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The FFL has issued a couple of responses to some of the past happy events in CFC. Here is the first in response to Bishop Reyes' talk at the MCG meeting on Oct. 16, which we covered here.


A little bonus: Bishop Reyes in the Q&A portion of the MCG meeting. writes:

It was with much sense of consolation that we read the CFC Multimedia Center's account of Bishop Gabby Reyes' exhortation to the CFC Mission Core Group in its regular Mission Core Teaching Night last October 16, 2007.

The heart and core of Bishop Gabby's teaching clearly placed the priorities of faith communities in the proper context. He specified that there are two goals of integral evangelization. The first goal "IS SALVATION WHICH BRINGS ABOUT RECONCILIATION WITH GOD, RESULTING TO FREEDOM FROM SIN AND THE REJECTION OF SIN AND EVIL." The second in terms of priority is liberation which "ASPIRED TO FREE MAN FROM HUNGER, DISEASE, IGNORANCE, LACK OF HOUSING, INHUMAN POVERTY AND IN JUSTICE." But in the same token, he reminded the assembly to keep in mind that "IN OUR WORK OF SOCIAL APOSTOLATE, SALVATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIBERATION."

The good Bishop also affirmed that the study and practice of contemplative prayer is important, stressing that "prayer and contemplation should be the main sustaining force of evangelization, because it is the deep experience of the person and the message of Jesus which leads us to effective evangelization."

We thank the good Bishop for his strong reaffirmation of the very directions of CFC-FFL in initiating the Restoration Movement. It was in keeping with the call for the restoration of the eroded spiritual anchors of our existence and the inordinate priorities placed on the aspect of liberation that it became inevitable for CFC-FFL to bring back the community to its original charism.

In the same token, the good Bishop struck a familiar word of caution after the Church's sad experience with the ideology of liberation theology in Latin America by stressing that "social apostolate, as a main component of evangelization, must be carried out in a close relationship with catechesis and worship." Continuing his words of caution, he stressed that "social apostolate without catechesis can become activism and may easily fall into the danger of being guided by unchristian ideologies." Bishop Gabby was equally emphatic that "without worship and prayer, social apostolate will lose it source of strength."

These messages bring forth shared memories of a lamented past where the overromanticization of our social apostolate came at the expense of our work of evangelization resulting in our dwindling numbers. More recently, we also saw the sad spectacle of being coy albeit bashful of unfurling our Christian banner to pay more tribute to the values of entrepreneurship.But nowhere does one see in the news releases the face and the identity of the mother which gave birth to the child. Again, the child may have placed the mother at the altar of sacrifice just over 2 weeks after the good Bishop made his powerful exhortation.

Lessons are indeed hard to come by and memories are bound to be short. As CFC-FFL, we ought not to repeat the mistakes of the past and always seek the proper alignments of our vision, mission and values and never again should we allow our priorities to make us veer away from our true north.

Couple for Christ Foundation for Family and Life

This is not meant to be offensive, and I will say without without any sarcasm at all, but frankly...who asked them? It seems the FFL keeps looking for "reaffirmation" for their existence within CfC's activities, something I find objectionable since they've already left. They already EXIST, why keep trying to justify it unless they themselves doubt the purpose of their existence.

Here's a novel idea; why not have your own MCG gathering, have Bishop Reyes speak (IF he is your spiritual advisor, I actually don't know) and then write about that instead? Surely it will be more beneficial to your members to have the good Bishop say something DIRECTLY TO YOU.

We're doing just fine, thank you. If we needed to clarify his own words, we'll ask the good Bishop himself. I think we understood him enough on our own without your "clarifications", after all, didn't we all come from the same religious background?

All I can comprehend from your email is that you needed to spin his words to justify your existence.

Let me define SPIN:

The techniques of spin include:

This next one I'm taking with a grain of salt for now since I cannot confirm its source either from the FFL official site or from their blog.


Their blogsite has just added this, so it's official.

Note that while this seems to be in a reconciliatory spirit, they have still managed to make it appear that CFC's ideals are not centered on GOD. This strikes me as offensive and should be pointed out.

Emphasis on social (GK).
Build a nation.
Focus on heroism.
Inward look to the Philippines
GK as non-sectarian.

Emphasis on spiritual (family & life).
Build God's kingdom.
Focus on holiness.
Mission outlook to other countries.
Total work overtly Catholic.

What gave them the right to falsely define what the CFC's priorities are? The last I heard, Frank wasn't in attendance at the last council meeting. Are we not after all, still sticking to the mission/vision that he himself helped create? I don't see any "nation building" bulletins coming out from the IC, I don't even see GK being emphasized other than it being just ONE of the 7 Pillars.

On GK.
If GK has seemed to have taken on a life of its own, let us acknowledge the fact that it is a highly successful program for the poor. It obviously won't have its many corporate and govt partners if they didn't see its merits. CFC will always be at the root of that, but CFC isn't about who gets the acclaim. We did a good thing. CFC did a great thing with GK. Let us allow that to prosper and do the good work that it does. Many of the poor are being sheltered, many of the poor are getting their dignity back. Let us rejoice in God's work that is being done, because no matter what, it IS...and that's what counts.

About the "Mission outlook to other countries.", this one at least seems relatively accurate, as they are still on the offensive and employ the by-hook-or-by-crook strategies, as shown in this email:

From: moises.evan@****
To: mcgonzales@******
Subject: Re: EMCreport2007
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 21:45:26 +0100

Thanks Bro. Melvin,

Now I got it. I`ll send it to our website operator for publishing. There might be some slight changes (or might be none at all).

As to the plane ticket, it`s OK, but it is quite heartening to know. You know, my visit is still part of my pastoral responsibility considering the fact that Essen has not declared the position that time and until now. The amount does not matter it is the question of principle and Christian values and responsibilities. Anyway, the Lord will provide and He always did more than what I am spending during my mission trips. I pray that the Lord will bless those supported you as I know you are one of those who voted yes but I pray more for those who say no that the Lord will bless them as well of what they deserved.

