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Can anyone tell me what they see in this picture?

How about in this next one. Give up? Here are a couple of nice red arrows to help...

Actually, it's really nothing, I just found the stickers on the car interesting. That's what I would call dual allegiance.

In this email that's supposedly from Frank Padilla though, the concepts of allegiance are quite clear, at least, according to him. This was originally posted as a comment in the Brighter Days III - Out Of Africa entry, exposing what seems to be a pretty bad reaction from Frank and the FFL to what happened in Africa. I now bring it to your attention:

Frank Padilla

Hello all. Please allow me to give my inputs, especially since my name is again being used.

The CFC that opened up and started CFC there is the CFC that we in CFC-FFL are part of. We in CFC-FFL have not left CFC, the spiritual global body. What we left is the CFCGMFI, the legal corporation in the Philippines. This legal personality is a secondary reality to the primary reality of a spiritual body. In fact, there are many CFC corporations throughout the world. Conversely, there are many countries without corporations, remaining as just part of the spiritual global body. CFCGMFI, or CFC-GK, under the IC, has veered away from our original charism. We in CFC-FFL are restoring this. We have more right to be CFC than those who have veered away.

What has Joe Tale or the IC ever done for Africa? We, our beloved missionaries and I, were the ones who had the vision and the passion for Africa, and who pursued and sacrificed for the mission. For you to now say this is the CFC of Joe Tale is for you to be legalistic but not realistic.

The missionaries are certainly being financially supported by the CFCGMFI. But whose money is that? That came from our tithes. That came from the Int'l Mission Fund that I administered. Even the Fulltimers Fund that I set up could be used to support the missionaries, as I told Clarke. Again the IC is just taking advantage of the fruit of our efforts.

God bless.

Without seeing the actual source of this email, I can't confirm that it did originate from Frank Padilla. Maybe some of you have received it, and if you can, please email it to me. Now IF it did come from him, then I am very dissapointed with his reaction. Has it come to this? The petulant tone isn't what I expect out of FP, and I'd have expected more restraint.

"What has Joe Tale or the IC ever done for Africa?"

Obviously, they've done enough to have all those Bishops give their vote of confidence in them.


Source confirmed, it DID originate from Frank's email address.

Aaand...I just thought of something funny: With the way things are getting the spin after they go through the FFL's media machine, I wouldn't be surprised if they say that these pictures were taken because this blogger is now stalking FFL members. Hehe.

Just a morning joke people, no Bishops, brothers, and ex-leaders were harmed in that one, right??

Just to clarify, that picture was sent in by an enterprising blog member who has a very talented driver, I believe he used to work with Bond...Jaime Bond.

On a related and much happier note, something to give you all much cheer, a mini Brighter Days entry buried in this one:

Click HERE to download this file as a PDF.

Relevant links:

In the first link, you will find this:

"The Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and comprises the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. (The See of the Aden/Arabia jurisdiction was in Aden (South) Yemen, until 1973.)"
Highlight mine.

What then is the relevance of this:

These were posted on the FFL Multiply blog, along with the "declaration" from Qatar, which, interestingly enough is also under the Apostolic Vicariate of Arabia.

I'll leave you all to make the conclusions, but let me paraphrase the letter from the Vicar Apostolic of Arabia, Paul Hinder:

"Any other group using or making reference to CFC other than the original CFC group will not be recognized in our parishes or use the name CFC for any work they undertake."


jiggs said...

let's give the benefit of the doubt to the owner of the car.

he may not want to "tear off" his original CFC sticker from his car that's why it is still there.

besides, the presence of the FFL sticker would show that he is aligned with FFL. CFC members only carry ONE TYPE of sticker/s.

smile, monday ngayon!

Mr Motorist said...

What I see in this picture is a late model car and I think this owner is a brother in Christ. As such he is abundantly blessed in his material possessions. He is also blessed because he belongs to a renewal community.

May be I need to pray for him though.

He perhaps needs to see that two labels in his car is a cause for confusion. Jesus was not teaching us about confusion.

