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As a follow up to the previous entry on the Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia's statement, here is a Resolution from the Archdiocese of Nairobi represented by Cardinal Napier:

Mini Update: I was corrected by a reader who told me that this "...resolution of the African Clergy is a joint resolution penned in Nairobi with His Lordship David Kamau Ng'ang'a, Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi, and His Eminence Wilfrid Cardinal Napier, Cardinal of South Africa, as principal signatories and the various clergy representatives in the region."

Thanks for the correction and God bless!

Also, to clarify for some of those who had a less than pleasant reaction to the photos of the vehicle with both the CFC and FFL stickers, please remember it was a tongue in cheek entry. Note my own line:

"Actually, it's really nothing, I just found the stickers on the car interesting. "

I wasn't taking it THAT seriously. It just helped to illustrate the main topic of the post which is Allegiance.

Moving on, I bet you're all wondering how the word forbearance can have any relevance in this blog entry. It actually has to do with the reaction of the FFL leadership to what has happened in Africa. It took a lot of introspection for me to even think about posting these emails, and I agonized over it for a while until I felt I was justified. There are 2 emails, and this is the first:

From: manny hermano <>
To: Frank Padilla <>; Frank Padilla <>; "Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." <>; Maria Isabel Fara Descallar <>; Jack Burgoyne (Private) <>; Mimi David <>
Cc: Nani Almanza ; "CFC_NC_Andrews, Edwin/Nila" <>; "CFC-Texas"; ado paglinawan <>; Joe de Leon <>; IMC_Manaloto_Ray (H) <>; Orland Dizon <>; Orland Dizon <>; Rodolfo Borja <>; Ruben Coson <>; Renato Garcia <>; Leo and Doris de Vela <>; "Moso, Edgardo" <>; Ricardo Dimalanta <>; Gil San Miguel <>; Herman Justin <>; junjun cecile samalio <>; danny beth sardon <>; renan perla garcia <>; jomar jane manalo <>; john kristine llena <>; cesar naty azcueta <>; Leopoldo Villaruz <>; Tim and Lita Q <>; Bong Sabolboro <>; Reglita P. Laput <>

Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 2:23:30 AM
Subject: CFC-IC Actions - Is it Christian or even Warranted?

Dear Brethren,

As you know the work of evangelization and family renewal still has a long way to go in the areas where there is CFC. And there are many more countries where CFC has not made any inroads. Even before the split in CFC, we had not even began to scratch the surface in the massive work of global evangelization. When the split happened, we were trying to understand the Lord's will and we looked at the example of Paul and Barnabas when they went separate ways and actually hastened the explosive spread of Christianity. So we thought that the 2 groups now of CFC - the CFC headed by Joe Tale and the IC, and the CFC-FFL led by Frank Padilla would accelerate the evangelistic work of CFC as we work side by side with honor and respect. In fact, even from the beginning of the split and as late as 2 weeks ago, Frank wrote and offered that there are ways that our 2 groups, even if having different focus in charisms, can still cooperate and work together in joint activities.
But now look at what the CFC-IC has done lately, and you decide whether what they are doing is something that is led by the Holy Spirit, or one concocted by mortals with other designs in their hearts motivated by unknown spirits.
The attached 2 letters are from Clergy of the Catholic Church - one from the Archbishop of Newark, NJ, USA; and another from the Vicar Apostolic of Arabia somewhere in the Middle East. They are thousands of miles apart and in different countries and cultures, and so what are the chances that these 2 clergymen would think in such the same way that their composition of a letter uses exactly the same format and even same sentence construction in expressing exactly the same thought?
And what are the chances that they would think to release such a letter only a few weeks apart?
Look at the paragraphs in attached letters that almost coincide one-to-one, as follows:
1st Para: "...which has now spread around the world..."
2nd Para.: ..."starting with ministry to married couples, it has gradually spread ..."
3rd (Arabia) & 4th (NJ) Para.: "Recently CFC has undergone its most severe crisis and has split into two groups..." "...CFC headed by Mr. Jose Tale, and the CFC Foundation for Family and Life, or CFCFFL ...headed by Mr. Frank Padilla."
2nd to last Para: "...reaffirms the original Couples for Christ under the leadership of Jose Tale. Any other groups using or making reference to CFC other than the original CFC group will not be recognized (may bear no recognition)..."
Last Para.: "May the Holy Spirit continue to bless CFC members in their efforts to spread.."
So dear brethren, even as we in CFC-FFL are trying to resume our focus on the Lord's work and working on healing of relationships, someone or some top level people in CFC-IC are launching an organized effort to shut us out of dioceses, vicariates, and parishes.
Brothers and sisters, you can decide if these 2 letters - with all their similarities and even exact wordings, were actually written by the undersigned Clergymen out of their own discernment or good intentions, or were they too, victims of someone or some group in CFC-IC who ghost-wrote the letter and solicited their signatures?
Or worse, since it spans 2 continents, isn't it more logical that this is being orchestrated from the CFC Center in Manila by one of the IC members or at the very least with their knowledge and consent? And are there more of these letters to come?
You be the one to discern which kind of spirit is motivating our brethren from the CFC-IC to tell bishops, vicars, and pastors such slanted stories that harm our good name in CFC-FFL in an extreme way as to completely remove our recognition and prevent us from doing any type of apostolate work in the diocese or vicariate.
Brethren, what has happened to the example of Paul and Barnabas in going separate ways but blessing each other in doing God's work? I call on bro. Joe Tale and the IC to ask the Archbishop of Newark and the Vicar of Arabia to withdraw their letters and to reinstate recognition of CFC-FFL in their areas.
Finally I request our innocent brethren who have aligned themselves with the CFC led by Joe Tale and the IC, to inwardly reflect on the following question: With the IC obviously aware of this attack on CFC-FFL and allowing it to happen or perhaps even directly and actively involved in it, do you approve of their actions?
To us who have chosen NOT to align with the IC, this is just another confirmation of what we had said all along, i.e., that this IC has lost its moral ascendancy and spiritual anointing to lead the global CFC.
God have mercy on us all.
Manny Hermano
Member, CFC-US National Council

I'll post the other email tomorrow. I'm turning off comments...for now. Before you all start composing your reactions to this, let this be an exercise in humility and remember the theme for 2008,

"Love another as I have loved you."

