Thursday, May 22, 2008

Masters of Misinformation

It looks like the Easter Group's war machine is seeing red.

In their latest opus of misinterpretation (written conspicuously in red), they once again manage to twist the Vatican's words to suit their needs, and predictably, attack their fellow man. After Nonong's clumsy turn at the keyboard and disastrous attempt at a public (and quite expensive) "rejoinder", it's really looking like they're pulling all the stops to keep their little enterprise from sinking. To be honest, the Easter Group is doing a far, far better job than I am in showing that they're completely incapable of Christian behavior. I really can't understand how these increasingly angry men can sit there waiting for any tiny crumb of information to attack the IC with, then beat their chests to their followers about how they are "defenders of the Church".

Well at least their war strategy is consistent, and believe me, after their grand faux pas in misplacing the minutes of their meeting, lets not fool ourselves into thinking no battle plans are being constantly laid. It's actually so consistent that it's predictable. It's the same strategy that has worked so well for palestinian terrorists against Israel - Lob rockets at innocent civilians, then cry for international protection when Israel sends tanks to protect its people. (yes, I know that's an over simplification, but you get the point)

In this case, the Easter Group uses anything it can get its hands on to make a public statement, but somehow always manages to slant an attack at the IC. It's really just misinformation, and the clever re-interpretation of the work of others to suit their needs. In fact it's so predictable that regular commenter solidyfc even warned they would find cause to use a recent Vatican press release. And sure enough...

To use the Vatican's press releases to further your evangelism is a noble undertaking, no doubt about that. But when you use it in an attempt to bad mouth and attack people who are doing nothing to you, then to go and claim you are just "defending the Church" when others rise to protect them? C'mon now gentlemen, not only are you not doing the good work of the Vatican any justice, but I've frankly seen more honorable "bad guys" in comic books. Surely you can do better than that. You know, I'm quite sure when the Vatican decides to release a statement, it is meant to stand on its own. No creative RE-interpretations or MIS-interpretations necessary. Right?

Take for instance, this excerpt from Nonong Contreras' impassioned and defensive (and imaginatively titled) "AS WE CLIMB STAIRS AND LADDERS: A REJOINDER TO “AS I WRECK MY CHAIR”

Did Mr. Esposo know that on Aug.28, 2007, the CBCP, thru its investigative body of Bishops, heard testimonies and evidence presented by former GK leaders who reported numerous cases of the veering away of GK from the life and mission of CFC?
I'm just trying to figure out how that meeting/discussion went from a dialogue to an investigation, but then of course, calling it an investigation gives Nonong the validation he needs to make his case against Mr. Esposo. Not even their erstwhile ally, Bishop Reyes calls it an investigation. The piece is full of unsubstantiated claims, that not only saw life as another Easter Group chain letter (really, it's getting old) and blog entry, but as a paid ad in the Philstar. That's quite an expensive rejoinder there Mr. Contreras, but as my father always said,

"In an argument, he who screeches the loudest has the most to lose."

Since we're going back to that Aug 28 dialogue, let me bring up another creative piece of misinformation that that Easter Group disseminated to their members. If you can all recall, the dialogue resulted in a pronouncement by Bishop Reyes on the FFL's standing in terms of the acceptance of its group in local dioceses. This is what he said:
The Couples for Christ for Family and Life led by Bro. Frank Padilla is now recognized as a diocesan private association of the faithful in the Diocese of Antipolo,” Bishop Reyes said. He added the group may go into other dioceses with the permission of the bishop of the place.
Pretty clear right? At least it is to me. But here's what the Easter Group told their members:

1. CFC’s recognition as an International Private Association of the Faithful

“Only the Vatican through the Pontifical Council of the Laity has the authority over CFC in the national and international level. But every diocesan bishop has authority over it in its diocese. Each diocesan bishop has authority to deny permission to CFC to function in his diocese, even if the association is international.” (page 4, Sept. 6, 2007, Letter of Bishop Reyes). Therefore, both CFC-FFL and CFC-GK need to get permission from the diocese. It still remains to be decided by each bishop whether they will recognize both CFCs, or just one, or even accept both.
To me, the more you have to attempt to explain something, the further from the simple truth you get. It's really not that hard to understand, just like,

"...your name, Couples for Christ may not be used by any other association."