Do not be afraid Bro., you are not alone. I think you have make your position known to all so that people will follow. I know they are waiting for your words. Let us be ready for the split. This has to happen even in Essen. Majority of Europe and the entire International Community is with FFL. So you will not be left out. I hope Bro. Bert and CO. will hold on to their words that they will not accept anyone. If they did, then you can declare your stand in CFC Essen so they cannot declare that Essen is 100% IC. Like what happened in Geneva. When the group of Art declares for IC more than half of the couples declare that they are FFL. I was there last weekend.

Bro. Please tell the members, Bro. Nolet has nothing to do with CFC Germany, nor he is an elder in the Phils. and he is not an official representative of IC and so you cannot call for an official assembly that he can speak. He can come and Bert can invite those who wants to listen but that should not be an official gathering.

Bro. let`s face it. You have to make your stand known by all.

I will be with you togehter with the NC and the rest of CFC-FFL community.

God bless.

Bro. Moises

Note: According to the Home Office, "Bro Nolet is going there with official status because the IC, through Joe Yamamoto, has asked him to."

Seems their tactics haven't changed. Let me just remind the FFL of their theme for 2008:

We are pleased to inform you of CFC-FFL’s theme for next year 2008. It is taken from the book of Zephaniah. Our 2008 theme is “Our joy in Christ.”

“The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a mighty savior; He will rejoice over you with gladness, and renew you in his love, He will sing joyfully because of you” (Zep 3:17).

We had been unfaithful to our covenant. We had been rebellious. But now we have been purified and we have been restored. In CFC-FFL we are a remnant humbled and made lowly (Zep 3:12).
Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed (Zep 3:13). We have no further misfortune to fear (Zep 3:15). Indeed, the Lord has brought about our restoration (Zep 3:19,20).

Discuss this in the forum.


GMA said...

In the end of "A Way Forward #5", isn't it funny that much like Erap, he is setting the terms of his return/pardon? He left, he should come back, not ask to be invited back.

roundeyedtoddler said...

In my humble opinion,

1. There is no split. There are only former members who have separated from the Vatican-recognized CFC and drag others along with them.

2. Bro Frank's statements are all about how "right" he was and how "wrong" the International Council was. I do not sense humility in him. When Frank was asked what his complaints were about the International Council, he had a litany of "wrongdoings." When the International Council was asked what their complaints were about Frank, they said none. Some things do not add up. This is one of them. If Frank is indeed "right" in everything he said, then the International Council did the Christian response of giving the other cheek. If so, what does that make out of Frank? A Pharisee pointing an accusing finger on the tax collector. But what if Frank was not "right" in everything he said? What would that make of him? I hesitate to say this, but here I go: this would make him an outright liar, a false prophet, a wolf in sheep's skin. Now which one are you Frank? A Pharisee? or a wolf in sheep's skin? Either way, I certainly do not want to be anywhere around you.

3. The International Council states things only once. I kept on complaining why and why does the IC not say anything?!#$%?? Then I find out later that the IC already said all that they needed to say as early as July 2007. What Frank does is repeat a closed issue again and again such that it becomes the truth to people who hear them: stuff such as veering away, disobedience, loss of charism, etc. It makes me sick hearing these things over and over again, even in the latest statements and emails that my eyes get a chance to cast on these days. Unbelievable!

My son is asking me to watch Nickelodeon with him. I am gonna end here, which is good for Frank in the meantime. I am going to add more to what I have just said above.

The RoundEyedToddler

Anonymous said...

*deep breath*

titoFrank keeps insisting that his proposal be considered... but he wouldnt even consider acknowledging the International Council.

keeps insisting that they are CFC -please don't create more hurt. please don't make it more difficult for members/families to move on. titoFrank, be contented and happy that you FOUNDED FFL... and leave us in peace in CFC.

keeps insisting that CFC with GK is becoming social and FFL is SPIRITUAL...


sige na po... kayo na ang tama.
because its becoming more painful... not because of you abandoning us... i am over that... but now, u are spreading the division all over the world.

but please do not take away the truth that GK is letting people EXPERIENCE GOD...

i am just offering up our community in prayer... i hope all of us can move on.

God bless all of us.

Counting the 'Forwards' said...

I knew it!

Now we have "Moving Forward # 5"

Coming soon: "Moving Forward # 6"

And soon: "Moving Forward #s 7, 8, 9....."

But why is it being sent to us?

Aren't we CFC and He/They FFL?

Or is it because they are few in number? And that the author needs more readers?

Tomorrow when I meet my FFL friend, I will ask him if he has read "Moving Forward#5". Maybe he will have a better reply to me than last time.

concerned4truth said...

"More recently, we also saw the sad spectacle of being coy albeit bashful of unfurling our Christian banner to pay more tribute to the values of entrepreneurship"

Kapal...I hope they weren't referring to GK1World, because as all of us who were there well know, the invaluable presence of CFC in GK was paid tribute to very publicly, not least by Joe Tale himself.

It gets very frustrating. Why are they being so persistently and blatantly dishonest?

And yes, roundeyedtoddler is right...a complete lack of humility, a constant sense of "I'm right, I'm right, I'm right!"

Has anyone informed CFC Europe and Germany of the dishonest advice FFL (through Bro. Moises) has sent to Germany regarding Bro. Nolet?

I hope so. Perhaps if Germany hears that FFL has blatantly lied in this matter, this will have suitable repercussions.

concerned4truth said...'s interesting that they're proclaiming that "Majority of Europe and the entire International Community is with FFL" when CFC Europe and the various proclamations made by European countries in solidarity completely contradict their statement!

One must have a certain level of gall to say such things, one must surmise.

concerned4truth said...

November 1 2007. It appears Frank Padilla has officially renounced his presence on stage proudly launching GK777! Here we read:

"Thus CFC-GK is still committed to raising 700,000, to nation building (the Philippines), and to raising one million heroes (GK1MB)."

