Saturday, November 24, 2007

What’s in a Name? Pt. 1

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There have been many things said in the offensive and defensive salvos of the unending name game between the CFC and the FFL. The fight for the use of the CFC name has taken its toll on both sides, pitting brother against brother and even dragging Bishops into the fray. It leads me to ask, both rhetorically and literally; what exactly is the big deal?

Let us start with the obvious:

The Recognition.

Recognition can mean several things in this matter. First, we have the “brand recognition”, and yes, that’s a marketing term. Why is it important? For starters, the name Couples for Christ and its accompanying acronym CFC is in itself a brand that has had many years of development and exposure to the “market”. It is now a term that is recognizable throughout the Philippines and in many other countries around the world. It carries with it the esteem, respect, and spirituality that Couples for Christ members take a certain amount of pride in. Simply put, as a rallying point of something that is now more than just an evangelical movement, it is a brand name worth the fight. For the FFL to start fresh without taking with it the CFC brand name, it would mean having to recruit anew, form new bylaws, create new organizational rules and tithing structures, and then asking for the recognition in all the dioceses and parishes that CFC already currently enjoys. Truth be told, it can be done…but it is much, much easier to hit the ground running, and that’s what the FFL is attempting to do.

Why start from scratch when there is a pot for the taking?

Taking into account that in all respects, the FFL is now a separate entity, it was imperative for them to create its own brand and identity from a business decision standpoint. Imagine, you’ve already started a new corporation; it would be anti-productive to not support it with a brand/logo, since that is what people will be relating you to, both visually and subconsciously. However, they tried to do that while still relating themselves to the CFC brand (remember the “banana split” argument?). While it might have been a practical business decision, it may also have been a tactical error. Because in incorporating (or attempting to at least, as far as I know, the application has not been dropped), the real motivation beyond the supposed restoration movement was revealed. A drive or movement to restore an organization's charism did not need an SEC approved corporate filing. Only businesses need that. Once an SEC approved identity was filed for, the so called restoration movement became a business, non-profit or otherwise. You can’t get any more legalistic than that.

Then there is the Vatican Decree. Frank Padilla would like us to believe that this recognition was granted to him as the keeper of CFC’s charism. While it may have been his name that appears on the document, that recognition was not given to one man, it was given as an official recognizance to a body of people involved in a Catholic, spiritual, and evangelical movement who have shown themselves worthy of a Vatican acknowledgement. In other words, the recognition was given to us, and us as a group, are known as Couples for Christ. I quote the decree, "...a private international association of the faithful". Frank Padilla by himself, even with all the books, documents, CLP manuals - everything, could not have been given that recognition without the whole body made up of Couples for Christ members. If that had been possible, then it would have been an easy task for Frank and his seeming familiarity with the Vatican to just approach them again and ask for the FFL to be recognized. I am not the foremost expert on how one asks for such a thing as a Vatican Decree, but I am assuming that if it had been something easily done, Frank would have already asked for it. It would have saved both groups a lot of grief, and kept this internal battle from simmering out in the open. To put this Decree in a different perspective, for instance if it was the American Declaration of Independence, one signed by several historical notables, including say, Benjamin Franklin. If Mr. Franklin and a few other signatories had decided that they’ve had enough of the United States because it was veering away from their ideals, and packed up to move to Mexico, would that mean that Mexico will be a part of the United States and now shares its independence and rights? ¡Andale!

On Intents and Purposes

I would like to believe that Frank Padilla meant well when he formed the FFL. Actually, I am quite sure that we’d all like to believe that. IF a restoration was the true motivational factor in the formation of the FFL, then why the need for the new corporation? Why the new office? Isn’t the cult of personality that is Frank Padilla strong enough to create the catalyst within the community that supports his movement to restore the CFC’s supposedly lost charism? A true movement would have started at the grassroots level, where the charism is most felt. It doesn’t happen in a leadership flight. If there truly was a problem in the community, its leaders are the ones we look to for guidance, support, and most of all, stability. They are the ones to help show us how to bear the burden of veering away, who will demonstrate strength in confronting the problem head on, and guide us back towards the right path. A community will always have its trials and problems, but as the CBCP Media Office Director, Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III said in his talk at the MCG Teaching Night this past Tue, Nov. 20, 2007, “Binigyan kayo ng problema, simpleng problema, nag alisan na kayo. Wala pa ngang isang taon.

