Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cardinal Rules

I've always believed that when God decides to be heard on our little issues, He'll do it in a decisive manner. No hints, no recommendations, and certainly no beating around the burning bush.

Philippine Star May 1, 2008

PDI, May 2, 2008

So there you have it.

Considering that a part of Frank Padilla's original accusations against the IC had to do with "disobediences" to the Bishops' recommendations, I wonder how he'll react to this, a direct order. I'm sure he wouldn't want to look like he's doing exactly what he's accused the IC of, in this case against an even higher authority.

It seems however, that Frank had heard of this ad before it was even released. He's already blasted an email to everyone in the FFL yesterday.

Last year, the Lord brought us to Lamentations, to teach us a stern lesson, that we would lose it all if we are unfaithful to our covenant, just as what happened to His people Israel. I took command responsibility for our collective guilt, and made a spiritual offering of resignation from the Intl Council. That should have brought us back to Gods grace, if we all repented and turned back from unfaithfulness to our covenant and veering away from our calling. But that did not happen, as there was disrespect and disobedience to our bishops, and there was maligning and attacks against those who wanted to restore CFC to its authentic charism.

We all allowed the enemy (the devil, our common enemy) to enter our gates, with the result that CFC plunged into deep crisis and then split.

Since many bishops have recognized CFC-FFL, and since the Holy See, through the Pontifical Council for the Laity, has recognized the errors committed by CFC, so now it is the hierarchical Church herself that is under attack. This is where we see that indeed we are into more intense spiritual warfare. The devil rages against the Church and her authentic work. The conflict is not just about us in CFC, but about the whole Church.
But the intro in particular kinda jumped out at me:
Events have moved quickly since an article entitled Vatican admonishes CFC over GK appeared on ABS-CBN online news last April 16 (note: we had nothing to do with that article, and the writer is unknown to me/us). Then the letter of Cardinal Rylko of the Pontifical Council for the Laity (Vatican) to Joe Tale dated March 11 surfaced on the Net (note: this did not come from us as we had no copy, but came from them as they tried to downplay the ABS-CBN news item).
I'd have to call LIE on this statement. The letters were being distributed in the FFL community three days before the first ABS-CBN article, probably longer. I find it hard to believe that Lachie wouldn't tell Frank that he's received a copy of the letters in his email a full three days before the ABS-CBN article came out.

Well, I guess I should have expected his view on this. I do wonder who he refers to as the devil and the enemy.

What is most striking to me though, is why Frank appears to be changing tactics. I had an entry that was posted a few days back that I took down. I felt it said too much about Frank's character and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Now it seems he's sending out mixed signals. First telling his leaders to write the Vatican, and now calling all the FFL members to prayer.

I remember my father telling me a long time ago, that when someone is losing an argument, he will try to involve as many people as he can to make his side appear stronger. Frank is saying that the Church is under attack, but the Vatican has given an order. Who will be attacking the Church when he tries to disobey that order?

Mga kapatid, I'd like to remind you all to please refrain from disrespecting each other and especially our brothers and sisters in the FFL. Remember that above defending CFC, we are defenders of Christ, His teachings, and His ways. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


As with my other letter regarding responsible journalism, can we take Frank's admission that the article written on ABS-CBN didn't come from them? And I quote:

(note: we had nothing to do with that article, and the writer is unknown to me/us)

Unless you can TRULY prove that it did come from anyone from FFL, I'll be bored to read your next 10 posts as it will be dedicated to your apology.

C.D. said...


Unless you want to get legalistic, I'd like to reserve judgment for when there is actual evidence and not just words from someone I'm not really inclined to believe, considering the next note contained untruths.

Sleepless in NJ said...

Like the IC...
We learn from our mistake and pray that Christ will continue to humble us.

We ask you and God for forgiveness.

There is a freedom in admitting that we are sorry for our mistakes.

Let me beat CD to the punch.

Brothers and sisters, I am sorry if any of our comments have hurt you. We only hope to reconcile with you and by so doing, we can share in the salvation of Christ's divine mercy.

I pray that you find it in your hearts to forgive us. Even though we are different, I aspire to learn from you and I continue to love you.

It is good to love someone when everything is perfect....
It is even greater to love someone when there is no reason at all...

Cuz JESUS loves me so...