So it appears Frank has decided since he is no longer the chairman of GK, he no longer supports the vision he himself launched on stage in front of thousands and thousands.

This is sad.

I'm reminded of earlier in this blog, where witnesses recounted overhearing Gerry Padilla saying disparaging comments about "Dylan Wilk and his second hand BMW"...then others of the behind the scenes politicking of some certain parties in trying to prevent Tony Meloto from receiving the Ramon Magsaysay award.

Am I really surprised things have come to this?

Deep down, I'm getting less surprised...but more sad.

Anonymous said...

Once again Frank is openly claiming the focus of CFC is not on the spiritual. I wonder how Gabby Reyes would really feel about that, given he is CFC's national spiritual director, and given his role and presence in recent CFC events.

I think he might disagree.

Frank has told an outright lie in saying that FFL's work with the poor will be different from GK in that it "will have prayer and Christian symbols (e.g. Crucifixes) at our villages and our activities."

It becomes more apparent that leaders in FFL may not have spent much time in GK work or villages if they regard making this statement as telling the truth.

Either they do not realize it is untrue, or they realize and are saying it anyway.

Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Frank has proposed two branches of CFC...but seems to have missed the fact that he has gotten the IC's priorities wrong.

Perhaps he also hasn't caught up with this blog enough to see that the Vatican-approved CFC statutes state that the authority in CFC is the International Council - any sub-department of CFC would therefore have to be in submission to the IC.

That's what the Vatican approved, Frank. Surely you're not proposing going against the Vatican?

mike said...


someone decided to do it their way, so be it!

let them seperate!


Anonymous said...

If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them.
- Paul Wellstone

It's sobering to think we might - as Christians - espouse values in public then at the same time also state we should not inconvenience ourselves in doing anything about them.

jiggs said...

"im taking a deep breath"

i just came from a GK build. we're building the 1st house in our GK site. we're moving forward!!! i was surprised to see 2 emails in my inbox tonight...
(deep breath)...
anyway, those in my inbox are already posted here...

(deep breath again... ill be mellow)

to FFL, you are no longer members of the CFC. the statements from the Council and from the CFC Media Center are not meant for you anymore. you have your own office, statutes and identity (at least in other countries but not yet here, lets wait until MV and JDV helps you out on your SEC registration). you are no longer CFC!!! when will you ever accept that?! please lang po stop posting reactions to statements that are not for you! since June or July you have used (and abused) the email facilities with your tirades on the IC and the CFC. Isn't 4 months enough for you to state your case and your cause. People are moving on. If you are moving forward (#5, for the 5th time, does it have to take 5 times?!!!), then stop those deceptions already.

to FAP, no thanks to your offer. we already have made a decision and our decision is to stay with the REAL CFC!!! lets all move forward.

to my CFC brethren, let's make our decision be known to FAP by emailing him (, and the Eastergroup (, let us CC: each other as well.

CD, i hope you dont edit this one. please lang.

roundeyedtoddler said...

In my humble opinion, Part 2

Referring to Item 3 in my earlier post, I believe this says everything that the International Council ever needed to say, and nothing more.

4. The International Council is doing its best to revitalize CFC with the series of pastoral congresses immediately.

Take a look at this:

What more can I ask for? Did Frank ever do this kind of thing? I don't know really. Can anyone shed light on this question?

The International Council is doing a good job of improving the governance of CFC. They did all these things in silence, with no fanfare, with no verbal acrobatics written and spoken, with a sincere desire to pursue the life and mission of CFC even in the midst of attacks. That to me is charism!

5. The International Council has a clear picture of what it seeks to accomplish. It is in the latest Ugnayan issue. What a clear picture. What a Godly picture!

What does Frank has to offer other than maligning CFC and the International Council? Does the FFL have a clear vision that can match what Bro Joe Tale announced? Bro Frank, if you've got none, better work on one fast and start leading FFL right. If you've got one, then God bless your plans and start working on them fast. I can only pray this plan is much better than action steps on how to poach on the CFC membership and rebutt IC statements at every opportunity. You had your chance in CFC, don't miss your second chance in FFL.

6. Bro Frank, the International Council was never disobedient to anyone, not even to the Bishops. Stop all these talk about disobedience and disrespect. You know better than that. You know Canon Law and you know the rights and responsibilities of a private international association of the laity. From where I sit I see only one group of people who have been absolutely disobedient and disrespectful, and that's you and the team around you. During my discernment process, you completely turned me off after reading your embedded replies to the statement of the International Council.

Click this link:

In the embedded replies, your blatant display of disrespect and disobedience is totally shocking. I thought that maybe you think the readers have no brain, unable to discern for themselves what constitutes disobedience, which you were accusing the International Council of being right in the very first embedded reply. Well, Frank, in my humble opinion, look who's talking?

Thanks to what I saw in your very own website, I saw the character behind the exalted name. Thus, I became decidedly supportive of the International Council.

More to follow, brother.

mara'83 said...

These words coming from FFL are truly sounding like a broken record, esp. the "veering away" part. It seems that FFL has to keep on repeating their allegations (about the CFC under the present IC)to justify to themselves the reason for their existence.

FFL brethren, please answer my questions Re:"veering away" issue:
1. If CFC is supposedly "veering away" because of one its pillars, GK...does this mean all the other pillars of CFC -- particularly the family ministries (SFC,YFC,KFC, HOLD,SOLD)-- are also "accesories" to the "veering away" issue?
2. Does this also mean that the other communities(like Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Focolare, Light of Jesus and Ligaya ng Panginoon who are eagerly joining CFC in our work with the poor in GK) are likewise guilty of "veering away"?
3. When the good Samaritan helped the "mugged" Jew, did he first ask "What is your religious affiliation before I help you?"
Or did the Samaritan say, "I will help you but you have to recognize and promise to follow my religion." Did he do that?
By the same token... did the helpless, wounded and hurting Jew ask the Samaritan, "Before you help me, what is your religious affiliation so that I know if I can accept your help or not."

