Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Counter Spin

An email I covered in a previous entry elicited a response quite worthy of posting here. To summarize, it seems a clever FFL member in Germany tried to discourage CFC members (by way of a misleading or badly misinformed email) from attending a meeting/gathering with Bro Nolet Ladrino who is headed there on an official CFC mission.

Here is the response from Bro Sammy Tan:

From: Sammy Tan <>
Subject: Bro. Nolet Ladrido
To: Moises Evangelista <moises.evan@****>

Dear Brother Moises,

We came across your letter, to discourage the purpose of Bro. Nolet Ladrido's visit to Germany/Vienna, and would like to give you our reaction.

Since your group has officially declared your position to the CFC global community, as belonging to the so-called FFL, by choice, please be aware that there still exists the original CFC community of which Bro. Nolet Ladrido is part of. Your (group's) sentiments toward Bro. Nolet and the original CFC, is not similar with the majority of the remaining members, and of those that you are calling "inactive". Your choice to form the "FFL" group has placed you outside the original CFC and so be considered in the "inactive" category, in so far as the original CFC is considered.

Further, since you have opted to be part of FFL, you should realize that you do not represent CFC anymore. Bro. Nolet clearly represents CFC. It is you who does not. Bro. Nolet's visit and assembly is an official CFC gathering.

Your accusations that Bro. Nolet has no authority to act in behalf of CFC constitutes a usurpation of authority that you no longer have. It is you who does not have any authority to act on behalf of CFC. The attached document from the CFC-HQ, dated much ahead of your letter, clearly shows that Bro. Nolet is clothed with authority. Do not be selfish, but allow the individual members, inactive, active or acting active, decide and make the choice for themselves', as to where they can serve the Lord and/or the CFC community more actively.

Your mail also pointed out that Frankfurt has made its position known. This is not true. The so-called leaders in Frankfurt made their position known without regard to the members. The proper and Christ-centered approach that they should have taken is to inform all the members of what was happening and allow them to discern for themselves what they should do. This was, again, another example of incompetent leadership who think that their decision is better than the members. By doing so, they insulted the members by treating them as if they could not think for themselves.

Your method to call-to-order, is reminiscent of the type of leadership experienced in CFC Frankfurt, resulting in the drop and poor turnout of members. It is not winning hearts, but is increasing the gap in the division. Please be more careful with your facts. Let's be fair when you talk about "Rights". Too many mistakes have already been made. Why do you persist in continuing to do them?. I do not believe the confusion is with the members. God bless us all.

Brother Sammy and Brother Hector

Here is Bro Nolet's official endorsement:

I think the best way to end this entry is with...'Nuff Said.


Anonymous said...

Ano pa kaya ang maiiharap nila sa tao?

Mas Lalo na sa Panginoon.

FFL elders and leaders continue to deceive/lie just to get their intentions.

roundeyedtoddler said...

Dear C.D.,

The reply from our brothers and sisters in Germany is absolutely clear and straight to the point, at the same time generous. To classify former members who went to FFL as simply "inactive" is being generous.

Clearly, the Easter Group is hell-bent on creating constituency and their style will boomerang. It's a matter of time. Their style is an indication of the difficulties they're facing in some areas to sway members into FFL. Their lack of a clear direction akin to the IC's 7-point direction, to me, now looks deliberate. Once they make clear their direction, they will have less flexibility in creating justifications for their existence. That commentary is generous. The real question is, do they have a direction? I sincerely hope the answer is YES because we have brothers and sisters dear to us who have opted to join the Easter Group in FFL.

Yesterday, I was meeting a company Consultant who happened to be an "inactive" CFC. His reason for lying low was the lack of consultation done by their new Chapter Head in re-organizing their Chapter. As a community like CFC grows bigger, the participation of members in decision-making processes needs to be enhanced for the following reasons:

1. we need to collectively own the decision and embrace the change;
2. we need to constantly train prospective leaders and decision-makers; thus, one-man shows are taboo in our culture;
3. most importantly, the flame of the Spirit rests on each one during Pentecost, not just on the apostles--it is simply not being Christian to assume that only the leaders have the gifts of the Holy Spirit

To communicate AND cooperate are marks of a community acting as ONE.

If those who choose to stay with CFC or move to FFL did so because of their loyalty to human leaders, then they are cautioned here as a brother rebukes another. If they did so because of pride and hate, likewise they are cautioned. But if they did so out of sincere love for God and fellowman, then let each one be.

In this present case, a declaration of leaders of their loyalties without consulting their members is not an act of love for fellowmen. Even God listened to Moses and did not carry out his plan to destroy Israel and make nations out of Moses instead. Can you imagine what kind of Bible we'll have now if God and Moses both happened to have a very bad day that day?

