teachings in the Bible encourage humility rather than bloated accomplishments?.

Not content, CFC was too proud to launch GK777 in 2003 in Marikina and at the Fort in Oct. 2003..some elders arrogantly imposing upon members to consider the tickets sold! Again, is CFC too concerned about numbers? Too proud to announced to the whole world what both left and right hands are doing?

CFC Elder arrogantly declaring in an ECG gathering that if you cannot find yourself a place in GK work, better find yourself another community....Is this the only priority in CFC? Isn't this the cause now of FFL's issue against CFC?

CFC elders proudly declaring politicians and personalities joining the bandwagon for nation building through elder mentioned about having GMA as a text mate because CFC is in its glorious state because of the gains of GK.....

CFC was too proud of Vatican and CBCP recognition...Why are we so concerned about recognition?

And many more....

God must have a purpose to have allowed all these events to take place! Ano nga kaya ang plano ni God?

Ernie said...

Could it be that GOD is cleaning up the leadership of Couples For Christ? Removing the leaders who run away from LnP (late 80's) and took the name CFC for themselves. Only one is left in the Council and I hope he comes out to tell the whole story.

Ernie S

Anonymous said...

I think some of what Carlos Yturzaeta said is correct. However, those can be attributed to leaders and should not be generalized as necessarily the same sentiments as those of the members. For example: "CFC was arrogant and proud to have claimed in many leadership conferences that CFC is the only group with credibility according to SWS", I am a CFC member and I do not necessarily agree to that claim. I don't really expect perfection from my leaders (otherwise, I'd be in my own group right now). And sometimes, there are reasons to make such claim. For example, in a CLP, the speaker can say "we are in 153 countries" not as a way to boost our ego but to somehow make the impression to the candidates that a lot of people from different countries have found CFC to be OK. Sometimes, it's not the claim that matters but the intention or the positive outcome of a claim. In my observation though, those items Carlos mentioned were spoken or claimed mostly by leaders I know who are now in FFL. They were also made at a time when CFC was still under Frank.

LBD said...

found a newsletter of Ang ligaya ng panginoon dated July 5, 1992. The newsletter talks sbout :" 1) the relationship of the outreaches with each other and the community 2) new assignments and division of service for head coordinators 3. some specifics with regards to couple (s) for Christ. It says ...3. "an outreach to couples became Couples for Christ. Vic Gutierrez began the movement and developed it first with the assistance of Raul Sarceda and later with Frank Padilla.Today frank is responsible for Couples for Christ." in another part of the newsletter, it says: CFC proposal to ligaya EX Com and the Body of Coordinators: 1) Spin off the east district of the ligaya as a separate, CFC community. this community would be a member of Christ the King Association and would receive formation from Ligaya. in response, Ligaya says that " there is to be no spinning off the east District into a new community. In fact, Couples for Christ is to continue as a movement for the evangelization of couples. it should not become a community.
Frank then heading the East district asked to be relieved as a coordinator to focus on Couples for Christ.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Ernie S,

Your question, could it be that God is cleansing CFC of those leaders who left LNP in '80s.

Maybe yes, maybe no. I believe that in everything that we do, we have to look forward, eka nga, always forward looking. We cannot go back to the past and bask in its glory. Yes, nice to remember good old days and we thank God for that.

Whatever it is that God would like CFC to be, let us be at peace. Remember, there was no CFC before. 25 years ago. If you were with CFC from the beginning, and there will be no more CFC next year, JUST PRAISE AND THANK GOD IN ALL THOSE YEARS THAT YOU WERE WITH CFC. But maybe, its time to move on.

CFC is not the beginning and end of our life. GOD IS! CFC is only a support group, a vehicle to enhance our being Catholics. If your life changed because CFC was intrumental to it, PRAISE GOD!

What we need to see is God's plan for CFC. Let us wait and see and pray for GOD's continued direction to our Elders (particularly the 7 council members) so they can assist all of us into the future.

God be praised. Enjoy life to the full.


Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Anonymous, Sep 13 4:21 AM,

Thank you for your rejoinder.

Yes, most of the time, we only follow (even in our talks) what our elders would say, claim or report. Elders tell us this/that, and we believe and trust and we also echo and recho such statements.This is servant leadership--follow the leader.

However, over the years, our leaders commited mistakes too. Maybe they are no longer anointed. Maybe God wants to reveal something. Maybe God has a time frame already set for CFC. If Judas did not betray Jesus, who would? Judas played his part in the salvation history. In CFC, (or in any other organizations,and even churches), its the same. Some will be playing their roles/parts so that God's ultimate plan for CFC will be revealed.

