Thursday, November 22, 2007

A United Front

If you ask me, I'd have to say that the CFC International Council has weathered this storm like the true captains of this great ship of ours. They have displayed great restraint, dignity, and resolve in steering us through this crisis to ensure that the CFC community emerges from its trials and lamentations intact and full of renewed faith. It was no small task, in fact I saw it as something almost too daunting to take on.

It is in this spirit that I'd like all of you to help me HELP THEM. I know you all have done your part to contribute to the community, in helping spread the truth, and keeping the faith that we'll get through this crisis, but for the Home Office, the troubles are not over. For those who attended this past MC Teaching Night and was able to see the presentation on the current financials, it is no secret that our tithes have not equaled their overhead costs. The HO has done its part in massively cutting down its expenses, but with the decline in tithes brought on by the exodus of some of our members to the FFL, it has not been quite enough. So, I'm asking you all to show join me in showing our appreciation for a job well done to the IC and the whole HO staff, from the ftw's to the volunteers. Every little bit counts, and each will represent a small but important part of a solid and UNITED FRONT.

Some have already started on their own, our friends, the musicionaries from the 29AD band are putting together a benefit concert for the HO and the ftw's. Here's their invite:

Music of Hope

When: December 14, 2007, Friday, 6:30 in the evening

Where: The Arena, San Juan City

Help our CFC home office and full-time workers. Experience a night of music, dance and praise with the 29AD, Kenosis, Central-C Band, Rene Henson and the 4Bars.
Ask your household heads. Bring your whole family, neighbors, officemates, classmates, and friends!
Help us find sponsors too!
As the song goes --- why don't you give love on Christmas day!
Tickets available at the CFC Center and at the gates.
Ticket prices
Court Seat @ P200
Ring Side @P150
Lower Box @P100
Upper Box @P50
Contact Phil de Guzman thru mobile number 0922-8149446 / 0919-5536753 or landline number 727-9607 or Gina Nagrampa at landline number 727-0682 to 87 loc. 37.
God loves you! God bless you!
and the flyer:

UPDATE: A video trailer!

It will no doubt be a very entertaining evening, and I enjoin you all to invite not just fellow CFC'ers, but ALL your friends and family. Hindi naman kayo ipapahiya ng 29AD, hehe. I'll be posting this invite and the link to the invitation in their very own blog (please comment on their blog too to show our wholehearted support) in our E&A section, as well as reminding you all a few days before the event. Matagal pa kasi eh, baka makalimutan nyo. =)

As for the rest of us? Well, if there was ever a time that CFC needed each and every one of us, it is now. I'll see you all on Dec. 2, and you can bet I'll be paying double for my ticket. It's the least I can do.


Hope in Music!! said...

Wow ang Galing!
Galing ng Idea!
Galing ng Graphics!
Galing ng Purpose!

I'd like to see how our separated brothers MIMIC & APE this one! (Actually, they don't have to, for we are inviting them right? Of course, yung may mga mataas na pride, eh hindi pupunta...pero the Tom, Dick, & Harry in FFL can lose themselves among the partying crowd).

Looks like they can't put up a "4-Bars-like singing team over there, can they? In time they will be able to, but currently that's not their focus ... developing poaching methods is what's keeping them busy.

Suggestion to organizers thru CD, please send the CFC Country Coordinators a message with your write-up, a copy of the flyer (ang galing ng graphic artist na gumamawa nyan! Sana nasa community natin siya.)-- that's where the details of the event are printed -- so they can encourage the visiting /homecoming CFC or even FFL Pinoys to come to 'the Arena' and enjoy themselves on Dec 14, 2007. Yung 200.00 pesos peanuts, sa kanila yan. If I were with the organizers, I'd pre-sell na the tickets to CFC members abroad say, CFC Sydney, or CFC Dubai, etc., para they will come as a group that night. Mahilig si Pinoy mag reserve you know -- so take advantage!

