Monday, August 11, 2008

A Call To Arms Pt 2

UPDATED 08/14/2008 7:45AM
Poll added on the right, I'd like your opinion on what direction we should be going on this issue. Thank you.

UPDATED 08/11/2008
CBCP News Item added.

Hello all, I have to get some sleep for an early day tomorrow, but I just wanted to post the latest on the Easter Group's SEC shenanigans. We'll get more in depth later. For now I'll let you all read the documents and make your own observations, and then tell me why we as community shouldn't be up in arms right about now.

A good friend once told me, a long time ago, when I confided to him that someone was spreading lies about my business and I had been staying silent about it,

"When under attack and you sit by and do nothing, who are you really helping?”

These are publicly available documents through the SEC. Lets go and play "catch the anomaly":

Download all the documents as a pdf HERE.

In related news, the CBCP website gives us an update of CFC's defense of its name in the international arena.

Couples for Christ members fight for ‘name tag’ in court

MANILA, August 10, 2008—The tussle among members of Couples for Christ has not ended after a year it got divided.

Now the bone of contention among the two groups is about the “name tag,” making the matter a “legal battle” in a court.

Couples for Christ Inc., the outgrowth of a religious movement that began in the Philippines in the 1981, has sued four organizations that use its name for trademark infringement.

The Couples for Christ chapter based in West Palm Beach, Florida, has three registered US trademarks, including “Couples for Christ,” “CFC,” and a stylized cross design.

The organization provides educational services and religious and relationship counseling to couples and individuals, according to the Aug. 1 complaint filed in Los Angeles federal court, said a Bloomberg report.

Couples for Christ USA of Renton, Washington; Couples for Christ-Nor Cal, of Modesto, California; and Couples for Christ USA Southern California are all accused of infringing on the trademarks.

Couples for Christ Inc. says it repeatedly asked the defendants to quit using the marks, but they have repeatedly refused, court papers said.

The organization asked the court to order the defendants to quit using the marks, and for unspecified money damages. It is asking that the damages be tripled to punish the defendants for their acts of infringement.

Edward Schwartz, Thomas Daily and Steven Lauridsen of Pasadena, California’s Christie, Parker & Hale represent Couples for Christ.

Earlier this year, the Couples for Christ was rocked by an internal dispute that spilled over to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the courts in the Philippines.

The dispute pit the Couples for Christ Foundation Inc. of Frank Padilla against the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation identified with Gawad Kalinga’s Frank Meloto.

While the SEC ruled in favor of Padilla’s group, Meloto’s camp vowed to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court. (Santosh Digal)
Bold/Italic highlight mine.

Funny little faux pas there, Mr. Digal. I'd expect someone with a Bachelor's Degree in English to do a better job proof reading his own work. No worries, no harm done and thanks for the Monday giggles.

Ok folks, it's looking like the Easter Group is pulling its political strings - which our IC may not have or is unwilling to resort to. There is no other way this anomaly-riddled joke of a petition at the SEC could have gotten through without it. That leaves it all up to us, the VOTING members who can let our voices be heard loudly at the polls. Where are you guys? Are we 300 really going to be the only ones holding fast at the gates then? Look, I know you might think we're going to look really sexy in our spartan outfits replete with plumed helmets as we make our stand, but seriously now, what will it take for us all to act? When it is too late?

There is a way to save the IC its lawyer fees, headaches, and lost hair (joke joke joke...wala namang tinamaan), and that is by mobilizing on our own to be HEARD. While 50,000 voices outside the SEC office may not have the legal venom of a lawyer's petition for a Writ of Certiorari or TRO, but trust me, it CANNOT be ignored. Not that I'm downplaying our lawyers' good work, but the 4th quarter bell has sounded and our star players have to be on the court.

That means US. We are CFC's strength, each one of us. In the lives we lead and the examples we lay down, we show what CFC is all about. Let the SEC hear our displeasure. Let Mr. and Mrs. Villar realize whose votes actually matter. There I said it. I hope you see this, Manny. I HAD a lot of respect for you.

Remember guys, Jericho's walls came down eventually: Due to persistence. The Easter Group may reek of inconsistencies, lies, and corruption, but there is one thing they are doing right, they sure are persistent. Remember the endlessly repetetive droning of veering, of partnering, of nation-building? Need I tell you what the Servant General's strategy is?

They have changed tactics over and over, and over and over. Now from the looks of it, they're going to try the "death by a thousand cuts" approach. DO WE LET THEM?

Realize that if the Easter Group is able to retain the CFC-FI name, they will be able to tell US not to use it.

To be continued.


yeah right said...

found some inconsistencies...i don't know if it's legal or not though.. the signee (President FP) on the 6th document wasn't consistent with the 3rd document's listed Org President (Agana).

The money matters are a different matter.. =) Hmm can't wait to see these go to the courts...

jonitanitayturin said...

CD,I kept a consolidated list of those who responded to "A Call to Arms", part 1, which I will send to you separately.

Those who signed their reals names there were just close to Three Hundred Braves, including children. May "their tribe increase..."

For "their" information, reflection, and individual action.

Thank you and God Bless.


Divinos said...

Guess what?

Influences and dirtiest politicians being used, "for failures & lies?"

WillyJ said...

A tall fairy tale.

The split was official on August 1, 2007. However, based on the petition and its supporting documents, some glaring fairy tale items stand out:

Fairy tale item # 1: "Petitioner decided to continue an fully revive the activities given that CFC-GFMI has veered away from the Charism of Couples For Christ."

Fairy tale item # 2: CFC-FI holds their monthly assembly at Christ the King every second Friday since July 13, 2007...

Fairy tale item # 3: CFC-FI submits 2006 financial statements showing its cash flow representing operations for 2006.

Fairy tale item # 4: Restoration Villages 1 & 2 was launched on January 20, 2007.

Fairy tale item # 5: I, Frank A Padilla, declare under the penalty of perjury, that all matters set forth in this general information sheet, ...have been made in good faith, duly verified by me, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true and correct.


TruthShallSetYouFree said...

FFL submitted a 2006 financial statement, does it mean they were really planning all of these since?

and why connect 1991 financial statement? CFC was still under LNP during that time.

so which is which?

Anonymous said...

CD, what you've put in PDF file as attachment is the SEC Order reactivating CFCFI, not the petition for certiorari by CFCGMFI. Hope this is attached for our info and guidance. Thanks. More Power. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Whatever FFL says, its fraud or Frank was planning the split way back in 2006.

Tamaan kayo ng kidlat!

Agent 008 said...

this is SOOOO FUNNY!...

im not into laws but how come a non-existent entity since 1991 all of a sudden came alive in 2006 - and they have P100,000 at that.

show me the money!!!!

i am almost sure that while they have certificates from the different barangay captains - they did not use CFC FI back then but used CFC FFL when they requested for reservations... even their T-SHIRTS would prove it.

if you will be asked to show proof that you existed since 2006, what documents do you have to prove it?

CFC-FI did not exist in Sept2007 but CFC FFL did!

now you're playing with the LAWS of the LAND! there's no escape this time...

lagot ka!

Anonymous said...

In a space of one month, from November to December, 2007, there is a quick change of leadership in CFCFI (which was still dead at that time, and considered revoked): Frank Padilla from President to Chairman Arturo Agana from Treasurer to President, and Rolando David becomes Treasurer. Meantime, a number of self-serving certifications by barangay captains about some activities by CFCFI were issued in December, 2007. Also, some financial statements are submitted to SEC by the new president and treasurer on December 28, 2007.

In those documents submitted, Mr. Frank Padilla as CFCFI President and also as Chairman, "declare under the penalty of perjury, that all matters set forth in the general inforamtion sheet...have been made in good faith, duly verified by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief, are true and correct."




Anonymous said...

Yes, Brod, kailangan yung KIDLAT na naman. They were solidly hit by the tyhoon...

Agent 008 said...

the audit report of a certain Francis Paor was dated Nov.09, 2007 for the 2006 FS.

assuming the FS is correct, isnt a bit late to audit such statement?

assuming the FS is genuine, naku Frank, you've been plotting the Coup since 2006 then you are deceiving the community by your Acts!

tsk tsk tsk... you're just putting you and your community into deeper mud!

kaawa-awa ka naman...

Anonymous said...

any lawyers or accountants out there care to explain if they've got gounds to stand on?

Anonymous said...


1. We are members of the Board of Trustees of COUPLES FOR CHRIST FOUNDATION, INC.
3. This affidavit is being executed to attest to the truth of the foregoing and for whatever legal purposes and intents it may serve.

SGD (December 2007):

Arturo C. Agana
Virginia A. Agana
Patricia B. Burgoyne
John Burgoyne, Jr.
Geraldine S. padilla
Francisco A. padilla
Rolando K. David
Naomi A. David
Emilio dela Cruz II
Delia S. dela Cruz




Anonymous said...

Diyos ko po patawarin nyo po kami,i admit i am also a sinner,but this one,i am really really was not love at all,it was lust and mga nasa kabila kaya nyo pa ba itong lunukin?????

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are both CPA's but we had decided early in our career NOT to engage in public accounting practice. We were not fortunate enough to have honest clients (very few) who would follow our advise to comply with the requirements of the business laws.
It's either you issue a clean opinion (regardless of the actual state of the client's financial records) or you lose the client and consequently the fat professional fees. By God grace, we got contented with being common employees, my wife had a short career in banking (she gave that up too to take care of our children and serve in the community), while I pursued the area of "Internal" audit. My family and I are now here in the Middle-East still sweating it out but earning honest living while serving the Lord together with our four children. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying all CPA's in public practice are dishonest.

But it would really be very difficult for someone engaged in public accounting practice not to be enticed by the lures of financial rewards in exchange for signing and certifying financial documents at the whims and caprices of a paying client.

jonitanitayturin said...

CD, if this is OK, here are the names (real and blog/alias)of those who signed up for the CALL TO ARMS, part I.


