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For those who wanted to watch the whole event, here's a message from the CFC Multimedia Center on how to:
Hello, brothers and sisters!

Great news! You may watch the complete proceedings of the Leaders Conference held at the Araneta Coliseum last Saturday, January 12 starting early Saturday morning, January 19. The entire 4-hour show will be replayed over a 48-hour period starting Saturday all the way to Sunday, January 20.

Again, here is how you may watch it:

2. Download Windows TVU Player
3. Go to Channel 63256 (the Philippine Events Channel)

or via the CFC webpage
2. This is an interactive site and you can simply follow instructions that will allow you to see the live feed of the event as well as to continue sending comments/messages.

We know that many of you were frustrated that the reception was spotty during the live feed due to technical difficulties. This weekend, you can watch it uninterrupted. God bless you all and happy viewing!

COUPLES FOR CHRIST Global Missions Foundation Inc.

Here are the pictures from the Leader's Conference at the Araneta Coliseum. I know they're a few days delayed, hehe, but I had to compile the pictures that I took and were sent in to me, as well as upload the vids. Also the songs, wow, THE SONGS! I added a couple of them that I was able to find to the music playlist on the right. I have to say...they have a very different meaning to me now.

Here are some shots from inside Araneta:

I'm only posting a few of the crowd pictures, as most of you have probably seen the crowd shots in the official site that were taken from within Araneta. I hope that you all agree with me that the Spirit was with us in a massive way that day. You can SEE and FEEL the Araneta Coliseum filled to the rafters, and that's just the leaders!

I did receive more pictures that really help to illustrate how inspiring it was in there. Here, we feature our leaders defining CFC's Mission/Vision:

Joe Tale

Joey Arguelles

Joe Yamamoto

Roquel Ponte

Melo Villaroman

Lito Tayag
Ernie Maipid

*I'll be updating with more pics of the Clergy and others later.

To sum it up, I was INSPIRED. MOVED, and REVIVED.

We don't even have to talk of anointments, of divine rights, or even of keepers of charisms. One thing was certain:

I now have a renewed faith in our leadership to lead us with transparency, accountability, and honesty. Most of all, I know they do all this selflessly. With our mission/vision in our sights, I believe there's nothing that the CFC community cannot accomplish.

Was CFC the right choice? The answer my friends, is a resounding 18,000 strong, YES.

We do still have our trials ahead. There are battles to be fought, whether we like it or not. There will be a struggle ahead for our identity and more importantly, for the community that has nurtured us all these years. There will also be battles to protect what is ours. I think, like the OTBT campaign, we're going to keep chugging merrily along, seeing small miracles along the way and thanking God for them.


ano-ini-moose said...

I dare say:
YES, CFC is it!

I dare agree:
Yes, it was awe inspiring!

I dare declare:
Yes, one world, one CFC

If we are to love one another...
I dare ask? Must we allow FFL to use the name CFC?

Like David against Goliath, our brothers STMA lawyers Bro Nides and company now stand in front of our community.

I dare every CFC to stand and defend Couples For Christ!

And last but not the least...
YES TO CD, whoever you are...

mara'83 said...

Hi,CD. Thank you for posting your pictures. It shows a better view of the Leaders'conference than those posted in the CFC website. least one of those pictures (from the bleachers section showing the crowd) can be added to the CFC site.
Thank you for granting my request by uploading the song (sung by Leah Navarro)here. I didn't realize that the title was really appropriate to our theme -- "Isang Mundo, Isang Awit". It ends with the words > PAG-IBIG.
Listening to the song brought tears to my eyes again, and I got goose pimples!!! It's truly a call to LOVE.
Sentimental nga ako...
Now I can keep listening to this song (every time I log into this blog) as a reminder of our theme. I can take each journey & each day as a series of little, as well as big steps, in walking in the WAY of the SON.
How awesome is our call! How awesome is our God! CFC is it!!!
God bless you, CD.

P.S. Although the situation still requires your keeping your identity anonymous, I hope eventually you compile all the materials about the "crisis" and publish it. I'm sure that it will be a bookseller.

Malachi3/Widows Might said...

