Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blogger Issues

Hello bloggers, I notice we're seeing comments getting posted late and other related issues. I'm checking with Blogger to see what the problem is. I also see that one of the older entries is getting re-sent by Feedburner if you had signed up to receive the blog entries through email. I'm also checking with Feedburner regarding that, tho it might be related to the blogger issues.

Sorry about that and I hope for your understanding.


WillyJ said...

Recently, there have been many reports of blogspot sites disabled by Google's auto-spam system. At first there were suspicions because most of the blogs were Catholic sites critical of Barack Obama. It turned out it was just a glitch in the system and inadvertently disabled many blogspot sites as well. Its good I believe you already have a mirror site?

WillyJ said...

At first I thought FAP must be somehow behind all these glitches :-)

Anonymous said...

Might it be that we have an 'undesirable pest' eating into our green leaf?

Calling all those who are knowledgable, adept at thise internet matters, please help!

The blog is making re-plays (re-posting) of comments made in the past days.

CD, hope you are in control.

Or is there are limit to the total blog entries? If so have we hit the ceiling?

Hope this little inconvenience won't close down this blog spot.

SGD. Keep the Blog!

Anonymous said...

Might as well start keeping a consolidated file of all entries, especially those hat build up our lives in CFC...

CD, I haven't saved my own copy of the WAY BACKWARD series cause I relied on the final drafts I published here. Two of the series were eventually 'moderated'. Along with these,I want to keep personal file of ALL entries.

Sana hindi pa aabut sa "ceiling' and entries, nor will the this precious blog be untimely disabled - before I make my own back-up.


Round-Eyed Toddler said...

The RSS Feed sent me the May 29 entry twice, but that was all. I looked at the RSS entries now and it appears to be back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Hi, CD, Willy, RET, all:

Nandiyan pa rin ang nakakainis na glitch in the midst of the following "twists":
- the publication of the CFC petition for certiorari;
- the information (through CBCP News) about the case filed in the US federal court of Los Angeles against various CFC groups for infringement of CFC tradename;
- the assertiveness of FFL that they are in fact doing the much-hated GK (ha-ha-ha!!!)
- the revival by a certain "marcial bonifacio" of a GK concern buried here in IDOTRCFC eleven (11) months ago!

Willy, let's not set aside your suspicion about the probability that FAP may be behind the glitch.