Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Season For Giving

Friends, here's another worthwhile cause for the season. Let us support the Tekton Guild in their fund-raiser for Gawad Kabuhayan, their micro-enterprise development program.

To quote their email to me:

These are not ordinary greeting cards. Each card comes with a personal accident insurance for Php 10,000. The cards cost Php 40 each, or Php 200 per pack of 5's. I have announced this to the MCG so this is just a friendly reminder to those who might have forgotten about this yuletide offering.
Thanks very much! This will greatly help us in raising more resources for our values formation training, microfinance, skills training, technical training, and enterprise development activities.

Lets make this CHRISTmas a merry and Holy one for all!


momoy said...

thank you po, tito/ tita C.D., for posting this!!!

brothers and sisters, it's not too late to order cards from us! just give us a ring at 6311770 or 7472660. thanks very much in advance!

God bless everyone!

concerned4truth said...

Just a heads up: there may be a new tactic going on in FFL - to tell others overseas that 'the majority have gone with FFL'. Perhaps they subscribe to the theory of tipping points.

Refer to the FFL Cambodia statement:

"We, the governance team of CFC Cambodia, has decided to align
ourselves with CFC-FFL in Manila.

The community spent time to pray and seek for the Lord's guidance
regarding this matter. We also talked to the members and we found
out that majority of them are also for CFC -FFL."

oca said...

Mga CFC lovers & bloggers,

Fact #1 - CFC is in debt by P20 M as of today, as announced at the Ultra the other weekend.

Fact #2 - The community and its guardians have been too cavalier in handling our finances, thus we spent more than what we had (under the principle that "God will provide")

Fact #3 - As far as I know when I was still Sector Head, the tithing average for the entire community is only 20-25% of the community members give a tithe! Even in the MCG, not everyone consistently gives tithes!

Fact #4 - The P1 is only good now for a text message. Even candies cost more than P1. Those who still smoke may not be able to get a stick for P1 even if they are dying for a smoke. No one will attempt crossing a busy street just to retrieve a P1 across the street. It just isn't worth it.

Fact #5 - CFC must have at least (considering those who have retired, got tired or simply moved out of CFC) 250,000 couples even now (from a high estimate of more than 1 million members at the turn of the millenium)

1. We support the effort announced by Joe T. at the ULTRA to gather 20,000 people who will donate P1,000 each to cover the deficit.

2. For those who cannot afford to give P1,000 (and many cannot, judging from past experiences with tithe collections as a sector head) everyone shall save P1 EVERY DAY and give the alkansya to his/her household head at each HH meeting or at the end of each month (I prefer every HH meeting)for surrender of the savings to the sector and then to Manila home office. If EVERYONE DID THAT (250,00 COUPLES x 2 = 500,00 PERSONS) then everyday we should be saving all together half a million pesos or P1 MILLION EVERY 2 DAYS! OR 15 MILLION EVERY MONTH! OR P60 MILLION IN 2 MONTHS!

3. We will be able to wipe out out colossal debt by the time of the anniversary of Frank's resignation on February 20. WE SHALL BE FINALLY BE FREE!! And by doing this massive collection, we shall be able make EVERYBODY INVOLVED IN SAVING CFC FROM ITS 20 MILLION DEBT and not only those who can give P1,000 will bear the onus of paying this debt.

4. We shall also allow everyone to get started painlessly to DONATE REGULARLY AND DEVELOP THE HABIT Yun lang naman ang mahirap - yung maumpisahan ang pagbibigay. Kahit piso, piso lang. PISO KO, PARA KAY KRISTO!

5. Bulacan tried this scheme in 1999, I believe, and it worked! I now challenge all sectors, I challenge all provinces, I challenge even the Family Ministries and all the bloggers to give their P1 every day for Christ. NOBODY IS SO POOR THAT HE CANNOT GIVE ONE PESO EVERY DAY. Isang text lang yan!

6.By February 20, our 20 Million debt shall be gone. Totally free, no matter how you look at it; in more ways than one!

Oca Tagulinao

acc wc said...

Salamat Tito Oca for your message.(Are you still denying that you are West C Divided?) Sana everybody was challenged to rise up and erase the indebtedness of CFC that came about because of the mismanagement of those who have moved to the other side of the fence.

