Saturday, May 3, 2008

Et tu, Brute?

It's a bit past the Ides of March, but I think the title is still fitting. As was expected, Frank/Easter Group has released their own spin on CFC's ads, complete with their own supplied copies of the March 11 and (newly released) April 3 letter, where they are questioning, of all things, Vatican's judgement.

I'm not going to waste energy on picking their arguments apart, since they've sunk down to a series of "but...but...buts" like petulant children, and have resorted to focusing on a couple of sentences that are truly....well, besides the point. I mean, c'mon now, lets get to THE point you are trying to skip around:

You may not use the CFC name, Frank.

Would you like that in Latin, since you don't seem to like the English used by the good Cardinal of the Vatican?

It is heartbreaking to see you sink down to a legalistic approach (on registering the name with the SEC, since there are supposedly 8 companies that carry the CFC name), which you so blatantly use to attack Joe Tale and the IC with. I'd just like to point out that the SEC will most likely rule on whether your use of the name pertains to an industry similar to that whose name you are coveting and therefore cause legal and consumer confusion. The other 8 names are what, a school, a soap company I think...and well, you get the picture. Or do you?

How do you explain this email then Frank, where you acknowledge CFC's claim to the name but paint the Vatican in a bad light:

Hello all. I am in receipt of the attached letter from the Vatican to JT, which you may already have seen from the Net.

I do not know why JT would want to change the name in the Vatican approval from CFC to CFCGMFI. Perhaps it is to strengthen their claim on the name, since we left CFCGMFI but we did not leave CFC, and this our bishops have recognized. Anyway, the Vatican's reply reinforces our position that there is the spiritual reality of CFC, of which we are still a part, and then there is the legal reality, which is a subordinate reality. It also impacts on the reality that there are many CFC corporations throughout the world.

The Vatican says that the name CFC cannot be used by another association, and rightly so. However, CFC with something attached to it is another matter altogether. In fact, there are 8 corporations with the name CFC (with something after this) that are registered with the Philippine SEC. And of course the Philippine bishops have recognized CFC-FFL.

Bp Gabby Reyes met with Cardinal Rylko last April 21, in response to the lawyering of Archbp Arguelles on behalf of the IC and his brother. Archbp Arguelles, JT and Rouquel Ponte met with Cardinal Rylko last March 3. The fruit of that visit was Cardinal Rylko's letter to JT dated March 11. It was clear they were chastised, and this is the reason the IC never told anyone about the Vatican visit, much less show the Rylko letter even to their own elders. What the IC is doing now is trying to appear to comply with the Vatican's directives, but not really doing so. We pray that the Vatican will see through their machinations.

I have not yet talked with Bp Reyes, but Maribel has. She says he said the Vatican will recognize 2 CFCs in the Philippines, but would not permit the use of the CFC name in other countries by associations other than the CFC Global. If this is so, then it is good news that the Vatican will accept the Philippine bishops' decision to recognize CFC-FFL. But isn't their stand contradictory, accepting CFC-FFL in the Philippines but not "other CFCs" in other countries? I do not have the full story, but I do know, from my own visit last April 7, that the Vatican is concerned about the split that comes just two years after the permanent approval of CFC in 2005. In other words, though it was not said, I feel the Vatican needs to save face. That is why in the letter to JT, Cardinal Rylko stressed that the Philippine problem should not extend to other regions of the world. Of course he did not know that it already had divided the whole CFC world. This is probably because JT assured him that the split was just a local problem with a small splinter group leaving CFC.

So the Vatican might be forced by circumstances to continue to recognize CFC Global, since they exist by virtue of the statutes, even though the election of the IC was done not in communion with the bishops. Legal but not spiritual. What is now important for us is that we also be allowed to use the CFC name, though no longer just strictly CFC but with something appended to it.

I will be following up this email with another a little later. God bless.


Has it come to this? Where you feel you can overstep the Vatican's rule on the matter because YOU think you know what they are thinking? Ingat brother...lest you commit the sin you keep accusing others of.