UPDATE [10:50am]:

Here is the 2nd email that seemed to be in response Manny Hermano's:

From: Adolfo & Margi Paglinawan <>
To: manny hermano <>, Frank Padilla <>, Frank Padilla <>, "Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." <>, Maria Isabel Fara Descallar <>, "Jack Burgoyne " <>, "Mimi David" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 05:47:01 -0800 (PST)

Subject: Re: CFC-IC Actions - Is it Christian or even Warranted?

brother, you forgot this one from the Nairobi that is concurred by a Cardinal of South Africa, and ministries from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
this is obviously the product of their participation in the African Pastoral Congress where they spent a fortune to send five, yes five representatives, four of whom all the way from the Philippines. (with that kind of money, i could have paid four fulltimers to help me for a ehole year or more, in Cameroon, The Gambia, Mali and Senegal.).
an expensive junket indeed and with the malicious intent of misleading and signing up leaders of the church.
since they cannot get the numbers, they resort to legalism. their leader of course is a lawyer, what can we expect? even Christ condemned lawyers, pharisees, saduccees and the scribes who tweaked Scriptures to their advantage as the social leaders of the his time. Woe! said Jesus! the commentaries in fact said that this is precisely why Jesus himself had to come to bring glad tidings to the poor, that is all thgose in need of God's hope, whom these social climbers have ignored.
i just talked to joe de leon last night and he told me that to the faces of these legalists, including oscar banting, their area director in new jersey, the parish priest categorically said first 1) he cannot believe that the archbishop of newark being a canon lawyer can dabble in so much details and even have time to write that lengthy letter 2) regardless of what the archbishop said, they are cooperating with CFCFFL because the great majority of the CFCs there are CFCFFL 3) and because of that it is they CFCIC, CFCGK, CFCGlobal or just plain CFC whichever name they call themselves, are not welcome in his parish. "As far as I am concerned, I rule in my parish, and no piece of paper, suspicious as it looks, can make me believe otherwise."
what are the learnings here?
1) a piece of paper cannot legitimatize a group. a paper trail is merely a phyrric victory. it is only the free and unencumbered exercise of free consciences that legitimatizes an action. lets face it, bishops, archbishops and cardinals can be conned. an unscrupulous assistant can slide in something for them to sign on. it happens all the time. there is even heavier politics within the church, and CFCIC is even fueling that weak side of our church authorities.
in 1986, margi and i presented our statutes and teachings to the archdiocese of washington where they assumably were left ignored for many years. in 1993, after CFC's split with Ligaya, lito urgino even joined me to follow-up on my earlier request for recognition. nothing happened except that lito even quarrelled with directorate of family life, who was a woman, making all hopes for recognition impossible.
but when Cardinal McCarrick took over the archdiocese, things just slid into place and since then Jun Basilio and I have been attending the meetings of the Archdiocesan Council for Ecclesial Movements, New Communities and Third Orders. Last year, Cardinal Wuerl took over. This year, I was unanimously elected by the Council to be the incoming Chairman for 2008-09, and especially because of the CFC conflict, I was more than glad to accept the position.
2) it is what we enable that will stick to the ground, grow roots, shoot a trunk and bear fruits. that is the essence of christianity. what is written must show in our witness. even the bible is good for nothing lying on some dustbin. logic dictates, and Scriptures too, that the word will not spread if we do not preach it. it will not flower if those who read it do not live it. the proof is in our witness, not in our IDs.
am i to think therefore that CFCIC has become a cult? As Father Justin once said when he visited Maryland "Couples for Christ has become CFC and CFC has become Clean Fun Club". Everybody acknowledges there is a culture but he sees a lot of officiousness especially in exacting obedience, not in a loving manner but from a spirit of covetousness.
Fr. Justin confirmed the sin of many CFC leaders that I have always been complaining about. The leaders have become control freaks. Classic example is Lito Urgino and after him worse, Sonny Aguiling. Nothing happened below without household, unit and chapter leaders first clearing with Rod Bustos. Then it became worse, nothing happened below without Rod Bustos first clearing with Sonny Aguiling.
World Bank calls this trickle down dynamics, I called this simply totempole style of management where the upper kisses the lower of the one above him ad infinitum est. Jun Basilio, one time with a book of Frank Padilla in hand told me, pare they have caged the Holy Spirit, so how can we all fly?
Three years ago, I based back in the US because of Margi's deteriorating health conditions, and the first thing I received from Sonny, as CFC's regional director was an email entitled "CFC Guidelines for New Immigrants". Goodness, I have lived in this country since that time, and has been a green card holder since 1994, and even if nobody recognizes it, I brought CFC to the US in 1986; but to the mind of Sonny, I was just off-the-boat!
3) we draw our legitimacy from the holy spirit. it is only the holy spirit that can preserve, protect and allow us to be recognized even in areas where there are no cardinals, no archbishops, no priests, no Catholics, no Christians. let us not be drawn into the numbers game that CFCIC is playing. The Japanese torturers of Lorenzo Ruiz never asked for his Vatican recognition, and even if he had one, it would not have stopped them from tying his feet, pulling him up and lowering his head under the ground to render a most painful death.
let us continue with the Paulinian zeal, and of those after him, to the ends of the earth. shake the dust off our feet in those areas where we are not welcome and move to the next that could be a softer ground. In fact, the first missions of Paul did not even have the recognition of Peter who, instead of leading evangelization went back fishing. It was the fruits of Paul's dogged perseverance and long suffering that inspired Peter to seek reconciliation with Paul all the way to Rome. It was only then that it became clear to him as he trekked the dusty route that God had intended him to come later to validate everything Paul had began. Everywhere he went, people marvelled at Peter as "he who Paul was telling them about". Peter was beheaded like any Roman citizen when Peter arrived in Rome, but this time he did not skirt the issue but went out in the open preaching the good news until his own time to be tortured to death came.
we all know the rest of the story. lining up the roads out of Rome, thousands of crosses will bear the bodies of Christians who met the same fate as criminals under Roman law. but that law, would eventually melt in the hands of Constantine because someone dared talk to his mother about the faith. up to now, as the Vatican rises from that edict of Constantine, making Christianity the official religion of the great Roman Empire. the former survived the test of time, the latter did not. bishops will die, but the faith will never perish because the Word has come amongst us to fulfill the will of the Father, and until Jesus' second coming (btw, the gospel for the incoming Sunday) we are to abide and bear fruits.
4) do we therefore just handle this on faith basis? of course not. All posts worldwide can attempt to secure their perimeters and this is where the importance of having parish-based counts. Those who are not yet parish-based can not run to their pastors when challenged by a piece of paper. But no piece of paper can substitute for a working relationship with pastors especially if our presence are beyond CFC lines and onto parish stewardship from the "envelop" to the various parochial services we can get involved in.
Bro. Frank can of course expedite on the Vatican recognition but that has its own timing and protocol. But while that is pending, regional, area and chapter heads must be creative in guarding their flock and expanding their influence within and without the CFC (Luke 16:1-10). Chapter heads of course are engaged in implementating the culture of CFC, especially in making sure the households are meeting and the teachings post CLP are done over time. This is not only necessary but strategic because this is where the sure foundation nestles.
But area and regional heads must show presence especially because the split is still recent. They must set the moving forward agenda to the strong beat and rhythm of excitement and joy. We have already left the stale CFC, let us show evidence that we truly have the holy spirit in CFCFFL. the tens of thousands who milled in and around the Tagaytay convention center last weekend for the CFCFFL family picnic shows where the holy spirit is leaning.
what i am trying to say is we cannot get others excited if we are not excited in the Spirit. we cannot exact joy from others if we are not ourselves joyful in Christ! i have invited everyone to the CFC MidAtlantic website and especially to my article "The Good News and Joy of Moving Forward." in fact, i have even attached the same to my email to some. check it out, you may be inspired to adaptations of your own with the understanding that the enhancements must be led by those who are not distracted from their chapter duties and schedules. (see my attachments in powerpoint).
5) Now of course, we know that Sonny Aguiling has hostaged the two Joes and the two Rickys with his exclusive yahoo group listing and sick strategems. I pray for him and Joe D daily because people who cannot understand they have to turn over records and account for funds after they dismissed themselves, are both dishonest and not law abiding citizens to say the least. but we cannot be ruled by what they do. we cannot allow them to define us.
sure, talks in manila can be done pursuant to the august 14 and 28 agreements. reports can be made to the episcopal commission of the laity about further departures not only from the mission and vision, the CFC culture and from the spirit of brotherhood. these are administrative reforms that are important.
but at the end of the day, we know that they can agree for now but as soon as they turn their backs, they can still be infested by the covetous and obsessive spirit that extracts recognition from legalistic and secular means, so let us not be thrifty in casting those evil spirits that they exhibit in the conduct but deny when confronted.
the only and vigilant recourse to all this, and to our peace, is our appointed time daily with the Lord of Lords, our Christ the King of Kings.

