Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh Happy Day!


More photos here, I'll be adding to them as I receive more.

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It is with great excitement that I invite you all to a grand CFC gathering to be held at the Ultra Stadium on December 2, 2007:

I believe that this is just the medicine that CFC needs; fancy footwork, colored lights, and UNITY. It is very, very exciting news and I hope that every one of the readers of this blog makes it a point to be a part of it. Please forward this to all you know and get your dancing shoes ready. =)

Who knows, maybe we'll see each other there?


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CFC Emmaus said...

Truly this is a day of rejoicing. The Lord is really good.

Lamentations has ended, and Christ will reign, and CFC will be remembered as true disciples of Christ.

Thanks to the International Council, for they have led us out of the dark pit of despair by declaring a new era for the CFC.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.

God Bless Us All

CFC Emmaus

Revival Music to Dance to said...

In the "A Time to Dance" event did the organizers anticipate that we like to dance the Cha-cha, Boogie, Swing, Tango, etc.

Baka naman puro Hip-Hop?

Please, please..let's get one of those revival Bands..yung mga sikat in those years when Joe Tale was still with the "Ambivalent Crowd"!!!

mindboggler said...

the International Council taught us humility but sometimes we give in to our frustrations, thus, some of us bloggers can't help it but be hateful in our posts.

let the december 2 be the occasion to end all these hate, resentments and frustrations and let it be the beginning of true LOVE for everyone. everyone in community, family and our brethren in the FFL.

God truly bless us all!

jiggs said...

i agree. Dec. 2 is it!

we can still provide comments but let's be gentle this time. right?

CFC is it!

MinaFrancisco said...

revival music.... said: "Please, please..let's get one of those revival Bands."

I nominate The Second Vision Band of Bros. Lito Legaspi and Ronan Yuzon. They performed during the dance for the GK 1 World. They were also the lead band at the Shindig 4 last September. Dance Band talaga, Galing!

Open Doors on Dec 02 said...

For the benefit of those in foreign countries who will not be physically present on December 02, 2007 during the "...And a Time to Dance" Party of CFC, the Program / Event includes

- A Mass
- A parade of 12 Lanterns (Parol) with the CFC Logo as its base; 48 inches in diameter,
- A Field Dance of the Big Sector Groupings, i.e. Big South Sector
- An Exhortation Talk
- Lots of Praise & Fellowship

and in between, there will be a lot of eating, chit-chat, laughing, picture taking, and plain old CFC kind of fun!

I would like to invite the FFL members!

Come and relive the fun we had when we were all doing this together.

Anyway, it is the Season to be Jolly - for we celebrate the birth of the King who chose to be born dirt poor in a Manger.

So dating kayo, mga kapatid sa FFL!

Meron daw Santa Claus-SFC siya! said...

I Agree!

LET'S GIVE LOVE ON CHRISTMAS DAY (w/c officially starts on Dec 2 and ends Jan 02, at least for CFC!!)

If there's REVIVAL MUSIC, there could be REVIVAL LOVE and KINDNESS!

So I Forgive!
So I Love!
So I give kindness!

So how do the young ones say it....kita-kits sa Ultra, Dec 02 date yun...imbitado kayo FFL!!
Starts at 1:00 for foreign based brethren; starts 2;00 for RP based Pinoys! (siempre hapon)

To the homecoming Pinoys from any country in the world...come to the party of Dec 02.

Then give your names and which country you work/live/retired in,etc to the sound booth or directors booth...para ma broadcast presence...hindi importante kung FFL ka or CFC.

(request lang sa FFL, pls don't wear your trumpet IDs -- hindi kilala ng Ultra sekyu, bros, yun lang yun!)

FFL people, be there and receive LOVe (lots of it!) from us!!

Know CD - Be there @ Ultra! said...


I already know who CD is!

Watch for her on DEC 02, she'll dance the Tango, Rhumba and Paso Double.

Sorry CD, I think I gave away your age range....anyway you'll always be young in our hearts

Raise the CFC Flag said...

At the December 02 2007, a time to dance event, will somebody please ensure that you got those CFC Flags FLYING?

Someone from FFL who visited the GK1WORLD event observed that there are NONE (she is willing to agree to FEW if anyone disproves her!).

Is there such a thing as a Diocese Flag, specially one from Antipolo or far away Maasin, Leyte? ...might as well raise those too!!

Chrismas Serenade said...

Challenge to all true CFC brethren who know how to forgive:

Let's all sing this lines in chorus: (you'll know the tune when you read the lines, a very popular Season song) ... dedicated to Frank Padilla!!

"....even the man who has everything, ... would be so HAPPY if we could bring... him LOVE on Christmas Day! ...oh oooh ooohh!"

Welcome back to CFC brother!

Two to Tango said...


Wow ! Magaling na musicians yan!

Taga-NORTH B !!!! Yes!

Quesion nga pala, and my wife will DANCE the TANGO, kailangan ba in full TANGO regalia? Also I have the CD, who is is charge of the music?

Also may I have the pleasure of the next dance, CD? (ONLY IF YOU ARE A SISTER, that is!)

Pasko na , Mahal Ko! said...

I agree with "Open Doors on Dec 02", let's really invite the FFL members and send them e-mail or ttext messages or call them personally to invite them to the Party @ Ultra!