One more December is homecoming month and I am very sure our brethren are missing this kind of Pinoy fun! They'd love to party -- para hindi naman puro kain ang gagawin nilang mga balikbayan.

Exciting talaga sa CFC. Wala pa yung Dec 02, meron ng December 14!! Buhay na buhay indeed!

jiggs said...

agree. lets give LOVE and help!

will discuss and sell this to our chapter!

Anonymous said...

from: FBE of Cebu

It's so nice if i can attend the concert for a cause but the problem is that i am living in cebu. My sole contribution on this recent crisis is to appeal to my bro. and sis. to give tithes regularly. Thanks CD for a wonderful change of blog designs. At first, I thought I was redirected to other sites.

May God be Blessed forever!
God Bless CFC!!!!

neokid (mike) said...


i'm not only dancing...(dec2)
now i'm singing!!! (dec14)


Free tickets said...

Suggestion to CFC Sector, Cluster, Chapter, Family Ministry, Social Ministry, GK Ministry leaders:

1. Buy 2 tickets (yung P150.oo) worth.
2. Enclose it in a Christmas Card, write a good message of LOVE & PEACE! (of course an invitation to the addresee to come!)
3. Send it to the residence of your couple leader who left your CFC group for FFL.
4. If you think they will not go, because you were the one who invited, then send it anonymously.
5. Include a message that the addresee could just pass the two tickets on to another FFL couple leader or member if they could not go.

If you see them there at the event, let them enjoy the moment without you bothering to tell them that it was you who sent it (that is if you sent it anonymously).

Just a thought. I am following my own suggestion for two couples. Am sending it anonymously.

Hindi Po Taga Manila said...

Papano po ba pumunta sa 'The Arena' sa San Juan City kung galing po sa CFC Center, Ortigas?

Salamat God Bless

garnet said...

I hope to be back in time to attend the Dec 14 concert! I noticed that a lot of you are suggesting that we invite FFL members to this affair. Honestly speaking, I am not quite ready to do that. Perhaps it is because most of the people i know who have moved to FFL were part of the EASTER Bunnies,and incorporators of FFL. I would really feel awkward being with them in this activity. And I am sure they would feel the same. I would be anxious to have them around and be worried that they will twist and tweak...instead of twist and turn. I think I need more time...just being honest about it.

Anonymous said...

for those who have extra money this Christmas, or for those who give a lot of presents to everyone, one other way to help the home office is to give a donation to CFC in lieu of a gift to a friend or company. It can be an annual practice. My husband and I have been giving extra cash during Christmas to some of our fulltime workers for a few years now.Less for self, more for others, enough for all!

Paulijah said...

Let's show our love and concern to our dear community by supporting this worthwhile activity. 29AD is really good in case you haven't heard them.

Also, I and my spouse have just increased our tithe to the community especially upon learning about the financial distress it's experiencing. We're praying that we may increase it more as a way of showing our love and support to its mission and full time workers.

Please pray for us. God bless!

Hindi po taga San Juan said...

To "hindi po taga manila" -

"The Arena" is located at Santolan Rd. corner P. Guevarra, San Juan City. From CFC Home Office, isang ride lang po yata ng jeepney going to San Juan. Baka puedeng magpost ng sketch yung mga nakakaalam para di tayo mawala. Please remember also that December 14 falls on a Friday at pay day pa kaya medyo traffic sa Greenhills area so let's all try to be there early.

God bless CFC!

idotrcfcwc said...

visit this site:

Check also pictures. Kawawa naman sila parang galing lang sa West C yong mga FFL na nag attend ng family day nila sa Tagaytay.

Talents Unlimited said...

