Friday, May 23, 2008

A State of Confusion pt. 1


One of the reasons why we contend that the FFL should not use the CFC name is because of the confusion it will cause among its present members, potential members, and with non-members who we have to deal with in the course of our affairs.

How you may ask? It's just common sense really. The first and most important (and quite valid) question a potential member can ask is:

Bakit dalawa? (Why must there be two CFC's?)

Are we not a Catholic organization that extols the virtues of Christ? Why can't we settle our differences? That will be tough to answer eh? And what will they think of us?

Another very important aspect is in our dealing with other businesses or organizations. Since the Easter Group claim quite similar charisms, the same vatican decree, and the same name, it will obviously lead to an identity confusion, especially by those not familiar with either groups. There are already many examples of this happening, either maliciously through selective disinformation by certain parties, or by simply an innocent error in identifying either party clearly. I'm sure you all remember certain events and venues being diverted because of this confusion. It's happened, and it's still happening. Even holding similar events on the same date is enough to confuse. What more when you do it at the same venue? In hindsight, I should have done this a long time ago. Maybe if we had been actively keeping track of the occurrences, the FFL will be more judicious in their attempts to hijack CFC venues. It will certainly give concrete proof that the CFC name cannot be haphazardly allowed to be used just by any association, and at the very least, minimize the confusion caused, directly and indirectly, by such activities. So as a word of warning and maybe, as a deterrent, I will now attempt to track these occurrences. If you all have verifiable information on when and how a confusion was caused by either party, you know where to reach me.

Venue Confusion - Laguna Disciples Weekend May 2008

This chain of actions and reactions started with a simple text by Penny De Leon, the wife of Mon De Leon, CFC Provincial Area Head in Laguna.

gud am sis/bro. seeking prayers 4 our laguna disciples wkend 2day n tom. ffl got d venue we reservd since april n we had 2 luk 4 a new venue yest. God is good He gave us 1. Now we placed strmers n our former venue w/ d instructn 2 proceed 2 r new venue n ffl wnt dis streamers 2 b removed. some bros r now n d area 2 look after our streamers n flock. May GOD enlightn FFL as 2 d harm they r doing. Pls pass 2 those who can pray 4 us. sis penny
At the conclusion of both CFC and FFL's events, an email sent by the FFL's Nonong Contreras was circulated, containing a short narrative written by Rene Evidente presenting his side.

----- Original Message -----
To: Recipient list suppressed
Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2008 10:03 PM

This morning, May 17, while attending the Laguna CFCFFL Joy Weekend in Calamba, I received the following text message: FYI: Frm P. Deleon- pls pray 4 r Laguna Disc Wknd 2day n tom. FFL got the venue we reservd since April n we had 2 luk 4 new venue yest. God is gud n gave us 1. We put strmers n our former venu w/ instructn 2 procid 2 new venue but FFL want dis removd. Some bros r now n d area 2 look after our streamers n flock. May GOD ENLIGHTEN FFL as 2 d harm they r doing.”

The text message was forwarded to me by a brother from CFCFFL. And so I assume that the text message had gone the rounds – that is, to all of CFC Global members and may be to many of our own members. The text message implies that Laguna CFCFFL used force or some devious scheme to wrest control of the venue, the Lina, Lajara, Chipeco Hall in Calamba, from CFC Global. And that we have acted in an un-Christian fashion by removing their streamers which were right in our venue’s doorstep.

Now for the truth. On April 20, CFCFFL reserved the venue for its Joy Weekend scheduled for May 17. Later, in discussing and clarifying the scheduling conflict with the owners of the venue, it was established that CFC Global reserved two days later on April 22 for their Disciple Weekend on May 17-18. That there were two reservations for the same venue and same day can hardly be blamed on the Laguna CFCFFL.

Just one day before the event, May 16, we were requested by the venue owners to use another nearby venue instead. But given that we have reserved ahead of CFC Global, that we have already paid the fee the week prior (CFC Global have not paid up to that day), that we have already notified all our members, that preparations specifically tailored to the venue have been completed, and in the spirit of fairness, the owners had no choice but to give us the use of the venue. The owner gave the other nearby venue to CFC Global.

This morning, one of their big streamers was placed right on the street corner leading up to our venue down the road. They even had a person manning the corner, just in case. Though it could become confusing to our members, we let it be. But placing two big steamers on the left side and on the right side of the gate of our venue is something else. While it might help their attendees, it will certainly confuse our own members as they approach the gate. In the spirit of peace, we did not remove their streamers. We just posted our own brothers outside the gate to guide those arriving for the Joy Weekend. I honor my brothers and sisters who have exercised patience and self-control in dealing with such an aggravating situation.

I want to assure our brothers and sisters, that in keeping with the spirit and the good name of CFCFFL, we in Laguna cannot fall into the devious behavior and ill-will attributed to us by this texter.

By the way, we had a spirit-filled, joy-filled and venue-filled weekend. Praise God.

Rene Evidente
May 17, 2008
CFC's Mon De Leon responds, and presents evidence:

Mon de Leon <> wrote:

Hi Bro. Nonong - Thanks for forwarding the email of Rene Evidente to me. I have also received the same forwarded message from other brothers. Unfortunately I have not received this directly from Rene himself. Hereinbelow is my reply and explanation of our side regarding the 'truth' that Rene outrightly circulated to his 'supressed recepient list'. This email is addressed to Rene (I am not sure of his email address, but then kindly forward this to him):

Dear Brother Rene (Evidente),

Here is my reply to your May 17 email forwarded by Brother Nonong Contreras. For your clarification and mine, I gathered facts and documents so that what I will state in answer to you are all factual and with documentary proof.

Fact 1. The text of Penny requesting for prayers is true but with some correction compared to what you have quoted in your email. The last line of her text is missing that says "Pls. pass to those who can pray 4 us." Penny's text for prayers was sent to just 8 brothers and sisters in in Metro Manila. An original text was received by Penny at 7:10AM coming from CFC Sister Lani Velasco, wife of our PFO on the morning of May 17, the first day of the CFC Disciples Weekend in Laguna. We were on our way to Laguna to oversee the event as we are the assigned Provincial Area Head of that province. Penny edited her text and forwarded it as I mentioned above.

Fact 2: During the April Provincial Council meeting of Laguna, the matter of the Disciples weekend was discussed. By that time, CFC already was told that the Joaquin Chipeco Hall, our usual venue, will not be available for May 17-18 for it will be used by the DepEd. Thus, Laguna CFC instead wrote to reserve Lina Lajara Hall.

