Saturday, September 29, 2007

Isn't It Ironic

Here's a short post. It should be hilarious if it wasn't so ironic. The latest from the FFL.

To: Recipient list suppressed:
From: Easter Group
Subject: Our theme for 2008

Our theme for 2008

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Rejoice in the Lord always!

We are pleased to inform you of CFC-FFL’s theme for next year 2008. It is taken from the book of Zephaniah. Our 2008 theme is “Our joy in Christ.”

“The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a mighty savior; He will rejoice over you with gladness, and renew you in his love, He will sing joyfully because of you” (Zep 3:17).

We had been unfaithful to our covenant. We had been rebellious. But now we have been purified and we have been restored. In CFC-FFL we are a remnant humbled and made lowly (Zep 3:12).
Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed (Zep 3:13). We have no further misfortune to fear (Zep 3:15). Indeed, the Lord has brought about our restoration (Zep 3:19,20).

The fruit of lamentations is restoration, which brings hope, and with hope is joy. Indeed, our journey of Lamentations has been a journey of hope and joy. This year we hoped in the Lord. Next year we rejoice in the Lord.

And so let our mourning turn to dancing. With great joy we continue to sound the trumpets.

“With trumpets and the sound of the horn shout with joy to the King, the Lord.” (Ps 98:6)

God bless us all.


Highlight mine.

" Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed"


Even in defining their new "theme" they find the time to be spiteful and accusing. GREAT.

- CD


Real CFC said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Bro/Sis,
It is really ironic reading the latest from the easter group. It is also sad to see what our brothers and sisters are getting into by joining a community founded with so much bitterness and pride. We can only continue to pray for true restoration as we ask for God's grace in pursuing His work and mission. However I can not help but rejoice to see how the Lord has blessed our leaders/council with humility, peace and wisdom. God bless!

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Real CFC,

This is good.

However, many of such issues were already in the open long before the Feb. 20 resignations. Meaning, the Council can already act on them without even the benefit of a pastoral congress.

Aside from the fact that the old four members of the council (Joe Tale, Joe Yam, Ernie Maipid and Roquel Ponte)were privy to or have first hand knowledge about such issues, even the delicate and controversial ones, which many of those who attended the congress on Sep 22-23, did not even have knowledge/idea of.

It will be easy for the Council to summarize all the issues confronting CFC together with concrete solutions. I hope they will be honest and sincere enough (or at least be professional enough) to come up with an honest to goodness report to the Elders Assembly, instead of banking on the result of the pastoral congress, which i personally believed to be just in the tip of the iceberg. Pastoral congress could be a convenient way of diverting from the real issues and concerns. I hope not.

Besides, at this time in CFC's life, radical solutions are needed rather than meetings, conferences and congresses.

Sorry for my provoking comments. I am not just used to this type of problem solving, especially if i already know the problems and they are already in my face. My exposure tells me to act decisively, all the time.

However, i respect the Council's management style..Afterall, like Frank, God will give them a chance....but i hope it will not take the CFC council 25 years to act properly.

God bless CFC. God bless the Council.

PS--pls don't forget also that there are many CFC leaders and members observing and waiting how the Council behaves and responds amidst the current crisis.

C.D. said...

Caloy, sorry I had that comment moved to the proper entry. I'll post your response to it in that entry instead, here:

SAgent 008 said...

got this from my bubuwit's mailbox. sagot ni tito frank sa isang SFC:

From: Frank Padilla []
Subject: === beliefs of FFL

...You should have no predicament, because CFC-FFL and I fully support
GK. It is part of the disinformation of the other side that we are
against GK. We are not... So if you are with CFC-FFL, we would encourage you to
continue to serve with and to support GK. This should not change.
double speak ba ang tawag dito? ano ba talaga tito frank, are you for or against GK? are you sure of what you are saying? just in case you support GK as you say here, can you say ALL of you in FFL support GK? hmmmm... [highlight mine - 008]

...Anyway, again there should be no dilemma for you. Go with CFC-FFl but
continue with your service in and support to Ancop-GK.


and galing talaga! seems like there is/are a set of answers for each/different scenario just to win people to their side. kapag medyo may puso ka sa GK, puede pa rin sumali ng EFEFEL and continue your work with GK.

tanong ko ulit:

bro. frank, are you FOR or against GK? ano ba talaga, kuya?

i recall seeing in one of the comments here - baka dapat pati yung term na GK ay ipa-patent or IPR na ng CFC before someone or some group applies for SEC certification saying - we are the ORIGINAL GK, to bring back the original charism of GK!!!

salamat po - agent008

anónimo said...

En mis 25 años con La Comunidad de CFC, nunca me tenía leen el comentario blasfemo hecho a un hermano que cotizaba un paso de la Biblia Santa.

CFC Manila, Philippines
CFC Madrid, Spain

C.D. said...

Just to help out our spanish brother/sister, here's the translation of that courtesy of babelfish:

In my 25 years with the Community of CFC, never blasfemo had to me read the commentary made a brother who quoted to a passage of the Bible Santa.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is what our Spanish brethren said:

"In my 25 years with the Community of CFC, I have never read a blasphemous commentary directly made to a brother who quoted a passage of the Holy Bible."

Anonymous said...

Hi CD,

It's easy to explain to our CFC brethren the reason of conflict in our community. But how about to those non-CFC members? In our parish, CFC is one of the recognized organizations and we, as leaders of our chapter, seat as one of the members of Parish Pastoral Council. Some of the leaders of other organizations questioned us on the present status of CFC, and others even give their comments/ideas on this matter. What they know is only the other side of the coin. We always tell them that we stay as members of this original CFC and that the Lord allows this to happen for us to realize our deep commitment to fulfill God's mission. Please include us in your prayers.


WillyJ said...

Yes, the council should tackle all issues head-on and decisively, with a charitable spirit. The more one dilly-dallies, the more the problem grows. I believe the Pastoral
Congress itself though, is one such significant exercise in addressing the issue that the voice from groundzero never really mattered for the past 25 years. Going forward, the combination of decisiveness at the top, coupled with sensitivity to the general brethren's concerns will undoubtedly be achievable
with the Spirit's guidance.
God bless CFC. God bless the Council.

jhoanna marie said...

i have been a YFC servant and it pains me to know that some chose to go the other side because they have been "called."

i would like to support carlos' comment that CFC should be doing something to address the crisis. i know the fact that the council has the direction to move on/move forward but how can we move on freely if the other group continues to get members from the existing community?

the council should give us concrete measures on how to act/react. honestly, i am confused whether i should at least do something to make YFC members stay, or should i just sit down and just allow FFL to get YFC members?

to add, the division/separation is pointless and misleading if FFL says that they are still pro-GK...

taga PINAS said...

i have come across this link of CFC-FFL New Jersey, syempre dun ko sa Blog ng EFEFEL nakuha.

natuwa lang ako kse they also have 7 pillars and they also have Work with the Poor. when i click on each pillar, may mga definitions naman. pero doon sa Work with the Poor - it was EMPTY !!!

baka hindi pa na-craft nung FOUNDER nila. pero malamang GK din yan basta wala lang yung face ni TM ha... beh... jelling...