If Biboy(FAP) wants the CFC name lets give it to him if that is legally possible, give until it hurts, I don't know maybe its part of our "moving on" or our loving one another,but without justice there can be no peace. Only God can truly give us justice ,not the courts of human beings. Whatever the I.C. says I will obey hopefully the whole CFC will accept too.Lets all pray for this issue.

Anonymous said...

wala ba may kopya ng video ng SPOOF NG WEST C?
we just would like them to know that we enjoyed that part specially when the crown sang along.
yes, this part of our history as a community we could simply laugh about and just shrug off the pains.
be assured that love will keep us together!

CFC West C Sector said...

Allowing biboy to use the CFC name may spell further confusion and division.

You may not have experienced the effects of it but here in the sector we continue to go thru the pain.

Not having lifetime friends celebrate with you special occassions.

Yes it says give until it hurts but how much of it can I bear when it will give biboy and his group a renewed claim that they are the bearer of charism!

I continue to pray!

C.D. said...
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Raymond said...

I agree with West C. Though it hurts that old friends are no longer there, it will hurt even more when you see them hanging their tarps and handouts announcing their CLS's, saying that they are the "authentic CFC" and other such drivel. The other side does not say they are going their separate way, they are saying that our way is wrong! So even if the IC was led by the Spirit to be still, you'll find that the battle is not there anymore, but in the grassroots, where members and HH heads toil to evangelize, to meet head on with the FFL attempting to do the same thing, with their claims of "being the authentic CFC". Why? Because CLP's are beginning to be conducted, running alongside FFL's CLS. It is so unnerving that it leads to tension even among the spiritually mature . It is there where our brothers and sisters will be continously tested for their forbearance and tolerance.

Maybe it is time to avail of all legal remedies to prohibit the unauthorized use of the "CFC" name. Because if this is not done, there will be no end to issues that will arise from indiscriminate and illegal use of the CFC name and logo, which in turn will lead to further confusion and division.

God helps those who help themselves.

Malachi3/Widows Might said...

To CFC West C Sector, We suffer the same pain I assure you kapatid, maybe your pain is greater than mine because of your previous sector leader who was unmindful of the pain the he was going to cause the members of your sector. The pain and anguish you and I feel, I consider as part of our Lamentation experience. The Lord is teaching us lessons in detachment. As I said I leave it to the I.C.'s discernment whether to give our beloved CFC name or not,not through the courts,this is only a humble opinion I wish to share. Only God can give true justice. Again to my brothers and sisters in West C and the whole of CFC, I am one with you in our pain as well as in our rejoicing that Lamentations has past.We all pray that God continue to give us the grace to move on,to truly love one another.

The Banker who Knows said...

I agree with "CFC West C Sector"'s comment that allowing Biboy (ngayon kolang nalaman na yun pala ang nickname ni Frank, pre CFC days, to have the name 'Couples for Christ' will only result in confusion.

Look at what happened to our reservation of the venue in Baguio, they put one over us because they paid the venue owners quickly and use our name. So nabigay sa kanila!

But this story is not really the real reason why the Padillas are bent on getting the CFC name.

And it is not about 'Evangeliza- tion' also. It is about property! Or asset! Or Inheritance!

CFC Defender said...

Bro "ano-ini-moose": clarification lang, you are urging us (every CFC) to "stand and defend Couples for Christ"

In the same token you state: "YES TO FFL AND Frank!"

Nasaan ka ba talaga?

Nandito ka ba sa CFC o nadoon ka rin sa FFL?

Yung nandito at nandoon din, eh concepto lang ni Frank yun ... so kung agree sa klase ng isip na yan, eh Bro, buti pa doon ka na lang!

Sorry, not meant to offend you, but sabi mo nga DEFEND CFC!!!

Jed Juntereal said...

Sorry for destroying the mood here, but I read something troubling:

This is a comparatively minor issue, but I am anguished over the fact that Mr. Perpetuo “Boy” de Claro of the CfC is the president and general manager of Wyeth Philippines. He is acknowledged as one of the best marketing executives in the Philippines, and is really hurting the health of the 84% of all Philipino children being raised on Wyeth's (and others') baby formulas. A third of the 1-year-olds in that country are underweight, and that nation's lax standards allow these sellers to make the most outlandish claims for this stuff, like it will make the babies' brains larger, etc. How reasonable is it to see Mr. de Claro as a betrayer of his nation's children for his undoubtedly fine lifestyle? It makes me wish I had the ability to buy Wyeth stock & crash their next shareholders' meeting.

