Tuesday, February 26, 2008

God's Children

First off, I'd just like to say that I was trying my best to do as the IC had requested when they asked us to be still, and Love One Another. I was praying for things to settle down, for the FFL to do what they are supposed to be doing and maybe find their calling. Truth be told, I was sincerely hoping that the blog could be retired, having done its work. Don't get me wrong though, retired is different from tired, which I am not. It seems, there is much, much more work to do. I am now hoping that, after all the support we have shown in helping to put our house in order, we can all step up to form a united front to face the latest threats against CFC.

As the cliche goes, here we go again.

I've changed the colors of the blog just to get the attention of those who might have gotten used to the lack of updates lately. Also, it also signifies the same important reason why the Philippine flag is sometimes turned upside down.

(Don't worry, we'll be back to blue soon enough, lets just say that the present colors are reflective of my mood, in light of the current situation.)

So...where do I start?

Well, I was supposed to be posting the concluding 2nd part of the What's in a Name entry. It's been composed for a while now, and in fact it has evolved through the weeks, but for some reason I didn't feel ready to post it. Now I know why. I believe I was meant to wait for the latest events that have transpired.

To update everybody on just a small part of what's been happening:

The Archbishop of Jaro, Most Rev. Angel Lagdameo has issued a pastoral directive addressed to all Couples for Christ members in his Archdiocese of Jaro, basically stating that he accepts both the CFC and the FFL in his archdiocese. He goes on to exhort both groups to "...support each other in their respective apostolate."

The decree itself is normal, since if you all can recall Bishop's Reyes' official statement after the dialogue, he points out that the FFL, "...in order to to get official recognition from the Church...should start as a diocesan organization..." So, Bishop Lagdameo is only following the natural progression of things, as the FFL has probably applied for recognition, and he is approving it. Simple, right? Ah but there's the rub....

Bishop Lagdameo is the President of the CBCP, and as such, appears to carry the weight of the whole organization behind him. At least that's how the FFL would like for it to appear. He has also inserted some specific wording in his directive, that, among others, "orders" the CFC to recognize the "...peculiar role of the Founder of Couples for Christ, Frank Padilla."

(As an aside, I thought the "founder" point had already been made abundantly clear, HERE.)

This has since triggered a flurry of cyber activity, obviously with the FFL who have understandably reacted with glee, and with CFC members, who are seeing a new rift beginning because of the added confusion this is sowing worldwide.

Here are both pages of Bishop Lagdameo's circular:

I've wondered long and hard about how I should respond to this, actually, how any of us in CFC would, considering the seeming weight of the "orders." I know this situation has given more than a few of us headaches and lost sleep, caused mainly by, frustration.

Because how does one tell the president of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines that his action can possibly cause more harm than good? The answer? Good question.

If you need any more proof that prayer works though, look no further. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways, and sometimes, He just makes you wait. Turns out I didn't have to tell the good Bishop anything, I just had to show.

So here then, is my open letter to:


My most respectful greetings dear Bishop, I hope this letter finds you well and at peace.

This open letter is in response to your Circular No.209/04/2008, addressed to the members of Couples for Christ, both in the CFC and the FFL.

I would like, first of all, to thank you for the love and affection you so obviously show your flock, and in your resolve in pursuing peace and unity among the members of both the FFL and CFC. The example you have set should serve as a shining beacon for both groups, since the future and survival of either group rests in the resolution of their differences. It would be a shame to see the continued division and eventual dissolution of a religious organization that has so successfully brought thousands of people closer to God and the church.

The reason I am writing to you now though, was brought on by what seems to be confusion in interpreting your directive. I am re-printing your words here:
"I would like to make it known to everyone my pastoral directive for all the members Of Couples for Christ in the Archdiocese of Jaro:"
Please forgive my presumption but I understand this statement to mean that your directive covers only your Archdiocese of Jaro. It seem to me that this may have not been made clear enough to certain members of either community. A case in point, if I may bring to your attention certain emails referring to your directive and are now currently circulating in the communities, I quote here:
"let us fan out this attachment in the email so that all may know what the truth and nothuing but the truth, says. seek the lie-lows and third forces in your area and discuss this freely with them, and ask for a decision - if in the face of this document they still have reservations, then not even the Holy Spirit can help them.. when we talk "discernment" in CFC, it is spiritual discernment, as distinguished from human processes. if in the face of this, they still are skeptics, warn them that they could be sinning against the Holy Spirit which the bible says is unforgivable. every Christian, when confronted by the truth, can no longer hem and haw but proact on it with the free and unencumbered conscience."

