Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Hugs in Baguio

You can try to mislead,
You can send a venue astray,
You can even confuse the issue...

But one thing is for sure:

There was no stopping the LOVE in Baguio...

And, just a little teaser before I post all the pictures, someone got himself a new shirt!

We are the Couples For Christ,
We're with the Spirit, UNITED!

Thanks for the video, you know who you are. =)

So Baguio was a blast! Who was there? Share your experiences?

Stay Tuned, More later...


mindboggler said...

the baguio conference is another life-giving and God affirming occasion that CFC is our community!

although many of us did not have chairs/seats anymore... but, it was a circumstance that allowed us to praise Him all the better.

love God, love neighbor! it is the call for all CFC this year.

In Gratitude for those Hugs! said...

CD, what do you think -- couldn't that moment in Baguio when close to 2,000 persons were hugging (some teary eyed!) and saying, "I LOve YOu!" to one another be a "Guiness-World-of-Records" moment?!

Far as I am concerned, that was a record of sorts!

Never been hugged that many times in my life! Nor have I hugged back that many times too!

Oh what a loving feeling!

Must be one of those hugs came from God himself?

It was a Weekend to Remember! said...

Spotted in Baguio CFC "Disciples Weekend" were leaders known to be with FFL!!

If the talks did not get them with some thoughts tugging at their hearts, would the hugging fail to "touch" them?

I heard / saw a SISTER [whose husband insists they should be in FFL], crying during the talks and at the time of the 'group hug'.

I wonder what they talked about when they got home!

May the Lord enlighten them!

So it was Different! said...

Of all the sharers in the recently held "Disciples Weekend", I personally find the I.B.A.E. sharing different.

Sorry to the sister, but I thought most sharers had their stories jived with the talk.

Its difficult to listen to one's sharing about what God told him/her -- specially as it appears (or more precisely, it created the impression) that it was a lengthy conversation with God where God spelled out the long message!

I do not know. Far as my recollection serves me, lengthy "dialog" with a spirit happened in the BVMary apparitions and even those needed years for the Church to confirm as to their authenticity.

But on an overall basis, this is one great CFC Weekend!

A lot better than "HOPE Weekend!"

I will give you a hug! said...

Disciples Weekend!!! What a fantastic story!


I do not know if I hugged you CD and told you i love you....but then it did not matter anymore .. because all of a sudden when the brethren who are not in our groups (Clusters, Chapters, Ministries, HHs, etc) were simply abandoning shyness or reservations and were just there with open arms, I just thought that must have been a piece of paradise.

Did you hear a heavenly chorus singing?

I am so happy I was there!

CFC Disciple said...

There is always something about Baguio that seems to make these weekends come out more inspiring than doing it in Metro Manila.

I guess it is because one really "gets away from it all"; then there is the cool weather!

Its a kind of a mountain top experience.

But that is to take nothing away from what transpired inside the Baguio Convention Center!

Something that really inspires and makes you want to really move for the Lord.

The idea of "Group Hugs"; "I LOve Yous"; the bonding time (that was great you did not have "creatives" that normally demands much from the Sectors)given to those who attended!

I guess the IC and the organizing groups are now attuned to the ground.

Keep it that way please!

I guess congratulations are in order for everyone!

jiggs said...

Thanks CD for updating the site. i know you've been busy but ive been waiting to post on this site since Sunday night when i arrived at home.

it was truly an well-prepared weekend. LOVE was all around, LOVE was everywhere. SMILES and HUGS here and there!

the BEST Baguio Weekend i have ever attended!

God bless CFC !!! Love you mga kapatid !

Central B - 3B said...

It was, indeed, God’s plan for everyone to experience peace and much love during our Disciples’ Weekend! The Lord creatively injected His presence in each talks, sharings and songs. But His presence was much felt during the power hugs and saying to each brothers and sisters, “I love yous”. This is the best weekend I’ve ever attended! May God bless CFC!

Mara'83 said...

