Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pastoral Congress #2

Something I got in my inbox, pictures from a successful 2nd Pastoral Congress that had over 300 participants.

Here are the invites:

The pictures:


dante said...

It was a wonderful weekend for provincial leaders, MM sector heads and foreign delegates who came together for the first time after the break-away of some leaders almost two months ago. It was a time of moving forward and "putting our hands to the plow and not looking back."

It was a blessing to meet old friends and comrade-in-arms who have remained steadfast and loyal to the community through thick and thin, through tribulations and crisis.

It was a time to consult those on the ground to know what they think and what is going on in their respective areas of responsibilities. Lively discussions in the small groups ushered in new and up-till-now unheard of suggestions such as:
- putting limits to the terms of leaders
- nomination of top provincial and international leaders for the highest positions of responsibility in the community
- harmony vs. possible discord between the core values of CFC and some of its ministries
- need to provide better support for full time workers out on mission and in return, demanding efficiency among full-time pastoral workers
- better governance from the top leadership
- need for adequate preparation for missionaries

It was also revealed that focused groups, composed of elders, have started to examine the possibility of reformatting the CFC pastoral and corporate structure to render the administration of the many tasks ranging from evangelization and pastoral formation to the mundane work of running a huge organization with a large pool of office and pastoral workers and the accompanying fiscal responsibilities mor effective. This is to better hasten and make easier the Lord's work put on CFC's shoulders.

As one of the prayer leaders said: the air was thick with hope in the Lord. There was a sense of being freed at last to do the work without being encumbered by one person's personal leadership style. There was a palpable collective joy and eagerness from everyone present (including many members of the clergy who joined the small group discussions)to move on with the work of evngelization and putting the crisis behind. Bishiop Arguelles urged everyone to be good stewards of God's gift of leadership and not use the gift for personal gain nor make the position of leadership his own god.

The true God was served this weekend. It was simply a magical weekend!

a member of CFC said...

We should have done this long time ago, then we could have prevented the split.

But GOD knows when the right time is, so He allowed us to go through our time of purging FIRST.

It was nice to be able to speak to some of our leaders from foreign countries and to know where their dedication lies, primarily to the Lord, in serving Him through this real CFC!!

PUTTING TERM LIMITS TO POSITIONS IN INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL & AREA COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP was one example of the fresh spirit and the fresh air for CFC. You cannot even begin to think of this in Frank's time.

As soon as we complete the third phase of this Pastoral Congress in November, there should really be a brand new kind of thinking in our beloved CFC, one that will move this community on its path to Christ.

Our elected International Council, to you goes my / our prayers! Keep it up but be watchful over temptations to be PROUD. Humility is the key!

Oh Merciful and Provident God, may You please watch, protect and bless our ways!

Anonymous said...

Hi cd,

i met an ffl member and have some discussion abt gk. i asked him what drug company they are referring to as our gk partner that produce contraceptive, hindi nya alam. i'm passing this question to any ffl leaders to pls tell me the drug company. tnx.


aynaku said...

to testone,

FP is refering to PFIZER. Bishop Gabby Reyes could not answer that question either...

However please read...
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tuesday September 18, 2007
p A12. Pfizer explains it's side...

FFL now you know!

Anonymous said...

To "aynaku"...Pfizer nga ang company at Demulen ang produkto. Ano ang ginagawa nang GK? tumatanggap pa rin ba sila nang pera?

Anonymous said...

From the Inquirer:

Depo Provera not on Pfizer’s list

Last updated 01:57am (Mla time) 09/18/2007

In his Sept. 5 column “Evangelical Catholics,” Michael Tan cited Pfizer as the producer of the injectable contraceptive, Depo Provera. We would like to clarify that Pfizer does not manufacture or sell this product. Pfizer deleted Depo Provera from its roster of medicines when it acquired Pharmacia in 2003, the original manufacturer of Depo Provera.

We also wish to inform Tan that Pfizer’s support for Gawad Kalinga (GK) is through Gawad Kalusugan, a GK and Pfizer Foundation (PPFI) community health program that empowers GK residents to be capable health-care workers in their own community.

MILLETTE ASUNCION-ARNEDO, public affairs and legal director, Pfizer Inc., 23/F Ayala Life-FGU Center, 6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

All the same, I hope those that are so against Pfizer are practicing what they preach and not accepting medical treatment using products made by any company that also makes contraceptives.

Family Ministry is of GOD said...

Be Alert, Be Watchful, be Forewarned!!

As we rejoice in the humble but new and fresh beginnings in the Pastoral Congress, some people are already spreading lies.

One particular statement now being told is: CFC will now remove the FAMILY MINISTRIES!

So this is now the correction of that LIE.

CFC is committed to this particular pillar, THE FAMILY MINISTRIES!