By country, the total is distributed as follows:

Australia - 1
Austria - 3
Cambodia - 1
Canada - 10
Germany - 4
Holland - 4
Japan - 1
Middle East - 4
Philippines - 249
Spain - 1
Switzerland - 2
United Kingdom - 2
United States - 18
T O T A L 300


Capistrano, Kristone

Sarmiento, Don
Blanco, Joegen "Beboy"
junD (blog name only)

Chua Andrew

Sherion, Dante
Sherion, Chett
Rodriguez, Jojo
Rodriguez, Florian
Liaz, H. (Husband)
Liaz, (Wife)
Migue, Gil
Migue, Rose
Tuason, Joel
Tuason, Terence

CFC Gov. Team ("collective" entry)
LIbot, Bong
LIbot, Bing
TE (blog name only)

Bernabe, Ben
Bernabe, Ellen
Lbot, Raul
Lbot, Lanie


Quiambao, David
Quiambao, Bal
Quiambao, Lourdes
Lagana, Vic

Alonzo, Jorge
Alonzo, Marmi
Altura, Bede
Altura, Lolet
Ancheta, Jun
Ancheta, Betty
Angeles, Russell
Asensi, George
Asensi, Virgie
Asensi, Jayvee (SFC)
Asensi, Princess (SFC)
Asensi, Chinky (SFC)
Asensi, Gigette (SFC)
Asensi, Kyle (KFC)
Asensi, Jared (KFC)
Balagtas, Art
Balagtas, Mel
Balagtas, Patti
Balagtas, Missy
Ballares, Manuel
Ballares, Amy
Ballares, Paolo (YFC)
Ballares, Yman (KFC)
Banaynal, John
Banaynal, Luz
Banaynal, John Louis (YFC)
Borja, Butsch
Borja, May
Borromeo, Allen
Borromeo, Dina
Bro. Ariel
Bro. Mero
Bucu, Raymond V.
Bucu, Anna S.
Buenaventura, Louie
Bukuhan, Mke
Busa, Mark Dexter (YFC)
Cabrera, Lorenzo
Cagurangan, Tito
Cagurangan, Mitchie
Calanno, Boy
Calanno, Ellen
Calanno, Joseph Anthony M. (SFC)
Calanno, Mary Katryn M. (YFC)
Caluag, Chino
Caluag, Eloy
Catabas, Emmanuel
Catabas, Ruth
Catabas, Emmanuel
Catabas, Ruth
Cayabyab, Dan
Cayabyab, Dorie
CFCwestergroup("collective" entry)
Cruz, Vic
Cruz, Temmy
Cuevas, Bernie
Custodio, Jing
Dalman, Ma. Violeta Alvarez-Catis
David, Romy
David, Roger
De Guzman, Rody F.
De Guzman, Malou M.
De la Cruz, Tony
De la Cruz, Liza
De los Santos, Zo
De los Santos, Nanette
De Ocampo, Ronnel
De Ocampo, Jonalyn
De Witt, Fallegean
Delantar, Boy
Delantar, Luz
Dionela, April
Dionela, Ailee
Domingo, Lily
Dueñas, Nanding
Dueñas, Luz
Dueñas, Lloyd (SFC)
Dueñas, Luzette (YFC)
Dueñas, Loui (KFC)
Embalzado, Perry A.
Embalzado, Jr. Filemon B.
Escaño, Rob
Escaño, Cech
Estrella, Jun
Eudela, Ghie
Fernandez, Freddie
Fernandez, Precy
Flores, Remo
Flores, Ofelia
Fournier, George
Francisco, Mina
Gabriel, Romy
Gabriel, Sarah
Galanida, Toktok
Galanida, Eyen
Geremias, Alex
Geremias, Nerry
Gool, Ronnie
Gool, Jovy
Gool, Rachel Judity (KFC)
Gool, Joseph Reuben (KFC)
Gool, Joseph Ralph (KFC)
Gool, Ruth Johanna (KFC)
Gool, Joseph Raymond (KFC)
Gool, Mary Therese (KFC)
Grana, Terence
Grana, Thel
Griño, Noel
Griño, Deanna
Ilaya, Fortune
Ilaya, Ethel
Jimenez, Rudy
Jimenez, Paz
Jose, Willy
Jose, Ces
Juadiong, Jerry T.
Juan, Volet
Juntereal, Jed
Kapunan, Medy
Lauro, Vic
Layo, Lanie
Lintag, Ariel
Lintag, Macy
Lopez, George
Lopez, Danny Abis
Lopez, Kim (SFC)
Macapagal, Jonalyn
Macatol, Marvin Isidore C.
Macatol, Aura C.
Madela, Ronie
Madela, Jonah
Maranan, Robert
Maranan, Cynthia
Maranan, Robert
Maranan, Cynthia
Marcelo, Edwin
Marcelo, Minnie
Max, Max
Medina, Romy
Medina, Harmony
Mendoza, Benjie
Mendoza, Marian
Miranda, Yais
Monteagudo, Al
Monteagudo, Dhel
Morandarte, Reynald G.
Morandarte, Reysalie (YFC)
Morandarte, Reyna Marie (YFC)
Morandarte, Mary Monique (KFC)
Ng, Jose
Ng, Alma
Nicolas, James
Nicolas, Jinky
Oquendo, Regie
Oquendo, Abigail
Paiso, Jet
Palad, Norinna
Pallorina, Ted
Pallorina, Rose
Peña, Jojo
Peña, Rochie
Pido, Jess
Pido, Bing
Pineda, Larry
Pineda, Emmy D.
Rafols, Ace (YFC)
Ranin, Raymar
Ranin, Hazel
Rebueno, Don
Rebueno, Ditas
Rebueno, Boying
Rebueno, Susan
Rebueno, Dondi
Rebueno, Jeannie
Rebueno, Edgar
Rebueno, Alu
Rebueno, Vilma
Reyes, Ven
Reyes, Lucy
Reyes III, Estelito D.
Santos, Mike
Santos, Rea
Sasuman, Fe
Saturay, Jun
Saturay, Connie
Sendin, Kris
Sendin, Ami
Sendin, Cartine (YFC)
Sendin, Amiel (YFC)
Sendin, Claire Aimy (KFC)
Sentillas, Tom
Sentillas, Ning
Serafica, Tommy R.
Serafica, Charivic G.
Serafica, Francistoni G.
Serafica, Charisse Angeli G.(YFC)
Serafica, Thomas Gerado G. (YFC)
Suarez, Yong
Suarez, Alma
Tagulinao, Tess
Tagulinao, Oca
Tagulinao, Tess
Taloza, Vilma
Teodosio, Ronald
Tiauson Mary Gale
Tiongson, Bombee
Tiongson, Beth
Uy, Nelson S.
Uy, Marge S.
Uy, Dimples S.
Valencia, Terry
Valencia, Dolor
Valencia, Apple
Victorio, Allen
Villarino, Blanca J.
Young, Diczen

"Gringo" (Husb)
"Gringo" (Wife)
acc wc
akolangnaman-socal east
but the joke was on me
cfc gideon
cfc ostrich
david v
give up pride
GMD go cfc no gk go said
he started a joke
Malachi 3
Mara 83
Nino Boy
troy of west c
Truth shall set you free west c/dec2006
which started the whole world

CFC & Fam. Ministry - Barcelona ("collective" entry)

Castillo, Nep
Castillo, Malou

Lopez, Andy Jr.
Lopez, Vicvic

Aclan, Raul
Aclan, Raul
Bustos, Rod
Bustos, Canyl
David B. David B.
ECPS (blog name only)
Estaris, Paul
Garcia, Jess
Garcia, Carmen
Honrado, Huds
Honrado, Maricel
Mella, Bobbee
Mella, Marivic
Ramos, Larry
Santiago, Mickey
Santiago, Marivic
Santiago, Ernie
Santiago, Lolit

Anonymous said...

Just one question: Does the end justify the means?

dirtdiver said...

this is just so sad. How can they sleep with these lies? outright deception...what happened to FAP?

salamat ulit CD, for the continued vigilance. as for me and my household we will continue serving the LORD...

WillyJ said...

More fairy tale items...

Fairy tale item # 6: General Information sheet states: Date of Annual meeting per by-laws: Last Friday of January of each year. Date of Actual Meeting: 23-Sep-07

(note: Now that's a pretty looong postponement of that Annual Meeting, considering CFC-FI was already active since 2006(?). It looks like there is a penchant by some people for disregarding by-laws, even their own(?)...)

Fairy tale item # 7: Certification: Activities Accomplished: (1. ..MM Assembly,,2...Cavite Meeting, 3..Cavite Assembly, 4) Cavite Anniversary 5) Retreat/ Recollection/ Seminar - Alpadi - Sep 23, 2007; Dec 6-7, 2007; Dec 19, 2007...

(note: What?? Puro na lang meeting/assembly ang activity nyo? And what did you do from Jan'07 to Aug'07? And what about the whole of 2006? No CLP's/ formation activities for two years??)

Fairy tale item # 8: "We, a majority of members of the Board of Trustees of Couples For Christ Foundation, Inc....after having been sworn in accordance with law...

(note: How on earth can one get sworn into a non-existent organization?)

Look, not all fairy tales have happy endings...

Agent 008 said...

willyj said...

"What?? Puro na lang meeting/assembly ang activity nyo? And what did you do from Jan'07 to Aug'07? And what about the whole of 2006? No CLP's/ formation activities for two years??"

now, who's the one veering away? hehehehe... nice one bro.willy!

they already have a Board of Trustees by Dec2006 pala. who elected them kaya? i supposed its not the BOE > so they did not follow the statutes?!

oh well... i remember the 80's song... LIES, LIES, LIES...

Anonymous said...

Ang nanay ko po ay taal na Caviteña sampu ng buong angkan nila. Ako po'y galing sa prominenteng pamilya sa probinsiya ng Cavite na dating aktibo sa politika nuong mga nagdaang dekada.
Kami po ng aking pamilya ay naglingkod din ng matagal-tagal diyan sa CFC katunayan ay diyan din totoong lumago ang aming buhay espiritwal.

Ikinahihiya at kinalulungkot ko po na ang mga kababayan ko pong Caviteño ay nagpapagamit sa mga mani-obra ng FFL. Majority po sa dating miyembro ng CFC Provincial Council ay lumipat sa FFL sa pangunguna ni Bro Cering Dator (na malayo kong kamag-anak). Kaya di po nakapagtataka na marami sa mga ebidensiya nila ay mula sa mga Bgy Captain ng Cavite.

Nakakatawa naman po na kailangan pa ngayong kumuha ng mga sertipikasyon ng mga prayer assemblies at iba pang activities para lang mapatunayan ang "legal existence" ng isang grupo.

Tanong ko lang, bakit wala po 'ata maski na isang Pari na sumama sa nag-isyu ng sertipikasyon, di po ba sila ang pinaka kredible na witness? Ooooppss, sorry I just gave an idea to Bishop Gabby. Sorry po your Excellency.

Anonymous said...

