Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Dear Brethren,

Let us all be sober and circumspect in all our ways. Dwell simply on facts and glean over the truths. Journey with me...

1) FFL raised the issue of disobedience to the Catholic Bishops...
Fact: On August 28, 2007 the Bishops have spoken after listening to both sides. They clearly stated :the CBCP has no authority over the Couples for Christ in the national level. It can only make recommendations to the Couples for Christ, not impositions.
Question for Discernment: Is the issue of "disobedience" valid?

2) FFL raised the issue that CFC because of Gawad Kalinga is "veering away from the vision/mission of CFC and Catholic teachings..."
Fact: On August 28, 2007 the International Council of CFC admitted & accepted that there are isolated cases happening in the conduct of GK activities but these do not happen in most of the GK areas throughout the country. The IC group committed themselves to look into the matter and make whatever corrections are needed.
Question for Discernment: Upon acceptance of the IC and declaring their commitment to correct all these in front of the Bishops, is the issue of "veering away from the vision/mission of CFC & Catholic teachings" still valid?

3) The Easter Group called for a Restoration Movement to bring back the authentic charism of CFC...
Fact: The Restoration Movement called by the Easter Group became a movement to establish a Foundation for Family & Life (FFL).
Question for Discernment: If the movement was to restore the original charism of CFC, why was it used to gather our brethren and organize a new group? How can you restore something within if you are out there separate from it?

After gleaning over the stated facts, the BIG QUESTION for discernment is: Were there enough valid reasons to "SPLIT" or "SEPARATE"?

May GOD bless us all!!!

Anonymous said...

comments on MISSION REPORT ni Tito Frank

I cant believe Bro. Frank will go to this low. Giving information which is half true just to convince more people to join their groups. I pitty you Bro Frank idol pa naman kita before

Anonymous said...


CLP Talk 12 presents three phases of christian life: deeper relationship with God, deeper relationship with neighbor (one another) and greater service. Some top leaders seem good at the first but failing in the second especially in headship over untamed wives and yet insist to lead in the third. Yes, pwede makalusot man for silver but not for gold. Just how costly Headship and Submission (in husband and wife) can be? Sadly, I saw it coming for Brother Frank but I can't reach him.
northcal cgy

Anonymous said...

I just have a vision.

Frank and FFL are with the VILLARS.

And Manny is Presidentiable.

What I see is Manny and Tony in 2010 and the other vission is that Manny is not triumphant for obvious reason.

Just Like to share what I see in mind.

Anonymous said...

to another anonymous blogger who shared his visions...please lang wag naman ganito. nakakahiya na masyado and mga actions na ganito. if you are pro CFC then be a good CFC member that you can be in the eyes of God and in the eyes of men.