I probably should not be the one editing the CfC article to include this. - Dixieflyer —Preceding unsigned comment added by Dixieflyer (talk • contribs) 01:26, 22 January 2008 (UTC)

May I know if this is true?

Link here:

roundeyedtoddler said...

It is not healthy to allow Biboy to use the name Couples for Christ. To allow them to use the name is a momentary solution that actually creates bigger problems in the future. The confusion alone will already be a big mess. But what's worse is the conflict it will inevitably cause: having the same name will inevitably raise the question, who's genuine here? You know very well the speech overzealous FFL members will definitely recite, and overzealous CFC members will definitely not take such speech sitting down. I for one won't take that sitting down, may God give me the grace to be a bit more meek in this area.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

I am not in favor of giving up the name CFC to the other side. Many people and ministries in our parish are not aware that FFL is not the same as the original CFC anymore. Whatever FFL does in our parish is still attributed to the original CFC and that creates confusion to many parishioners who do not know the difference between FFL and CFC!

Anonymous said...

It was indeed awe-inspiring!!!

But we still need to defend. There are still instances where the FFLs are deceiving others, and that includes the YFCs and KFCs. Ang hirap! (Mga kapatid sa FFL, kaming mga CFC nalang, wag na ang mga bata, please!)

Pero, magmahalan pa rin!

ano-ini-moose said...

Anonymous CFC Defender said...

Bro "ano-ini-moose": clarification lang, you are urging us (every CFC) to "stand and defend Couples for Christ"

In the same token you state: "YES TO FFL AND Frank!"

Nasaan ka ba talaga?

Bro, I dare ask permission...
May I explain?
Ang nandito CFC
Ang nanduon FFL
Tama ka ang nandito at nanduon ay concepto ni Frank na CFC-FFL
Ano na nga ba talaga dapat?

May I dare say it again?
Yes to CFC and the council

Yes to Frank and FFL


ano-ini-moose said...

Anonymous CFC Defender said...

Bro "ano-ini-moose":

Nasaan ka ba talaga?

Bro I dare answer;
Nandun po...
Sa Araneta!

Ikaw CD, nandun ka rin ba?

Raymond said...

"If Biboy(FAP) wants the CFC name lets give it to him if that is legally possible, give until it hurts, I don't know maybe its part of our "moving on" or our loving one another,but without justice there can be no peace."

Give Biboy the CFC name? Why would anyone even think of it as an option? I could not believe that anyone would even suggest that.Why not just give up everything and be done with it?

In case we're forgetting it; THEY LEFT!!! For whatever real or imagined reason, they left the community. We didn't want them to, but they did, and no one could do anything about it. So we stayed, and moved on.

Now it's one thing to for someone to leave loved ones behind and be broken-hearted, it's another thing to surrender your inheritance and the source of your dignity just because someone demands it and we do not want to offend that someone.

If we believe that CFC and its very name is the Lord's gift to each one us who remained, why would anyone allow to give it away? If we recognize the IC to be annointed by the Lord to lead His community, why would anyone in the community allow to remove their mantle of authority, which is the CFC name?

I say use every legal means available to preserve the CFC name and its integrity. At the same time, let us pray even more that the Lord will continue to guide and lead us in doing what is right.

God will give us justice, and more. But only if we deserve it.

Fortes In Fide said...

God's peace and blessings to all. Congratulations to us all (whether present or not) for a successful gathering at the Araneta. The CFC name is not ours to give just like CFC is not Bro. Frank's nor the IC's. It is God's and Him alone. Nandiyan na yan. Hindi na puedeng tanggalin at ilipat-lipat. The fact of the matter is sila ang umalis. If they claim to have not left CFC, they should abide by the authority of the IC and the Elders Assembly, not to mention the CBCP and the Vatican.

Malachi3/Widows Might said...