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters in this Bloggers for Christ. Your sharing, prayers, and support continue to inspire me and remind me that I am not alone in this trial(I would love to name you all but kuya Jon beat me to it).

See you in my prayers,
Mickey Santiago
CFC Youth NJ Parent Coordinator

Anonymous said...

This affirmation by the Vatican (for the one and only CFC) may explain why one might get the impression that Bishop Reyes had a "defensive tone" in his letter to the Vatican. In that letter, he started by saying "I would like to explain to your good self why I, as bishop of Antipolo, gave to CFC-FFL, recognition as a diocesan association of the faithful".

One may be able to speculate what prompted him to write such letter.

emdee said...

so now the Church is veering away?

Anonymous said...
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Athrun Atreides said...
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Deo Volente said...

Dear Athrun Atreides,

While your fear is a valid point, it hinges on the presumption that FFL will not honor and respect this affirmation by the Vatican.

I believe they will honor it. Obedience to the Catholic hierarchy is their argument all along anyway.

In the case of CFC, it has become an international organization of the faithful so it is subject more to the Vatican than it is to the local diocese. This is why the Vatican Cardinal's statement carries more weight than any recognition from a bishop in the Philippines or abroad (if there is conflict in recognitions or the use of CFC name is mis-appropriately part of a local recognition).

Civic organizations act according to their statutes and the laws and regulations of the land.

Religious organizations act according to their statutes, the laws and regulations of the land, and the policies of the church or belief system they proclaim to adhere to.

We will have to give the benefit of the doubt to FFL that they will be respectful of the Vatican's statement. To think otherwise would be unfair to them and a prejudice to their capacity to do the right thing.

If they resort to legal loopholes (specially in the U.S. where every state has it's own set of laws), they might legally succeed but they would be painting themselves as defeating their own moral ground.

Hopefully, they will realize that their name doesn't have to be CFC if they sincerely believe that they have been blessed with the zeal to evangelize and the inspiration of the Spirit. And if they do, we should support them wholeheartedly and give them our blessing, as they will then become our harmonious fellow laborers in the vineyard.

God bless CFC and FFL!!!

Anonymous said...

good day to all:

To Athrun Atreides who says:

"What happens if SEC approves their application? Cardinal Rylko's letter is a good thing, but for all his influence, he's not a Filipino citizen, and his statement might not hold against our laws."

First: As stated in the SEC paper, the application remains pending because of the complaint filed by the original CFC with a legal name CFC Global Mission Foundation Inc.

I doubt if the said application of FFL would be granted, it depends on how both sides defend their case.

Second: Granting, without admiting that SEC in the future may approve FFL's application to carry the name CFC-FFL, then such recognition is only valid in the Philippines and under the Philippine Law. And as far as Vatican is concerned, they will only recognize the one CFC whom they have given the indefinite recognition last 2005.

I do not see any problem with that.

God bless,

Bro. Mero

Anonymous said...

Reply to Athrun:

If the Philippine SEC approves FFL's use of the words "Couples for Christ" in their corporate name, then FFL will have a legal corporate life with the Couples for Christ as part of its name.

Then we will have a "state approved" FFL and a "Vatican approved" CFC; and from that situation all spin writers of FFL headed by Frank will live another day and sow more confusion in the Church!

Then when that happens the POPE will intervene!

We are indeed in exciting times!

Then maybe perhaps it is better to continue helping in the lives of the poor, specially now that the price of rice has gone up and life is made more miserable for them, for anything that we do for the least of Jesus brothers, then we've done unto him too! There the spirit of Pentecost will live and not in this wrangling for ownership of the CFC name.

Anonymous said...

Henceforth, I will call this the "CARDINAL RULE POSTER" and will recommend to post it in the offices of all Philippine Provincial CFC Center Offices and in all Gawad Kalinga Mutlipurpose Halls and in all GK SIBOL classrooms. Even in the bulletin boards of the parish churches and in the Bishop's Office in the Diocese, but first ask the permission of the Parish Priest!

Athrun Atreides said...

Thanks for the reply. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

CD, can you post the letter?

Deo Volente said...

