Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Election Question

Inasmuch as the past CfC council elections have been made a big deal over and over (that is, until the emphasis was switched to money and accounting) by the FFL in its drive to re-recruit CfC members to their fold, I think the whole election thing has to be explained here. There had been allegations of defiance of the Bishops, who asked for the elections to be postponed after Frank Padilla went to them. Here we will go over the events that led up to the June elections, and why the FFL feel that they got the short end of the stick.

To give a little background on how the CfC hold their elections and some general rules:

Elections are held every 2 years with the last one held in June 2007 for 7 Council members / board of trustees and 15 Board of Elders (BOE).

Eligible voters are members of the Elders Assembly (EA).

Elders Assembly is composed of:

  • Sector Heads
  • Provincial Area Heads
  • Regional Area Heads
  • Ministry Heads
  • Regional Coordinators (Intl)
  • Mission Directors & Spouses

This year's EA has a total of 231 Members.

Election Procedure:

The council nominates 12 and the BOE nominates 5 for a total of 17 members to be nominated for the Council.

It has been a tradition to nominate the incumbent council members. (This is why Frank Padilla has been on the Council for the past years.)

After the 7 council members, the floor becomes open for BOE nominations. 15 are chosen for the BOE.

What happened this year (2007)?

Tony Meloto (TM), Frank Padilla (FP), and Lachie Agana (LA) resign in February, leaving only 4 members. Because of their resignation, it was deemed by the remaining council members that the 3 will no longer run for the council in the coming June 2007 elections.
Note: TM does not run again.

The BOE has its own nomination procedures. A long list nominated by its members is deliberated on and the final list of 5 names is determined. Frank Padilla was initially included in the long list, but was not included as part of the final 5.

This year only a total of 15 were nominated by both the council and the BOE:

  1. Joe Tale
  2. Ernie Maipid
  3. Joe Yamamoto
  4. Lito Tayag
  5. Rouguel Ponte
  6. Joey Arguelles
  7. Melo Villaroman Jr.
  8. Delfy Geraldez
  9. Mannix Ocampo
  10. Joey Mempin
  11. Greg Monteclaro
  12. Robert Ardiente
  13. Pancho Lopez-Tan
  14. Jimmy Santiago
  15. Rene Rieta

When the list of nominees was released, Frank questioned the Council on why he was not nominated. The answer was simple, he was not nominated because he resigned (why resign only to run again?), and they were not required to nominate him regardless. FP was nominated by the BOE, but his name was not included in the final 5.

Subsequently, FP elevates several complaints to the bishops. According to him, these had to do with the problems within CfC and GK in particular, and the disagreements among certain elders which the 4-man Council failed to address. Also part of his complaints were the choice/list of nominees, expressing his opinion that all 7 (3/resigned & 4/man council) should inhibit themselves from running in the June elections.

The Bishops then sent a letter to the Council, recommending that the elections be postponed.

The Council respectfully notifies the Bishops that they will proceed with the elections in a majority decision of the Elders Assembly.

The Bishops then sent a 2nd letter, strongly recommending the postponement of the Elections.

Here is a background story going around among the Elders Assembly:

FP, dismayed at his exclusion from the list of nominees, wanted the 4-man Council to exclude themselves as well. His contention was, if he was excluded, the 4 should be as well.

The 4 did not agree. FP then offered to add 5 names to the list of nominees (which was an irregular request because it had never been done in that manner, with one individual having the right to nominate his own choices for the council)

With the nominations already complete, the 4-man council had to refuse.

To pacify FP, the 4-man council asked for FP's list of names and told him they will pray about it and consider. FP refused.

There are other issues involving the Bishops but the connection between FP and them will be tackled later.

There were backroom politics that were going on this whole time; between FP and the Bishops on one hand, and the 4-man Council on the other. The politicking led to the 4-day marathon meeting between FP's Easter Group and the Council which resulted in a MOA to be presented to the Elders Assembly as a "proposal", it was signed on the Sunday June 17, 2007.

Here is a draft copy of the MOA:

Page 1

Page 2

This MOA speaks for itself, but in short:

There was an agreement to fill the vacancies of the 3 resigned members in the Council instead of holding the regular elections (where 7 will be elected).

The newly completed 7 man council shall serve the original term that expires on June 30, 2007.

The 7-man council and the 15 member BOE whose terms expire on June 30, will be allowed to serve on a hold-over capacity up to January 31, 2008. Thereafter, the regular elections will be held.