Our community has been blessed with so many talents and these include our brother, the graphic artist for the Music for Hope and he does it all for the glory of God!

mindboggler said...

dear cd, bloggers and everyone in the community,

there was a suggestion for every metro manila sector to come up with a million pesos before the end of the year. this means that if a sector can find 500 couples who are willing to give P1,000 per person (P2,000 per couple) then you have a million pesos to pay-off part of the over P25M that FAP jumped ship about. with 12 sectors, you have P12M. i think this is not an impossible task. and if you get involved the SFC and other materially productive brethren, more can be achieved.

even if a diminished sector (CENTRAL "B" perhaps?), can't come up with the targetted amount, maybe the provinces can do the same, too. we have big provinces that can surely give more.

we can do this twice a year for instance: in january and in july big assemblies (MC gatherings and the like). this can even replace the JMDF.

after we are able to pay-off the big loans, we can earmark the next ones for the benefits of the FTPWs, the missionaries, and then for the long envisioned CFC GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS.

what is necessary really is for someone in the sector and in the province to tick off those who can afford (over and on top of their regular tithes) these brothers and sisters and account for them, send them thank you cards and God will truly be praised by your generosity!

what sayeth everyone?

kami mag-asawa (kahit hirap) will commit to do so.... di ko naman talaga problema yan kasi saan ba manggagaling ang pera na iyan kundi ke God pa rin. instruments lang tayo!


neokid (mike) said...

In West C, the sector decided to have a nite of singing (Dec16) to raise funds for the CFC Home Office

This nite will have West C's own sector music ministry A.K.A. Kenosis.

Let's support the Music of Hope (Dec14) and at West C we rally the sector on Dec16.

Let's all dance on Dec2, sing on Dec14, Dec16 and give Love on Christmas day.

Sana araw-araw pasko!!

two of us in Singapore said...

FYI...Singapore will have its Christmas Party on Dec 2 from 2-7 pm. CFC, SFC,YFC. HOLD and SOLD celebrating together. Hope it will be a "Time to Dance" for us too.

Only if you like said...

CD, how would you like to create a page specially for the foreign countries?

I thought it would be nice to have a page for the major regions , if not countries, so that their stories could be told -- or their meetings, gatherings, events, etc -- could be separately highlighted?

Later on, the good news here re: MIDDLE EAST countries, AFRICA, states in U. S. (like N.JERSEY & SO. CALIFORNIA)are sorted and posted accordingly.

However, I do realize that might entail some more work. Thought I just would suggest. Thanks.

PS. with or without it, this blog spot is already so great and a good source of information.

MyPrediction said...

I do not agree that IC is doing a good job. CFC right now is like headless, members are defending and justifying their leaders' decisions and mistakes. How do they do this? By maligning the other side, proving that FFL are the one in the wrong side. Instead of IC calming down their members, teaching that we are all still bothers and sisters even if do not agree with priorities, no they don’t bother because what is bad for the other side they think is good for CFC. So CFC members being un-CFC, that’s okay as long as members do it against FFL. If CFC will continue to be like this, I doubt that it will last for five more years.

O-Mim-Wan Kenobi said...

CD, thanks sa support. Here is the link to the Music of Hope Concert advertisement.

To God be the glory!

jiggs said...

MyPrediction said...
I do not agree that IC is doing a good job. CFC right now is like headless, members are defending and justifying their leaders' decisions and mistakes.

in my opinion, the IC remains silent even if the FFL continue to snipe at them. i call it HUMILITY. if you say that its the members who are doing the defending - i partially agree with you, again for the same reason that the IC is keeping its humility. secondly, this blogsite is not an "official" one. the IC does not sanction this. this is mainly the venue for CFC members to defend the community.

i'll just see you in five years, bro. God bless.

O-Mim-Wan Kenobi said...

Hello, here is the latest link for the MOH ad. Thanks again.

acc wc said...

Mr MyPrediction,

At tignan mo naman sa Hef Hef Hell, at least dito unoffical, purely the sentiments of the members who can not stomach the fraud, falsehoods and lies being perpetuated by the top leaders of FFL themselves like Frank, Pancho, Nonong, Lachie and the others. Official itong kanila. Leaders nila ang sinungaling.