To my brethren in FFL,

Please do not be discouraged by this news. While we cannot deny that this news might be hurtful or disappointing to some of you, we do not take joy in the pain of others. Even though the Vatican will only allow one CFC which is the one under the International Council, it does not mean that you cannot evangelize in your own distinct name "FFL". Remember that evangelization is a work of God and that it doesn't matter what group you belong to as long as the Lord will use you as His instrument.

I believe that most of you joined FFL because you are sincere in your desire to be better disciples of Christ. That you joined on the premise that FFL offers a better platform for evangelization. I bless you and this path that you have chosen towards holiness thru FFL. So set sail on the mission and vision that the Lord is entrusting you.

While it might be your belief that those of us who have remained in CFC are veering away and are non-spiritual and that you feel you have the obligation to set us on the right path, please be assured that we are doing our best to live the Christian life, by loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. We do appreciate the issues that were brought up by your group since I believe that the issues have to be looked into. I am also enthusiastic that our CFC-IC leaders are doing the best they can to solve these problems with our help and invoking the generosity and wisdom of our Lord. I would like to ask that you respect and forgive our leadership, even if they might be imperfect or some of them might have committed sins before or have offended you. I've always been trusting to the Lord that He will give us leaders who can care for us and that He will reject leaders who have lost His anointment. If some of the present IC does not deserve to be there, let us just trust in the Lord that it will be rectified. So far though, the current IC has been very satisfactory in the way they have handled the situation (but I respect if you might have a different opinion).

We, your brethren from CFC, wish you well. We will continue to pray that your group "FFL" will also be blessed by the Lord and that it might also be recognized by the Vatican in the future.

To my brethren in CFC,
Let us start the healing by living our theme for this year "Love One Another". Let us try to understand the natural human tendencies when our brethren from both sides express their emotions. At the end of all these (hopefully sooner), we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. And the Lord will not judge us according to our affiliation but on how we conduct ourselves, and how we are truly His disciples if we love one another.

God bless CFC and FFL.

Anonymous said...

For Bro Deo Volente:

Well said Brother!

solidyfc said...

...God knows that this would happen...God knows that Satan would attack us for the next 25 years...God knows that we would be humiliated in front of the whole world..

He knows...and he allowed this things to happen...

We have accumulated Spiritual Pride...may pride na ang CFC because of its work and etc...Not just CFC itsef but some of its members...and God wants to purify CFC...His purification is not the split! His purification is allowing the evil one to attack us

Remember the story of Job? Relate to it...Its shows that Job truly Loves God...Even though satan took away everything...His FRIENDS attacked him calling him SINFUL...And everything became worthless...There was even a point where Job almost gave up and asked God why he is doing this...

God allowed it to happen...Job passed the test and God blessed him 10x more because of hsi faithfulness...

There is a great work ahead of us...God is just showing the world how much he loves us...How?

By showing the world how much the CHURCH cares for us...
By showing the world that we are effective and that's why satan is attacking us
By showing the world that we can love in despite of this :)

Let us show the world te true meaning of Love :) How

By defending CFC with a pure heart and by not attacking FFL on the way
By BROTHERLY correcting our FFL bretheren

T2s, ndi pa po ako CFC...YFC plang po ako...but my parents had been in the community for 16/17 years...I ve heard the title and read the title of their talks like...

Taming the Tongue
Humble Leadership
Unity aong bretheren
Overcoming the work of the Evil Spirits
Headship and Submission
Unity in Christ
Faithfulness and Order
Character of an Elder
The Deceitful Bow-Dangers of Pastoral Life
Brotherly Love
Good Example
Unity and Disagreement
Learning to Love One Another
Faithfulness and Self Control
Functioning as a Body
PATIENCE and pereserverance
TRUE and FALSE Humility
Our personal responsibility

And many more

Note T2s that BASIC TEACHINGS lng po yan...Got it from the back of Perfect Partner...pero naririnig ko minsan.

Nand2 na po ung mga answers ni God!!! He has been preparing us for this Fight! For the 1st 25 yers dba T2s!!! Its a preparation. Les get back to the manuals, talks and read them for a while...and relate the situation...And then we shall truly See God's POWER and Majesty.

There is much work to be done :) this is a delaying tactic of the enemy...Defend at the same time...move with Passion. Move with the truth by your side...Move with the spirit. Move for Love

Love emcompasses All
Love Conquers All

saves all

Thank You Bros. and Sis. Continue fighting the Good fight of Faith :)

David Quiambao
YFC Cluster Head B
Abu-Dhabi, UAE

also knows as Solid YFC

hindi na po ako natatakotitago identity ko :D ;)

malachi3/widows might said...

