Monday, November 19, 2007


I would guess there are two ways to look at this picture:

1. Mr. Frank Padilla of the FFL is speaking as a guest of CFC Batangas at their 20th anniversary celebration.

2. I don't want to speculate.


Isn't it a falsehood said...

Another way to realisticallylookat this picture is to now realize that Frank|Padilla support the LIE that FFL already existed in|Batangas for the past 20 years; and 15 in Palawan.

And because they are avid followers,then Pancho Lopez TAN and Oca Oblefias agreed to the lie!

Go getters to avoid said...

In June 2008 watch FFL celebrate their WORLDWIDE 27th Anniversary, too!


They want to get our name.
They want to get our historical dates.
They want to get our members.

neokid (mike) said...

There is this little song I wrote
I hope you learn it note for note
Like good little children
Don't worry, be happy

Listen to what I say
In your life expect some trouble
But when you worry
You make it double

Don't worry, be happy......
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Don't worry! Be Happy!

Paulijah said...

Happy 20th Anniversary CFC Batangas!

Now, this is what I cannot really reconcile in my mind. People continue to say they're CFC but they disregard the IC. 'Just be a CFC or FFL. That's it and it's as simple as that. But I believe it would take a lot of humility and trust in God to accept and do that. And if that happens, no need for this blog. Then, I will miss you all. But then, I can take out all these negative thoughts and just truly love and respect everyone. I'd rather have this one: love.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Pancho Lopez-Tan in the picture, I suddenly realized that he is from the Our Lady of Consolation Parish (Recoletos) where an invitation was announced for a CLP sponsored by FFL, formerly CFC. In subsequent e-mails, Bong Manguni as Cluster Head of Cluster 1 of FFL was honored for taking the lead in ensuring that there will be no confusion in the use of the CFC name. Is Pancho aware of this?Kung hindi, simula na kaya ito ng mga pangyayari sa ibaba na hindi alam ng nasa itaas? Aabangan ko ito dahil baka dumating ang mga taga FFL sa party ng CFC sa Dec 2. Baka ito na ang kanilang pagbabalik. If this happens, Biboy may not have an audience to fill the venues for the State of the Community Address, Leaders' Conference and Joy Weekend, some of the forthcoming activities of FFL.

pilosopotasyo_cfc said...

This borders on incredulity at the very least, madness at its worst. I'm sadden to see a leader who had full of wisdom, amiable and strong character, zealous and steadfast faith, fall into this charade-like scenarios. I will not be surprised if another well-meaning member (CFC or FFL) once again will come to FAP's rescue that people stop making fun of him. But in the first place, FAP (and his followers) should really do well to cease from exposing himself/themselves to such opportunities to be mocked either through his/their actions or writings.

If St. Francis of Assisi acted in some mediocre way, do you think he would be able attract his followers to his very rigid and ascetic religious life? No way!

Anonymous said...

A CFC who is also a service team for the coming YFC ILC in Tagaytay met the mayor to follow up the booking of the venue. He was surprised to get a scolding and told the the Tito that a CFC activity was done their that weekend and it was a mess, garbage not cleaned up properly and all. The TITo was confused coz they wer not able to use the nice venue yet. Later the mayor told him that a CFC had a family day there, CFC FFL. And the Tito had of explaining to do.

First wave of confusion from the outsiders, i think more to come..FFL, wake up, be sensible.. Tito Frank, why are you doing this?


Anonymous said...

Let us not be self-righteous:) Lets follow the way of Christ.

Janeiro said...

You know this is really getting tiring...

here are the facts:
1. CFC is different from CFCFFL.
2. CFCFFL wants to claim the "CFC" spirit.

We have been angry, sad, irritated by what CFCFFL has been doing, and it is starting to get tiring. why don't we try a different approach?

Why not try offering the other cheek? Let them claim our name, history, etc etc. Let us take the humble route.

To do that here is a way to understand things:
You know, I think CFCFFL is right. We have the same "CFC spirit". Because we all have been molded under the leadership of bro Frank.
But fact #1 is here now. We(CFC) are starting to be different from CFCFFL. It is actually a big difference now if you compare the top leaders. That "CFC spirit" will be different in time. There will be CFC spirit and CFCFFL spirit in time.
We, the members and the leaders, are the ones that gives meaning to the name CFC. Our actions give meaning to our name. We can fight over the CFC name, but that in itself gives/adds a new meaning to the CFC name, which is not very good. Like the true mother of the baby in the story of King Solomon, let us let the other have the CFC name, to save and protect the CFC name. God will give us a name that we deserve.

