Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bishop Reyes Speaks As Well

In what appears to be a re-statement of what he said after the dialogue, Bishop Reyes gives update on CFC name usage:

MANILA, May 6, 2008—CBCP Episcopal Commission on the Laity Chairman and Antipolo Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes said the Couples for Christ – Foundation for Family and Life may use the name Couples for Christ (CFC) with the addition of Foundation for Family and Life in the Philippines, provided the bishop of the diocese will permit them.

In an interview immediately after the newly-launched Catholic Media Network-CBCPNews sponsored public affairs program The Forum Tuesday morning, Bishop Reyes said “in the dioceses in the Philippines there can be two groups of the CFC provided again the bishop of the place will permit.”

He added “if the bishop of the place wants only one then the bishop has to be followed.”

He further said “Abroad Couples for Christ – Foundation for Family and Life may not use CFC in their names.”

As far as the CFC/Gawad Kalinga under the leadership of Bro. Joe Tale will just go on with Gawad Kalinga provided they make those corrections that they should not over-emphasize social work at the expense of the ongoing evangelization, catechesis, and formation of the family.

“They should not receive or stop receiving funds from pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptives and they should make a public apology on these mistakes they have done in the newspapers,” Bishop Reyes said.

He further said they already did in one of the national broadsheets however it was not on the first section.

“I hope there will be peace. After all the field for apostolate is so wide, let both groups retain the name CFC and each goes his way to serve Christ and co-exist peacefully as brothers and sisters in Christ,” the prelate said.

Asked if the CBCP Commission on the Laity will do periodic evaluations into the activities of the Couples for Christ, Bishop Reyes said “only the Pontifical Council for the Laity has authority to supervise but if they will delegate us, we can.” However, the prelate added ‘in the diocese, the bishop has the authority over them and can monitor them.” (Melo M. Acuña)

Seems to me that this was already made clear back in August of last year, when Bishop Reyes stated that:
“The Couples for Christ for Family and Life led by Bro. Frank Padilla is now recognized as a diocesan private association of the faithful in the Diocese of Antipolo,” Bishop Reyes said. He added the group may go into other dioceses with the permission of the bishop of the place."

But Frank and co. were trying to get around that little issue by going straight to the president of the CBCP. Let me remind you all about their gleeful war-cry.

Also, can I just ask, what is with the nitpicking?

“They should not receive or stop receiving funds from pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptives and they should make a public apology on these mistakes they have done in the newspapers,” Bishop Reyes said.

He further said they already did in one of the national broadsheets however it was not on the first section."
When you said kneel, dear Bishop, did you mean touch our heads to the ground?

One last thing.
“They should not receive or stop receiving funds from pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptives and they should make a public apology on these mistakes they have done in the newspapers,” Bishop Reyes said.
Just to remind him, in case they forgot, that was done under Frank's watch. He should apologize as well. Maybe a full page ad will do just fine.

While he's at it, Bishop Reyes should ask Caritas to apologize too.

Let me just say, I am close to tears as I write this entry. It saddens me so deeply to have to involve another organization that, like CFC and GK, is only trying to help the poor and contribute to society the best way that they can. I am doing this against my conscience, but this hypocrisy has to stop. If Bishop Reyes will continue to be the mouthpiece of Frank Padilla, then he has to stand by his actions and words and go after all the catholic-based organizations who are receiving donations from "pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptives."

I pray every night, for the day I can put this blog to rest. I am tired.

I'm tired of seeing the worst of human nature besmirch the good work of an organization that is sincerely just trying to do GOOD and spread the Lord's Message, through its work and its service to those Jesus considered His people.

How much longer do we have to keep dragging ourselves in the mud for one man's pride?

Frank, please, just stop it already, haven't you done enough? Take the experience you gained from leading CFC all these years, and move on. You will do well and we will all pray for you to be successful, this I can promise you.

Bishop Reyes, if you are hoping for peace as you say, I implore you to correct your friend who started this war in the first place.


Fortes In said...

I salute you CD.

Anonymous you may be, but you are at the forefront of this war.

I hope and pray you can hang in there for a little while longer. We're almost there brother!

God bless!

Anonymous said...


Courage Brother!

Persevere, Forbear!

The battle is still not over yet.

It's penetrating in the Church Hierarchy already.

Stand Firm.