Why they feel a clarification of of a clarification is necessary, I really don't know. Maybe their anger is clouding their comprehension skills.

Speaking of anger, some of you might have seen the picture on top and these two pictures already, from an account by Bro Jerome Paler of a meeting he had with an angry Frank Padilla.

Here's an excerpt of Jerome's account:

FAP: sa lahat ng tao, yan ang tao na di ko gusto, sabi sabi ng idol, yun pala, tinitira ako! sinisiraan ako!!
JP: ako tito? Siniraan kita? Narinig mo sa akin talaga?! ( take note , meron ding exclamation point at the end of my reply )
FAP: ginagatungan mo ang mga tao?!!
JP: wala naman akong ginawa sa yo? Bakit narinig mo ba sa aking mga bibig na siniraan kita? Na ginatungan ko yung mga CFC brothers na nagtanong sa yo? ( at this point I saw toto laroa, our cluster head and I gestured him to come nearer kasi baka lumala ang usapan, gusto ko na may witness )
FAP: Ok not from you but from your organization! ( sabay nag gesture nang quote-unquote)

It's quite scary seeing Frank like this. He's going to have to be careful with his words and actions, as they are not becoming of someone who has "founder" status.

The full account is HERE.

I'm sorry if I might have been a little all over the place today. Everytime I think of something to blog about, you guys cover it in the comments! Hehe...keep it up guys, I'm loving the awesome exchange of thoughts and ideas going on.


Round-Eyed Toddler said...

True enough. FFL uses every bit of information that they think can use to justify their cause. They seem to have equated ecclesiastical vigilance with intervention (No Elections) by a specific bishop (Reyes, who else?); when in fact the context of the Pope's statement is the Church in general. How many bishops are supportive of Gawad Kalinga, and commends Couples for Christ for initiating such program? Does FFL mean to exclude them in their desire to discredit CFC by spreading a clouded meaning to the Pope's words? Most definitely they do, and that's a real pity.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

CD,you have now got the word formally out: MISINFORMATION!

Their furtive, sly, and serpentine machinations are the curricula for masters' degree (MIM?) thereon...I suppose so.





(I hope this suggest will help get a good first step towards proper and correct information.)

WillyJ said...

Nonong's magnum opus of a rejoinder looks so cramped in that half-page ad. He should have taken out
a full-page ad for more impact and entertainment value. Cost should be no matter for him. It actually
reads more like a funny parody even if it's on full attack mode left and right. Were you sober Nonong when you wrote that?
Now I have this inkling, hindi ito papalampasin ni Billy Esposo, and Esposo would at least retort with with a few choice words of endearment in his column. Then Nonong will be pressed to come out with another half-page ad of a rejoinder, an so on, and so on, and so I guess we are in for a lot of entertainment.

Also, there's a lot of anger and angst in whatever Nonong writes, and I know most observers have commented on this likewise. Sadly, it will be pointless to reason out with a person blinded by irrational anger. The curious thing here is that he seems to be the official apologist/spokesperson of FFL, even while he takes on opinion columnists who are not even officially sanctioned by the IC. Obviously he makes a poor choice of both battle and terrain, albeit with all his intellectualism, he most likely skipped reading Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' - which is a great pity.

On that incident between Frank and Joel, now that is a clear indication that confirms that this whole issue has gone beyond the
parameters of Faith and Reason. It actually makes me cry. I have no reason to say otherwise that Jerome Paler had twisted that incident
just to put Frank in a bad light. That is, until I hear from Nonong.

Ano na Mousse, Chocolate! said...

The Real Issue! [Gesundheit!]
As annotated by an Avid Follower

The crisis in CFC is not about two factions not getting along with each other, but is about basic principles of morality, integrity and Church life and mission. [We are certain in saying this because our Venerable Leader has said so!]

As such, the solution is not merely to recognize two CFCs, but to assure that both CFCs are in line with Catholic morality. [Although we would prefer a single CFC under the leadership of our Most Esteemed Founder, two CFCs might be possible provided both subscribe to the Catholic morality as defined by our Fearless, Peerless Pastor.]

Therefore, the situation of CFC-GK under the IC cannot just be left as it is. [We need to impose our will because we know for sure that it is only righteous. If not, CFC-GK will just have to be destroyed for the simple reason that it is promoting evil.]