At the risk of dating myself, I would like to state here that ... In all the almost 20 years that we have been with CFC, this is the best conference I have ever attended!!!
God's will led a better venue, honoring the IC's desire to be better financial stewards of our resources. The Baguio Convention Center layout made for certain degree of visibility and closeness so that it was much easier to express how much we love one another.
The talks and sharing were truly Spirit led, direct to the point and inspired! I beg to disagree the I.B.A.E. did not jive with the talk. Most of those I interacted with also agreed with my perception that I.B.A.E. put in very simple, everyday terms what "loving as I loved you" meant. As far as having a long running dialogue with the Lord, I guess that comes from having a "24 hour consciousness" with Him. That is something I aspire for, and continually struggle with. I think that when God calls us to a relationship with Him...He calls and relates to us in ways, in a level where we can get the message without "Message sending failed!"
Tears of joy and an overwhelming feeling-of-being-loved hung in the air throughout the Disciples weekend. You could almost physically touch that atmosphere.
Thank you for the people who made everything possible :
- the SOC COM people,who poured out their creative juices to make this weekend memorable
- the SECURITY people, who missed the talks on Saturday (because the promised marshals did not come) to provide order
- the brothers & sisters, who spent more than a week supervising the deep cleaning up of the carpets, seats and bathrooms.
I love you...
P.S. Yes, there were some brethren there who had moved from FFL. Yes, they want to come back. Yes, we welcome them without open arms.
P.P.S. Let's pray for our brothers & sisters in FFL that they, too, shall be blessed to experience what all of us experienced.

whose-da-guy said...

I love you dear bloggers. What a way to greet everyone. It's the new haloo, wuzzup, howdy...

I am still dizzy with all the hugs and the cheers the tears and the joy.

God bless you all, btw whose the guy in the shirt???

RED EB said...

... a big power hug to you CD... yeah, jiggs is right... there's something in this site worth looking forward to... the sharings and the comments bring power to those who are down, tired, weak or just bored... I B A E makes loving simple... now, it's a by word... God bless CFC... God bless us all...

Anonymous said...

we left 2am for baguio that saturday (yes with some ffl friends in tow) hoping we could sleep during the conference,but fortunately we were seated besides the sound system (the only seats left) and that made napping extremely difficult.
i guess this is God's way of making us listen and see the events unfold before our eyes.

i've never seen the leaders this INTENSE, RESPONSIVE and YES ssssooo..couples for christ
love you guys!

ps. my ffl friends? they went home humming lalalalala singing minnie ripperton's loving you

jiggs said...

i also disagree with the comments on IBAE, i think it jived with the talk/s. we just had our household meeting last Tuesday and 3 or 4 from our group liked the sharing of sis.nina for its simplicity and applicable to Loving in our everyday life.

i agree with mara'83, this is a better venue with the stage almost at the center (ala MC), where the seats are seated concentrically(?) :)

i think the guy in da shirt is the one from Flames manning the book table.

hardcore cfc said...

I was wondering about that song sis marivie mentioned in her sharing, well I got the lyrics, but the song though familiar doesn't really ring a bell.
CD do you know that song? Can you feature that song for us, please?

It depends on who is looking at the tenement walls
Whether he's coming home or passing through
You can walk the streets and find so much to criticize
But that would be the easy thing to do
'Coz there's beauty in the concrete
If you see it with your heart
The sidewalks only hurt you
If you hate them from the start
You can blame the world if troubles come
And knock at your door
Let your weakness cut you down to size
If you find some fault with everything surrounding you
Maybe it's your narrow-minded eyes
'Coz there's music in the city
If your ear is to the ground
Only nonbelievers never hear a single sound

I love you brhters, I love you sisters, I love you all!

Anonymous said...

For those of us who were not there in Gyobags, pray tell what IBAE means! The altitude of Baguio air has left us earth-bound non-MCG mortals clueless about recent CFC esoterica. I figure IBAE is neither (a) ion assisted beam etching, nor (b) Institute of British Agricultural Engineers. Thanks and God bless.

garnet said...