History will tell us that transparochial groups have "effective lifespan", normally 20 to 30 years. We can learn some lessons from CFM, Cursillo, Marriage Encounter groups, Charismatic groups, Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Loved Flock, Lord's Flock, Oasis of Love, Pag-ibig sa Diyos, Elim, LNP, etc.

Let us also look at the "honest-to-goodness" parish based groups like Parish Pastoral Council, CWL, Legion of Mary, Knights of Columbus, Mother Butler, Prex, etc. My grandma was a CWL, my mom was CWL, my wife used to be CWL. CWL is still in the parish. How come?

I can give some reasons. 1st, these groups are really parish based. 2nd, being parish based, they are under the supervision of the Parish Priest (BTW, parish priests are rotated). 3rd, such groups have annual elections such that no one leader or no few leaders could perpetuate power for long. 4th in parish based groups, the "hero-charismatic-type of leadeship" could not survive easily as there is always elections and not much room for public limelight. 5th, not much money and resources and power and glory are available at the disposal of leaders. 6th, a parish is small and people know each other, maybe not too personal but not too easy to liveout of double standard lifestyle.

In the body of Jesus Christ, if one part is sick, the other parts of the body are also affected. Therefore, the SIN OF ONE, IS THE SIN OF ALL. Adam and Eve sinned and the whole of mankind sinned. That's why if one is appointed as a leader, especially of a christian community, such task is a sacred one. To whom much is given, much is expected. Yes, leaders have authority and power BUT what counts is how one exercise it--in short ACCOUNTABILITY.

We hope and pray that God will continue to reveal his plan for CFC.

God bless. Happy weekend. Enjoy life to the full.

PS--if you want to discuss further, you may email me personally rather than talk on this blog (which is also ok). my email is

You and i are still normal christians. For as long as we heed God's individual call for us, we will be in the right track.

And as you said, if you have the purest intentions, though what we do are seemingly wrong, in the end God can make it right. right?

Thank God for giving CFC in our lives...even if it will only be for 25 years. Can't complain.

Anonymous said...

To Caloy and Ernie S,

Re: "Your question, could it be that God is cleansing CFC of those leaders who left LNP in '80s.

Maybe yes, maybe no. I believe that in everything that we do, we have to look forward, eka nga, always forward looking. We cannot go back to the past and bask in its glory. Yes, nice to remember good old days and we thank God for that."

Brothers, let us not generalize. There are some who were with LNP before but who chose to remain with CFC. Huwag na natin palakihin ang usapin.

Nawa'y manahan ang kapayapaan ni Kristo sa ating lahat!

Ernie said...

I just answered your question "Ano nga kaya ang plano ni God" with my question and stated my factual obsevation. You know the whole story better than me that's why I asked. Hoping that we can learn from history and not reapeat it again and again.

This is the 3rd split in the US already in the last 14 years caused by those leaders and resolution is no where in sight. It's painfull to lose friends not of our own doing. It's a double bind stress and before the wounds of the past re-opens again let me close and lets move on.

Ernie S

Beth Charlie said...

Quoted hereunder is an article showing that GK has not lost its Catholic and Evangelistic fervor, contrary to the pronouncements of its opponents:

“Charismatics unite with GK
By Patricia Esteves, Sunday, September 16, 2007

Philippine Star article highlights the various Philippine Catholic communities uniting with Gawad Kalinga:

United by a common goal, Couples for Christ’ Gawad Kalinga and Catholic charismatic groups Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Focolare and Light of Jesus communities formed a partnership to help the poor at the One Nation for God rally.

Light of Jesus leader Bo Sanchez said he has always believed in the redeeming work of Couples for Christ, through GK, for the poor.

"Why is it that we are gathered together to work with GK when in fact we are doing our own work for the poor? One answer is that because we believe in our heart of hearts, that there is something wonderfully miraculous about GK," he said.”

GOD BE PRAISED for PEOPLE, COMMUNITIES & CORPORATIONS who love to work in helping the POOR even if they are NOT MEMBERS OF CFC!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the good thing about Gawad Kalinga is that there are now numbers of national leaders and politicians who take part on the program and are all advocates of the Gawad Kalinga's vision. There will be also a Gawad Kalinga Global Summit will be held at Boston. Gawad Kalinga aims to eradicate homelessness, hunger, and poverty for the millions of impoverished Filipino families all over the Philippines.