Anonymous said...

While we are on this, help me out how to handle this:

A couple who just finished their CLP (with FFL) were issued their ID (Lo and behold, regular CFC ID, CFC logo no indication of FFL)attended our hh because their new hh head who is to pick them up did not show up so instead went with their friend who was on their way to our hh meeting. During our fellowship I found out that they were dedicated without any mention of FFL (usual CFC CLPs) - now because of the deception, they are requesting if they can join us instead - question, do we accept them (which I tend to go with) or deny that request to avoid any rift with the FFL in our area?

neokid (mike) said...

Finders keepers

Zeny said...

To anonymous re this question:do we accept them (which I tend to go with) or deny that request to avoid any rift with the FFL in our area?

Accept them by all means, if is their decision to do so. But don't use the couple as a pawn in a tug of war. Bago pa lang sila so they should be shown our Christian culture of love, caring and compassion.

mike said...

Anonymous - self-righteous

i think i know you..
... but i could be wrong
the line has been used too many times

'coz i got an email just like that.
And i replied where and when did this all started?

jiggs said...

Anonoymous of November 20, 2007 12:59 AM:

IMO. Yes! you can accept them for at least they have undergone the CLP. but let them decide if they want to join CFC and let it be known to the other party as well.

kaputol said...

To Anonymous asking of accepting a supposedly deceived FFL graduates.

As a brother in Christ, I would like to share my $0.02 with you.

The graduates are obviously unaware of what has happened in our community. It is not their fault, nor ours as evangelizers. First thing that we should do as evangelizers is to put theis mind in focus with Christ and His life on earth. Giving them the present situation of the 2 communities during their CLP would be very unwisely, as I assume the leaders were thinking, hence their unawareness.

If you still recognize your FFL brother facilitators in that CLP as brothers in Christ, why don't you let them know what transpired? I am quite sure they will act on this which I hope in a very Christian manner.

You may also talk to these graduates that it does not necessarily mean that them being "deceived" (which is a harsh word for being judgmental) is a basis for you putting them on your boat. It should not work that way.

You have gotten their request to include them in your HH, but the leaders who evangelized them and who happened to be on the "other side" do not know this. Communicate to all channels, brother.

Lastly, let your heart that beats for Jesus work on this and not your mind.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.

-kaputol mo sa FFL

concerned4truth said...

To anonymous re the joining of CLP graduates. I think you should let them join you.

After all, there are two possibilities:

1. The FFL members sincerely meant to graduate these people into CFC, in which case they're perfectly entitled to join your HH.

2. The FFL members deliberately deceived the new members, in which case they're obviously going to be better off spiritually in a HH that is not characterized by such practice from the start.

Raul said...

IC should use the media make an clear announcement/statment that:

1. FFL is not part or CFC.
2. FFL is an separate movement/organization.
3. CFC and FFL ARE TWO DIFFERENT organization.
Thou we are working towards the same goal and we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We belong to two different /separate movement/organization.

Make it known to all people (entire nation / international) as well that FFL is seperated from CFC.

Oasis in Arabia said...

To MRocker, Bro or Sis, in fairness, the trash-leaving problem cannot be solely attributed to the FFL. I believe it's something cultural -- just look around you in Manila. Maski na dito sa amin, Filipinos (within and outside the CFC community) generally make a mess of the venues they used for gatherings. We have to consistently remind our brothers and sisters to always keep the places clean after using them. Yun lang.

Picture Pretty said...

The real facts on the picture.
Date: November 11 2007

Place: One town in Batangas

Event: FFL gathering to acknowledge CFC's 20TH Anniversary

Men in the picture:

1. FRANK A PADILLA, standing, giving an exhortation talk, I suppose. Author of Catholic Christian Books, AKA Quoholeth, very able Speaker, 'FOUNDER' of CFC and 'Founder' still of FFL. Special friend and parishioner of Bishop G. Reyes of Antipolo.

