Monday, January 7, 2008

New Assignments in the IC


EB-3C said...

Hi CD,

its been a long time since naka padala ako ng comments, but I just want to share with the pictures taken by my daughter during or last year's gathering at Araneta "One God, One Country" which I believe should be shared with our brothers and sisters and here's the link


Anonymous said...

thank you dito sa blog na to marami ako nalalaman

Anonymous said...

to EB-3C: i, too, was in that event. it was at the ULTRA, participated by at least 4 lay community. grabe! if you didn't shed a tear in that event, it means you're dead. grabe yun! awesome! and PRAISE GOD for it!

yes, anonymous, marami talagang nalalaman --- let's promote this blog and the CFC website, so others may know.