About a month later, 11AM, Friday, May 16, we were told of the problem with the venue which appeared to have been reserved by FFL at an earlier date, and I was told on the cellphone that FFL has paid for it; and that CFC was being offered another another venue (Joaquin Chipeco Hall). Even though Laguna CFC felt it had the right to claim for that reservation, Laguna CFC decided to accept the Chipeco venue offered by the DepEd staff in the spirit of humility and for peace and brotherhood in Christ. Having no more time to inform the members aside from texting and as suggested by Danny of DepEd, CFC Laguna prepared streamers to re-direct the members to the new venue. The streamers were placed 200 Mtrs away onto a tree at the street corner turning towards the Lina Lajara Hall to the right and to Chipeco Hall towards the left. Streamers were also placed at the entrance gate of the school compound where the Lina Lajara Hall is located but NOT at the Lajara Hall entrance itself and definitely NOT in the doorstep of Lajara Hall as you claim in your email. On the morning of May 17, two of our brothers assigned to redirect CFC members were approached by an FFL leader asking them to remove our directional signs. Our CFC brother said "cfc already gave way to this venue by backing down and you still want our directional streamers removed?". What could be more unChristian than adding insult to injury: CFC already lost its original venue, FFL Laguna still wanted to remove our directional streamers! Brother Rene, this is the essence of the text of Penny requesting for prayers which she has forwarded to some close brothers and sisters: that our directional streamers not be removed lest the CFC members lose their way. Had the directional signs been removed, it will surely HARM the Disciples' Weekend and those members who will miss God's message.


Fact 3: CFC's reservation letter is dated 18 April 2008 and faxed on the same day to the DepEd office in-charge of the reservations. In that letter, CFC requested for 4 dates to be reserved (see our letter attached). The DepEd Logbook clearly shows the dates requested by CFC: May 11, 17,18, while the May 24 request was not recorded because CFC was told it was already booked for another party. The original copy of the letter which was faxed on the same day (April 18) was delivered/stamped received on April 22 (see stamped received on CFC letter in the attachment).

Fact 4: It was on April 22 that CFC was informed that our request for the use of Lina Lajara hall for May 24 could not be accommodated, May 11, 17 and 18 were OK. Granting, without admitting, your claim that FFL reserved the Lajara Hall on April 20 (refer to Par #3 of your email and the text messages from the FFL leaders) is true, how come the DepEd staff didn’t outright reject our request for May 17-18 also on April 22? How come we were not advised/informed of the existence of FFL's letter request allegedly submitted and received on April 20? THE DepED logbook (see attachment) CLEARLY SHOW THAT THE THREE DAYS (May 11,17,18) OUT OF THE 4 DAYS WE REQUESTED WERE RECORDED. FFL's letter did not ask for 4 days, only for one day May 17. Where else could the DepEd staff base the entries in the logbook? - Where else but from the CFC letter: either from the faxed copy on even date i.e., April 18 or, from the duly stamped original letter of CFC received on April 22.

4.1. Without doubt, the DepEd staff used the CFC letter as the basis for recording in the logbook. If she had used the April 18 letter that was faxed to their office, then, CFC was FIRST to reserve. On the other hand, if DepEd has used the one received/stamped April 22 as the basis to log our requested dates, where then was FFL's letter, which you claim have been received and stamped April 20? I SUSPECT THAT THE FFL LETTER HAS NOT BEEN RECEIVED BY THE DepED as of April 22.

Fact 5: Brother Rene, in your third paragraph "NOW for the TRUTH....." where your leader in Laguna claimed that the FFL letter was received by the DepEd on April 20, 2008-- that day is a SUNDAY. THE DepED IS CLOSED AND HAS NO OFFICE ON THAT DAY. WE IN LAGUNA CFC CONTINUE TO WONDER HOW FFL's RESERVATION LETTER WAS DELIVERED AND RECEIVED, EVEN ON A SUNDAY.

FACT 6. DepEd is used to receiving payment for the use of their auditorium a few days before but most of the time after the CFC event. FFL members who were former CFC know this. The logged reservation and permit form was for May 17-18. On the day FFL paid ahead (FFL paid on May 12), obviously paying ahead will be the clincher. It is highly improbable that the FFL person is not aware or innocent of the logged dates May 17-18. How could the DepEd receive payment for one day only--what about the 18th? Is FFL claiming now that as of May 12 (the day of FFL's payment) they are NOT AWARE OF CFC's May 17-18 Disciples weekend? Obviously paying ahead will be the clincher. We continue to pray and would like to believe that this advance payment of the venue by FFL is without any devious intent or ill-will and that the person/s involved had no prior knowledge of the reservation dates CFC requested. What bothers me Brother Rene is that the act of your FFL leaders in Laguna mirrors the accusations you have made on my wife Penny (where you stated "the devious and ill-will attributed to FFL by this texter...."). Since when did "requesting for prayers" become devious? Penny and I were not even the organizers of the event to say the least! The text for prayers of Penny is about our directional streamers being asked by your FFL leaders to be removed and which you might have missed quoting the last sentence of the Penny's text when you quoted and it says "pls pass to those who can pray 4 us". I also pray the it is not deliberate. Nevertheless, where is the lie here? Later, some of our CFC leaders in Laguna started to recieve ugly texts from FFL leaders/members pointing to Penny. Here are some:

Text message from identified FFL texter:

"Ur leader penny kept on sending txt of lies even in manila kalat na. Dapat magverify muna sya bago mag accuse. Im sending dis 2 u kc alam ko broad minded ka. Dis r the facts: ffl booked lajara april 20 and paid in full may 12 whereas global booked only on april 22 and as of noon yesterday has not made any payment. This can be verified from the records tnku"

Another Text message from identified FFL texter:

"Our response to the text sent by ur Sis P deLeon...Records would clearly show that we reserved and paid ahead of you. We never knew till yesterday that you intended to use the same place............"

Fact 7: On May 16, The DepEd staff realizing herself a victim of the confusion and that CFC was really the first to reserve the place, tried her best to talk to and convince FFL by calling them after finding out about the "mistake" in reservations but FFL stuck to their argument "bayad na kami". It was too late. It was then that the Chipeco Hall was offerred to CFC (As a matter of fact, in early April we were already told that Chipeco Hall will not be available. The DepEd staff could only remark "akala ko pareho lang yung CFC, dalawa pala" (I thought it was the same CFC, I did not know there's two groups). Still, instead of arguing and debating, CFC backed down and gave way to FFL. It was then that a certain Danny of DepEd who suggested that CFC place the directional signs/streamers.