For once, set aside muna natin ang mga labels.

Let's just gather as one big hapy family celebrating our UNITY with the REASON for the SEASON - Jesus Christ!!

Hep Hep Hooray!

Peace be to all MEN of GOODWILL!

Come FFL we have open doors for you, and when we meet, let's warmly beso-beso each other.


Tigil Putukan said...

Suggestion to CD, beginning December 01, (eve of A Time to Dance) up to Jan 02, 2007:

Kindly refrain from posting any blog message on this site (& the CFC forum too) that contains any criticism, double-talk (at the slightest sense), name calling, negative messages....IN THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON.

Kindly emphasize the POSITIVE, deny the NEGATIVE!

Mga kapatid na bloggers...may I also request you to make the burden on CD light by not submitting any posting that is not IN THE SPIRIT?

Thanks...Merry Christmas na!

jiggs in RED and GREEN said...

to bloggers,

i agree with you all re:tigil putukan.

lets have a JOYous and LOVEing Christmas season.

JOY being FFL's theme for next year. and LOVE for CFC's theme!

let's GIVE LOVE and JOY this Dec.02 with welcome arms to ALL brethren alike. no tags or labels!


i enjoint both sides. sana po sa FFL ganun din. tigil muna and lets have PEACE and enjoy the season.

C.D. said...

wait...what gave you guys the idea that I was a "sister"? Hehe, I think you're all a bit off on the gender and age range. =)

neokid (mike) said...

I was about to send my comments for conscience, john and pareho lang...

i took a deep deep breathe......

and so i decided to just dance the night away.

keep on dancin'

to all bloggers!

tayo'y magsayawan, sumabay sa takbo ng tugtugan...
magsayawan hanggang umaga..

joni tanitayturin said...

Hi, all!!!

Wish to dance in my sleep…in that one GRAND, JOYUL GATHERING and thank the Lord for all of them who have been instruments and sources of –
- inspiration
- laughter
- joy
- hope in the inherent goodness of the human spirit
- steadfastness

Yes, in my sleep, that may wax nostalgic with the reality of a “LOVEFULl” CFC CELEBRTION ON DECEMBER ON DECEMBER 2, I will wish ALL OF THEM well and Godspeed, ALL OF GOD’S BLESSINGS UPON THEM who have enriched my spiritual journey here in this Blog and in the CFC Forum (really looks like a “household” service group!):

CD (Admin, you’re Godsend! You have been fair. Praise God!)
Psalm 1914 (Esther 414 in CFC Forum) – you’re a calming “royal” voice; an oasis of inspiration and love for troubled souls; you are inspired by the Father to put the cross on the shoulders of brethren whose paths have crossed; there at the kanto they’ll see the cross!; thank you, you’re a rampart of truth (squint na lang wd sleepless, hehe)
Fortes in Fide – wordsmith of the Lord; sharp blades; rampart, too
Sleepless in NJ (I honor Bro Ernie, too) – I was so touched by your standing up for you father and your honesty; also your conversion fills and inspires; thanks for the song (and Esther’s), too (I’m awake now; squint pud ka diha…ok, so I made a lapse, but then, yeah, the shoes for the “dancing ‘q’”…)
Kadikit ng pusod mo – harsh but loving reproof from you; thanks
Janeiro – oh yes, that kind of discernment could withstand; that you are never bothered by anything because you are loyal to CFC is awe-inspiring; bless you
Roundeyedtoddler – faithful servant; a rampart, too; I share your sad note of censure re – FP’s boast of ownership of the African mission
Jiggs – Ah, you help fix things in this “e-group”; you’re quick to the draw, too, but fair-minded in your comments; have learned a lot there, including tips to control hbp
Pe – Bro, you’re rooted deep, with ample background emails on the “fraternal war” in CFC; you help keep the course steady for CFC original; I initially learned of the war from the ‘voice from the fields’; thanks
Ano ini moose – hah, Brod Bisaya, that was a good, clean joke about stilling the trumpet!; you do give a fittingly hilarious pun; thanks
Marthe’s alter ego – such self-restraint, and I have a feeling you have been close there with FP et al at the admin; like Marthe’57 (is this you, too?) you have been an assuring presence; feels like a big log just falls, and “oooppss…that’s it”
Minahold (in Forum) – I am forever grateful to God for HOLD; you have been a consistently gentle “thread” that keeps and holds some basic tenets of our community for ready reference; thanks
ALL THE REST, ESPECIALLY THOSE IN THE MISSION WHO MANAGED TO BLOG, AS WELL AS THE ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS (in CFC like Emmaus, Caloy Yturteza, Apalitboy, Vic Cabuquit, acc, wolsink,c2cd, safari is a trek, mindboggler, and also the anonymous bloggers from FFL and the interesting “others”, you are all instruments in our ‘witnessing’, our being ‘dry’ martyrs – we’re not physically put to death – every time we “love our enemies, find joy in suffering, comfort the hopeless, and show compassion to the helpless”.

I now kiss my hand to the forever-shining Star and wish upon you all who touched base here as one CFC family, including our brethren who joined FFL …I wish upon you ALL THE GOOD THAT CAN ONLY COME FROM BEING FAITHFUL AND ENDURING SERVANTS OF GOD. May our witnessing to the truth live on, and on, and on for love of the Cross. Christmas is here, Christ has come! Love reigns! Let there be joy! IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN.