Well anyway, that's not for me to say, right? I am in no position to judge on whether the Vatican needs to save face, except maybe to recommend a good moisturizer. *drum roll please*

I'd just like to point out one tiny issue that jumped out at me after I saw your opus rely to the CFC ads. You might want to pay close attention to your attachments, since you are still distributing a forgery. Yeap, the March 11 letter you just emailed to everyone is the same document that ABS-CBN has. Et tu Frank?

Why didn't you just send out the one that Lachie received? You've had that even before the ABS article came out and it is much clearer, yet still forged. Or, just ask the Center for the originals? I'm sure they'd be happy to give you a copy.

To end, I'd like to share a bit more on why I don't believe the forged March 11 letter was just mistakenly folded when it was scanned, copied, cried over, whatever.

Lets go back to to the Love and Forgiveness entry. There you will find a letter from Cardinal Rylko to Bishop Reyes, dated March 15. I quote the good Cardinal:
I am enclosing a copy of the letter we sent to Mr Tale regarding also the steps to be taken.
Does it make sense now? Frank's good friend, Bishop Reyes has a copy of this letter. If Frank's copy had gone bad, mysteriously folded, or Photoshopped itself, it would be an easy matter to request another, correct copy from the good Bishop.

IF I was acting in good faith, that's what I would do.

Yet, Frank is email blasting out the forged one, again, and again...and again.

If any of you would like a copy of the Easter Group's response to the CFC ads, you know where to reach me. It's the least I can do to help Frank get his point across to as many of you as possible.

My friends, for the weekend I leave you on a happy note and a tune from the 80's, my favorite decade. In honor of all the spinning going on, here's Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Around.

God Bless and good cheer. =)


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malachi/3widowsmight said...

I sympathize with you CD , but i think this is all beyond reasoning. Someone(clue Qouheleth) has to be exorcised. God help us all! Fasting and penance is called for I will be first to bring out the sackcloth and ashes.

Anonymous said...

So this means that they can no longer use CFC-FFL? Help me. I am confused. FP's write ups are indeed deceiving.

Athrun Atreides said...
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Anonymous said...

CD, my dear, who is spinning? FFL or CFC? Wow, talaga naman po, kahit anong gawin yata ng IC ay kapit-patalim ka na. So that's why IC is hiding the letter, BECAUSE they did not follow the Cardinal in wording their apology! And now they are spinning his word!

Now, with regards to that CFC cannot be use by other association ad, did you notice that it is really an appeal to CBCP? Gosh, the cardinal knows that CFC-FFL is already recognized by a number of bishops in Phil and now IC (yeah can have it buong buo) is campaigning to reverse that, misrepresenting the Cardinal's words.

Ego, ego CD, you act like you know everything. Don't yout think that if the Cardinal really mean what your IC is trying to say, he will say FFL cannot use it or agree that it will be change to your (yes, sa inyo na) CFCGMFI or that IC will show the letter (yeah, not hide it) to CBCP and to the loyal members?

Anonymous said...

That good man Frank can no longer find an excuse about his ways.

Theres always a million words he could use to convince you but once one tries to read what's in his heart you could see that all you could do for him is pray.

Frank, give it up for Gerry's Xavy's & Vania's sake!

And for the future of your grandchildren too!

friend or foe said...

(or in this case in Frank's mind)

My dear brothers and sisters,

Have you read the letter of Frank to CFCFFL Worldwide?

I was reading the letter that Frank emailed and I sat there thinking, something was different; it struck a different cord, for the first time, his letter did not make me furious. There was something in it that just convicted me.I felt the stirrings of the Holy Spirit in Frank’s entire letter it was as if… somewhere between each sentence, there was one person then another, then another…
I just felt like someone wants to speak but another got hold of the pen..

I found it disconcerting, that the letter kept referring to the enemy. I asked myself, who is the enemy?


Is Frank Padilla the enemy? No he is not, he says it is the devil.

Who is the devil?

From FAPs previous writings, as far back as the split of 1993 from Ligaya, telltale signs were there. 1) (half truths, twisting facts, deceit)

2) He often claims he knows the mind of God- with such words like-
“God intends”' 'God intents'
Who knows how the Lord thinks, doesn’t scripture say-
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts. Nor are your ways my ways.” Isaiah 55:8

3) Was Frank turning- diabolic? Even then?