I think this car owner-brother needs some clarity and his leader s must show it to him. However, his leaders should tell him what they meant with the following positions they all believe in their community, samples of which are:

- We leave CFC but we remain in CFC
- I resign but I still belong
- I resign but I can tell them what to do
- I am the Founder so I own the charism and the recognition
- We in FFL can take the tithes because it belongs to us…in our restoration meetings, and because the CFC member attended the restoration meeting, he is automatically FFL.

So let us all pray so this car owner / brother that the right road will be found if he is led by Jesus. And that NOT all roads lead to Antipolo!

Bus rider pa rin said...

CD, this bro is a lucky man indeed.

Owning a car would NOT be in the practical reaLm of a poor man's dream.

Car owner in picture is blessed now with material possessions.

Two stickers on his car? Does that mean he is a member of both FFL and CFC?

Maybe this is the result of Frank's telling them of joining FFL but attending CFC household!

In Frank's mind that is clear, because of late he has the propensity to make two sided statements, such that it is parroted down the FFL line.

Shifting Gears said...

CD, do you think I can have a CFC Sticker in my car, then I will add Opus Dei, Focolare and BLD?

Okay yon di ba?

HOW will I manage attendance requirement of all organizations kaya?

Hindi puede, shift gear na lang and back to dear old CFC!!

Questionnaire on Africa said...

Frank asks this: "What has Joe Tal and the IC ever done in Africa?"

If the answer to this question is "NONE", THEN MAY I HUMBLY ASK:

"WHO DID WHAT in Africa?"
"HOW was it DONE in AFrica?"



Asking Only said...

I like to add to "questionnaire on Africa" list of questions.

"What did Clarke Nebrao and Shiok Arriola do in Africa, then and now?"

"Frank, are you now ANGRY again because the Bishops of Africa did not follow your line that the CFC in Manila disobeyed the Church?"

I do not think Frank will favor me and blog readers a reply to my 2nd question.

Maybe I will just follow the car with two stickers, and maybe there is a restoration meeting somewhere

Who am I? said...

Why is it that I get this feeling that each time Frank poses a question, I do not see the influence of the Holy Spirit behind the question?

I heard some people feel the same way too.
Ask the experience of Jun Uriarte and Zeny Gimenez, what Frank Ask of them. (with apologies to Jun and Zeny)

patient and Forebearing in Traffic said...

- CD,


- So I avoid 'the FFL membership' pothole, by driving with caution in the mission roads!

neokidntown said...

Hey that Ford Escape looks familiar!
If I'm not mistaken, I saw that brother's resignation letter.

I remember giving him tips on how to place the stickers for it to last a lifetime.

Maybe he followed my instructions that's why he can't peel off the sticker on the left side...

jinx said...

ayan tutal naman nag-smile na ako kanina. but i can see that some BP's shoot up...

mga bro, payagan na natin si FAP and mag-claim ng ownership ng CFC!!! para mahimbing na, makatulog at huminto na ng kangangawa. of the 158 or so countries - sa inyo na lahat, "fruit of your efforts" naman lahat yun!


isoli na kase yung lollipop na inagaw kay Tito Frank! sino ba ang kumuha?!!!

(ans: walang kumuha! sya ang umayaw!)

taps said...

just an observation.

i saw FP's Vitara about 3 weeks ago and it does have that FFL sticker. but it still had the "CFC Couples for Christ" sticker.

the only ones that are flashing these stickers are their "top" people. some having multiple FFL stickers, as if trying to sell something, or trying to campaign in an election...

but i don't see it on their members.

do you have the same observation?

Anonymous said...

The letter from the bishop of Arabia is really very inspiring. We thank our good Lord for this.

Brothers and Sisters in CFC, let us continue to emulate Christ by being compassionate, loving and merciful. I believe that one day our brothers and sisters in FFL will soon realize the true CFC.

Your friend from North America

Fortes In said...

Bishop of Arabia's letter of support for the IC is what I've been waiting for in a long, long time!

This means, Bro. Frank and his Easter/Playboy Bunnies cannot EVER put up FFL anywhere in the Middle East, most especially in the small Kingdom of Bahrain were I joined CFC in 1995.

Praise God!
God bless CFC!

pilosopotasyo_cfc said...

Just a side note on the official statement of the Vicariate of Arabia. Roland Nillas also met some Church officials in the Vicariate a couple of weeks back so I suppose the latter already got FFL's side of story. The Vicariate obviously did some background checking before issuing such a definitive statement. This ought to put to rest the misrepresentations being made by FFL adherents from time to time that such and such countries/regions are going to their side.

jedjuntereal said...

