Sunday, December 23, 2007

The CHRISTmas Message

Merry CHRISTMAS to all, and my wishes for God's blessings to you and your loved ones in the coming New Year. As you all may have noticed, in honor of the season celebrating Jesus' birth, I have tried to be still and refrain myself from making any offensive entries. I have even delayed the conclusion of the What's In A Name essay. I'm saddened to note that the other side seems to feel no qualms about it. Here at the blog, I am guessing (with profound sadness) that it will be business as usual for us after the new year.

I bid you all to take this time to remember what CHRISTmas is truly is about, and honor the birth of He who gave his life for all of us. CHRISTmas is that much too short span of time when I try even harder to be that ideal person that I would like to be, every day of the year, and every year of my life. In following Jesus Christ's example, let us practice honesty, forgiveness, restraint, peace, understanding, and most of all, LOVE. No bible passages, no readings, no gospel quotes; just that simple message that I believe God would like us all to embody.

Many, many thanks to all who have helped us fight the good fight from the beginning, and those who supported CFC in this year of crisis.

My love to all of CFC, and see you all in 2008.


Take it easy on the Lechon! =) You all know what I'm talking about!


neokid enjoying said...

hehehe..este hohoho!!!

Merry Christmas pa rin!!!

Paulijah said...

Merry Christmas! Let them know we are Christians by our LOVE. God bless!

Paulijah said...

Merry Christmas! Let them know we are Christians by our LOVE. God bless!

The_Garden_of_Eden said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Let love reign!

God bless us all.

neokidntown said...

to the other side, especially to the one addressed as keeper of charism....

Blessed and peaceful Christmas to you all.... We love you.

opsss... mahal ko din kayong mga kasamahan ko sa CFC...

The Lord's peace be to all!!

Marco said...

Merry Christmas to everyone

roundeyedtoddler said...


I listened to Frank's Dec 14 talk, which you hyperlinked in your main entry. I am sold to the lessons and Christian principles he discussed in the talk. Indeed, we all should take note of those lessons.

But those are the same lessons that our elders in the Sector has been saying: Trust in the LORD, and not on Frank or Tony or your Sector Head, etc. Whatever you do, do it for Christ. That is why I cannot relate to Frank assertions that CFC has veered away and therefore Frank has to form FFL. He talks about doing something differently to emphasize this and that, and to de-emphasize this and that. Fine. I don't necessarily disagree with how he thinks FFL should put the principles into work, but I definitely disagree with many of his premises, which is, that CFC (which he led til just months ago) is doing it all wrong and therefore FFL must correct it! That is a holier-than-thou and i'm-right-you're-wrong attitude that is very characteristic of Frank Padilla!

Frankly, during my discernment, it is this very attitude of Frank that drove me away from his cause. I just cannot stand it. I'm a judgmental guy myself. It takes one to know one, I guess, but I saw that it just isn't right to cast judgment on people, even under the veil of "the many many lessons in lamentations." The reason why I joined CFC is Christ. The reason why I volunteered for GK is Christ. I still have to see someone else in GK whose reason for doing GK is anything Frank accuses us of.

Anyhow, let me share with you here Talk #9 of Bo Sanchez's "Bible Study for Catholics" series.

Please click this link to download the audio file:

This talk says it all. Thanks to Bo Sanchez. He talks about why we are in a community. He talks about how the LORD will judge a community at the end of the age.

The International Council got it Bull's Eye when they announced the CFC theme next year. I support the theme with all my heart. I truly believe it is Christ leading CFC all the way. You know Christ's anointed by the fruits they bear.

Let us pray for our International Council, our leaders and our members. May we all remain steadfast in our covenant. May God bless us all with a heart filled with LOVE for the LORD and for others.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Show Me said...

Maligayang Pasko PO at Masaganang Pagpapatawad in 2008!

Basahin po natin ang Ecclesiastes. Eh, kahit po ano mang pilit natin na ipaliwanag and mali sa kabila, eh, wala na po ito sa ating mga kamay. Sabi nga po eh nasa dilim pa sila at medyo nahihirapan pong imulat ang kanilang mga mata. Ipagdasal na lamang po nating lahat ang ating community. Sabi nga po, ang tunay pong pagmamahal na maka-Diyos ay walang halong paghatol sa gawi ng kanino man. At kung sa palagay po natin ay puro tama sa pananaw ng Panginoong Diyos and ating mga ini-i-sip at ginagawa ay dukha man pong ialay natin ang ating pasasalamat sa Poon na tayo ay pinagbigyan at pinatnubayan sa ating mission. Kung hindi po humiwalay si Frank Padilla, makikita po ba natin and liwanag. So, kahit po masama man sa pananaw natin and gawi sa kabila ay magpasalamat pa rin tayo. Ingat po tayo sa ating mga sasabihin dahil tayo po and model ng ating mga anak. May the Three Kings inspire us to offer our all to Jesus. Jesus, I trust in You.