I'm turning comments on now, with the reminder to all to remember that those in the FFL are also our brothers and sisters.

The funny thing about the word forbearance is, when you initially look the word up, it comes across as a legalistic term, but upon further research I found this:

Synonyms: abstinence, avoidance, endurance, fortitude, living with*, longanimity, moderation, patience, patientness, refraining, resignation, restraint, self-control, temperance, tolerance.

The ball is in your court, brothers and sisters.


Raul said...

This has got my blood boiling.... can anyone knock some sense into this guy Manny Hermano. I am sorry I have lost it. These people do not have any brain. God Bless them.

Janeiro said...

whatever happened to obedience to the bishops?

hhhaaayyyy. With these kind of thinking from the CFCFFL leadership, I am worried for our brothers and sisters who are sincere in their choice in emphasizing Family renewal.

I am tempted to "poach" back my friends, but I guess it will only make things worse... I am confident it will be God who will lead them back.

Oasis in Arabia said...

The FFFL since the start has been received with cold reception by CFC members here in the Middle-East. In our host country at least as far as I know, it was initiated and now being led by publicly known problematic, inactive and lukewarm former members. Had it been started by someone who is as charismatic as Bro Frank whose credibility, dedication, love and commitment to service is unquestionable (err... before), majority of the members would have sided in favor of the FFFL. But since the foregoing qualities could not be found among the present leaders of the FFFL here then it didn't gather enough steam to even bother the community. They actually conducted a couple of gatherings (inviting CFC members) here where they "trumpeted" that the "truth" would now be revealed. However, the gatherings were (sadly for them) pathetically low in number.

As regards to the statement of the Vicariate of Arabia, our brethren from the FFFL can do the FBI or CIA-like analysis of the wordings, grammar, etc. the way they like but that doesn't change the fact that our Church leaders got both sides of the story before issuing the statement. Only God knows what Rolland Nilas may have said to our Church leaders about the situation or version of the stories, but this is what something I know (which I got from a very reliable source), when Bro Rouquel Ponte discussed the issues with our Church leaders, he had NEVER slanted ANY of the leaders or members of the FFFL, especially Bro Frank. It really is very presumptous on the part of our FFFL brethren to even make the slightest assumption that the Church Leaders here have been made to sign (like a non-thinking Robot) a statement drafted by CFC Leaders from Manila without making any verification of the assertions contained therein.

Conscience said...

If there is a similar statement rejecting FFL in the diocese I belong... I will without doubt leave CFC and look for another community. This is too much. We should not be doing this to our brothers and sisters in FFL...

cfc usa servant said...

It seems like when the bishops speak favorably of FFL, they defend it as the bishop speaking with wisdom.

However now that the bishops are speaking in favor of CFC, they imply that CFC leaders have dictated upon the bishops?

According to one missionary I spoke to, he commented that our bishops are smart. They can clearly see what's going on in CFC. It's not a "disobedience" issue - its a leadership issue. And it's clear who is the one sowing confusion.

So I'd take CD's advise - forbear. Sit tight and let our God defend CFC. (better to die in mission rather than from heart attack reading emails from FFL right?)

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

1. why does manny hermano think that the IC has made robots out of the cardinals and bishops and clergy? i can tell you very candidly, cd, that this is something that the IC will never do. explain the real situation in the community... yes! the IC will do that and without having to malign or disparrage anyone in FFL, too. maybe these FFL leaders have this kind of thinking simply because that is what they had been doing since the start of this conflict. look at the statements of bp. gabby, et. al.

2. ado paglinawan - how come you have to bring the good name of lito urgino into this? he has been quiet and humbly doing God service as he deems called by the Spirit.... and suddenly you have to mention him. how discourteous can you be?

3. i can't help to feel some braggadocio in ado's statements... and the eerie feeling of being left out in recognition for what he thinks he has done. and to trumpet being elected unanimously as Chairman! wow, congratulations!!! you are greater than Muhammad Ali!

4. the tagaytay convention center accommodating "tens of thousands"? the hall can perhaps hold no more than a thousand persons comfortably. outside of the building maybe at most 5,000.... well.

5. oo nga, nasaan na ba yong sinasabi nilang obedience to the Church heirarchy? split level na naman ito?

6. conscience: FFL started it all. they claim many areas as exclusive FFL (they started with South Africa, then even a greater part of U.S., biliran, MM Central "B"... etc.). CFC has nothing to do about claiming exclusive rights for any parish, diocese, archdioceses, towns, barrios or sitios. CFC has always been there since even before the CBCP and Vatican recognitions. if you choose to go to another community, may God go with you.

7. once more to ado: careful, you are trudging the thin line of libel against the persons you have especially mentioned. pray that they will remain true Christians and not bring you to Court.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking to discern more of favoring to FFL's wisdom as much as I also favor CFC's. But this recent letter of manny hermano and ado paglinawan somewhat display an unchristian behaviours which tickle my discernment now.
I hope both of you bro will just respect our brothers in cfc too. Actually I am joining with FFl but these brothers of mine's actions seemed to be unacceptable to me.
Relax lang kayo bros.

Nick said...

From that letter, the author seems to imply that CFC has total control over the bishops especially outside the country.

I hope someone from their community try to correct these people themselves cause there's no way they'd listen to someone from CFC.

john said...