As in Sleepless’, wish to see you us all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Amen Amen! We too will celebrate God's great glory in North America. God indeed is a God of great might! A time to celebrate, A time to even love more and A time to be more forgiving. Go CFC Go! You are God's people

North America member

See you dancing on Dec 02 said...

Trivia Questions for FFL and CFC members:

Who do you think decided to use the name "FOUNDATION FOR FAMILY AND LIFE?"

Who do you think appended the name "COUPLES FOR CHRIST" before it?

Do you think that the one who thought of the name "CFC-FFL" proposed the name before a body of FFL members for them to agree on?

Do you think that the one who thought of the name "CFC-FFL" consulted a spiritual adviser before using the name as such?

When do you think the name "CFC-FFL" was coined, before or after the June 22, 2007 CFC Election Day?

Why all these trivia questions?

Because I think they are not trivia, I think they are the seeds of a planned separation after a planned come-back did not happen.

If so, how does the name Restoration come into the picture?

I don't know...ask the members of the Easter Group/Playboys and Bunnies men and women...they have the inside info on all these.

So if we do not get any replies on these questions, what do we in CFC get?

Nothing but bear the pain of the nagging irritation (like a toothache) on their trying to get the name of our community, CFC, THE ONE they have already left.

So should we in CFC remain in constant state of agitation because FFL does not want to cease and desist from claiming the 'miracle' of 'staying while leaving'?

No, the Lord says: REJOICE ALWAYS!

See you at Ultra!

Couples Must be United said...

Brothers, do you realize that we have some of our brethren where one of the spouses wants an FFL enlistment while one wants to remain in CFC?

Isn't this pathetic?

Let's offer a prayer for all of our brothers/sisters who are in this present state of not being one in this separation of FFL and CFC.

Let's pray that it does not lead to the couples' separation.

If ever one of your members are in that state, please tell the sister to obey her husband and go where the husband decides to be a member of.

Keep in mind, brothers that it would be doubly pathetic if you tell the husband to go where the sister wants to be a member of. If that's the case then this couple have not been listening to the teaching of Bro. Frank Padilla on headship.

Marthe '57 said...

Tempus fugit my brothers and sisters!

I don't know about you guys, but this has been the fastest 289 days in my life, EVER!The saga of our community has brought me to face a range of emotions.

It reminds me of the lessons of Hebrews 12:
"Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father?"

Lamentations was a year of discipline for me. It tempered my emotions, tamed my tongue, softened my heart and allowed me to search my inner me. A season of learning...

"If you are not disciplined (and everyone undergoes discipline), then you are illegitimate children and not true sons."
I could not believe the height and the depth. The daily barrage of emails, the news from here and abroad, stories from brothers and sisters in the community, arggh! Too much, too many, such Laments...

"Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness."

While Lamentations was a discipline, it was however an opportunity for me to encounter and know great men and women. Some wise, some learned, some spiritual, some inspiring, some witty, oh well, some corny too... CFC is blessed with plenty.

"No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."

Yes we have indeed endured the discipline. Men and women of IDOTRCFC, bloggers all. Rejoice, Oh Happy Day it is. We made it! T'is the end and a start. We shall celebrate, we shall sing and dance.

Don't forget life is short and time flies, yes tempus fugit my brothers so let bygones be bygones.

Welcome brothers and sisters in FFL, come join our celebration, lets boogie woogie, mambo and tango...

After all we are all in this together because not too long ago...

once upon a time you were CFC!

neokid (mike) said...

Oh Happy Day indeed!

One FFL brother confides they are missing the CFC brethren. Since they only get to see the FFL circle.

As he relates, the only reason why they are in FFL because of their heads (Cluster and Chapter leaders). There were no explanation of what occurred and how it started. They were just brought in the restoration assembly at Our lady of Consolation Parish (Recoletos) and just asked to sign in.

Interestingly, this FFL brother asked if there can be an occassion or event where FFL can be with the CFC they are missing.

And so we invited them to the Dec 2 "A Time To Dance"...

punta daw sila... ng walang FFL ids.. hehehehe

Oh Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

comment on neokid (mike)'s post:

did FAP say that he practices "active obedience" (not sure of his term) as opposed to "blind obedience) --- where he doesn't blindly follow his "leaders" but actively question? this is his argument why he doesn't follow the IC.

tell that to your confiding brothers....

acc wc said...

Yes it’s a Time to Dance and extend our friendship to those who have left the community specially those who were not fully aware of the issues. It was a long road with a lot of bumps along the way but God has purified us because gold can only be purified with fire.

Let’s extend the olive branch to those whom we might have hurt not only in the blog but in the exchanges of emails that one way or the other due to the outburst of emotions.

Anyway, we are not prepared to lose friends. Those who moved to FFL are still our friends. I do not know if the email hereunder which was sent by the wife of our former sector head during the time that the spouses wanted the members of the MCG who were having a third Friday assembly in 2006 be stopped.

See also the contradictions on the current situation where the FFL leaders still claim to be CFC. Paraphrasing the a part of the email hereunder, they continue to organize gatherings thus they will have to decide whether or not they still want to be part of CFC -- are they "in CFC" or "out of CFC"?