Anonymous said...


Amen. We join community and take on service because of Christ. We may have been led to these be verious people we encounter in our journey but ultimately, we do all things for God's glory.. not to make our leader happy but to glorify our great God.

Thank you for the link to Bo's talk on community as well.

roundeyedtoddler said...

Dear CD & all bloggers,

I think this is good reading for all of us.

A Pope Appeals

It was written by Jose Ma. Montelibano in the Inquirer on December 28, 2007. For immediate gratification, here's the first paragraph (italics mine):

Pope Benedict XVI gave his Christmas message -- which asked mankind in general and Catholics in particular to give more attention to God and the poor. In other words, the Pope appealed for compliance to the very foundation of the Christian faith -- to love God and to love neighbor.

Then, here's the last paragraph (again, italics mine):

It is a joy to pray and commune with God, but it is a struggle to love our neighbor, especially the poor. We try, we fall, and now we must try again, harder, more determined, more intelligently, and make the New Year of 2008 a new beginning for decency and generosity in our society.

I don't know Montelibano, much less about his spiritual leanings. But his article strikes a chord, especially in the light of CFC in 2007 and the theme we have for 2008.


The Round-Eyed Toddler

r said...

Dear CD and all bloggers,

Let me share with you another article from the Inquirer:

Pope calls peace 'divine gift' in New Year's mass

First paragraph (italics mine):

VATICAN CITY -- Peace is a "divine gift," Pope Benedict XVI said Tuesday in his traditional New Year's Day mass, stressing the role of the family as an agent of peace.

Last paragraph (italics mine):

Recalling frequent remarks by his predecessor John Paul II, Benedict said the "well-being of the individual and society is closely tied to the good health of the family."

To me, the Pope's message is an affirmation of our Vision in CFC: Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth; as well as our Mission: Bring Glad Tidings to the Poor.

The inter-relationship among the different ministries of CFC is so clear in the light of our Vision and Mission, and, most importantly, under the message of LOVE proclaimed by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.

May the fire of the Holy Spirit rest on each one of us in 2008. Let us remain steadfast in our Covenant.

Ad Maiorem de Gloriam (For the Greater Glory of God).

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Jacobo Pumaling said...

One Time, Big Time
This CFC campaign was launched recently. Though it still needs to be officially forwarded to some areas in the U.S. From what I read, I think we're being asked a suggested donation of $25 per member?

This question is not accusatory, but several inquiring minds would like to know -- how did CFC incurred Php11M (~US$261,904 bank loans) or Php20M (~US$476,190 including bridge financing) in debt?

I thought we support our community and its work through tithes? And regardless of what we collect -- we simply don't spend what we don't have, right? How did this happen? Will CFC get audited for this?

Again, just curious. Thanks and God bless.

WillyJ said...

Here is a partial quote from Pope
Benedict's Christmas message:

..."We ask God that violence be defeated by the power of love, that opposition be replaced by reconciliation, that the desire to dominate be transformed into desires for forgiveness, justice and peace."...

Happy New Year everyone!

MinaFrancisco said...

To Jacobo Pumaling & others interested in the "whys and wherefores" of the loans -

Please check out the CFC website, where an official statement is now posted regarding the history, breakdown and application of the proceeds of the loans.

May we also request CD to post the statement in this blog for wider dissemination.

Salamat in advance!

Have a blessed 2008!

Informer said...

to round eyed toddler,

let me just please inform you that Jose "Boy" Montelibano is your brother in CFC, a member of Ernie Maipid's Household.

Far as I know he became a GK advocate and volunteer first before he became a member of CFC.

So I think he got evangelized through GK!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD,
I am hoping for more updates, hope we will be having one very soon.

God bless,

CFC Member, Canada

jiggs/ Jojo Peña - SA2B said...


good to see familiar faces in yesterday's MC Gathering!

twas jampacked again as usual. no signs of holiday rust from CFC Leaders!

the Christmas season officially ended yesterday and its great to be back!