CFC only

Anonymous said...

I hope and Pray that Cardinal Rylko will make a final Decision.

Itong si Bishop Reyes ang lalong nakalito sa lahat.

Anonymous said...


Dont stop and give up!

Take a Rest, you can update this blog after a good night rest.

You need it.

CFC only

BishopBlunder said...

With Bishop Gabby's new pronouncements, this, I believe, will be the straw that will break the camel's back.

How can a Bishop blatantly defy a Vatican pronouncement which clearly says..."NO OTHER ASSOCIATIONS CAN USE THE NAME COUPLES FOR CHRIST."

Anonymous said...

Courage brother! Thousands are with you. You are our TRUE VOICE in this wilderness!!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw in the publication (forgot which issue) that there was a line that said "We also accept donations from pharma companies"

Anonymous said...

While we are being erroneously accused of partnering with corporations who are perceived to be anti-life, isn't it the right time now to research and make a well-founded paper on the various church institutions so that the Philippine Catholic Church hierarchy may know the duplicity of criticizing CFC while at the same time 'looking the other way' relative to the financial support of Catholic CARITAS, RADIO VERITAS, AND WHOEVER ELSE (like parish priests who have received funds from cigarette and/or liquor manufacturers, PCSO, or even perhaps those whose business is in motels, etc to build their churches)and then submit this paper/research to the POPE and Cardinal Rylko!

That will finally exorcise the church of this 'evil' thing (they consider it so!). I do not think Cardinal Rosales is not aware of the contributions to Caritas made by the companies in the advertisement you are showing here. I think I even saw somewhere a PCSO report whereby a substantial amount was given to a certain Diocese...was it Bayombong?

Questions are:
1. WHY IS CARDINAL ROSALES AND THE OTHER BISHOPS not requiring a public apology on CARITAS?
2.WHY ARE THEY NOT GIVING CARITAS the equivalent of a pastoral cease and desist order?

This is the problem.....simply because this supposed spiritual director of CFC -- Bishop Reyes -- sided with everything Qoheleth II said and started bad-mouthing CFC even if he is in conflict situation with us, the CFC he is supposed to be spirituality directing, our partnering with pharma companies is much talked/made news about while CARITAS and RADIO VERITAS merrily receive funds from these so-called tainted sources!

I saw it written in this blog... if the church were a corporation, BISHOP REYES should have been fired for loss of trust.

so another question:


[cd, YOU MAY REMOVE LAST TWO SENTENCES if you think it is sacrilegious;]

Anonymous said...

Vatican, the Center of the Catholic Church, has spoken......"no other association can use the name Couples for Christ.", who is disobedient?

Kawawa naman kaming mga katolikong cfc na taga Rizal, iniwanan na ng lider, ganito pa ang aming...

our dear bishop,

mas marami po kami dito sa rizal na di lumipat sa ffl, we stayed with the real cfc (you can check the database with our sector leaders).napakasakit pong marinig ang ganitong stand, para kaming tupang pinabayaan ng pastol, lalo pong nag-udyok ng division.
di po ba mas maganda kung himukin nyo na lang si tito frank ng bumalik?welcome na welcome po siya. sa totoo lang po, namimiss na namin yung mga dati naming kasama na nasa ffl na ngayon.

sensya na po, totoong damdamin lang...

taga eastb


tuloy lang kapatid, malapit na tayo dun, i am praying...

Bro. Waray said...

I agree with (8:22)Anonymous' point "CAN'T CFC NOT FIRE BISHOP REYES AS SPITIRUAL DIRECTOR?". I think CFC can formally request the Catholic Church to replace Bishop Gabby Reyes as the CFC spiritual director with another one who shares the vision/mission of CFC. There is a lot of work to do and CFC cannot move forward with just one feet while it's supposedly spiritual guide is dragging the other feet backwards. I firmly believe that Bishop Reyes has lost his effectiveness to stirr CFC forward.
CD, please hang in there. The battle is far from over.
God bless!
Bro. Waray

Anonymous said...

“I was told that Bishop Gabby Reyes met with the CFC International Council last Wednesday afternoon and that he was fuming mad over the negative publicity he attracted.”

Bishop Gabby Reyes did these things to himself.

“During the meeting, Bishop Reyes reportedly declared that recognition of CFC in the Philippines is on a diocese-to-diocese basis.”