Motives are suspect when activities and actions revolve around the recruitment of another existing organization's members and their accompanying tithes (sometimes under false pretenses). The use of the CFC name can mislead innocent community members into joining the new group, since hey, it’s still the CFC. But it belies a malicious intent, since there is no possible way that a systematic and methodical disruption of an organization’s affairs can be for the greater good. What exactly did Frank and Co. hope to accomplish by recruiting CFC members to his new group? Did they actually believe that CFC will just keep on humming along and not be hard pressed to operate after taking that loss in membership and income? Did he care about what was to become of CFC if he succeeds in taking enough of its members to spell its downfall? What about its remaining members? It almost seems as if he subscribes to the belief that states, "If you are not with us, then you are against us." This utter lack of concern for the wellbeing of the organization and its members that he abandoned belies another very human motive that was terribly apparent to those who’ve heard or seen Frank’s talks where he angrily outlined the supposed issues in CFC; it starts with a V and ends with ETTA.

End of Part 1

Part 2 is HERE.


C2CD said...

Just listened to FP's talk. I don't really know what to make of it. Did I just hear him describing his failure as the leader of CFC during his administration or what?

In all FP's rhetoric in prints, audios and video's, all you can hear is his DEMANDS, DEMANDS and more DEMANDS!

Bakit kasalanan ng lahat at bukod tanging PWERA SIYA?

Anonymous said...

Well said! Thank you! Hopefully FFL will have the heart to listen and just bring the name FFL without the CFC name attached. I am almost sure that if FFL would decide not to bring the name CFC - the hurts and rifts will stop as well. After all, they have decided to leave the community, why drag the entire CFC community. May God bless us all and may God touch the heart of Frank Padilla and the hearts of FFL to really move on and focus their work in building FFL instead of continuing to entice CFC membership by saying that they are still CFC. In reality, you have left the community, thus you are no longer CFC but of course, you will remain a friend, a brother and a sister belonging to the FFL community.
CFC brethen, miracles do happen!
God bless,
North America member

GOD owns the name CFC said...

Yes, Mr. Frank Padilla,President of Foundation for Family and Life, what's in a name?

You have chosen the name "Foundation for Family and Life"; are you admitting that it does not stand a chance at credibility without adding the name "Couples for Christ"?

If you think "Couples for Christ" has lost its reason for being because it lost the charism, why don't you just simply leave its fate to God -- and allow God to punish all the men & women whom you've left behind in CFC -- while you joyfully attend to the NEW, BRIGHTER, MORE VISIBLE, MORE WORTHY OF BEING TRUMPETED ABOUT, CHARISM of FFL?

And if you think "COUPLES for CHRIST" will not succeed in whatever it tries to do, WITHOUT YOU - the founder, the leader, the authority, the decider of who is foe or friend, the author, the keeper of the charism, the final decision maker, etc, etc. etc - then why don't you just look up to the Cross of Christ the King and get His message and move on to where your charism lies and to where your mission field is; and leave as be where God wants us to be!

If God simply wants us to be in Baseco, then let it be.

Don't tell us that the name of 'FOUNDATION FOR FAMILY AND LIFE" is an incomplete name!

A FOUNDATION is supposed to be something solid so that a structure could be laid on it and not collapse.

By your insisting to acquire CFC, do you mean you need the 26 year old structure of CFC to prop up your 'Foundation' regardless of what the greater number of people in CFC think?

Don't tell us that the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit told you that they like you to have the name "Couples for Christ", too!

We are praying too and we are not getting that kind of message, Frank.

So cool it Bro. Rather take a rest and go for a Christmas vacation. Take Gerry to a place where you do not have to give your familiar "they-are-guilty or all-these-will-be-solved-if-they-just-listen/talk-to-me" speech.

We heard you got sick, signs perhaps that you are stressing yourself too much on trying to get back what you left and no longer yours.

By the way, It was never yours Frank, this CFC. Neither ours.

Only God's!

Your CFC Friend said...

By the way, why do we always have to ask Frank Padilla when he is not the only IC member who resigned?

Can we also ask Tony Meloto or Lachie Agana?

Lachie where are you? We have not heard from you for quite a time, you were also not in camera range in the Batangas nor Tagaytay FFL events?

Are you really still in FFL?

So Bro Lachie, tell us what's in a name?

Do you need the CFC letters before FFL?
What's the impact if you have it? Do you need it to exist?
Or could you exist faster without it?