At least at the level of the IC, they have shown their humility by not responding to the to fraud, falsehoods and lies coming most specially from Frank. Anong tawag sa kanyang mga sinusulat. Na mga Truth (Falsehood) Series at Moving Forward ( (Backward)

marthe's alter ego said...

To Myprediction:

You are obviously either (1) an FFL member or (2) a CFC who does not bother to read Council statements or attend household prayer meetings where said statements are discussed.

For your information, we CFC members are so grateful that we have an IC who are showing us by example how to deal with this situation. They have issued several statements (which you did not read) to the effect that (1) we should relate in love with those who left; (2) we should "be still" to listen to what God wants us to do; (3) Frank Padilla and company left, separated, vamoosed so they are no longer CFC (Can anyone be more emphatic and leaderlike than that?; (4) we should all refrain from saying anything negative against our brothers in FFL (and then they proceed to show us how by keeping silent even if FFL continues to attack them.)

Most important, they have provided our community a 7-point program that should govern our work and our relationships as we move forward in hope. And to top it all, they have announced that our community's theme for 2008 is based and focused on LOVE.

And ang pinakamasaya, they are pulling out all the stops so that we, as one global family united in hope and love, can CELEBRATE the end of our Lamentations and just give praise and thanks to our God. That will be on December 2. See you there, bro!

acc wc said...

Tignan mo nga naman itong Hef Hef Hell, gusto lagi to compete with CFC and to prove that they are the better organization. Parang they cannot exist without having to compare and compete with CFC. Not that we do not want them to be come a good if not the best Christian organization but to have their activities scheduled a the same time with our own activites, e ewan ko ba kung anong klaseng utak ang meron itong mga ito. Patawarin sana ako ng Diyos pero nakakainis na talaga sila.

Akalain mo, Leaders’ Conference nila e sabay din sa atin sa Jan 12. Sila sa smaller venue sa Ultra while tayo will be in Araneta Coliseum. Tapos sa ating Mission Core Weekend sa Baguio on Feb 1-3 kasabay na naman natin sila, mas mauna lang tayo ng isang araw kaya kita kita tayong lahat sa Baguio. Baka we will be in the same hotels pa.

Magandang pagkakataon mga bloggers to discuss the issues face to face with them.

Avoiding Perdition in predictions said...

1. “I do not agree that IC is doing a good job.”

My comment:

It is okay Bro. or Sis, I would not like to make an issue with what you would agree to or not. It is a non-issue to CFC because it carries no value to the life and mission of CFC.

2. “CFC right now is like headless, members are defending and justifying their leaders' decisions and mistakes.”

My comment:

Since this is a comment on CFC’s leaders (and to us as members) then permit me to comment on it.

An organization with a formally voted 7 man International Council membership, an established leadership in all countries, provinces (in the Philippines; or on whatever political subdivisions such are called in other countries), and Sectors in Metro Manila cannot by any means of be headless.

As to the “defending and justifying their leaders’ decisions” …yes we do that in CFC. Don’t you want to do the same in FFL? Do you like us to have the impression that in FFL, you as members just sit tight, watch as your leaders do their thing, with nary a word or two from you, the members? Well, actually, we would not like to believe it is really like that in FFL, but your comments here seem to confirm that it is so.

For example, your leaders want the name CFC attached to your corporate name. Have you as a member of FFL, stood up or to put it precisely, written any lengthy or even short comment why indeed you must have such attachment to your name FFL? But of course, while I ask you that, I assume you agree with your leaders that you really must have that name. Or honestly, did you ever think about it? For instance there was a question here not too long ago “Do the FFL Leaders think that a stand alone “Foundation for Family and Life” is impotent ergo it needs a prop in the more mature, more internationally known, more nationally accepted renewal community? Where do you personally stand in that?