*bold highlights mine

I think it is fairly plain to see how your noble intentions can be used to "persuade" and pressure people into an unprepared discernment, esp. under the threat of supposedly "sinning", when in truth, they've done nothing wrong.

Also, I'd like to point out the possibility, in their zeal to spread your esteemed directive, that some people could be missing a very key portion of it that states:

"3) That both groups must be faithful to the vision, mission and charism of the original Couples for Christ. They must support each other in their respective apostolate. They must refrain from destructive criticisms, competition and jealousy and manipulative behavior to destroy the other. This is not inspired by the Good Spirit."

*bold highlights mine
Contained in the same email, you may find that they might very well have skipped that section of your directive:
"...with it, let us go into the offensive. flush them out of the parish scene, exposing them as charlatans, if they continue to peddle lies and half-truths just to suit their their evil intentions."

*bold highlights mine
Bishop, I know that they do not mean to speak this way, especially in reference to such an inspired decree, it just may be that they might need the additional clarity that only you can provide.

I hope that I haven't taken too much of your valuable time, I write this open letter only in the hopes that this can be brought to the attention of those directly involved in these emails and in the spirit of brotherly correction, be reminded of the true spirit with which your directive was written.

Your Humble Servant in Christ,


The full text of those emails can be found below or download from HERE:


I personally don't know how the good Bishop will take such a letter, but really, it can't possibly be any worse than the FFL's Ado Paglinawan's gleeful email, can it? I wonder why they didn't copy the Bishop on it? Surely if it referred to his directive, he should be at least notified of their actions. It would be the most respectful thing to do.

Speaking of Ado's email, the way I received it, it had already been responded to by some of our brethren. One of the responses was very worth posting, so here it is in its entirety:

On 2/25/08, Norinna Palad < > wrote:

Thank you for this email, which came to my attention because you passed it on through friends and it finally got to my email.

First, I have to tell you that whatever circular Arcbishop releases as the Archbishop of Jaro is not binding on the other Archbishops of the Philippines. His being president of the CBCP is purely administrative and coordinative. He has no power over other bishops. Any pastoral decision affecting a nationwide scope has to be deliberated and voted upon by the entire CBCP.

First, for a statement to be officially issued in the name of the CBCP, it must have the approval of the majority of the members of the CBCP during plenary session. The "statements" often issued by Archbishop Lagdameo are not official CBCP statements because these were not voted upon during plenary session. These are simply his personal statements.

Second, simply because the CBCP has approved a statement does not mean that it is binding upon the consciences of the faithful. In order for a CBCP statement to command internal assent from the Filipino faithful (meaning, we can't disagree with it), it must have the following characteristics:

1) It must be UNANIMOUSLY approved by ALL members of the CBCP. If there is even only one bishop who doesn't approve, then the statement does not bind

2) If there is NO UNANIMOUS approval, the approval of the Holy See must FIRST be sought. No approval of the Holy See, no binding power.

This can be seen in the final paragraphs of "Apostolos Suos", a document issued by Pope John Paul II to rein in the abuses of the various national bishops' conferences throughout the world.

In all of these, we have to remain vigilant especially when invoking the Holy Spirit, lest we grieve Him by making or passing on statements given by others, to which individuals are ASKED to commit or agree to, LEST they commit the "unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit".. This is plain and simple HERESY. We ALL have the power to call upon the Holy Spirit for guidance and discernment., in order to make wise and individual decisions. No person can say that he has the sole prerogative of speaking for the Holy Spirit. Not even the Pope makes that claim, and not even the Pope says that those who disagree with him can never be forgiven..

Let us all be guided by the Holy Spirit at all times.

Your sister in Christ,
Nori Palad

Thank you Sister Nori, I couldn't have said it better myself. No really, I couldn't. I'm very glad I received that email after you've had your say.

So folks, it looks like it's back to the battle stations. Are you all ready?

I am.


garnet said...