They have veered away from the charism and mission of CFC. [Again this is what we believe to be the truth because the Most Illustrious Keeper of the Charism says so.]

But it is not just CFC that is affected, but the whole Roman Catholic Church of which CFC is a part. [Woe unto ye, RC Church, if you do not accept this truth!]

In fact, a recognition of two CFCs might just result in legitimizing the wrongs that have been committed and institutionalizing what ultimately will work against God’s intent. [Alas, should the Vatican even grant co-recognition to the deviant CFC-GK, evil will prevail. She must recognize only one CFC and that is FFL!]

What are the basic problems inherent in the mindset of CFC-GK leaders today? [Again, our Luminescent Sage is 100% certain...]

They do not understand Church authority and hierarchy. Or to put it less kindly, they reject such authority, while professing otherwise. [Wow, from one sweeping generalization to another... no wonder he wants us to call him Servant General.]

They disrespected the bishops (Archbp Lagdameo, Bp Reyes, Bp Villegas). [We have seen how they consistently showed disrespect to the bishops whom we asked to espouse our cause.]

They kept the bishops’ directives from CFC members, a direct disobedience of Bp Reyes’ directive to disseminate his letters to all CFC members. [Their disobedience makes our heads swim in utter disbelief! They should have informed all the members of the crisis at the top; down to the YFCs and KFCs.]

They treated the bishops’ strong recommendations as just recommendations that they were free to accept or reject. This is true enough in the strictest sense, but pastorally, the bishops should have been followed. [Pastorally, strong recommendations coming from bishops about internal organizational matters should read: “Pronto!” Our Head Honcho Most Learned in Catholic Ways had succinctly expounded this in the book "Friend or Foe".]

They kept misrepresenting the bishops’ words and actions, to the point of being formally corrected a few times by Bp. Reyes. [Bp. Reyes’ corrections were even elaborated and further explained by Our Top Dog in Dogmatic, Doctrinal and Dialectic Discourses.]

They did not correct young fulltimers who maligned the bishops in their blogs. [All they do is malign, malign, malign. So unlike us!]

They profess to submit to and follow the bishops but they do not do so. A case in point is Bp Reyes repeatedly saying that there can be two CFCs, but they have rejected this and even now are threatening to take legal action against CFC-FFL on the use of the name. [So legalistic. So strict. So unlike us!]

They make promises to the bishops but do not carry them out. After over five months, they still have not cut their partnerships with pharmaceuticals producing or marketing contraceptives, as they promised they would. [Imagine over five months and nothing? But they promised! They are so immature… So childish! Bishop!...]

They do not understand the basic mission of the Church, which is to proclaim Christ. [Well, they just don’t!]

Their basic thrust is GK, with the goal of GK777. But in the work of GK, Christ has been marginalized or totally cut out. The work ought not to be the social without the spiritual, extolling heroism but not holiness, building a nation but not the kingdom of God. In other words, GK has become charity without Christ. [Definitely, GK has become this and, believe us, we know better.]

They are missing out on the great potential of GK to become an evangelistic tool, as God intended for it to be. [We know. You learn from our Restoration Villages how it should be done.]

A lot of secular, humanist thinking has come in. The right-hand man of Tony Meloto is Boy Montelibano, who is a New Ager and an admirer of Freemasonry. He has been tasked to form the minds of the young GK workers. [We also heard he was an inveterate thespian at one time. Imagine that!]

Joe Tale has resorted to legalities a number of times, to the frustration of Bp. Reyes, and such legalism has actually been the cause of the split. [We are so amazed how this cannot be clearly seen when it is so ridiculously obvious. “Tale-galism” = split. Alas, you myopic lot!]

Other IC members are very corporate and secular in their approaches. [A lot of good can be said about being moderately quasi-corporate and semi-secular.]

Tony Meloto of course is a marketing man. This is precisely why he has marginalized Christ and CFC in GK, to appeal to an even greater number of partners and funders who will only give to non-sectarian causes. [The logic here is crystal: a good marketing man will never be a good evangelizer.]

Many are convinced [We counted!] that there is a political agenda, and GK is merely a tool to further the ambitions of some. [Yes, many! Totally convinced! Meloto president!]

IC elders have lost their integrity and pastoral sense. [Don’t even ask why this is so. Our Revered Lissome Lanky Laborer of Love has a keen sense in spotting elders who’ve lost their integrity and pastoral sense.]