Brother Rene, you have been in my CFC Household for a number of years and your Elder and Chapter Head then. For a time, we were together in the St James Parish Council. We recall the many times we have brought into our household the sharings, love of Christ and His Word. Wala tayong pinagsamahang masama, only our pure love for the Lord and the service that we enjoyed giving as our bond of brotherhood and friendship. How could you do this to Penny whose only role in this entire story is to ask for prayers? Brother you could have easily conferred with me, both of us living just a few streets apart within the same village and same parish. You could have verified first, especially those claims and circumstances presented to you by your FFL leaders in Laguna and that you, my brother in Christ, broadcasting the matter in the internet without regard to the reputation of the person, whom you know personally, the wife of your former household leader in CFC. You could have "considered others as more worthy than thyself". This could have been easily resolved without your sending out this reputation-damaging conclusion. And you, Rene, a brother I love will conclude in your email pointing to your Sister Penny as"...the devious behavior and ill-will... of this texter" (Ref: Matt 7:1-5)

Brother, you stated in your email "in the spirit of peace, we did not remove their streamers." Yes, Brod Rene, you did not remove the streamers because your FFL brother/s were not able to. They specifically asked our guides to have it brought down. By asking CFC to have its directional sign is already the added insult in addition to the injury CFC Laguna suffered by losing its venue.

I shall await for your response before I move on to my next action. I also have other documents but the two attachments,I pray, will be enough in the meantime for this CLARIFICATION.

Yours in Christ,

Bro. Ramon "Mon" de Leon

PAH, Laguna

Couples For Christ


Download Rene Evidente's letter HERE.

Download Mon De Leon's letter HERE.

Download all documents pertaining to this issue as of 5-22-08 HERE.


Anonymous said...

Ginagawa din nila yan dito sa FFL Edmonton Canada, mag book sa parish at mag announce ng kanilang activities CFC lang ang ginagamit, hindi man lang lagyan ng kanilang apilyedo CFC-FFL (kung gusto talaga nilang gagamit ng CFC name) peru bakit hindi nila lagyan ng FFL. Na confuse mga CFC members namin specially pag nabasa ang bulletin.

Sa Bulletin ng parish CFC lang ginagamit peru FFL ang activity.

FFL members, why are you doing this to us? What is your motives?

Anonymous said...

Di ba yomg MCG Disciples Weekend sa Baguio nireserve ng CFC HO noong di pa lumalayas si Frank and company pero anong ginawa, dinepositohan ng FFL yong Camp John Hay ahead of us so we ended up having our activity on a different date and venue.

Ginuyo din nila yong mga hindi nakakainindi sa issue na members, sabi nila pareho din naman daw na CFC kaya napalipat sa FFL ang marami sa West C.

WillyJ said...

Bakit dalawa?

Even the "Real Truth" document says it should only be one when it says "In fact, a recognition of two CFCs might just result in legitimizing the wrongs that have been committed...". Of course when they say only one, it must be the "restored" CFC. It is clear that their stake to the name goes with a conviction that the CFC under the IC is not the true CFC, but how could it be when CFC under the IC continues to be recognized by the Vatican? Is the Vatican wrong? On this, Frank himself seems at a loss on how to make a coherent statement when he says in that message accompanying the "Real Truth": "(1) They are considered the legal CFC (this is due to the legal validity of the election of the IC), and so they are the CFC recognized by the Vatican (though I maintain this does not necessarily exclude us). (2) The Vatican, I believe, wants to save face. The permanent recognition of CFC was just granted in 2005 and it really does not look good that in just two years it has split. This is probably why the Vatican will not recognize just us and not them, since that will take fancy legal/canonical footwork.".

Now suppose the group that now calls itself CFC-FFL splits in the future (anybody sure it won’t?), then there will be a third group which will claim to be the original and restored CFC-FFL and will now stake its claim to a name like CFC-FFL-SomeName1. Another split, then this other group in turn will name itself CFC-FFL-SomeName1-SomeName2. I don’t call this confusion. It’s more like chaos.

Another example. What if a new group organizes, calls itself El-Shaddai-SomeName, and decides to hold prayer assemblies at the Luneta. You think Mike Velarde will allow that name use? Will the clergy? They won't , unless they want to drive the Luneta venue administrators crazy and those huge throng of faithful followers. It’s the same scenario here, isn't it?

Frank, you started a new group, better come to terms with that. There is nothing wrong with that by itself. But what is wrong is when you insist on using a name that "may not be used by any other organization". What is also wrong is when you continue to judge and discredit CFC and its social apostolate. We are not perfect and neither are you. This is offending rather than defending the church. Not to mention causing chaos in venue arrangements.

Danny, WB said...

To Frank, Nonong, et al

Please MOVE ON...
Let CFC be...

Just use your own registered name

REstoration MOVEment For Family and Life Foundation, Inc.

PAti mga pari sa parokya nalilito... itigil niyo na please ang panlilinlang... TAMA NA!


Lalo ka na Nonong, kada buka ng bibig mo lalo kayong nababaon sa putik...

Anonymous said...

they did this in the middle east, ffl had restoration in the same hotel, in the lower flor which confused the cfc members who were there to attend conference...


Anonymous said...

Dear CFC Brethren,


As I have mentioned several times earlier in this blog, the FFL can't move on without having to justify what they did. That is, separating from the one body/community CFC. For FFL to justify what they have done, they have to resort to tactics, spins and lots of confusion even going to the extent of throwing "dirt" to the original CFC community.

Brothers & Sisters, let's MOVE ON!!! Allow GOD to work upon us & bear much fruit for HIS Honor & Glory. For those brethren in FFL who can't seem to MOVE FORWARD, may GOD enlighten them and make them realize the futility of their actions. Let's pray for them as well.

God bless us all!!!

mike said...

SFC Chapter Assembly and Christmas Party
December 2007
West C

Venue: Barangay Ramon Magsaysay, Bago Bantay, Quezon City

SFC service team came hours ahead were surprised to see FFL couples fixing up the venue.

The SFC Chapter went to the Barangay Secretariat and clarified the venue booking.

the request letter of FFL couples used a CFC heading and since the SFC letter also bears CFC-Singles For Christ, the secretariat thought it was one group and can share the venue...

anyway the SFC's gave way to the FFL couples out of due respect and used another venue for the assembly.. but informed and made it clear to the Barangay Admin that FFL is a different group from CFC (with SFC, YFC, KFC, SOLD, HOLD as its ministries)

hay naku... ang ginagawa ng matanda sa mata ng bata tama...

tama ba yun?

Joy said...