The conference was truly touching...we really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit...the speakers spirit filled!!!We did the Power Hug on our 17 yr old and 23 yr old as soon as we got back from bagiuo...They were pleasantly surprised! We shall pass it on our granchildren too as we continue to pray over them when they leave for school.

acc wc (tony dela cruz) said...

It was really heart warming and spirit lifting to attend the Baguio Conference. Inspite of being sick when we went up to Baguio, it was refreshing and I felt re-charged with the conference. The format is quite different from the previous conferences as we started the activity with the celebration of the Eucharist in both days of the conference. We truly veered away from the set up when Biboy was still leading CFC.

I congratulate JT and the IC as well as the organizers of the conference for a job well done.

BTW, we had from West C a respected elder who joined the other group but went with us to Baguio. I had a chance to talk to him and he said he will talk to the others to re join us. We are going to see therefore, the return of our long lost brothers and sisters. Let's therefore extend our loving arms and embrace them back.

God bless us all.

elv-toronto said...

Sorry bros & sis, love your sharings but for those of us who were not in Baguio, what's IBAE?

a men said...

It was different, meaningful, moving, exciting, joyful, fun, Spirit filled... not mention awesome.

Different- the talks were focused not so much on the work but on the laborers. The disciples more than the vinyard.

Meaningful- each line of the song, a phrase or two, a chant brought tears to my eyes

Moving- the speakers had simple stories to tell, but each one inspired me to do more, serve more

Exciting- from Quasimodo to Frank (Sinatra)... from Art to Shok... from from song to song. WOW it was time to dance and celebrate

Joyful and fun- how else can I describe the new 'Couples for Christ Song'... thank you to Louie Ocampo and to Kirby Llaban for the lyrics and the melody. We are proud to be THE couples for Christ...

Spirit filled- YES, it was perfect because the Spirit of GOD reigned over all of us!

Last but not the least, Awesome is the word. The weather was perfect, the schedule was easy paced, there was just enough time for everything. The talks were short, simple, not condescending, not preaching... It was great for once to hear our leaders speak of their weaknesses and their frailties, no put on, no walls no pretenses, just simply the servants that we all are... disciples of GOD.

Aha, so even CD got a shirt. Too bad, there was none, my size, huhu.

So CD it's your turn now, let us all hear from you. Tell us about how it has been... from the day you started this all. Why you did all these. I personally want to hear about your journey.

Perhaps at this point when the tide has turned to calm and still waters, we should put this blog to good use, Here we are starting this as you suggested. Sharing about our experiences.

Yes, tell us...What inspired you to start this blog? What moved you to go into something unheard of, something different, meaningful,moving, exciting, joyful, fun and yes spirit filled at times...

Yes, let's hear it for the bloggers!!!

Do I hear and Amen to that???

CFC West C Sector said...

West C!!!

Ano pa hinihintay nyo...?

Group Hug na!!!!

jiggs said...

to apply LOVE in our daily life: do not be

I - easily IRRITATED;
B - BLAME others;
A - ACCUSE others;
E - be ENVIOUS of others

Group Hug Na mga Kapatid!
Power Hug your kids, i am also doing this ever since we got back.


Anonymous said...

I love you bloggers.

We at the grassroots level of the CFC hierarchy, are hoping that this life-giving, spirit-filled, wonderful experience in Baguio would be cascaded down to the members. How I wish that Chapter meetings would go beyond the usual prayer-short exhortaion-sharing routine and become an event to look forward to with excitement. Then perhaps we will be group-hugging at least once a month and go home vibrant, renewed and unable to wait for the the next chapter meeting.

How I wish all CFC members had a taste of your wonderful experience.

mara'83 said...

Sorry about the typo error.
Re: FFL brethren who are coming back to CFC. It should read... "Yes, we welcome them WITH open arms."
Thanks, JIGGS, for explaining I.B.A.E. to those who were not in Baguio.
Yup!!!We've also started doing POWER hugs in our home after coming down from the Disciples weekend. What a difference such a small gesture makes!!!
I'm blessed to be in CFC.
Love you all...