I've seen worse.

When I was in college, I saw a vehicle that sported the CFC sticker at the front, and the embossed logo of Freemasonry at the back.

Like I said, I've seen worse.

mike said...

Again, again, again, again:

To paraphrase the letter from the Vicar Apostolic of Arabia, Paul Hinder:

"In the interests of our parishes and the care of our people I wish to say that the Vicariate reaffirms the original Couples for Christ under the leadership of Jose Tale. Any other group using or making reference to CFC other than the original CFC group will not be recognized in our parishes or use the name CFC for any work they undertake."

Janeiro said...

I remember a comment in this blog(very old comment), about members to have a say on the matter by refusing to divide, by attending both the CFC and CFCFFL activities.

In our statutes, there is also a statement there that we will help in whatever way we can other communities, I believe that includes CFCFFL.

Maybe the guy with the 2 stickers is for a united CFC? I certainly don't see anything wrong with that. In fact, that is also my dearest wish for this beloved community.

I know it is foolish, but I try hard to look for and assume the best in people, after all we are christians, fools for christ.

Anonymous said...

Hello,CD What happened to my blog ?Yong itutuloy,this is the only way how I could tell the world that we're victims of mutiny here in Vienna.

Anonymous said...

FP's letter seems like he is the only one that is right and all the rest of us is wrong especially the IC. Why is this so. Is FP, the only son of God. Is FP the only one who is righteous and all of us a sinner! Why does FP write something like this. Frank Padilla, people here in North America still don't get it. Why are you ruining all our lives. If you don't like some people in HO - then do not drag the whole community into this. God is watching - Frank you shoulb be humble enough to allow us to move on. I am so glad that i am not an FFL member. Thank you Lord for letting me see the real characters. May God bless the heart of Frank to stop all these hurting words. God gave you - Frank P a talent to write encouraging words not destroying words and destroying mankind. Who are you?
Frank, if you truly claim that you are a prophet then humble yourself and eradicate FFL and allow all members to come back. If you do this, even we at CFC will learn to love you more.

Anonymous said...

FFL in Arabia. Wake up! Discern well and pray well. Isnt it clear that the Bishop in Arabia only wants one CFC. This is a confirmation of the true CFC. It would be better if you join CFC once again. They will accept you with all their loving arms. Our theme is Love one another and we will keep on loving you even if most of you in FFL hurt our feelings. Is Love not taught in FFL. Your theme - Joy in Christ - how can you have joy when you have left the community

Anonymous said...

mga kapatid

a few questions...

are we now stooping down to this level that we judge each other (our brothers and sisters) by the sticker that he/she wears? is this what Jesus taught us?

would we treat people from different charismatic groups the same way that we treat our brethren from ffl? where did the commandment "love one another" go then?

rather than resort to childish attack/counterattack on every pronouncement that comes out from either camp, wouldn't it be better that we promote instead the way of life that we chose to follow?

and here's hoping that whatever path that may be, may Jesus be included in your journey.

i'm sending this to our brethren in ffl too.

just asking

Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ...
The Split is still fresh with everyone on both sides experienceing a lot of pain. I believe for us who sided in IC, we made the right decision. But please remember those at FFL are still doing God's work. Let us be more Christ like and stop this maligning our other brothers. Those who went to FFL are friends, relatives meron pa ngang mga kumpare at kumare. Let us follow Tony Meloto's example. Kung merong may karapatang magreklamo eh siya iyon eh napakahumble ng tao at hindi nagsasalita kahit tinatapakan at inaalipusta ng kanyang tinuturing na kapatid kay Kristo. The real character of a person shows under pressure and he is worth emulating. Like Christ who suffered for our sins with Love..Ganun din tayo. Majority of us still wants unity. Iyong mga pumunta sa FFL eh biktima rin naman sila ng personal troubles ng mga leaders natin eh. They made a choice...Tayo let's move forward and still do the work of Christ and be more Christ like. Basta dito sa CFC...Masaya pa rin...Changes are constant eh remember pero Christ's love for us at diyan sa mga FFL eh pare pareho...Mahal pa rin tayo ng Diyos !!!