4) After reading origins 1&2; I realized, that, during Ligaya days, the manner by which the split of 1993 was designed and crafted by Frank was deceitful.

It was already there, the enemy within in 1993 and the enemy within today 2008. Is this a case of demon possession?

I shudder at the thought, that in him, ‘they’ move. I am really shocked by this idea. But look what have we here in our midst today? Is this the fruit of the Holy Spirit or the fruit of another spirit?

Today he double speaks. Look where he has brought us, from personal issues, from an internal conflict, to eventually scandalizing the Catholic faithful, to the bishops and now the Vatican!

When he speaks, I am troubled.
When I read his letters they are half truths.

Who speaks half truths?
The devil with a forked tongue. It is this enemy with his long tail that roams the CFC community today.

Let us pray for the deliverance of CFC from the clutches of the devil.

This particular letter of Frank shows the clash of evil and good. Goodness lies in the heart of every man, but the devil who is the adversary, whose battle ground is in the mind of man, uses the goodness in man's heart to perfect its plan.

Frank says it; over and over, that he is the most maligned and if it were just him, he would have just stayed in the background- and let go and let GOD!

Good versus Evil, the enemy within.

Look at what I did with the letter; read it, I canceled out the word enemy. It is the same letter just a very minor cahnge.I believe there is a message here for me, for you for us. READ THIS WITH A PRAYER THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT MAY ENLIGHTEN US; READ IT SLOW...


April 30, 2008

My dear brethren,

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ!

God’s action in our lives

We all allowed Frank Padilla (the devil, our common enemy) to enter our gates, with the result that CFC plunged into deep crisis and then split.

But given that bringing us to Lamentations did not have the desired result, since there were those with hardened hearts who would not repent and turn away from errors, God then allowed the split to happen. If we had not split, CFC would soon have disintegrated, as Frank Padilla wanted to destroy us all. With the split, the tensions between the social and the spiritual dimensions of our work were eliminated. We in CFC, the CFC true to its charism, moved on, with great joy and starting to experience the return of God’s anointing.

Frank Padilla, thinking he had succeeded in seriously weakening CFC with the split, now saw God bringing victory out of seeming defeat. He now saw the emergence of a restored CFC, once again totally focused on the charism given it. Once again God’s work of family renewal and evangelization could proceed in the power of His Spirit. And once again Frank Padilla raged.

Since many bishops recognized CFC, and since the Holy See, through the Pontifical Council for the Laity, has recognized the errors committed by CFC, so now it is the hierarchical Church herself that is under attack.

This is where we see that indeed we are into more intense spiritual warfare. The devil rages against the Church and her authentic work. The conflict is not just about us in CFC, but about the whole Church.

Call to prayer

What should we do?

First, be not afraid. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.

Second, rejoice in persecution for the sake of righteousness, for you are blessed (Mt 5:10-12). Such is God’s way of purifying us and moving us on to holiness.

Third, do not retaliate in kind. Continue to love Frank Padilla (the only real enemy is the devil).

Fourth, pray hard. Prayer is our lifeline to God, who is merciful, kind, just and loving. We are His children. He is committed to care for us. He knows our pains. He allows crosses into our lives. But He has a great plan for us, not for woe but for a future full of hope.

Let us pray for God’s protective mantle on us all. Let us pray for our brethren who are in
FFL. They are our brethren and not our enemies. And let us pray for Mother Church, especially our bishops who guide and pastor us.

I ask every member of CFC, in addition to your regular daily prayer and Bible reading, to look to frequent participation in the Eucharist (daily if you can), to regular family prayer of the rosary (daily if you can), and to Eucharistic adoration (if you are able). The different CFC-FFL groupings (households, chapters, districts, etc.) should look to communal prayer and intercession. The intercessory groups should intensify their prayers. Let us also pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

I also call on fasting twice a week. We, and the whole Church, are into intense spiritual warfare. Certain demons “can only come out through prayer (and through fasting)” (Mk 9:29). We are on spiritual war footing. Be fit for the fight.

Finally, keep your hearts pure and humble. “‘God opposes the proud but bestows favor on the humble.’ So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you.” (1 Pt 5:5-7).