See for yourselves brothers and sisters.

Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 08:19:08 +0800
From: "Pancho & Marilyn Lopez-Tan" (

To: suppressed

Subject: (no subject)

Dear teddy/evelyn, boying/susan, georgie/jo,

Peace to all of you!

First of all, I'm writing not to"impose" on you, but rather to "appeal" to your good judgement. I'm sure you're all wondering why I am suddenly writing now. Honestly, the reason is because I'm getting so tired and depressed about this issue, and because so many leaders are becoming effected and hurt.

As you all know, there was a meeting in our house with Rouquel last Monday, Feb. 20. The meeting lasted more than 3 hours with Rouquel patiently listening to everyone say their piece. In the end, after everyone had spoken, Rouquel explained why this special assemblies should not take place and explicitly made the request to Raffy and the group to refrain from conducting anymore of these assemblies. He did say that they could talk to Pancho and the Governance Team after that meeting. And I think this is where the present confusion is coming from now.

Actually, after that statement, Rouquel also clarified that his decision is final about putting a stop to the special assemblies. What he actually meant about the dialogue with Pancho and the Gov Team was a discussion of how the group's "spiritual dryness" could be helped. He also said that he is not asking the group to make a choice now, but it should be clear to all that if they so decide to continue the assemblies then it defintely should be "outside CFC". In other words, those who continue to organize these gatherings will have to decide whether or not they still want to be part of CFC -- are they "in CFC" or "out of CFC"? Its as simple as that.

You see, this is really not an issue of personalities, even if some people think and insist it is so. Our elders and leaders are only protecting the entire community. This is perhaps hard for you to understand at this point because as you say -- you are not doing anything wrong and you are actually gaining from it. But as Rouquel explained that morning, "sometimes we just need to go beyond ourselves, to be selfless, for the sake of the good of the majority".

Di ba you have all been leaders at one time, chapter heads at that? I'm sure, back then, you also expected your members to respect your leadership and follow your directions. Since you were annointed their leaders, you naturally expected them to obey and trust you in decisions even if it runs contrary to their own beliefs about how things should be done. Isn't this what we were taught ever since -- trust and obey your leaders? Can't Pancho, your present sector head, and your present household heads, Tom and Tony, expect the same from you especially because you yourselves have been annointed leaders in our sector at the moment?

So again, I'm appealing to your sense of objectivity and discernment. Please look beyond personalities because this is really not a personal issue. Please really pray about it and try to be really selfless. It just saddens us so much to see so many people getting affected in all of these -- only because a few people have stubbornly "decided to disobey". If you decide to follow, what would you lose? Friendships? Hopefully you're not afraid of losing some friends... Speaking from experience ... it does hurt .... we've sadly lost some dear friends when we became sector leaders....but if that's the price we have to pay for serving the Lord, then okay lang. Besides, we believe one never loses true friends... On the other hand, your supreme sacrifice of obedience could earn you God's mercy and peace.

Will be praying for you ... God bless.


ninoboy said...

Amen! Let us all rejoice and dance because our LORD has brought us out of our lamentations and now HE leads us to Hope and Love.

the bassist said...

the bassist from Winnipeg said..

God is good! For sure my brothers & sisters sa 'Pinas is going to have good time.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Inviting FFL member is a very good idea!

By the way cfc here in Manitoba is excited for the visit of Bro.Tony M. & Dylan this coming month of Dec.


No Cha-cha, Boogie or Tango said...

Someone told me that the organizers of the "A Time to Dance" did not include a time for the attendees to do actual dancing, ala Ball Room.

No such thing. Only the usual CFC kind of Dance, which really means, the Sectors will do choreographed steps on the Ultra Basketball Court! And the Council will do Dance number!

That's it. No Ball Room Dancing!

So I think the Theme of the Event should be more of "A Time to Hear Mass, To do a Parade of Flags, A Time to Watch performers do their Dance", its more of the usual, I'd say.

Then the organizers will present a Plaque, A Trophy for the Best Group Dancer and the Best CFC Logo Lantern!

Ganoon lang po ang Plano!

Enjoy naman kasi it is the CFC KIND OF ENJOYMENT!! And of course the normal thrill of fellowship with the Brothers and Sisters.

Actually the attendance of FFL members will add some great opportunity for fun and fellowship -- not only to CFC ut to FFL members attending as well!

At least this one is better and a far cry from the normal CFC Anniversary Celebrations where they tell us to wait under the hot Sun @ Luneta or elsewhere!

The Case of Phrophetic E-mail said...

Ang galing mo ACC!

Imagine you kept that e-mail of Marilyn Lopez Tan for almost two years now!

Are you the historian of North C?

Makes me think, I better run through my files and check on what wealth of information we have on the notes and e-mails from our ex-CFC brethren who are now leaders of FFL.

But going back to the Wisdom of what our sister wrote then, I think even she did not foresee that what she wrote could be applicable to herself and her husband Pancho in this current time.

Ano ito, deja vu?

Female Leaders said...

Bro ACC (sorry if you are a sister), I'm curious so please bear with me.

When Pancho was your Sector Head, did you usually receive e-mails coming from Marilyn? Or was this just an exemption?