There was also an agreement to present to the Bishops and to the Elder's Assembly.

Wording to note:

"1. This agreement will be presented to ... the Elder's Assembly for approval."

"3. ... this agreement will be presented to the Elder's Assembly for ratification."

At this point, sources say, Joe Tale, in the spirit of the MOA proceeds and in a period of 5 straight days, started to have marathon sessions with members of the elders assembly, presenting and endorsing the MOA to them.

A scheduled Recollection Night for the Elders Assembly was held on Wed, June 20, 2007 (2 days before the election). The EA traditionally holds this Recollection prior to an election. The speaker for the night originally was Bishop Gabby Reyes, but he had excused himself 2 weeks prior due to the turn of events within the CfC leadership. Greg Monteclaro then invited Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite for a talk. After the talk, Joe Tale presented the proposals outlined in the MOA. The EA's deliberation on the MOA was deferred because this was a Recollection night. Joe Tale exhorted the EA to pray and discern regarding what he had presented. (To listen to Part 1 of the Recollection Night audio, CLICK HERE, Part 2 is HERE)

On Thur morning, Bishop Reyes requests Joe Tale to allow him to speak to the EA. It was an incredibly difficult request to fulfill because gathering 231 people on such short notice (roughly 12 hours) was an almost impossible task, especially since this was a CfC anniverersary week with many EA members participating in various activities. Regardless, Bishop Reyes was able to address a small gathering of EA members that were able to make it that Thursday night. He spoke of the proposal and held an open forum.

Friday, June 22- Election Day

A mass was held. Everyone was blessed with holy water by Fr. Paul. Roland Nillas was seen distributing a 'blue paper', containing his letter appealing to all EA members to vote for the agreement.

Joe Tale presented the agreement to the EA. (audio to be uploaded later).There was a deliberation on the floor. Some members started to put forward their own proposals. Due to time constraints, Joe Tale suggested to put to a vote, whether to proceed to a referendum or open the floor for deliberations of other proposals.

What was the referendum all about?

To choose between:
a) Proceed to the holding of Special elections- as contained in the MOA
b) Proceed to the holding of the regular elections (7/man council)

The members of the EA opted to go ahead with the referendum.

121 votes for the Regular Elections
75 votes for the Agreement/Proposal

Frank and his group walked out soon after the results were called out.

The election proceeds and the new council was elected by the EA.

It is at this point where all the claims of the Easter Group start.

They feel that the agreement was not pushed hard enough by Joe Tale, and that the Easter Group was railroaded. They also say Joe did not convince the EA well enough to vote for the proposal. It was during this time that the term "defiance of the bishops" was coined.

Defiance is such a strong word, when all the EA did was exercise their voting right and choose to go ahead with the regulars elections despite the Bishops' recommendations.


What would it be a "defiance" of, exactly? Many in the EA feel that Joe Tale did his best to present the proposal and exhort the EA to vote for it. The EA as a voting body spoke collectively and with their legal authority.

What is also of interest was this: The proposal was actually the brainchild of Joe Tale. Why would he not push his own creation?

The Easter Group also claims that the EA was pre-conditioned to reject the proposal. It was claimed that Fr Mario Sobrejuanite pre-conditioned the EA in his talk, by saying that the elders were over and above the bishops (due to the vatican decree). I will leave that to your opinion, you have to listen to his talk yourself. (Part 1 of the audio posted, part 2 to follow)

Did Joe Tale do his duty to to inform the EA of the proposal? (Check the audio that I will be uploading later)

Now the question to all: Considering what the underlying reasons were, should the elections have been postponed? For that matter, should the Bishops have been involved at all?

Was there a hidden agenda behind the postponement of the elections? What easter eggs were being hatched by the bunnies?

The minutes are ticking, and I think it's time for the Bunnies to reveal themselves.

Next: Closure on some past posts, and The Council Elections.


acc wc said...

The problem with Frank and his group is they don't know when to stop and accept defeat with humility. Talo sa proposal sa election, they went on complaining to the bishops; nagharap harap sa mga bishops, talo sa arguement and CFC was upheld by the bishops, now they are on media campaign to destroy CFC.Ano kaya ang susunod nilang gagawin? What really is their objective/agenda?

God bless FFL. May we continue to live in peace. May the Holy Spirit touch all of us so that we can have the Lord and peace in our hearts.