About the mistakes of our leaders, let’s make an inventory of our leaders’ mistakes and your leaders’ mistakes and let’s see whose mistakes were actually proven ‘real mistakes’.

I’ll give you an example of a mistake. When your leaders “poach” on CFC members and on occasions do with trickery, is that a mistake? Who is doing the “poaching”, the one who left or the one who remained?

I would like to believe brother that when you joined FFL you were in full control of your faculties and that you knew well the “issues”. Now when you hear that some of your recruits were recent graduates of a CFC initiated CLP and on Talk 12 were given FFL IDs, is that a mistake or not? Would you condone it? I call that a real mistake clothed with dishonesty.

3. “How do they do this? By maligning the other side, proving that FFL are the one in the wrong side”

My comment:

Let’s look at the meaning of the word “malign”. It has several: a) to plot; b) to deceive; 3) to defame; 4) to slander for its verb forms. Used as a adjective it means: 1) malicious; 2) evil; 3)

Your “maligning the other side”, the ‘other side’ being FFL is actually an argument of Frank Padilla. Obviously it has rubbed on you.

If malign means “to plot”, who did the “plotting”?

Please refer to the ‘classic document called “Easter Group / Playboys & Bunnies” Minutes of Meeting on June 07 2007 at the residence of Nonong Contreras. (There’s a copy somewhere in this blog, filed for the needs of some in FFL who do not know it). Yes Bro or Sis ‘MyPrediction’, I suggest you read it.

In that document you will clearly see a “PLOT”. The Easter / Ps & Bs / Restoration Group started it. We got wind of it, so we told the whole world…now in that action are we the ones “maligning” or “plotting” or are we the ones defending?

Actually it was a twist of fate or better still an intervention from God, that our Brother (yours too!) Oca Oblefias gave a copy to a member of the International Council, during the time when he was not yet decided to join FFL.

Therefore your charge “By maligning the other side” is wrong. It was FFL who “maligned” CFC by plotting against CFC.

However, your statement “….proving that FFL are the one in the wrong side” is CORRECT. The word to “prove” means – to establish as true and to demonstrate to be a fact.

By citing the actual presence of a “plot” proven by the existence of a document written by FFL’s Mimi David, then it is very clear that FFL is the PLOTTER or MALIGNER and CFC is the VICTIM.

So do you now agree that we are not the maligners? Do you still fault us that we need to be steadfast in “PROVING that FFL are the one(s) in the wrong side”?

4. “Instead of IC calming down their members, teaching that we are all still bothers and sisters even if do not agree with priorities”

My Comment:

May I state that it is not “priorities” we are in disagreement with. It is “PRINCIPLES”

We disagree, for example, of the PRINCIPLE of FFL’s separation. We claim you have left, separated from us and established your own. Your leaders claim other wise.

We disagree, for example, of the PRINCIPLE of FFL’s membership. To those of you who willfully joined the team of the Easter Group/ Restoration/ Playboys & Bunnies, that is just fine….but you cannot turn around and start “poaching” on CFC’s members. We think that action is wrong. It is wrong on its motivating force. It is wrong on its doctrine.

A minor thing, because of FFL’s maligning us in CFC, we sometimes get our nerves frazzled, but we are mature members and we do not need to run or depend on our elders to “calm us down” every time. We are 26 years old, remember, so we now could stand as “adult citizens’ in God’s mission fields. You will eventually grow into it, too. You just need to keep telling yourselves on the righteousness of right conduct and keeping morality in the PRINCIPLES.

5. “….They don’t bother because what is bad for the other side they think is good for CFC. So CFC members being un-CFC, that’s okay as long as members do it against FFL.”