Bounty n Mutiny said...

Anonymous said...

Hello,CD What happened to my blog ?Yong itutuloy,this is the only way how I could tell the world that we're victims of mutiny here in Vienna.

Bro naliligaw ka,
Nasa "Africa" po yun blog nyo
Kaya pala natigil yun itutuloy
Inaantay ko pa naman...

ninoboy said...

(SIGH!)A classic case of "founder's syndrome"?

cmass said...

CFC sticker is one way of evangelization for us. During this time of turmoil, it doesn't serve its original purpose.

CFC & FFL, they were like a couple who had 3-5 children. Raising the kids during childhood was easier. Until one of them went to college and became ambitious. The college child caused parents to work harder to support the child's dream. One of the parents, after trying to cope with this dream which at first he was proud and supportive of, gave up and left the family. That parent wanted to go back to the times that the children had simpler demand. Life back then was easier, more time could be spent with the love partner, less work. So what he did after hiding from his first family, start a new one away from the first.

The first family stayed together, worked together and because of more trials they also learned to pray harder together. The parent who left because of impatience missed the assistance that later came. A scholarship from elsewhere was granted to the child in college who later on graduated and blessed with good job. All his blessings were shared to all.

The proud parent who left would forever defend his actions to find peace in dealing with his conscience. It would not be difficult for him to turn other's minor mistakes/sins into huge sin.


Just asking.

Are the cars of Bro Nonong "Mr. Generic" multi-stickered too?

In our neighborhood, the leaders of FFL DO NOT HAVE FFL STICKERS.
I wonder. Perhaps they won't till Frank's Vitara has one.

I wonder how we all would have a different perspective if we ourselves could see what are in "HEARTS" OF PERSONS RATHER THAN STICKERS ON THEIR CARS!!

Proponent of a Coming Home Party said...

I am just thinking, isn't it a little kind of "loss of face" for FFL members that in some instance where they declare that this and that country is FFL land, only to have the high clergy of those vcountries - Cardinal and Bishops - prove them wrong by issuing statements to the contrary?

If you're in the Middle East, how would you relate to that? Would you "DISOBEY" the Clergy/Church?Cardinal/Bishop of your HOst Country by continuing to stay in FFL?

I think CFC in the countries in the Middle East should write an open letter of invitation for all FFL there "to come back home".

CFC brothers there in the countries referred to in this comment, may I suggest you have a "welcome home" banquet FOR ALL ex-FFL returning to CFC?

roundeyedtoddler said...

Bro C.D.,

As a brother to a brother, I suggest we take out this entry "I.C.U." most especially the image. I cannot see myself responding very well to this blog entry. Something tells me it isn't right to post someone's car on this blogsite, even if we have to erase the plate number there. You see, I can tell from this picture exactly where it was taken (plus or minus 5 meters) and that thought alone terrifies me. In fact, I can point its coordinates in google earth. Moreover, I believe there are no more than a hundred such cars passing through that spot everyday. To zero in on someone with FFL sticker simply does not sound right and becoming of a Christian to me.

So I plead, in the name of Christ whom we all worship, please take the images out.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

FFL for how long? said...

With the continuing development of our church' clergy coming out with statements declaring their support for CFC, I think it is now very disheartening for their members to be in FFL.

"Frustrating Foundation for Family and Life?"

Pro Bishop said...

The announcement of the Church in the Middle East, the one of the Bishop of New Jersey, that one of Bishop Ramon Arguelles of Batangas, the one of Bishop Legaspi of Naga, the statements of Bishop Pacana, (and all those pro-CFC Bishops I missed or don't know of, my apologies, etc. -- all these prove that we have a Church that cannot immediately fall into the LIES made against CFC, that CFC has veered away from the teachings of the Church.

But there is one for the books: Bishop Soc Villegas of Bataan, could not make a categorical statement because of his friendship with the Padilla and the Descallar family so he makes a lukewarm statement, whereby he gives a trial period for FFL!!

I think the Good Bishop of Bataan put himself in a box..for how will he decide after the trial period? He can't deny Frank's group because he will not be able to put a SOLID reason why he is denying. So he will apProve, AFTER 1 YEAR! The trial period I think is to appease us in CFC.