They conducted a witch hunt against Lachie Agana, using affidavits and a lawyer in the process, not informing Lachie what the charges were, and only to conclude, after three months, that there was no serious wrongdoing but there were only procedural lapses (even these Lachie disputes). [The lawyer who searched the Home Office never found the broomstick, the book of hexes and pointy hat, although he found out later that ubiquitous white and yellow cat mysteriously dyed black!]

They spread the false accusation that two top leaders were having an affair, and continued to spread this, even in the face of outright denials and having no proofs at all. [They really did spread malice; that’s why the Beloved Tame-tongued Generalissima of the Servant General went around dispelling this rumor so even the KFCs might be enlightened.]

They maligned those who had issues with them, especially Frank Padilla, about whom they spread many outright falsehoods. [How can they say such nasty things about Our Wise Tower of Fraternal Bliss?]

They undermined the win-win agreement about the elections that was approved by the bishops, which if carried out would have prevented the split. [Had they relented to our win-win proposal that we had the three bishops endorse, we would have had our way. Why did they have to hurt our pride and conveniently defy our bishops at that?]

Joe Tale and Rouquel Ponte promised that they would not run for the IC if the win-win agreement was not carried out, but they did run. Joe Tale told Frank two days before the elections that he would not run for the IC, but on election day reneged on this and did run. [So childish... so unreliable... Bishop!...]

They fired from their services brethren who had issues with them and who were working for restoration. They did most of this through email, or copy furnished by email, or just by text. [Of course, there is nothing morally wrong about employees who now work for a "rival" company but continue to receive salary from the company they're supposed to be loyal to in the first place.]

They have not paid the retirement benefits of those who served faithfully so long, and even now are trying to find ways and means to avoid payment. [CFC Global already has the money now that they've raised the funds.]

They refuse to recognize CFC-FFL even when many bishops have already done so. [Again they defy and disobey the bishops. They ought to be excommunicated or burned at the stake even. Bishop!..]

The effects of all these are:
CFC members, especially the impressionable young, will continue to be misled. [We are being led. You misled. We good, you bad.]

CFC-GK itself will do a lot of good for the poor but will not be building the kingdom of God, and may in fact be undermining it. [Foregone conclusion – GK will not edify the kingdom of God!]

Tony’s goal is for the Philippines to become First World. We all know what that means in terms of loss of morality and the move to secularism and even hedonism. [This is a well-known fact - becoming first world will spell DOOM!! Check it out at gofirstworld&]

Those that God would have planned for CFC to evangelize and pastorally care for will not be evangelized and pastorally supported. [DOOM, we tell you! And a lot of other naysaying…]

We will have a whole generation of heroes but not disciples of Christ. [Heroes can never be disciples of Christ; it’s either one or the other. History has showed us that all those Christian martyrs were never heroes.]

We will have the poor liberated from material need but not saved from sin. [Again this is 99.93 percent true according to a survey. Check out the website Freedom from material want spells bondage to sin. And we will always have the poor anyway so why bother?]

The CFC that God has raised will not be doing its work according to His will and plan. [There is but one true charism for CFC and only one Keeper of the True Charism. You guessed it right! He is our Never-Veering, Always-Straight, Ever-Fuming, IC-I-So-Hate Fabulous Fuhrer!]

CD, if you won't put this out I will understand... NOT!

Frank, is this how you want your members think?

I apologize to my FFL friends but I just feel so exasperated now with your leader!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jerome Paler and what's the beef between him and FAP?

Sleepless in NJ said...


I would like to suggest if you can take out the pictures and the dialogue.

Even in victory, we strive to be humble.

In competition, I try to teach my students about good sportmanship, a great tradition in sports and competition that means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity.

I have also learned to trust in God's wisdom and purpose. God will bless every bloggers and readers the discerning Spirit to see the truth.

"they will know ... by the fruits they bear..."

The world will measure us (CFC, IC, Frank, every bloggers, FFL, etc) by the fruits we bear.

Anonymous said...

To me, It's ok to keep the photos.

Sometimes doon magising o mataohan ang tao sa makita nila sarili nila.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Jerome Paler and what's the beef between him and FAP?