Anonymous said...

SALAMAT JIGGS sa meaning ng IBAE.

From a member of CFC Edmonton Canada with Love and BIG HUGS

Musang said...

I read somewhere, I think also in this blogsite that the Disciples' Weekend was scheduled originally in Camp John Hay but was transferred elsewhere when the venue was arrogated by another group. Be that as it may, I believed God meant it that way to allow everybody to participate and interact with one another since it was not a very big hall. I also thought that the sharings were very apt. They were not spectacular but simple, daily occurences and many if not most have the same experiences and thus readily relate to the sharings. The baby boomers it seemed like most of us, were the most un-hugged and thus when the hugging came, it was like claiming and sharing the unexperienced hugs of years ago.

Except for the decorations of cloth stretched across the ceiling which blocked the view of most people in the upper seats and bleachers, I would say it was a weekend that should not have been missed.

Musang said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Now a Power Hugger! said...

In our Household this week our Household Leader told us the story of the Power Hug and the Group Hug, we were so envious we were not in Baguio, so our HH Head gathered all of us and we did a very brotherly/sisterly "Group Hug" and before long, one of us was already crying!

I don't know now but it seems this hugging business is bringing back memories of some who missed being hugged by perhaps their parents, children or even spouses.

So my wife and I did a Power hug before we slept. It was fantastic! Now we are doing it with our children, even the adult ones..and they love it!

I wish we were in Baguio, but thanks to our HH Head, we did it at the HH Meeting!

ONE YEAR NA on Feb 19.!! said...

Alam ninyo, talagang masarap na feeling to hug and be hugged back!

So how about a Group Hug and Power Hug on Feb 19, 2008 during the Teaching Night of MC?

1. February is the month of LOVE!
2. FEBRUARY 20 2008 (+ or -) is ONE YEAR after Frank's, Tony's and Lachie's Resignation Day .. this calls for a celebration so let's all do the Group Hug!

So who is the Prayer leader for February 19? Whoever you are Brother, please tell us all to do our thing....POWER HUG / GROUP HUG DAY TAYO!!!

Gallery Man said...

CD, request lang please....kindly update the pictures on the "CFC WORLD" with the more updated photos from the Baguio Disciples Weekend.

Medyo stale na yung mga "A Time to Dance" [Dec 02, 2007] and the Araneta Leaders Conference [January 12 2008] photos.

EB-3C said...

Dear CD,

Can you post the complete lyrics of "The Couples for Christ" song. Only 1 verse is written in our Glory song book.


Anonymous said...

In the last talk of the disciples weekend may binangit si Joe Yamamoto about our debts. We experienced the love of God during the weekend. Siguro we should also give the lord a big hug by wiping out our debt. Let us all support the BIG HEART, BIG PUSH.. LET US ALL CONTRIBUTE TO WIPE CFC's Bank Loans.as of today less than four M na lang yata...

BTBD said...

Happy valentines to fellow bloggers. Perhaps we should be in tune with the season. Orange was the "it" color for us last year, remember?? Well here's my suggestion...

Tuesday February 19,MC teaching night, same place almost same day... 365 days ago our famous Titos resigned. What a journey huh!?!
Well this year we are on to our next travel destination, a debt free CFC.Let's all make it a date to wear red, the "it" color this year.

- if you want a debt free CFC
- if you have a Big Generous heart
- if you want to give a Big Push to the ultimate dream of a new home for CFC

I surely will WEAR RED
- because it is a Big Time; Big Day for me specially.

It's my birthday!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CFC (singing): "We are the Couples For Christ!"
FFL: "Nein! You are Global! We are THE Couples For Christ-FFL!"

CFC: "Love one another."
FFL: "Nyet! Love another one."

CFC: "Brod, big hug!"
FFL: "Bah, hambug!"

Halata bang asar? Happy Valentine, y'all!