2. OSCAR OBLEFIAS, seated next to Lady, EX-CFC Sector Head and Ex- CFC Full Time Worker. The last time I heard him speak as CFC was on July 16, 2007 during the CFC-IC's meet with the SECTOR Heads of Metro Manila and the BOE. I will try to recall his statement in that meeting: "I am hurt because I am being branded to be two-faced in this current crisis, when it is only the Lord I serve and it is only CFC I belong to all through these time", or something to that effect. After he spoke, I did not hear anyone in the audience tell him that they (the audience) did not think so.

3. PANCHO LOPEZ TAN - EX-CFC Sector Head, was a member of the Board of Elders and a two-time loser in his candidacy as member of the CFC International Council.

4. The Lady Seated, I do not have any facts about her, but let me speculate: Is she perhaps, the Batangas Provincial Area Director of FFL-Batangas? (What do you mean it is not possible for her to be a PAD, isn't her group FFL?)

Here's another "persistent rumor" going the rounds that is not so obvious in the picture: Oscar Oblefias was the one who gave the International Council a copy of the June 07, 2007 famous document: MINUTES OF THE EASTER GROUP/PLAYBOYS and BUNNIES, and he gave it before July 16 2007.

Both Oscar Oblefias and Pancho Lopez Tan are now members of the FFL Council while FAPadilla is not a member of the Council but the Overall Leader of their group.

Anonymous said...

Its realy difficult not to react to the illegal use of the CFC name. Why is it that FAP did not call CFC "Ligaya ng Panginoon CFC" when he separated from Ligaya. Why do they insist on calling themselves CFC FFL. Please create your own identity trust God He will guide you. Move on FFL

dante said...

Looking at the Batangas anniversary picture I cannot help but wonder: "What has happened to Frank? Why does he continue to deceive and be part of deceptions?"

1. He lied to all of us in Feb.20 telling us he quit because of poor tithes, attendance and evangelization. THE TRUTH WAS HE RESIGNED AS A KNEE JERK REFLEX TO TM'S RESIGNATION ON FEB. 13

2. He said the four IC leaders could stay and Frank joined us in asking for support for the 4 ICs and in praying for them. IN THE NEXT BREATH, HE SAYS THEY OUGHT NOT TO BE NOMINATED AS THEY ARE UNABLE TO LEAD THE COMMUNITY AND EVEN WITHDREW HIS SUPPORT BECAUSE, ALLEGEDLY, THEY HAVE LOST THE ANOINTING!.

3. He leads the Playboy Bunnies meeting at Contreras residence before election plotting for the election while the rest of the Elders were discerning and praying for the election ND convenes the restoration meetings and forms FFL and tries to register FFL at the SEC. NOW HE ADAMANTLY SAYS THEY HAVE NEVER LEFT CFC!

4. He now stand on stage at THEIR 2OTH ANNIVERSARY IN BATANGAS. EH, WALA PA NAMANG FFL EVEN LAST YEAR, AS FAR AS I KNOW. Lete us ask Joey Arguelles kung kailan at saan natatag sa Batangas ang FFL.

So, before we put a lid to our active defence of CFC in this blog by Dec. 2 may I ask Frank: BAKIT KA BA TALAGA NAR-RESIN IN FEB. 13. THIS IS THE KEY TO OUR CRISIS WHICH YOU CREATED AND THEN TOLD ALL OF US WE VEERED AND THAT WE HAD A PROBLEM AND NEEDED TO MAKE A CHOICE! Bah, humbug! Ikaw ang gumawa ng problem in Feb. 13 by resigning. (Joe T. even begged you to reconsider befor lying in your announcement in Xavier.) As soon as Frank tells us why he really resigned, then love na natin uli lahat silang mga kapatid natin na iniwan ang community para sumama sa isang leader who claims kaniya and Africa.

Ang hi-blood ko, Jiggs..... Losartan muna ako.