Rejoice in the Lord

It is appropriate that we in CFC have taken on the theme of love for this year. God loves us, God has a great plan for us, God will never abandon us, God turns our pains and crosses into sanctification and holiness. And God is already victorious over Frank Padilla. What more could we ask for?

I leave you with Peter’s wise words.

“Now who is going to harm you if you are enthusiastic for what is good? But even if you should suffer because of righteousness, blessed are you. Do not be afraid or terrified with fear of them, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who defame your good conduct in Christ may themselves be put to shame. For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that be the will of God, than for doing evil.”
(1 Pt 3:13-17)

Mama Mary, please pray for us and keep us in your loving embrace always.

God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Devil's Characteristics
1. He Doesn't Quit, He Keeps Trying.
2. He Believes In God, Heaven and Hell.
3. He Works Day and Night, He Knows That His Time Is Short.
4. He Knows The Bible, He Even Quoted It To Jesus In All Three of His Temptations of Him.
5. He Is Always Looking For Prospects, He Compasses Sea And Land To Make One Proselyte.
6. He Accepts People Quickly, As They Are.
7. He Is Positive, He Always Sees The Good In Bad Things.
8. He Is Not Easily Discouraged.
9. He Is Patient.
10. He Has Become All Things To All People That By All Means He Might Win Some, He Uses All Available Methods To Accomplish His Goals.
Even Though Satan Is Very Creative, You Might Notice That He Stole All These Ideals From God. He Can't Even Do Wrong Right.

tamanasobrana said...

anonymous said-
"So this means that they can no longer use CFC-FFL? Help me. I am confused. FP's write ups are indeed deceiving"

Vatican has ruled that no other group can use the name Couples for Christ.

Explanation: CFC is registered in the SEC as CFCGMFInc. that is the legal name. That is what the cardinal was pointing out when he said-
1st Regarding the name of the association you can not change it from "Couples for Christ" to "Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc".
Please bear in mind that this was part of an ongoing communication between Vatican and the IC.

the april 3 letter of rylko was in response to what the IC sent him.
IC sent rylko a copy of what the ad would say. The ad was a directive of rylko, which was contained in the march 11 letter.

In that letter, IC was advised to come out with an ad to apologize for the scandal that could have been provoked by the partnership of CFC with companies producing contraceptives.

This was also an outcome of the visit of Joe Tale to the Vatican in early March. JT and RP went to seek advice on the CFC crisis.

The april 3 letter further mentioned how rylko preferred these words to be used
4th... " We sincerely apologize for any scandal that "Couples for Christ"...etc

The ad that was put out in the philstar did not use the words that rylko mentioned in the letter. IC had its reasons why and they also wrote rylko about it. Rylko was also given a copy of the actual ad. And as far as Vatican is concerned the ad was acceptable. It was supposed to be a directive that CFC followed. That was a done deal. IC was just waiting for the next directive from Vatican if there were other things that needed to be done.

The letter from the easter group said:

(4) Since the IC refuses to follow the Vatican, and since CFC-GK still has these partnerships with pharmaceuticals with contraceptives, CFC is still not in “good standing” with the Vatican.

That is the opinion of Frank, but the Vatican has not made such pronouncements. CFC followed the directives of Vatican and the partnership has already been cancelled. There is no more partnership between GK and any company producing contraceptives. I repeat the partnership was already terminated, and Vatican knows this. Another lie from Frank.

They said:
(5) Once again there is deception. They did not print the full letter, because once again, just like the March 11 letter of Cardinal Rylko to Joe Tale, it is not favorable to them. They took one seemingly favorable line and hid the rest of the text which were all unfavorable.

Comment: The full letter was not published because this letter is part of a private continuing communique between IC and Vatican. You have to have permission to print it in full. The public do not know what the whole story is, publishing the letter in its entirety will just bring more confusion not just among CFC members but the catholic faithful at large. Makakasama na sa simbahan yan. For what?
But frank calls it, suspect. Another deception.