Somebody sent me the email with Norinne's reply before I got to the blog. I am glad she readily sent that reply!!! I was downhearted to read Ado's email ( the source of banana split theory)- a true misinterpretation of Bishop Lagdameo's circular..
So they are in the offensive now...a year after Frank's resignation, don't you think that is enough time to see that Frank doesn't have the following...don't you think people would have rallied behind him if they could not see any other leader but him?
We have moved on and we are all eager to follow the directions of the Holy Spirit through our IC..so why won't FFL leave us alone?

malachi3/widows might said...

In the famous words of the Makati Business Club member Ramon Del Rosario " Bring It on". Biboy is not the founder of CFC. Godspeed once more to Nides Respiscio and Co.

Anonymous said...

This is marthe back from the doldrums, hohum. READ- gising na mga kapatid.

Yes I got all the emails, I got all the pictures, I got all the prayer requests. Who can miss out with the Easter group emails that hound you anywhere you look. Enough already!

I say we are the COUPLES FOR CHRIST...

They are FFLs, because:
1) Their home is at the Starmall,
*That's where I buy my grocery

2) They have trumpets,
*We have rings

3) They have Frank the "KEEPer" of the charism' Oh, BTW 'KEEP' him he is yours. Take good care of him.
*We don't need him, we have the IC

4) Last but not the least...

YES we are all God's children, but we must not act like kids. Ado wherever you are it is high time you start wearing pants. Throw away that lollipop and wash off the streaks from your face. Grow up!

Hey people, let us be the salt of the earth, just enough to make everything taste good not to destroy each others kidneys. Yes let us be the light of the world, not fire.
So stop it na.... PLEASE Easter people at the rate you are going you will burn the world.

To FFL guys, Happy Easter!
To our dear Bishops, peace lang tayo
To CFC all around the world, big hugs to you!!!

Is-Tat- Yu Frank? said...

The article from the easter group said:
Frank is the founder of CFC because Cardinal Sin (he is now dead) said so
Archbishop Lagdameo (Only in Jaro)said so
Bishop Gabby Reyes (Only in Antipolo) said so

Well FYI the statutes of CFC as approved by the Vatican says:
1.1 Membership may be terminated by the leadership for any of the following reasons:

• Serious unrepeated wrongdoing.
• Gross unfaithfulness to the covenant of CFC.
• Public opposition to CFC teachings and culture, as well as official Church teaching.
• Ongoing disruption of good order in the community.
• Any other act that would seriously undermine the life and mission of CFC.

So Yes I say bring it on to Frank Padilla and the Easter group.

First- lets draw up a list of all CFC who are now FFL who fall under the categories mentioned
Second- terminate their membership
Now what does that make of Frank Padilla- an Xmen!

A men! said...

I read with utter disbelief the article sent by the Easter Group about Frank Padilla. Half way thru the read, I knew it could only be written by Frank.

These are my comments to certain paragraphs:
1) "A number of times he even put it in writing to the CFC membership.He did not want to take claim to being founder."

*Yes, I heard him say that in his speeches, he even sounded coy about it. But yes, he doesn't really have a claim because it was Fr Herb Schneider who saw the need of a group for couples. When he saw women attending the prayer group without their husbands. Vic Gutierrez conceptualized the idea. He put together the CLP (adapted from the Growth in the Spirit Series and LSS) divided the 16 couples to 4 households. Eventually Raul Sarceda assisted Vic in the development of the formation courses. Raul was an expert in manuals. Eventually when he went on a mission, Frank was tasked to take over. All these time Vic Guttierez was his Pastoral leader. Yet, nowhere in this article do I see the name VIC GUTTIEREZ or Fr Herb Schneider!Ang taong di marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay di makarating sa pinaroroonan!

2) "LNP wanted restricted growth while CFC was moving into rapid and massive evangelization. So the very life and direction of CFC was the very threat seen by LNP to what it had envisioned. The separation was inevitable, if God was to be obeyed."

*In a position paper (official statement of LNP) regarding the separation of LNP and CFC dated March 30, 1993, that was not the case at all. I will fax CD with the article, for everyone to read. What Frank has been telling the community all these years were half truths!

3) "But how about 1981? The normal secular thinking is that the founder is the one who started the group. And that of course is LNP. But remember that we are talking about God’s work, and it is God who has His plan and intent for any authentic movement that He raises. God intended CFC to be what it became, and not what LNP wanted it to become. So more importantly, transcending human time and dimension, the relevant questions are: what was God’s intent for CFC, what was His plan, what did He ultimately intend to cause to happen, whom did He bring in at the very start to carry out His plan?"
"With this understanding, we can then accept that even for the very start, at the founding of CFC, God intended Frank to be the true
founder." "God intended CFC to be what it became after the separation." "But what God intended never changed---from 1981, through 1993, and now in 2007 and beyond"

*So now Frank Padilla knows what are the intentions of GOD? He knows what is the mind of GOD? I shudder at the thought! Who knows the mind of GOD? Who,pray tell me, in the bible claims he knows the mind of God? The bearer of light!!