Really... why don't you come up with the statistics on GK instead of blanket accusations?
Is it 90% "veering away" by the incidents you mentioned? That would be a catastrophe.
How about 70%? That would still be alarming.
Is it 50% of all GK? Serious.
Is it 30%? 10%?
Show us the statistics!!!

From the statistics in the field, more than 90% of GK beneficiaries are already CFC or are underway thru the CLPs.
Why make a blanket accusation on the entire community for isolated incidents which even now are being addressed? Why?

I'm glad that I remain with the original CFC (by the way, there are no such communities as CFC-GK and CFC-FFL). Our theme for 2008 centers around the line from the song "A New Commandment." May I repeat in case you don't remember...
"...By this shall all men know you are my disciples...if you have love one to another..."

CFC is all about loving God (whom we cannot see), and all about loving our neighbor (whom we can see)...without conditions, without a "carrot at the end of a stick", without question on who-we-are-to-love and how-we-are-to-love.
Trust that God will change those He sends to us. All we are asked to do is to love. He will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Frank should just move on and stop acting like a kid whose candy was taken from him. Right now CFC has no superstars, most especially in the IC. They are all quiet workers who do not seek attention, that's true servanthood. Frank review your books again and I'm sure there would be some lines on forgiveness and moving on.

Empowered CFC Canada Member

Anonymous said...

Can CFC or FFL make a statement that that they don't have anything to do with each other anymore? Can CFC states that all those who signed up in FFL will not be members of CFC anymore and vice versa? Para wala ng paki-alamanan. Or does it still hold that "Once a CFC member always a CFC" until that person resigns or signifies that he is not CFC anymore. Paano ba talaga? When does a CFC member looses all the rights of being a CFC. Kasi ito lagi ang ini-insist ng FFL na hindi naman sila umalis sa CFC kaya may right sila as members to question or prod the IC's decision. Ano ba talaga Kuya??? FAP ano ba talaga??? Bakit Mision and Vision ng CFC eh dinidikta mo? May right ka pa ba kung ano ang Mision and Vision ng CFC. Bakit pati iyon pinapakialam mo pa rin? Gusto mo bang bumalik?

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

i totally agree with you .... and that it is only because of his arrogance that frank defines for us the priorities of CFC. he has been used to doing this while CFC Director (and yet Nonong, Roland, etc. call the then IC "under him" as a collegial body thus should also accept responsibilities collegially) as he is now doing for FFL. i have no problem with the latter, that is expected. he also feels he has the right to call us CFC-GK when we know pretty well that we are simply CFC; GK is but one of the seven pillars. yes, you are right bloggers, frank thinks that the people he left behind in CFC are hare-brained, not as intellectually gifted as he. might he not be mistaken? might they not be the ones who followed him to FFL? sorry to say this. but, am sure some if not many who are now in FFL are there in good faith because they have been deceived. just take for instance the case of frank saying there was the SPLIT.... and yet, those who remained in CFC are very sure that there was no split... there was instead an ABANDONMENT (see the statement of southern leyte). yes, split is indeed a misnomer. look again at this moving forward #5 gimmick of frank... he starts in the early paragraph of the "split" and in the ending paragraphs he mentions "separation". ano ba talaga, kuya? huling huli ka na sa panloloko mo!!!!

tito nolet is an elder of CFC. he holds a very important responsibility in the social ministries particularly in the STMA. he sits in the board of that ministry and takes care of our evangelization programs in the government agencies. he handles a country, too. am telling this to clear another deception again.

once more, let it be made clear: there was no split in CFC. there were those who abandoned ship and went their separate ways!!!!! no split, CFC is intact. separation? for those who went away, yes... good riddance.

roundeyedtoddler said...


Do I get your attention? ^_^ Kindly read on, brothers and sisters.

The word "colorum" (as one in the Forum put it) to describe FFL in general can be too strong a word and too sweeping it can burn us more than it can burn them. We can avoid such words for the sake of those who follow Frank in good faith, as well as for the good of our souls.

Yes, as CFC, we can proudly say that there are brothers and sisters in FFL who are sincere about their faith. Why proud? Because they are products of the CLPs and pastoral formation programs of CFC. Their passion for FFL and the ideals it stands for is a credit to CFC! Indeed, the International Council, through the pastoral congresses and 7-point program announced by Bro Joe Tale, is gearing up to even improve the power of our pastoral program. I say, the CFC is well on its way full steam to enhance (not "restore" as the FFL would want it, because we never lost it) the core of our charism (yes, the word is core, because we have now so many branches) and system of governance (yes, this is essential, right Frank?) so that it can sustain the many ministries we now have. Indeed, since CFC is a work of God, then, by God's power and his power alone, CFC is "like a mustard seed that a person took and planted in the garden. When it was fully grown, it became a large bush and 'the birds of the sky dwelt in its branches.'" (Luke 13:19).

Much of what we want to say are really just for Frank who's the most outspoken FFL guy nowadays. There aren't much like us, CFC bloggers, in the FFL camp who readily share our feelings in blogs and forums. They have been very noisy before but now lost steam. As to us, we are just beginning.

The "colorum" word has to be properly qualified and preferably avoided, lest we unduly hurt FFL brothers and sisters below the belt. I say the "colorum" word is applicable only with respect to their claim to being part of the Vatican-recognized CFC or calling themselves "CFC" or calling meetings/assemblies in the name of CFC. I will extend the "colorum" thing to include claims of knowing who the IC sends out to other parts of the world as their official representatives and describing what the priorities of the existing International Council are, even ascribing a new name to CFC. What do these FFL guys know? They're no longer part of the Vatican-recognized CFC leadership structure. That's sad. But that's the truth. The silver lining is, with enough persistence and perseverance in their part, they can have themselves recognized by the Vatican on their own right through the same process CFC underwent.