We have all the documents to prove that they (FFL/Easter Group) committed unlawful actions to promote selfish & personal interests. By all means, let's give them their day in court. Let's uphold the TRUTH no matter who gets hurt and regardless of who goes to jail. We are all accountable to the laws of the land and especially to God's Divine laws.

The deceptions & lies should END. It has to STOP no matter who gets the full force of the law. There can be NO PEACE where the smoke/fire of the battle continue to rage.

"For evil to triumph, it is enough that good men do nothing"

God bless,

Balut said...


The biggest question for me is, are the members of FFL in the USA and the Philippines (and Australia, not including singles or youth), prepared to abandon their dignity and spirituality in order to follow Frank in this process of dishonesty and corruption?

CFC (all inclusive) was once a religious organization that stood above such derogatory statements as "If you want to get rich in the Philippines, start a religious organization" and "the Philippines is completely corrupt".

It was the integrity of CFC that enabled God to use it to do the work it did GK.

And in the real CFC, this still applies.

But now, with FFL (hehe, oops, sorry, it was always CFC Inc noh?), THIS!

How sad, how tragically comedic, that Frank and his cronies have resorted to this sort of desperate corruption and dishonesty.

How embarrassing, how humiliating to be associated with such corruption, such telling of lies in order to control a religious group.

Where, oh sincere FFL members, is your outrage at being humiliated like this?

Where is your anger at being shamed by the duplicity of your leaders?

Lies. Corruption. Back-room bribery. Money, money, money...

...if ever I had followed Frank, I would abandon this shameless teller of lies now.


Couples for...


p.e. said...

i am just sick in the stomach upon reading these documents.

grabe! kadiri! nakakasuka ha!

onli in da pilipins. :(

Joey and Juliet Urcia said...

We are in full support to our International Council. Count us in together with our Family and HH members. United we stand to fight for the Truth and love for our community.

Joey and Juliet Urcia - California, USA

Anonymous said...

Was there a formal deed of donation by Frank Padilla or the Padilla family of the ALPADI Compound to CFC-GMFI? If so, has this been reflected in the books? It may also be important to keep this in mind so that the 50,000-strong warm bodies will not only picket SEC but also camp out in the grounds of AL PADI (oh,well, we can wait when all this folly by FFL will remove from it any trace of the CFC ID.)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, CD,

I've only had time to give the documents a cursory look. Here's what I found, so far.

1. On the Date and Time Stamps

I assume that the SEC date stamp on the upper right of the documents (Dec 28 2007) is the date the documents were submitted to the SEC. I assume also that the date and time stamp across the lower third of the documents (30-7-2008, 2:4:39 P.M.) is the date the SEC released the copies of the documents. Tama ho ba? Please correct this perception kung mali.

If my assumptions are correct, the physical evidence has to be given merit unless evidence is found that may raise doubts as to its veracity. Good faith is always assumed. Thus, because the physical evidence states that the documents were received by the SEC on Dec 28, 2007, our first reaction to it must be that they were indeed submitted at that time. As to the nature of the documents, again assuming good faith on the part of the submitter, we have to treat the contents of the documents as true unless we find evidence indicating otherwise.

So what about the contents?

2. The Financial Statements

The 2006 financial statements also include the changes in financial position of the previous two years the entity was in operation. According to the documents these were the years 2006 and 1991. If true, the submitted document is proof that CFCFI was NOT IN OPERATION between 1992 - 2005. Assume muna natin na tutoo ito.

Ito ho yung punchline: In 1991 CFCFI was the corporate legal entity used by CFC. In 2006, FFL did not yet exist. In other words, the submitted financial statements show funds that could only have been from CFC, which is the organization whose statutes are the ones approved by the Vatican. This is because in 2006 only CFC was there and FAP was still the head.

If FAP and FFL claim that the funds are not CFC's but theirs, they would have to admit that:

(a) they used a corporate entity that belongs to the CFC community (in 2006) for their own ends without prior permission to do so;

(b) FAP, even in 2006, had plans detrimental to the organization he himself led (CFC). This is a violation of Sections 31 and 34 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines. Section 31 states "When a director, trustee or officer attempts to acquire or acquires, in violation of his duty, any interest adverse to the corporation in respect of any matter which has been reposed in him in confidence, as to which equity imposes a disability upon him to deal in his own behalf, he shall be liable as a trustee for the corporation and must account for the profits which otherwise would have accrued to the corporation."

Section 34: "Disloyalty of a director - Where a director, by virtue of his office, acquires for himself a business opportunity which should belong to the corporation, thereby obtaining profits to the prejudice of such corporation, he must account to the latter for all such profits by refunding the same, unless his act has been ratified by a vote of the stockholders owning or representing at least two-thirds (2/3) of the outstanding capital stock."

Applied to non-stock corporations (i.e. foundations), FAP needed the vote of 2/3 of the whole CFC membership in order to get out of violating Section 34.

Whoops let me correct that. The submitted documents showed that the president of CFCFI in 2006 was not FAP but AA. So, the submitted documents constitute proof that AA had plotted against CFC in 2006.

The other two points I wanted to make are these. (1) Any CPA can tell you that you cannot portray the financial position of another group as yours without proper qualifications. The numbers from 1991 could only have been CFC's and the 2006 numbers are obviously not. In Dec 2007 the submitting party did not belong to CFC anymore. In business corporations puede pong mangyari ang ganito for example in cases of mergers and acquistions, where the acquiring company portrays numbers from the acquired company, but properly disclosed and annotated. The case of CFCFI was not an acquisition; it was worse than a hostile takeover because the original owners, CFC, were not even remunerated. FAP's and AA's takeover of CFCFI can only be described as usurpation and stealing. The documents show they took it over in 2006! Under all our noses! Without the IC knowing about it!

(2) One reason the SEC and the BIR wants copies of the financial statements is to be able to evaluate the corporation as a going-concern. That is, how healthy is the corporation, how good is it set up for continuing operations. Obviously, presenting the true numbers is essential. But giving 1991 CFC numbers and some other 2006 numbers do not constitute grounds for a fair evaluation of CFCFI's going concern. At worst, the numbers misled and deceived the SEC and the BIR to make favorable evaluations.

Going back to my very first point above, I am now persuaded that there are enough indicators here to cast doubt on the veracity of the submitted documents. Thus, four points need mentioning to summarize before closing this piece.

1. The provenance of the documents need to be investigated.
2. There are indications that the submitters (FAP, AA and the rest) have not acted in good faith in its dealings with the SEC.
3. The dates stamped on the documents, indicate premeditation on the part of FAP and AA to engage in activities that do harm to the organization they both were senior officials of in 2006.
4. While such plotting was going on, their pronouncements in 2006 regarding community brotherhood in CFC, their covenant commitment of loyalty to the community and to every brother and sister CFC, were, in retrospect, a sham. Here is proof that even in 2006, they were already having second agendas. This is deliberate deception of every brother and sister in the community. A great betrayal of trust.

To be continued....

- TE

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bro Joey and Sis Juliet Urcia. I will also bring this matter to our household this week and sign up volunteers to come out openly in defense of the orginal CFC.

We may not be able to physically stand and march side-by-side with our Manila-based brethren to express the collective indignation of 50,000 as CD suggested; however, we express common moral language as a United and Original CFC.

CD or someone, please start detailing the logistical requirements for the "March of 50,000" so that at least we who are geographically far from Manila will be able help. Just like our GK padugo, some precious pesos can be saved for our marching brethren's needs: tent, water, maybe anti-teargas masks, but since there are kids: milk, medicine, umbrellas; also, music, batteries, celcards or celfon loads, temporary toilets, perhaps, too, materials for a longer haul: rice supply, utensils, entertainment equipment, equipment and "baon" for Lord's Day -if the march and picket would take weeks, etc. The "March of 50,000" should be lively and attractive (make it also fiesta-like, and let there be competitions there for the best satire, song, dance, or story about the SEC tragedy..oh so many other things to imagine for this beautiful march and picket... may someone also compose the marching song?)

I have already signed up my family in the "Call to Arms", part 1. Don't worry, we'll have a way to increase The Brave 300.

Once more, we are inspired by your standing up, Bro Joey and Sis Juliet!!! GOD BLESS.

p.e. said...

ano pa bang analyses ang kailangan. very obvious naman na manufactured documents ang mga ito. alam naman natin na walang cfcfi since 1993, walang cfcfi nuong 2006 at walang cfcfi activities na nangyari nung 2007.

kakaibang milagro ang ginawang ito ni fap at ffl. sadyang nakakapanindig balahibo.

kapatid na ffl-global, ano ba masasabi mo dito?

Anonymous said...

Bro TE,
You a lawyer, too?
No need to highlight labels.
SALAMAT, Brother for you very clear presentation of the legal implications of the FS submitted by Padilla and Agana.

I suggest we begin composing sympathetic jail messages for them already; else,if they will not not languish but will remain steadfast as jailbirds, prayers to destroy the evil burning inside them!

Earlier still, and NOW, light candles and say prayers to burn the evil in all our hearts so that we remain forever faithful as Couples for Christ.

WillyJ said...

Fairy tale items continued...

Fairy tale item # 9: "It now prays for the lifting of the Order of Revocation based on the following grounds: Its past officers were not sufficiently advised, and thus unaware of the Honorable Commission's reportorial requirements.

(Yeah, and pigs flew out of your ears. Let's tell that to Vic Gutierrez, who says "Frank dissolved the council, held elections and declared the establishment of the 'new' Couples For Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc.")

Fairy tale item # 10: Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balances, December 31, 2006 and 1991 --- Fund balance at end of 1991: P 1,416,573...Write-off of assets and payables 2006: P 1,416,573...

(A new accounting concept: Write-off an asset that is not yours)

Fairy tale item # 11: FORTES_IN_FIDE:"You categorically said that when you will form FFL, you will not hold any position? Why are you now the Chairman of FFL?". FRANK PADILLA: "There is no such position as Chair of CFC-FFL. There is an interim governing committee of 5 brothers, and I am not part of it. I of course did not say I would hold no position, but that I would not be in governance, where the power is. I of course can hold a position of service."

(Ah, now we remember that exchange with FORTES_IN_FIDE back in October 2007,and now we have here in the General Information Sheet: Francisco A. Padilla, Incorporator, Chairman of the Board, and President)

Fairy tale item # 12: "Petitioner further alleges that it has no intention to violate the law..."

(Ows? Lets see what the court has to say about that. Prince charming, you are not.)

Anonymous said...

Or may an artistic design for a jailbird's T-sirt with the beautiful children's park for a background emblazoned with a land scam and some other "nice" resoration village-colours around a giant P letter for - Padilla in Prison?