Medyo aggressive talaga ang FFL sa Laguna. Maraming instance last year ng tapatan ng activities at unahan sa registration ng mga CLPs. Pero pinabayaan na lang, bawi na lang this year. haaay..

I was supposed to be part of the SFC service team ng disciples weekend, pero nde nakasama dahil masama ang pakiramdam. Anyway, kahit naman nagkaroon ng agawan ng venue (the issue was relayed to us by one of the council member in laguna). Naging maganda naman ang outcome. You may check out SCOM Laguna posted the pics of that event.

Anonymous said...

Bro Mon was our speaker in the Disciples weekend recently. He briefly shared to us this story without much details. Bro Mon showed a bit of understandable disappointment while telling the story. Still, he and his wife Penny exemplified the true Disciples of Christ by not resorting to firing unchristian-like remarks against our brethren in the FFL. It would be CFC leaders like them who would continue to inspire me and my whole family to remain serving in God's vineyard in the CFC. God bless us all and let us continue to pray for our brethrens in both CFC and FFL especially those whose eyes are clouded by pride and whose hearts are numbed by anger and hate that may the Spirit of the Lord Who once bounded us with the common bond of Love to lead us again working, although separately, but united friendship.


EB-3C said...

Dear Brethren,

There is evidently a pattern in this "venue grabbing' incidents. If this happened only in one event then we can say that this is just coincidence, but since these are now out in the open (venue grabbing), we can only surmise that the order (to venue grab) came from the top.

With the true nature or character of our former brother already revealed (candid photos, flare up of emotions) we can only can sigh what on earth changed him. I really admired the guy, in fact in my opinion letter posted on "Fulfilling the Mandate", I said that he "was" a picture of a living , but then, his human nature overwhelms his "spirituality and charism"

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

The May 17 email of Mon de Leon, as featured by C.D., says (emphasis mine) "An original text was received by Penny at 7:10AM coming from CFC Sister Lani Velasco, wife of our PFO ..."

This part is heart-warming to me coz the Velascos were the Sector Head when my wife and I were in Calamba. We left Calamba years before the crisis and several names whom we highly respected back then turned out to be FFL these days. I wasn't so sure about the Velascos and I'm happy they're still with CFC. They're a young and dynamic couple and we have high respects for them. It pains me that they seem to have borne the brunt of this incident in Laguna.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Prima said...

I am so saddened with what is happening now... imagine Frank Padilla whom I looked up to as one of those people annointed by God to lead a flock of people closer to God is now the slave of the "DEVIL"? How, on earth, can he not discern that it is the Devil that is directing his mind... And for Rene E., My God, Rene gumising ka... You were my former Chapter Head and I looked up to you with reverence and respect for all the "Christ-centered" teachings to gave us, tapos heto ka ngayon isa ka sa instigator ng confusion? My God sana kilabutan naman kayong lahat.
Are you sure you are all praying to the same God that we all have in CFC? Baka sa Devil na kayo nagdadasal mag-ingat lang kayo...

for christ alone cebuano said...

now this one is really a shocker...i cannot imagine it has come to i have reflected with all that are happening to our community, that after a year of lamentations and being called to love one another, the devil still is lurking around...trying with all his might to discredit all of us who are here not for those who are leading us but here for the one and true leader, that is Jesus Christ..

The message of God is still loud and clear.."Though you are weathering the storm within your community with dignity and compassion as true Christians should possess, you must not let your guard down, lest all that you have worked for will be taken away from you..You have been complacent as your community grows through the years, but I have brought you to a great lamentation in order to tell you that I am your true leader, your True founder, the true keeper of your charism..You must always be in union with Me through prayer, discernment and praise..This way, my call for you to love one another will be the driving force behind the things that I am leading your community to..Pray without ceasing, and in all circumstances, seek Me with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and I will be with you, as I have been through all these years."

Brothers and sisters, let us continue to pray for our community, for those who are persecuting us, for those who are tormenting us that we may see Jesus in and around them...

Peace to us all!

Seek the Light of Christ said...

If Jesus Christ is the God of Order as we all know; then do we still need to ask ourselves who is the god of confusion?

This incident in Laguna is not an isolated case, as per reports from all over -- even Edmonton Canada, -- of what they in FFL do to intentionally confuse CFC members.

In Batangas, they attempted to conduct a HOLD weekend on dates that are similar to the one we had in Subic. Good thing Bishop Ramon Arguelles did not allow them, even giving them a piece of his mind in the disorder and confusion FFL causes in always trying to do their events on similar dates to CFCs.

The Manila MC Disciples Weekend in Baguio City last February is another example, reason why we had to move our event earlier to the last Weekend of January.

So the high leadership of FFL can not feign innocence in all these moves to confuse. The lessons they teach relative to venue-grabbing and fake anniversary celebrations could not be a move that the God of Order would bless because of the darkness of the spirit that motivates them to do it. All these are NOT coming from the God's light, no matter how many text or email justifications their leaders will make.

With this knowledge we should all be a sacrificing people and lets be humbled by praying to God the kind of lies they like to make their members and themselves believe.

Truth will always prevail for it is from the God of Order!

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church sometimes also has to deal with confusion when its name "Catholic" is used by "any other association". Read this article from CBCP News:

Archbishop warns flock of new PIC faction

OZAMIZ City, May 22, 2008—Archbishop Jesus A. Dosado warned the Catholic faithful not to be misled by a new faction of the Philippine Independent Church (pic) which claims they are “equal” to the Roman Catholic Church.

In an interview with CBCPNews at his residence early, the prelate said the new faction of PIC which calls itself “Catholic Ecumenical Church,” based in Tudela, Misamis Occidental is not “Apostolic in origin” and warned Catholics not to attend their mass and receive their communion.

The “Catholic Ecumenical Church” headed by their newly-ordained bishop Anthony Delos Santos, a former Catholic seminarian became a priest of PIC but separated from the Aglipayan Church and founded his own flock.

The archbishop received reports that priests and nuns of this new religion sometimes enter and attend Mass at the Catholic Immaculate Conception Cathedral and San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, this city.

Some Catholics are converted to this new religion believing that this new group is “equal” to the Roman Catholic Church.

The prelate said during his recent Mass at Cotta Shrine this City, he refused to give communion to one of the PIC members.

“They don’t have apostolic authority and their mass and sacraments are all invalid,” Dosado concluded. (Wendell Talibong)

Anonymous said...

Lagi nilang (FFL) sasabihin PAREHAS LANG NAMAN yan CFC.

The church office staff na confuse na rin. FFL told them It's JUST THE SAME, CFC peru FFL sila.