May 1&2 ad-
The purpose of the ad is for the public and the clergy to know that there is only one Couples for Christ and any other group that is using its name is not permitted by Vatican. CFCFFL is one such group. It also mentions that the reason why no other group can use the name Couples For Christ is to prevent confusion. Which is precisely what is happening and will continue to happen if FFL will insist on using the name of CFC.

This reminds me of what my parents would tell me when I would listen to them talk... "Anak, umalis ka dito, dun ka muna sa labas. huwag ka makisali kasi usapang pang matanda ito!"

So to Frank and FFL- stay out of this, its none of your business.To insist on using CFC as an appendage will definitely be tantamount to disobedience!

Can Frank follow the orders of a Cardinal? Or does he prefer bishops only? Or can he just lead, but can not follow?

Who can talk to Frank and tell him to stop all these? Please look for that person...

To Frank:
Enough already! YOu have caused scandal in the CFC community, you have caused scandal in the Philippine scene, you have caused scandal to the Catholic faith, today you have included Vatican, whose name has been dragged to this controversy.


FAH said...

The FFL says :
(1) It is interesting that Joe Tale asked Cardinal Rylko to change the name recognized by the Vatican from “Couples for Christ” to “Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc.” Why? This simply means they are unsure about their hold on the CFC name and wanted to firm it up by changing the recognition to “CFCGMFI.” In proposing it, Joe, as chided by Cardinal Rylko, showed his civil (social, corporate) rather than spiritual thinking.

FYI: The IC was not asking permission to change the Vatican recognition form CFC to CFCGMFI. Rylko was refering to the draft of the ad that was submitted to the vatican, following the directives of march 11. The draft of the ad had the headings of the name CFCGMFI, this is our legal name. It was an unsolicited opinion. Rylko gave an opinion that CFC has been waiting for- in a long long time... which is to put an end to the squabble betwee ffl and cfc about the use of the name. Tis is a grace from God.
Now the vatican has spoken. And it is difficult to turn this to an origami, or subject in to a little folding here, a touch of snowpake there. If anyone will attempt to tamper with this one it will surely be like my daughters favorite brand-


Anonymous said...


1. ".....your name cannot be used by any other association." - Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, Pontifical Council of the Laity President, April 03 2008 letter to Bro. Joe Tale, ED of CFC.

2. "There can be two CFCs - especially in all the nooks and crannies of Antipolo!" --- Gabriel Reyes, Bishop of Antipolo, President of Philippine Council of the Laity, and aka Attorney, Emissary for/of Frank Padilla and his Band of Trumpeters to Vatican

3. "The Vatican needs to save face!" -- Frank Padilla, bestselling author of 'Friend or Foe', aka Quoheleth II, President of Foundation for Family & Life, Prime Mover of the Easter Bunnies & their aging playboys.

4. “Vatican admonishes Couples for Christ over Gawad Kalinga” – Carmela Fonbuena, ABS-CBN news Online, April 16, 2008.

Now let us conduct a survey:

Which among the four statements carries the objective truth?

Which statement is most embarrassing? Or which one is an outright lie?

Among the statements, which one do you think the author would have wished he /she never said or write?

Among the authors, who do you think would be most likely to state another lie? Rank them from one to three if you think there are more than 1 potential liar in the four persons quoted above.

Sgd [Free from Fake Leaders]

solidyfc said...

Titos and Titas :D Its me again :)

So I just looked at the pattern of their "strategy" and I saw a striking resemblance with the history of our church.

Martin Luther rebelled against the church claiming that it has GONE ASTRAY...:) Sounds familiar ;)

Martin Luther challenged the leadership of the church claiming that they are not the True leaders of God's Church...really familiar :P

Martin Luther told the people that they were RESTORING and REFORMING the ORIGINAL teachings :)

Martin Luther, after the council of Trent...Nagingay si Martin Luther!!! Bringing back the same issues all over again...

And until now...Kahit matagal na nasagot...they still bring up the same issues...:D

Pansin niu po ung strategy nung division..See how satan divides a community..

1st...He challenges the authority
2nd...He claims that the community is veering away
3rd...He claims that THIS PERSON is the true REFORMER of the community
4th...He begans propaganda..
5th...Thus resulting to split...