Pity those top leaders of FFL on stage in the picture in Batangas. Do they really believe that they were celebrating 20 years of CFC FFL as the backdrop announced. Frank, Oca and Pancho are decent people, at least the way I knew them for many years, eh bakit parang di na nila alam ang totoo sa hindi totoo. Hirap noon, ha, pinipilit mong itama ang mali at i-convince mo ang sarili mo na tama kayo! Kaya naaawa ako sa kanilang tatlo sa picture. Hanggang kailan nila dadalahin ang mga mental dishonesty ng mga humiwalay (separatists)? We always pray for all of them in our HH meetings dahil dating mga kaibigan natin ang mga iyan.

Kulang pa ang dasal for their enlightenment and humility. Sabi nga ni Raffy Blasco sa video: until we know and accept the TRUTH there can be no real HUMILITY and acceptance of guilt. Without acceptance of guilt, how can people ask for FORGIVENESS. And without forgiveness there will be no real RESTORATION!

Bored Elder

Anonymous said...

i guess the real reason for the use of the term CFC FFL for Frank is :
1. had he gotten a critical mass of CFC to separate with him during those critical days, it will be called simply FFL
2. since he failed on this, he is using the term CFC FFL to connote one thing..he is intent on coming back for the next Council election in two years time.
ngayon galit galit year bati bati na. parang walang nangyari!
i'll probably be an FFL by then

Anonymous said...

To Oasis,

Mine is not the self rightous accusation of the trashes left by FFL during their event, but on the confusion that they create when they continue to use CFC. Kapag may kasablayan tau they will point to us, "CFC-GK" as the culprit, kung sila din has the wrong, they get away with it kasi CFC pa rin sila and the blame goes to us again. I know we all have our own faults on the garbage thing, but the confusion of using CFC as their name while it is so true that they are a separatist group creates potential massive confusion. I'm ready to let go of that issue, but the thing is, its still creating remnants of the crisis a few months ago.

Can't blame them too, its hard to justify their existence if they wont use our name. If they are committed to restore the CFC Charism, I tell you, their are more groups who even have better programs and formation with us, what makes us different is the completeness of our mission, which is our work with the poor, na pilit iset aside ng FFL. So again, whats with the name?the confusion that it creates and the justification of their existence.


Anonymous said...

Mga bro and sis,

Let us be aware that whatever ill feelings and hatred we might get from this blog is not good for our body and soul. Let us love one another as our theme for the next year goes. Let us forgive frank, nonong c., manny hermano and Ado paglinawan. They will someday face our King and Lord. God bless!

neokid (mike) said...

oh my gulay!

according to anonymous-TWO THINGS, FAP is coming back next council election in 2 years time...

will he be nominated?
abangan ang susunod na kabanata...

that's still 2 good years ahead

meantime i'm going dancing...
2 weeks na lang yan..

Musang said...

I agree to the confusion that the use of CFC by FFL is creating. If you have seen the schedule of activities for 2008 of FFL, you will find that on Jan 12, FFL will have their leaders conference at the Ultra. On that same date, CFC has Araneta coliseum for their own leaders conference. On Feb 2-3, FFL will hold their Joy Weekend in Baguio. CFC will have their own MM Mission Core Weekend in Baguio also on Feb 1-3. If that is not sowing confusion, what is? Kaya mga kapatid na CFC na under kay Joe Tale, when you attend these two activities, make sure of the venues or else baka mapapunta ka sa hindi mo sadya.

Wolsink said...

You know mga kapatid, this picture of Frank is really getting me praning.

Just a few questions for our fellow bloggers to think of:

1. Is this picture of Frank really
taken during the batangas
20th anniversary?

2. Why is it there are no pictures
of the general members of FFL
with Frank in the foreground
and the members at the

3. If you will visit there
website, why did Archbishop
Arguelles celebrated mass with
them if the archbishop don't
welcome FFL in his
archdiocese as per his letter?

4. Why is it that Batangas FFL
held their separate Family Day
while the other FFL members are
having their Family Day at
Tagaytay? If I am Frank, I
will just tell Batangas FFL to
join them in Tagaytay. Hmmmm?

5. And if their FFL is having
Family Day in Tagaytay which
is I think is their national
event where provinces are also
invited, how come Frank,Pancho,
Oca and Jocie left their
Tagaytay activity just to visit
Bauan, Batangas for the
Batangas FFL Anniversary con
Family Day? Hmmm again?

Take note ha mga kapatids, Batangas 20th Anniversary con Family Day and the FFL Family Day in Tagaytay both held last November 11, 2007 according to FFL website.

