Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Music of Hope - A Mini-Review

In a previous entry, I had invited you all to support the 29AD band in their benefit concert for the HO. Those attended the Music of Hope event were treated to a wonderful show. I personally came away from it quite impressed with the assembled talents of all the performers. All in all, it was a very well put together show, from the front acts to the extremely funny hosts. It was well worth the money, especially considering it was something meant to benefit the HO and not the performers who gave it their all.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting something so well put together, having been jaded by some big name commercial events I've been to that was sadly lacking in coordination and sometimes...talent. This was not the case here. In fact, for such an assembly of acts and talents, I would have gladly paid double for my ticket. It was THAT GOOD.

However, there are a few things I feel I have to relate to you all. I am not the type to sugar coat anything, and I hope no one takes what I have to say personally. I have no wish to offend or discourage anybody involved in its production, least of all the awesome talents who took the stage and I was privileged to witness. First off, it was COLD. The Arena was a great venue for this event, no doubt, but somebody from the North Pole had control of the A/C! I was looking around half expecting to see the big guy in his red suit and bag of gifts. People around me were shivering in their seats. I personally am used to cold weather but this was a bit much. More than a few people left intermittently to warm themselves outside. I actually forgot I was in the Philippines for a couple of hours, half expecting to see snow piled up on the parking lot outside. I jest, but you get the picture. It seemed to me that the temperature in the Arena contributed to an early exit by some of those in attendance. When you attend an event to watch people perform, you really don't want to have your attention diverted by outside influences, in this case, the temperature. Next, in retrospect, maybe this event should not have been held on a Friday. The traffic was unbearably bad, especially in that area. It might have turned off some people, and I noticed that in the turnout. Considering the caliber of the acts and assembled talents, I really expected more people to attend. I am glad for those who did, but I had personally wanted to see more people there. I know it's the season and all, I know all about the traffic, and I do know that we have been giving a lot for the community, but this was a show well worth the drive, the money, and the time. I can't express that enough. I had a great time! I hope you don't miss the next concert, I am quite sure it will be just as good.

To those who made it, thank you! To those who missed's a little video of the highlights sent in by one of our blogger friends. Forgive the bad editing, this is my first time using Microsoft's Movie Maker, hehe. There were a couple of pictures sent in too, I hope those of you who took pictures can send me some so that I can add it here and to our Flickr site.

Some pics:

The 5 Bars (previously 4, hehe)

Kenosis Band


neokid in jam said...

I agree with CD, aircon in the Arena was turned on full blast.

I almost wet my pants both from jitters (hihihi) and from the aircon.

Just to remind everyone, Dec19 is also lantern parade at the UP Diliman campus... expect traffic..

Mike Santos (mas kabado ngayon, kasi kami na ito)...

oca said...

I strongly agree with the comments of CD (although di ko alam na nandoon pala siya, hmmm... which one siya?). The place was a wee bit too cold. I had to warm myself up outside the court every 30 minutes or so to get my blood re-circulating. I saw others doing the same.

The talents exhibited of this community that night were just great. But it was a pity that not too many people saw and heard the talents at the Arena. I was looking out for some known bloggers to say hi to but hirap makita nila. My wife and I had a great time and applauded every presentation. I was reassired that Rene Henson still has the "K" to sing Frank's song. (Frank Sinatra yun, ha!) The rappers were also especially superb. Galing nila! The Four Bars showed us that lawyers don't lie, they sing!

The hosts were so warm and were so naturally funny. One can sense that they are warm persons with lots of humor, on the side. The Kenosis band from West C has always been consistently good with songs and last friday, they gave us a sample of their wares. They are on again, by the way, in their own concert on the 19th at Tandang Sora, Q.C. Come and jam with them!

The dancers from SFC reminded us how less nimble we are now than when we were their age. Ah, those were the days.... Nakakainggit ang kanilang energy. How we wished...

Great night! God blessed this community with so much talent.


cfcwestergroup brother said...