My Comment:

CFC IC do not bother to “calm down their members”, as we have long learned in CFC that the work for Jesus Christ is not a bed of roses! It is a carrying of the Cross, focusing on Jesus and spreading the good news! It is not about having ‘calm brothers’ Matter of fact, in one teaching, we were thought to be “bothered by God” in our spiritual life; such that we continue to do as God wants us to do…doing the Evangelization work even among the poor. If one reads the Scripture with a contrite heart, will one ever see a CALM JESUS CHRIST relative to doing His work for His Father?

If our “defense of CFC” is ALL DIRECTED TOWARDS FFL, then we must BE the ones being attacked. As already clearly shown above, FFL’s maligning CFC begs the reaction from us. So when we call out FFL’s mistakes, we are not just doing it for the sake of just doing it “against FFL”. We will do it against ALL who maligns us. For now IT IS FFL who is DOING IT. Have you heard of any other religious organization attacking CFC? Last time I looked they are working together with CFC on a Pillar that brings as all together to Jesus Christ’ favored people --- the Poor!

6. “If CFC will continue to be like this, I doubt that it will last for five more years.”

My comment:

One advice Bro or Sis MyPrediction. There are predictions that become PERDITIONS. (w/c means ruin. In theology, perdition means = loss of the soul or damnation)

Now if you honestly think, CFC will last only till 2015, then do you think FFL will also last only up to 2012?

Obviously your answer to that will be “NO”, isn’t it?

Then if your PREDICTION is that FFL WILL OUTLIVE CFC, then why are your leaders insisting to get our name “COUPLES FOR CHRIST”? and “ CFC”?

As to the perdition, LET US HELP one another fight off the temptation to sin.

Now Brother or Sister “MyPrediction”. It is not my goal to belittle your position. Let us pray for each other that we will see the light as God will surely lead us to a better understanding of all these events and his plans on how we should handle them in our personal and community life. God Bless! Advance Merry Christmas

C.D. said...

Brother ACC WCC,

I approved your comment because I believe the message has a place in this discussion. Still, I'd like to request that you refrain from referring to the FFL as "hef hef Hell", just so we can continue the discussion in christian and holiday spirits. Many thanks bro. Labas nalang natin ang frustration sa konting dasal. =)

To all,

Lets keep it positive. I approved the negative-sounding post to be fair to the other side, and because in approving it I know that you will all give your opinions and views to help our friends discern and find answers. Thank you for stepping up to help me out. The well researched and well meaning responses you have given are very encouraging to me and I'm sure to others.

My regards and gratitude,


C.D. said...

To Avoiding Perdition in predictions,


Kapatid M7 said...

Paumanhin at walang galang na nga. Meron akong tanong. Bakit nga ba ating IC e walang saway o praise man lang sa ating ginagawa? Baka naman meron kang "pat in the back" gestures from them, share mo naman.

Malaking bagay din naman na ang mga heneral ay lumilitaw sa gitna ng kanyang mga foot soldiers. Nabo-boost ang morale, ika-nga. I saw a comment from one Bored of Elder pero walang IC.


Avoiding Perditions in Predictions said...

From "Avoiding Perditions in Predictions" to CD:


Please correct the year from "2015" to "2012"

nw49socal said...

To Avoiding Perdition in predictions,

just to add to CD's comment - standing ovation *applause*

nw49socal said...

To CD and the other bloggers ( I wish I could mention all your names):
To my brothers and sisters in CFC and in Christ, I honor you for your persevering gallant defense of the real CFC. This is a daunting task requiring a lot of patience and humility.
As one Jesuit I look up to said, “What does the task before us require? It requires men endowed with two qualities above all: a sense of proportion, and an unwavering dedication to the truth.” All of you exemplify yourselves with these two qualities and you will lead us to proclaim later what St. Paul said ; “"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
May God keep you always.

Anonymous said...

Brother ACC WCC,

Just a personal opinion.

I guess one reason why the FFL have the same date with our events, specially our Big Events (I'm not sure if it is intentional or coincidental), is that maybe so that some FFL members,specially those who have a desire, to attend our events will have something to attend to.