Jerome Paler is a leader from Leyte. This happened somethime this month, I think when Frank padilla and Joe Tale had a "Face OFF" Part 2 (the first was in LA, USA). This was supposed to be a dialogue which the good bishop of leyte (Bishops Cantillas) arranged.
It was found out later, THAT THE BISHOP WAS NOT THERE, nasa abroad daw.
Anyway, this scene took place after the face off. Apparently Frank was not too pleased about the outcome of the 'dialogue'. The crowd was over enthusiastic with their questioning, they had to, periodically asked to calm down. I think the word to describe is the manner by which the crowd behaved- they manifested a 'violent reaction'! during the Q&A portion.

if there is anything this post just points out to is the fact that there is no misinformation...

this is who frank padilla is today! in flesh and blood........

sleepless in ny, cubao said...

Blogger Sleepless in NJ said...


I would like to suggest if you can take out the pictures and the dialogue.

sorry sleepless, i beg to disagree. perhaps not too many people really know who frank padilla is today. i also received this email, read it, and was in total disbelief.

but i am in agreement with sleepless in nj, i too am sleepless in new york, cubao

Anonymous said...

ANO BA IYAN, Nabuhay na naman si Aling Veering. Nabuhay na naman si Pfizer. Wala na bang bagong issue? Copy and paste na lang lagi? BAGO NAMAN!!
Frank and Nonong why don't you focus your mind and strength in helping the church, the Catholic church, if that is really your mission, to help the church. Soak you mind and heart in praying and you will be pacify. A prayerful person don't have time to think nasty things except to think good things that he can do. Do you think the Lord is happy of what you two are doing? Jesus when was mock and yet He remain silent, no vendictive words came from His mouth. Kaya kayo nagagalit, kasi hindi kayo pinapatulan, kasi busy sila sa work nila instead of wasting their time to answer you accusations, they just lift them up to God and bahala na Siya to solve the problem.. In His Time. PRAYERS IS THE ANSWER AND ALSO THE WEAPON IN TIMES OF TROUBLE. If you pray, you will have peace in your heart. THIS IS MY OWN OPINION - DCP

Sleepless in NJ said...

Do i really need to know frank?

I dont... but I could share that this is my 3rd community break-up. For each time, i find myself heartbroken and teary eyed in saying goodbyes to many friends again and again. I can only put my trust in God's wisdom and purpose.

And, yes... I am grateful that God has given me the grace to forgive Frank still.

I might disagree with his methods, teachings, philosophy, etc. I will stand up and voice out my opinion. But I could only pray that God will teach me how to love Frank even more.

Frank and Nonong will continue to write their opus... they can try to paint ME(as a cfc) for being disobedient, sinful, unworthy to be a christian, or enemy of the church and yet i will continue to ask God for the grace to forgive Frank.

Having such pictures and dialogue only justify their own reasoning that we (this blog, CFC, IC, secular writers, etc) are driven to malign him, or destroy him.

I hope this blog wouldnt turn out to be another tabloid magazine filled with incriminating pictures and filled with gossips and hear says.

I am open for good civil discourse.
I love learning from others experiences and point of view. Lets continue to seek the truth without malice and contempt in our hearts.

i am dissatisfied with the current entry and i could only ask why and what is its purpose? I believe that we can take the higher road in defending our beliefs and perspective.

I am sure CD will explain it to me soon.

Bro. Mero :-) said...

Dear Sleepless in NJ:
You said:
"Having such pictures and dialogue only justify their own reasoning that we (this blog, CFC, IC, secular writers, etc) are driven to malign him, or destroy him."


I appreciate the purpose of posting both the dialogue and the pictures here. In fact just looking at the pic seems to me that Frank was in extreme laugh when talking to JP, not until i read the email from JP.

But it helps a lot, not to destoy frank, but for our members and bloggers here to understand the situation. Not to destroy Frank, but to let everyone know that Frank is a human too and he is capable of such thing like anybody if anger, pride, envy, jealousy, and desparation rules their heart.

Frank's tone over JP is just a reminder for all of us that, allowing anger, pride, envy, jealousy and desperation rule and prevail in our hearts, we can not reap any fruit of goodness but more injury and hatred. I hope Frank will read again his own book friend or foe.

For all bloggers here, it is okey to get angry, but never allow it to rule over you!