In the 1st place there is no listing of what FFL should do and not do to merit his approval to exist in Bataan.

But of course he has 1 year to think about it... and in such length of time, Frank Padilla will be able to give him guidance and suggestion to make his decision.

CD said...

To roundeyedtoddler:

I understand your concern. The thing is, it is something of a stretch to assume that any harm will befall the owner of that vehicle. The picture was not posted here for public ridicule, merely to help illustrate the main topic of allegiances. As you said, the picture was taken in an area that is quite well known and public. What is the harm in showing an FFL member's vehicle? I'm sure many hundreds of people encounter that vehicle on a daily basis. Do you not know FFL members from your area? Don't many of us here know of at least one? Being identified as a member of the FFL doesn't make one an outcast or an object of ridicule, it is not shameful to be one. We might question their leaders' judgements and actions but we do not in any way treat any of them any differently, we are all brothers and sisters. I trust that everyone of us Christians know better than that.

With respect,


Marthe 57 said...

ICU in my profession means Intensive Care Unit. So who is in the ICU here? CFC or CFC-FFL? How can the patient obtain proper treatment?

The solution lies in the proper identification of the patient (i.e blood type).

If CFC is sick, it will need blood type CFC. If it is FFL who needs blood, it can only be transfused with blood type FFL.

Let us therefore ask the doctors who are taking care of the patients, in this case our Bishops. Please make a diagnosis on your diocese. Make sure your pronouncements are correct.

First call it by its proper name. CFC is CFC and FFL is FFL just as LNP is LNP. CFC is not LNP-CFC.

Hence one thing must be clear, the patient has to be properly identified, to be able to make a good prognosis of the illness. Whether you allow both or just one, it is up to your better judgement.

Now the issue of the car with the sticker. It is a nice car, I would love to own one. But brothers you have to agree with me that it does tend to confuse. Precisely the need to settle the issue of the name.

Perhaps to settle this particular post...
What can I say, the one who is seated on the left side is CFC, the one seated on the middle is FFL and last but not the least, the one seated on the right is definitely...

Veering away!

roundeyedtoddler said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jiggs said...

to marthe 57, its the one on the right that is veering away? akala ko talaga - to the left, to the left (ala Beyonce).

smile naman, kahit Tuesday na!

Peace be with You said...

i really don't know where this should be posted, so CD, please transfer to the right place as you please.

But my comment is:

From my point of view, I think there is peace reigning in and through CFC generally, although there is some trouble in the areas that are being victimized by FFL's poaching of members.

However, I would still maintain that in CFC there is relative peace.

If we move the spotlight to FFL, is there peace on the structure from the top? I'm not aware of how their governance is structured but I think one source of problem there is that they are potentially TOP HEAVY. Even on their distaff side, they have at least four or five sisters there that need to be placed on premium posts, so let's watch if our Sister Maribel D still gets the Office Manager position. I think she has inside track on that; and Mimi D for their version of EFI once she decides to move.

Another potential problem area is the matter of GK. Looks like after all the criticism they have thrown by way of our having GK, it appears they also would like to have a GK. SO THE LEADERS THEY WILL ASSIGN TO THEIR KIND OF GK are the CFC leaders who moved to them precisely because they thought we in CFC are too much into GK, so not too enthusiastic to do GK despite their experience.

I don't think the likes of Roland Nillas, Oca Oblefias, or Nonong Contreras will handle their GK. So who? Wala na! So perhaps this is the reason why they are still actively trying to get people from the GK areas.

I don't know but the only one I could think of is Pancho Lopez Tan.

Anyway, lets pray that they get over all these so they could start doing Evangelization work and make Bishop G. Reyes happy!

Madikit na Sticker said...

So what's the big fuss about two stickers in a car?

Some stickers are simply there for decor, advertisement, or to announced that they been to a certain exotic place, or a fondness for a cartoon character!

SO THIS GUY HAS A FONDNESS for FFL and CFC! This guy has been to CFC and FFL, too! Malay ninyo hero niya si Frank Padilla at si Joe Tale! so?

You put too much meaning on innocent items!

There are owner jeep types that have Manila Police stickers even if you know that owners are fish traders of Malabon and not members of Manila's Finest?