This will create further confusion, division and scandal among the faithful. I don’t know why he can not see all these things.

“… your name ‘Couples for Christ’ can not be used by any other association.” - Stanislaw Cardinal Rylko

I think Bishop Reyes is the one who is disobedient here.

“They should not receive or stop receiving funds from pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptives and they should make a public apology on these mistakes they have done in the newspapers,” Bishop Reyes said.

He further said they already did in one of the national broadsheets however it was not on the first section."

Dear Bishop, how many times do you want us to apologize? Do you need to tell those things in public? Isn’t it better that you just tell us that you are not satisfied with our apology and you want us to apologize again?

Anonymous said...
Why doesn't CFC change its Spiritual Director?

One that would support instead of put down.

One that would uplift instead of discourage.

I vote Bishop Arguelles to replace Bishop Reyes.

Bro/Sis, I second the motion!

West B, GK Advocate

Anonymous said...

yes CD... i am tired... of hearing what is not true... especially coming from a good bishop... why can't he just stop... we were taught as early as in our childhood that if you cannot say anything good just keep your mouth shut... i don't like to say what i am saying now because that is not what my parents taught me but i am really disappointed by Bp Reyes accusations... calling the spiritual director of our spiritual director... RED EB

malachi3/widows might said...

To dear Bloggers and CFC Brethren please let us not allow ourselves to be drawn into an emotional discussion of these issues. Satan will be happy if we do,lets channel all these frustrations to positive emotions such as patience and perseverance. The actions of FFL Leaders and Bishop Gabby Reyes reflect the sayings in scripture that the devil mimics the voice of God. Clearly it is not FFL Leaders and Bishopp Gabby Reyes speaking and acting here but the enemy. The writing on the wall is very clear and FFL and Bishop Gabriel Reyes are not recognizing or accepting it. Again no amount of reasoning will suffice only exorcism. Let's leave it all to God. Let's not allow the enemy to succeed in destroying CFC from within the Catholic Church,lets continue to pray and watch. CD we are with you all the way. Bring it on FFL but be sure you are acting in behalf of God.

malachi3/widows might said...

Please remember Bishop Yalung the bishop who fell out of grace. He was replaced by Bishop Gabriel Reyes. I have more respect for Yalung he admitted his weaknesses and sinfulness and left the clergy. Bishop Reyes please be objective,Vatican has spoken you should obey the Vatican,do you know how to read? it says only one CFC.The late Cardinal Sin did not allow a splinter group of Bukas Loob sa Dios to use its name. Now that splinter group is named Serviam and since then they have moved on and have been blessed. I definitely have more respect for Cardinal Sin. Bishop Gabby you are turf building,"your" diocese is not yours its God's you are only a steward. Read Qouheleth's book Friend or Foe it has something to say about clergy building turf thereby being an obstruction to the plan of God. Qouheleth is the pen name of Bro Frank Padilla your good friend and benefactor. Speak the truth Bishop Reyes,our God is a God of second chances, speaking of starting over, pwede ka nga pala mag confess ng mga kasalanan mo kay Bro. Frank he was authorized by the Vatican to be confessor para its between you and him lang total close naman kayo, also ask him about the meaning of mortal sin he is an expert on that. Let's walk the talk Bro Frank and Bishop Reyes let's not be hypocrits.

Athrun Atreides said...

Hello CD. Believe it or not, I know how you feel. At least dito, puro CFC saka FFL ang kasama sa discussion. Pero pagka nasa Wikipedia, maraming tao na outside of the community ang nakakapansin.

I'll just print the following comments as an example:

"This is a shameless promo piece" - Pichpich, on the Gawad Kalinga article (May 5, 2008)

"I've tagged the article as biased. It's unacceptable to have a glorification piece like this that doesn't contain a single third-party reference! Anyone saying that such sources are hard to find should learn about Google." - Pichpich (again), on the Couples for Christ article (May 5, 2008) (This comment was a response to my argument that references on the history of CFC in the Internet are rare.)

"Remove completely. Hopelessly unencyclopedic." - Tagishsimon, referring to the old version of the CFC Vision and Mission section in the CFC article (November 28, 2007) (It wasn't removed; the vision and mission statements cannot be edited without losing their meaning. Tagishsimon also made this comment in the YFC article.)