Hindi nila matumba ang GK, so they will try it with this one.\

So gawin natin lahat ang magandang kilos at ipagpatuloy ang mabuting relasyon na meron tayo sa ating mga HOLD, SOLD, YFC, KFC & SFC.

aynaku said...

A CFC couple from Aklan arranged for Tony Meloto to audience with the good Bishop G Reyes of Antipolo.

TM reportedly poured out his sentiments over the bishop's pronouncement in print media without benefit of asking first (actual words used were- "you breath life to issues without giving me the decency of an interview"..."you have hurt my family")said TM to B Gabby...

In the course of their conversion the good Bishop was asked if he/FFL was refering to Pfizer as the pharmaceutical firm that partnered with GK (manufacturing/selling contraceptives to GK sites)? The Bishop could not give a categorical answer.

Apparently Pfizer was poised (just waiting for the good bishop to name the company)to sue him. But alls well that ends well. Be still na...

Please, lubayan nyo na si Bishop Gabby. He is the spiritual director of CFC and he is a very understanding, loving and caring pastor to everyone including FFL. Dahil sa gulo ng CFC at FFL, di na makatulog ng mahimbing pati mga taga Antipolo.

Let us rejoice, everyone is active now. Those who have been inactive have been restored. Yung mga 'lai-lo' ngayon 'hi-ho'.
Mga dating absent,leaders na sila ngayon.

Masaya lahat! Lalo na ang pamangkin ni Bishop Gabby na kasama ni TM. Salamat po.

Anonymous said...

Brethrens, Pls. check out
and do a search on contraceptives.

Again, I still believe that GK should accept donations from anybody with "no strings attached"

Anonymous said...


September 26, 2007


It was a weekend filled with joy and hope. More than 350 brothers and sisters (provincial leaders, MM sector heads, foreign delegates and members of the clergy) met in an International Pastoral Congress, held in Manila last September 22 and 23.

This event chalked up a number of 'firsts' for our community. It was the first ever gathering of leaders to revisit not just issues and policies, but the very vision/mission of Couples for Christ. It was a time to consult those from the ground to know about their respective areas of responsibilities. It was also the first time that the clergy participated in charting the future directions for the community.

The workshop tackled issues contained in four areas;

1. The Role of the laity in the parish and our partnership with the clergy
2. Governance of CFC areas and the pastoral structure
3. CFC missionary work and the global mission operations
4. Total human liberation

Among the topics discussed were:

1. How to improve CFC's relationship with the clergy;
2. Adequacy of pastoral support for top leadership;
3. Revisit the 7 pillars of CFC and the implementation of its programs;
4. Revisit the core values of CFC;
5. Multi-sectoral nature of GK and the evangelistic nature of CFC;
6. Regional/provincial/international communities and the top global leadership of the CFC.

The discussions among the small groups, were spirited. The atmosphere was filled with joy and enthusiasm. There was a sense of delight among the participants that their work in CFC can be undertaken with an added sense of fulfillment because they formed part of charting its course. The community has weathered a major storm. An inspired meeting of hearts and minds brought forth many new and bright ideas.

Each CFC area (sector/province) has scheduled their own congress following the template of the Manila congress; everyone is encouraged to participate actively. We look ahead and move in a direction that will affirm our calling and mission as GOD's people, submissive to HIS commands and mindful of the great responsibility that HE has given us: first a season of lamentation then a season of pruning. Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said it best in his homily to the participants in the congress, "You are preparing the soil for the planting of new seeds."

Today we march forward, working hand in hand, for GOD's greater glory towards a new dawn, a spring time in the history of Couples for Christ.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Real CFC,

This is good.

However, many of such issues were already in the open long before the Feb. 20 resignations. Meaning, the Council can already act on them without even the benefit of a pastoral congress.

Aside from the fact that the old four members of the council (Joe Tale, Joe Yam, Ernie Maipid and Roquel Ponte)were privy to or have first hand knowledge about such issues, even the delicate and controversial ones, which many of those who attended the congress on Sep 22-23, did not even have knowledge/idea of.

It will be easy for the Council to summarize all the issues confronting CFC together with concrete solutions. I hope they will be honest and sincere enough (or at least be professional enough) to come up with an honest to goodness report to the Elders Assembly, instead of banking on the result of the pastoral congress, which i personally believed to be just in the tip of the iceberg. Pastoral congress could be a convenient way of diverting from the real issues and concerns. I hope not.

Besides, at this time in CFC's life, radical solutions are needed rather than meetings, conferences and congresses.

Sorry for my provoking comments. I am not just used to this type of problem solving, especially if i already know the problems and they are already in my face. My exposure tells me to act decisively, all the time.

However, i respect the Council's management style..Afterall, like Frank, God will give them a chance....but i hope it will not take the CFC council 25 years to act properly.

God bless CFC. God bless the Council.

PS--pls don't forget also that there are many CFC leaders and members observing and waiting how the Council behaves and responds amidst the current crisis.

September 29, 2007 6:36 PM