Hay naku, yan na lang muna ang pag-isipan niyo mga kapatids at talagang nakakapraning

Nagtatanong lang po o nagtataka lang po?

Ano sa tingin mo Aling Biring at Mang Puching?

Anonymous said...

comment on Musang's comment:

in having parallel activities, that's the only way that they can propagate their statement that "they haven't left CFC".

because that's exactly what they are telling their innocent members --- there are 2 CFCs.

it's really unbelievable!

Anonymous said...


Ipakita naman ninyo ang pictures ni Bishop Arguelles ng mag misa siya sa celebration ng CFC FFL at ng i-bless nya ang mga leaders at sankatutak na members ng FFL!!!!!

Something that Distracts & Disturbs said...

CD, ipakita mo raw ang picture ni Bishop Arguelles in their FFL mass.

Naisip ko lang - mahilig talaga itong FFL to make big things out of the ordinary.

Di ba it is ordinary for the Clergy to celebrate Mass? So ordinary pa rin yung Mass ni Bishop Lagdameo with them sometime in July, right? Or this one of Bishop Arguelles in 'thier' lying and decieving 20th Anniversary.

But FFL always NEEDS to say something, show something, claim something, etc., and in the process of doing stumble over themselves and become comic and pitiful.

A 20th Year Anniversary in a place where they exist (not even legally!) for just over a few months!

A 'name' that rides on the coat tails of CFC -- one that is NOT recognized by CBCP, SEC, & Vatican.

A membership that is so few, it has difficulty establishing a regular holding of Hoausehold Meetings, -- kaya assemblies muna.

A leader who resigned....then, ...huwag na lang, Pasko na kasi!

Are we their friends? said...

If I were a Provincial Area Director or a Provincial /Area head of any province in the Philippines that is going to celebrate the Anniversary of CFC's being established in our Province (specially if such Anniversaries are in the coming months of December '07, January and February '08), I will already post here in this blog, the actual dates of the Anniversaries and the Program, so that the CFC brethren in foreign lands who are NOT fully informed will be well adviced on who is doing the LYING in statements about these matters.

For now we already know their habit -- celebrate and claim the number of years righfully belonging to CFC in the provinces of the Philippines (and soon in foreign lands!) -- and act on the pretense of their supposed past presence in such provinces,even though they were yet non-existent during those times.

Their leadership though collectively purveyS such mis-information.

So now we understand why it is very difficult for some to come to terms with the idea that FFL could really be a FRIEND! Or is it more of a FOE?

Excited Voter - (1) said...

Please VOTE for FRANK PADILLA in 2009!

Yes I will.....

Excited Voter -- (2) said...

... in our elections of the Foundation for Family in Life position for President!!

Frank Padilla for President of FFL!


Annonymous waiting for a Talk said...

Since Annonymous of Nov 21 2007 was asking if we could post the PICTURE of Bishop Ramon Arguelles during the mass of FFl in Batangas,
then may I also ask you CD to please post the TALK of Bishop Pedro Quitorio during the MC Teaching Night at Xavier School Gym on November 20 2007?

There were a lot of thought provoking lessons that the Good Bishop gave to us last night, let's have it printed here so our brothers and sisters around the Philippines and the world would know of it too!

A Bishop in a Mass and a Bishop in a 'Talk'. Great moments for the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

I am from MM Central B and I know Tito Oca Oblefias. Please stop everything you all are saying against him.. He has chosen where he wants to be. Please respect his decision. Even if i chose to stay in CFC, I still respect him because he led Central B admiringly and we will always thank him for that so I ask as a fellow brother in Christ. Please stop all this against Tito Oca..

Where the Conflict lies said...

Let's have a collection of conflicting statements or situations FFL subscribes to:

1. Now already in FFL yet still in CFC. Wants to be still in CFC but would not recognize CFC International Council.

2. Pray-over the 4 remaining IC members in February 2007, after his resignation; then declare they are not qualified to run in June 22 2007, election of the new IC for 2007-09.

3. Established FFL in July 302007; celebrated FFL 20th Year Anniversary in Batangas in November of 2007. (lol)

4. Resigned from CFC Council in February 20 2007; disliked being replaced as CFC International Director; demanded resignation of 7man CFC Internatinal Council; and continues to comment on the affairs of CFC eversince!