God bless:

bro. Mero :-)

Anonymous said...

sleepless said,..."Having such pictures and dialogue only justify their own reasoning that we (this blog, CFC, IC, secular writers, etc) are driven to malign him, or destroy him"

ma·lign (m-ln)
tr.v. ma·ligned, ma·lign·ing, ma·ligns
To make evil, harmful, and often untrue statements about; speak evil of.

i believe the pictures do not malign him,i believe that is the reason behind the famous quote:
"the truth hurts"

perhaps we should look at this in a different perspective. if you know jerome paler, he is the most gentle giant (excuse the word) to roam mindanao...

anyone who knows the guy, and frank surely knows him well... kawawang jerome, he really did not know what hit him.

yes it is true,who needs to know who frank really is? perhaps for some like you, there is no need. but then again for those who know him from the books he read, it is a different perspective.

my take: the pictures are evident that cfc should be guarded exactly from leaders like frank!

Danny, WB said...

Grabe si Frank...
Kahit sa pictures,
Labas lahat ang litid...
Galit na Galit...

Gusto pala niya "no holds barred" na open forum...

Tapos kapag nagtanong ka ng "sensitive", sasabihin niya sa iyo:
"Magaling ka pala eh, dapat sa iyo sa Council ka na lang..."

Sayang Frank... I really respected you... sayang... I pray na sana may matira pa ako kahit kaunting respeto sa iyo...

May God Bless you... you really deserve to be Blessed... especially after destroying so many relationships in this community...

Ang dami mo sigurong kailangang sagutin sa Panginoon kapag nagkita na kayo...

nw19socal said...

thus, pictures, documents, audio and video files, that are authentic
and relevant to the issues being brought up in this blog cannot be withheld for posting and info for the benefit of all the bloggers in particular and the entire CFC community in general.

Jiggs said...

mga kapatid,

i ask for caution again.
hinay hinay lang. tayo rin naman nagagalit. altho

i understand ang pagtaas ng inyong mga BP, Sugar at Cholesterol sa inyong mga nakita at nabasa... ;)

hinay hinay lang. happy weekend!

jonitanitayturin said...


As “Anonymous” above, I thought that re-establishing CFC’s partnership with the controversial pharma companies will balance the anger and frustration, will avenge the unfounded accusations that have been hurled against the CFC-IC, and will give the FFL a good forum for a gallant “harakiri”.


Na, ito, atras na naman... I must admit, the lingering frustration and bitterness about that "unfair verdict" has remained and I must command that, being "negative spirits", they fade or scram away in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, as I put back the unsheathed sword...(Lord, forgive that I can look at this process "tiringly" also, ha?)

Let me also participate in the discussion about the documents or pictures presented.

I agree with CD that the matter of exposing the misinformation and misrepresentation could have been done earlier. So I understand the “force” that he must apply to highlight this very serious wrongdoing by FFL.

But then, I seem to lean towards Sleepless who thinks the “strong” presentation of evidence counteracts a “loving the enemy” mode, as he expresses God’s love for FP despite his wrongs against CFC. For that gesture, I see Sleepless having some “brownie points.”

The whole gist of this blog is to share God’s goodness, too. That is why, CD may also have to temper it somehow so that documents like those pictures that are presented as a kind of “harsh reproof” for some “evil event” when FP got, permit me, a “does of his own medicine” may not change our good moments as co-defenders here into some tragic feeling of “woundedness”, probably for being misunderstood or for not having successfully pushed a valid issue, or for having difficulty in expressing love to the brother-enemy.

It is really this uneasy feeling of magnanimity in victory, of restraint – suppressing a triumphant mood with our side obviously winning the argument - more importantly, of humility and of loving the enemy. It is about THAT VOICE THAT DIRECTS US TO THE SACRIFICE OF THE CROSS...AND CRY FORGIVENESS...

WillyJ said...

Ang galing talaga ng pasok mo. Nakatipid tuloy ako ng isang
Calcibloc. Salamat at happy weekend din sayo.

Sleepless in NJ,
Don't worry, I think we have not left the high road. But I share
the general tone of your sentiments. Thanks for the reminders and happy weekend too.

Dapat kasi tinignan mo muna kung may paparazzi na aaligid-aligid.
Ayan, nakunan ka tuloy ng candid shot. e walang man lang 'cheese' shot kahit isa no?