Here one sample of the email exchange:

FromR M g <>
to cfc...<>

dateFri, Mar 14, 2008 at 12:42 PM

subjectRe: I was a CFC Member - I was an FFL member

I think yes, you should do that whoever you are........

--- cfc@ wrote:

> just like to share, this bothers me " (
> they require us to attend
> FFL gatherings which are timed similarly to the CFC
> major events." It
> happened already on US, Toronto, Edmonton, etc that
> most if not all FFL
> activity were all scheduled at the same time/day
> with CFC.

Is this astrategy and directive from FFL manila?

solidyfc said...

Why Split?

For sometime now Titos, I've been thinking and pondering, why did God allow this split to happen?

Why didn't he stop it before it happened?

Why after 25 years of Glory, God strucked us down back into the ground?

And I found out the answers...

Unlike the great servant general I would not claim this opinions to come from God. This is what I think God is telling and teaching us.

God allowed this split because he loves us. He cannot let us alone to be lead by some Leader's who have "LOST" their annointing because of their own wrong doing.

He cannot allow his community to be lead by leaders who are developing Spiritual Pride, and who are unworthy to lead us.

He allowed this split to happen so that we could see our "HOLY" leaders and on how they react in the face of total conflict. And in the face of defeat.

First, he made it like the International Council was "defeated" how did they react?

Then he is making it look like the FFL is defeated? And how did they react?

God already warned us, that by their fruits you shall know them.

He allowed this split to happen so that we can FOCUS totally on HIM! and not on False Messiahs!

Who are these false messiahs?

1) They always claim they are right
2) They always pinpoint other's mistakes
3) They don't walk their talks

God ahs been preparing us for 25 years. Satan plans his attack step by step. Dba po nasa talk natin sa Spiritual Warfare, as God's work intesifies, so is the plan and attack of the enemy?

Let us see the signs, let us see the truth. By their fruits your shall know them.

2 kidns of fruit lng yan


For sure, God humbled CFC to show the world...that CFC is a servant of the Church and of God...

Nothing more...nothing less

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Kung Parehas lang naman pala according to FFL, BAKIT KAILANGAN pang MAGHIWALAY o HUMIWALAY?

Parehas lang naman pala, SAME CFC lang DAW.

Anonymous said...

why don't we document all these misrepresentation incidents and submit it to Court/ SEC as evidence in our bid to prevent them form using CFC further?

Anonymous said...

Hindi Ba iyan din ang Rene E. na ayaw i turnover sa CFC caretaker team yon pondo sa GK Sison?

Brod Rene, mag isip isip ka naman kung tama iyan ginagawa mo? Palagay ko hindi na ang Banal Na Espirtu and may impluensya sa iyo?

malachi3/widows might said...

Let's pray harder mga kapatid.The Devil is using FFL to destroy the renewal movement in the Philippines. CFC is the first Global renewal community with a pastoral structure, this is what makes Satan hate CFC and GK is in obedience to God's greatest comandments, so that he(Devil)masquerading as a "keeper of the charism" want's to destroy us from within. But God is in control let's take JT's advice to be still,so far being still has seen victories for the Lord. We may not understand it now but in the end the Lord will be victorious. Let's all be faithful to our covenant and our theme for the year. Too much fellowship in the prayer meetings should be avoided.

Sinner or Saint said...

Bro Mon de leon provides evidence on the CFC Laguna incident, showing there indeed is a PRIOR reservation about the use of the venue.

Does Rene Evidente have anything to present? The first rebuttal by Rene E is already shaky and hard to prove because April 20 is a SUNDAY. Of course they can always later on claim they did the reservation in March 02 (Sunday), 12, 20 (Holy Thursday), 22 (Holy Saturday) o di kaya April 02, or 12. Prueba na lang dyan, if DEPED has recorded their claimed dates on the logbook.

And about the members of FFL Laguna who negotiated for the payment - granted that they paid ahead, couldn't there be any sense at all in their hearts and souls that they are paying for something they know that they were not the ones who reserved the venue?

If they knew that they are paying for something they themselves did not reserve, isn't that a sin of "coveting they neighbor's goods" or a sin against "loving they neighbor"?

Now if they sensed that sin (because the Holy Spirit always pricks our conscience to stop it when we are about to commit a sin!) and yet they proceeded to do so, did that act now become a mortal sin?

If the FFL member who did the act of payment, knowing the confusion, the transgression against the two commandments cited above, still proceeded to do it because it was an instruction from their provincial heads, didn't the FFL leaders who told them to do it not also commit a mortal sin?

Now on morals grounds, where stands our accusers who claim we are attacking the Church -- the likes of Servant General Frank Padilla, Bishop Attacker Nonong Contreras, and Rene Evidente who disregarded his former friendly and pastoral relationship with Mon & Penny de Leon -- isn't their direct or indirect involvement in the Laguna incident not an ATTACK ON THE CHURCH?

Now they claim that they had a good Joy Weekend! Couldn't that claim be used to mask an underlying "one up-manship scheme" that they had to resort to just prove what ever they are trying to prove? Aren't these moves so alien to a supposed renewal community purporting to be guardians of the church?

But then again, this is a great chance for us to pray for FPadilla, OContreras, & REvidente.

Anonymous said...

FRANKly speaking, it is now very EVIDENTe --- FFL's fruits are not of the Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Same here in Calgary, FFL claimed to be the original CFC to one parish priest who was confused but the truth came out when there was only 1 FFL couple in that parish compared to the big CFC group which serves the parish and is a very active presence. A phone call by the said parish priest to the CFC spiritual director cleared this confusion.

dante said...

I do not think FAP and his group will ever stop until "everyone accepts that FFL has not left CFC and that they are still CFC!"

You see, they want to be where CFC is to let their FFL followers to see that "Hey, see, we are still CFC kaya nga kasabay at pareho pa anf venues natin!" Parang ibang function room lang sila kaya CFC pa rin talaga. Otherwise, if they hold their affairs at different dates and venues eh talaganag hiwalay na sila, But hindi sila pwedeng humiwalay kasi the Cardinal said no other organizations can use the name CFC. Kita nyo na kung bakit palaging didikit at sasabay si FAP to prove his contention na "they never left CFC" (nag walk-out lang at tumalilis ng konti.)

Kaya, mga defenders, prepare for a long drawn-out battle with the "pharisees" to use the phrase of the Philstar writer. Palagay ko mag-celebratedin sila ng anniversary next month at tattawagin din nilang "27th Anniversary ng FFL" Haay, maloloko akooohhhh......