5. Already Founded FFL; yet continues to demand recognition for Founding CFC.

6. Be a member of FFL, but retain previous employment position in CFC and thereby draw salary from CFC but give tithe to FFL; affirm this by going to office of FFL at Starmall and keep receiving paycheck from CFC without appearing at the CFC Center.

7. Receive a check from a GK partner and 'forget' to immediately pay the intended payees of the said check.

To their CREDIT they have these that they stuck to in complete accord with their plans of June 07 2007 in their Easter Group Playboys & Bunnies Meeting (lol)which are:

1. Plan for a comeback of Frank Padilla to CFC IC
2. Walk out on Election day of June 22 2007 if process of come-back does not materialize

FFL leaders know this.
FFL leaders do not think it is wrong.
FFL leaders claim they have the charism.

What if it was us CFC doing it to FFL?

Anonymous said...



“So, before we put a lid to our active defence of CFC in this blog by Dec. 2 may I ask Frank: BAKIT KA BA TALAGA NAR-RESIN IN FEB. 13. THIS IS THE KEY TO OUR CRISIS WHICH YOU CREATED AND THEN TOLD ALL OF US WE VEERED AND THAT WE HAD A PROBLEM AND NEEDED TO MAKE A CHOICE! Bah, humbug! Ikaw ang gumawa ng problem in Feb. 13 by resigning…As soon as Frank tells us why he really resigned, then love na natin uli lahat silang mga kapatid natin na iniwan ang community para sumama sa isang leader who claims kaniya and Africa.”

Here’s an email from a brother:

“At the heart of CFC charism is the strength of husband and wife renewal exemplified by the headship of man from which flows the power of the domestic church and global church. It may be the attack on the headship of our former top leader that hit us."

I sadly note that someone stated in this blog that Sis Gerry was not one with Bro Frank in his lamentations. Let us all the more honor and give special love to our wife every day, and firmly establish our headship with the blessing of our Lord Jesus. Let us also lift to God the headship of Bro Frank. Salamat.

CFC Ostrich said...

on Picture Pretty's comments:

"The Lady Seated, I do not have any facts about her, but let me speculate: Is she perhaps, the Batangas Provincial Area Director of FFL-Batangas? (What do you mean it is not possible for her to be a PAD, isn't her group FFL?) "

Fyi, the Lady you're referring to is Josie, the wife of Oca Oblefias. One thing we should appreciate in Sis Josie is her willingness to help her husband fulfill his commitments.Most importantly, she is there to support Bro Oca's commitment as member of the FFL council,caring for him and preserving the unity of their life in community ( FFL).And for this we should honor her as she submits to her husband in evertyhing.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, CD. That Sis Gerry Padilla was “not one with Bro Frank in his lamentations” WAS NOT ACTUALLY MENTIOND IN OUR IDOTRCFC BLOG but in the US-based “PINOY Insider” newsletter issue on the conflict which was subject of a long critique by FFL. Her remarks were more or less on the positive side. The exact words were: “Gerry Padilla was reportedly dismissive of her husband’s lamentations”, because he discussed “peripheral things laced with biblical passages” instead of confronting the facts and resolving the CFC conflict.

However, just to drive home the point about FP’s tricky headship, publisher Mariano “Anong” Santos of that newsletter talked of a two-headed monster:

“…In a situation wherein the wife dominates or even share headship, a two-headed monster will disrupt the household… There had been reliable reports that Gerry, the wife of Frank Padilla, has been making unkind remarks about the GK work… that puzzled many because Padilla is the head of the CFC and the GK at that time…”

CB-3B said...

Yes, I do admire Jocy Oblefias. She's the one who invited us to join the CLP way back 1994. She's a good sister, a good officemate, a very dear kumare. Though we have now our own community to serve, we as members of CFC in Central B and they as leaders of FFL, we still respect each other and continue to have constant communication despite our community's differences. If all of us, CFC and FFL alike, will have this kind of attitude to each other, then sooner or later the conflict will die down and what only remains is the LOVE and RESPECT for one another.



roundeyedtoddler said...