"Ang tatapang ng mga apog nyo akala nyo ba titingalain tayo ng tao kapag nakita nila 'to? Pinagtatawanan na nga tayo ng tao dadagdagan nyo pa?" - CFCAko, on the CFC article (November 2, 2007) (This user persisted in deleting the FFL reference, which was then a section in the CFC article. This user was eventually blocked by other Wikipedians for vandalism.)

There are few Wikipedians from hereabouts that I know of (actually, that would only be Ryan of YFC Florida and Akosikenn; sorry if I forgot many more).

Checking out those articles and ensuring that they are truthful are really tiring, and it is compounded by the fact that not that many people are helping. The Wikipedians who made those comments have kept it at that, merely comments, and they have not lifted a finger to help ease the burden. I concede that the CFC etc. articles are not that objective/neutral, but...kami-kami lang ba talaga ang may magagawa? Hindi rin naman kami magaling mag-Wikipedia, para ngang OJT ang ginawa namin kung tutuusin.

I'm very sorry CD, I'm ranting...

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

On the question of whether CFC can "fire" its Spiritual Director, the answer is YES, the CFC can, in the same way that we can freely choose our Board of Elders and International Council. It is in Cannon 324, which reads as follows (emphases mine):

Can. 324 §1. A private association of the Christian faithful freely designates its moderator and officials according to the norm of the statutes.

§2. A private association of the Christian faithful can freely choose a spiritual advisor, if it desires one, from among the priests exercising ministry legitimately in the diocese; nevertheless, he needs the confirmation of the local ordinary.

By implication, we can freely engage or disengage with Bishop Gabby Reyes.

Being a private association, CFC enjoys autonomy—which a few in the clergy often points out in a negative light. But, lest we fall into erroneous conclusions, we are always subject to the vigilance of the appropriate ecclesiastical authority (Canon 323), which in our case, being an international association, is the Holy See (Canon 322/312).

Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

Hi brothers and sisters in CFC,

I'm a FFL member and always reading this blog to know what's going on. Can someone point me to Cardinal Rylko's letter stating that no other association can use the name CFC? Just requesting. Peace lang tayo!

Thanks and God bless you all.

C.D. said...

Hang in there Athrun, we all have our crosses to bear. I hope that the appreciation for what you do makes yours lighter. Persevere, make like Nemo and just keep swimming. =)


Deo Volente said...

To the anonymous FFL member who is looking for Cardinal Rylko's letter stating that no other association can use the name CFC...

I have not seen it officially coming from the International Council as I think they respect the expectation of privacy by the sender (and other possible reasons I listed here).

You can see it from FFL web sites and FFL emails. One instance is this from FFL-Texas.

God bless you brother or sister. Love is not lost between us!

observer said...

please try visiting the following url and you will love the reparte of the commenters or better yet, just click my above name;

thanks and God bless.

Athrun Atreides said...

Thank you CD :-) I hope you're doing good as well. God bless you.

WillyJ said...

Let us take stock of the events thus far.

1. Bishop Reyes is technically or shall we say "legalistically" right in stating to the the effect that bishops exercise prerogatives over their respective dioceses in the matter of recognizing both CFC and CFC-FFL, or either one of them. In the same manner, the bishops exercise their individual prerogatives in the use of the name CFC. Bishops/Archbishops are directly answerable only to the Pope, while Parish priests are directly answerable only to their respective bishops. While it may be technically permissible, Bishop Reyes' pronouncement creates a decided tension with the statement of Cardinal Rylko. Ordinarily, Cardinal Rylko's official statements in his capacity as President of the Pontifical Council of the Laity should have brought enough weight into the matter, because in essence official statements from the Roman Curia carries the weight of the Pope's administrative authority. It is a messy picture.

2. There are about 81 dioceses in the Philippines. We are now looking at a situation wherein there is the question of whether each bishop will go by Bishop Reyes' position. As Cardinal Rylko's letter containing the CFC name use restriction is supposedly addressed only to Joe Tale as CFC IC head, copied to Bishop Reyes as the CFC spiritual director and head of the local commission of the Laity, the other bishops in the rest of the dioceses are under no clear directives on whether to allow the liberal use of the name CFC or not. Under these conditions, it is expected that the individual bishops will exercise their own judgment, as Bishop Reyes does not have the authority to impose on the rest of the bishops. Considering the pattern of events, I will not be surprised if FFL and/or CFC for that matter will be approaching all the rest of the bishops to actively press for their stand on the matter. Again, I am seeing a messy picture for everyone of us regardless of affiliation. It could turn ugly as well if it is not ugly already. Where again is decisiveness when we needed it?