Hugs and besos from Troy of West C

CFC Ostrich said...

a men said : Joyful and fun- how else can I describe the new 'Couples for Christ Song'... thank you to Louie Ocampo and to Kirby Llaban for the lyrics and the melody. We are proud to be THE couples for Christ...

AMEN ! to a men's above comment regarding the new " Couples for Christ Theme Song". Just for the record, let's not forget to acknowledge Sister Lillian Juadiong ( the wife of Bro. Jerry Juadiong - once a chapter head in CFC North B in the 90's ) who wrote the original lyrics including verse 1 in collaboration with Louie Ocampo. Indeed,the revision of the song's tempo with the addition of new verses by Kirby has stimulated us to redeclare our loyalty and commitment to our beloved community. VIVA ! Couples for Christ

Anonymous said...

cris d.- yes how about sharing your experience in baguio? also bring in more pix.
there's a call to wear red this teaching nite. i think same time last year there was a call also to wear red to show dissent by some SFC's.
if wearing one is to celebrate love..why not! now i may have the chance to wear my red brief

athrun atreides said...

Welcome to CFCpedia,
the wiki about the Couples for Christ community that anyone can edit.

(No vandalizing here, please...)

We are editing over 20 articles, and you can help.

(For example: why not create "CFC Saskatchewan", "KFC South-A", "GK Arkong Bato", "History of Youth for Christ", "One Time Big Time Campaign", etc., etc.)


PS. Credit goes to Cfcryan for creating this wiki. God be with you bro!!!

Anonymous said...

thank God for POWER HUGS!

and all praise to God for allowing us to use Wikia to further the Gospel.

for Christ!

Bro. Ryan

Anonymous said...

thank God for POWER HUGS!

and praise to God for allowing us to use Wikia to further the Gospel.


for Christ!

Bro. Ryan

Anonymous said...


Why not wear pink on Teaching night? Red reminds me of FFL who always wear that color as their corporate uniform when they appear on events.

Anonymous said...

rainbow colors kaya??

Anonymous said...

brethren, we should not be afraid to wear red, for Christ was covered with it when He shed his blood for us.

in fact, we should even be more generous as to wear red since our FFL brethren are also wearing it! rainbow colors na!

i even go so far as to say that we should continue to use the original CFC logo that the FFL has appropriated for their use. let us truly show that in humility, we continue to STAND for our awesome God!

God bless!

Bro. Ryan

cfcwerstergroup said...

o kaya ... different colors, different patterns, different cuts... o come as you are na lang.

seriously, huwag na lang natin kulayan kasi makukulayan lang talaga iyan if you know what i mean. one year ago, some people came in red and we were not sure what it really meant ... noon pala para kay Frank.

the main thing is to be there for the teaching.

God bless

CFC Ostrich said...

Bros and sis let us pause for a moment and try to digest the reflection below .

Happy Valentine's Day, guys .
And see you all on Feb 19 - MC teaching night.

On the Journey Towards a Reverencing of Relationships
written by FR. LARRY GILLICK, S.J.

Reverencing begins with an attitude toward where creation comes from and what essentially it is. Jesus asks us to "love one another as I have loved you." This commandment is the greatest of all and requires a reverential relating. The word relation comes from the Latin meaning "side by side." It is not facing the same way next to each other. It means all our sides, our best side and worst, our inside and out, meeting appropriately the various sides of the other.

What Jesus did and meant by loving was to continue the creation of those He met. He did heal, feed, find, teach, but always He was bringing life and a fuller sense of who each person was. If I reverently love you, then what I most want for you, through our relationship, is that you know more who you are, accept more who you are, and be more generous in giving yourself as a reverenced gift to others.

We reverence as gifts from God those who have loved us not only into life but on to deeper living. Lovers assist God's creation and distribution of life through us. We are more available for loving others when we reverence the persons who have helped God create our good spirit, our softened heart, our gentled face, our welcoming hands.