4)"The founder and charism
The charism of a particular Church association is a gift given and entrusted to the founder. The charism is given to a particular person and not to a group of people. The charism is then shared by the founder with other people who decide that they have the
same calling as that of the founder. It is the founder, to whom the charism is given, who is responsible to properly respond to
the Spirit. Such responsibility cannot be delegated. The founder ensures that such charism is always rooted in Christ, otherwise it will be the charism itself that will divide the association. The founder interprets how the charism is lived out in the day-to-day life of the association. This is why the founder is also called the keeper of the charism. As such, the well-being and unity of the association, based on its particular charism, is dependent on the presence of the founder, for as long as he is living. God’s call to the founder is for life."

*I have goosebumps while I read these lines because I know that charisms are a gift from GOD! So now, I can get it from Frank when and if he wants to share it with me? No wonder we are now divided!

5)"In humility and submission to God’s will, Frank now also accepts that he is the founder
of CFC."
* Such arrogance to claim humility and submission to a God he claims he knows how he thinks, who claims he now has this ability to share and bestow charisms. A man who speaks half truths! He who speaks with a fork tongue, thank God is not my leader anymore!

Deliver us Lord from every evil. Amen!

dirtdiver said...

...I TOO AM READY! Battle station here in Geneva good for GO. I have recovered from a painful experience and I thank you all for praying for my father who passed away last year. Big Thank you to my father's CFC HH in Fairview who helped and supported my family.

God Bless us all.

C.D. said...


I think they convince themselves with the seats they fill in the smaller venues, seats filled by ALL their members and not just the Leaders. The FFL won't leave us alone because they feel their existence revolves around a name. =)


Agreed, bring it on, and Godspeed to Atty. Nides and Co. My thoughts are with them as is my full support.


Welcome back! I was waiting for your comments most of all. Thank you for showing how to do "tough love" properly.

Is-Tat- Yu Frank?:

Remember that the X-Men keeps coming back, in Pt.2, and Pt.3. In the last movie their LEADER/FOUNDER Prof. X even transferred his mind to another. Makes me wonder...

a men:

In my book, feigned humility is worse than arrogance. Feigned humility is like a snake in the grass, you don't see it until it is too late. At least we can spot Arrogance a mile away and avoid. Arrogance also has that particular quality to it; one can repent find true humility. Whereas, forked tongues will always be forked.


My condolences and prayers to you and your family. I hope that it has given you the strength to face the battle ahead. We all try to make our parents proud. I know I still do, constantly.

Welcome back to everyone! It is good to see you all, I feel as if you've been my 2nd family here.

I apologize for the absence. No excuses!

The IC has shown their resolve in fixing our house and finances through the OTBT campaign, now we have to help them keep our NAME free from confusion and strife.

Anonymous said...

Hi, all of these things happening in SFC turned me off. I joined SFC just early this year. I attended the SFC MMC and after that everything just went crazy. CFC-FFL and CFC-GK people started trash talking each other after the separation.

When I joined SFC my intention was to renew my faith and find a support group. When the "battle" started, I just left the group hoping to find an alternative. Right now I still have none and I am back on my sinful track.

I just hope that you guys, both CFC-GK and CFC-FFL focus on your original role of evangelization. All of these "love your brothers" thing turns into hypocrisy when you start venting words against each other, not in the spirit of constuctive criticism but pure hate.

SFC had been a good experience for me. I hope that you would be able to fix this crisis soon. People like me need you.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said,
"I just hope that you guys, both CFC-GK and CFC-FFL focus on your original role of evangelization. All of these "love your brothers" thing turns into hypocrisy when you start venting words against each other, not in the spirit of constuctive criticism but pure hate."
Bro or sis where have you been all these time, didn't you know that there was an SFC ILC conference which was a blast. It was the first in 15 years of conferences. The crowd was more than one could imagine.
Sayang, you were not around.You missed out on this one. There is no fixin this crisis because only God can do that. In the meantime we wait with prayers and patience and do what we are tasked to do, and that is to go surge ahead with our evangelization work!!!
A big big SFC hug to you!!!
BTW we are CFC not CFC-GK... correction po

Anonymous said...