3. I have heard of calls for the resignation/removal of Bishop Reyes as CFC Spiritual Director. While I can personally empathize with such calls, I believe it is not prudent nor practical to take this posture in the interest of maintaining close harmony with the Church hierarchy, regardless of the personalities involved, as well as the reality that bishops can be ultimately "fired" only by the Pope. Choosing a spiritual director is one thing according to Canon law, but firing one is another matter, you have to petition a higher Church authority (the Pope is the local ordinary in this case, as applied to Bp Reyes). We must therefore exhaust conciliatory initiatives in the spirit of charity in action. I can see one such avenue where we can still work harmoniously within the system, and that is through the CBCP. Although CBCP is a collegial body, it can be tasked to issue pastoral directives to all dioceses when it acts in union with the Holy See. The proper way I believe is for the CBCP to seek official clarification on the CFC name use through the Vatican Pontifical Council of the Laity, and to issue the directive consequently with dispatch. The directive must be as crystal-clear as can be, which leaves no room for further clarifications. Malinaw na malinaw na malinaw please lang this time, pwede ba. CBCP could do this under its own volition in the light of this messy and ugly affair, otherwise, CFC IC or FFL can petition the CBCP to seek the clarification to end this matter really as in really, really once and for all. For the good of everyone. Hayy, tama na please.

4. Whew, talaga namang nakakapagod and nakaka-frustrate nga talaga ito CD, tama ka. Totoong nakaka iyak naman talaga.

But hang in there all of you. Remember, He promised us a "Helper" who will be with us to the end of days.

God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

hay tumaas ang hits ng CBCP because of this...

IDotRCFC said...


I have to admit, I was waiting eagerly for your lucid analysis. Thanks you for that. Might I request that you email me?



jonitanitayturin said...

CD and ALL:

Hi! I said I was off here, but I’ll explain …

I confess and ask pardon that I lied when I said I would “sign off” after my last post there in the “Council Statement 14-18-08” thread last May 1. Actually, I continued posting as “Anonymous” which include 3 responses to Bro. Jacobo Pumaling and Bro. Mero .

I am making this confession for my own healing, for a “moment of God’s grace”, towards a refreshing start in this fight for the Truth of the Cross, for the Good Fight of Faith.

Like Fortes and thousands of others, I also say, hang in there, CD. We couldn’t be like marionettes consigned to unquestioningly obey a “dictatorial” system. You’ve provoked CFC minds and hearts in this democratic forum that has seen the flowering of fresh, useful, and sensible ideas and opinions in the interest of Truth. So, take the needed rest, Dear Brother, while your brethren man the ramparts.

In defense of Truth, the Cross may be a scandal; for love of the Cross, Truth will wipe out Evil. So, we empathize with your pained plaint at pointing their attention toward Caritas, too, if only to suggest that they paint the face of scandal correctly. But we recall blogger Psalm1915: “Its all about surrender, humility, obedience and grace...Its not about justice, righteousness...”



Anonymous said...

As per Bishop Gaby said.. “I hope there will be peace."

looking at the comments in CBCP news it turned out differently from what he is hoping for

WEST C dec2006 member said...

Please...let's make a request that our SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR be REPLACED!
Nakakaiyak na po itong ginagawa sa atin ng ating butihing BISHOP.
Masakit po ang mga pahayag nya... isn't the good Bishop reading and believed on the facts.
Obviously he is "LAWYERING" the FFL.
Ang IC humingi na ng tawad, ang FP di ko pa narinig,
FP nagresigned pero nakikialam sa CFC.
Ang FP di naman founder pero pinipilit kunin ang ngalan ng CFC. Ang FP ayaw sa over-emphasize on social work ng GK pero sa author/co sponsor ng anti-life bill HB3773 naniniwala- take note member pa nya.

Lord God sorry po...

mike said...

is there a way for us to get Bishop Reyes' attention?

can we send email directly to him?

aside from praying what else can we do?

johnpaul said...

is there a way for us to get Bishop Reyes attention?

can we send emails, also letters directly to him?

aside from praying, is there anything we can do?