You see, to put everything into their proper context, the other things FFL do are never colorum and should even be supported with prayer, because these are things they have inherited from CFC, regardless of where they are now and what they stand for in the middle of the crisis. These are their zeal for Christ, zeal for evangelization, zeal for family renewal, zeal for the Church. They remain our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church and in the family renewal movement within the Church. Thus, let's pray for their success as a new community outside of CFC. I say, it is our responsibility to pray for them.

Let's pray for Frank, despite how I always want to throw up everytime I read his statements nowadays because of the "colorum" things cleverly embedded in his statements. Let's pray for more acceptance on his part about the new rules of the game. He's no longer the head of CFC. He's no longer part of the International Council. He's nowhere in the leadership of CFC nowadays. He's no longer part of the Vatican-recognized CFC by his very own act of separation and against the pleas of the International Council and the whole brethren in CFC! When he talks, those supportive of the CFC statutes no longer listen to him, very much unlike before. You see, after leading CFC for 26 years, that can be pretty hard to accept, isn't it? Clearly, it has gone to his head, a very common human weakness, which even some of us can be guilty of. So, let's pray for Frank. He is in terrible pain right now and, because he's a leader in his own right, he has the influence to drag others along with him. Now let's pray that's not for the worse, but for the better.

I say it again, let's avoid painful words to describe FFL because, largely, they don't deserve it, being brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church and the family renewal movement, and being products of the pastoral formation programs of CFC. Instead, let's pray that Frank will now fully accept the new rules of the game, stop talking like he used to in the first 26 years of CFC, and start leading FFL properly as a new community separate and distinct from CFC.

The success of FFL as a new community will be a credit to CFC.


Bro Frank, you want us to feel bad? Then do a lousy job in FFL. Continue maligning CFC while leaving those whom you have influenced in the dark as to what exactly you have in mind for FFL, other than being "another CFC." I guarantee you we will feel bad when FFL disintegrates in its early stages, because some of those who follow you are brothers and sisters who are very dear to us. If they come back to CFC, we will accept them; but that doesn't mean we are happy about what's happening in FFL.

You want us to feel good? Do a great job in FFL! Lead it well, and avoid repeating the errors you did in CFC. It is enough that you left CFC in a mess. Do us a favor by not doing the same to those who follow you in good faith.

Which one will be it for you Frank?

Anonymous said...

i think the real losers in our situation are the people in this blog.

Why? instead of working for our beloved community, you wallow here with your likes, blaming all except looking at yourselves and improving them.

Many weeks after, still the same old hateful and unhelpful rhetoric. I pity you. May you find comfort and peace.

concerned4truth said...

Roundeyedtoddler makes an important point.

For the sake of our very sincere brothers and sisters in both communities, we need to be clear and separate in addressing FFL leaders, as opposed to sincere FFL members.

After all, many in the overseas community who have gone to FFL have done so because they sincerely believed the things they were told.
That does not make them dishonest.

While we who can see the reality on the ground in the Philippines no there is no merit in moving to FFL, they don't have the same luxury of first-hand knowledge.

ab_Iliad said...

I agree with many of my brethen here. We should pray for our dear brothers and sisters in the membership of FFL and not to hurt them by using harsh words since all of them had gone through the formation of CLP's and spiritual growth in the many years with CFC & its ministries. Pero I cannot help by using the word "ang kapal" to describe FFL top leader, FAP in his recent statement. Had he ran out of vision/mision statements or other new cause for FFL instead of replaying time and time again the IC issues of "veering away...", CFC is GK-social only, disobedience to the bishops, etc? When will he DETACH his umbilical cord from CFC? Or maybe this umbilical cord with CFC serves his only LIFELINE in his leadership in FFL?
God bless us and forgive us our sins...

roundeyedtoddler said...

This is in reaction to Bro/Sis Anonymous who said on November 3, 2007 1:00 PM and I quote:

i think the real losers in our situation are the people in this blog.

Why? instead of working for our beloved community, you wallow here with your likes, blaming all except looking at yourselves and improving them.

Many weeks after, still the same old hateful and unhelpful rhetoric. I pity you. May you find comfort and peace.


Forgive me for doing this, but allow me to dissect your way of thinking as follows:

[Point 1]
i think the real losers in our situation are the people in this blog.

This isn't a game where one loses and one wins. When pride and hate pervades, we lose. But if love dominates, regardless of all the hurts and pains, we all win. Isn't the CFC Theme 2008 wonderfully chosen? This blog per se is just a medium. It is neither good nor bad. It's what we say here and how we say it.

The entries made by C.D. here are all about truth. Some are painful truths, but truths just the same. The commenters are free to say what they wish, although some are edited out not because of what they say, but how they say it. If you see lies, point them out. If you see pride and hate, rebuke. When one asks forgiveness, forgive.

This blog is more than what you think it is. This blog is a community--a virtual community, yes it is, but a community just the same. Where two or three people gather in Jesus's name, there will he be in the midst of them.

[Point 2]
Why? instead of working for our beloved community

So you think that this blog is not working for the community here? Who benefits from the original and unedited copies of videos, audios and documents shown here? Is spreading the truth not a task worth doing? Is answering to the sentiments and prejudices of others not a task worth doing? The entries made in this blog exist whether they get published or not. When they get published here, let's rejoice, because they are put to the light. When they are put to the light, the lord of darkness cannot triumph. If an entry deserves brotherly correction, then it will be corrected. When the entries are righteous in the eyes of God, then they deserve to be published and read and reflected on.

[Point 3]
you wallow here with your likes

To wallow is "to roll the body about indolently or clumsily in or as if in water, snow, or mud." What is exactly that annoys you, brother? Do you see anyone rolling around the blog indolently? Are you referring to a specific person? or to everyone? Please speak up, and use a nickname that we can identify you with. There are so many anonymous writers here. Do not be one of them.