We love others not for what we can get out of them but for who we can bring out of them. An artist cares for the marble or canvas or clay for what it is and what it will be. Lovers reverence the fragility and strengths of those whom they love, for both who they are now and who they will be, through the loving and creating process of the relationship.

CFC West C Sector said...

happy LOVE day to all!!!

kahit ano pang kulay ka... hehehe

Malachi 3/Widow's Might said...

Happy Valentine's bros and sisters.In the light of our theme for the year of Loving one another,and due to the developments in our country today(NBN-ZTE), I have asked myself how can I love more our country, aside from of course doing work for the poor in Gawad Kalinga. How can I respond to the CBCP's call for communal action.I ask our Elder's in CFC, what actions can be in line with our Mission and Vision to be truly Christian in these challenging times.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines!

Napansin ko lang na parang nahinto yata ang pag update ng CFC Official Site natin. Kasi hindi pa din naka reflect ang Disciples Weekend at same message pa din ang andun matagal na. Bakit kaya???

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines!

Napansin ko lang na parang nahinto yata ang pag update ng CFC Official Site natin. Kasi hindi pa din naka reflect ang Disciples Weekend at same message pa din ang andun matagal na. Bakit kaya???

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Anonymous na taga FFL, malapit ka ng mabayaran... konting tiis na lang... buti naman at nagawi ka dito... na mi-miss mo kami no?... Love you!!!

p.e. said...

hmmm, antagal nang walang update dito sa blogspot a. nasaan kaya si cd? could it be that cd is master jedi jun lozada who is held up in the senate dahil sa nbn/zte investigation?

nuninuninuni! :)

Anonymous said...

CD please update...we miss the daily updates on what's happening in CFC....what's happening to the SEC registration of FFL? and weekly update of the Big Heart Big Push!!!

mike said...

the Lord Jesus said "love one another, as I have loved you
...mahirap pala talaga!!!

I am referring to a very recent incident I had.

I parted ways with my previous boss some time ago because of differences. Yesterday I ran into him and had an argument. (we are now competing for the same market space).

I wanted so much to snap back... i was trembling inside, almost bursting... i just kept silent bit my lip.. I only calmed down when I got home...

I embraced my wife, gave my kids a power hug.. (or it was them giving me the power hug) Thank God for bringing me Home... back into His arms..

Athrun Atreides said...

Today (February 26), the CBCP will meet and discuss the current political crisis. It is highly likely they will come up with a position on the matter.

I've been wondering: we have to admit we love Pres Arroyo. She is very supportive of GK, pouring huge amounts of pesos for the program. But what should we do if the CBCP calls for her resignation? Arroyo would not be allocating millions into GK if she is not expecting something in return, and I fear she expects CFC's support should push comes to shove.

Brothers and sisters, the current political crisis could put CFC in a dilemma: should we support a GK-loving President if the CBCP (remember the expanded CFC vision "...one with the Catholic Church...") asks her to resign?

How can we show love to both sides?

Anonymous said...

siguro busy si cd sa rallies at kakabusina..hinay hinay lang brod baka wala ka nang pang power hug..
i'm sure this situation calls for your talent in searching for the truth..
haayy miss ko tuloy si inday badiday ng nothing but the truth!

Anonymous said...

Bakit nagbago ang color ng fonts? Red na karamihan instead of the previous blue? I like the previous color.

Comment on "Ugnayan Subscription"

Kung pwedi magkaroon ng Tagalog version ng "Ugnayan" kasi hindi maka relate ang mga members namin from the depressed areas kasi marami di nakapag-aral. Bakit daw sila mag subscribe eh hindi naman nila ma-intindihan.

Same din ang comment nila sa mga speakers sa CLP at sa Leaders Conference na palagi daw English. Di nila ma absorb ang message.

Kailan kaya magkaroon ng Tagalog na "Ugnayan". Kasi nga daw Tagalog na nga ang "Ugnayan" English naman ang laman. And... also "In His Steps". Sana mapagbigyan daw ang wish nila.