Monday, January 7, 2008


GK is starting the year right.

An excerpt:

Meloto said Panlilio's brand of leadership and the close partnership of the private sector and government led him to believe that "we are seeing the future of the Philippines and it is going to happen here."

"The leadership here enjoys public trust. We are nonpartisan but we always like to work with national and local leaders who believe in the vision of Gawad Kalinga which is simple: To bring the Philippines out of the Third World; to make it a First World nation," Meloto said.

GK has already partnered with more than 300 local government units and seeks to increase its partners this year. So far, it has helped establish 1,500 villages in the country and has facilitated land donations for an additional 150,000 families.

Meloto praised Mayor Marino Morales for helping GK put up the Tabun village in June 2007 with the support of Couples for Christ, the Santos Ventura Hocorma Foundation and the Cabinet spouses.

Panlilio described the problem of homelessness in Pampanga as "urgent" due to migration and lack of housing units in the Pinatubo resettlements. Because of this, he said he would exert efforts to convince the provincial board to pass the 2008 budget.

"If that does not push through, the mayors and I will lead the GK campaign in the private sector so that the housing needs of our poorest constituents are addressed," he said.


p.e. said...

What's your take on an Erap-GK partnership as being reported in this article --> A great hope emerges for 2008

cfcnewbie said...

is there a way you can find the tv interview of TM with boy abunda in his show private conversations? i heard it was great. just so that people like us who missed it can also see it.
thanks CD. more power

Malchi3/Widows Might said...

I was one of those who was blessed to see Boy Abunda's interview with Tony Meloto. Though I have heard GK's story a thousand or more times,I still get touched each time. It was Boy Abunda's way of starting the New Year with a bang. I never watch talk shows most specialy Boy Abunda's Private Conversations,that night God spoiled me the way grandparents do, kudos to Boy it showed the deep social relevance and the compassion of Boy paticularly for the people of Samar and the poor in general,indeed GK is for the rich and the poor, and yes it is also for people with "alternative lifestyles". "Love one another as I have loved you" is a very appropriate theme for a very challenging 2008. Where sin abounds grace indeed overflows(St Paul)

JD said...

Hi CD!

If you were at the Meralco Theatre this PM (Jan 11 08), i think you'll agree with me that another 'newsworthy' item to post here is the speech of Pampanga Governor Ed "Among Ed" Panlilio.

Specially as it relates to GK being the kind of theology akin to Jesus' teachings!

CD, could you do us all a favor by posting that speech here in its entirety?


malachi3/widows might said...

I honor William Esposo for his article A great hope emerges for 2008, he has a deep understanding of GK work, let there be more Boy Montelibanos and William Esposos in the media world.
Again God spoiled me yesterday when The Holy Spirit led me to attend the GK Summit at Meralco Theater. I was fortunate enough to see how GK has grown from Bagong Silang to what it is today. The Tatalon Children's Choir sang two songs and the Paradise Heights Children's Cultural Dance Troupe danced gracefuly,these two Sibol School fruits made my cup overflow. The school children from Woodrose School Alabang not to be outdone without really trying gave a simple sharing of their GK experience,a sharing that gave a clear fruition of the Opus Die's mission and brought home the reality that God who has a special place for the poor in His heart, also truly love the rich. Indeed we will see a first world Philippines in our lifetime. God is good!All the Time! CFC let's all get loud about GK! no Jenifer Lopez didn't say that, its the Holy Spirit speaking.