Bishop Gabby!

What else do you want from us in CFC?

We cannot force people from FFL to be with us if they don't want to!

There is more confusion and many are hurting both from CFC and FFL.

To the other archbishops/bishops can you not help put a stop to this.

can anyone tell me?

Anonymous said...

Hindi naman po yata talaga matatapos ang issue na ito. At ang malungkot nga ay ako (at baka kayo na rin) ay nasaktan at nainis at nakapagsalita ng masakit na ikinahiya ko nang mahimasmasan ako sa aking galit. At iyon na nga, ang pinagaawayan natin ay ang PANGALAN lamang na COUPLES FOR CHRIST.

May nagsasabi sa atin na dapat lamang ipaglaban o depensahan ang ating komunidad. Sino po ba talaga kaya ang kalaban? Alam po ninyo, sa tingin ko si Frank Padilla ay hindi na talaga hihinto hanggang hindi niya nakukuha ang pangalang CFC. Ang buong alam po niya kasi kanya iyon. Pati na ang recognition sa Vatican siya nga naman ang lumakad noon. Kaya nga napilitan niyang aminin sa lahat na inaangkin niya ang titulong founder ng CFC.

Nagresign siya noong Pebrero 2007 dahil kaya ayaw niyang matalbugan siya ni Tony Meloto? Nagresign nang una si TM, hindi ba? Kung hindi nag-resign si Frank, siguro hindi na nangyari ang lahat nang ito. Ipina-postpone niya na lang ang elections at siguro lahat ay sumunod dahil masunurin naman tayo kay Frank noon. Hindi na kailangan ang easter group. (Kaya nga lang baon pa rin malamang sa utang ngayon ang CFC.) Hindi na kailangang isama ang mga bishops sa issue. Kung nag-veering away at may mga palpak sa GK siguro kung si Frank ang nasa taas pa rin, baka may gagawin siya. Ang isang scenario baka na-marginalize na ang GK kasi kailangan ni Frank ang renda sa kaharian ni TM.

Pero bakit nga ba nagresign si Frank? Pride nga lang ba? Sa tingin ninyo ipinlano kaya nila Frank, Gerry, atbp. and paghiwalay noong mga unang buwan pa lamang ng 2007?

Naalala ko lang ang talk ni Fr. Sobrejuanite sa EA retreat bago magpulong kung may eleksiyon na kung saan ay kitang-kita ang galit sa mukha ni Frank. Hindi kaya prophetic ang retreat na iyon? Kung sa bagay sabi ng eastergroup planted daw si Fr. Sobrejuanite ng mga pro-GK. Pero baka lang may kaunting katotohanan na galing kay Holy Spirit ang mga salita noong retreat na iyon

(Mahaba na, itutuloy ko na lang po sa susunod na kabanata.)

Bro. C. Tsew

Anonymous said...

“PCSO says it gives regular donations to Church groups

By Beverly T. Natividad, Jeannette Andrade, Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:52:00 03/08/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- Amid perceptions that the political crisis roiling the Arroyo administration has divided the influential Catholic Church, reports emerged that some Church organizations have been recipients of generous funding from cash-rich state agencies.
The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, for instance, is an acknowledged donor of the diocese of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, and of Radio Veritas, to name just two Church-related beneficiaries.

Not tit for tat

Bayombong Bishop Ramon Villena said that the funds given to his diocese were "not a tit for tat thing."
"It has no relation with GMA," he said, referring to the President by her initials.
"The PCSO gave [the funds] because of the [hospital] project. This is something regular that was arranged long ago," Villena added in Filipino.
Cedro said a P1.6-million assistance to Bayombong was given in November 2006 for the "renovation and rehabilitation" of the Indigenous People's Hospital at the request of Bishop Villena.
2nd tranche last month
Villena, however, spoke of a P1.6-million grant being given to his diocese "last month" which he said represented the "second tranche" of a PCSO donation to the hospital.
The first tranche, for about the same amount, was given last year, he said.
The source said a check that went to the Diocese of Bayombong was dated Feb. 27, 2007, amounting to P1,666,666.70.
Cedro said the PCSO-funded hospital in Villena's diocese would benefit 18 tribes scattered in 14 municipalities.
As for Radio Veritas, Cedro said a P2.5-million "financial assistance" was given to the Church-run radio station last year in line with the "long-standing relationship" between the agency and the station.
Continuing process
"It is a continuing process. Since time immemorial, we have been providing assistance to Radio Veritas for various Church-based programs," Cedro said.
"This is nothing new. It's been going on for several years. The relationship goes way back. It goes back to previous administrations," he said.
In a phone interview, Veritas operations manager Lani Cabral said the PCSO made "regular ad placements" in her station, but said she had to check with the finance department regarding the P2.5 million figure quoted by the Inquirer source.”