Honestly I am with FFL, and i was quite shocked by the statements made by Manny Hermano. but i agree with conscience.. why are they shutting us out of parishes? in our diocese we got a recognition and yet it does not state to accept only one CFC.. the bishop accepted both.. I can accept removing CFC in our name FFL and I am one of the brothers and sisters who are very sincere in evangelizing but not allowing us to work within the parishes is unfair specially if we are very sincere.

and why could we not work together hand in hand? we are both doing God's will. Isn't helping together one of Jesus' teachings? I hope both CFC and FFL could find peace and move on for the Glory of our God! God Bless everyone..

C.D. said...

To Commenters Conscience and John,

I'm really glad to hear your voices in this matter. We've been waiting for a while to hear your side of things, and I mean the side of the regular joe FFL member. I hope we haven't scared you with all the joking and sometimes frustrated comments that come through here.

I'd like state an observation though, and this goes beyond the words of Manny and Ado, which seems to me were written in an agitated state. I DON'T believe that the FFL is forbidden in any diocese or parish. What I feel the bishops are doing is preventing the FFL from using the CFC name to address themselves and their members, as to avoid confusion and keep the two groups separate. Maybe it has become obvious to them now that the FFL is clearly a different entity, with different goals.

That's just the way I see things. I'm not the ultimate authority, but from where I stand, that's the way I understood it.

pilosopotasyo_cfc said...

The recent statements of our Church Leaders in the MidEast and Affrica affirming their recognition "only" of the original CFC was necessitated by the fact that confusion would certainly arise should they tolerate the existence of two CFC groups in their respective Diocese bearing the same name and each claiming to possess the same charism, life, mission and culture. The statements were issued, I believe, not just as a point of "siding" with the original CFC but to guide and help the faithful believers of CFC who are (afterall) STILL Catholics, and thus, are under the spiritual care of the Bishops and Priests. Now as far as "conning" Bishops is concerned, I believe we are already well-informed enough by this time, "who" conned our beloved Philippine Bishops at the initial stages. By God's grace our beloved Bishops have certainly been enlightened again.

C.D. said...

Jiggs, LOL, relax lang my friend. =)

john said...

thanks cd. i was scared at first by the comments but i didn't take it as an attack against me. If i were to be asked, i don't mind removing CFC from the name but i just want CFC and FFL to cooperate as brothers and sisters in Christ. even though we experienced this event. God Bless! :D

Wolsink said...

If Ado Paglinawan is telling the truth regarding comments of Fr. Justin to our CFC leaders, then Fr. Justin is not acting as representative of Jesus Christ. How dare Fr. Justin said those words.

And may I borrow the words of Bp Gabby Reyes that I "STRONGLY RECOMMEND" that Fr. Justin return to India I think you are over staying already.

Aling Biring and Mang Puching this is for your approval.

And Ado please be careful to what you are saying. Yes the Holy Spirit favors everyone for the work of evangelization. You better discern what spirit favored you when you wrote your email. As if you said that the Holy spirit not favoring CFC. And please you are FFL and not CFC. The same thing with Manny Hermano, all who transferred to FFL are no longer CFC members. Why can't you accept that?

Jiggs, normal pa rin BP and Blood sugar ko ha.

Marlon said...

It might be unfair and insulting to the Cardinals and bishops if people make any hint that they are mindless and gullible individuals who will just sign documents presented to them. I am sure the clergy diligently study both sides first and then they ask for the gift of discernment before putting their name on something. In the same way, I believe the original 3 bishops who made the recommendations for postponing the elections were sincere in their desire to help CFC and I believe they also prayed that the Elders Assembly will be lead by the Spirit to make the right decision. As we grow in the Spirit, we have humbly learned to let the will of God be done and not to impose our will on others (specially if those others can also ask discernment from the Spirit).

Looking at the letters from the Cardinals/bishops of New Jersey, Africa, Arabia, etc, I did not really see anything that prevents FFL from evangelizing in the parishes. In my interpretation, those clergies are just trying to prevent confusion by making a distinction in terms of names between CFC and FFL. I don't see it as a rejection of FFL, and FFL is still welcome to carry out apostolate under their own name that they can be proud of (specially that majority of people who joined FFL are sincere in their desire to grow in their spirituality and to spread the Good News). What's in a name anyway? A rose with any other name would smell as sweet. If we are truly blessed by the Spirit, we don't need to be too conscious about the names that we choose. The people we are to evangelize will see Christ in us through our actions and our words. Whatever name a Christian group choose, there's nothing to be ashamed of it, because God will bless that name if it's according to His will.

Personally, I still treat my FFL brethren as "Couples For Christ" because maybe the more they think they are CFC, the easier it might be in the future of re-uniting (hindi naman sila iba sa atin). However, maybe the clergy is sincerely in agreement with the opinion of other people that the name issue might be the greatest thing that prevents the two sides from moving on (e.g. turn-off for candidates, opening up old wounds, etc). These church leaders may also have many previous experiences dealing with name issues for Christian groups in crisis.

God bless!

Raul said...

FFL's Moto was OBEDIENCE TO THE MOTHER CHURCH... Now they question the integrity and wisdom of its bishops.
What do they (FFL) want?
When will they (FFL) stop?
Is this gonna continue forever?
Is there a end to all this mindless acquisition?

I am just frustrated....

Anonymous said...

There's really only one way out of this mess: FFL needs to embrace the reality that they have left CFC and founded a new movement (which is of course born out of CFC), and they should therefore present themselves as plain FFL. This way, there will be no confusion among existing CFC members who can discern on their own which group to join. But to continue claiming that FFL have never left CFC and they continue to be CFC would be something too much to bear and only muddles the situation even further. So long as FFL continue to claim that they are the true CFC, IC has every right to ask every Cardinal, Apostolic Vicar, Monsignor and Priest to issue clear recognition for CFC (who by the way will not have much choice given the Vatican recognition resting on the IC-led CFC).

Mr. Hermano has no right comparing Paul-Barnabas going separate ways to that of CFC and FFL. In the former's case, it was an agreement to propagate Christianity; in the latter, separation became a sad result of an unresolved conflict by certain people who simply can't give up their bloated egos!

And Mr. Hermano, the good Bishop and Apostolic Vicar who signed the "similarly" worded letters are not fools who would ink in their names on any paper without proper investigation and discernment. Mr. Paglinawan, don't you dare impute that even bishops and cardinals can be misled - God have mercy on your soul!

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

i went to the extent of finding out who among the five brothers who went to south africa for the pastoral congress were paid for by CFC Home Office.

from an uncontestable source only the traveling expenses of joe tale and ernie maipid were owned up by CFC. these expenses, of course, are necessary. they were there not for junkets. they were there doing their jobs, executing their responsibilities.

rouquel ponte's expenses were courtesy of the middle east brethren being the regional head of that area. he made it to africa after a similar activity in the middle east and by way of going back home to manila made that pass in africa to be God's instrument for His people there, too.

ricky cuenca has canada to shoulder his expenses because a region of africa is financially supported by that country.

bong garrucho spent for his own traveling expenses. you can ask him or his wife edna. very generous couple... no question about that.


i am glad to know that FFL brethren are comfortable about doing God's work without unnecessarily being confusing. brethren, please "make strong recommendations" to your leaders in FFL to forget about using the name COUPLES FOR CHRIST. you are better off being FOUNDATION FOR FAMILY & LIFE. we can then work together, hand in hand.