Thanks CD for reminding us to be humble in victory. Victory? yes victory because the Vatican has affirmed CFC as the only one it has given official recognition to. The Catholic church is very consistent with its policies and pronouncements thru 2008 years of its existence. Lets also be clear that the events that has unfolded, is not a condemnation of FFL, right now God is blessing FFL and Frank Padilla and most specially Sis Gerry Padilla.This is an opportune time for Frank and Gerry to be humble as well and accept the pronouncement of our very dear Catholic Church. This is indeed a new beginning for FFL more power to FFL.

Anonymous said...

CFC as always, lets continue to pray for Bro. Frank and Sis Gerry and for all the FFL leaders and members. May God give them the grace to move on. A brotherly advice to Bishop Gabby Reyes, please be more prayerful, and be more discerning,hope that the next time he will be able to distinguish when some people just want to use you and your position for their own agenda. CFC lets continue to pray for Bishop Gabbby Reyes's enlightenment,may he have to courage to accept his past shortcomings kasi he was just being used. Sabi nga the devil can mimic the voice of God.

Anonymous said...

To Bishop Gabby please don't give out hasty recognition to groups,without due diligence po. Thanks more power to the Philippine Catholic Church

Anonymous said...

I'm having problems to have a copy of the April 7 issue of PhilStar. Mayron bang copy of the full page article of the IC. Saan po ako maka kuha ng copy. thnx and best regards

jojo bajar of Laguna

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

When Nehemia and friends rebuild the Wall of Jerusalem there were lots of detractors from the side of the enemy, but that didn't bother them. They continue the work of rebuilding the wall each with one arm carried the stone and the other the sword ready to defend the attacks of the enemy.

Now that we are rebuilding CFC from the ruins of last years resignation of our highest leader, the the picture seems the same with different setting.

Let us move forward and continue our work in CFC by rebuilding families, carrying the poor on one arm thru Gawad Kalinga and the sword on the other by reinforcing our faith because only thru the Power of the Holy Spirit can we become strong to continue our Mission of building God's Kingdom.


Athrun Atreides said...

To all:

Since it appears we're now at the end game of the crisis (Personally, I have never considered it ended until the news ads came out yesterday and today), I would like to encourage everyone to help in preparing this article:

I've started it off a bit, with some background. I thought of patterning it after the Wikipedia article on the Congo Crisis (not because the two events are similar, but because of the way that article was organized).

I'm also uploading some documents relevant to what has happened, you can access it here: You can also upload other relevant files, although I'm not sure just what the limit should be. (Personally, I think the emails shouldn't be uploaded, since some of them are supposed to be personal correspondence.)

Eventually, once this article is finished, we can transfer it to Wikipedia, most probably as an article separate from the CFC article.

Thank you all. God bless. I love you. :-)

Anonymous said...

When i heard the news, one song first came to my mind, 'In His Time', it goes a little something like this:
'In His time, in His time...He makes all thing beautiful in His time...'

Wowww...God is really good!

It's for us now to take away all the hurts and pains, start forgiving...continue loving.

Bro. Ariel Eb-2a

Fjordan Allego said...

isa ako sa mga kabataang hinubog ng CFC-YFC. dito ako nagsimula, pero sa tuwing mababasa ko ang mga ganitong klaseng balita, nanlulumo ako. Parang wala na rin tayong pinagkaiba sa ibang grupo na bangayan ng bangayan. Alam kong hindi rin naman konkreto ang kaalaman ko tungkol sa kaguluhan sa CFC pero sana, maayos na ang lahat.

Anonymous said...

i think that this entry speaks for itself already.

but what would be interesting is what would FFL do next. my bet is that they would coin an name that would still have the initials "CFC".

watch out for it!

Anonymous said...

hi mga tito's and tita's

im so happy at least na settle na ung sa God's heal din lahat..we at the yfc will pray for cfc ic...mahirap lng isipin ngayun na some of our brothers and sisters sa community esp yfc's and ftw ay sa ffl na..lets continue doing everything for God...lets us inspired sa comment ni david from uae..God bless us all

ace rafols

yfc west b / palawan

Anonymous said...

