Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Your Attention Please...

I'm putting this post on the Couples for Christ Wikipedia entry to rest for now...

Jed, please email me.

Thank you, and I apologize about the distress caused.


friend of jed juntereal said...

saan na ang ipi-nost ni jed juntereal sa wikipedia na dalawang couples for christ? salamat at God bless.

friend of jed


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C.D. said...

friend of jed juntereal,

Give me your email address.

friend of jed said...

hi c.d.,

gusto ko lang naman po i-emphasize, ayon sa una kong nakita sa wikipedia, na dapat hindi split up ang sabihin kundi separation ng foundation for family life galing sa couples for christ, dahil sinabi doon na nahati diumano ang cfc - ang isa ay cfc-gk at ang isa naman ay cfc-ffl. ngunit, nang binalikan ko ang wikipedia, wala na ang naturang entry. bakit kaya?

salamat po! God bless.

MAQoeheLETH, too! said...

Hear ye! Hear ye!

For those who are wondering how the FFL people are able to fund their operations, well,a certain non-catholic senator (but a cfc member) is giving financial support. In fact, libre pa ang office space nila. Wow, swerte naman, malakas ang backer.
FFL is accusing GK of partnering with anti-life corporations. Well, let us take a closer look...
FIRST: Isn't Congresswoman Cynthia Villar a proponent of the population bill in congress which the church, including cfc (through teodora), is opposing?
SECOND: She has admitted it on national TV in an interview in Breakfast by Bam Aquino that she is pro-choice.
My question is, if FFL is not splitting from CFC, why are they still pushing for the SEC application? Infact, ayon sa aking bubuwit, yong malakas na backer nila is pressuring the SEC on their behalf.
I love CFC, my family has been blessed in this community. Ako ay nagtatanong lamang, sana hindi 'to totoo. Can somebody tell me if tama ba yung bubuwit ko?

jiggsaw said...

MAQoeheLETH, too! said...

Can somebody tell me if tama ba yung bubuwit ko?

tama ang bubuwit mo!
1.dun nga ang office nila
2.nagpa-follow up nga sa SEC para magkaron na ng resibo para sa mga tithes.
malamang magka-maganak ang bubuwit natin!!!

pero yan din ang malaking katanungang ko! FFL claims to be PRO-LIFE but they are sleeping with the ENEMY - an advocate of PRO-CHOICE, an author/sponsor of HB 3773 which CFC and TEODORA vehemently oppose...

hindi ko makonnek!!! baka may alam kang explanation QohelethII...

Anonymous said...

the wikipedia site can be updated by an ordinary person ata eh... seems like an FFL fan has been regularly changing it to suit them and maybe as part of their way to sow deceptions...

oh well, what else is new. thats part of their evangelization - electronic evangelization. ang galing galing!!!

some months ago, the description looks pretty good...

WOW! said...

Our cyber-brethren are patrolling the web to weed out internet deception. Check out the Wikipedia entry on Couples for Christ now.

Ernie said...


I checked Wikipedia's entry on Couples for Christ and I did NOT find mis-leading statements.

Rejoice the page was LOCKED for Editing. I just don't know who are allowed to make changes.

Here is the link COUPLES FOR CHRIST. Anybody can check it every now and then to find out if anybody is playing around with the page. Be sure the page has the padlock on top, if not Alert Wikipedia's Administrator.

Ernie S

WOW! said...

Hi, Ernie S...

Precisely, that's why I said OUR cyber-brethren are weeding out deception in the internet. AND HE/SHE/THEY ARE DOING A GOOD JOB AT IT. Prior to the locking of the CFC Wikipedia page, some statements carried the FFL slant/misinformation. Ngayon naalis na iyon; the entries are now factual.

jedjuntereal said...

Sabihin ko po ito...
1. maraming administrators sa wikipedia. buti may pumayag nung i-request ko na ma-protect muna yung article natin. (reference: tignan niyo yung "history" tab sa taas, tignan niyo dun kung anu-ano yung mga versions na ginawa bago ma-protect.) masaklap nga lang, kasi hindi pa ako administrator, kaya hindi ko rin siya maedit uli.
2. para sa mga suggestions sa pagpapaganda ng article, click kayo sa "discussions" sa taas din, sa gitna ng "article" at "history" tabs.
3. na-adjust ko na rin po yung pag-search. kapag nag-type kayo ng "foundation for family and life" sa search ng wikipedia, nadidirect na siya sa "the other cfc" sa article natin.
4. ito bad news: hanggang biyernes lang yung protection. please help in improving the article.
5. para po sa FFL: gawa na lang po kayo ng bagong article.

Thanks po.

jiggsaw said...

thank you for your effort. i agree with you, gawa na lang po kayo ng article ninyo sa FFL. dun niyo na lang ilagay yung gusto niyo po.

o di ba...
thanks. God bless...

Ernie said...

To jedjuntereal,

Good job. Thank you for your vigilance making sure the TRUTH shines like a lamp on a lamp stand.


Ernie said...

PS jedjuntereal,

Paki bantay-bantyan mo na rin yung entry so (just in case may-maglaro)you can make the necessary corrections.....

Ernie S

Kapatid said...

HI, jedjuntereal., CD and Ernie S,

The wikipedia entry on the names of the BOE may need a correction.

Oca oblefias and Pancho were elected to the BOE. But as of now, should they still be considered as BOE members since they already joined FFL which does not recognize the duly elected IC? Pancho is an incorporator of FFL. In the FFL website, Pancho said he resigned and left all positions in CFC to join FFL. Oca also said the same thing in his sharing distributed via email by the Easter group.

So considering this, there are now only 13 BOE members.

Di ko alam how to edit wikipedia when locked. I made some corrections before it was locked. But the BOE entry was a recent entry.

jedjuntereal said...

Opo, about the BOE: kasi, kinopya ko lang mula sa site. Sure po ko dun kay Tito Oca (ka-subdivision ko siya kasi), kaso I thought I'd rather copy the entire list kasi hindi ko alam kung may kasama pa siyang iba. Thank you po for the info.

About sa pagkaka-lock: prerogative yun kasi ng administrators sa wikipedia. Hanggat hindi pa nag-expire yung lock (at hanggang Friday na lang siya), only administrators can edit locked articles. Although every "wikipedian" can become an administrator, matagal na proseso yung application, maraming tanong sa yo from all corners of the globe. Yun lang, for reference. :-)