Please give us some of that wisdom drawn from the many years you had in CFC IC!

Otras cosas tambien said...

ok ka rin CD!

Pati mga amerikano at mexikano sinali mo sa napagandang articulo mo!

akala ko si pacquiao lang ang mahilig sa mexikano!

meron pa bang tortillas mo, CD

la cucuracha, la cucuracha, yo no tengo sanidad

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

Dear CD,

Well said. Well said. Can't agree more. I say, to put things simply, that Frank's restoration statements (aka "demands") AND the creation of a separate community (which is supposed to "restore" the charism of CFC) are both directed towards building a temple over an existing one. He has to destroy the existing temple in order to do that. Consider "Sound the trumpets." Isn't that what the Israelites did when they encircled Jerico in their quest for the promised land?

This is how I see Frank thinks. He thinks he's a present-day Joshua. CFC is the promised land. The International Council is Jerico. By sounding the trumpets he seeks to destroy the International Council. Then he establishes himself again as the leader of CFC. What a grand design. Will he succeed? How is he doing?

To me, this is the real story. King Saul, with everything he represented, will rise up against Frank; because King Saul, despite all the acts he did that displeased the Lord, never abdicated from his throne. King Saul knew he lost the favor of the Lord and wanted to kill David who loved him dearly. Yet, the Lord was gracious to King Saul and allowed him to keep his throne, even when a replacement--King David--was already anointed.

Frank, to me, did a horrible act in the eyes of God and man, by abdicating on impulse. Now, realizing his mistake, he's making another horrible mistake of going against the International Council, duly anointed by God to lead CFC. For that King David himself will rise against Frank. Even with King David's anointment and strings of victories in war, King David never went against King Saul. He loved and respected King Saul and patiently waited for his time. He upheld the unity of Israel.

I look forward to see Part 2.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

twiga africa said...

cd, frank's name was mentioned with the vatican decree mainly because he was the director that time. he is doing all of these because his term as member of the pontifical council for the family has already expired! with the decree remaining with the IC and frank's membership to the Pontifical council for the laity already gone,it is sad to say that FFL has no canonical jurisdiction on the catholic international scene.

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

you are a prophet yourself! you are God's instrument in a special way.... i cannot agree any less to what you just excellently wrote.

hope to see you come up with a book. i think it can be done anonymously, too. you can give sale proceeds to the CFC HOME OFFICE to help out its dire financial state.

God bless you, brother.

ninoboy said...

I could not agree more. Bull's eye! "What's in a name? Pt.1" is precisely the point why Frank & co. are doing what they are doing. I join everybody in praying for them that they may open their eyes and finally see that what they are trying to destroy, which is CFC is not the IC's, ours or even Frank's but GOD'S CFC.

ninoboy said...

Dear CD,
Kindly correct my earlier comment. What I meant was "I could not agree less." Sorry for the error thanks.

Anonymous said...

How I wish the IC would adopt the foregoing article as an official statement of the CFC.

Comparing this with the statements issued by FFL's Hermano and Ado recently, its no contest in both form and substance.

CD you're great and please don't prolong our agony of waiting for the second part.

Devil's Advocate

Fortes In said...

Bravo CD!

No one could have said it any better than you did!

Your article is full of substance and is excellently written.

I have yet to see anyone from the FFL who can make any sensible statements.

May God bless you more CD!

C.D. said...

Thank you guys for the kind words.

As you can see, it is still a work in progress and I'm I'm editing and adding illustrations as I go along. I hope to get the pt.2 out to you guys soon. This isn't all me, I've had a lot of input with people I've been discussing the issues with, I'd give them credit but I believe they'd also like to remain anonymous.

God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

CD, Please remove the CFC ID (the one with the couple under the arms of Jesus Christ), now being used by FFL and the block where their address is shown.

We do not like this blog to be carriers for their items, do we?

marthe's alter ego said...

Re the logo of Jesus Christ with a couple underneath his embracing arms:

For the information of all, very old Ugnayan copies (as in 1986 or thereabouts) already carried this logo in the masthead, so this is properly CFC Global property. This logo is what FFL is trying to register as their as the IPO.

Please pray that they do not succeed. This is another example of "poaching" since they hope that the familiar logo will confuse people into thinking they are the real thing.

marthe's alter ego said...

Hi, CD,

Paki edit ng last sentence ko: which they are trying to register as THEIRS at the IPO.


Paulijah said...