Did you as Sector leaders (I am assuming you are) verify with Pancho if the e-mails of Marilyn were with his knowledge and approval?

In North C then, were Headship topics frequently discussed on pastoral meetings, too?

Did any sister in the North C governance team then also approve of expenditures without the knowledge of your Sector Governance Team?

No offense meant Bro. Just seeking information so we could correctly cite it as example when we give talks on Headship.

Anonymous said...

To no cha cha, boogie or tango,

Bro, magsaya ka na kasi may dancing after the formal program on Dec 2. Ang pinag-uusapan lang kung live band or canned music, but most likely live band. Marami nag-request ng dancing, so siempre meron. Ang problema, sasayaw kaya kayo?

Dapat we all agree to dance. A time to dance nga, di ba?

acc wc said...

Kapatid na Female Leaders,

Ikaw naman kapatid e yong tanong mo leading questions...he he he

Not a Parol Maker, but a Dancer! said...

Ah okay so dance time for the brothers and sisters na pala on Dec 02 sa Ultra.

So I will tell the members of our Household that we will all dance.

Now another clarification, if there is going to be a Lantern Contest, why is the design limited to the CFC Logo?

If creativity is what our organizers wanted, why then limit the 'creative juices' of the CFC Sectors with a single motif?

To be honest, nga, I think the CFC Logo as a motiff for Christmas is a little out of place...dapat the motiff is the Reason for the Season -- and that's Jesus! Di ba?

Isang dosenang parol na puro CFC Logo...medyo monotonous yata yun.

But anyway, I am going to be a dancer, not a Parol enjoy na lang!

Where in Ultra is CD? said...

CD Watchers ... ano kaya ang attire nya?.

CD as 'Santa Claus'?

-- (I don't think so, this is not a KIDS FOR CHRIST event!)

CD as a 'Frank Padilla' look-alike?

-- (I doubt it, CD will agree! not in our wildest dreams!

CD as a 'Nonong Contreras' look- alike?

-- (I doubt it twice, thrice..! lalong hindi, Bro! Only Mr G. can create another Mr G!)

Tama na, baka hindi i-post ni CD ito!


REMINDER TO ALL -- CFC or any other Christian renewal Group.

PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL FILIPINOS who are agin going to suffer because of the threat of super-typhoon "MINA".

As it is the fate of our country, typhoons brings about much danger, death, sadness, loss of trust in the Divine Plan of God, by those who suffer in this kind of situation.

LET's all PAUSE and offer PRAYERS for them. Specially on sunday when typhoon 'MINA' is really going to hit the Southern regions with its force.

MERCIFUL FATHER, we beg you to please spare our country with the devastation this typhoon will bring. Father God please divert "MINA" away from our country. Amen!

Francis ito! said...

Yung Typhoon "MINA" may apelydo bang "Francisco" yun?

Joke lang ha!

Parol overload! said...

What 'isang dosenang' parol?

Can't we be more imaginative than that?

Tipster Clue said...

TIP on how to recognize CD at the Ultra.

I have this from a Sector leader where he belongs.

He was requested to hang a CHRistmas token on the Christmas tree for their Sector.

So watch carefully, you'll not miss him.

MinaFrancisco said...

Two commenters said ...

1. "Father God please divert "MINA" away from our country..."

My comment - Sana po, iyong bagyo na lang ang i-pray ninyo na ma-divert out of the country, hindi si "Mina" of this blog (at baka mapa-mission bigla)

2. "Yung Typhoon 'MINA' may apelydo bang 'Francisco' yun?"

My Comment- ha-ha! Ay matinding bagyo na talaga pag ganyan. Bagyo sa pagmamahal at paglilingkod sa panginoon. Let's dance!

God bless.

mahinang hangin lang said...

To MinaFrancisco,

Dear Sister,

Yung 'Mina", bagyo talaga yon! Sumalanta at nag-perwisyo sa ating mga kababayan.

Yung 'Francisco", puedeng bagyo rin, ..ginulo ang mga kababayan sa bayan ng CFC.

Now, si Mina na tunay na bagyo umalis na, doon naman sa Taipei o Japan manggugulo.

Yung si 'Francisco' umalis na din sa bayang CFC; pero nasasalanta pa rin ang mga kababayan sa bayang CFC. Matindi ano?

Ang dami namang bagyo sa buhay Filipino, buhay CFC, bakit kaya? Mahal kasi tayo ni God.

Kaya si Mina na taga HOLD, mahalin natin kasi may service kay God yan!

Si Francisco na taga FFL, mahalin din natin kasi magkakaroon din siya ng service kay God, pag natoon na ang kanyang isip kay God! Ngayon kasi medyo abala pa siya sa 'Pangalan' para sa grupo niya, so wala isip kay God.

Pero Pasko na, malay natin baka magka-malay sa pasko. Dasalan natin siya! Lahat na rin sila!

Guardian of CD! said...

1 Day to D-Day!

See you at the Ultra later this P.M.

I'D BE LATE A FEW MINUTES, I will pass by and pick up, CD!

See you!

el solido said...

praise GOD!

its a victory to the Lord!a time to dance is truly a very nice christmas gift from God!