See the pattern

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just send all these following missives and documents to: His Eminence Stanislaw Card. Rylko, President - Pontifical Council of the Laity, Vatican City, Rome, Italy

1) The authentic Cardinal Rylko letter as received by JT together with the FFL-edited letter (minus two lines in that important paragraph) that was supposedly circulated by FFL and used in the ABS-CBN article.

2) The Real Issue article by Frank Padilla together with the CFC Ugnayan Center response piece.

3) This latest letter of Frank Padilla in which he claims he "feels the Vatican needs to save face."

4) Copy of the CFC ad.

CFC Ugnayan could have already sent these but... we can do it just for effect too. Anyway, was it Frank Padilla himself who asked people to send letter to the Vatican?

Let our good Princes of the Church see for themselves how self-righteous and arrogant this scandalous man (who needs anger management theraphy... desperately) really is!

p.s. I just can't help it... Frank Padilla snidely tells about Archbp Arguelles "lawyering". Who started using bishops in the first place? Sheesh!

3... 2... 1... 0, self-destruct!

Ok, I need a few sessions of anger management myself.

Anonymous said...

"It was also important that you have realized that much scandal to correct this."

I was wrong when I said CD did not get it right when he typed this phrase. So sori, CD.

Anyway, Athrun Athreides, puede na rin, grammatically correct na rin yung statement na ito, although one has to get back to the earlier statements if much of the said scandal was highlighted.

When I noticed this, I thought baka nga iba ang English nuance in the Italian or Vatican sense. Yun pala, ang prolific, founder-kuno author, was really forcing/forging a sentence to suit his version of truth, which is a criminal act!!!

Tan-awa, like the rest of his alternatives and arguments, BAKIKAW G'YUD, BAY! WAY AYU!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla:

Ani tamanasobrana, "...usapang pangmatanda ito." Kaya, dahil tumatanda kang paurong, you have not business na makihalo.

Similarly, "pampamilya" ang usapang ito; since you are not anymore part of the family, huwag kang makisawsaw. Tingnan mo, hindi mo tuloy alam na ang comment by Cardinal Rylko about not appending "GMFI" to CFC was related to the draft ad that was furnished to him by Bro. Joe Tale. Imagine na ang comment na yon even led to a more direct and forceful advise by the good Cardinal na only CFC under Joe Tale could use the name CFC!!!

So, huwag ka nang mag-interpret! The siege is closing in and you may have no mare sandbags to pile.

Sori pero,I really think you must kneel in complete and total surrender so that Mama Mary will not have difficulty batukan or pulbusin yung serpent that has enveloped you...

This time: "Brother Frank Padilla, I presume?"

Anonymous said...

I think when you read Frank’s letter, it makes sense, you might not agree with him but he has all the letters laid out.

The IC is hiding letters, misquoting the Cardinal and members are now acting like ‘possessed’ to defend them. They call names and when a lot of them here yeah agree with each other, they act that they are soo right that they will twist every word coming from Frank/FFL.

Anonymous said...

Brod/Sis Anon:

I had actually the same feeling, faulting the IC for the piecemeal revelation, unlike the full text of the letter disseminated by FP. My mind was almost poisoned by FP until that sober explanations by co-bloggers here: that the communication was privileged and those who did not know the background might misinterpret some contents.

I was proned to side with Padilla in his claim:

--that the IC did not follow the Cardinal's directive on apology, or
- that the IC was rebuffed by the Cardinal in the matter of appending GMFI to CFC.

UNTIL the blogs here explained the context:

- that the Cardinal was regularly updated by the IC that informed him about the public statement made in the national newspaper and he was in agreement with it, after all, and
- that having GMFI appended to CFC was actually in the draft of the ad that was furnished to, and commented by Cardinal Rylko - as it was pointed out,the CFC logo usually includes the GMFI acronym (eat your words Padilla because in reference to those questioned "appended" letters in draft newspaper ad, the Cardinal gave the "unsolicited" directed that only the CFC under Joe Tale could use the name CFC.)

The case of those letters is that FP and FFL SIMPLY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM because these are private communication, and Padilla may not have the IMPERTINENCE to partake, or to discuss, purely "family matters" - he has ceased to be CFC under the IC.

