Monday, September 3, 2007

2nd Council Statement

Coming... the FFL's reaction letters to the Council statements.


West-C Divided said...

From Nonong Contreras:

"5. Again, the danger of not being a participant nor an eyewitness is seen on how the wisdom of the Bishops can be slanted to favor the other side. A reading of the official statement coming from the CBCP website does not contain any mention of what party retains or loses recognition whether at the CBCP or Vatican levels. It only says both parties should work for their respective recognitions depending on the wishes of the Bishop. In fact, in preempting an official communique coming from the 5-man investigation body, the Council runs the risk of being corrected again by the Bishops for inaccurate reporting and preempting their moves. The case of Bishop Arguelles was cited, conveniently missing the good Bishop's preamble that he was "one of those who first decried the veering away of GK from the life and mission of CFC."

what is NC trying to prove? Luis Oquinena affirmed during last Sunday's MCG that he heard Bishop Gabby first-hand say to Joe Tale that we are retaining CBCP National Recognition and Vatican International Recognition. Will he keep his mouth shut once an official statement will be released by CBCP? Probably not. He'll keep on searching for faults to broadcast. Can someone handcuff him please para hindi na sya makapag-type?!!?

Also from the same email of Nonong Contreras:

3. The matters of loans and the unfunded retirement plan are items of obligation the Council now has to bear, particularly since tithes have reportedly dwindled to all time lows these past few months. Does our brother intend to pass on these liabilities to a separate juridical body and escape the responsibility due its creditors and the would-be retirees? Hasn't the Council claimed that is it now the annointed body tasked with the administration of CFC affairs since it was legally elected under the by-laws? Has it not chosen, together with the Elders, Assembly not to heed the strong call of the Bishops to postpone the elections?

Nonong Contreras should be ashamed of himself. He is giving the new Council full responsibility for the financial mess that they inherited from FAP's leadership! FFL Founders are the major causes of the financial mess and this is how they comment: "Oh, i'm sorry. umalis na ako. problema nyo na yan" What kind of community will become of FFL? Pag nagka-problema na, iiwanan na lang sila ng leaders nila.

Anonymous said...

i honor xavy and the rest of the sfc council and fulltime who already take their stand, but how about those who still dont have (after the churh have already speak up) and those sfc and yfc ftw in the council who already say that they will go to FFL but are still in the cfc office?i think it will create confusion to other members,though we dont look in the personality but still it would be confusing to us members.for example: this september there will be a big sfc gathering (singgolympics)if the ftw will give his openning remarks what will he say if he is an FFL and do not support the cfc ic. i think this people must make their stand asap.if they will stay with sfc thats good,but if they will transfer then transfer now.they are leaders, people are looking at them!a " let me think of it!" statement is absolutely unacceptable!the crisis is already subsiding and yet they are still undecided!this is not only for sfc ftw but also for other ftw.peace to all of us!

contributor three said...

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Splitting ‘Couples’
By William M. Esposo

Anonymous said...

Though there is still a great need to propagate truth (for the sake of CFC)...perhaps the tide is turning. It seems more and more are beginning to recognize this is not really about GK.

Anonymous said...

Tito Frank!!!

Please...... STOP na!!!

Wolsink said...

If I have the authority to ex-communicate Nonong Contreras I will do it immediately because he is becoming an menace to the true CFC and their so called FFL. He was not even there at the 3rd part of the meeting when BP Reyes made his decision on the CFC recognition. He left the meeting and very busy having a press release downstairs, "Scoop daw" sabi niya. They can not admit that even Bp Reyes who is at first siding with FFL suddenly made a 180 degree turn at the end of the meeting just because of the magic name mentioned, "Tony Meloto" then that's it. Bp Reyes said that money is not the root of the problem while Nonong, together with the press people, is questioning money of GK. Mmmmm, mukhang hindi niyo yara na rehearse ni Frank Padilla yan ha? Wait mo na lang Nonong ang CBCP statement to be released before you speak. But I think Nonong will not stop kahit na galing pa sa Pope ang statement. Nonong, you better keep your big mouth shut. It is not healthy anymore. Peace be with you Bro. Nong Contreras and PLEASE don't touch that keyboard. By the way, your son is a good orthopedic doctor ha. He also became my doctor when I have a back problem. I hope your son will not be affected because of the things you are doing.

Anonymous said...

"5. Again, the danger of not being a participant nor an eyewitness is seen on how the wisdom of the Bishops can be slanted to favor the other side. A reading of the official statement coming from the CBCP website does not contain any mention of what party retains or loses recognition whether at the CBCP or Vatican levels. "

I understand that each group had a separate time with the Bishops before they were convened together.
Nonong could not have known what transpired during CFC's time with the Bishops. The affirmation of the Vatican and CBCP recognitions could have been made during the separate time with CFC; or if it was done during the time that both groups were convened; baka case of selective listening lang.

not following frank in lamentations said...

Nonong C claims there is nothing in the CBCP statement that confirms CFC has both Vatican and CBCP recognition.

Yes it was not written there.

But it was stated by Bishop Gabby Reyes in the presence of Frank Padilla & his Eastern Group and Joe Tale with some of the Council Members.

Luis Oquiñena was there and he gave a sharing in the CFC Prayer Assembly at Ateneo last Sunday. He confirmed that the Bishop really said so.

But this is life nowadays with CFC & FFL. So relative to this matter, they will believe Nonong C, Frank P, and Roland Nillas (not in that order daw).

And we believe the story of Luis Oquiñena on what the Bishop said.

So the FFL members will now tell the members of CFC whom they try to convince to join them in FFL, about this "fact".

They will say this, knowing fully well it is not true.

Then they will demand of us our respect for them?