[Point 4]
blaming all except looking at yourselves and improving them

Are we blaming brother? We are souls in pain interested in the truth. What is truth? The truth is we refuse to be victims and we want to take responsibility over the course of the on-going debates. By taking responsibility we mean looking up for the truth ourselves and this blog is full of them. There are self-examinations and brotherly corrections going on here, all geared up towards improving each one and the community in general.

[Point 5]
Many weeks after, still the same old hateful and unhelpful rhetoric.

Forgive us if some of us have turned out to be "hateful" and "unhelpful." Some of us certainly are infected with the sin of pride and hate, me included, and I openly ask forgiveness. I am nothing but someone who believes in the statutes of CFC, which for me has not changed by the time Frank Padilla resigned as CFC Director, bolted out of CFC and formed FFL. I believe that order must be upheld within the community, in as much as I believe that those who no longer respect the statutes of CFC are free to leave CFC and form another community with its own statutes.

It is a challenge to contain your pain and frustration when someone goes around spreading the LIE that they are still "CFC," yet they no longer respect the International Council of CFC. It is even more painful to hear them want to share in the Vatican recognition. Most of all, it hurts that some people actually believe them! That to me, brother, is absolutely frustrating. We respect each one's decision to join FFL or remain with CFC. But we will not leave unattended the lies that are being spread.

Do I see a smile in your face? or do I see brotherly sympathy? Only you can tell, brother. It is between you and the Lord.

So, my dear anonymous brother, I can speak for myself here, and I say I will do my best to contain my pain and frustration like a cross that I must carry, at the same time advocate the spread of TRUTH week in and week out, week in and week out, week in and week out, week in and week out, week in and week out...for as long as it takes, my dear anonymous brother.

[Point 6]
I pity you. May you find comfort and peace.

Thank you, brother. May you find comfort and peace too.

The RoundEyedToddler

concerned4truth said...

To Anonymous of November 3, 2007 1:00 PM

"Why? instead of working for our beloved community, you wallow here with your likes, blaming all except looking at yourselves and improving them.

Many weeks after, still the same old hateful and unhelpful rhetoric. I pity you."

Actually, Mr/s Anonymous, I think you'll find with a more careful reading that people here are addressing issues in a quite lucid fashion.

The majority of comments focus on making points, highlighting contradictions, and showing up half-truths or out right untruthful statements.

Besides that, I think it would be fair to say there are a lot of people on here who are quite active in working for the benefit of CFC, offline even more than online.

In fact, while other comments in this post highlight the need to love FFL members, your comment merely calls people "losers".

I think we all need to be careful to be loving, noh?

Frankly Speaking said...

On July 30th 2007, Frank Padilla said:

"In the true CFC, I am taking momentary responsibility for how it is established. We will consult with elders and others who join us in how to set up its governance. I do not intend to hold power or position and will leave governance to qualified brethren, of which there are many."

Just wondering...has there been any word on when Frank's momentary presence at the top of FFL will be concluding?

Marthe '57 said...

Results of the crisis between CFC and FFL-

Positive Findings:
1) CFC and FFL are church goers

2) They read their Bibles and search for the truth.

3) They aim to keep an intimate relationship with their savior

4) They are faithful in attending their assemblies: HH meetings, teachings, restoration assemblies etc

Negative Findings:
1) Their mind is always pre-occupied
2)They are busy in their computers
3) Their inbox is flooded with emails of Manny Hermano reply to Fides n Forte questioning Frank forwarded to Easter Group reacting to Bishop Gabby talk commenting on the Easter Bunny Meeting quoting about the comments in the blog...
4)All these activities cause them to be upset, be angry, they write more emails, they fragment their relationships quickly!
3) They are forever chit-chatting or texting
4) They are always arguing; always discussing about the name CFC, CFC-FFL, latest declaration of support, Vatican decree, canon law
5) Their minds are over stimulated that they cannot hear that still, small voice.
6) Their minds are constantly pounded with the news about
- veering away
- lamentations
- anti-life
- disobedience
- sheep stealing; poaching
- GK
- heroism

7 )When they return home from their meetings, household meetings, restoration assemblies... they are all exhausted

8)When they meet for spiritual fellowship, they involve in gossip and small talk so that they leave with troubled consciences.

Forecast for FFL and CFC:
- Soon they will be working in their own strength, sacrificing their health and love ones

-CFC and FFL everywhere will get busier and more rushed, going here and there. Having little time for their GOD or their families.

-They will have no time to tell others about the power of Jesus to change lives, just stories of how they split.

The question is what happens next?

Will they reconcile or MTOB?

In the battle of CFC against FFL-
who will get the last laugh?

You be the judge!!!!!

Acting for Hen.N. said...

The following article was not written by a CFC member. It is a message for all those who think CFC has over-emphasized doing GK, leading some to comment that there is too much "nation-building" in GK and not enough spirituality.

Here is one great Catholic Bishop/Priest's comments on 'focusing on the poor'. How I wish Bishop Henri Nouwen could have a one on one with FAPadilla!

Blog readers: please copy this and pass on to your FFL friends who do not read the blog.

"Focusing on the Poor

Like every human organization the Church is constantly in danger of corruption. As soon as power and wealth come to the Church, manipulation, exploitation, misuse of influence, and outright corruption are not far away.

How do we prevent corruption in the Church? The answer is clear: by focusing on the poor. The poor make the Church faithful to its vocation. When the Church is no longer a church for the poor, it loses its spiritual identity. It gets caught up in disagreements, jealousy, power games, and pettiness. Paul says, "God has composed the body so that greater dignity is given to the parts which were without it, and so that there may not be disagreements inside the body but each part may be equally concerned for all the others" (1 Corinthians 12:24-25). This is the true vision. The poor are given to the Church so that the Church as the body of Christ can be and remain a place of mutual concern, love, and peace." --Bishop Hen.N.

Katotohanan said...

Comment on the following portion of Moises' email regarding Nolet Ladrido:

"Bro. Please tell the members, Bro. Nolet has nothing to do with CFC Germany, nor he is an elder in the Phils. and he is not an official representative of IC and so you cannot call for an official assembly that he can speak."