To: Fjordan Allego

Hwag ka manlumo anak. God allows this crisis to happen for us to learn our lessons and make up for the better.

I understand that most of the people here, argue. But i do believe that almost all of us here argue with love. Bawal ang matampuhin at balat sibuyas dito.

Although, i agree that some are firing below the belt.

nevertheless anak, manatili kang matatag. You are just faced in the reality of evil, not for you to be afraid and get discouraged, but for you to pray and discern harder.

If this blog doesnt help you, then refrain from entering this blog, but if you see that you are mature enough to handle the argument, i welcome you.

The purpose of this as i understand is to give everyone an opportunity speak from their heart. Kasi sobrang bigat na sa dibdib na kailangang ipalabas.

Tito/ Bro. Mero

Anonymous said...

Thanks CFC for your True Humility.
Very few organisation and community
who does accept the errors or whatever mistakes of their own. I realy admire that. Since the split with lots of scandal issues arise, I'm always thinking
how the CFC manage to keep all those things. But now I realized what is the real mistakes why we come-up with this kind of mess. It is hard to accept but we have to, to know why it happened. I guess because we follow the false leader from the fast. Imagine we CFC are living with lies accepting Frank Padilla as the aunthentic founder of CFC for the long period of time, while every elders in the community knows who the real is. As you can see our God is always in the right time and before the community turns to real mess, he took out the decay. The decay that will destroy all of us.
Now try to pause for a while and think what Frank Padilla is trying to do to our beloved community CFC.
And you will realised if he want us to move easilly or he want us to
walk in the bumpy and winding road.
Again thanks CFC for the right HUMILITY.

Anonymous said...

Again, ang mga kawawang CFC members ay sunod-sunoran at paniwalang paniwala sa IC. Wala man lang nagtaka na hindi pina-publish ang buong letter.

Anonymous said...

"Again, ang mga kawawang CFC members ay sunod-sunoran at paniwalang paniwala sa IC. Wala man lang nagtaka na hindi pina-publish ang buong letter." - Anonymous, May 03, 2008

Bro or Sis Anonymous who wrote the above message. Here's my reply to you and your co-household members in FFL:

"Again, ang mga kawawang FFL members ay sunod-sunoran at paniwalang paniwala sa leader na Frank Padilla. Wala man lang nagtaka na pina-publish ang HINDI buong LETTER NA MAY FAKE at DOCTORED NA SECOND PARAGRAPH SA ISINULAT NI CARDINAL RYLKO."

Anonymous said...

May the Lord's Peace be with us all, brothers and sisters.

Let us be reminded:

Proverbs 12:18 - There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

Matthew 15:18-20 - "Evil words come from an evil heart and defile the person who says them. For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all other sexual immorality, theft, lying and slander. There are what defile you."

James 1:26 - If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless.

Psalm 101:5 - "I will not tolerate people who slander their neighbors, I will not endure conceit and pride."

Ephesians 4:29 - Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear.

Hebrews 10-24-25 - ...Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet togeher, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Matthew 12:36-37 - I tell you, on the day of judgement YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT OF EVERY CARELESS WORD YOU UTTER, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

You might want to discuss these in household meetings or reflect on it in your private prayertime and really pray about it.

All these pain and aggression just because of a NAME? I ought to be ashamed.

troy of west c

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Comments lang po sa PhilStar (May 1) and PDI (May 2). Bakit po hindi na lang ginamit ito para sa paghingi ng "public apology" Parang paikot ikot tayo na wala namang pupuntahan.

The two parties (FFL and the IC) are throwing accusations with each other. Sana naman intindihin nila yung mga members who have become LIE LOW because of the conflict. Hanggang ngayon hindi malaman kung sino ang paniniwalaan. Ngayon naman humihingi lang ng "APOLOGY" ang Vatican hindi pa rin sumunod.

Ang hirap tuloy mag evangelize or mag invite sa CLP d2 sa lugar namin. Someone had mentioned that ipa ayos nyo muna yung "gusot nyo bago kami sasali sa inyo"

C.D. said...

To Anonymous who said:

"Comments lang po sa PhilStar (May 1) and PDI (May 2). Bakit po hindi na lang ginamit ito para sa paghingi ng "public apology" Parang paikot ikot tayo na wala namang pupuntahan."