At one time our car had an Ateneo and a La Salle sticker. Walang problema, SO?

Wolsink said...

OK Thank you, doctor Marthe 57.

Don't try to confuse yourselves bros and sis with regards to the CFC and FFL stickers. It is just very simple, let's call a spade a spade, simple is it?

FFL blood is definitely different from the true CFC blood. From the time that they (FFL) had resigned and put up their own community, they are already gone. They are no longer member of the true CFC.

FFL has registered their name FFL in SEC. They have their own covenant. They have their own statutes. So they are not CFC so their blood is not anymore CFC.

But if they want to come back to the true CFC, then we need some blood transfusion (recommitment) for them to become a true blooded CFC.

So brethren who are still up to now making up their mind, it is not yet too late. You better decide if you are CFC or FFL and stick to one sticker only.

OK ba ito Aling Biring (veering) at Mang Puching (Poaching)

Bilang dito, bilang doon said...

Qatar has 6 couples and two brothers (for a total of 14 persons) signing their statement of support for Bro Frank Padilla.

If Qatar's total CFC population, including all of the Ministries is 28 persons then they have a 50% take.

so that is great in the books of FFL as recorded at the offices in Star Mall.

Now if all of those who signed the Qatar document execute a 180 degree turn and revert to CFC, that would result into a score of CFC-28 persons, and FFL's - ZERO.

That would be the score wouldn't it?

acc wc said...

Sabi ni neokidntown (aka mike)... Hey that Ford Escape looks familiar!If I'm not mistaken, I saw that brother's resignation letter.

Kilala ko rin yan, saka familiar yong lugar. The picture was taken in front of the BSP compound along East Ave. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, dating sector head ko yong may ari ng Ford Escape na yan.

Marthe'57 said...

Dear Wolsink,
You got it right brother, and I agree...

Like wine;
Red wine/white wine

Like chocolate;
White chocolate/dark chocolate

They are all similar but definitely NOT THE SAME!'

Lets face it, all issues are settled except for one. This is the issue about the name, as they say- 'the sticky point'as in madikit na sticker.

To jiggs,you may be correct- Veering away can be a lady called Beyonce!

CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...

Hi CD!

Can you post a pdf copy of the arabian vicariate reconition by Bp. Paul. I don't know what seems to be the problem with our internet service here in KSA but we can only view the image/video links in and the rest are only viewed as empty square.

Of all the documents naman na pwede di makita bakit ito pang para sa amin dito sa Saudi di ko ma-plagiarized sa blog mo... he he

post na post na ako bro. di kami nabigyan ng copy ng letter ni Bp. Paul sa NC namin dito.

thanks in advance!

CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I would like to share this Bible passage: Romans 16: 17-20
Final Instruction
" I urge you, my brothers: watch out for those who cause divisions and upset people's faith and go against the teaching which you have received. Keep away from them! For those who do such things are not serving Christ our Lord, but their own appetites. By their fine words and flattering speech they deceive innocent people. Every one has heard of your loyalty to the gospel, and for this reason I am happy about you. I want you to be wise about what is good, but innocent in what is evil. And God our source of peace, will soon crush Satan under your feet.
The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. "
Now, brothers and sisters, who do you think made division in our community? Joe Tale or Frank Padilla? The answer I leave it up to you....From The Blue Sky...

Anonymous said...

I would like to share this Bible passage: Romans 16: 17-20
Final Instruction
" I urge you, my brothers: watch out for those who cause divisions and upset people's faith and go against the teaching which you have received. Keep away from them! For those who do such things are not serving Christ our Lord, but their own appetites. By their fine words and flattering speech they deceive innocent people. Every one has heard of your loyalty to the gospel, and for this reason I am happy about you. I want you to be wise about what is good, but innocent in what is evil. And God our source of peace, will soon crush Satan under your feet.
The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. "
Now, brothers and sisters, who do you think made division in our community? Joe Tale or Frank Padilla? The answer I leave it up to you....From The Blue Sky...

Wolsink said...

To Madikit na Sticker

Relax ka lang, Kapatid! Bawal pikon dito baka ma-edit ka ni CD. Cool ka lang baka tumaas ang blood sugar mo at ma high blood ka. Di ba Jiggs?