Here in Vienna, my former HH Leader sent me this Bishop Lagdameo´s circular also. I wrote him back, saying that this is only for Jaro, which I came from and this does not mean He is speaking for the whole CBCP. And I added that if he still claiming to be CFC, he should help us pay the debt.

Athrun Atreides said...

To a men!:

*In a position paper (official statement of LNP) regarding the separation of LNP and CFC dated March 30, 1993, that was not the case at all. I will fax CD with the article, for everyone to read. What Frank has been telling the community all these years were half truths!

Please do send it to CD asap. If this is the real story, then it has to be told.

At least I would help in reflecting it here.

PS. Thankfully, the CBCP meeting ended without calling for Arroyo's resignation. I just hope and pray that should push comes to shove, CFC and GK would have disassociated themselves with Arroyo. (I just can't stomach the idea that we might be sustaining GK communities using ill-gotten wealth.)

PS. Um, is Jun Lozada a CFC member?

Anonymous said...

This is WOLSINK.
Hindi ko na ma access ang username ko dito sa blog eh.

WOW! I thought this was over. Hindi pa pala. And becoming more exciting. Just like CD, I thought this blog will retire because I knew we are all moving on for the work of God. Yes, we are truly moving forward and forward but biboy is still on No. 7 pa lang yata, correct me if I'm wrong.

CD kung ready to fight ka, YES I'm always ready for CFCGMFI. And from now on I will not hide behind my blogname WOLSINK for my name is EDWIN CRUZ of MM Central C AND I AM A COUPLES FOR CHRIST GMFI member.

Jiggs, nasaan ka na?


Edwin Cruz
Metro Manila Central C Sector
Governance Team Member
Pastoral Support

jiggs said...


good to see you back here. andito lang ako.

POWER HUG for YOU BIG BROTHER and to all those who frequent this BLOG!

its nice showing off your TRUE IDENTITY. i mean it for both - our real names and our community's real name is COUPLES FOR CHRIST! WALANG kadugtong yun na ano mang letra!

CD, Marthe and the rest, good to see you all back. DEFENDERS!

Jojo D. Peña
South A2B

mindbogger said...

dear cd and every blogger:

a power hug to all of you!

i kept on visiting the blogspot before today but i get the same intermitent updates, the latest was that of the baguio conference.

but, alas, today! yes, today! when i saw the new face of the blogspot, i know we are back at it again. and rightly so because FFL is at it once more.

i was kinda worried about our absence in cyberspace because i feel that FFL has their own version of the "first quarter storm" of our time. the way i see it, january to march 2008 is that period for a blitzkreig attack (poaching activities) they will make in metro manila, provinces and foreign countries (the first quarter of the year). they will claim a presence in an area even if it only means they have just one sympathetic soul there. it is not difficult for them to get a bishop's recognition because maribel already had that function of interfacing with the clergy while she was still CFC. filipinos, even if clergy, always defer to women. so you will now have a situation where, we, the legit CFC has to contend with FFL in certan areas because the bishop can't say no their presence. afterwards, they will submit to the CBCP the claim of such presence and voila.... possibly that body's recognition. then, they will follow it up with a fast tracked VATICAN recognition, perhaps.

this they would like to do before end of march 2008. it is a do or die situation for them.

btw, what made me long for the return of IDOTRC was when i received the e-mail on "frank padilla as founder of cfc". they sent it to me at least five times. underlining perhaps the belief that we are so thickheaded and dense that they need to crank their mails to us that many. on the one hand, they are intelligent and smart! duh!!!!!

well, what can i say of the latest praisefest they have for "biboy". nothing! he has never been humble... oh, i thought he was on all those times that i droll looking up to him as an anointed leader of the entire CFC. if ever he was anointed, he lost it feb 20, 2007 evening.

the arguments about being founder? nonsense! ask the LNP people....

but, yes... i feel the need for an outlet for us who feel a lot of love for the community. IDOTRC provides it.

so long for now.

power hugs again! i love you all, CFC brethren!

estelito.iii said...

w00t! bring it on? tagal ko nawala, akala ko rin tapos na ang lahat...

but right now i am at peace for sis. norinne has really said it all in her email reply.

best regards sa lahat ng mga lurkers/readers/commenters sa blog na ito.

mejo OT: ganda ng message ni Lord sa mga SFCs during the ilc. i believe meron mga ilang sharings sa cfconline.multiply.com, i urge all sfcs reading this blog baka may message kayo na narinig nung saturday night share nyo rin dun sa cfconline.multiply.com (C.D. sensya na sa plug)

God bless!!!

malachi3/widows might said...