Lamentation ends with full of hope to the Lord!

a new journey anchored in LOVE!

happy to be blessed with a community like cfc!

IC wife ba si CD?

jiggs/ Jojo Peña-SA said...

share ko lang yung message that i read for yesterday's readings. These were also the same message given at the ULTRA yesterday, so i hope, in the spirit of the season - TIGIL PUTUKAN muna mga bros and sis. if "they" can't do it, then let it start from US. we have heard the message and seen the posture of the IC - BE STILL.
i know most of us have received a bunch of emails from the Eastergroup. let us set that aside and not comment about it. here goes ->

"Take care to do all these things, for you know the time in which we are living." —Romans 13:11

Happy Advent and new year! Today begins a new Church year. If we say "yes" to the Lord, this year can be a fresh start, a clean slate, a new horizon. Some of us haven't let God do anything new for years — year after year, rerun after rerun. Yet the Lord has promised: "See, I make all things new!" (Rv 21:5)

Let's drop the sins of the past at the foot of the cross. Let's forgive everyone who has ever hurt us, even our most bitter enemies. Let's forgive and be forgiven. We must repent of the old jealousy, resentment, and bitterness. Let the old order pass away and all be made new (2 Cor 5:17).

As we begin preparing for Christ's Christmas coming and continue to prepare for His final coming, let's commit or re-commit our lives to Jesus as Lord. When we make Him Lord of our lives, He will be free to give us a "new" new year.

"Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord!" (Is 2:5) On this first day of the Church year, "put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the desires of the flesh" (Rm 13:14).


Thanks and God bless us all

nOT @ ultra ON dEC 02! said...

Hi CD, my suggestion: Please make a new page HAPPY DAY III .. then allows us who were not able to be a part of it enjoy the feedback from those of you who were there.

Is it true what we hear:
You filled up ULTRA?
You had too a Bishop and several priest for a mass?
You had great fun in the dances?
you had more than a dozen lanterns with original designs?

Fantastic naman!!

Ano pa?

Oh, habol daw ito it true, so many daw gave much money in the second collection, exceeding the first?


Anonymous said...

I was able to attend the "A time to Dance " at the ULTRA and Bro Joe Tale announced that the New CFC website will be launched. I have been trying to access the website but I can't seem to find it. Is it already on line? Thanks. The ULTRA Event was a great success it is the Lord's affirmation that greater things are going to happen to our community in the coming years Praise God!! Ang daming galing sa GK sites!!!

neokid in Green said...

I'll post my comments later...

Just let me catch my breathe.... I'm exhausted from the dancing and cheerleading at ULTRA...

btw... Big West Sector won the Dance competition... hooray!!

mindboggler said...

the proceeds of the second collection at the "And A Time to Dance" is intended to pay-off the P20M+++ payables that CFC has on its books. the IC is not turning their backs on these big amount of obligation no matter who is responsible for these getting so big.

again, i would like to reiterate my previous entry that for those among us who can spare P1,000 per person (thus, P2,000 per couple) in this season of giving should do so for the same purpose. this should be over and on top of our tithes. and, to give a big impact it should be a SECTOR WIDE effort in metro manila... and PROVINCIAL WIDE in the provinces. i heard that one such province has already advised the home office of their
P100,000.00 contribution.

let us be more loving now... that's our theme for 2008. being more generous to your beloved CFC should be more loving. let us get this hefty amount of a drag in our finances be gone in "isang bagsak"!

household by household, list down those who can give P1,000 then total them for the whole sector. let's do it.... let's do it NOW!

South A Ignite said...

I was there in the "A Time to Dance" celebration. 'saw fellow CFCs in the sector crying with tears of joy during the final praisefest. I realized without knowing that I'm crying na rin.

God bless talaga CFC!!!

elv-toronto said...

mindboggler said...
the proceeds of the second collection at the "And A Time to Dance" is intended to pay-off the P20M+++

Sounds like an official drive to pay-off the loan. The IC should appeal to the CFC worldwide community. If this will be a concerted effort, I think WE CAN DO IT. If 10,000 members who are earning $$ will give $25 each that's P10M already. I'm sure others will give more if needed. 20,000 willing members = P20M. We only need a "DRIVE" and a "REPORTING" after. AND a promise that this will not be a recurring situation (anyway 1st time for 26 years is not bad) and that as an organization we will live within our means.

- just a thought and I am willing to give my contribution but I am just a member. This will need the support of top leaders/elders down to the HH, then the members of course. What is $25 as a love offering?


Dancing David said...

Pan de sal was given by the baskets during the A Time to Dance, later on Joe Tale asked that the said baskets be filled with money as contribution to down our 20 million debt. Angie and Mannix the emcees said they would announce after the program how much was the total contribution. My wife and I had to leave during the Praise and Worship so we were not able to hear the announcement. Would anybody know the total and possibly post it here.Thanks

elv - toronto said...

We also had our Time to Dance in Toronto last Sunday. Bros. Tony Meloto & Dylan graced our celebration. Bro. Tony's message was to keep the CFC's culture of honoring bros & sis, NO DISHONORING. Bro. Dylan's was a question of "If we can love the poor, the holdapers and the like, why can't we love our bros & sis in FFL?. Messages of LOVE and we had a JOYFUL celebration.

ly said...