Gamot tom prevent craziness? Pray na lang tayo at huwag na sigurong pansinin si FAP, Contreras at Evidente. We just do our work of building up the community by evangelization and let them continue to poach and destroy.

Anonymous said...

In my own personal opinion, The FFL will not stop using the name of CFC.Why? because it will be hard for them to be recognized by the vatian later on. They are only playing with us now. The will not stop using the name of CfC until such time na marecognize na sila ng Vatican. Kaya nga kung papansinin ninyo sa kanilang website kahit dalawa lang ang member ng isang country piipilit nilang magbigay ng leter of support they are doing the foundation at the same time destroying the the real CfC.Nakakatakot yung scenario pag nangyari yon.Kaya mga kapatid don't stop defending the real and true CfC.

Anonymous said...

Sa kabilang bakod lang ng Laguna, I just would like to honor my former top leaders in Cavite who are now with the FFL. So far, I've not learned of any concerted efforts (from their side) to foment chaos as regards to venues, similar to what happened in Laguna recently and elsewhere. Mabuhay po kayo Bro Cering et. al.


Anonymous said...

Dito po sa UAE, our Bishop Paul Hinder, prompted by the Holy Spirit, immediately issued a Pastoral Letter stating his Vicariate of the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and Oman) will only support the original IC. The reason given was very simple: Too avoid CONFUSION among the faithful.

FP and company later went to talk to the Bishop and tried (desperately) for the latter to recognize FFL. But the good Bishop did not relent and thereafter issued another Pastoral Letter again reiterating the previous stand of "one" CFC only in the Vicariate. Btw, FP and company I believe went home disheartened by the Bishop's decision.

As far as I know, NONE of the Parish Priests have contradicted the Bishop's guidance and direction. Is it because the clergies here are LESS politicized than in the Philippines where "personalities" and "patronages" have infected even the Church? I will say "YES", as I've seen so far, they DO NOT HAVE the time to be involved in one community's wranglings, their hands are FULL trying to fulfill their respective pastoral and sacramental responsibilities to the expats here and elsewhere in the entire Vicariate.

Just a side note: I've been to some parts in the Indian Peninsula and Africa and have met several Bishops, Priests and other Religious workers. What is striking about them is their being so lean (mga payat) which I believe was caused mainly by the rigorous physical demands of serving their parishioners. Sa Pinas, ba't ang tataba ng mga Bishops at Pari? Nagtatanong lang po.

Bro. Mero :-) said...

Dear Brothers in CFC:

I have few suggestions which i think (and i hope too) would help us prevent confusion.

1. Let us be humble enough to accept that our community was divided. And now there is another group (whatever we may call them) who separated themselves from the main structure of CFC and claiming that they are the true and authentic CFC.

2. After accepting this fact, write a letter to the booking-in-charge of your usual venues making them aware of the confusion.

3. Appoint a leader who will be your official coordinator for venue reservations. Tell them that when it comes to CFC matters, they must be coordinated from you. If it is wihtin the parish, appont one CFC-Parish coordinator who will laiase all activities and info between CFC and the parish and vice versa. Any transactions made other than that coordinator or laiason officer will not be coming from CFC.

I know this will be a bit uncomfortable and complicated, since we were used to our normal practice. But in this time of confusion, it helps to impose a little bit of system and discipline. Besides it will be a big help to the venue owners, parishes and the others to transact with only one person in CFC.

God bless,

Bro. Mero :-)

johnpaul said...

Now it makes sense to me.

The continued use of the CFC name.
The supposed number of years anniversary celebration.

These are part of the requirements for a movement to be recognized by Vatican.

see a newly recognised movement

so it makes sense why FFL continues to do the rounds in the philippines, and in countries where they can confuse and poach.

part of the requirement needs presence in some 100+ countries and have been existing at least 25 years.

all these to assure SG of his seat at the PCL.

oh my gulay!

Anonymous said...

It has been a year since I haven't placed my comments here. From to time , I am reading some of the comments and issues in this blog.
But I think i can't hold my fingers but to put my comments now especially on the "grabbing of venues".
It has been their STRATEGY.I believe it is their best known strategy. I just pity them the FFL .
Don't worry my dear bros and sis's in CFC. It will boomerang to them. I heard that so many CFC and even FFL ALIGNERS know the devil. IT IS REALLY FRANK and company.
Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Anonymous said...

It seems like both groups are trying to prove that the other one is wrong, both trying to prove that they are original CFC, both trying to prove that the other one is bad, both trying to prove that they are right, and both trying to prove they are Holy. STOP IT. We are all wrong and we are all crybabies. Why not nobody uses the name CFC? Let us all just serve God in our own way, CFC Global or CFC-FFL.
LEADERS on both sides, please stop pretending. We all are not worthy to be called Couples for CHRIST. Even this Blog should be stopped.

Bro. Mero :-) said...

To Bro./Sis Anonymous who said:

"It seems like both groups are trying to prove that the other one is wrong, both trying to prove that they are original CFC,...."

I have only two points to clarify.

1. Only FFL tries to prove that they are the true CFC. And they exhaust every means they have to get that recognition from us. That is why they are so desperate that even to the point of peddling confusion and misinformation, they are willing to do.

2. On the other hand, CFC is confident that we are the true CFC, as what Cardinal Rylko have stated in his letter to Joe Tale. This is the reason why the IC don't pay attention to FFL anymore and just continue communicating and reporting to the Vatican. What were written in this blog does not reflect the position of the association since only the council have the authority to release public statement. However, every blog in here, reflects the sentiments of those who love CFC, and that is to DEFEND CFC from the flaming arrows of lies and deceit.

God bless :-)

Bro. Mero

Seeing No Solution said...

This state of confusion can not be solved as long as the hierarchy in the Philippine Catholic Church, by its very tradition and structure, allows all of their Bishops to have independent decisions on lay matters.

Hence, the FFL leadership will always exploit that.

Our IC is best advised that the Catholic Church is NOT the court of last resort when it comes to settling who owns what -- the CFC name for instance. Venue and anniversary, another matter.

We were so mesmerized into thinking that there is one entity in the whole Catholic Church that could make a statement [about a lay movement's prerogative to govern themselves independently] that all would listen to and abide by.

That's the reason why Bishop Gabby Reyes could disregard Cardinal Rylko's statement that ".... your name 'Couples for Christ' cannot be used by any other association", and not feel guilty about it.

So now it is becoming very clear that CFC should just attend to its evangelistic work, work with the poor, work in the family and not bother too much about the opinion of Bishops [specially if they have shown bias for the FFL Playboy group]and of course the all too familiar ranting of FFL!