Bro.Nolet does not go around boasting about his work for the Lord but so that all may know that he and his wife, Mila, were the first couple who opened CLPs in different parts of Germany and spent a good number of years going back and forth to that country and caring for our brothers and sisters there. Thus, it is not true that he has nothing to do with CFC Germany. Secondly, Nolet and his wife are elders in the community and to this day are active in evangelization work and all the different ministries of CFC - ask STMA, Prisons' Ministry and GK.

n031 said...

Got this from CFC Europe website

On what afflicts Couples for Christ

The conflict in Couples for Christ appears to be a result of what is known as Founder's Syndrome as Bro. Frank Padilla, a founding member of CFC, has initiated the split. Read on.

"Founder's Syndrome: An Affliction for Which There is Rarely Immunity”
by Henry D. Lewis, CFRE

The vast majority of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) experience a birth-and-growth process that is pretty much the same, no matter the locale or service being provided, and most experience the phenomenon known as "Founder's Syndrome" -- a label normally used to refer to a pattern of negative or undesirable behavior on the part of the founder(s) of a NPO.

Relatively speaking there are very few NPO's that begin their existence with a realistic concept of how, or even if, the demand for their services will increase, and how they will meet that demand. There is also no consideration given by the founders as to how their roles will have to change, as the needs of the "community" also change.

The conflict arises, as the NPO grows and as more service(s) is/are provided, between those who had the original vision and never considered anything broader, and those who joined the governing board as part of a process of change. The latter group, being oriented toward change, looks to see what else can be changed -- to do it better, to serve more people, to be more businesslike. This is where, all too often, founders see the possibility that the organization that they created, the baby that they've nurtured, will become something different -- that it will diverge from the mental image they have of what their baby should be, and will operate in a way other than what they intended. And this is where, all too often, those founders begin to resist that change.

Wherever it occurs, Founder's Syndrome can be very destructive – both for the organization and for the community it serves. It must be dealt with quickly and decisively. If the founders suffer from the syndrome, and are in the majority, they will likely continue to keep doing as they've always done. The consequence is that the new directors will make an early exit. If they are in the minority, it will likely be necessary to "retire" them from the Board. Whether they leave voluntarily or are voted off the Board, the separation should be total and final. Because we're human, and none of us are perfect, founding board members and/or founding CEOs are unlikely to be able to return to the organization with a totally clear and open mind -- an acceptance of all the changes that have been made since they "left," and all the changes that will be required in the future.

Avoiding the syndrome, however, is a matter of forethought in the creation of the non-profit. It means building a number of structures into the by-laws at the beginning:

* term-limits for board members -- the usual recommendation is two terms of three years;
* procedures to ensure that board members are selected based on both the current and anticipated needs of the organization;
* job descriptions for directors;
* provisions for board member evaluation, training, and (if needed) removal;
* a clear statement that the CEO (an employee -- paid or not) takes direction from the board, IS NOT A MEMBER OF THE BOARD, and can be replaced if s/he doesn't observe the policies of and the (reasonable) goals set by the board.

Even with these provisions, it may be impossible to completely avoid Founder's Syndrome. The people who create organizations are frequently local activists who are focused on meeting a community need. Most have no idea that Founder's Syndrome even exists or could affect their own organization. The question at the heart of the "syndrome" is whether the "founder(s)" are more committed to what's best for the organization and its service to the community, or to doing "it" their way. Too often, ego gets in the way of making that judgment -- the classic example of the malady. That's why a well-structured board (with term limits) gets to decide if it's time for the founding CEO to be replaced, and why those term limits also solve the problem of board-member-founders.

Quote-r from/of a Bishop said...

“A Ministry of Healing and Reconciliation

How does the Church witness to Christ in the world? First and foremost by giving visibility to Jesus' love for the poor and the weak. In a world so hungry for healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and most of all unconditional love, the Church must alleviate that hunger through its ministry. Wherever we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the lonely, listen to those who are rejected, and bring unity and peace to those who are divided, we proclaim the living Christ, whether we speak about him or not.

It is important that whatever we do and wherever we go, we remain in the Name of Jesus, who sent us. Outside his Name our ministry will lose its divine energy”. ---- Bishop Henri Nouwen
GK workers and volunteers in CFC, find consolation in the words of a good Catholic quoted above.
GK workers / partners/ CFC caretaker teams, don’t be affected by the criticism of FFL that you are overly doing ‘nation building’ instead of ‘faith building’. These words they utter are in direct contradiction of what is being said in the statement above.
GK workers / partners/ CFC caretaker teams, what you are doing is actually affirmed by going to the GK areas, not only for photo ops, but for a regular time of ‘relationship building with the poor’. You are actually “giving visibility to Jesus’ love for the poor and the weak”, even if you don’t speak about Jesus as Henri Nouwen so beautifully writes.
By the way, just go anyway even if you forgot to wear your CFC ID and our CFC Tshirt, as even the residents in GK areas of Moslem Mindanao know the genuine CFC who visits them, and they know we are of CFC that has the charism for the poor. One noticeable thing, Jesus does not mind if the recipients of GK’s love for the poor are Catholics or not. So don’t be too “overtly Catholic”, as our former co-CFC members are so fond of emphasizing. Give them time to exercise that in their own way of doing their copy-cat GK.
Very simply stated: your presence in the GK areas is more important as you bear in your heart that relating with the poor is “giving the visibility of GOD’s love” to them and for them. When you have that as a purpose, you don’t need any CFC IDs & TShirts, as props
Your LOVE for CHRIST and your LOVE for THE POOR are the more important matters you bring to the GK areas.

Anonymous said...