It might be good for all of us to read the encyclicals of Pope Benedict XVI on Hope, Spes Salvi (Nov 30,2007); and on Love, Deus Caritas Est (Dec 25,2005). They are appropriate and relevant materials in keeping with our next year's theme "Loving One Another" and to cap this year's call for Hope. Likewise, it might be a positive response to the challenge of being in line with the Church's teachings as opposed to "veering away" from them.

neokid in Tears said...

Yes! There were tears flowing... I saw my elders in West C in tears.

ACC WC, CFC westergroup, the many anonymous bloggers, myself (Mike Santos), together with the rest of West C sector

Everyone knew Lamentations is over!

Let The Loving Begin!

Walang iwanan!!! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

to elv-toronto

God bless you, really, God bless you! you are not "just a member". we ALL are "just members" of this wonderful community.

it's not about $25 or P1000. as we all know, hindi kinikwenta ni God kung magkano.

help us spread the word there! sana dumami pa din ang tulad mo!

Porcelainrose said...

Is it true that FFL also had an event somewhere near Ultra last December 2? A brother who served as one of the gate marshalls in Ultra relayed to us the info "na may naligaw na FFL sa Ultra at nagsabing ay hindi pala dito".

Anonymous said...

Di ko nahulaan si CD. Ano ba suot nya sa Ultra last Sunday? Please clue naman dyan o!

Anonymous said...

Hi my Titos and Titas,

Congratulations for a wonderful event!

I support this fund drive wholeheartedly,
and I exhort the rest of our brethren to do the same.

And if I can start the ball rolling, can I humbly ask where I can deposit my 'lowly' P1000.00?

Personally, I do not feel worthy to offer even just that 'small' amount. But I've been touched greatly by the love and support of this wonderful community, and the God that is solidly behind it.

And so I am humbled to be given this opportuniy to serve.

May God continue to bless us all, including our brethern who have decided to move over to the FFL.

In Christ,

PS I asked for a bank account because I want to remain anonymous, if that is all right.

Again, God Bless!

HIGHLIGHT-er said...

The highlight of happy day -"...A Time to Dance" was

not the talk of Joe Tale (although it was well thought of and well delivered);

not the winning lantern (although it was the best in the lot);

not the Christmas tree (although the idea of decorating it from the Sectors was great!);

not the winning dance (ang galing naman ng winning Sector!);

not the dancers from the Big North who were game enough to do an impromptu dance to a tune than was alien to them (ang galing ng fighting spirit ninyo Bros!);

not the dance of the IC wives and the dance group of SFC (although it was great fun watching them!;

not the heart-tugging Praise fest (although in praising the Lord a lot of us cried);

not the free pan de sal (although we appreciated receiving the one with sardinas na palaman!);

not even the ALL THE money CFC got!

The HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY WAS THE HOLY EUCHARIST, for any celebration with the attendant mass, Jesus Christ shows to us not only HIS presence but a reminder of the CROSS, to which we submit ourselves if we desire to SEE THE FATHER!


Honoring said...

i think this is worth repeating...

elv - toronto said...
We also had our Time to Dance in Toronto last Sunday. Bros. Tony Meloto & Dylan graced our celebration. Bro. Tony's message was to keep the CFC's culture of honoring bros & sis, NO DISHONORING. Bro. Dylan's was a question of "If we can love the poor, the holdapers and the like, why can't we love our bros & sis in FFL?. Messages of LOVE and we had a JOYFUL celebration.

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

the spirit of helping the community out of its financial dire strait is gaining ground not only here in metro manila but already in the provinces, too. remember my post about an info of a province who is ready with their P100,000 contribution? now, from the bloggers, the U.S. and CANADA are just rearing to join, as well. ALL THAT IS NEEDED is accountability and transparency. i think it is about time that the IC announces a PESO & a DOLLAR bank account number, respectively, for this intention. and perhaps, a very special basket be placed at the center of the CFC Home Office UGNAYAN HALL to receive similar donations. as i guessed in the earlier post, our younger brethren in the YFC and SFC are ready also to be counted... just read the blogs.

the announcement at the ULTRA of the collections made thru the "pandesal" baskets mentioned "over two hundred thousand plus a few dollars". but here is the exact figure -

let the ball roll....

Digiding said...

Last Sunday, Dec 2, we have our CFC Christmas party held inspite of the snow storm... Tony Meloto was our special guest... As he was introduced, He was given standing ovation.... He gave inspiring messages, he encourages us to love and HONOR our brothers and sisters on the other side. I never heard any negative words from him and this me admired him. I hope in this coming birth of our Lord, Our brothers and sisters on the other side, the FFL love us as we Love them so much.


concerned4truth said...

Has anyone else noticed that seems to be offline?

I have no idea why.

Anonymous said...

dear concerned4truth

I just checked it out. will be re-launching their new look and feel in the coming few days!

There is a partner website at



To Bro Lito Tayag and the resT of the IC Members:

1. I honor you for your desire to be transparent in the financial state of the CFC community.

2. I honor the CFC members and leaders and IC members who gave funds for the "pan de sal" baskets at the Ultra.

3. I honor the company, -- I heard Globe Telcom (much to the consternation of 1 ex-Ayala Executive who is now with FFL) donated to CFC.