Let us pray for one another so that we will be able to learn to live in love inspite of the break up with our brothers and sisters who have taken a separate path.

Anonymous said...

may pumirma ba nitong agreement na to?

jiggs said...

hmmm... i hope by these accounts we would have cleared the meaning of defiance to the bishops? did we really? or we just like to fabricate such allegations to veer away (may i borrow your words, please) from the real issues.

i attended one restoration assembly. i thought i heard the truth from someone i used to look up to... tsk tsk tsk.

buti na lang i stayed with the real CFC!!! mahirap kasing magimbento na lang ng mga accusations and stand by it. sooner or later magsasawa ka din eh!!! they used to send out emails swiftly but not now. wala na sigurong maimbento. the TRUTH is COMING OUT... and i think there's even more to come

shall we say again, in unison children: "WAKE UP BRO.FRANK!"

EA said...

To anonymous, yes the MOA was signed, by all the names mentioned in the list.
And,correction please, Frank and his group did not walk out, they left the room 'quietly, one by one'...
Yes, I also got a blue paper from Roland Nillas...
For the simple reason, because I was there...

Anonymous said...

Edwin Andrews

Francisco said...

Frank Padilla, I think you really need to heed the advice for you to wake up.

Prior to February 20 2007 when you were still a CFC brother (now you made yourself just an acquaitance), your word carried much weight amongst the brethren of CFC.

But nowadays it is so difficult to believe and respect you.

This is not to malign you, as those around you would automatically say.

But look at what you are doing to yourself brother:

On the Ugnayan issue after your resignation it was printed there that the word from you is: Support the remaining four members of the Council. I will abide by them and accept assignment from them.

Barely into March and you are already singing a different song: The remaining four are not honorable, not worthy to be nominated into the Council, are the source of all these problems, and we will not have peace as long as they are there.

Then you further said: They did not even have the courtesy to nominate me in the Council, after all I am the Founder and I've served well!

What is really happening to you Frank Padilla.

The many friends you have in CFC (the real ones) not the brothers who comprise your Easter Group (kasi tingin ko, na-force to good ka lang dyan. Biro mo Playboy Bunnies) wonder what's really happening. A psychiatrist brother said you are actually hungry for power.

You had the power, but you resigned! If you are regretting your resignation, then swallow that pride and ask to be re-instated (with a vote of course)on June of 2009.

Just say it, ask your friends at FFL to stop "this masquerade of being out yet being in CFC", because ikaw lang at ang mga kaunting mong mga tao na believe pa sa iyo (meron sigurong agenda) ang naniniwal dyan sa Moving Forward #3 mo.

Siempre ang mga Bishops na "friends mo" paniwala pa rin sa iyo yong mga yun, kahit pa na nagdadabog ka sa harap nila noong August 28. May image ka na na hindi maganda sa public, yes it is starting and people are beginning to see.

OO nga pala, Frank, bakit nga pala hindi ka, nag-sisign of the cross. And why is it that it is not second nature to you to pray the Hail Mary?

Ang nagsabi sa akin nyan ay isang kaibigan mo dyan sa FFL.

Marami pa akong pansing medyo hindi Kristianong kilos ng FFL pero mahaba na ito. Sa next comment na lang.

Meantime, Dasal ako para sa iyo. At si Nonong at si Roland. Sana hindi nila ma-damage masyado ang image mo.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

to ea...
Sorry, we have to use a thesaurus to define "left the room quietly, one by one".

It's synonymous to: walking out with dignity; ignored the meeting and left; felt bad and left; did not like what happened, left quietly; leaving without feeling of hatred and shame; basta na lang umalis; umalis ng walang paalam; wala ng ganang bumoto, kaya umalis na lang ng tahimik; excuse me, may i go out?; isa-isang umalis para hindi mahalatang umalis; unfair, unjust and unbelievable, so what's the point of staying; may meeting pa akong iba; makaalis na nga at sa Easter Group na lang makipag-meeting; etc etc...

anyone can add to my definition.

Joke only huh?

Anonymous said...


Leaving quietly one by one is also "walking out" on the election process that has been folowed in the last 25 of our community. Walking out in this case is also synonymous to abandoning the proceedings.

EA said...

Hello to all.

First I just woke up, translate that to maganda ang mood.
I stand by what I said, they left one by one, quietly, infact di nga napansin.

Whether it was a walk out, you already judged, sooo...