Brother CD,

You are really a blessing to the community. I continue to appreciate CFC better because of your factual yet inspiring thoughts.

I also pray that God anoints FFL as another community to bring people closer to Him. And if that's really the case, FFL doesn't need to be branded as another CFC group.

Porcelainrose said...

God bless you CD!For me, you are heaven sent because you write what we also feel we want to write in defense of CFC kaya lang we do not have your writing talents and abilities. Every night my husband (a chapter head) and my daughter (a YFC) eagerly waits for me to relay to them kung anong sinulat ni CD today sa blogsite and the other bloggers as well! Ako yung taga kwento nila at excited na silang mahulaan kung sino ka sa Ultra sa December 2!!!

Blue Star said...

To Paulijah:

God already anointed FFL at the early days of its conception when they, the FFL leaders, were thinking about what they will do for GOD, which to my mind is familiar to all of us...and that is to EVANGELIZE, not poach; to UPLIFT, not put down and to give Glory to God and not to founding fathers!

BUT THEIR MINDS STRAYED, and instead of concentrating on what they would do for God, their GENERIC MINDS, and Playboys & Bunnies spirit got into the act and so they started thinking about what they'll have for membership, for their name, for their logo, and how to continue trying to persuade the Bishops of the righteousness of their cause by destroying the community they left, looking for politicians to support (read push) their application for recognition at the SEC, travel all the way to Vatican and try to persuade the President of the Council to remove recognition of us and to transfer it to them, celebrate an anniversary of CFC in provinces as if it is theirs, write their Playboys & Bunnies (aka Easter / Restoration Group!!!) e-mails etc. etc. Lost focus results in lost charism.

So you see their busy-ness is not on acts of Evangelisation. I only heard one CLP proposed.

That's why they are running around in circles because they lost the anointment God gave to them.

I have the feeling God gave anointment to them in that beautiful restoration mass that Bishop Angel Lagdameo celebrated.

Yet after bragging about that mass with the Bishop, they went back to business of the day: Prove IC not worthy of leadership; they are the ones with charism; we veered; we are an NGO running GK, etc, etc.

So I think that would NOT change -- their being lost!. I BELIEVE We will soon see/hear 2008 versions of the same kind of lamentations from FFL. I am sure you know all of them na, so I won't bore you to death. (By the way, I heard the general FFL membership also no longer want to listen to this kind of talk!)

So let's continue to be patient. We will not hear of the end of their story yet.

roundeyedtoddler said...

Of copyrights and trademarks.

Please check

Questions 5 & 6 of the FAQ are interesting in the light of our "battle" with FFL:

5. Which persons have standing to assert IPRs? How may they be represented? Are there requirements for mandatory personal appearances before the court of the right holder?

Natural and juridical persons who are owners or holders of intellectual property rights, including their assigns and successors-in-interests have standing to assert said rights. They may be represented either by themselves or by counsel authorized to practice law in the Philippines.

The right holder must personally appear during the pre-trial conference, but may be represented by counsel who must be authorized in writing, either by a power of attorney in case of a natural person or a corporate secretary’s certificate in case of a juridical person, to compromise or enter into stipulations and admissions.

6. What authority do the judicial authorities have to order a party, at the request of an opposing party, a party to a proceeding to produce evidence which lies within its control?

Judicial authorities may order, at the request of an opposing party, the issuance of subpoena ad testificandum requiring the other party to appear and testify in court, and/or subpoena duces tecum requiring the other party to produce and submit documentary evidence which lies within his control. The court, however, may not so order where the evidence is incriminator, confidential, privileged, immaterial or irrelevant.

To me, what these mean, so far, is that FFL will have a hard time proving anything with the IPO. But this is not reason to be complacent. Rather, this is a reason to be absolutely vigilant, because the Easter Boys are clever guys. Do not under-estimate them. Better over-estimate than under-estimate.

I trust the International Council has made appropriate moves with respect to IPO matters as much as it has done moves with the SEC on the CFC name.

Having said all that, I pray the Easter Boys have enough sense not to do anything that may require CFC to involve the State in resolving the existing conflict.

In short, FFL Brothers, please admit that you have already cut yourself from CFC and, therefore, please cut cleanly. Go ahead and use the CLP materials and songs, coz even CFC can't lay claim to them.