You can not compare stickers of La Salle and Ateneo or the PNP or the fish vendor.

You cannot poach a Lasalista to join Ateneo. It is different from asking a CFC member to become an FFL member. See the point Madikit Na Sticker.

If you are a pig then you are a pig. If you are a fish then act like a fish. If you are blue then you cannot be a green. So if you are true CFC then you are not FFL.

Di ba Aling Biring and Mang Puching?

Mas OK pa siguro kung may sticker ka ng CFC and El Shaddai.

Try putting sticker ng Iglesia Ni Cristo together with Ang Dating Daan, ano kaya mangyayari Aling Biring?

Ay buti pa kaya kay Mang Puching ko na lang itatanong.


neokidntown (aka mike) said...

my blogging days are over.
I was reminded by an elder in our sector to refrain from comments that maybe hurtful to the brethren...

Peace to all!

Right answer! said...



is my answer!

Nick said...

Guys, I think you're thinking too much and you're enjoying yourselves way too much criticizing other people. Im pretty sure, this is not what God wants us to be like.

Let's keep our FOCUS on how to give glory to our God!

jiggs said...

neokid (mike),
you can still blog. just be careful about giving harsh comments. lets take it moderately.

my BP and sugar are now in normal conditions. hinay-hinay na lang. ;)

CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...


Salamat sa PDF copy ng recognition ni Bp. Paul.



madikit na sticker said...

Wolsink said: “You cannot poach a Lasalista to join Ateneo. It is different from asking a CFC member to become an FFL member. See the point Madikit Na Sticker.”

Okay, if from La Salle to Ateneo, you cannot poach; how about from Ateneo to La Salle. If you answer no, Wolsink, then ask Coach Pumaren where his former star BJ Manalo used to play basketball?

Kaya nga madikit na sticker, kasi puede talaga na nasa FFL na taga-CFC pa rin! Amen ako kay Frank at Nonong dyan!

So puede maglagay ng sticker ng FFL at CFC! Dahil walang pagkakaiba iyon, meron o wala man kinalaman sa basketbol.

Teka, si coach Pumaren, CFC yan sa Quezon City. Matanong nga kay Dante Liban kung nasa amin na rin siya.

Huwag kang magalit kapatid na Wolsink, pag nag-restoration meeting ka na, papalitan mo na ang pangalan mo to WOLFLOAT! O kaya WOLSWIM, para buhay ka pa!

Sorry, nag papatawa lang. Pero three points ang score noon!

God Bless!

No Sticker-ing in Saudi said...

It just occurred to me, when it comes to 'battle of the stickers', I think we could not win in Saudi Arabia.

Their innocent looking 'Foundation for Family and Life' sticker on their members' cars may be tolerated by the Saudi Police, wouldn't it?

Would you like to imagine what would happen to the head of a CFC member in that Islamic territory, if he so dares to display his sticker on his vehicle?

So in the Middle East that's where they'll win the "Sticker War'!

Wow Mali!

I forgot CFC-FFL na pala sila!

Visible CFC said...

CFC Stickers are warmly accepted in the Islam Towns of Sultan Kudarat and Datu Paglas!

Those are places in Moslem Mindanao, for the info of those who not know!

And why are they accepted there?

Because Bro Frank Padilla and Bro Tony Meloto once lead a 'Peace Caravan' there! GK ang bandera nila noon. Even Bro Frank Padilla did not wear his CFC ID nor bring his Bible!

That was one memorable day when it has not yet entered the mind of Bro Frank Padilla to resign in Feb 20 2007; to write CFC and GK 3 in April 08 2007; lead a meeting of his Easter/Playboy Bunnies Restoration Team in June 07, 2007; lead his flock in a walk-out on June 22, 2007; write a demanding letter for the 7 man Council to resign in July 16, 2007; lead his restoration meeting on July 13, 2007; organize his FFL on July 30, 2007 - phew...ang events ano, all because of a sticker!

Okay, but why is the CFC Sticker acceptable in Moslem Mindanao?

Because in Moslem Mindanao GAWAD KALINGA was done!