More power to Bro Nides Respicio and company. From the comments here we find that the need to defend our CFC name is very strong, I completely agree with this need to defend CFC and not allow FFL to use the CFC name. I believe Bro. Joe Tale's statement that CFC Community belongs to God. Its difficult to reconcile what is legal with what is moral.God is good He gave us an attorney to be our leader.This is all God's Plan Let's pray that God will guide us and God guide the courts who will decide(if ever).There are verses in scripture that discourage us to bring our grievances and disagreements to courts and encourages us to settle(love one another)) it while we are on the way to court. The truth will set us free.Part of Christ's suffering were the lies and the deceit the Pharisees and company committed against Him,but He still remained focused on His mission. The enemy(taning)is really after CFC ,let's respond with love to all that is evil. We need great grace to do this.Let's pray for Biboy and company as well,I miss them too,they are still our brothers and sisters.Also say a special prayer for Pancho(former West C Sector Leader) mga kapatid.

Anonymous said...

To CD,

Wolfking here. With all these comments. Do you think that it's high time for us to initiate what I suggested to you a few months before? Something to think about? :)

God bless to all!

CFC West C Sector said...

to malachi3/widows might:

the renewed spirit in West C sector is a manifestation of how we have moved on and how we have learned the lessons detachment.

i undertand your humble opinion of not through courts... but this is how biboy and his group expects us to react.

not using legal means... early on they have used these lines and capitalize on it... gave them enough time to go around and cause more division.

Brotherly correction (thru legal means) is also a means in getting the other group's attention that they are mistaken.

And so we in the West C sector is..

letting them go (detachment)... friends who are now FFL

moving on -- rebuilding the mission and vision we are convicted in doing.

Defending our way of life, the life that was introduced to all of us, the life in CFC!

neokid hanging around said...

heard this from the grapevine...

someone from ffl went back to cfc and will be part of a new cfc grouping to be released after the Disciple's weekend....

Jed Juntereal said...

Just a follow-up on the Wyeth matter I previously posted:

Comment on the "minor issue": To claim Wyeth is hurting the health of 84% of Filipino children is at best an opinion, which I won't dispute, unless you insist it's a fact. No reason to debate. I live in the Philippines and I do have kids. I buy what's available on the shelf so that my kids will live a quality life. What I am certain about is whatever issue there is against Mr. de Claro as a person has nothing to do with his membership in CFC, in the same spirit that we evangelize people wherever we find them, from offices to streets to prisons. That makes CFC beautiful.

This was the reply of Marvinmacs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Anonymous.

I would like to be Ano-ini-moose but I am not, I don't fancy daring others..

I would also like to be Mara, but then again I am never mushy nor sentimental..

I am a wannabee malachi3/widow'smight, but must admit, am struggling with the word generosity..

I have to be Anonymous, but I have a problem as well, there are far too many of us to figure out who is who. So what's in a name, really?

Must I fight everyone else who wants to be Anonymous why don't I just allow them to be?

What is there really in a name? Adam gave names to the animals in the forest, just as Jesse had given names to 7 sons. Samuel would have eaten David for dinner and the sheep would have killed Goliath.

So, must we allow FFL to use the name CFC? Bishop Gabby says we should, so does Frank and the rest of those who went to the Star mall.. noting that church history shows it has happened before. But is it really the same as the Franciscans, the Mother Butlers, the Carmelites??

Did the Franciscans, the Carmelites, the Mother Butlers have a Frank who left them? Did they experience the onslaught of restoration assemblies, the poaching of members... and what about their Home Office? Did they also experience a problem called 20 million pesos?

Now, because our marching order is to love one another, I change my mind, let us not fight over the name, okay? I have made my decision. I don't want to be Anonymous.

Call me Pssst, please!

Anonymous said...

Here in the USA, we told as many brethren as we could about the live CFC conference. In South Florida, CFC was having their General Assembly when they started airing live from the Philippines around 11:00 pm, and me and my father rushed to tell their leader (also Southeast regional head) to show the conference to the assembly.

It was 1am here when the conference officially started in Manila, and I was so excited to be part of the beginning worship. I have not been able to go to the Philippines before, so that was the closest to our home land I have ever felt. I am so glad the Lord called me to serve him as a leader in YFC, and my entire family to serve in CFC, and truly with our vision-mission from God, may He be praised!