May some creative artist design this for a contest during the "March of 50,000"?


jonitanitayturin said...

Hi, Willy:

Have been following your list of "fairy tales" spun by FAP and FFL. Marami pa ata...

Good you have mentioned the Canada-based Fortes-in-Fide, Bro. Jojo from Davao (missed that time we joined him in a tangle with Bro. Manny Hermano).

I quote here from Brod Fortes' post in the "Peace" thread last Octobe 9, 2007. Fortes was clearly exasperated by the usually garrulous(?)Padilla who curiously did not reply to his email as he readily would. (In this case here now, we expect not FAP but his minions to respond (or he uses an alias) because, he just keeps silent when cornered - although now he will be forced by the courts to come out for cross-examination.)

Here's Fortes exhorting FAP in October, 2007:

"... please enlighten and convince us that FFL is indeed the right place for us to be. And for those already in FFL, in light of the above issues that Bro. Frank refuses to address, in light of the fact that you know who the father of lies is, and in light of the fact that you know Who is The Way, The TRUTH and The Life, ask yourselves the question: Is FFL really where you want to be and why?

Anonymous said...

What is happening now is basically a fight for the control of the money. It used to be one fund before when Frank Padilla was still there. Now that he has left he is fighting for a piece of that pie.

The only reason why we are incorporated is for the management of the funds that we receive from our monthly contributions or tithes that we collect. Without this there is no point in incorporating.

A lot of our leaders including Frank Padilla has made CFC a means of livelihood, thus being that, he is merely protecting that means of livelihood by what he is doing now.

During the days when CFC was under the control of Ligaya there were no fulltime pastoral workers. The only workers being paid were the administrative workers, those who do the paper work. Even up to now Ligaya lives by that policy.

CFC during the reign of Frank Padilla saw an influx of fulltime pastoral workers. Workers were now being paid to handle members pastorally. I have nothing against that but when it was done excessively to the detriment of our community is what bothers me. Imagine 4.6 million pesos for payroll every month during the height of his reign. That is a lot of money and something worth fighting for. Not including the money GK was receiving.

As of this point we still have a lot of fulltime pastoral workers to the tune of 3.0 million pesos a month not including the fulltime workers that GK is also paying for. I have no idea how much but it most probably will match the one of CFCGMFI. Are these millions of pesos the driving force behind this split up? A protection to a means of livelihood under the guise faith?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bro for your insight into the monetary angle of Padilla's “crazy” (wish to borrow this word from a faith-based discourse in another thread) and baffling moves so far.

While I try to go with your line that Padilla wants a hefty share of the current CFC “operating budget” for full-time workers, something tells me it may be less so because, on the other hand, Padilla did set up before he left an operating FTPWF facility with capital provided from sale of his books, in short with his own funds! Even then there were reported complaints on the said fund facility because, it was alleged, only a select favored few rather than a good number of full-time pastoral workers could benefit from it.

I would rather that the monetary angle had to do with Frank Padilla’s own definition of a CFC vision, which I have tried to interpret in another thread as a “coloured vision”, or one involving the “colour of money”. This "dollar vision" was the underlying reason for:

- the landscam the Philippine Supreme Court found Padilla guilty of;

- the foiled plot of Padilla, his minions, and Bishop Villegas to pull-out and transfer all the resources (read: money) of GK from CFC to the Church’s social work programs (under guise that CFC veered away from its Catholic mission by promoting contraceptives in GK); and

- the self-preservation instinct manifested by Padilla’s hanging on to the family-owned Al Padi assets that were donated to CFC, by using all resources available to accomplish his two-pronged goal of either having an exclusive use of the CFC name - the best scenario, or of co-sharing it – the not-so-good but otherwise acceptable scenario.

Anonymous said...

No, Brod, don't worry, if you give hint to Bishop Gabby that it would have been more credible if priests gave the certification on the activities of CFCFI.

On the other hand, mas maganda nga na naipalabas mo 'yon para makatulong pa sya kay "favored neighbor" FAP, at least on something that is not election-related.

Any way, we will welcome any certification Bp Gabby will make in favor of the revival of CFCFI by Frank Padilla. That will also help us strive to do better at really cornering for exhibit an independent-minded but notorious and dangerously-slippery" man of the cloth.

Malachi3/widow's might said...

Does the end justify the means? Frank Padilla wants to destroy CFC thats the end. The means,legal and illegal. Mostly illegal for now as the documents show,but in the Philippine setting even the dead vote,the blind can get a driver's liscense and liscense to carry fire arms,children's parks can be sold as private property. Makes us doubt if prayer is enough for us in CFC to survive the hatred of FAP. Let's best be sure that FAP is not the AntiChrist. Let's make sure to let FAP know that his "end" will only happen over our dead bodies. Let's all die for truth let's all do a Ninoy Aquino,Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio not to mention the Saints and martyrs.

Anonymous said...

ano pa bang analyses ang kailangan. very obvious naman na manufactured documents ang mga ito. alam naman natin na walang cfcfi since 1993, walang cfcfi nuong 2006 at walang cfcfi activities na nangyari nung 2007.

kakaibang milagro ang ginawang ito ni fap at ffl. sadyang nakakapanindig balahibo.

kapatid na ffl-global, ano ba masasabi mo dito?

Kapatid na p.e., eto lang ang masasabi ko. una, i hope i post ito ni CD. pangalawa, ganito lang po naman iyan eh. maski na ano pa pong super-intelligent analyses ang mabuo sa blog na ito regarding the submitted documents wala pong bisa iyan dahil kung baga sa senado o kongreso puro lang fact-finding kuno iyan eh. walang legal "weight" whatsoever. you wish na mayron pero sa totoo lang wala! if you're thinking that you can have the victory by just marching in front of the SEC, then do so, the public will just realize how "pathetic" you are guys.


Anonymous said...

Here's part 2:

1. The SEC rules on foundations (SEC Memo 1 of 2004) stipulates that foundations must have a minimum of 1 million Php in the bank. The documents show CFCFI only had 100,000 in 2006 and 238,000 in 2007. Not all SEC requirements were fulfilled.

2. The same SEC memorandum also requires that the foundation submit a document describing its modus operandi. Foundations are defined as non-stock (non-profit) organizations established to support religious, social or cultural projects. The modus operandi should describe what the foundation's work is all about and who the beneficiaries are. The work of a foundation must benefit others and not the foundation members themselves. The packet of documents we saw included the sources and usage of funds for the year 2007. The activities listed were, as WillyJ pointed out, all meetings. Since the beneficiaries of CFCFI activities were the foundation members themselves, these activities are not acceptable as valid projects. We should make the case at the SEC not to accept these portion of the documents as valid usage of a foundation's fund.

3. To make the reactivation of CFCFI final, FAP and AA have to also submit their 2007 audited financial statements. This was not in the packet of documents we have seen. CD, we need to know if they submitted this, as well. If they haven't, the reactivation is effectively invalid.

4. This was already pointed out here in the blog. Himlayan Restoration Village is listed as being started by CFCFI in January 2007. At that time FAP was still the head of CFC. At that time the idea of a "restoration" was not yet made known to us all. In another entry, another blogger had already called attention to Himlayan. What happened there (or maybe still happening there) is supposed to be similar to Remarville. Assuming that FAP and AA are telling the truth that they really started a restoration village at Himlayan, then they were plainly subverting CFC while still serving as senior leaders. Given FAP's dictatorial style of leadership it may not be surprising that they did.

The implication is that they have, since 2006, way before GK3, already plotted to make their move. Their separation from CFC could not have been avoided because in reality they were already planning to do it. All that righteous indignation about veering away and disobedience, all that noise, they now begin to look like the smokescreen that they are - alibis to justify their separation. They wanted to separate all along. In this light, FAP's talk of eventual reconciliation is obviously BS.

The other side of the coin is that kung talagang sincere siya tungkol sa GK3 and their separation was really a result of the events between March and July 2007, then the Himlayan document they submitted is a fraud.

Catch 22. FAP and AA have placed themselves in a no-win situation. Maske na manalo sila sa Court Case, they have already lost in the eyes of the brethren. I wonder what zero credibility means to a self-proclaimed keeper of the charism?

- TE

ah-men said...

who are the people in this association called 'cfcfi' circa 2007?
15 people who contributed a total of P1,000,000.00 as capital

I suggest you bring out your calculator and divide a million by 15 people and you will see the answer.

And they shall be known by the sign they carry- a mark!

Deliver us from all evil,


Anonymous said...

naawa ako sayo ffl-global,awang - awa talaga ako sayo,i will pray for you brother/sister...

p.e. said...

kapatid na ffl-global,

salamat naman kahit paano at binigyan pansin mo yung maikling komento ko. tama ka kapatid, i agree with you, lahat ng komentaryo at analyses na naka-post dito sa blog e walang bisa pagdating sa legalidad ng mga dokumentong pinag-uusapan. pero tinatanong kita kapatid. yaman din lang at pinili mong sumama sa ffl, ano ang masasabi mo hinggil sa mga dokumentong kinikwestyun dito? wala ka bang pakialam kung tutuo ang mga ito o huwad?

Anonymous said...

We are registered in the Vatican as Couples for Christ Global Mission AND NOT CFC foundation inc.....

Anonymous said...

Bro PE,
I suggest huwag masyadong dibdibin ang comment nitong so-called "ffl-global". It is rhetherical, I think taga loob ito na naiinis na rin. Wala pa yang term "global" that they have officially tagged themselves with in FFL.
Pero, Brother CFC na nainis sa sitwasyon, huwag mo munang i-put down and March or indignation rally sa SEC. It will show Mr. Villar we are flexing our muscle. If FFL was able to use him for the "special operation at SEC", Manny Villar will certainly notice the "gathering whirlwind" that will threaten his politics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Brother writes,
"And they shall be known by the sign they carry- a mark!"

Yes, Brod, One million (1,000,000) divided by fifteen (15 board of "CFCFI") EQUALS (=) the mark (666), indeed.

Up there in "Questioning Faith" thread, a critic of the Aug. 10 message commemorating the 1st Anniversary of FFL's dedication to Mama Mary identifies the Serpent-Enemy in FAP-SG.

Curious coincidence.

WillyJ said...

Thanks TE, for the comprehensive analysis. Whoever was the consultant hired for that application made a sloppy job.

On your part two of item # 1: they put P 100,000 instead of P 1,000,000. They might claim this is just a typo, since
they only dropped out a significant 6th zero? Actually, that is already a wonder by itself that they did not have a negative fund balance, considering they left us with 20M in debts and refused to be responsible for a single centavo. What will you do Frank, when CFC-FI's finances goes in the red, just leave it and start fresh with another one?