Tatahimik na sana ako pero hindi ko matiis yong nangyari sa ating Baguio sched. For those who do not know, the CJH convention center was reserved by CFC thru the employees of the center but after the split these people paid the venue in FFL’s name. Napunta tuloy tayo sa Baguio convention Center. Ang kaso yong venue e hindi friendly to those people with allergy or asthma kaya pati PMA ine explore. OKs lang sana na tinatapatan tayo pero aagawin pa yong sa atin e hindi na ito maganda. Sabi ko after the Dec 2 Time to Dance at the ULTRA tapos na and we can move forward (hindi ito hango sa mga sulat ng FFL) pero not until they stop using the CFC name, they will always have a way of appropriating what is ours thru their machinations.

tony de la cruz (aka acc wc)

MinaFrancisco said...

Sabi ni Bro. Tony dela Cruz ..."For those who do not know, the CJH convention center was reserved by CFC thru the employees of the center but after the split these people paid the venue in FFL’s name."

Meaning...they appropriated the CFC reservation by paying ahead, claiming to be CFC, then blocked the venue for FFL? Ganoon ba? If that is so, then we're seeing the confusion to third parties that FFL's use of CFC's name is creating, as well as the damage it is doing to us. I-document natin, mga kapatid... it will help us in the SEC case.

neokid on stage (Dec14 @ the arena) said...

Hey Mickey!

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear BLoggers,

I am looking for a blog entry that sites the danger of having two organization sharing a name, but i couldnt find it.

---- --- Here's one ---- ---

from post of acc wc

For those who do not know, the CJH convention center was reserved by CFC thru the employees of the center but after the split these people paid the venue in FFL’s name. Napunta tuloy tayo sa Baguio convention Center.

Mike Santos

May respeto kay tito Oca said...

Tito Oca T,

Galing ng suggestion mo!

If you already gave the donation of 2,000.oo pesos from you and Tita Tess, please state it (mas maganda pa nga kung ilagay mo yung date and O.R. number ng payment mo!), para it further strengthens the wisdom of your thoughts; for the consumption of those who do not know you but are afraid to ask.

Taga Big North!

Cooler Head said...

To Mina and Tony: RE Camp John Hay Convention Center.

Rest your spirits, my brother and sister and do not be agitated. As we were reminded by Bro Joe Tale, be still!

The Lord knows all plans in men's hearts and He blesses those with good ones.

If their methods goes down to that level, maybe we were not meant to join in that kind of battle....the war to gain souls fo Christ is bigger.

Let's not lose the focus. Let them be.

For now, let's grin and bear it!

Siksik liglig at umaapaw! said...

Pasko na talaga!

Tama ang Title ng sub-topic na is a season for giving!

And I heard this breaking news from the CFC Center yesterday:

Two provinces responded to the call for financial help:

1. "Laguna - 500,000.00 &
2. Davao - 100,000.00"

Then about 5 CFC couples or individuals gave 5-digit-figure contributions (2 from Big North)


So the 275+ thousand pesos from the Dec 02 2007 event now has risen to over ONE MILLION pesos!

well, brothers, let's keep it rolling!

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear Neo (matrix),

Thank you for sharing...
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Are we still having a blogger xmas party?

someone suggested it 3 months ago

see you in my prayers

MinaFrancisco said...

To cooler head - Kapatid, salamat sa paalala but you need not worry about me. I'm happy whereever the Disciple Weekend maybe held, basta matuloy.

My comment was not really about the venue but about safeguarding CFC's name, considering the pending SEC application of FFL. My point pertains to the need to document the confusion to third parties (e.g. John Hay/CAP officers) who may have thought that CFC and FFL are one and the same, and for that reason, allowed the downpayment by FFL under CFC's reservation. Documenting situations like this supports our position at the SEC that FFLs' use of CFC name is confusing the public. Public confusion is a valid ground for denying the use of a particular name/word as a corporate name.

A similar confusion was also reported here sometime ago. When CFC wanted to use a venue in Tagaytay, ayaw na daw ng Mayor kasi the Mayor, who thought that CFC and FFL are one and the same, did not like what happened when FFL used it for their family day. So the brother (who reported it on the blog) had to explain the situation to the Mayor.

These and others which we should be alert to note, will establish the resulting damage to us and confusion to the public sown by FFL's use of CFC's name. The final decision on the name, I understand, is still pending. If at the end of the day, the SEC approves FFL's application to use CFC in its name, I hope it will not be because we failed in establishing and documenting that particular ground for denial.

Sorry for sounding a bit legal, minsan-minsan lang, promise.... Merry Christmas!

neokidntown said...

Hey Mickey!

thanks! Merry Christmas as well!

about the bloggers Christmas party, how about it CD?

God bless,

Mike Santos