December 14 at the SJ Arena was just awesome. 29AD was a wellspring of blessings for those who heard them make music for the Lord and His people. Of course, so were the others who shared their talents on and off stage. Truly a blessed, blessed, joyful, hopeful evening.

BTW, Kuya Mike is referring to the December 19 West C Thanksgiving Event "For All You've Done" at Innotech along Commonwealth Avenue.

Daan lang po kayo mga 8pm, enjoy the Kenosis sound (libre), be with good company (libre din 'yan) and take some good food ('yan me konti bayad). Walang ticket kailangan kaya walang entrance fee (and vice versa). Kaya lang, please share any amount para sa CFC Home Office natin.

MinaFrancisco said...

Sa lahat rin ng manonood ng U.P. lantern parade - tuloy na tayo sa SEAMEO/Innotech after the lantern parade for the "For All You've Done" (Kenosis Concert.) 8pm pa namam iyon, tamang-tama lang after the lantern parade.


Jed Juntereal said...

This is the first time that I attended an activity mentioned in this blog, since I'm from Rizal (and therefore a province) and very much detached from the Metro Manila sectors. I got my ticket from my father, and with our cameras we went there (separately, as I work in Camp Aguinaldo while he in Crossing, and I braved the traffic while trapped like a sardine in a bus).

Actually, I didn't notice the cold. I don't know, maybe because I was so wrapped up with some of the songs (I was overwhelmed by goosebumps at the "Bahay" rendition that I had to scream silently). The only thing was that very few attended, and it's a shame. I do hope that despite the low turnout, all tickets were sold out.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay longer, as it was getting too late (the cold didn't drive us out, I guess), so I wasn't able to finish the concert. I hope it ended on a high note...and I believe it did.

I honor all those who joined the concert (the production crew and performers), for treating us for that one beautiful night. Truly, it was a concert of hope. May God bless you and shower you with more opportunities to help others.

PS. How many would agree with me when I say that Tito Joe Tale resembles Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter?

Boogie Boydon said...

Hello bros and sis,
Paki-send naman din ng mga photos and videos or links to videos of our events that you may have to para mailagay din natin sa website.
Stories and write ups are also most welcome.
Nangangailangan din ng mga volunteers to help in some admin work of the website like moderators for the forum (coming soon) and article writers (now na!). Now that the site's main backbone is more or less completed, we can start focusing on the content. Please email me at the same address above.
God bless!

pmg said...

As per management of ARENA yun na daw ang pinakamahina. they could not lower the temp otherwise they have to turn the aircon off. Malamig talaga dun sa venue coz bago kasi

mike said...


oo nga.. Daniel Radcliffe nga..

blow hot -blow cold said...

It was COLD at the "Arena"

It was HOT at the "Arena"

The former refers to the room tmperature!

The second refers to the aura and the feelings/manifestations of JOY of the event!.

What are we looking for ba?

dry fit said...

We do not speak of "wetting pants" in formal communications, bro..

reminder lang

neokid in regret said...

My apologies....

neokidding around said...

sorry ha..
... i really did almost...
sa sobrang lamig at sa kaba...

Hirit sa Tugtugan at Sayawan! said...

How about a One Big Valentine's Party Jam???

I think the real formula is

--- alternating live band music from all 12 Sectors;

--- where we have the various musical genre, but danceable tunes (boogie and swing for me!) cutting across the years; (so you can have Rene H's Sinatra songs for the oldies / and whatever band songs for the "young-ies")

--- then we can have all members of the family..from YFC to HOLD/SOLD.

--- an opening prayer (not done is song!) and a short closing praise fest.

Paki pasa naman sa mga magaling mga produce ng events!

Kasi the dancing crowd at the "Arena" ..nabitin!

Call ako sa 100.oo peso ticket, 12 bands & three hours of music!

O Mim Wan Kenobi said...

Pictures from the MOH concert:

O Mim Wan Kenobi said...

Another link of the MOH Concert:

RED EB said...

Dear CD... I see only four... where's the fifth one????