Thursday, January 10, 2008

CFC Leaders Conference

This much anticipated event is even more exciting because it is going global via the internet! The new CFC website has all the information you need, but I'm giving it here too for all of you:

Here are some reminders:

1. Area heads, council members, country heads and coordinators who will be in Manila for the activity are part of the parade and are expected to be at the Araneta Center at 9 AM on Saturday for the rehearsal. Please submit your names to Gina Nagrampa at the Home Office (7270681/7270707) not later than
12 noon of Wednesday, January 9. You will have reserved seating at the courtside. Please enter through the South Gate. The gate will be closed at 10:30 AM and latecomers will not be allowed to enter after this time. They will have to join the rest of the assembly when the gates open at 12 noon. Please remember that only those in the list of submitted names will be allowed to enter at this time.

2. Please bring your provincial/country CFC flag and a flagpole

3. Those who cannot come to Manila will still have the opportunity to be part of the activity. The event will be beamed via Internet Protocol TV worldwide. There are two ways by which the event can be viewed:

1. By downloading your TVU player:

a. Go to

b. Download TVU player

c. Go to Channel 63256 (the Philippine Events Channel)

2. Via the CFC webpage

a. Go to

b. This is the CFC official web page.

c. This is an interactive site and you can simply follow instructions that will allow you to see the live feed of the event as well as to email comments/messages that will be projected on the giant screen on stage.

You would need to log in between
1 PM to 6 PM, Manila time.

I'll be trying to send a message online as well. =) Hope to see you all there!


nw49socal said...

thanks for the announcement. I was able to download the player and go to the assigned channel where there was a broadcast of a CFC/GK event. They were probably doing some test in prep for tomorrow's event.
I look forward to watch this broadcast around 10pm our time.
God bless.

Daniel John said...

Stop serving!!!!!


*as prophesied during MCG Sunday*

Anonymous said...

see you all tomorrow bros & sis...

jiggs/jojo peña said...

could not be in Araneta last Saturday because of work but was able to view it on the Internet.

Mabuhay CFC! Start Loving CFC! thanks to you all who brave the rains and packed the big dome! i could feel the blessing and glory over Araneta!

i was also able to send messages!!! hope you get to see my greetings to the bloggers.

God bless CFC!!!

Anonymous said...

i think this is our unofficial motto for the year

Daniel John said...


Anonymous said...

wow! that was spirit-filled big dome...full of hope, full of LOVE... and full of fun also especially when a bro sang " you have no right to ask me how i feel, you have no right to speak to me somehow..."

garnet said...

We truly thank the IC for the live broadcast, my husband was able to watch while he was abroad...He is not easy to please in things like this, but he said it was awesome!!!!

mara'83 said...

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just too sentimental.
At the Leader's conference at the Araneta Coliseum, I was moved to tears several times...tears of joy, praise, gratitude, and overwhelming feeling of love and being loved.
Then, 29 AD sang. And all of us sang with them.
When we sang "One World, Love in Many Languages" (composed by Nonong Pedero, originally sung by Leah Navarro), all sang with much gusto and feeling. It dawned on me that it was not just the leaders there at the Araneta coliseum who were singing that song. For the 1st time, the whole CFC community WORLD-WIDE was singing the same song at the same time, via internet.
For once, we were one... singing love in many languages!!!
"Love one another"...what an awesome call for 2008!!!

P.S. CD, hope you can also post the song on the blog, esp for the bloggers out there who are not familiar with the song.

jiggs said...

on singing "you have no right to ask me how i feel, you have no right to speak to me somehow...(so kind)"

bro, talaga? i dint see that on the net. who sang it... hmmmm... i can name that tune in 1 note... - Separate Lives - a Phil Collins song duet.

i wont ask further why the song... kwento mo na lang kaya... hehehe

Alab said...

It's not just you, Mara. The Spirit moved everyone who was there physically and via the internet. Those of us who had the vantage point of seeing brothers and sisters on the court sides, the bleachers, and even those who messages were shown on the screen, were so amazed at the sight of God's people praising and worshipping as one. His message comes so loud and clear that we cannot afford to ignore it - Love one another as I have loved you!

roundeyedtoddler said...

I was there with my wife. I was in tears several times too, and I felt cleansed each time. One could feel the overwhelming power of the Lord there, something the good Bishop Ontioco himself manifested.

The number was overwhelming. Something like 18,000. I took photos 360 degrees around me. The court area and the bleachers were full up to the brim, except the bleachers behind the stage.

To imagine the number of those who watched the affair in the internet would be even more mind-boggling. But the real time greetings from all over the world were displayed there too.

Mabuhay CFC!
God is Good! All the time.
All the time, God is Good!
Love one another! As I have loved you!

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Raymond said...

"Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side.
And as I wait
I'll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love"

Tears of joy fell from my eyes when 29AD sang this song. And I felt God's tender love that very moment at the Araneta.

God bless CFC!

neokid singing said...

..we can't go on
holding on to time
(tulungan nyo ko)
now that we're living
separate lives....

letting go
is just another way
to say
i always love you so..

Malachi3/Widows Might said...

AMAZING! AWESOME! MOVING! POWERFUL! SUPERLATIVES are not enough to discribe the miracle of God's people coming together in worship. It was the best CFC Leaders Conference that I have ever attended. 18,000 thousand strong. High Tech! Mega Tech!High Definition! no hitches no glitches Wow! what an affirmation from the Lord!!!!To God be all the glory!!!!

Anonymous said...


I heard your name mentioned last night at Xavier as part of the communications group (tama ba yung narinig ko?). I thought you will appear on stage so I keep on looking back kasi palabas na kami because of an emergency. Hoping to know your real name in future when the storm is over. God bless you and thank you for this blogsite!Ang galing galing mo Bro!

RED EB said...

Ecclesiastes 3...

There is a given time for everything and a time for every happening under the heaven... a time for tears... a time for laughter... a time for dancing... a time for loving...

It is clear that we really have to go thru lamentation to have a time to dance and to love...

... God will judge the just and the wicked for there is a time for everything and a judgment for every deed...

Araneta conference and one time big time are just few of affirmations from our God...

God bless CFC...

ps... let's continue to dance and love... see you all in Baguio...

C.D. said...

To Anonymous who said:

I heard your name mentioned last night at Xavier..."

I know I heard it too, thanks to Ben Babilonia for recommending me. I'm honored that he even thought of me, but I think someone would have to volunteer to take over as C.D. =)

Malachi3/Widows Might said...

To C D, are you resigning from being the "bearer of the charism" of this blog? Help me Lord! Don't allow CD to do a Biboy, hello! Feb 20 all over again? Joke Lang! kapatid I know you are spirit led, more power to you whatever your plans are I'm sure they will be blessed by the Almighty. Sabi nga ni Bro Joe Tale this blog is the Lord's not ours or was it this community is not ours its the Lord's hehehe... laughter cures heart problems.Thank you Lord!!!