Bawas-bawasan mo ang rice me cholesterol din yan at medyo hindi photogenic ang mid-profile (biro lang bro, ha).

and to ALL bloggers,
like Jiggs said, happy weekend (kahit maulan...) pero tuloy ang blogging!

Jojo Peña/Jiggs said...


hmmmm... saan ba gawa ang calcibloc mo? check mo nga bro.

my mom's med is Norvasc, its Pfizer's! she gets 50% discount every month. o di ba malaking halaga yun! so the good effect outweighs the bad one, right bro?

she's a member of Handmaids, is she veering away if she buys something thats made by Pfizer. :) :) :) ooopps, bawal magalit. weekend na, lighten up there.

so again... hinay hinay lang mga kapatid. makakatipid kung mas mababa ang BP, sugar at cholesterol.

Oist said...

CD, any chance of having an English translation of the dialog between Jerome and Frank? My tagalog is limited.

Apart from that, one of the most obvious pieces of disinformation in their latest missive is the accusation that the IC rejected the Bishops' recommendation, when in fact around 75% of the 200-strong Elders Assembly - above the IC - made the decision to proceed with the normal CFC elective process.

Why accuse the IC of doing the above?

As always, to undermine...?

neokid said...

hala... ang misis ko norvasc din ang gamot...
e di veering away na din sya?
buti di pa sya nag blog ulit.. baka tumaas na naman ang high blood nun.. hahaha...

Anonymous said...

cd, any worse pictures than these that show t2 frank was very angry?

mukhang nakangiti pa siya eh, si jerome yata ang nagtitimpi eh?

maybe may monitor's resolution -:).

solidyfc said...

Titos, just a thing...

In the year 1989 i think! T2 Frank was strucked by a disease that is nagiiba iba ang diagnosis ng mga doctors. Tapos, as in...for one day, the whole CFC community is in prayer nung nsa Hospital siya...

Then kinabukasan nga...GUMALING NA SIYA...

They said it was an attack from satan...


solidyfcf said...

Tito CD? any chance of posting? the DIALOGUE?

Anonymous said...

mga kapatid,

Mag FFL na lang tayo!!

F orgive
F orget
L ove

This was the message that came out during our cluster teaching...

God bless us all! Happy Weekend

CFC RAV/Toronto Central

Anonymous said...

When we finished our CLP in Christ the King Greenmeadows,in 1992. I don't know Frank is. I thought it was Lito Urgino who leads the CFC, kasi he was more visible, including his children and son-in laws, Lito was more visible thank Frank and more popular, Kasi Lito when he gives talks, may sense of humor hindi demanding like Frank, Frank is more bossy, comander in chief.

Uni-lover said...

Unilab, a Pro-life Pharma Company, is the one producing Calcibloc, kaya safe ka Willj, you're not veering away (he..he..he..)!!!

To Jiggs & Neokid, transfer na kayo to Unilab products for your mom's(Jiggs) & your wife's (Neokid) maintenance!


jiggs said...

may 50% discount din ba yung Calcibloc? my mom gets 50% off kase every month. thats a big discount.

so we might continue veering away... from your unilab product for the meantime. hmmmm ;) ;)

uni-lover said...

To Jiggs,
Well, if that is the case, continue enjoying the discount, & besides, life-saving drug naman yun ng Pfizer &, definitely, not a contraceptive. Sige na nga, absuwelto na kayo ni Neokid!!!


neokid said...

correct ka dyan jiggs... pag may 50% off join kami...baka hanapin sa kin yun 50%, magalit pa si misis...

Athrun Atreides said...

The English translation (for those in need):