To anonymous who calls us CFC GK , why don't you join El Shadai or JIL they don't have a Frank Padilla( remember Biboy, he resigned and yet pala wanted to be nominated in the June election- neither hot nor cold), who due to his pride formed another group and allowed himself to be used by satan.You should not be in this blog since you don't know where you belong, your still my brother or sister but I have higher respect for FFL members they have made their choice,while you are neither hot nor cold, be careful you know what God does to these kind people. If you still want to join SFC I can recommend a good pastoral leader for you. Another thing,
I recently learned that the lawyers of Biboy and FFL in this brouhaha he created is Sycip Salazar Law Office the no. 1 law firm in the country,they are that serious about getting our legal name,after making the big booboo of resigning,now he wants to be back in the driver's seat that badly. I can't imagine myself being led by a so called leader who is neither here or there.In the vernacular Bak... siya

Anonymous said...


to the ffl people...MOVE ON AND GET A LIFE...
if you really believe in your anointing why are poaching from cfc?
if you have the patent of the charism you mean kayo lang ang tama and the rest is wrong in choosing to stay...wow kayo lang ba kinakausap ng dios?
to FAP please stop acting like God...
to FFl stop making FAP God...
to all FFL is it ok now to call Tito Tony founder also? hehehe
If FAP is the embodiment of the CFC vision then why is her daughter working for the publisher of FHM?...100%pure?
to the Bishops supporting FFL...please be fair DON'T JUST SIDE WITH HE ELITE...

CFC Ostrich said...

The " battle " isn't over yet. Let's keep the faith in the present IC by living the CFC mission and vision,sharing it and defending it all the time.
If push comes to shove, then we should all be ready and geared up for “battle” to defend the real CFC. We are the wounded soldiers that do not retreat in the face of the enemy, we do not run from a fight. We stand our ground and using our spiritual weapons we fight the battle until the battle is over.

EDWIN said...

Ay sayang! I supposed to post here the additional verses of the "New CFC Song" but on second thought, baka i-copy ng mga FFL then i-claim nila para sa kanila yun. WOW! sorry for being pessimistic.

Kaya, may i request CFC IC or Louie Ocampo to make a copyright of the "New CFC Song" para wala ng kawala hanggat maaga pa. Mahirap ng mabaligtad as they are doing right now.

Kaya CD allow me to say this.....


Anonymous said...

thanks and God bless, brother frank and company.

as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!

Ryan Enage
CFC YFC Florida Sector
Music Ministry Head

Anonymous said...

Matagal-tagal na rin walang akong nakitang pagbabago dito sa IDOTRCFC at ako ay nagalak ng makita ko ang muling pagbabalik ni CD.

Nang mabasa ko ang pinakahuling kalatas ng Easter Group, ako ay nabagabag.

Palagay ko ang sumulat na founder ng CFC si FAP ay ang pagmumuni-muni lamang ng may akda sa bagay na ito dahil kaunti lamang ang makakaunawa sa nais ipahatid ng sumulat. Aba eh, pag ganyan naman talaga ang pagkakasulat, wala akong mai-iintindihan. Isa lamang ang tao sa CFC ang dating nakakasulat ng ganoon. Yun bang maraming naisusulat o nasasabi pero walang namang nais ipaunawa.

Kami ng aking maybahay ay matagal tagal na ring kasapi ng CFC. Sa mahabang panahon na yun ay palagi naming sinusunod ang mga turo at pangaral sa mga teaching at maging ang mga naging household heads namin. Eh bakit ng humiwalay si FAP ay sumama ang aking household head pero kami ng aking maybahay ay nandirito pa rin? Hindi kaya sila ang veering away dahil sila ang nag-akay sa amin? Paano magiging mali ang mga nakatandaan kong mga turo ng CFC eh, sila ng nagturo nito sa amin? Hindi ba sila rin ang mga nagsama sa amin sa Gawad Kalinga? Hindi ba pag mali, dapat iwasto? Hindi ba kung baluktot, dapat ituwid?