A Shocking Truth or Cleansing Of Hand!
Last three weeks ago Rey Magno visited Vienna maybe to see for himself the vast devastaton caused by the big bang detonated by Frank's cohorts here in this part of Europe.
Rey was confronted by a brother who remained with CFC about the separation.He admitted that he did make a mistake in siding with the
FFL.Hmmm...(then confess this to your sisters who are very much active with music ministry,that the whole music ministry unanimously sided with them with FFL.)

MinaFrancisco said...

"Rey was confronted by a brother who remained with CFC about the separation.He admitted that he did make a mistake in siding with the

If this is true, I really pray that Ray and Fanny rejoin us. Fanny (& Anna)is very dear to us, Handmaids. We all make mistakes, errors of judgment or whatever. But it's never too late to correct it. Our arms are always wide open for them.

God bless.

CFC Ostrich said...

Sis Mina wrote : " We all make make mistakes,error of judgment or whatever. But it's never too late to correct it. Our arms are always wide open for them."

Welcoming our brethren back into our fold is an expression of pure heart. Instead of looking for and pointing out faults in them, you have looked for the goodness of finding what are praiseworthy in them. I honor you my sister whose pure heart allows you to see them just as God sees them.

I have since looked at the actions and words of our former CFC brethren with cynicism and disdain. Today, I'm still critical and judmental of them. This is my struggle and I continue to pray and ask God to purify my heart and hope that I will be free to see myself and understand them as you do and as God does.

Fortes In said...

Can someone ask Bro. Frank Padilla this question?

If and when the CFC International Council agrees to his proposal to create 2 branches in CFC, one GK and one FFL, will he stand down and subject himself to the authority of the IC since they are the legitimate authority of Couples For Christ as mandated in the CFC Statutes that is recognized by both the CBCP and the Vatican?

Bro. Frank's answer will reflect his true motives as to why he proceeded with this separation.

I hope he answers!

Begging for GOD's Grace said...

In the last comment on this page by 'fortes..' he was asking if Frank will submit to IC if IC agrees to Frank's recommendation for two branches of CFC - FFL and GK.

Asking FAP a question is an exercise in futility if one desires a real answer.

I have only one position relative to FAP.

When he speaks, I pray!

jiggs said...

Begging for GOD's Grace said...

When FAP speaks, I pray!

BGG, what exactly do you pray for? :)

Minding our name said...

You know I think if we just talk to the FFL members below the levels of FAP, NC, RN, PLT, etc... we might be a able to get a working relationship with them.

Why so?

Because I think those who joined Frank P in his initial restoration assemblies sincerely believed that this FFL community will aggresively be doing evangelization by doing many CLPs and just leave the CFC they left to be doing its own charism, whether that is too slanted towards GK, will be its own (CFC's) lookout.

But what is happening to this day?

Well, read the latest salvo from the Easter Group (impliedly,it has the approval of FAP) and you'd see that their mindset is still rutted and mired on that posture using statements that claim IC's failure (hence responsibility) for our current state of separation.

They have not tired of rehashing those charges or claims that no longer hold water.

- Easter Group's charge: CFC disobeyed?

--- The Bishops whom we supposedly disobeyed are not telling us so. In some instances, there are Cardinal, Archbishops and Bishops who affirm our posture by issuing statements that confirm CFC being accepted in their respective areas.

- Easter Group's charge: Our Elders' Assembly not obeying the 'Agreement' not to vote 7 but just 3 then carry over the 4, then cancel out the resulting new 7 by 'offically electing a new 7' in January of 2008?

--- One has to be a genius in a weird kind of way to see the rational in this...the simpler interpretation is to read and re-read the plans of their team as written in their own Jun 07 2007 - Easter Group/Playboy Bunnies Minutes and you'll see clearly that the real intention is to bring back Frank A. Padilla to the position he resigned from.

Sorry readers, I know you are bored with this kind of posting.

However, we know CFC has moved, has taken off and already in its course of continuing the beautiful work of evangelization via:

1. the Pastoral Congress

2. the continuing new and stronger ties we have with the Clergy (Bishop Gabby Reyes is our spiritual director and has spoken to our Mission Core leaders; Bishop Soc Villegas has attended one of our Family Ministries' gathering and has not denied CFC in Bataan even if he gave a temporary operating permit to FFL which to my observation does not make FAP jump with joy; and Bishop Angel Lagdameo has affirmed his acceptance of CFC in Iloilo);

3. CFC's working with the other religious organizations in the One Nation Under God Meeting at Ultra;

4. the conduct of the GK Pillar's GK1World Expo at MOA,

5. the "... and A Time to Dance" event on Dec 02, 2007,and of course

6. the continuing CLPs, YFC youth Camps, Teaching Sessions, Lord's Day Celebrations, PFO Talks, HOPE Weekends, etc., that are happening and still being conducted in the many places of the country and elsewhere.

By the way even our CFC Office also sports a new look now...very friendly and open atmosphere!

I must admit with joy and admiration that the new IC is moving in the right spirit, unmindful of the 'charges' that FFL continues to present to the worldwide CFC body.

Many ex-CFC now FFL members know this and I know we could find in their hearts that this is the right thing to do; just like we know too that they are trying very hard to enliven their community with gatherings that they conduct, such as the one in Tagaytay, notwithstanding the numbers present.

In effect it is not "minding your own business" because we both (CFC and FFL) claim we are in the "business of serving the Lord's interests".

Maybe what we need to mind is the methodology and the name.

Theirs is FFL.
Ours is CFC.

The Lord God knows that too well! And he waits for the time that we all realize that WHAT IS most important to HIM is that we do all that we do:


Wolfking said...

Just a point to ponder.

If ever there was a reconciliation or even if there was none with our FFL Brothers and Sisters and they all or some of them decided to come back to our CFC community, I know that we will joyfully and lovingly welcome them (ex-CFC)back. But, what about those FFL members who have finished their CLP in FFL, who also are willing to join our community, will they be accepted right away in our main stream or will they undergo their CLP again in our community if FFL lessen the CLP talks/sessions?

There's only ONE and REAL CFC. CFC is it !

Peace, Love and Joy to all!