JP: (speechless, looks at FP directly)
FP: OK Jerome, we will do the CLS, there would be no more assemblies and THIS WOULD BE THE LAST!!
JP: Sorry, Tito, but you know that you're my idol...
FP: Of all people, that's the type that I don't like, calling me as idol, but all the while backstabbing me! ATTACKING ME!!
JP: Me? I attacked you? Where did you hear it?!
JP: I have not done anything towards you. What, you actually heard me attacking you? That I agitated the CFC brothers who asked you questions?
FP: OK, not from you but from your "organization"!
FP: Why do people know about the issues? You mean, out of nowhere, THEY FOUND OUT?!!
JP: Why Tito?! You insulted the intelligence of our brothers here, and you started dwelling on the issues. Tito Joe didn't want to but you insisted! Then when they asked, you became angry?
FP: BUT YOU WERE AGITATING THEM!! You were even frowning the last time we saw each other.
JP: Now that you said it, may I ask you why? How could I have been frowning when I flashed my right hand towards you during the "peace be with you" greeting?
FP: I don't know but the three of us, we have the same perception that you were frowning!
JP: Actually I already went to Mass then but I was there at the church because CFC was in-charge of the installation of the international pilgrim image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When Fr. Amel told me that you are there, I purposely sat behind you because I felt I had to, since we haven't seen each other for a long time. I even greeted Tito Rolan and Tita Maribel "Welcome Tito" at the communion line but only Tita Maribel nodded and smiled--
JP: OK, OK, OK, granting that I was frowning if that's how you really saw it, then WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TELL THAT TO THE CFC brothers who attended your assembly?! Why?! Isn't that AGITATING?!
FP: You mean I was the one who told them? Maybe it was my companions who did.
JP: You were the one who told them, everyone who attended your assembly confirmed that.
JP: Tito, how can I talk to you when you are in Manila but I am here in Maasin? You don't have a cellphone. I was the one who started e-mailing you, but you were the first to stop answering.
FP: Email, email? That's no use?!
JP: By the way Tito, isn't Mr. Ben Escano your associate?
FP: YES, why?!
JP: I talked to him right after the dialogue. I asked if it was true that he said in one of your assemblies that "Jerome Paler cannot liquidate DSWD funds"? He confirmed that he did, and added that "Sir, it was already OK, it was a long time ago, it was already processed." So I replied and told him to stop what he's doing because I can still handle it personally, but if it involves my family already, I will not hesitate to bring him to court.
FP: Why, was it true?
JP: No!
FP: There you go!
JP: That's what's wrong Tito, that was lying, that was agitation! If I was a bad person, I could have asked those questions in front of everybody, but I didn't; I preferred we talk personally.
FP: You should have asked that! What I wanted was a no-holds-barred dialogue, you should have asked that earlier!
JP: I did not do it out of the remaining respect I have for you.
FP: No, I would prefer that you asked me in the dialogue!
JP: Alright Tito, let's just shake our hands, please pray for me and I'll pray for you.

Oist said...

Athrun Atreides, thanks for the English translation.

Anonymous said...

JP: Alright Tito, let's just shake our hands, please pray for me and I'll pray for you.

i honor jp on his last statement. should we also do the same? instead of hurling hurting word kung kanino man, let's just shake hands and pray for one another.

can we defend cfc by being silent? like what the ic is doing. i know that this blog is a way of expressing our feelings. but let us all remember that our tongue is like a 2 bladed sword that can hurt anyone. kung hindi magsisimula sa kanila, why not tayo sa cfc ang mag start?


Does Frank have exclusive interpretative rights to said...

Frank Padilla has developed a habit of reading his daily e-mail receipts from [Catholic media that puts on the world wide web Vatican press releases]then looks for catch words like evangelisation, new eccessial communities, and highlights in red or blue some the lines /texts on the news item; then releases it to FFL and to Easter group. Easter group passes it on to you.

I think what is bad about it is when FAP, on writing his commentary, makes it appear that Vatican has provided the news for the exclusive consumption or affirmation of what FFL stands for or what Frank perceives they in FFL are doing. Frank goes to the extent of making the reader believe that the news item printed by is preferential to FFL to the detriment of CFC.

One knows that Vatican press releases are made to report what are the events that the Popes and Vatican prelates are doing in their respective areas or positions, never about FFL being better than CFC.

So when you get a message from Eastergroup, pray that you get the right discernment and pray that the writer of the attached commentary on the news is blessed by God!

I do so, even to the requests for prayers. Even those typed in error whereby the sister has the nose problem but her spouse, the brother, is to be operated.

All part of this comedy called life!

Anonymous said...

Mukhang gigil na gigil talaga si Frank ah! Ni hindi makuha ng camera ang kamay niya sa bilis ng pagkukumpas niya sa harap ng mukha ni Jerome.

Meron bang lider na nangduduro ng kanyang member?

This is obvious not the Holy Spirit working in Frank.

Postmodernist said...

If I were the bishop, I would have excommunicated Frank Padilla along time ago. He should repent of his erroneous teachings.