And because we did that, did GOD vent his ire on us, do we feel God's wrath on us now -- as brother Frank prophesied on the night of June 22, 2007?

frank_ong72 said...

i hope ffl leaders read the blog exchange of wolsink and madikit na sticker. it all boils down to the question is FFL still a part of CFC.

to us who chose to remain with CFC, the answer is clear ...he left ---he is no longer part of CFC. By resigning, incorporating a new entity, renting an office, setting up a separate structure, calling on CFC members to align themselves to him...are all indicators that he already left and this also applies to anyone who has joined or aligned themselves to him.

Masakit na makitang nahati ang community sa dalawa pero this is a fact that we all have to bear and live with.

Sana matanggap na ni bro frank ang katotohanang ito at gawin niya ang share niya para matahimik na ang lahat.

Dapat lang siguro na tanggapin nya na:

1. Hindi CFC ang FFL kahit na dito nagmula ito. maliwanag naman issues nya against the CFC. I think its only right that they create an identity of their own --- distinct and separate from CFC. Hindi ba ganun ang ginawa niya noong humiwalay tayo sa LNP.

2. Dapat lang sigurong itigil na rin niya o sino man sa FFL ang panghihikayat sa ibang bansa ng i-align nila ang mga sarili nila sa FFL. Yung issue nila sa paglalabas ng mga bishop ng mga dokumento na kumikilala lamang sa CFC ay mawawala. Kahit yung pagtatalo tungkol sa sticker sa sasakyan ay mawawala.

bro frank and the rest of the leaders in FFL, magtrabaho na lang tayo. Itigil na lang natin yung bagay na lalong nagiging dahilan upang lalong ma-polarize yung mga kapatid natin sa magkabilang side. Tayo-tayo rin ang magkakasama sa iisang simbahan, sa iisang lugar, sa iisang bansa.

Let start working together. Let bury our disagreements --- let us move on with the work God has entrusted to both our communities!

God bless.


Sorry talaga! I hate to be the one doing this... exposing your real identity...

This link will no longer prolong d oder syd's agony... i-post mo na sa taymis.kom ni heFPi...

ur gud fren 4m saudi - C2CD he he

neokid (mike) said...

according to

Sorry talaga! I hate to be the one doing this... exposing your real identity...

This link will no longer prolong d oder syd's agony... i-post mo na sa taymis.kom ni heFPi...

ur gud fren 4m saudi - C2CD he he

hahahaha...kilala ko yung nasa pix..

Anonymous said...

i know cd and i honor those who have kept quiet about his real identity. i also know he will not like this but i hope he will post this.

let us all pray for his concerns, his business is not doing well. may the Lord provide for all his needs and bless his business venture as well...

i know he will say he is doing this all for the love of God and CFC and not for himself...


jiggSAw said...

Sorry talaga! I hate to be the one doing this... exposing your real identity...

we dont really have to know his identity. we all know that he is doing a GREAT SERVICE to the community through this blog. bloggers here are all CD's - CFC DEFENDERS!!!

God bless you, CD!

CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...

CD needs a shot of humor from time to time... 45 hits in less than 24 hrs, the zshare link is kinda busy don't you think?.. our mystery boy really has a following kaya jiggsaw is right...

"we dont really have to know his identity..."

So, to those who are wondering...

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS Carmen sanDiego?

Where else... A TIME TO DANCE at the Ultra Stadium on December 2, 2007

Anonymous said...

"What has Joe Tale or the IC ever done for Africa?"

When I read this quote from Frank Padilla, it reinforced a lot of people's belief that he is no longer the kind of leader that he was pre-2007. His jealousy for being relegated to second fiddle by TM and then by JT, his pettiness, mismanagement and favoritism in administering the CFC funds, his blaming others for things that were done under his nose (pharmaceutical issues, etc), misrepresentation on alleged disobedience and moral ascendancy in various communications in the US splitting the US leadership, all of these have contributed to his being considered a discredited religious leader in the eyes of so many CFC members.

The aforecited quote from him indicates some element of bitterness, jealousy and unchristian criticism probably as a result of the realization that he is leading a lost cause. There is also again that "I" word claiming credit for CFC efforts in Africa! Go on Frank, enjoy it while it lasts.

Well , Padilla's credibility is gone, zero, nil, kaput and whatever claim he may interpose from now on would be just what it is.... a futile claim from a discredited religious leader....

Devil's Advocate