Monday, January 7, 2008

A Blessed New Year to All

Wow, it seems the blog will be business as usual this year. I myself took a little break to enjoy the holidays and take care of my own business which needed a lot of my attention. I hope you all had a CHRISTmas and New Year season filled with family, joy, and the good Lord's blessings.

I'll start this off on a good note, although the first few salvos of the year has predictably been fired, and it wasn't by us.

Well first things first, the OTBT entry has been updated with the rest of the bulletins, all the way to #14. There is also a short Q&A addressing some of the concerns that we had regarding the use of funds and other issues. For those of you who had questions, please check out the entry.

Then, we've got the IC's new year message to all of us:

Next is the IC's memo on the Annual Leader's Conference set for Jan. 12.

It looks like we'll have a busy time ahead of us, there have been developments in CFC-USA, Couples for Christ in Ontario, and in our own homegrown issues. The 2nd part of the What's In A Name entry is forthcoming as well, and of course, don't expect that one to go unanswered.

Certain parties are still intent on getting in our business, for reasons that still escape me (or maybe not). All I can say is please, take care of your flock, and we'll mind our own. Greed has a way of becoming very obvious if you're not careful.

The Defense goes on...


ano-ini-moose said...

Happy New Year to all!

I dare say...
I love the line that says, the defense goes on!

I dare admit...
My new years resolution is to do just that, defend the name of Couples for Christ (nah not the one that has 2 trumpets)

I dare declare...
I had one too many fruit salad, hamon, queso de bola, recycled fruit cake.I am fully charged, energized, rarin to meet everyone...

See you Saturday at the Araneta! The others can go ahead, sound the trumpets and take the longer route to ULTRA.

I truly declare to high heavens, jump for joy, indeed CFC and FFL are veering away from each other!

CD GOD bless you, thank you for everything you have done.

Anonymous said...

CD, thanks God for this blog. CFC-USA has been barraged with different sources, but this has always been our primary info.

We're concerned because FFL leaders are targeting the family mins. Not even the youth are an exception now to the "do or don't" speeches. It's painful, but we look ahead to Love.

Amen to Love one another!

a concerned CFC-USA fam min member

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

during the time that you went on holiday hiatus, i still kept on checking on the blog and there were, of course, tidbits of updates on blog posts. i did not miss them. thanks cd.

now the new year has come.

the difficult to love but we need to still love has already started to throw the mud. i always remind myself that it is a decision to love or to hate. i chose to love. am sure you know of the cfc ontario case by now. the e-mail was either prepared by a child or by one who is simply childish.

again, our marching order for the year is TO LOVE. let us truly love, no matter how the other side twists, spin, jug-apuzzle our sincere intentions.

this blog will still be a big help as an outlet of suppressed emotions.... in our desire to really LOVE.

God bless you CD. kilala na kita... hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

Happy new Year to all!

We had beautiful MCG gathering last Sunday. The homily, the first fruit offering, the sharings and the song of the Ardiente's. Did you notice we had better sound system last Sunday coz our technical staff put loudspeakers at both side of the venue. Hope they do it too at Xavier School and project the image of our speaker at the big screen thru LCD, (kung hindi gumagamit ang speaker ng powerpoint). Thank you all guys.

Anonymous said...

natutuwa ako sa mga nababasa ko sa blog na ito thanks to cd marami ako naliwanagan

Malachi3/Widow's Might said...

I thank the Lord for this blog. I honor you CD, indeed we all believe that the Truth will set us free.May the Holy Spirit journey with our CFC community in a stronger way this 2008!