FAMILIA was born out of the separation of CFC from Ligaya ng Panginoon. at first, there were little confusions because of the same songs being used, CLPs of both were similar in procedure and contents. structures were also the same. but, later on, there was an easier distinction because there was no similarity in the name. so, i really exhort you brethren to move for the downgrading of your community's inordinate desire to use COUPLES FOR CHRIST name from which you have separated. additionally, doing so would make your registration with the SEC much, much easier.


yes, i also notice that brethren whom i know were lying low are now back in FFL. i am happy knowing that. see, God has His wonderful ways indeed. must be His way of looking for lost sheeps. i search carefully at the pictures posted by FFL in their website and in their emails... i see them, and i am thankful to God.

oh, if only we can resolve this issue of the use of the name Couples for Christ.


by december 2, at the Ultra, we hope to really put every sadness, resentment, frustrations, anger, hatred and all similar spirits be thrown out of the way from each one of us and start LOVING one and all. as Jesus' disciples, we can do no less.

MARTHE'57 said...

Dear CD,
I got an email from a friend. Might you do me a favor and make sure this gets to Ado Paglinawan?
Here's that email...

Dear Marthe,
I am not good at composing my thoughts and organizing it into a "thesis" when am angry. I hope you don't mind my sending this to you.

I think Ado Paglinawan's email, as posted in the defendingcfc blog today, drew first blood against the church. Aside from saying cardinals and bishops can be "conned", he also claimed that St Peter (who was the first pope) went back to fishing (in disobedience to the Lord?) instead of evangelizing and was only inspired by St. Paul much later.

Ado wrote:
"In fact, the first missions of Paul did not even have the recognition of Peter who, instead of leading evangelization went back fishing. It was the fruits of Paul's dogged perseverance and long suffering that inspired Peter to seek reconciliation with Paul all the way to Rome. It was only then that it became clear to him as he trekked the dusty route that God had intended him to come later to validate everything Paul had began."

This statement is heresy! In the Gospel, the risen Jesus, after being identified at the shore of the Lake Tiberias, told Peter "take care of my sheep". Days later, at Pentecost, Peter preached to the crowd and converted about 3,000 people! St. Paul was still very much known then as Saul,who even became the persecutor of Christians!

It was definitely Jesus who asked Peter to evangelize and not Paul inspiring Peter to do so as Ado claimed.

Please read the last chapter of John and first chapter of Acts, magkasunod lang yon. Malinaw naman!

Also, Peter simply said he was going fishing the night Jesus appeared to them "once more" at lake Tiberias.
John 21:3 simply stated "Simon Peter said to the others "I am going fishing" , that's a whole world different from "instead of leading evangelization went back fishing".

My questions:
1) Why is Ado giving a new interpretation of the Gospel?

2)Why is he changing church history?

3) Why is he crediting St. Paul for St. Peter's actions and instead "discrediting" the Lord who asked Peter to "take care of His sheep"?

4) Why is he attacking the church and the church's princes?

5) What is the "spin" this time for FFL (Ado being or previously a PR practitioner in the Philippines)?

I am scared for our bro Ado, he may face excommunication from the church for these heretic claims!

Sana malinawan ni Bro Paglinawan ang kanyang ginagawa!

Hay naku...!


roundeyedtoddler said...

Most of you wouldn't believe this but CFC WestB5E used to work totally outside of the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal parish in the last five years. CFC members were encouraged to work as individual church goers, but were "banned" from carrying "CFC" as a community into the parish structure.

Now, CFC West B5E now seems to be part of the parish again, warmly being welcomed by the priest and parishioners.

What happened here?

Our brothers tried to fix the rift between CFC and the parish to no avail in the past years. In fact, in the last meeting with the new parish priest (sometime middle of this year), our brothers couldn't believe what the priest said. It sounded something like this:

1. CFC's structure is almost like a parish therefore it duplicates the parish structure. Accepting CFC into the parish organization would be tantamount to redundancy.

2. CFC's private nature makes it somewhat of a threat to the Church because the moment one leader decides to separate from the Catholic Church, CFC would bring with it a huge chunk of Catholic faithfuls (this was definitely not a credit)

Then this was the kicker. The priest told our brothers that the bishop knew about things that were happening in the leadership of CFC that our brothers, at their "level," did not know about yet. The priest seemed to be saying a leader in CFC was a threat to the Church.

Who could this brother be? We did not have an answer.

After FFL bolted out, our brothers and sisters in that Chapter told everyone that the whole Chapter was staying with CFC.

Then strange things happened. The people in the Parish begun to be warm again to CFC. Recently, almost half of participants in the PRO-LIFE Forum initiated by the parish priest was attended by CFC members. I heard there were a few FFL there too. Then for the first time in years, CFC was able to post a streamer in parish grounds.

Go figure.

First, the priest said CFC should stay out because it is some kind of a threat.

Then, FFL bolted out of CFC.

Then, the parish began to give goodwill feelers to CFC again.

Who then was the threat to the Church that the priest implied before?

I have an answer. What's yours?

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Member of Clean Fun Club! said...

WE should be happy we hear of the thinking of FFL leaders like Manny and Ado. I think, without "The Letters of Manny & Ado to the CFC", then you would not have this whole page on this blog. Then we’ll miss the fun of hearing Ado’s teaching on Paul and Peter. A teaching that could make Paul and peter turn in their graves!

At least we now know that they have in their team, 2nd team players, who could give respite to their point man FAP.

Just don't take what they write seriously -- specially that part that refers to the Bible According to Ado. Hindi pa siya naliliwanagan, si Bro. Ado the Unlightened!

By the way, I particularly like the "CLEAN FUN CLUB" billing!!! That's great really great!!

Contrast it with "Easter/Playboy Bunnies" and 'Clean Fun Club', and take GOOD LORD GOD WILL TAKE THE LATTER ANYTIME.

I will Dance ALL NIGHT! said...

If all the FFL writers, starting from the best-seller author (to required CFC buyers that is!) just write to all their members that they will now have seen the light and will no longer demand to use the CFC NAME in their organization, then the Clergy will not have any problem issuing any statement on which organization is accepted or not in their Diocese.

Then the Lord's laborers will have their hands on the plow, will be looking forward to Jesus, and would be accomplishing much in terms of Evangelization.

For now, we keep ourselves distracted with this intramurals of the FAP-initiated CFC-FFL name.

Well, for FAP this is Lamentation.

For us in CFC, it is "A Time to Dance"

C.D. said...