BUT...DO NOT use the CFC name. DO NOT use any CFC logo. DO NOT use any identifying mark or name that is CFC.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Crisostomo said...

dear bros & sis

from being the defenders of the real cfc, it seems like we have now come on the offensive, and with it, our love of neighbor(ffl brethren) has gone out the window. is this what the IC would want us to do? is this what JESUS would want us to do?

cfc, ffl, gk, cfc-ic, cfc-ffl etc etc etc. are we so focussed on names that it has become our mission in life? vatican recognition here, diocesan recognition there, is this our ultimate purpose in becoming cfc members? to be recognized? we're getting out of focus here, guys.

how about we instead promote the works/activities of our own community. divert our energies from being the moral police or from being fault-finders, to actively promoting and living out our own calling. we'll be more productive this way.

let's all move forward. leaving behind the hurts and pains and let us be at peace with our decision and those who decided otherwise. the longer we dwell on issues like these (amongst a million other issues), the longer it will be to find peace in our hearts!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

comment on CRISOSTOMO's comment---

i agree with you.

BUT if you agree with me that CFC is your life, then you have to defend it too.

sure, we are moving forward and productive! we have ongoing CLPs, etc etc.

BUT if someone propagates lies and deceptions, are we to stand down and do nothing?

SFC Member said...

What would we do now if we talk to FFL members and they are still insistent on calling themselves "CFC"?

What course of action do we take? What if our parents move to FFL but we (the children) decide to stay with CFC? Do we correct them? Do we stand our ground and tell them what the official stand is?

The answer is especially meant for the children who have been affected by this split...


Kadikit Ng Pusod Mo said...


CRISOSTOMO has a point in threshing out the offensive that I believe our blog is guilty of.

We could still be Good Christians by letting GO and letting GOD, right?

I agree with CRISOSTOMO that after all those intense showing of our "exhibits" in the early part of this blog, we should be bound to glorifying GOD at this point. We have laid down all our cards on the table. We have proven our point to members and leadership alike. Those points have led them to their respective decisions.

I believe now is the time to post our "harvests" from the place we call "vineyards." Let's start sharing the goodness of the Lord.

Aguy-Aguy Sa Akin Ba Ito? said...

And the LORD spoke to Moses and to Aaron, saying, "How long shall this wicked congregation grumble against me? . . . Say to them, 'As I live, declares the LORD, what you have said in my hearing I will do to you: your dead bodies shall fall in this wilderness, . . . But your little ones, who you said would become a prey, I will bring in, and they shall know the land that you have rejected. Numbers 14:26-31

neokid (mike) said...

To Crisostomo:

On the ground we continue the work. CLPs, MERs, Teaching Night, SWRs, GK, Households, Assemblies, One-to-ones. We continue to take care of our members.

The comments that you see here are posted on the subject matter, which is What’s in a Name? That’s why you read a lot on the issue of the CFC name. On other subject matter we see postings on Bishop recognition, diocesan recognition and other issues.

If you browse some more you get to see Oh Happy Days, United Front subject matter that shows forthcoming events and activities.

And if you read thru anonymous’ post after yours, he agrees with you on moving forward but also ask how to react on issues of lies and deceptions. (what do we do with this?)

Likewise, after that, sfc member seeks opinion on how to handle the confusion he is currently in. (care to reply on this?)

Kadikit ng pusod mo also agrees to the point you raised and implores that we share stories on harvests and the goodness of the Lord.

Going thru each of the comments will give you an indication where the blogger is from and how they were affected by this recent crisis.

For others there were no afflictions but for some there are. Imagine life long friends parting ways and may have inflicted hurt to each other as they parted.

But in the light of this, we can look ahead on things to come.

You can decide to dance (Dec2), or sing or even sing and dance (Dec14).

The work continues and so is defending our way of life!

The CFC way!

solidyfc said...

Please pray for FFL-UAE right now Nov. 27, 2007 because Tito Frank is currently here :) In sharjah so please pray for CFC and FFL UAE :) That they may be enlightened tnx and GB

Dirtdiver said...

God Bless you CD!