With this image from Batangas, there is no reason to stop or get tired or get bored. Instead, we have more reasons to go on with greater passion in our desire to disseminate truth.

Why? The more we see images like this, the more we are able to demonstrate the deception that the Easter Boys are employing. Put this image beside the latest IC statement and the impact is a bang. I am sure the IC wanted to avoid such scenario because of their love for Frank, but the truth simply has to be bannered regardless of who gets hurt.

I just hope we can circulate the latest IC statement on the confusion, maybe publish it in PDI or Philippine Star, etc. so everyone may know. Why not? Even the public deserves to be notified. Many of them are asking, ano ba talaga?

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Crumbling PAF Cookie said...

As I look at the Batangas picture, I feel affirmed in the position I took last June 22, 2007 when I firmly believed that voting for 'three new IC members to fill up the slots vacated by TM, LA & FP' was not the way to go.

I agreed with many concerned Sector Leaders that such an idea hides the real agenda, and lo and behold I got a copy of the June 07, 2007 Minutes of the Meeting of the Easter Group/Playboys & Bunnies on July 17. There I saw the HIDDEN AGENDA.

That document, I heard, really embarrasses FFL. That's the reason why they so silent about it.

Now I see Frank Padilla, speaking before an FFL crowd in Batangas, with a banner pronouncing a 20 year presence in that province. We all know that 20 years in Batangas it is not true for FFL. So what happened to my leader who was my Pillar of Truth?

Yes, In 2006, I saw Frank Padilla as a Pillar of Truth, a Pillar of Wisdom, a man with almost an air of sainthood and charisma.

Now I could only look at him with charity, and some sense of pity. I am not happy about this. But that's how the cookie crumbles.

I could only hope he has his own kind of joy in what he is doing.

Frank reaps what he sows and of late, he is not sowing the fellowship and friendship of a greater number of brothers/sisters and families in the CFC community that he helped, maybe because he limited his source of information from those who had their own set of brokenness, their own dislike for TM, JT, JY, EM, RP, or even the GK Program, or perhaps because they had their own personal agendas.

I am even told that what surprises some in CFC is that Frank P chose to be in the company of those who once disliked the way he was running CFC.

Well, that's why it is always necessary for us to focus on Jesus Christ.

With Jesus Christ, nothing crumbles this way!

Solo Dios Basta, ingon si EA!

Anonymous said...

FYI: It was Archbishop Arguelles called up the priest who was supposed to be celebrating the mass and told him that he will be the one celebrating the mass.. Archbishop knows he is celebrating the mass of CFCFFL.. you can ask him..

at peace said...

there is so much negativity and un-Christian anger in this blog.

Anonymous said...


what is "un-Christian anger"?

Not Angry but Blue said...

Hi Brother or Sister "At Peace" (commenter of 11/26; 4:37 AM), are you really!

I doubt it!

Then you said, this blog is full of "un-Christian anger".

I think you had to have some kind on anger too, to say that comment. So you were angry too, were you not?

When bloggers in this page get angry on the falsehood of FFL's celebration of 20th Anniversary in Batangas, do you think the bloggers were exhibiting un-Christian anger?

So in this instance are you telling us not to be angry?

But if we insist we are angry, then you get angry on our anger, whose anger then is un-Christian, yours or ours?

After you discern your answer without getting red in the face with anger, I will wish you Peace!

ano ini moose said...

at peace said...
there is so much negativity and un-Christian anger in this blog.

Yes, I dare say:
I'm agree
There is so much negativity...
Everyone is sooo negative.
Just dare ask some bloggers and you get negative answers...

Q: Jiggs, FFL ka ba?
A: Hindi po.
Q: Eh yun bubwit mo?
A: Hindi rin.

Q: Joni tanitayturin, FFL ka ba?
A: Ay hindi pud!!!!


DBC said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

It's really a pity to see former CFC stalwarts of truth but now, are parading the lie that FFL is still PART of the original body CFC. How can they (FFL) proclaim that they have NOT left the CFC community when they (FFL) blatantly registered a new foundation with its own statutes & by-laws with the SEC? This move alone is tantamount to SEPARATION. Plain & simple.

God bless us all!!!

jiggs said...

korek ka jan!
negative ang sagot ko sa tanong mo.