I did as you asked, and likewise, here I am delivering the reply. I'm sure you know what to do with it.

from Adolfo & Margi Paglinawan
to In Defense Of The Real CFC
date Nov 15, 2007 5:48 AM
subject Re: Mr. Paglinawan.

for your benefit and that of "attono", i will repeat, cardinals and bishops can be conned. this is not drawing first blood against any party. it is a mere statement of possibility. as a matter of fact, any human can be conned, ergo cardinals and bishops can be conned. why? because satan is more powerful than any human and con artists rely on dark satanic powers over their subjects. remember eden?

you said, not i, that i was interpreting the gospel. you said, not i, that i was attacking anybody. you said, not i, that i was changing church history. he who asserts must prove. please do not draw me into a legalistic box that you yourself constructed and faintly at that!

and how can i enlighten you when you have drawn my context and framework from the post-conversion of Paul back to the pre-Ascension scene at Lake Tiberias? and then after twisting my words, you resorted to personalities disrespecting the name of my father. argumentum ad hominem!

if you cannot handle the message, do not attack the messenger. it is also best to write when not angry because then you have control of your faculties. i suggest you read and re-read my words, breathing heavily each time so that oxygen gets to where it is intended to go. breathe in....and out. breathe in....and out! who knows, after a minute or two, you would have already regained your composure.

besides, how can i further enlighten you if you don't remove your mask. you have chosen to stay in dark pseudonyms, so sit and stay! a "real cfc", or anything real for that matter, does not need defending. if anything is of the lord, it will bear fruit and multiply. if not, it will wither and eventually die.


marthe'57 said...

My dear CD,
Ayayay, did I just initiate a spark? Hmmm,what can I say? I really don't know much about what happened between Peter and Paul? Was it because of Mary? Or did it have anything to do with John?

I can't say much because I am just the messenger of the messenger of the message. Therefore I can conclude that much as I want to research more about who is the real con man...
This is really a case of-
'Much ADO about nothing'...


HH Head forbearance said...

Ang hirap siguro dalhin ni Ado P sa household ano?

Kasi observe ko lang kailangan mo maging tunay na ma-alam sa tungkol sa Bibliya, baka maka-tunggali mo si Ado.

Ma-"forbearing" ka sigura lagi sa kanya. Exacto siya sa pahina na ito na tungkol sa "pagtitiis"

Fearing a membership in their HH said...

In my reaction to the post of "HH Head Forbearance", I think the other situation could be, what one would expect if he was a member of the household of Ado P and Manny H.

After reading their "position papers" here, and I would be driving to a Household meeting for instance of Manny H, might I hear petition prayers like: "Lord please tell Brother Joe Tale not to influence any more or any other Bishop or Cardinal in any part of the world to take positions against our true CFC - this one great CFC-FFL, the one that would keep the charism well; this one great CFC-FFL that would evangelize the whole world, but please enlighten all CFC so they will all transfer to us and become FFL SO THAT JOE TALE AND COMPANY WILL BE LEFT ALONE; so that we will have some additions to our numbers, because it is becoming very difficult to instruct very few followers.

If I hear such prayers I think I would be bothered enough to see the light and bid my HH Head Manny or Ado goodbye!

Let's just feast on your fantastic "ado-bo" said...

A reaction to Marthe 57, please do not think that "Ado is nothing" with your statement.

Imagine he labored to tell us much of who he is in that kilometric letter, digging into an event with Sonny Aguiling about that 'immigrant thing'; or that he was the one who brought CFC to a certain corner of USA. I wonder if that has the approval of FAP.

So do you have a day old "ado-bo"? Heard it is still 'masarap' kahit luma na.

cfcwestergroup brother said...

Bishops being conned? Bishops being used?

I've always thought that Frank Padilla's group did the 'conning' by bringing the three bishops into the fray - and with it the disobedience issue came about.

During that time when the disobedience issue was really confusing many, it would have been so easy for the IC to 'use' other bishops who might show CFC their sympathy and support. But this they never did.

Psalm1914 said...

To my brothers and sisters in CFC and CFC-FFL:

When are we going to stop putting each other down? When are we going to stop "attacking, maligning, revealing the truth at the expense of the other, defending the truth at the expense of the other community..." I could go on and on as we all have been doing. The sad thing about this is we all sound our trumpets and claim to be the true bearers of charism. We all wear our armour and are ready to defend what we believe is the true community, well my dear brothers and sisters, here's some verses for EVERYONE to reflect on before you start sounding your trumpets and raising your swords in defense:

1 Thessalonians 5:11
Ephesians 3:16-21
Philippians 4-6
Romans 12:6
Colossians 3:23
Provers 16:13
and my favorite (and call name)
PSALM 19:14

Do you realize that there are young brethren in our community that actually read these emails, visit this blog or worst yet, their parents share these matters with them with the hope that if they have associated themselves with "the other group" that they would be enlightened and persuaded to cut ties with them? Do you realize that the majority of us CFC and CFC-FFL just want to continue the work that we have been called to do? Why can't the leaders and the "hurting members" see that you are no longer encouraging and lifting us up, rather you are taking us down with you down the path of who knows where you are going?

I challenge everyone to do as Bro. Ado encouraged, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and do as Marlon said, TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT (regardless of whether they are CFC or CFC-FFL) and HONOR OTHERS WITH OUR SPEECH, ACTIONS and EMAILS. Let's start pointing our finger upward and not at each other...Let's stop being so engrossed on what we have done for the community and sit on our laurels. Let us stop unfurling our banner and displaying our accomplishments in making a dent in the lives of our less fortunate brethren.

LET US instead, celebrate our Joy in Christ as we Love another as Christ has loved us. At the end of all this, God will not look at what you have accomplished or how many houses you built, how many books you've written, how many rallies you marched on, how many parishes you served in as CFC or CFC-FFL. He will look at what you have done for the advancement of His Kingdom, did you love Him with ALL your heart, mind and soul and did you LOVE (and act on that love) others more than you loved yourself.

Have a blessed day my dear brothers and sisters and may the Joy of the Lord radiate in your lives today as He empowers you to seek His will at all times so that you may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of your lives.

(CD, kindly forward this to Bro. Manny Hermano, Bro. Ado Paglinawan, Bro. Frank Padilla with a note that they can email you response back and you will forward it to me...thanks!)

Not a coconut nut said...

Oasis is Arabia said he did not know what Bro Roland Nillas talked about when he met the clergy there.

I don't know but I thought he went there to talk to the Arabs to plant trees in their dessert, like 5 million trees in five years.

No kidding!

You mean you have not heard of the trees in Mindanao whose nuts produce a kind of oil?

Anonymous said...