The apology was already made prior to those, in the ad here:

Please read the archives and learn more about what's going on before jumping to conclusions. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

For Anonymouse who wrote: Comments lang po sa PhilStar (May 1) and PDI (May 2). Bakit po hindi na lang ginamit ito para sa paghingi ng "public apology" Parang paikot ikot tayo na wala namang pupuntahan.

Pwede rin po ba na sabihan mo na yung mga leaders mo sa FFL na mag-ayos na at huwag nang mang-gulo kasi, tama ka, mahirap mag-evangelize dito sa amin, kasi ang gulo niyo. ginagamit niyo ang pangalan na halatang pang-loloko. halimbawa nalang sa simpleng pag-reserve ng isang Hall sa Parish. Nalilito tuloy ang Parish Admin kasi laging sinasabi sa amin na ni-reserve na raw ng CFC, eh kayong FFL pala ang nag-reserve! sabagay, sarili niyo rin naman ang niloko niyo kapag ganun.

kaya, pwede? sabihin mo na sa mga leaders mo, para wala nang mag-lie-low at nalilito, at tuloy-tuloy na ang trabaho natin? pwede?

ps. by the way, kung iniimbita niyo ba ang mga ini-evangelize niyo, ano ang sinasabi niyo, CFC or FFL?

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

Anonymous wrote on May 6, 2008 1:27 PM: Comments lang po sa PhilStar (May 1) and PDI (May 2). Bakit po hindi na lang ginamit ito para sa paghingi ng "public apology" Parang paikot ikot tayo na wala namang pupuntahan.

It is important to understand the OBJECT of the apology. What did the Vatican direct the International Council to apologize about?

Is it about the quarrel with FFL? Absolutely NOT.

Is it about GK's so-called "overemphasis on the social"? Absolutely NOT.

Is it about the conduct of the elections despite recommendations of Philippines-based bishops to the countrary? Absolutely NOT.

There's nothing to apologize on those counts and sorry if that disappoints a lot of people.

The object of the apology is GK's partnership with so-called "anti-life" pharmaceutical companies. Nothing more. Nothing less. The apology on this very specific point can be found in the Philstar ad.

Check out the 4th declaration, which says (emphasis mine):

We will continue to defend, protect and promote life in accordance with the guidelines set by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. We sincerely apologize for any scandal that the Couples for Christ leadership, past or present, may have caused among the faithful with our previous partnerships.

I seem to get the impression that FFL people are expecting an apology that would read like this:

"CFC apologizes to the public for the scandal caused by its veering away bla bla bla"

Sorry guys. That kind of apology is not forthcoming.

Talk about unrealistic expectations.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

hi mga titos and tita's...

my appeal is for eveyone to refrain from giving below the belt comments... unchristian ryt?...kung alam nyo lang. mas masakit sa youth ung nangyari kasi we are too young para sa mga ganitong bagay...marami talagang di makakaintindi..marami sa yfc ay matagal ng naging ang nangyari.. pag lumipat at isa sa ffl..kahit papano may gap na un... ang tunay na kalaban ay hindi ffl o cfc..ang kalaban ay ang demonyo na patuloy na nanunukso ng mga multiply site ko..may kaibigan ako na agnostic..sila ung dapat mas bigyan ng time kesa ung mga ganitong parehong is better to love than to be right..kahit alam naten na may tama tayo..wag naten masyado emphasize pa kasi di na po mauubos ang oras sa kakatalo kung sino ang tama...sino ang mali..sino ang tunay..sino ang peke..isang Diyos naman can we conqueer all kung divided tyo..gamitin na lng naten ung sitwasyon..which is may cfc at ffl na mag mas madami pa anga gagalaw...then we can conquer all....

ung emotions naten..wag naten laging paganahin....remember..ung mga ffl..part din sila ng cfc dati..maraming memories...maraming beses nasabi nyo na " peace be with you"..ung mga anak po ninyo...maraming youthcamps,household,planning at fellowship na napgsamahan..wag po naten itapon ung mga ganung bagay..those are the things na mahirap na love..we can understand each isa pa..part tayo ng isang church..we are all christian/roman catholic believing on one true great loving God...

ace, yfc west b