After all the Catholic church is displaying to us laity -- that this is just -- a question of who you ask. If the Bishop is Pro FFL, he makes declarations that are pro FFL, and FFL rejoices; ditto for CFC.

So where ends the dispute. Nowhere!

Who makes the final decision of / in the use of the CFC name?


What about the Pope?

Let's not kid ourselves!

First -- this is a very small matter for him to bother with!

Second -- even if he makes a declaration favoring us and affirms the Rylko statement, SG FAP will not obey it and in a second or two Bishop Reyes will go to press, TV, CBCP news echoing it. Vicious circle indeed!

So when will this be solved?
Not in our lifetime! Sometimes I think only death can give a permanent solution.

So as for me and my spiritual health...I'd focus on Christ and I'd just watch the efforts of both FFL and CFC in trying to discredit one another as part of the current entertainment scene. (Don't you think it is funny seeing once-famous personalities make a fool of themselves?)

And the Catholic Church? -- It is the Church Christ established and I'd remain in it, with a lot of forbearance for its Bishops!

Anonymous said...

If the problem is the use of the CFC name by FFL, why is it that the IC does not file a legal case in the courts to stop FFL from using it?

Legalistic? Yes of course!

Why just because we are a religious entity, we are not allowed to being one?

Why does FFL not want to be identified as being legalistic too?

There are tremendous benefits if a proper court of justice decides that ownerchip of the CFC name only belongs to us and I don't have to detail them here, you all know it.

FFL fears that IC would do that..that's why they keep telling you that you are legalistic to forestall that move.

IC could be accused of failure to protect the name if it does not go through this route because each day you don't provides time for FFL to do all their legal work.

If a Philippine court of justice decides we own the CFC name, then we STOP all false claims and posturing of FFL. Then you will no longer have those blue -CFC-FFL STICKERS, THOSE GRABBING OF VENUES, NO MORE CELEBRATIONS OF FALSE ANNIVERSARIES...and oh yes, the Philippine Catholic Church will be very happy we took it out of their hands.

How about it, IC?

Anonymous said...

How do we end this confusion ba? We have moved on, having just completed one CLP. Our next CLP is supposed to be scheduled in our church where there will also be a CLS day before. The problem is the confusion in evangelization with same LOGO displayed for both but with a CFC-FFL at the bottom of one of the LOGOS in the invitation. Ang dami talaga naco-confuse!!!

Anonymous said...

To Brother Mero,
Thanks for your response. Not trying to start something here. My point here is that it seems like all of us, FFL or IC, are putting a lot of energy in trying to disprove each other. We are suppose to spread the Good Word of of the Lord, act as evangelizers. But I think we are all just pretending. We should not call ourselves Couples for Christ but maybe Pretenders for Christ. Look at what we are fighting for, the name CFC. Who cares if FFL gets CFC or IC gets CFC? Does it really mean anything to our God? As far as I'm concerned, what matters is how we trust in Him, and how we treat other people. I am for helping the poor, that's why, I'm proud to ba a GK supporter. Me and my family has been supporting GK and other charitable organization, in our own little way. But this word war going on between the two groups are just too much. Enough is enough. By the way, I'm with the CFC-IC group. But again I'm speaking to both sides, stop this mess that our leaders (IC and FFL) have created.
God Bless

Legal May Also Be Spiritual said...

I agree!

All these song and dance act of FFL will stop as soon as a TRO is laid on their doors by an appropriate court of justice.

The IC is well advised to do it. And the Bishops will not be able to do anything about it. Matter ofg fact, I think, they'd be glad to have all of this stop.

Remember they were not bothered by the FRANK PADILLA led CFC in 25 years! And Bishop Reyes did not know he was the SD of CFC and he did not mind not being invited to the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

If the IC won't do it, then all leaders of CFC who like to end all these pretense gather together and file a class suit. Regional Heads Unit heads or whatever Heads you are, call?

I think it will work.

We don't even have to worry about S.E.C. -- it should help them decide what to do with the pending petition of FFL, when the TRO or final order of the courts are out.

IC, you are to be credited for following the route of the Church by talking to the Bishops and to the Cardinal, but we all know where we are right now. Shall we all just end it here?

Let's go to the other venue, Philippine justice and see for ourselves where justice and fairness may fall.

IC, may I just please remind you, brothers, that inaction is defeat!

Not defending the CFC name at all cost and in all fora is neglect!

Keeping the effort mainly on the altars of the Bishops and the Church complicates matters and puts disunity among Bishops and the Clergy, because you one way or another is making a choice for them to go either the way of FFL or CFC.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the legal suit proposition made here.

Bro. Joe Tale as lawyer and even in consultation with legal minds in CFC, knows there are merits to filing that case vis a vis FFL, re: use of legal name.

Whats holding him and the rest of the IC from doing it?

Is it fear? Of what?

I think Bro Joe Tale and the 6 other member of IC should not hesitate a day longer. The CFC elders will support you all the way.

So gather your facts and move on brothers in the IC!

With your victory, even Bishop Gabby will now obey the court's order. And we will all help FFL in their acceptance of the fact that:
"... indeed, your name 'Couples for Christ' may not be used by any other association" an order that carries both Church and State prescription.

That would be a great solution to confusion, and the God of Order will be Honored and Praised!

So step on it, Bros Joe T and Company!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brods,
I agree, to the legal venue(Philippine Justice. A class suit is the right one. Let start it now and to stop all this lies.

European CFC

Anonymous said...

I agree, why not put them in court. We have all the evidence of the chaos they made. Ang gulo gulo nila... For almost one year Frank keep on nagging. I think the best idea is put him in court. I think he is going through mental disturbance. He doen't have the fruit of the Holy Spirit, if he does, he will stay calm. Frank masikip ang mental hospital.....A. Rama

Anonymous said...

CD, may we know what is the new development on this event, re Laguna incident.

Paging Bro Mon de Leon or Sister Penny DL, is there anything you think we should know, since you've allowed CD to post this venue-grabbing misfortune with the Laguna FFL?

We hope it has not turned to worst.

I just thought readers here need new info so we could all be prepared for our own events.

Now are there sufficient preprations that IC is doing so that its 27th Anniversary Programs don't get derailed?

Thank you for your response.

At peace in Singapore said...

It's been a while since I last made an entry in this blog. I chose to be silent doing my part in CFC's evangelization efforts. I just would like to throw my 10 cents worth regarding TRO against FFL by pointing you to 1 Corinthians 6:1-6

"If any of you has a dispute with another, dare he take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the saints? Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, appoint as judges even men of little account in the church![a] I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? But instead, one brother goes to law against another—and this in front of unbelievers!"