The RoundEyed Toddler

DBC said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

To begin with, FFL leaders' call for a restoration movement was a deceptive ploy to attract CFC members to their fold. The main issues were "veering away..., GK was NOT spiritual & disobedience to the bishops". Recall that on their (FFL) 2nd restoration prayer meeting in Christ the King (Greenmeadows)before August 28th, the power point guy inadvertently displayed on screen a new logo/ID, a new office location & a new foundation in the projector screen. Then, these main issues were addressed and clarified @ the August 28th meeting with the bishops. Their (FFL) next move called for a "generic" CFC and that they have the right to use the name CFC because they did NOT split. Insisting on using the name CFC but defiant to submit to the authority of the IC & EA. Proclaiming unabashedly that they (FFL) have NOT left the original body of CFC yet they (FFL leaders) tried unsuccessfully to register a new foundation (FFL).

To our brethren who were deceived and get entangled in the web of deception of the FFL, can't you see the above scenario? If you have realized just now and you are too ashamed to come back to the original CFC flock, don't hesitate to return and we will rejoice in open arms to welcome you back to the original body.

God bless us all!!! said...

I can only affirm Bros. Sammy's & Hector's views.
I think it is an act of helplessness that FFL's leaders are showing.The method of assuming that members will just go with the flow, obey blindly - telling members to ignore the conflict in Manila to avoid "being confused," is effective to some, but not to others, who have minds of their own & who can count 1+1 is 2.
Here in the northern part of Germany, I was told to join FFL FIRST & then decide to stay or go, after I asked to give us the freedom to choose & time to discern. They seem to be in a hurry to get members for their statistics!
Also I agree with the "inactive" friend of roundeyedtoddler, that there should be participation of members in decision-making.It is often so that some leave it to the leaders for convenience sake.
We are in one big team & thus should work together, enhancing each others talent to achieve our goals with optimum results. Therefore no room for a one-man show.
Am looking forward to Bro. Nolet's visit to hear first hand the side of CFC after having listened to Bro. Frank in Oberhausen last August.
May the Good Lord & the Holy Spirit guide & help me discern for the right one.

Anonymous said...

Please post : From CFC Dallas member

Quitting the Community

Some elders, when they have sharp disagreements or
conflicts with other elders, or when they feel they can no
longer cope, or when those over them decide in favor of
their opponents, or when they are removed from their
positions, decide to leave the community. That in itself is
often the wrong decision.
Disagreements among brethren in Christ can always be
resolved. First, by knowing that in every disagreement there
are often three points of view: mine, yours, and the Lord’s,
The challenge is to discover God’s way together. And this is
done through sincere, humble and respectful dialogue. But
in case their is no consensus on what the Lord would want,
then we have a second option, that of being more tolerant
of the other, of forbearing, and even of conceding. Our
unity and our brotherhood are more important than having
our own way. In any case, the community would have its
own process of resolving disagreements and preventing an
impasse. We just need to work within the system.
Unfortunately some elders decide they cannot, and
if their position is not sustained by the community, they
But what is worse is that they might take other innocent
members with them. This is a great disservice, because what
in effect they are doing is moving a community member out
of the place where he is being blessed by God, where he is
being helped to grow, where he can be of service to others.
And if he is not placed in another environment where his
spiritual life will be protected and nourished, then his very
spiritual well-being is even put under threat. All because of
the pique and selfishness of elders.
Such elders will be accountable.

From “Friend or Foe?” Fighting the enemy within. Pp 40-41
Author: QOHELETH II (a.k.a. Frank Padilla)

andres said...

we in CFC, those who chose to remain in CFC, have all the right to challenge the leaders of FFL to be real men.

And not just real men but to be real christian!

Either one is CFC and the other is FFL.

Legally, there is no such thing as CFC - GK or CFC - FFL.

It is just the playboys way of finding the perfect excuse so as not to get caught up with their indiscretions!

acc wc said...

Please note of the announcement in the newsletter of the Our Lady of Consolation Parish (Recoletos) in West C where the Metro Manila Mission Director of FFL is a parishioner.

Christian Life Program for Couples
Sponsored by Foundation for Family & Life

(formerly CFC)
(under Joel/Che Sison) every Saturday at 7:30PM Divine Mercy Hall

Even if I do not agree with how the announcement on the CLP for couples is worded, at least we are progressing. It would have been preferable that the words "formerly CFC" not included because it would appear that Couples for Christ has been renamed FFL. Well at least in the parish where the majority of FFL are parishioners, they have now acknowledged that they are no longer part of the community of CFC.

When can we expect Mr Frank Padilla to do the same???

Jesus said...

acc wc said...

Please note of the announcement in the newsletter of the Our Lady of Consolation Parish (Recoletos) in West C where the Metro Manila Mission Director of FFL is a parishioner.


To what diocese does this parish belong? Is the FFL recognized as a lay faithful association in the diocese and enabled to do apostolate work like CFC? If not they may be going against the declaration made in Aug. 28 that they first seek acceptance by the bishop.

Dropping CFC from their name is certainly a good first step in the right direction. I believe it will go a long way in easing the hurts and tensions if they also drop the term "Formerly CFC". It seems to imply that CFC is either renamed or simply defunct.