Second, nagpaalam si FP kay JT, sabi- 'you set me up, you have no word of honor'. Nagpaalam din po kay JY, sabi, 'beware the wrath of GOD'.

Third, yes there was a meeting at the palace.

Fourth, last but not the least,I just dyed my hair black, to blend in with the 'chicas and the chicos' in my neighborhood.

Do I hear chuckles, people? It's time to locate our funny bone. I hope I did't wake up Frank, its still 3am in his clock...

Non Ong Contretor said...

Just a question... If Frank's suggestion of his nominees was grated by the council... then the election would have pushed through... and we have defied the Bishop anyway by pushing through with the election. Is it OK if its Frank who will defy the bishop and not OK if its thw 200+ elders? What is this???

having difficulty with FFL said...

Foundation for Family and Life is the group that is within us and yet not with us.

Foundation for Family and Life is a group that does not legally exist yet has a name and a group of leaders and a handful of followers; yet it tries to bully the worldwide CFC with a heavy barrage of e-mail that contains mis-information.

Foundation for Family and Life is the group that has the blessing of Bishop Gabby Reyes, therefore acknowledged in Antipolo, but Bishop Reyes himself said in the August 28 2007 meeting with Frank that they need to secure other Bishops' recognition for FFL in their respective Dioceses. Bishop Reyes' can now claim total love, friendship, and an unchanging acceptance of Frank Padilla's pronouncements..those Frank said, is saying and will say!

Foundation for Family and Life have leaders who were once accused of /by Frank Padilla himself to be not eligible for nomination to CfC Council because they are too GK, but now were made to be incorporators of FFL and are now their supporters. Count that as just one of the examples of Frank Padilla's double-talk. Brother referred to is Pancho Lopez Tan, who partly funded the initial financial requirement for incorporation. Frank Padilla's charm worked on Pancho, kasi nandoon siya despite being labelled by Frank to be in-eligible for nomination to CFC Council. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Foundation for Family and Life has leaders who love honesty and fairness, at least that is their claim, yet they have high level leaders who openly state their support of FFL yet could not totally disassociate (this is a kind word) themselves from employment with CFC and continue to draw salary from CFC. But where do they give their tithes...siempre sa FFL, kahit walang BIR registered receipts. Kaya yung spin nila na dapat igalang ang FFL ay nawawalan ng halaga...iba ang kilos sa salita.
Another example of double-talk.

Foundation for Family and Life's position on the work with the poor: SLOW IT DOWN, REMOVE THE NUMERICAL TARGETS. Actually if they look collectively into their hearts...ayaw talaga nila ma-involve sa poor kasi rich sila, kaya lang marami na ang rich who get out of their comfort zones and are now helping the poor through GK.

Pero teka, baka mali ako. Di ba sabi ni Playboy Roland Nillas na sana ibigay na sa kanila ang GK SISON. He said it on DZMM radio interview. Ano ba talaga Roland...ayaw ninyo ba o gusto ninyo? What's so special about GK SISON...ah doon pala namin narinig na papalitan ninyo ang sticker ng mga residents doon from CFC to FFL!
Instant GK for FFL! KAHIT WALANG "SWEAT EQUITY". Kaya pala nandyan yung dating PD.

Anonymous said...

"Foundation for Family and Life is the group that has the blessing of Bishop Gabby Reyes, therefore acknowledged in Antipolo, but Bishop Reyes himself said in the August 28 2007 meeting with Frank that they need to secure other Bishops' recognition for FFL in their respective Dioceses."

This quote is from the letter of the International Council last August 28, where, in my opinion states only the good things for their side. Eventually may not even bother to tell us what are the good things for FFL.

If possible can FFL and the International Council releaase a joint statement on what are agreements transpired on their meeting with the Bishops. Just what they have done last August 14 meeting.

Kailan kaya mag-release ng statement ang mga bishops on regard to their meeting last Agust 28?

Maraming salamat. May the good Lord bless us all always

Anonymous said...

CD, pasensya ka na, talagang mahirap sa aking ang mag-computer at mag-ingles, pero sana ay i-post po ninyo ang aking comment. hindi ko alam kung napadala ko ba ang comment ko kanina dalawang beses kong tinype, pero hindi yata napadala sa 'yo. Paki-ingles na rin po ang aking comment. Salamat kapatid!