4. I honor a Bro Gerry Bacarro who donated to the event from his personal pocket.

5. I will soon honor the men and the women from Manila, the Philippine provinces, the CFC members abroad, and others who because they love the community so much will un-burden it by making CFC debt free by 2008 or early 2009.

Now, may I please request Bro Lito Tayag to make public, even better if through this blog site, a running account of the collections being made in this regard; perhaps starting from the amount of Pesos 275K from the Ultra2nd collection?

Then, the amounts received should really be consumed to pay off our debts so we lighten interest expense.

May I also suggest that the Mission House in Tandang Sora be SOLD? ASAP!!!??

I understand that the original purpose of that building is no longer being met as proposed by then Exec Dir FAPadilla. (A white elephant?)

I don't know if they will admit it but I think that is one major expense and we borrowed to put it up!

roundeyedtoddler said...

Heart warming indeed. Thanks CD for the pictures you posted. I downloaded some of them so I can show to others. From the pictures, I can see that it has been as I've been told!

(On why I wasn't there, the reason was my visiting brother and mother who wanted me and my wife to accompany them to the Shroud of Turin exposition at the SM Mall of Asia).

Mabuhay ang CFC!

Let's continue our march under the light of the LORD Jesus Christ, the eternal ROCK.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

...sana magawan muna ng paraan san titira ung mga Misyonero na nagstay sa mission house ngayon kung san sila titira if ibebenta has been there home since they were assigned here..

Asalamalaikum (Peace be with you)! said...

Guys, for some strange reason(s), the Flickr website is blocked here in the Middle East. Do we have an alternative site where we can see the pictures, sayang naman, di na nga kami nakasama, makita lang namin ang saya nyo oks na. Thx and God bless.

Nest-er said...

My humble opinion for 'anonymous of dec 10; 4:11 pm' on your query re: Missionaries living at the Mission House.

If and whenever the CFC IC makes a final decision to sell the Mission House, I am sure part of the 'talking points' and a major item for consideration would be where, all of you our beloved missionaries, will be housed.

It's all a matter of cost.

Maintaining the Mission House entails regular expense as to its upkeep, taxes, and debt servicing(i.e. interest expense).

All that money may then be utilized to rent a place where you could all be housed.

Renting for that purpose may be cheaper than owning a building.

That's one idea. I am sure there are many more.

This is just to give everyone concerned some comfort if they are scared of the probablity of losing a place to rest their heads.

Maligaya sa Ultra said...

The December 02 a Time to Dance happening at the Ultra was a great one for me and our household

I t was a very happy time, really po kasi nagsimula na tayo "ma-heal" sa sakit na dala po ng hiwalayan nila Frank.

Pag nasa bleacher at ringside ka po nakaupo...ang ganda ng efecto na maraming bandera, masasayang mga kapatid, maliksi na sayaw at makahulugan ng talk po sin Bro, Joe Tale.

Gulat na gulat po kamina effective pala yung second colletion, pero magaling po na pinaliwanag muna ni Bro Joe Tale bakit kailangan umapela para sa pera.

Kagabi naman sa Xavier Gym, naranig ko na magbibigay ang Laguna ng 500,000.oo pesos! Aba tunay pala na pag tumahimik na lang tayo at hindi ntin aawayin ang FFL, hindin tayo pababayan ng Dios!

God is Good po talaga!!

(ay huling request po...sana sa GK parada, marami ring CFC Bandera!!)

Kapatid said...

Ironic... All it needs is for Frank to leave CFC in order for members to passionately support the effort to pay the millions of CFC debt. Add to this the fact that when Frank was around, hirap na hirap mag-raise for JMDF.

God truly works in mysterious ways!

Dec 02 attendee said...

Mga kapatid,

Tapos na po yung A Time to Dance!

But the very pleasant memories of seeing one big community ecstatic in the joy of celebration will be indelible in the minds of many.

There were a lot of icing on the cake...

.. the lantern contest, sana si "Parol Overload" na nag comment dito ay natuwa din!

.. the dance of the IC wives, wow may talent din!

.. the distribution of bread..fantastic din (salamat doon sa naglagay ng year cookies, doughnuts, fruit cakes na!!)

.. the second collection.. See! i told you we in CFC could be generous..sabihin lang ang totoo.

-- the talk of JOe T moved it, I guess.

.. the dances and the dancers.. ok na ok.

by the way, reminder...hinditapos ang ligaya... see you tomorrow sa "Arena"

Masaya ako said...

yung happy day, meron din kaunting problema:

not all sectors did not succeedd in their efforts to mobilize...kulang kulang sila.

the disc jockey played the wrong c.d. for one dance group.

the some clusters of the sectors did not bring bread.

lessons learned lang po ito, in my humble observation...kasi sa pang-kalahatan,eh totoo po naman na

neokid enjoyed said...

oist! masaya ako... masaya din ako (hehehe)

nasabay lang sa dedication sa CLP ng mga bagong members kaya di nakasunod yung iba...

na excite lang yung spinner (tawag sa DJ nung panahon ng Dad ko.. hehehe)

doble naman yung binigay nila nung 2nd collection...

hahahaha... hohohohoho....

Punta kayo bukas ha! kitakits..
Music of Hope, San Juan Arena..