[The foregoing is a verbatim quote of portions of the B. Natividad & J. Andrade Report on March 08, 2008 in the Phil. Daily Inquirer, as quoted by the ABS-CBN Interactive.

For the complete article, please click on http: //]

Now here is the question for Cardinal Rosales and Cardinal Vidal, (I’ve lost interest in listening to the Bishops who are pro-Frank for Life):

1. why is it that the clergy not chastising, admonishing, warning, reprimanding Bishop Ramon Villena of Bayombong for receiving money from PCSO?

2. why is it that the clergy not chastising, admonishing, warning, reprimanding RADIO VERITAS from receiving funds from PCSO, not only on a one time basis but on a continuing arrangement?

3. why is there no demand for a public apology for the scandal this has caused nor a demand for the two recipients not to receive further funds from PCSO?

4. why is there no word of caution given by the two Cardinals on Bishop G. Reyes, when he actually creates a scandal in the church and in the lives of the members of CFC because of his being biased for Frank Padilla, the famous architect of splits?


How in heavens name can we defend the church when the leaders of the church are not firm on their positions about funds from tainted sources?

Yes ok – if Radio Veritas and Bishop Villena are the recipients but no if it is GK!

Bishop Gabby Reyes had all the time in the world to question CFC and its Ministry GK, about questionable partnerships at the start, when his favorite Frank Padilla was still the Exec. Director of CFC but he kept himself quiet! But just as soon as Mr. Frank Padilla splits, he all too suddenly takes notice of the affairs of CFC (even if for many years, he was essentially ignored by Frank Padilla while Frank Padilla was in command of CFC!)

How can we church goers believe that there is sincerity in the heart of Bishop Reyes when as Spiritual Director of CFC, he makes a campaign in the meetings of CBCP for the rest of the other Bishops to accept FFL in their Diocese? Isn’t this a BIG SCANDAL in the Church itself all because of the inseparable friendship of PADILLA-REYES that was born last February or March of 2007?

I appeal to Cardinal Rosales and Cardinal Vidal, please do something about this!

Bro.Waray said...

Brothers and Sisters,
Todays post seems to be related to today's First Reading and the email Reflection I subscribed from the Good News Reflection Ministry. Allow me to share these with you by quoting portions of the reading and the article with the title "Recognizing wolves in sheep's clothing"

Acts 20:28-35
At Miletus, Paul spoke to the presbyters of the Church of Ephesus:
“Keep watch over yourselves and over the whole flock
of which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers,
in which you tend the Church of God
that he acquired with his own Blood.
I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you,
and they will not spare the flock.
And from your own group, men will come forward perverting the truth
to draw the disciples away after them.
So be vigilant and remember that for three years, night and day,
I unceasingly admonished each of you with tears.
And now I commend you to God
and to that gracious word of his that can build you up
and give you the inheritance among all who are consecrated.
I have never wanted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing.
You know well that these very hands
have served my needs and my companions.
In every way I have shown you that by hard work of that sort
we must help the weak,
and keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus who himself said,
‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Now here are portions of the reflection article:

"In today's first scripture, St. Paul warns about "savage wolves" who harm the flock of Christ. They come from within, he says, and pervert the truth. Why? "To draw the disciples away after them." This, to use a modern cliché, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sometimes it's a wolf in shepherd's clothing, which is far worse, because the sheep are more vulnerable, since they naturally trust their shepherds.

Wolves that come from within are those who push their own agendas or deliberately make themselves look important. We all do this from time to time. A common wolfishness is to manipulate others into giving us what we want. Whenever we try to control others for our personal benefit, we are wolves in sheep's clothing; we call ourselves Christian, but in fact we're hiding behind this title to feel safe while behaving very unlike Christ.