On item #2: Hala, dalawang taong walang project! Ang dapat pangalan kinuha nila ay "Family Foundation for Meetings and Assemblies na Wala Namang Project". Ngayon, i-summons sa korte ang mga members at tanungin isa-isa kung ano ba talaga ang project nyo. Huwag magsinungaling...false testimony is a crime..Siyanga pala, perjury is also a crime punishable by imprisonment prison mayor of 6 months to priccion correctional of 6 years plus accessory fines/penalties. Kung ano man ang naibigay na falsehood under sworn statement sa SEC, lagot, perjury yan.

On items #3 & #4: Yes, bakit walang 2007 FS? Gusto namin makita dito yung expense report ng Restoration Village 1 & 2 na ni-launch nung January 2007 at on-going project (daw). I-paliwanag maigi, tutal mahilig kayo sa palusot, nasaan na ang mga clarification/rejoinder ng mga Nonong at Macias na yan, aber? Remember, perjury is a crime involving moral turpitude, serious wrong-doing yan. Pagdating ng court hearing at pinatawag kayo at nagpalusot kayo ng sablay, false testimony" pa yan, madadagdagan pa ang kaso nyo. Tignan natin kung ilan sa inyo ang i-subpoena para mag testimony...all board members, officers, ordinary members ay sabit dito. Tignan natin kung may pa joy-joy pa kayo ngayon.

Where the fake Founder is, there lies the Trouble. In the ecclessiology of confused movements, the trouble follows the founder wherever he goes. Catch-22 also means you Catch the Fish by the mouth.

Athrun Atreides said...

I think the people from this place should chase the Easter Group for stealing their name.

(Just kidding.)

Clue: the ship that found this place previously carried Charles Darwin.

Anonymous said...

Please stop mentioning the name of Manny Villar. None of you here have conclusive proof of his involvement and it is very unfair on his part.

two owe one owe said...

Anonymous said...

"Please stop mentioning the name of Manny Villar. None of you here have conclusive proof of his involvement and it is very unfair on his part."

Yes, I agree, please stop using the name of manny and cynthia villar. He is afterall the senate president of the Philippines and cynthia Villar is a congress woman.

Just because they belong to the household of Frank Padilla... and just because the office of the FFL is in an apartelle in the starmall, which is owned by the villars...

Yes get concrete proof that it is their personal secretary who makes the payment. Show the OR of the rental of the office.

Show proof that the SEC commissioners acted on the CFCFI reactivation without influence from powers that be.

Yes indeed, proof proof proof...
we need that...

or DO WE?

Lets hear your answer on 2010!!!!

johnpaul said...

paano pala yung mga resibo ng restoration movement? san gagamitin yun?

Anonymous said...

A portion from Anonymous' comment (on number '666' being strangely in the quotient of P1,000,000 'CFCFI-FLL' fund divided by 15 members of the board):

"Up there in 'Questioning Faith' thread, a critic of the Aug. 10 message commemorating the 1st Anniversary of FFL's dedication to Mama Mary identifies the Serpent-Enemy in FAP-SG. Curious coincidence."

'Curioser' still: that critic's entry on FAP being Serpent, and being apparently heretic and blasphemous is Comment no. 66!

The devil plays with our faith, muddles our reason.

Anonymous said...

Among our Lord Jesus' Twelve, one betrayed Him.

Double that number are Padilla and his Officers and Directors in 'CFCFI' as of December 28, 2007, with not a single one betraying.

Padilla a better manager? Or Padilla just reflecting this particular reality: (sa Bisaya pa, bakikaw kaning akong himuon nga expression, wala gayoy ka-rhymrhyme, peru sigue lang... [translated to English] What follows are poor phrases that don't rhyme, but never mind...)

"Put all the bad together, they hold fast that good!
"Mix the good and the bad, at least one squeals for good!"

Jack Burgoyne, get out of there! Seems like you are having a harder time re-making and 'refurbhisng' things to make all look good. Tan-awa ra gud kanang imong gihimo nga blogsite para sa FFL. Inig abli ug pindot sa topic, molagput ang 'box', daw maglukso-lukso pud! Unya, inig gukukod, kinahanglan 'hawiran' aron dili mo-"veer away"! Kataw-anan ra ba. Kapuyan na pud ka diha, uy! Gawas, brader...

Anonymous said...

...pero tinatanong kita kapatid. yaman din lang at pinili mong sumama sa ffl, ano ang masasabi mo hinggil sa mga dokumentong kinikwestyun dito? wala ka bang pakialam kung tutuo ang mga ito o huwad?

iyan na nga ang point eh kapatid na p.e. i'm not in a position to pass an opinion on the genuineness or phoniness of the documents. unlike most bloggers here who (fortunately for them) seem to have been blessed with divine wisdom and eyes that they could readily pass judgement on the non-credibility of the documents by just looking at them on-line?! aba eh tinalo pa nila ang mga taga CSI. ang masasabi ko lang, let's wait for the proper courts to decide.


Anonymous said...

Section 30 of the Internal Reveue Code (RA 8424) regulates what institutions are tax exempt. That is, the institution does not have to pay taxes on their income (from donations, tithings, etc.). However, subsection (E) of Section 30 states:

"(E) Nonstock corporation or association organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, athletic, or cultural purposes, or for the rehabilitation of veterans, no part of its net income or asset shall belong to or inures to the benefit of any member, organizer, officer or any specific person;"

The wording is consistent with the idea that charitable foundations should benefit others and not its own members and officers. That means that activities that benefit only members are not valid usages of funds for these foundations. If these are the only activities an institution has, I believe it would mean non-compliance of requirements for tax exemption.

Donations (i.e. Tithes) are tax deductible only if they are given to an accredited donee institution. As far as I know only the PCNC and the DSWS are empowered to accredit a foundation as a donee institution. If you check the PCNC website, CFCGMFI is an accredited foundation. CFCFI is not on the list. Unless the DSWS (authorized since Nov 2007 by EO 671) accredited CFCFI, lahat ng mga tithings and donations to CFCFI are not tax-deductible.

- TE

Anonymous said...


They can't claim the missing zero as a mistake. For one, the 2006 financial statement was audited. The auditor signed off on the FS as correct. For another, FAP and AA signed the FS as president and treasurer, thereby giving their concurrence that the FS is true, correct and portrays the correct financial condition of CFCFI.

If the missing zero is truly an error then the FS is not a true and fair presentation of CFCFI's finances.

By the way, since the FS shows figures from 1991, then it follows that they have in their possession the 1991 audited financial statements as well. I suggest that a copy of the 1991 FS be sub-poenaed and entered as evidence.

Alternatively, all foundations are required by the SEC to submit their audited financial statements. Once submitted they become part of public records. Could we request a copy of the 1991 FS from the SEC? The ending balances in that FS should correspond with that submitted by FAP and AA.

The 2006 SEC rules of procedure (section 2-3) allows anybody who has a legal interest or who may be adversely affected by the decision of the commission to intervene at any stage in the proceedings. That means any one or a group of us can file a suit as well.

Lastly, to the guy calling himself ffl-global: I agree with you. You would not be in a position to pass judgment if you only look at them. You also have to read them and then use your common sense.

- TE

CDOPards! said...

Kahit na isama pa yong 9 na nasa isang page para mag-total na 24 sila, lalabas pa rin ang maraming 666! Nakakatawa!!!! Hindi naman nila sinadya yan! Pero yan ang totoo! WOW! Ano naba kayo sa FFL lalo na sa taga New York!!! Wala bang matino sa inyo na maka pagsabi ni FAP at AA na huwag naman yong ganyan? Kahit sinong bobo, alam na manufactured yong mga dokumento ninyo!!! Isinama nyo pa ang pangalang CHRIST sa mga pangluluko ninyo!!! Sayang yong mga taon na nakaraan na nag silbi kayo sa PANGINOON!! Sinira nyo lang dahil sa mga GARBO ninyo!!! Mga MATATANDA na kayo!!! Yon ba ang itinuturo ninyo sa mga anak nyo??? Mga kapatid sa FFL!!! Alisin na yong hiya at GARBO ninyo! Balik na kayo! Kitang kita naman ang ibidensya!!! FAP! Ano kaba?? Kaya pala the second and last time na nagkasama tayo at nakinig ako sa talk mo, parang nag-iiba ang dating!! Yon pala may SCAM kana noon!!! May the Lord our GOD bless us and forgive all our sins!!

Anonymous said...


From NOHO.

Anonymous said...

CFC na pa-FFL=global kuno!

I know you are reservedly pining for FAP, kung puede lang. Kaya lang, the attachments don't lie. And if the truth is hidden, let it out.

That is really us in CFC. We don't allow a lie to metamorphose or grow out later to look good or true. Besides, ok na man talaga na we look into the numbers and dates and signatures, as presented.

Do you have to wait for the courts to verify if it is true that the FFL restoration village started in January, 2007? Or do we withhold judgment if it is clearly shown that in one month from November 2007 to December 2007,the so-called Board of CFCFI changed their officers (with Padilla not anymore the President) and that there is a need for Board Resolution proving their positions for November and December?

You can't be bobo because you reason quite well, at least apparently - sa Bisaya pa, naay taphaw nimo nga pagka-bright.

Yet, I think you only want to tease. Tama na. If you are FFL, just be so, but don't breath hot and cold to appear for CFC with one other foot for FFL. Mahiya ka rin sa sarili mo, Dong!

Anonymous said...

Tingnan ninyo yan, kasama ka na ffl-'global' kuno...

Dapat mag-research ka nga din! If someone gives you data, try to dig up on the information that may be drawn. Brod, sana you are able to distinguish between data and informtion!

Look at Bro. TE, he culls the info drawn from the data submitted by Padilla as chairman of CFCFI (as of December28, 2007) and gets more (info) about the same. That is not so bad that with his 'research', we are able to speculate:

- if collecting tithes or donation was part of their hurry to form the breakaway FFL or the defunct CFCFI (kasama na naman dito ang "dollar" vision" in FAP);

- if there will be a lot of teeth gnashed or limbs writhed in pain once BIR disapproves of receipted donations to FFL and/or CFCFI as tax-deductible.

Nothing much to crow about, really. It is just the way of the truth, which may stand by silently and humbly while liars bash her and accuse her... Until the day of judgment, when she comes triumphant in all splendor and majesty!

Anonymous said...