I also would like to throw in this quote:

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
- Mohandas Gandhi

All eyes are on CFC and FFL circus right now. We do not contribute in the peace of the community by hurling vindictives to one another. Moreso, we do not contribute to Christianity by what we currently do. There are many Gandhi's in our midst, and even before we start evangelizing them, we are defeated by our un-Christian actions. Let FFL be, CFC is where we are, if we firmly believe that in CFC we are serving the true and one God then we ought to be secured by the tought that God is with us, Emmanuel!

I agree however that the name Couples For Christ should not be used by another association to avoid confusion and not for any other reason. May God bless us all!

Bro. Mero :-) said...

Hello friends and bretheren,

I agree that we need to live out our being a Christian in all these crisis happening around.

But i dnt agree that defending ourselves in the flaming arrows of lies and deceit is an unChristian act. Maybe how we defend it, is the question but defending it per se, is a duty of every member.

I cannot blame anyone in here if their reactions is too much emotional, but again, cautioning them to do their reaction in a Christian manner.

Maybe some will ask, why still defend in the name? It is just a name. Let CFC be CFC and let FFL be FFL. Friend, i agree on this too, but here is the problem,

1. FFL disputes the IC all the way to the vatican that they (FFL) should be the legal owner of the name CFC. (That is why they use CFC-FFL)

2. CFC members(under the IC)are being confused by the FFL by also claiming that they are CFC. And such confusions have resulted to venue booking problems, activities and etc.

In fact there is no problem of CFC as CFC and FFL as FFL. But for FFL to say that they are CFC-FFL and confuse our members, steal our venues, compete with our activities, it seems that the use of name is the tactic of FFL to destroy CFC (under the IC.) There is indeed a malicious intent for the use of CFC-FFL. Thus we must have to clear this out.

For those brethren here who says that it is just a name. I tell you it is true. It is just a name, but that name has created and worsen our problem, becuase it adds more confusion.

This is why some of us here thinks that the best way to end the confusion is to result to legal action.

But let us pray first, what sort of repercussion will it give when we sought legal action.

God bless

Bro. Mero :-)

Fjordan Allego said...

Aw.. nakakalungkot naman. Iyong asawa pa ni Tito Mon yung nadamay pala sa confusion na to. Grabe. Sa totoo lang nakakaconfuse naman talaga. Noong una ngang sumabog yung issue ng hiwalayan at nakarating sa aming mga YFCs, alam namin na mas makakalito iyon sa mga non-YFCs. Sa campus based kasi kami nagseserve at nabalitaan namin noon na baka magkaroon din ng parang YFC ang FFL. At dahil nga gumagamit din sila ng CFC, malamang malilito ang mga estudyante at kahit iyong admin namin. Sa ngayon, wala pa namang problema sa campus namin regarding FFL dahil di pa naman sila nakakarating sa amin. Actually, nakaganda po yung balitang CFC lang talaga ang pwedeng gumamit ng CFC para hindi na rin nagkakalituhan.
Regarding sa prob ng CFC Laguna, sana maliwanagan yung mga nagkakagulo. hayz!
Fjordz from YFC TIP-Manila of West B Sector

Postmodernist said...

Grabeh na talaga. Tito Rene was once our GK Coordinator in GK SISON. He also supports our SAGIP activities, both the children, and us the facilitators. It's really sad to know that it came down to this. I pray that Frank Padilla renounce not only his heresies against the traditional Catholic Church, but his misinformation and attitude to others.

Anonymous said...

What's in a name?

Read: The Philippine Daily Inquirer Monday June 2 Page A27

Court Upholds trader's right to restaurant name

This is between "Godmother's Wok-Inn" registered in 1985 and "Original Wok-Inn's" opened in 1997.

According to the Appellate Court, the use of the word "Wok-Inn" in the restaurant name, though preceded with the word "Original", would only confuse the public and make them believe that the establishment is part of the "Wok-Inn" chain of restaurants.

Is this not similar to the case of CFC and CFC-FFL?

Anonymous said...

i really dont care kung may ffl..basta ffl cfc tyo..anu ba ang meron sa 3 letra? mahirap magsalita ng patapos..pero sana naman po..cfc and ffl are old enough para matapos na ung issue...di na tyo matapos tapos...dami pang tao na hindi naniniwala sa Diyos..tapos meron pa tyo ganitong issue????

wow naman.....

God bless everyone

yfc palawan/mla

Anonymous said...

for our CFC brethren in Cagayan de Oro:

this name-grabbing and venue-hijacking is not only with CFC but also in YFC.

an FFL fulltime worker (name with initials A.S.) went to CDO, and conducted a Youth Camp using the name "YFC".

they've started confusing the young already! since this was done by their fulltime worker, i would think instructions are coming from their leaders. grabe!

please investigate and document.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous for the Advisory, on FFL making a "YFC" camp in Cagayan de Oro.

As was mentioned in another post, "be careful of Greeks bringing gifts."

In that City, there is a full-time missionary (to Africa) who was assigned to coordinate the YFC Ministry upon his return in 2006. He has been close to the youth leaders until the break up when he reportedly facilitated the "dialogue" on CFC matters with Padilla last year, unobtrusively using the Bishop's Office for the said activity. CFC leaders found out about the the plot and the "dialogue" fizzled out.

Now, this same person has been maintaining his friendship and bonding with the YFC. If it were true that a fulltimer from Manila conducted a "YFC" camp in Cagayan de Oro, it is not farfetched to assume that that the above-stated "African" missionary was made a "Trojan Horse".

Don't worry, though, the CFC leaders in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental have been forewarned.

There have been a number of YFC camps held this year in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental, with memberships growing by leaps and bounds.

So, yes FFL will use every mischievous means possible to take a hold in Cagayan de Oro following the last two vain attempts where they've used the endorsement of the local bishop.

Anonymous said...

expanding on the YFC situation...

here in USA, it gets even more complicated. CFC-USA had to rename the CFC-YFC ministry here in the USA to "CFC-Youth" because there's already an organization here in the USA known as "Youth For Christ".

so now the FFL here in USA continue to use the name CFC-Youth for their youth ministry, and are also having their youth conference in Seattle at the exact same time as the CFC-Youth conference in Florida. they continue to claim there is "two CFCs because of the split; CFC-FFL and CFC-GMFI", even the FFL youth here in USA are calling us GMFI or IC. they are not even calling themselves FFL youth or whatever, they're still saying CFC-Youth...

and then see

of course the CFC-USA leaders already know about this, just "reporting" it here. the misinformation is by no means limited to the couples. God bless.