Opinion lang po,


God will Annoint the Right !! said...

CD and all bloggers,

Let's sound a UNITED REQUEST for our International Council to postpone the February Disciples Weekend to one-week later, so that FFL will not be in the vicinity on those days.

Or we can discuss the pros and cons of it of having the two there and let's put to test our resolve to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

neokid (mike) said...

oks lang yan!

Don't worry
Be happy!

See you all in Baguio

Anonymous said...

Brother Wolfking, you are very generous with your opinion. As for me, I am taking the extreme position that the parallel events between CFC and FFL in Jan 12 and Feb 1-3 are not by coincidence but rather a ploy by FFL to hoodwink innocent members of both CFC and FFL into believing that there was never any separation. As a matter of fact, I believe this is their strategy to poach and pounce on lost sheep literally.

Anonymous said...

Alam niyo, talagang foul ang ginawa dito sa West C ng mga ex-CFC-MCG leaders na sumakabilang-bakod. Saan ka nakakita ng chapter heads na buong chapter daw ang nagkaisa at unilateral ang desisyon to join the FFL? Sinasabi naman nila wala namang problema talaga before the splintering of FFL. And yet nadoon silang lahat na natakot dahil lamang may sumigaw ng "MOMO!" O hinagpis ni Hudas! Napakasakit, Kuya CD.

cfcwestergroup brother

Anonymous said...

'Cencia na, bro if I sounded angry with that last posting. I just had to vent steam off. I think next year's theme is divinely inspired talaga; let's continue loving one another especially our FFL brethren.

cfcwestergroup brother

neokid (mike) said...


Relax Bro! hehehe... si ACC WC madalas din tumaas ang BP...

Sabi nga ...Breathe, breathe and breathe again...

alam ba ninyo na yung ex-sector head natin asked me if i'm joining them. That I decide right away while he is still filling up their structure.

he really doesn't know me that well... my wife and i have found our place, and it's in CFC, our chosen way of life!

tugtog ka na lang cfcwestergroup, if I'm not mistaken you are good in music.

Anonymous said...

Sa akin lang naman talaga.

Makipagsabayan na FFL sa lahat ng activities natin sa CfC. Huwag lang nilang gamitin yung name ng Couples for Christ sa lahat ng mga activities nila. Para ba walang lituhan, walang maiinis, walang magagalit lahat masaya.


Baguio Dates Natin said...

So bloggers and readers here will be relieved of whatever agitation they may have re Disciples Weekend at Baguio, I heard that the IC moved our schedule.

Wait for their official announcement.

Be prepared for a cold weather in the mountain City of Baguio ... so bring your BURNING PASSION for the LORD, and your HOT HEARTS for your spouse (and brethren in CFC!)

God Bless All.

cfcwestergroup brother said...

Well taken, Neokid. Kanta na lang tayo ...

You have no right to ask me how I feel, you have no right to speak to me so kind, Some day I might find myself looking in your eyes
But for now, we’ll go on living separate lives. Yes for now, we’ll go on living separate lives...

CD, baka pwede ma-upload Phil Collins' song?

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla in the Middle East!

Frank Padilla arrived mid of this week in UAE and was escorted by Bishop Gregorio from Batanes to meet with Bishop Paul Hinder, in order to convince the Bishop to recognize FFL in the Vicariate of Arabia.

Unfortunately, Bishop Paul stood by his letter that he will only recognize CFC-GMIFI (the original) under the leadership of Bro. Joe Tale.

Pero, itinuloy pa rin ni Frank yung ReStOrAtIoN rally sa Chowking, Deira, Dubai..

And now who is defiance to the Bishop?