CD, seems a good idea to defer plans for SEC indignation rally. I bring here part of the comment in Frank's village, part ii:

on the other hand, it does not "sound" good to rally against SEC for a good cause like the good name of CFC. Why? SEC is not a reputable government institution. As a morally decrepit office, you don't make any progress because the public will just be mum, 'deadma'.

Better campaign for a legal fund to bring to court CFCFI as well as those responsible for the mess at Remarville to defend the interest of the delisted brethren.

Anonymous said...

1. Mukhang tapos na ang laban (seems like the fight is over); let's wait for the results of the legal battle at SEC. By now, the truth has come out and Mr. Padilla cannot anymore morally lead CFC - both as a name and as an organization of couples believing in Jesus Christ and living their lives as authentic Christians.

2. What Frank is most probably busy with right now is breaking his brain in how to wiggle out of the labyrinthine ground full of lies, deceit, foxiness and miscief; more particularly, I think he is trying to size up who among his closest followers would be the first to go; it is not a question of who is going out, it is who will first jump ship;

3. With all the lies now brought to the open, I think it is time for Bishop Reyes to sound off his spiritual guidance to FFL who were misled by Mr. Padilla. I firmly believe it is the primary pastoral duty of the bishop to direct FFL followers to righteousness in the face of deceit behind the formation of FFL.

4. As a matter of fact, because of the misrepresentations doen, it is important that Vatican advise CBCP to encourage the bishops who were sympathetic to Frank Padilla's formation of FFL to exhorcise evil from it including the evil that may still lurk within the bishops who strongly supported its formation.

5. This is not only about CFC-GMFI trying to defend its integrity as the moral and authentic CFC; it is also about the Church which supported its division to now lead in the HEALING by acknowledging the basic evil that spearheaded the same divisive act.

p.e. said...

ano na nga bang official actions that have been taken by home office? after the ic's "time to be still is over" memo, tila yata nanahimik na naman ang cfc.

maiba ako, napansin ko lang, wala yata sa listahan ng cfcfi-kuno yung (dating?) official mouthpiece ng ffl?

Anonymous said...

Hello I've lurking on this blog for some time now and I am a solid CFC IC-GK supporter. People will probably not agree with my opinion but sometimes I think maybe we should just let FP take the CFC name and we could start fresh with a new name. I know it's been discussed so many times in the past how important the name is in the group's identity but it seems that the Couples for Christ name has already been dragged through the mud because of FP's wily maneuverings. Why not let FP have the CFC name and all the baggage that comes with it. Why not start afresh with a new name which will clearly distinguish us from FFL? I don't think faithful members will switch because of a name change, well speaking for myself - I won't. Just look at the example of Accenture when they broke away from Arthur Andersen so as not to be associated with the auditing scandal. Accenture is still thriving as a business. (I know it's a commercial business but just an example. And yes we did not break away, they did.) Maybe my opinion will be too radical for some. Maybe it seems like giving up and handing victory to FP. Does it really mean victory for FP to get the rights to the CFC name? Does it really mean defeat for the IC and GK if we lose the rights to CFC? Saul became Paul after his conversion. Jesus gave Simon a new name- Peter -the rock upon which He will build His Church. New wine in new skin. (Remember what happens if you pour new wine in old skins?) I don't know, maybe one way of moving on is having a new name that reflects our values and mission. No baggage, no negative history. That's just me, maybe I'm averse to conflicts and confrontation. But maybe something to think about...

Humbly yours,

Anonymous said...

To CFC-Van

If we let go of the name, it will put our work behind as follows:

1. We will have to reapply for Vatican Recognition
2. We will have to work again to be recognized in the parishes and diocese
3. We will have to explain to people that we are formerly Couples for Christ and then the past will be brought up again
4. We will have to register again under the new name in all countries that CFC is present
5. It will appear to others that we are the breakaway group and then we will have to explain and defend ourselves

Frank got his way before when LnP did not go after the CFC name. Our statutes were created so that not one individual can push his own agenda, these were created to protect the integrity of our community. If we allow this to happen (giving up on the name), what's to stop others in the future to lay claim on the name of this community.


Anonymous said...

Brod from CFC VA,

Parang wisdom of Solomon yung sina-suggest mo. So as not to kill the baby (CFC) CFC give her to one of the then contending "owners" - Padilla.

But then, Brod, times and things have changed already while your were just "lurking" for a year at the corner and considering how the conflict was to be resolved:

1. WISDOM was provided by the Elders Assembly, which was formally acknowledged by both Tale and Padilla camps to arbitrate after considering the suggestions made by the infamous Bp Reyes and two other bishops last June, 2007;

2. on the other hand, it was not wise for the infamous Bp Reyes to dip his fingers into CFC's secular concerns like the conduct of the regular elections;

3. Padilla lost the elections and CFC has moved on with a new set of officers.

4. Padilla separated and made convoluted arguments about CFC's spirit being with him still; he fiercely fought for the CFC name at SEC which granted him use of a long-discarded corporate name- CFCFI.

5. All the supporting documents presented by Padilla are now legally contested by us in the the mainstream CFC, the original, Vatican-approved CFC.

Meantime, there is every good reason to question Mr. Padilla's integrity because he has been convicted by the Philippine Supreme Court of a land scam, a fact hidden from the membership while he was at the helm of CFC.

Most important, we have good reason to believe all the documents presented to SEC by Padilla involve another SCAM.

Hope gising ka na, Brod from CFC VA. Huwag mo nang i-suggest na ibigay na lang natin ang ating malinis na pangalan sa isang scammer. (And please, kayo diyan sa Tate, those to whom this applies ...batobato sa langit...: huwag kayong masyadong mag-act "cerebral" about this Padilla guy. Go down a little closer to the ground, smell and act on the stench...)

WillyJ said...

CFC in VA,

I think at certain points in time many of us entertained the idea of just letting FAP have the name to spare us of all of this aggravation. It is definitely something to think about, and you are right in articulating this idea. I suppose we all want to look at the forest instead of the trees, the name issue being one of those trees. It is right to look at the larger scheme of things. You ask: "Does it really mean defeat for the IC and GK if we lose the rights to CFC?". In the larger scheme of things we might as well be talking about whether we should allow the triumph of evil over good. When we tolerate evil, we become a part of that evil. When we do not right a wrong, we become guilty of the sin of omission. When we acquiesce to evil machinations to the effect that our FFL brethren are misled and the larger lay faithful are scandalized, we back down on a good fight. We must fight the good fight, unstained and without reproach before the eyes of men. Most of all we should free our community from the stain of guilt before the eyes of God. We know what prevails when good men do nothing, and this issue has become larger than us. Anonymous of 20:04 8/14/2008 also points out: "This is not only about CFC-GMFI trying to defend its integrity as the moral and authentic CFC; it is also about the Church which supported its division to now lead in the HEALING by acknowledging the basic evil that spearheaded the same divisive act.".

It is the obligation of the lay faithful to build up the body of Christ. It is also our obligation to do battle with elements that seek to do the reverse. The call to arms must be heeded by putting on the Armour of God.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Hi, CD and All Brethren:

Siguro, this time we need to sound out the "CALL TO PRAYER", too.

It is not really about posting prayers here, but maybe designating a day or hour as a special day for offering Mass or saying the Holy Rosary.

CD, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you may designate the Mass Day and time, as well as a rosary hour which all those who are willing to collaborate will observe individually in their homes (note: the Mass and the rosary as our vehicles for prayer are only suggestions).

When doing these suggested prayer 'habits', I think we need to recite a common prayer, that mentions our specific intentions for upholding the truth in CFC. Perhaps somebody can compose and post this short prayer for our informatin or comment. CD I am sure there is more than one among the many of us here, who can compose this common prayer...

This is only a suggestion. Mukha kasing tapos na talaga ang laban since the 'storm' Frank left...

Now, we are really engaged in weeding out the roots and preparing the ground for 'replanting'... weeding out the likes of JunJ and even the diversionary instrument - pader tulabing; cleaning the SEC records through a formal judicial process; purifying GK through the exposure of the housing debacle at Remarville; and now, wondering if the Church must initiate a healing process by exorcising the evil behind the CFC division it has presided over...

It is certainly the dawning of a new day in the renewed life of CFC! Let the hallowed, rain-fed, stormed and washed grounds its troubled children used to tread be now plowed for replanting...

WillyJ said...

Anonymous of 20:04 8/14/08 says:

"Mukhang tapos na ang laban...wait for the results of the legal battle at SEC. By now, the truth has come out..."

(actually he has already lost in the court of public opinion)

"What Frank is most probably busy with right now is breaking his brain in how to wiggle out of the labyrinthine ground full of lies, deceit..."

(Frank should not waste any time breaking his brain on how to wiggle out, even the wildest imagination cannot possibly stitch together something which is shot full of holes. I suggest he and his cohorts enter a plea of insanity...)

" is not a question of who is going out, it is who will first jump ship;"

(by the way, where on earth is the normally loqacious Nonong? I miss his entertaining repartees and magnum opuses. Someone noted here, he is not even in the list of board members and officers...oh, maybe that's him furiously paddling away in a raft)
(and on our pastors, they need our prayers too)

Anonymous said...

WillyJ, Et Al,

First of all, lets not assume we'll win the legal battle at the Court of Appeals/SEC. They've already shown by these bogus docs that they are willing to go the "distance" to win this fight, including forgery, bribery, etc. Our IC has shown that they are not going to play that way. So expect that they can still win this, no matter what kind of proof we show. While we have a moral right to fight this and see it to its end, Frank and Co. have a financial responsibility to his "investors" who came up with a million bucks to show a return on their investment, so he'll be fighting tooth and nail for it too. If they can come up with a million to steal a name, what's a few more thousand to make judges see their way.

Secondly, can't you tell? Nonong has reincarnated himself as Salvador Macias. =)

WillyJ said...

Anonymous of 12:09 8/15/08,

I guess you're right. Lets stay on our guards, "innocent as doves but wise as serpents".

About Macias, he does seem to be well-grounded in Contrerian doctrine, but still something's missing. Macias' pontificals lack that sardonic wit and style. Of course both of them seem to sound the same since both of them take off from the same erroneous premises, but Nonong I like better for his mirthful parody, even if he does not intend it so. Macias sounds like a poor understudy.

Nonong, come out, come out wherever you are! Everything's too serious in here we need some laughs. KJ ka kaya.

Anonymous said...