Yang pag-alis at pagsasalita ng hindi maganda sa mga taong dati mong itinuring na mga kapatid ay hindi angkop para sa mga taong tinitingala bilang mga lider.

Sige nga, ipaliwanag ninyo ito sa amin?


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MinaFrancisco said...

Right on, Nori! Hello again, fellow defenders!

BTW, mindbogger mentioned the "first quarter storm" (FQS). This leads me to this thought(unrelated to the blog topic, but related in spirit)- What do you think of the idea of gathering all CFCs (& family min members) who are UP alumni for U.P's 100th year celebration, to do one (or more) grand/special prayer assembly at the sunken garden? Let the Holy Spirit reign sa UP Nating Mahal.

Sa halip na clenched fist, sabi nga ni Nori, hands raised praising God and clasping the rosary. Sa halip na red flags, family ministry flags, instead of "We Shall Overcome", it will be "This is How we Overcome." Sa halip na rally, praise parade. Sa halip na "Makibaka, hwag matakot" it will be "Love One another, Love one another...!" kaya sama na rin pati FFL na UP alumni. Pwede kaya?

I'd like to believe that there are more than just a handful of UP alumni, pre, during and post FQS, who have become part of the people of God, thru CFC. di ba nides, mindbogger, nori, Ernie M, atbp?

God bless!

acc wc said...

Sinimulan na rin lang ni kapatid na Mina tutuloytuloyan ko na.

Yong mga galing sa FQS at barikada days sa UP eto ang isang maganda na kantahin natin pagdating sa Sunken Garden

(Sing to the tune of Internationale and instead of clenched fist, hands raised praising God gaya ng sabi ni Ka Mina.)

Bangon sa pagkakagupiling
Bangon kaurinng kristiyano
Ang daigidig ay iyong baguhin
Pati FFL ay mahalin

Ito’y huling paglalaban
Tunay na pagmahalan
Kaya’t iwaksi ang pagkamuhi
kay Biboy at FFL

WillyJ said...

Just in:
Davao archdiocese accepts 2 new groups of CFC

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that there is bashing going on between the two groups. We are all mature enough to understand the situation.. why comment harshly? In my own opinion, napaka-immature naman po na nag-aaway ang dalawang grupo.

Personal experience sa lugar po namin: Right after the split, ang dating members na "brothers and sisters" ay hindi na nagpapasinan. I mean, come on, diba kaplastikan yan?! Kung talagang you treat each other like brothers and sisters even before the split, dapat even if the person went on to join FFL eh dapat you still treat him/her as your brother/sister. Mga bata pa po kami pero napapansin po namin yun. Kung social development ang sa side ni Tito Joe Tale at evangelization naman sa kay Tito Frank eh ito nalang po: Sabi ni Pope Benedict XVI, "How can positive social development be carried out if we become illiterate with regard to God?"

Respect each other please. Matatanda na po kayo mga tito at tita. Alam nio naman po siguro kung ano ang meaning nun. Napaka-rude naman po na magco-comment kayo ng harsh sa kapwa niyo tao, yan po ba ang Kristiyano? =) Isipin nio nalang: "What would Jesus do?" =)

Respect between both groups. Maging mature po tayo.

CFC West C Sector said...

To Anonymous who find it hard:

Anak, saying that Couples For Christ is for social development and that FFL is for evangelization is a misnomer.

Couples for Christ is for evangelization. it is for spreading God's word, it is for propagating the faith and it's works. The social development dimension is a manifestation of faith in action.

In James 2;14-17 it says-- What good it is, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? if a brother or sister has nothing to wear and has no food for the day, and one of you says to them, go in peace, keep warm, and eat well, " but you do not give them the necessities of the body, what good is it? So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

Couples for Christ is for the fullness of God's plan for all!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said:

"Kung talagang you treat each other like brothers and sisters even before the split, dapat even if the person went on to join FFL eh dapat you still treat him/her as your brother/sister."

Ikaw ba Bro, how do you treat a kapatid sa bahay nyo mismo who does not respect you, who does not listen to you, who does not answer you kahit kausapin mo? Di ba for the sake of peace sa family, usually sasabihin ng nanay mo, "Huwag mo na lang munang pansinin para di na kayo nagkakabanggaan. Palamigin mo muna."