Ang comment ko po, puede ba mga kapatid sa CFC at FFL, huwag na nating idamay at banggitin ang mga mahal nating Obispo. Alam ko maraming nasaktan sa paniniwalang ipinagtanggol nang mga Obispo si Bro. Frank, pero kailangan pa rin nating silang respetuhin, lalo na si Bishop Reyes. Alalahanin natin na sa kanila pinagtiwala nang Diyos at nang Santo Papa ang mga Katoliko nang Pilipinas, hindi sila basta-basta na mga tao. Mahiya naman din kayo sa mga SFC at YFC na nagbabasa nitong mga sinusulat ninyo dito. Anong klaseng pagkatao ang pinapakita natin sa kanila? gusto ba natin na mamastos na rin ang mga anak natin? e bakit hindi, 'yun ang natutunan nila sa atin, mahiya TAYO! Sa FFL naman, puede ba, iwanan na ninyo ang mga nasugatan sa giyera at gawin na ninyo ang iniisip ninyong gawain nang Diyos para sa inyo? Kung inaakala ninyong bulag at bingi ang mga kapatid ninyo sa CFC at gusto ninyong makakita at makarinig kami, e okay na po kami. Magpapabulag at magpapabingi kami kung 'yon ang ang gagamitin nang Diyos para makita namin Siya. Siya lang naman ang makakapagaling sa amin, pero salamat sa inyong pag-aalala. Sa CFC naman, huwag na nating sira-an ang ating mga kapatid, kahit FFL o Bukas Palad o El Shaddai, pareho lang tayong tinawag nang Diyos, walang nakakalamang at nalalamangan. Ipagpatuloy ninyo ang gawain sa GK, pero 'wag niyong kalimutan ang mga anak ninyo. Nahihirapan at naguguluhan din sila, katulad nang mga mahihirap. Marami kayo mga kapatid, kayo ang tigabantay sa mga lider nang GK. Kung naniniwala pa kayo sa ating misyon at bisyon, 'wag kayong patatalo, itama ang mali, diretsohin ang baluktot, 'wag na nating itago ang Diyos. ipa-shine na natin siya at pagginawa natin 'to, sa awa nang Diyos matutulungan din natin ang mga mahihirap. Alam nyo, dati akala ko tama ang FFL. Tapos nagbabasa ako nitong mga comentaryo dito at nabasa ko rin ang mga sulat nang Kounsil at naisip ko maka-Diyos pa rin ang Kounsil, ngayon, mabigat ang loob ko dahil nakikita ko na sa dinami-dami nang pagtuturo sa atin at pag-aalaga nang ating mga lider, sa kabutihan nang gawain natin sa mahihirap, sa pasyon nang ating mga anak na sumilbi, BALEWALA lahat 'yon! Bakit? dahil hindi tayo lumuhod at tumawag sa Diyos. Masyado tayong bilib sa mga sarili natin, pareho lang FFL at CFC, nakalimutan natin na kung lumuhod lang tayo, kung humingi lang tayo nang tawad, kung nagpakumbaba lang tayo, sana may pamilya pa rin ang mga anak natin, hindi ganitong hiwahiwalay. Sana ay ipagdasal tayo nang mga Obispo at kasama ang ating Inang si Maria at ang mga Santos sa langit, sana ay makinig ang Diyos sa kanilang mga panalangin at ang Kanyang Mukha ay makita natin sa isa't isa, FFL, CFC, Pinoy, Cambodian, Apricano...at sana'y magkita-kita tayong lahat sa langit mga kapatid.

dante said...

Na-challenge ako sa comment ni EA at Caloy Y. Other synonyms of "left the room quietly, one by one":
1. ambulated unceremoniously towards the portal of exit
2. transported themselves by feet from seats to the egress area
3. slithered away to the door unbeknowest to anyone
4. translocated from seating area to departure area unobtrusively

This is fun, lalawak pa ang vocabulary natin dahil dito. Come on, konting levity naman dahil very serious ang community for about 6 months na!

Anonymous said...

Why are we attacking one another? As a CFC member, are you pure? you did not commit sin? So why throw such comments regarding your very own brother and sisters? For me, I joined CFC to serve God. If you are a real CFC, don't bother posting blogs or comments because you yourself are also committing sins by being judgemental to others, Is it not better to pray instead and discern? Yourself are not fallible either.... only God knows.....a true followers of God will not utter or said this what you guys are saying... It is a shame, you called yourself CFC, but your words and action are not, hope you'll learn to respect, love and accept someone decision, they chose a different path then let them be! I think comments are not necessary and no one is asking your opinion either.