Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turn On Your Speakers!

I've activated a music playlist for the blog in anticipation of all the dancing and singing on Dec. 2. Since I'm a fan of 80's music (age give away!) the first song is a track from that decade that I find relevant to our issues today. The rest are CHRISTmas songs, and I'm still trying to see if I can upload our own CFC songs so it will play on there.



Might I request our band friends (29AD and the others) to maybe send me an mp3 of of their songs so I can try and play it here?


neokid (mike) said...


I suddenly heard a familiar tune and thought it was coming from my wife's IPOD. Good to know you are from that era.

... i'm only human... of flesh and blood i'm made... human ... born to make mistakes!

i'm having lss (last song syndrome)

neokid (mike) said...

How appropriate!

Don't throw it all away our love...our love don't throw it all away our love...

jiggs said...

hmmmm... familiar songs for me too...

i thought im in a different ZONE!

hmmmm... pang-80's ito ah. nice nice para maiba naman!

dirtdiver said...

hello All bloggers!

may I ask for prayers as currently I am undergoing oppression. It is not an easy task defending CFC here in Europe. Also somebody has hijacked my alias and used it to write a letter to Tito Frank and the eastergroup saying bad things about them. And, Someone emailed me this morning attacking my persona. I do not deny that I am a sinner and that is why I am called to serve. I am committed and will continue to serve God thru CFC. Thank you to all of you who have been a big help to us in defending our way of life.

To Tito Frank,

Hindi po ako ang sumulat ng email na ipinadala sa pangalang "dirtdiver". Kung susulat man ako sa inyo makikita niyo ang pangalan ko at hindi ako magtatago sa isang alias.

salamat po at paumanhin po kung marami akong nasaktan sa aking pinaglalaban dahil ito na po ang buhay ko at ng pamilya ko sa CFC.

God Bless.


C.D. said...


I'm truly sorry to hear that. It seems that it is now down to dirty tricks. I'm even hearing of texts going around saying very bad things about CFC.

Maybe you should write Frank a letter to let him know it wasn't you.

We really have to stick together now, as CFC seems to be getting assailed on different fronts. I hope to see all on Dec.2, showing unity, love, and compassion for one another.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nep,
Be strong! Be steadfast and believe that God is with us. The truth will prevail one day. This is not the trait of a real CFC.
kudos to you and your group in Europe. May God continue to bless you and rest assured, we will pray for you
From a concerned member of North America

C2CD said...


... i'm green with envy!

... got to get me blog embedded with one of this?


dirtdiver said...

I wish we could join all of you on Dec 2 but we will celebrate here in Geneva. Salamat CD! Somehow the letter that I posted sa forum (Open letter to Geneva Brothers and sisters) was used and apparently Bro Tony Borja answered. It was not addressed to the easter group and Tito Frank and and someone made it look that way. Be careful bloggers at baka magaya kayo sa amin. This email was circulated in geneva with the additions na hindi maganda and signed dirtdiver.

malungkot na they are attacking me personally and questioning my credibility as a household leader because of my past. Pero I will be faithful to the calling and will be here for you my brothers and sisters.

CD 80's din hilig ko hehehehehe...salamt sa music it helped me calm down!


C.D. said...

Hey guys, it looks like we share a passion for 80's music, did you all grow up with neon clothes and crazy hair? =)

To get a music player for your blog, you can sign up for one at

Enjoy! I'm taking requests!

Anonymous said...


Courage my Brother!

Dont be bothered by those people.

Continue your Service to God through CFC.

I am also waiting for FP or anybody from the TOP LEADERS of the PLAYBOY BUNNIES to confront me with my Strong and Hard Emails to them with my name on it. Nobody reply and attack me head on. Im also waiting na kung BABALIK sila sa CFC and then they confront me. Time will tell.

dirdiver said...

oo nga pala para sa kaalaman ninyo isa po ako sa mga nagmamaintain ng na sa kasalukuyan ay under construction. Naatasan po kasi kami ni Bro Joe Yam na maging CFC info Center ng Europe.

CD, ilink mo muna sa ang link ng cfceurope dito.

I am happy to inform you guys na may good news sa CFC Zurich and you will know more as soon as I am given go signal to post and publish it.

Im only Human said...

Fantastic!~ Good Work , CD!

You have the knack in surprising us with many things in this blog and it is one of the best consequence the FFL - Couples for Christ rift has brought us!

To some extent we should be thankful to Frank.

Anyway, now we have music, scrolling pictures, humorous postings, shocking revelations, private documents made public, witty repartees, etc. etc.

Marami din mis-spellings, wrong use of the English language in grammer and agreement of verb and number, hanging sentences, etc.

But we also have prayers, scripture verses and inspiratinal readings! Even verbatim inspirational articles from books and internet sources!

What more could one ask for?

Isa na lang ~ ~ ~ tigilan na tayo ni Frank at noong Easter group ng mga Playboys & Bunnies niya!

Talaga nga pala, di ba?
If he did not resign in February, we would not have this blog!

Wala rin si CD!

neokid (mike) said...

Thanks CD!

Thanks for uploading West C's (Kenosis) club praise music.

Jesus said...


Take heart brother. You must be doing something good in that you are ably defending CFC in Europe that someone did what he did. If you were not being effective who would even bother?

I agree with CD, write FP directly and deny you wrote the objectionable piece and ask that he admonish publicly whoever did it if only to define to his followers where he stands on such a practice.

I'm guessing you have made such a denial to your brethren in Europe. So I hope they (CFC and FFL) understand and you are able to keep your integrity intact.

We will all be praying for you.


Anonymous said...

CD, yung mga kanta na nasa MUSIKA section, hindi mga religious songs. Baka ma accuse ka nyan ng "veering away!"...

cfc usa servant said...

Hi CD,

I'm a fan of 80's music. Request lang.. i think the music plays too loud when loading the page. I have to scramble and lower the volume of my PC. Is there a way to lower the volume by default?


C.D. said...

cfc usa servant:

I noticed that too, I've been trying to fix it but no dice. I'll try and spend a bit more time on it tomorrow.

MinaFrancisco said...

I noted Yeng Constantino's "Hawak Kamay" is in the soundbox. Here's a video of the sharing by our HOLD International Coordinator, Didi Galsim (also a member of the CFC-Board of Elders), of a vision during the early period of the storm in our community. Her vision solidified HOLD and "Hawak-Kamay" became HOLD's theme song during the crisis. Please view from any of these links:

For download:

After the dancing, see you at the different concerts! kanta naman tayo ngayon!

God bless..... Mina

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! May we learn how to forgive and love those brothers and sister who have hurt us....I pray that the FFL group will mind their own business and really focus their service to God and not to Frank Padilla... that they follow the teaching of the church... to forgive and forget and give real love to everybody.