This email came from Frank P., I quote:

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank Padilla []
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 9:13 PM
To: Dylan Wilk; Ferdie Gayos; Joe&Amy
Cc: Australia Albert De Jesus Canberra; Australia Carl Singson Brisbane; Australia Denis Reyes Sydney; Australia Dom Pangilinan Sydney; Australia Joe & Lina Josue Sydney; Australia Joy Lopez Sydney; Australia Marcy Mission; Australia Margo Simbag Brisbane; Australia Marisa Vedar Melbourne; Australia Nathan Mari; Australia Ronnie Bautista Canberra; Canada Ferdie/Malou Gayos Calgary; Canada Greg Parillas Edmonton; Canada Irma Cuenca Toronto; Canada Nick Borja Vancouver; Canada Ricky Cuenca; Canada Vic Lopez Winnipeg
Subject: RE: Bishops

“One bishop is very troubled at the way the IC keeps maligning them, saying they were just solicited, that I dictated their letters, saying they are misinformed, etc.”

Now Manny is saying :

"Brothers and sisters, you can decide if these 2 letters - with all their similarities and even exact wordings, were actually written by the undersigned Clergymen out of their own discernment or good intentions, or were they too, victims of someone or some group in CFC-IC who ghost-wrote the letter and solicited their signatures?"

Who is maligning the Bishops now by saying the letters were dictated and solicited?

George F. Calgary, AB

Cluster 2 Chapter D said...

Masochist siguro ako... paulit-ulit ko binabasa email ni Mr. Ado... tagal na pala niya active sa community and yet...

... where is the LOVE in all his rhetoric?

Base sa email 1 lang talaga gusto kong malaman...
ng iwanan tayo ni T2 Frank

...dala-dala ba niya Holy Spirit at bakit feeling ko after ng split e expelled tayo?

Haay, times like this ang payo lang ni Erniesanjr naaalala ko... contemplative "breathing" prayer:

"[inhale] Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, [exhale] have mercy on me a sinner,"

jiggs said...


uhm, normal naman ang BP and sugar ko and im keeping it in check.

ewan ko kung bakit na-EDIT ako ni CD. :)
one liner lang naman yung comment ko - title from a 1999movie: He's got John Travolta's smile, Kirstie Alley's eyes, and the voice of Bruce Willis...

anyway, might have to leave the BLOGGING to you guys muna! will rest for a while...

jiggs said...

ooooppppsss.. not 1999, its 1989 movie - LWT

Sleepless in NJ said...

The truth hurts...
But the truth will set us free...

I think we forgot the Marcos years when the truth was held hostage by tip of a gun...

Those who are in power (our leaders) misinform us to keep the public in the dark... keep the public educated....

There are different points of view in this forum... each individual (you... yourself) can descide if such information can free you... But remember we all have different experiences...

just have an open mind... even criticism has its place in our search for the truth

There is nothing wrong in debate…
Nothing wrong in asking questions
Nothing wrong in questioning others… especially those who serves the public

keep blogging...
keep sharing...
just use nicer words...
or be more contructive in your sharing...
but if you want to share your hurts and frustration...

We are always here... to be a sounding board... witnesses... most of all brothers and sisters in Christ (we are all sinners... and we aspire to forgive others)

neokid (aka mike) said...

I have not gone far from my respite and I read these. Such emails are among the reasons why my BP rises.

But thank God for the breather, I can see more clearly now. CFC is it! (kahit ano ang sabihin nila)

It is time to dance! Oh happy days! Let’s move on and get in on.
(o yan jiggs, di ako naughty)

Nice na ko!

jiggs said...

neokid (mike),

good that you're not naughty and try to keep your BP in check. take deep breaths... hehehe...

ako hindi naman ako naughty din, pero nae-edit pa rin ni CD. hehehe...

AdoP is a Saint Maker said...

Psalm1914 said...

"I challenge everyone to do as Bro. Ado encouraged, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and do as Marlon said, TREAT EVERYONE WITH RESPECT (regardless of whether they are CFC or CFC-FFL) and HONOR OTHERS WITH OUR SPEECH, ACTIONS and EMAILS..."

if i may ask...

Before or after I LAMBAST my leader's shortcomings, perceived sins, etc.? (Ado's way)

... and Marlon's... that I will freely do!

Can somebody ask Mr. Ado who was the Country coordinator and CFC Direector then? Why blame Joe Tale now?

I can't get enough of him really? Truly a saint maker, if you can live out the Taming of the Tongue talk.

Anonymous said...

to all,
CFC is CFC, FFl is FFL. That's the way it should be. THis will avoid confusion on everybody.
I think the reason CFC-FFL wants to use CFC is they are still using some of CFC's resources, such as bank accounts, collecting tithes, equipments, etc...
They can't afford to drop CFC from their name otherwise they have to start from scratch. Well, they should, since they left CFC.


Psalm1914 said...

TO AdoP is a saintmaker:

You said "Before or after I LAMBAST my leader's shortcomings, perceived sins, etc.? (Ado's way)"

-> to LAMBASTE is defined as to assault violently : beat, whip
2 : to attack verbally : censure

-> is this really what you want to do? I pray that you are speaking out of hurt and not anger, and if it is the latter, I pray that you will see a hint of Christ in our brothers and sisters in FFL, enough to ease the pain you feel

"... and Marlon's... that I will freely do!"

-> Praise God! I'm with you here, this is progress. I don't claim to be righteous and know exactly what I do and why, it is a struggle, daily, everytime I read an email, hear an accusation, see my brothers and sisters in FFL in a social environment...but I am a work in progress and I thank God that eventhough I have been disobedient, arrogant and vengeful at times, HIS GRACE IS MORE THAN SUFFICIENT TO PULL ME OUT OF THE RUT I PUT MYSELF INTO.

"I can't get enough of him really? Truly a saint maker, if you can live out the Taming of the Tongue talk."


Perhaps He is using Bro. Ado as an instrument for OUR holiness. Have you thought about that? perhaps if we try (after all that's all we can do) to diminish our desire to lambaste him, God will increase our charity towards him. Everything, pain, hurt, anger and joy; everyone, CFC and FFL alike can be used by the Almighty as an instrument to bring us closer to Him.

Please don't take this as criticism or an attack, I just wanted to share how I felt. I not only hear you, I am listening to you and so does the Father, run, cry and shout at Him, He's waiting for you at the cross...

pareho lang said...


how about check comments from this blog? compare them from the ones from manny & ado - then you judge if there's really any difference. puro good and love ba dito at hate sa kanila? geez!

mahirap po talagang makita kung sa kakampi nanggagaling ang comments. you tend to ignore them kahit nangunguya na or you think they're justified.

tignan din po natin ang ating mga puwing.

Two of us in Singapore said...

On Ado and his banana split theory (remember?) and now Paul and Barnabas: If you go way way back to the time when we first got the letter of Bishop Gabby Reyes you would also wonder where he got all the information because his words were exactly the same as the first email of dissent ( fromFAP) after the elections. Soo
Anyway I believe the Bishops don't want any disunity in their areas - that's why they want the CFC intact. Yes our clergy are very much aware of our crisis, and it was not just about "veering away". So my advice is, go and evangelize, FFL ! Let others who do not yet know Christ meet Him.
I will miss the December 2 affair.
Will await your write up ,CD

garnet said...