Thanks for the interaction here, CD. By the way, thank you tamanasobra na and fah for your perspicacity. GOD Bless.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I was almost in agreement with Frank when he said that CFC-GMFI itself was unsure of it's hold of the CFC name and that CFC wants to change its name.

Tapos sinabi ng Vatican na "huwag mo na ilagay yang GMFI sa ad, lalo lang malilito ang mga tao, tutal naman ikaw lang ang pwede gumamit ng CFC name".

Brilliant. It was a totally unexpected advise (or gift) from the Vatican.

Imagine, if CFC explicitly asked for it, CFC would say "Vatican, magpalabas ka naman ng clarification na kami lang ang pwede gumamit ng CFC name". It can then be twisted that "see, even CFC is not sure of its name that is has to get clarification". Instead, we got an unsolicited affirmation from the Vatican that only Joe Tale's CFC can use CFC. Totally brilliant. God does work in mysterious ways.

pink panther said...

I have done my own sleuthing;
Now all bloggers who are in the know please make corrections:
Case A#-
"The case of D ides of march"

march 15-
BGR receives 2 letters from CSR

april 3- BGR sends letter to all ABC

april 13- LA forwards to LA;NC;RM a copy of the Dr Fold.

april 16- CF of ABSCBN writes story

april 21- BGR goes to visit CSR

*somewhere between this dates FAP sends out LOI to leaders abroad

may 2- FAP writes letter (eastergroup re-AD of CFC-GK-IC) he also sends a copy of Dr Fold

Now here is an assignment to all interested to help. WE HAVE TO PUT OUR HEADS TOGETHER:

1) Did all Archbishops & Bishops receive the letter from Dr. Fold (dated march 11 from Rylko to Joe Tale)?
WE NEED PROOF PEOPLE, or does anyone have it?

2) If all Archbishops and Bishops and Cardinal got the Dr Fold letter then Bishop Gabriel Reyes has some explanation to do.
Why did he distribute the Dr Fold letter when he had a copy of the original march 11 letter?
For this matter, if it is proven, all ABC's must know they were duped.

3) Who gave the letter of Dr Fold to Carmela Fonbuena?

4) Who is the author and the manager of Dr Fold?

any volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Hi-Ho, PINK PANTHER!!!

It was said of Frank's 'quirks" as in here: "sad...sad"

And it was also said in a spy story: "...CURIOSER AND CURIOSER."

for a title of this detective story?

Thanks! Have a pleasant day! God bless you.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe these spins that the FFL "think-tanks" are churning out!

they must be part in engineering the "rice shortage crisis" to divert the attention away from the "ZTE scandal". bad analogy, but close!

sabagay, "think-tanks" nga sila. they only use their minds, and not their hearts. they use their own agenda, not the Holy Spirits.

Fjordan Allego said...

Bakit naman ganun? Kung alam ni tito frank na forged lang yung ipinapakalat nyang letter at yung natanggap ng abs (or kung siya man at mga taga FFL ang gumawa nun), bkit pa kailangang umabot sa ganun? Di ba? Ever since binuo ang CFC, hindi naman naituro iyong mga ganuong hakbangin. Nakakagulat lang kung sino man talaga ang gumawa nun.. parang hindi mo akalain na someone from CFC or FFL is doing something like that to manipulate things.

CFC-Youth for Christ TIP-Manila Campus Based
West B Sector

miniongCFC said...

Brothers and sisters
I just would like to remind you to be gentle in making comments. Let us all try to restrain ourselves from being too sarcastic and badmouthing personalities. Just present the facts and your objections to what you read/hear. Anyway lumabas na naman and TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Tama naman po ang FFL at maykarapatan din po naman silang
gumamit nang CFC name Kasi naman po
iba ang meaning Kundi
"Cay Frank Cila - Furong Frank Lang".
Mali po ang CFC, iba po ang meaning nila.

Anonymous said...

It seems Frank Padilla sees himself as above all, aobove the IC and above the EA. He says the the elections pushed through by the IC & EA is legalistic not spiritual. Don't you think the IC & EA prayed about their own decisions? Does FP think he alone has the gift of discernment?

Honestly, its good riddance, the community has experienced a revival never seen in years!