Wolves pervert the truth because they have to; it's the only way they can get the sheep to follow them. Instinctively, Christian sheep recognize that a wolf is a wolf, because the Holy Spirit within us is giving us good discernment and has taught us how to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd. But when a wolf seems to be a sheep who's following Christ, or worse, when a wolf is one of Christ's shepherds who has perverted his vocation, we have to be vigilant, as St. Paul said. We have to remain so deeply in prayerful union with Christ that we hear the Holy Spirit's warnings.

A true sheep of the flock and a true shepherd of Christ "can build you up and give you the inheritance" of God; a wolf tears down. A true Christian does not serve the kingdom of God to build up his bank account; a wolf loves money more than he loves people. The hands of a true Christian serve the needs of his friends; a wolf is more interested in having friends who meet his needs. A true Christian helps the weak; a wolf takes advantage of the weak. A true Christian understands the blessings that come from giving; a wolf is generous only when it's to his own advantage.

Jesus consecrated us all to the truth, as it says in today's Gospel passage. We have the ability, through the Spirit of Truth, to discern the truth and to feel uncomfortable with lies.
(End of the article)

God bless mga Kapatid!

cfc usa servant said...

News has it as of May 5th, Bp Reyes has already resigned as CFC Spiritual Director. A letter from the IC has already been sent out advising members of this news.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Reyes resigned as spiritual director!

Anonymous said...

O ayan ha!

Nag-resign si Bishop.

Baka sabihin niya later, sinibak siya just like Frank Padilla and some ex-CFC leaders.

p.e. said...

haay! sadya ngang nakakapanlumo ang pahayag na ito ni bsp gabby reyes. kung taga antipolo lang ako, lilipat na ako ng diocese.

pero tuloy ang laban mga kapatid! fight the good fight of faith, ika nga ng kanta.

solidyfc said...

I think t2 cd :D magandang ipost ung PArt 3 nung origins...:) actually, there's a thing there were Fr. Herb Scheider prepared a proposal BEFORE the split happened...and that is to.

The Proposal…
But, there was no need for all the pain and resentment, unknown to Frank and the CFC council, Fr. Herb
drafted a proposal as a response to the issues that beset CFC.
One significant paragraph in this proposal stands out:
“LNP is genuinely concerned for the sound development of CFC. We want it to be long-range effective for
Church and family renewal. Let me propose the following approach, let us give Couples For Christ its
independence from us and also let us not insist that the executive director be a LNP member.”

Dante said...

And while the bishop is at it he could also ask the Dominicans at UST to stop accepting Pfizer's donations (major donor) to the College of Medicine where Pfizer runs and supplies the computer room for faculty and students alike. While the bishop is doing that, he can also recommend that the Jesuits in Ateneo should stop their partnership with Pfizer and the government in its Leader for Health Program.

Then UST Hospital must also be asked not to accept "gambled" money from PAGCOR since UST is run by a Catholic group called Dominicans. What about the donations from Angelo King who used to be the motel king? Should his donations be returned also and the Angelo King Audionviual Center and Auditorium, both in UST, be locked up and Catholics not allowed to use those venues for conferences and lectures because they come from tainted money?

Let us be consistent and ask the priests to check whose money they receive in the collection plate as they might come from anti-life workers from anti-life companies.

Shall we?

Anonymous said...

Deo Volente said: "God bless you brother or sister. Love is not lost between us!"

Your short statement is full of love and concern. I really appreciate it. Thanks Bro Deo. You are indeed an honorable person and a true Christian.

God bless.

Bro. GS - FFL

Ernie said...

To solidyfc and everybody,

Here is the the Final Cut of
Origins of CFC Part 3

The crucial thing that Frank may have overlooked was as follows;

Unknown to Frank and the CFC council, Fr. Herb drafted a proposal as a response to the issues that beset CFC in 1993.

“LNP is genuinely concerned for the sound development of CFC. We want it to be long-range effective for Church and family renewal. Let me propose the following approach, let us give Couples For Christ its
independence from us and also let us not insist that the executive director be a LNP member.”

That proposal did not see daylight and they cast the dice one day too soon. It's all moot and academic, we can't turned back the clock.

We can only look back on HisTORY (God's story) and learn the hard lessons it reveals.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you.

Your post is so sincere thatit moves me to tears.

I do hope too that one day this blog will be put to rest.

My prayers.