May i share some excerpts from the book Dare to Journey on Forgiveness as I believe all of us need to do this as advent comes:

" There is little doubt that we wrong others and therefore need to seek their forgiveness. Others also wrong us and to such we have the opportunity to extend our forgiveness. Forgiveness can be a very important factor in human affairs Forgiveness could change every enemy into a friend. It can also heal every wrong. It can convert enmity into reconciliation and distrust into trust.
While we recognize the potential good in every act of forgiveness, we also need to acknowledge difficulties. it is far from easy to forgive someone who has deeply hurt us and who does not come to make things right. It is far easier to nurture our hurt and to inflame it until it becomes a deep-seated bitterness, even though that will only hurt us more. It is also not easy to forgive another when we know that the same hurtful things probably will be said or done again.
Despite these difficulties, forgiveness carries seeds of change and hope. it can diffuse difficult situations. it can remove the walls of separation. it can heals our hurts. And always it cannot only change the enemy into a friend, but it can change the hard parts of ourselves into places of love and openness."

garnet said...

Just want to know the meaning of "Tens of thousands" ? Ado was saying that tens of thousands attended the family day in tagaytay so I became curious and looked at the homepage of FFL..

jiggs said...

looks like they are updating the website. there were a bit of photos the other day when i checked but now its gone. maybe they'll bring it back with better-looking photos yung wide-angle ba.

kahit sa multiply site, wala yung pictures at this time.

neokid (mike) said...

more like tens and a thousand... nung nakita kong mga pics..

neokid (mike) said...

Forbear --- its synonyms - patience, restraint, self-control, temperance, tolerance.

breathe mike! deep breathing....

my attention was called upon by my household head (acc wc). apparently, some of the former sagip faci (who moved to the other side) were actively inviting the kids and some Siga as well, to attend their tagaytay event which was the same date as the Freedom conference of the Big West sectors.

initial reports tells me, a handful went to tagaytay, the sagip member (members of the West C KFC band) went to the freedom conf. (ung napunta kasi sa kanila singer lang)

deep breathing mike... there's talk on the street it sounds so familiar...

A Hoax of a Demolition Story said...

Brethren, we really need to forbear, to be patient, to be compassionate.

Don’t look now but the Easter Group just released another issue of their Truth Series.

The topic this time is the Demolition Job with Frank Padilla (daw) as the Target.

If I read the latest comments on "Happy Day" I see a lot of messages there wherein invitations for FFL to be one with us in "...and A Time to Dance", implies that CFC bloggers are extending the hand of forgiveness.

But the writer of the recent issue of Truth Series is still looking for a chance to play up on the Filipinos penchant for the underdog, by portraying Frank to be the good side of a coin and Tony Meloto on the opposite end.

The writer tries to convince us that Frank, because he refused to receive the OZANAM Award of Ateneo, while Tony did accept it, makes Frank the more honorable of the two.
To my mind, whether they both accepted or they both refused such award, it is irrelevant to CFC because such award does not have any bearing on the spiritual life of CFC, its Mission or Vision. Or is Frank regretting that he did not?

Speaking of awards, will Easter Group comment on the Ramon Magsaysay Award?

Maybe because they don't want us notice too much that the current statements coming from Bishops that are skewed in favor of CFC, that’s why their P. R. Department issues such articles.

Anyway if it is true that CFC is demolishing Frank Padilla, aren’t there enough verses in the Bible that should / could have inspired this writer (or the Easter group Playboy Bunnies Team) to take on the pain, and in the process magnify their HOPE in the fairness of the Good God to uplift them? Long ago, I seem to remember that Frank himself would have said so.

Anyway I'll let it be. It won't ruin my day, and my HOPE for a LOVELY SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTMAS!

Forbearance leas one to God said...

Time out from anyone’s impatience and let’s all have a good note for forbearance

Here’s a commentary on Luke 18: 1-8 (Gospel, Saturday yesterday Nov 17, 2007)

“In today's Gospel, our Lord tells us that we must also persevere and keep our hope for His coming and not lose faith in His promises to us. There are certainly times in our lives when it seems things are hopeless and that we should just stop and give up. But we must always remember that our Lord never breaks His promises and when things seem the most hopeless, that is when we need Him most.

Jesus reminds us that God will not be slow to answer us. So, my friends persevere and hold strong in your faith. Our Lord will never fail us when we call out to Him.” – Daily Catholic Meditations (

Anonymous said...


i heard from a staff of the bishop of novaliches that when FAP together with Pancho visit the good bishop, meron na silang dalang letter that the bishop could sign, that he is recognizing ffl in his diocese which the good bishop ignore.

neokid (mike) said...

check that..

report says, they (ffl) tried to lure the 2 sagip kids (member of the West C KFC band) to join them in the tagaytay event.

one sagip kid went, together with his parents who are now members of the other side.

the other joined the CFC Big West Freedom Conference.

un naman pala eh....

garnet said...

you're right jiggs! the pictures are all gone!!!!Now Ado can't show proof of the tens of thousands who attended the family day!!!!

arithmetic not english teacher said...

Jiggs, what Ado actually meant was: " A tenth of a Thousand" which is actually 100.

Kaya lang dahil nga medyo excited noong nag-type, nasulat 'tens of thousands'... typo error lang yun Bro.

Clear na ba?

ChopSuey said...

To my brethren in FFL,

A lot of you are my good friends and role models. I'd like to relay these points..

1. I affirm that I still love you as brothers and sisters even if you are now in FFL. I pray that our good relationship will still be there.

2. Don't be bothered by unChristian remarks you read for they do not reflect the majority of us. There are also comments in this blog that show that we care for you.

I pray that your CLPs will be fruitful for I believe that CFC and FFL are allies in this big fight against the evil principalities that caused this mess in the first place.

jiggs said...

arithmetic not english teacher,

it was garnet who asked on November 17, 2007 11:36 AM.

nevertheless, got it clear.

Anonymous said...

Would it not be proper for the CFC leadership to endorse the letters of Mr. Hermano and Paglinawan to all the archdiocese, diocese and vicariates that re-stated their recognition of the original CFC and inform them of the allegations raised against them by these two FFL leaders.

For consistency, let us also furnish the Diocese of Antipolo and Calbayog who recognized the FFL and inform them that Bishops could be conned and misled ( by two women?)

By doing so, we could show to our Bishops the true color of FFL. Also, if Hermano and Paglinawan are representative of the kind of leadership FFL has, then I could now sleep well at night not worrying about legitimate conversion of CFC members to FFL. No wonder, they are using deceptive means in convincing CFC members.

Let us pray for the soul of Hermano and Paglinawan.