Kaya yung observation mo sa mga nangyayari after the split is a natural reaction lalo na kung ikaw na leader ay sinisiraan sa members mo ng patalikod at hinahanapan ng butas para lumipat ang members mo sa kabila. Mabuti na lang at yung member mismo ang nagdedefend sa leader nya. Siyempre lahat ng ito ay hinihingi natin ng kapatawaran kay Lord and we really try verrrrrrrry hard to love them kahit patuloy pa din sila sa ginagawa nila.

malachi3/widows might said...

To Sister Mina Francisco
You have a great idea truly an inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I would like to suggest that those who are U.P. Alumni who are involved in Gawad Kalinga but who are not CFC or FFL be also included. Up to now I have been indifferent to the Centennial Commemoration of our Alma Mater,thanks for your discernment I can now find a way to celebrate the 100 Years of U.P.

Anonymous said...

"how do you treat a kapatid sa bahay nyo mismo who does not respect you, who does not listen to you, who does not answer you kahit kausapin mo? Di ba for the sake of peace sa family, usually sasabihin ng nanay mo, "Huwag mo na lang munang pansinin para di na kayo nagkakabanggaan. Palamigin mo muna."

Oo nga po. Pero diba dapat po after "palamigin" eh dapat ganun pa din ang turingan? Kapatid mo pa din po yun eh. Eh bakit sa nangyayari ngayon hindi na nagpapansinan? Nagsisiraan pa. Ni kami pong mga Youth eh we discuss it among ourselves kasi alam naming mali. Magulo.

Saka po, hindi lahat ng FFL ay kinakalaban ang CFC, at hindi rin naman po ata lahat ng CFC ay kinakalaban ang FFL.

At the end of it all, in my opinion, pareho lang ang dalawang grupo, may letra mang pareho or wala. May dagdag mang letra or kulang, pareho lang silang nagsisilbi sa Diyos. Kaya wala akong nakikitang rason para mag-bangayan =)

garnet said...

It is very easy to relate to our brothers and sisters in FFL if they have nothing to do with the strategies of the core group.Example: if you know that the they withrew the money of EFI and gave fraudulent reasons for doing so...it's not easy to be lovey dovey with them even if they were our friends before.I feel I will be on guard all the time. I have maintained relationships with some FFL. Maybe if they go on their own direction without destroying us along the way, in time we can forgive AND forget. But God gives us friends for a season and a reason...probably FFL friends ' season has passed. As I write this I pray that God truly helps all of us to go through the painful parting of ways...We can't just bury hurts and conflicts...this blog has brought it to the open, and some responses have helped us along the way...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think himility is really important for both sides of this crisis. We should treat each other with utmost respect. Venting hate against the other group makes our souls more susceptible to evil.

I think the battle should not be against Frank Padilla or FFL. It should be against "some" of their actions that we do not agree on. Let us not be vengeful against the person, rather against the devil. The devil is planting seeds of hate in our hearts causing greater division.

Some of the bloggers' response here are really sarcastic, some even demeaning. I hope that we could be wise, patient and compassionate. Let us reamin true to our Christian values.

God bless you all!

BTW, I am not from CFC nor FFL. I attended the CLP but was not able to continue. Now, I'm considering joining another group. I think CFC or FFL is not for me.

Ernie said...

From the Saltmines...

My son Mickey (Sleepless in NJ) told me early this week go check CD's Blogspot. He said "Dad, the old time bloggers were back Defending CFC again". I did not asked him why but later out of curiosity I did browse it. There I saw the THE ORIGINS OF COUPLES FOR CHRIST which gave me some goosebumps.

Here we go again, I said, but this time it was the REAL, TRUE and NOTHING BUT the THRUTH "Story of CFC".

Deep in my thoughts I said, "Thank you Lord, my prayers early Sept, 2007 were answered". I left some comments on that blog and I thought THAT's IT.

I came back later to check out my comments and browse a little bit more. Lo and behold, THERE YOU ARE, under this Blog "God's Children" ALL the DEFENDER's I came to remember were really BACK!!!

I'm a bit late in responding but COUNT ME IN, we will Defend CFC whenever, wherever and whatever it TAKES in the name of the THRUTH.

Biboy may ask what is the THRUTH?

That's what Binds us ALL in the Defense of the Real CFC from the would be Keeper of the Charism.

This time, you know now who is telling the THRUTH!!!