Bro Willy et al (Pe, too):

Looking for Nonong? Don't you anticipate he is preparing a defense against their bishops who are now suggested (and may, in fact, be contemplating) to make reparations by publicly acknowledging the EVIL that led them to suggest the break-up of CFC? Now must the said bishops be really reading tea leaves (witchcraft), twiddling their thumbs, or smoking marijuana as Nonong was wont to accuse them of! He is certainly preparing all the necessary documents to damn them if any such misstep as recantation preparatory to FFL healing and reconciliation with mainstream and real CFC were made by said bishops... That reduces the FFL scenario to a “dog-eat-dog”, ”bara-bara” strife.

Nonong is a legal person, remember?

So, Nonong knew those were nice pieces of strong, synthetic ropes that 24 of his close FFL / CFC-FI friends were tying around their necks for falsely representing themselves as board of directors, officers, or "others" of Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc. in December 2007. As a lawyer, he must know his law and thus avoid being part of the group, although he will certainly be able to act in their defense in case the manifestations are contested, such as the comparative income statements spanning 15 years between the EOY figure of P1.4million in 1991 all of which were “written of” in 2006 at the end of which year, the net revenue was comprised only of “tithes and donations” amounting to P.2 million (20% of a million)

As long as the lawyer Nonong does not dabble and make sweeping conclusions about loving God and loving the neighbor (which, by the way may not be legislated) he can be relatively safe in his laws.

It will be entertaining, though, how he will conduct his legal defense of FFL. His leader, the astute Padilla, did not believe the justices could stare and recognize a landscam that he committed and use a “not so strictly legal” term to rule that his ‘folly’ (my term her) ‘boomeranged’. I won’t expect similar ‘astounding’ expression/s from the decrepit SEC, but I will certainly expect better and more entertaining fireworks in the court of appeals or the Supreme Court. I hope Nonong or Padilla will live to see those judgment days when their own follies at debasing the CFC name will resoundingly boomerang on them, too.

Anonymous said...

CFC in VA:

Reading your piece again, it feels like you mix things up...really, Brod, I sense your argument as: "because the guy Padilla has been so persistent in pestering the good ones in CFC, some of whom came forward to defend their dishonored name, it is better that he is given what he wants in order to avoid any further trouble. In parallel, because the Muslim rebels in the south have been so persistent in their kidnapping of Christians, burning villages and flaunting with Philippine laws by maintaining their own private armies, it is better to give them a homeland that will eventually enable them to rule themselves, even if that also leads to their independence.

Brod, talo na sa "court of public opinion" sina Padilla and FFL. Certainly you do not want to snatch defeat from the claws of victory? Rather, you have to rage, rage, against the dying of the light there in your innermost being. Arise, shine out, Brod and those similarly situated in the US of A! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH!!!

Anonymous said...

WillyJ on August 15, 2008 11:52 AM:
Frank should not waste any time breaking his brain on how to wiggle out, even the wildest imagination cannot possibly stitch together something which is shot full of holes. I suggest he and his cohorts enter a plea of insanity...

I like that one there, Brother Willy. Well, I think that in almost all the teachings of Frank, the salient thematic thread seems to be on wiggling out of contradictions, proposing solution to some concocted 'dialectics' (such as the world is evil, but... therefore...).

In having to listen or be introduced to the Padilla past 'contradictions', I usually reserved some mental space for liberality or openness ("no, the world is not that totally evil; there is an innate goodness in every person; etc.).

But then, I also thought, well, I'll give this a chance; anyway, it will not really be that earth-shaking if I listen and in fact also abide by the "fanatic", fundamenmtalist, closed teachings they impart here...

Yet, I just had the impression that some CFC leaders, most notably Frank Padilla, were so close-minded to the point of leaning toward fanaticism, 'over-belief' in the rightness of their personal thoughts and ideas, all this resulting in being proud and overbearing...

When Padilla came to our place for the usual provincial visit in one of the gatherings at the Cathedral, which was honoured with the presence of our local bishop, Padilla's body languages appeared to me like he thought he was better, above or higher than our bishop...

Lumalayo na...Anyway, I agree with you that Frank Padilla's position now is so shot with so much holes that it can not be sanely patched up anymore.

God Bless.

Dante said...

Fellow bloggers, I agree that Salvador Macias does not have the sarcasm and playful way with words that Contreras displayed. Si Salvador Macias ay mas hawig sa Saviour General and style kaya ang pakiramdam ko ay siya ay ang Saviour Messiah, a.k.a SG.

At saka pala, si Contreras ay hindi yata lawyer. Mapalamuti lang na parang abogado kung bumitaw ng salita. Ang alam namin ay Human Resource practitioner kaya sanay sa mga debate. Hindi ko siya miss, by the way.

Paradise to be regained,

Anonymous said...

Rewriting History

If all of FAP's and AA's documents are truthful then:

CFCFI stopped operations after 1991 and continued again in 2006.

But CFCGMFI was registered in 1993 when CFC broke away from LNP.

What happened to 1992? Somebody needs to tell FAP that the SEC cannot legislate 1992 away.
Was CFC operating without any legal entity in 1992?
What really happened to the 1.4 M ending 1991 ending balance?

- TE

Anonymous said...


You are right Bro Dante. Oscar ‘Nonong’ Contreras is a PR and not a ‘legal’ person. In fact he yielded his legal options for anticipated PR points in July-August last year (2007).

On July 31, 2007, Oscar Contreras and Roland Nillas signed a joint letter threatening CFC-IC with lawsuit if they were implicated in a formal report of investigation they anticipated CFC would formally release

That ‘crazy’ and ‘thinly veiled’ threat was commented on by ‘Abu Gadu’ (lawyer) on September 5, 2007 in the course of rebutting other Contreras' hollow accusations he lodged in the previous month (August) against purported ‘anomalies’ in GK:

“Mr. Contreras has lost his credibility big time. Poor guy....CFC need more people like him to speed up the self-destruction of FFL. He shoot his mouth first and then he covers it later when asked the specifics of the what, where and when of the sweeping allegations…No wonder Padilla's credibility is now zero, nilch, nada, nein, wala, awanen, for having as adviser persons like Contreras. ..”
“Mr Contreras - Are all your allegations against CFC and GK based purely on hearsay like this one? You did the same thing in that letter you signed with Mr. Nillas regarding the financial irregularites committed by Frank and Lachie.Oh I love that one. Threatening to sue for an investigation that has not been done yet. Wow.... I like your Style, Mr. Contreras, just continue sending letters and conducting interviews and this will make us all very very happy in CFC

When I wrote my comment in a post just here above, I did not review the previous IDOTRCFC entries but lumped in my mind all these allusions about Nonong, or related to him: the threat of a ‘legal redress’, his being an ‘adviser’, and the comments about him by ‘Abu Gadu.’. Thus, I mistakenly concluded Nonong Contreras was some kind of a ‘legal adviser’ or lawyer!.

So sorry for the faux pas, dear friends. Once again, thanks Brod Dante.

Anonymous said...

If Shakespeare was here...

There was a time when everyone would to FAP aver: "As You Like It".
Yet the Merry Wives did manage to cause FAP to make A Lover's Complaint and in a Winter's Tale FAP did resign. Bravely he did to follow Tony's lead, and thinking all the while, All's Well That Ends Well. And thus began The Tempest which, in A Midsummer Night's Dream, begot FFL. Were it not a Comical History it would have been a tragedy, with The Two Gentlemen up front, one slinging arrows of outrageous fortune, Measure For Measure, upon his erstwhile grandeur, the other extemporating his contrerian soliloquy upon the hapless public.

Had it met success, would The Taming of the Shrew have averted this Comedy of Errors, this Much Ado About Nothing, this Love's Labour's Lost?

Frank, we held you in awe for 25 years but we did not really know you. Here's the first lines of Sonnet 17 for you:

"Who will believe my verse in time to come
If it were filled with your most high deserts? -
Though yet, heaven knows, it is but a tomb
Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts."

You thought we had gone astray. But instead of being a shepherd who would have gathered the flock, you went away. You left us because you perceived us to have changed. 116 is for you:

"Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no, it is an ever fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring barque,
Whose worth's unknown although his height be taken.
Love's not time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved."

By the way, Frank. What did you do with 1992? Your document tells us CFCFI stopped operating in 1991 and started again in 2006. We know that CFCGMFI became the legal entity in 1993 when CFC left LNP. What happened to 1992? Did CFC operate without any legal entity in 1992? Didn't the 1.4M ending balance of 1991 in fact become the beginning balance of 1992? Or did you think that by writing it off in 2006, you could make 1992 disappear? Frank, the SEC cannot legislate 1992 away.

Or maybe you just thought we would all accept whatever BS you feed us because you think the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves, because we are underlings?

Don't count the bloggers out Frank. Because...
"This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother;"

- TE

David V. said...

I was reading through the blogs and one blog hit me. I recall in one of the "RESTORATION" of should i say division talks of FAP he said that after forming FFL he does not want to be part of the leadership. He just wants to retire and write his books. Now his true color surfaced. He is the President/Chairman/"SERVANT GENERAL"... He truly is a contradiction to himself... kakalungkot for a person who I HAD great respect for. May GOD enlighten him...

Suitably Outraged said...

Anonymous said:

WillyJ, Et Al,

First of all, lets not assume we'll win the legal battle at the Court of Appeals/SEC. They've already shown by these bogus docs that they are willing to go the "distance" to win this fight, including forgery, bribery, etc. Our IC has shown that they are not going to play that way. So expect that they can still win this, no matter what kind of proof we show. While we have a moral right to fight this and see it to its end, Frank and Co. have a financial responsibility to his "investors" who came up with a million bucks to show a return on their investment, so he'll be fighting tooth and nail for it too. If they can come up with a million to steal a name, what's a few more thousand to make judges see their way.

This may well be the truth, but if so, it is all the more reason for us to make sure this is not swept under the carpet, but exposed to CFC worldwide and to the Church both in the Philippines, in other countries where CFC is present, and in the Vatican.

Forgive me if my candid speech offends any of our brethren, but I have seen how my friends overseas relish doing business and living life in countries that have low corruption. Filipinos love that freedom, unencumbered by the filth we deal with here.

Let us not underestimate the revulsion that some will feel to the corruption inherent in what the FFL leaders are doing with these SEC documents and dealings.

Let us also not underestimate how much it might matter to the Church that those claiming to represent Catholic spirituality are resorting to methods of illegal backroom corruption. This mocks Christ, rather than reflecting any sort of spiritual restoration.