Some of the kapatiran in UAE attended and stated that common story Frank tells everyone "that there is no split; that they haven't left CFC; that CFC veered away from our vision and mission because of the isolated cases which took place in GK and/or some GK sites". Kelan ka ba titigil Frank??? Who is the liar? you or the CFC-IC? I was actually reminded by the email of Manny Hermano questioning the authenticity of the statement of support from Bishop Paul and the Bishop of Africa. Manny, would you still like to double check the authenticity of Bishop Paul's support statement to the CFC-IC? Ask Frank!

On Wednesday morning, Nov. 28 Frank proceeded to Doha, Qatar but Bishop Gregorio went back to the Philippines instead of accompanying Frank to Doha. The restoration rally in Doha will be tomorrow, Nov. 30. RESTORATION??? There is nothing to restore in the Middle East. We haven't veered away, our GK work is only a resource generation; we haven't disobeyed our church leaders/priests; our HH prayer meeting structure is still the same... Frank, please just spare the Middle East from division. And I know the small number of FFL in UAE and Qatar are refered to us as the break away group or the renegades -- sa madaling sabi may mga sama ng loob lang sa mga leaders kaya nabuo ang FFL. So FFL brethren, let us be united and heed to the stand of our Bishop/Church/Priests. They have the moral ascendancy over us.We welcome you once again to CFC!

Anonymous said...

To: Baguio Dates Natin

I rejoice when you said that the IC moved the dates for the February weekend. I like that!

But what if FFL will also move theirs?

Anonymous said...

Out of interest, does anyone know who paid for Bishop Gregorio's trip to the middle east?

Good to see that Bishop Paul Hinder was firm in using his discernment and good judgment, and was not swayed by Frank's attempt to portray things in a different light.

EB-3C said...

Is it true that MC Baguio weekend is moved?

Baguio Dates natin said...

To 'Anonymous posting on Nov 29'

If FFL alo move theri Baguio Schedule to coincide with our new dates, at pinayagan ni Lord mangyari...siguro nga the Lord wants their members to be able to choose which 'Talks' they are better of to listen to!

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

i thought of sending this directions on how to make it to the The Arena. hope this will be a real help to everyone (courtesy of The Kyregma Feast as posted in Google)

The Arena, Pinaglabanan, San Juan.

By Commuting:
Ride on a G Liner from either Quiapo or Robinson's Galeria/Greenhills Mall. The G Liner will pass by the Arena.

Or from Robinsons Ortigas/Galleria, Ride the "SAN JUAN" jeep.

By Car/Cab from Teatro Aguinaldo:
1. From Camp Aguinaldo, get on Santolan, cross EDSA to other side of Santolan.
2. Follow Santolan until you reach Ortigas /Santolan crossing
3. Cross the intersection and keep going.
4. You'll see the large WHITE CROSS Compound on the left.
5. You'll see the LA CONCONSOLACION CONVENT on the right.
6. Beside the convent is The Arena.

see you all!

MinaFrancisco said...

DIRECTION TO ARENA -- I'd like to post the the vicinity map of the Arena, taken from wikimapia. How can I do it here? In any case, I'm also posting it at the defending cfc forum.

God bless.

I got Rythm - I got Melody said...

Hi Brothers,

Let's meet at "The Arena"

It's a date...DECEMBER 14, 2007!!

In our Sector, may e-mail pa na pinadala ang SCTRHd namin....he loves to see us enjoy these happy times!

Kaya punta daw kami.
Eh, ano pa nga ba. We and me -- going talaga!

It's for a good cause na, may music ka pa!

See you! Don't miss the action at the Arena!!

The Garden of Eden said...

hi everyone!

hope to be with you at the MUSIC OF HOPE concert at The Arena tomorrow.

for a map to The Arena, see the link below.


neokid excited (nervous also) said...

Bukas na ito!

hihihihi ... (na wiwiwi na ko sa kaba)

arena? said...

May nagsabi sa akin yung "The Arena" ay basketball court lang daw yun?

Totoo ba?

Okay lang sa akin pero paano ang acoustics?

Anonymous said...

gym ... basketball court ... aircon... newly built ...