God bless!

Malachi3/Widow'sMight said...

At this point it would be best to look at how the Bible defines love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 "Love is patient,kind,without envy. It is not boastful or arrogant. It is not ill mannered nor does it seek its own interest. Love overcomes anger and forgets offenses. It does not take delight in wrong,but rejoices is truth. Love excuses everything,believes all things,hope all things,endures all things. Love will never end".
We in CFC know this,we are familiar with this definition,we were previleged by God and the Holy Spirit to have this wisdom. As Christians we are called to walk the talk.
From experience I have found out that all of the time its better to love than to be right. I myself find this is hard teaching.But the Lord Jesus said Love thy enemy, bloggers here are our sisters and brothers, they are not even our enemies. I Corintians 13:13 "Now we have faith,hope and love,these three,but the greatest of these is love"
Lets be very mindful of the language we use in this blog,it should all be up building and loving. First reflect on the bible passages we read daily before we respond to our sisters and brothers in this blog.
Let's all continue to pray for one another,like I said we all need great grace to move on,we are all called to sainthood from the looks of it. If within the CFC community we find it difficult to love one another how much more loving the people outside the community, that's why Gawad Kalinga is such a challenge,its a great exercise in loving. Mother teresa said " We can't do great things we can only do small things with great love.I would also humbly suggest that
it would also be helpful for us to look up the theological meaning of the word commandment. What I can remember from one of our CFC teaching is that we obey the commandment because it will definitely be good for us and if we don't there will be grave consequences.We obey even if we don't know why, even if we don't understand fully.God promises the best for us if we obey His commandments. I honor the bloggers here who are in the new testament,lets tone down "an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth" Jesus already gave us a new commandment diba Sisters and borthers? "By the power of love" let us sing one more time,this time with Mara'83's feeling according to Psst.

Malachi3/Widow's Might said...

Bro Joe Tale now a days often talk about "stillness", from what I heard the I.C. attended a session or a retreat on contemplative prayer. I just don't know where they attended or when or what religious organization conducted it. The HOLD Leaders of North B attended a contemplative retreat sometime Sept.2007.It was conducted by the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. The Dominican Sisters will be having a seminar on Feb 16 & 17 8 am to 4pm the Title of the seminar is "Introduction to Contemplation: The Christian Path" A prayer-workshop that initiates the participants to the principles and practices of contmeplative prayer and contemplative life as a means of finding God in the here and now. It will be facilitated by Sr. Eppie Brasil,OP. The venue will be at the Regina Rosarii Center for Contemplative Prayer 70 Scout Fernandez St. Brgy. Laging Handa Quezon City. The seminar fee is Php 1000.00/person for two days snacks and meals included.For reservation,please call Sr Ding or Analyn at 372-5327. This form of prayer is a Catholic tradition practiced by St Theresa of Avila, St John of the Cross among others.
My wife and I who are CFC attended this seminar in 1997,since that time it has helped us become better CFC and better Christians. This means of prayer helped us through our Lamentation experience and our mid life crisis. Though we are still imperfect it has helped us to become more loving. It has added a new dimension to our active Christianity,contemplative prayer gave us interiority,we have learned how to be "still",how to be "mindful" of God's graces and promptings. I would like to encourage all the blogers here to join the seminar,bring you friends,it will usher in a new wonderful experience. The Lord will fix your schedule. In contemplative prayer it is said the "When the student is ready the teacher will appear"
Thanks C.D. you are God's intrument for having the patience and perseverance to maintain this blog.
To Ryan of the U.S. I share your rush and excitement about the live feed from Araneta,hope you and your family come and visit the next year's Leaders Conference, more power to CFC USA

O-Mim-Wan Kenobi said...

Hello DC,

Pa plug po ako..

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Have a household group date, come with your friends, have a dinner date with your spouse (or your future spouse!), request us to sing your theme song...

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Anonymous said...

here are some videos. got it from 29ad friends :)

Video 1: com/watch? v=hWXjXK1KYdM

Video 2: com/watch? v=qswcoYqC5Ho