Maybe because we deal with the effects of corruption year after year, we can forget how outrageous it is. Let's consider how non-corrupt countries that some of our brethren live in are (Transparency International ratings):

1. Finland
New Zealand
4. Sweden
6. Iceland
7. Switzerland
9. Canada
11. Australia
12. Luxembourg
United Kingdom
14. Hong Kong
15. Austria
16. Germany
17. Japan
19. France
20. USA


131. Philippines

I don't mean to tear our country down - we in CFC (together with GK) are actively working to build a better more righteous future!

But my friends in CFC and FFL overseas...please reflect on these things that FFL leaders are now doing - with SEC, with GK Remarville, etc.

Is this the face of any sort of CFC? Is this what the world should be taught about Catholicism? Or about Filipinos?

I say NO. Even if we could not beat the corruption of the SEC, even if FFL leaders could get away with these dealings, let us hold our Filipino Catholic faith to higher standards!

Anonymous said...

Of course, 'suitably outraged' brother, we cannot be defeated by Padilla's hefty financial backing for worming his way through the legal maze so he holds on to his contentious role as chair of 'CFC'. For this reason, we have to steel our resolve to abide by the truth.

Primarily, we need the Philippine bishops to see and speak about the current components of the broken CFC - we want the bishops concerned to ACKNOWLEDGE THE EXISTENCE OF EVIL INTENT in FFL, the separatist group of former CFC members that they have cradled in their dioceses, base on the documents they have manifested at SEC.

Right now, it feels so bad to think that while Bishop Villegas could quickly support Padilla's bashing of GK as veering away from CFC's catholic mission, not a single cleric has come out to condemn the most stupid way of reviving a revered Catholic organization - CFCFI - by Padilla, using fictitious and questionable documents! Not one cleric, too, came out to say any word of consolation to Christians being threatened with losing their chance of a permanent home at Remarville.

I wish some investigative reporting were devoted to dig into the scandal at that once vaunted 'CFC International GK Village'.

Anonymous said...

Hi TE and all:

“If Shakespeare was here...” does make my weekend, and I wish this were so, too, for all of us. This time I feel being elevated to a higher level – the domain of the gods, the poets and the wise, who translate everyday reality into something awesome; like, it had to be somebody like Confucius who would articulate for us a ‘simple’ fact that we already know, when he says that “A long journey begins with a first step…”

Shakespeare does tell us so much about ourselves and our situation, and a weekend treat of the titles of his prolific works that TE stitched to draw up a “slice of our CFC life” – like a crystal ball – can also give us a good laugh or else a lesson or two to ponder on.

This one particularly caught my attention:

”Had it met success, would The Taming of the Shrew have averted this Comedy of Errors, this Much Ado About Nothing, this Love's Labour's Lost?”

I wish to recall someone mentioning in an earlier thread here that FAP’s failure to exercise headship over his wife and family is a major factor in the breakup of our community. As the months go by, we can keep looking again at this particular observation and pick up nuggets of truth theren.

Moreover, I believe it is hightime to stress the importance of PLS in our household discussions, and stress the review of personal relationships – as spouses, as parents, as members of the church and the CFC community. The maintenance of intimate relationships in the family or living faithfully our our duties and responsibilities as spouses, will tell a lot on our commitment to our CFC community.

Thank you TE. God Bless, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Slightly Off…

How true is it that FFL’s CLS has excluded CLP ”Talk #2: Who Is Jesus Christ?” as well as “Talk #11: The Life and Mission of CFC”? If true, FFL will then have shortened their ‘entry’ Program to only 10 talks. It is understandable that they may not discuss the Vatican-approved CFC, but why remove the basic, critical talk, about Jesus Christ? What will be the talk in its place? Family and Life? Can an FFL member, an FFL-compliant, or anybody clarify this? (I ask this out of curiosity because tomorrow I will be on a ‘mission’ to an adjacent province as the resource speaker for CLP Talk #2.)


garnet said...

p.e. , i was surprised to see you had the same physical reaction as i did! I really felt sick to my stomach when i read all those bogus documents.Talagang parang nasusuka ako.
I saw that my ex FFL friends are part of their BOD again. I was hoping that steps for renewing friendship are on the way...but with this, I can't seem to just pretend that all is fine and back to beso beso.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about FAP and FFL. Their logo has trumpets but no cross. While surfing through the net, I found the quatrains, the centuries of Nostradamus. I felt an urge to read then and found these while thinking of FAP, FFL and their trumpet:

Century I Quatrain 57
The trumpet shakes with great discord.
An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.

(FFL, shaking with great discord? An agreement broken while lifting the face to heaven...)

Century VI Quatrain 66 ---- (oh no, not 666 again!!!)
At the foundation of the new sect,
The bones of the great Roman will be found,
A sepulcher covered by marble will appear,
Earth to quake in April poorly buried.

(didn't GK3 come out in April?)

Century X Quatrain 73
The present time together with the past
Will be judged by the great Joker:
The world too late will be tired of him,
And through the clergy oath-taker disloyal.

(Is this you FAP? disloyal clergy oath-taker?)

Century X Quatrain 76
The great Senate will ordain the triumph
For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out:
At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be
Put up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled.

(The SEC did ordain a triumph for FAP. The rest of the lines are ominous for FFL)

Century X Quatrain 6
A man will be charged with the destruction
of temples and sects, altered by fantasy.
He will harm the rocks rather than the living,
ears filled with ornate speeches.

(If that's FAP, then he's harmless. But he does have good speeches, right?)

Oh, we can read anything into these lines. But it amused me to think for a while: what if Nostradamus prophesied about FAP? Have fun folks. I hope this lightens up your weekend a bit. Nobody out there is into conspiracy theories, right?

- TE

jun dano said...

What's actually happenning now is just simply the same as what happened in vienna before the CFC split. CFC leaders here denied they were going to FFL. All the way sabi nila we will stay with CFC. After the split they joined FFL and admitted they lied to us but said they did it for the sake of unity. They want us all to be united but with FAP's FFL. This people will lie to us and will keep on lying for the sake of FAP.

Anonymous said...

Brother Jun Dano,

Could you please tell me (or us) who ae the leaders in Vienna who lied to you?

Reason I'm asking is we have some brothers who could be travelling to Vienna and some parts of Europe and they would, by force of habit perhaps, would call on the members of CFC in the locality. They might be misled.

To be forewarned is to be fore armed.

Puede ba?


(sgd) AvoidingLiarsinVienna

Dante said...

Ano ma-expect natin from SG. Nagsimula siya by lying to all leaders sa Xavier in Feb. 2007 ng magsinungaling siya kung bakit siya nag-resign! Iba ang announcement niya kaysa sa tunay na pangyayari (nagresign si TM kaya parang naduro si SG na magresign din). Kaya hanggang ngayon kasinungalingan pa rin ang mga sinasabi ni SG. Haaay. Garbage in, garbage out, di ba? kaya, Lies in, lies out.

Anonymous said...

It is implied in 'You're Right' thread, yun na yun. Huwag ng patulan. Kitang-kita naman ang ebidensiya. If FP and his FFL minions are lying or intend to accomplish their ends with lies, then that's it, and that's the end of it, because giving them special attention will only hurt our enhancement in basic goodness we strive to attain and live with in CFC.

So, that's it. We just hope a new fervor to discard any form of lies of the Evil One infects all Christians so that there will be a serious, concerted method, particularly of CFC followers, of weeding them out, accompanied by a burning hatred of them in whatever form, regardless of how 'nice' or close we are to the person/s doing them.

Anonymous said...

Deep in our hearts, we have always wanted peace, and we have wished and prayed - vocally or silently - that Evil will not dominate the hearts of people we meet every day; that the Love of God will exude in all transactions we conduct or are faced with. In short, we acknowledge in each of the person, however bad, the basic, innate goodness that God has planted and which he/man must nurture.

Therefore, we thank God for all the good intentions that have come out in each person's being, as this blog has directed his attention to the Evil present in man, in FAP, in the separation of CFC, in each CFC, yes, even in the hierarchy - yes Evil that lies side by side with the Good, there in the innermost chamber of each 'restored' and/or 'reborn' CFC.

We thank God that the Good constantly prevails because our God, through the Cross, has already vanquished Evil.

So, GOOD morning to all. It is another NEW DAY. GOD BLESS!

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Why not release the letters and audio tapes mentioned by Bro Vic Gutierrez be released that day?


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This was the first post of CD, so more than a year na tayo na nag bloblog:

Thursday, August 16, 2007
An Overview of the CFC Issue

The following is a summary overview of the CFC crisis situation. To get a clear picture of what is going on, one must open his/her eyes to facts, analyze personalities, and review the proof presented. Only then should one make up his/her mind as to what direction to take. Many stories abound, but the proof will only point in one direction. Which way that is is up to you

AmaDeus was the first to comment on August 19, 2007 1:56 PM.


When can we see the results? Will the IC take a drastic step to really the defend CFC from the clutches of evil.

Impatient Blogger bilas ni MUSANG

mike santos said...

in light of the recent event --remarville delisting and eviction--

My dad sent a SMS to Jun Junia and requested a dialogue that reads

... There is far greater joyful reason to UNITE, than to DIVIDE.. let's meet and resolve issues Re: remarville, gk magsaysay and other concern...

let's pray for this to happen!!!

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To impatient blogger, bilas ni MUSANG:

This will put to rest all our call to arms. Tapos na ang giyera. Tapos na rin si Frank Padilla,now that his RV is supported by Pfizer and the Mormons (almost full circle na), given his MOA with HfH.

To close or complete the circle, why not superimpose the pictures of Bp Reyes and Villegas in the agreement and have it signed by them? Maybe it just happened that they were busy when the MOA was inked but their spirt was really there.

Hey, HfH, you may be privy to the sentiments of the bishops. Perhaps you may give us some of your insights into the endorsement of the MOA by these bishops...


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The people of gives the wrong information in Vienna and the whole Europe are almost the Regional Coordinators namely Larry Castillo (Vienna) Nordic Region, Ray Magno (now in England who escaped the trouble in Vienna)Southwest Region, Rene Garcia (London), Omie Evangelista (Vienna)Central Region, Mike Jaramillo (Vienna)Southeast Region and there respected wives.

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The people of gives the wrong information in Vienna and the whole Europe are almost the Regional Coordinators namely Larry Castillo (Vienna) Nordic Region, Ray Magno (now in England who escaped the trouble in Vienna)Southwest Region, Rene Garcia (London), Omie Evangelista (Vienna)Central Region, Mike Jaramillo (Vienna)Southeast Region and there respected wives.

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i thought the time of 'being still is over'? why we don't hear anything from IC, or from the BOE at least?
Can we hear anything from them?

Longing CFC