Crisostomo Ibarra said...

to neokid (mike)

thanks bro for reminding me to look at other posts and comments.

factually, i've been one of the first five people to have stumbled upon this blog from its very inception back in august. i have remained still until now because i've been discerning all the while.

cd will agree with me when i say we have shifted the tone of this blog thru comments and sometimes posts that hit below the belt. again, from being the defenders to now on the offensive. (cd , thanks for your time in gathering statements, declarations and for sharing with us your own discerning process).

all i'm saying is this: let us respect each other's decision (to remain in line with ic or not). let us stop sniping at ffl. let us stop finger-pointing. let us stop promulgating what we perceive as lies and deception from our ffl brethren. we simply cannot win people's hearts and minds this way.

now if ffl would continue to do otherwise, offer the other cheek. our ic leaders have shown great restraint and humility in light of this crisis. if they have been sniped upon, do they retort back? they chose to be still and to be quiet. and i respect that too.

it's good to see that we are now celebrating the end of our lamenting days. i'm happy to know that in your areas, you have moved on. but there are still a lot of our brothers and sisters out there whose hearts and minds are still longing. let's win them with love, not thru our hurtful comments and aggressive ways.

just a gentle reminder, our enemy is evilness, not the brothers and sisters in our midst.

may God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to ignore all of this debate regarding the use of the name of CFC,but it is getting difficult because this is unjust in the eyes of God and the laws of man. I really had a very high regard for our CFC leaders most specially Bro. Frank Padilla,my reverence for him bordered on the cultic. Now I want to know if it is possible for me to return all his books to Flame ministry or just set them a "Flame". Everytime I see the Silver Book I feel I was exploited one way or the other,this happens mostly when I hear stories of how FFL is using our CFC name. I am praying that I get over all of these and continue to serve the Lord with more joy in my heart-Flaming Arrow

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

just finished reading something from the PDI of today (nov 28)... a man going to jail because he used the name "JOLILBEE" to sell shoes... of course, JOLLIBEE (selling foodstuff) did not agree.

the case is so familiar. sana walang makulong. ayaw nating mangyari yon.

as to either being defensive and offensive, let us all agree that after december 2, LOVE na lang ang i-manifest natin to all our brethren. (sana nothing triggers us to do otherwise then)

Musang said...

When somebody is attempting to steal one's identity or arrogating something to be his when it is not and right under the very noses of the rightful owners, one doesn't expect the owners to take the situation sitting down, moreso when they can see through the skulduggery and the semantics.

Leaders without humility said...

Hi all,

I agree with CRISOSTOMO's comments. Let's never lose focus on what this community is all about. Here in the US the name CFC-FFL and CFC-IC both exist. I think CFC-USA is a separate entity and registered separately, totally independent from CFCGMFI. CFC USA reports to Manila but they are governed by the National Council. Since 6 out of the 7 Council members affiliated themselves with FFL, CFC USA pretty much is under FFL. This is how I understand it. Could somebody please let me know if this is untrue?

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear Leader,

CD, posted informations on the by-laws of CFC community(FAP was part in writing CFC by-laws)

- Termination of membership
- IC responsibilities
- IC appointments of country coordinators, etc

Just look it up in the previous entries and I hope it could answer some questions if FFL leaders claim are legally appropriate based on CFC by-laws.

have a great christmas
sleepless in NJ

n031 said...

hi cd,

Have you read FFL's rejoinder to your topic "What's in a Name"? tsk, tsk, tsk... 'feel sorry for them

roundeyedtoddler said...

n031 said...Have you read FFL's rejoinder to your topic "What's in a Name"?

Saan makikita rejoinder na ito, Brod?

roundeyedtoddler said...

Dear CD,

I like this entry in Wikipedia about FFL:

The Foundation for Family and Life (FFL) is a dissident group led by former leaders of Couples for Christ (CFC). Despite their break-away and official separation from the Couples for Christ, FFL claims to be the "true, original CFC".

FFL founder and head Frank Padilla (also former CFC Director) incorrectly refers to the original CFC as "CFC-GK" (emphasizing CFC's alleged focus on Gawad Kalinga), "CFC-IC" (referring to what FFL believes to be an unduly elected and unholy, 'sinful' International Council), or "CFC-GMF" (the formal name of Couples for Christ, the CFC Global Mission Foundation).

Couples for Christ has filed a cease and desist order in the Securities and Exchange Commission for FFL to stop using the CFC name, as FFL has formally severed all ties with CFC.

Sounds fair enough, right?

The Round-Eyed Toddler

n031 said...

to round eyed toddler,

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear BLoggers,

I am looking for a blog entry that sites the danger of having two organization sharing a name, but i couldnt find it.

I remember one justification was "Liability"
If one group (knock on wood) have legal problems, it will affect the other group.

CD, link his blog entry... because i find his justification appropriate and i want to site this comments in the future.