Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mad World

Not quite CFC related, but I think it's something to think about this CHRISTmas time. The song, Mad World, originally by Tears for Fears, used to make me bob my head in tune with it. This rendition by Gary Jules now brings tears to my eyes. The youtube video shows us some interesting ratios in representing the entire Earth's population in just 100 people. Please watch it:


Kadikit ng Pusod Mo said...


However, the time came when the saints in the city of Corinth were divided into four groups. One group said that they were of Cephas; another, of Paul; another, of Apollos; and another, of Christ. These four groups were four divisions. If you read 1 Corinthians carefully, you will see that the Apostle Paul even called them sects. First Corinthians 11:19 says that there were sects among them (Gk.). We need to understand what a sect is. Suppose fifty Christians were meeting together. Due to the various choices, tastes, and preferences, they were divided, like the Corinthians, into four groups. One group was especially fond of Peter because he was the leading one of the twelve Apostles. Another group preferred Apollos because he was a scholar in the Scriptures. This group acknowledged that Peter was the leading apostle. But, they said, he was an uneducated fisherman, whereas Apollos was a scholar. Those in this group enjoyed Apollos's expounding of the Scriptures. The third group liked Paul better than Apollos because he had a direct contact with the Lord on the way to Damascus. The fourth group said that they were of Christ. Although these fifty Christians were divided into four groups, they continued to meet together. At first, their choices, tastes, and preferences simply made them four groups. But later these groups became divisions and after that, sects. However, they were not yet denominated. They were sects, but not denominations. Notice the development here. It goes from preferences to divisions to sects. Sects are like political parties. When the sects give themselves a name, they denominate themselves. In this way, the sects become denominations. Suppose the sect of Peter chose the name the church of Peter or the Petrine church. If they did this, they would immediately become a denomination. The same would be true of the sects of Paul, Apollos, and Christ. Thus, they would no longer be sects without a name, but denominations with a name. Hence, the development is firstly divisions, then sects, and finally denominations. If the four groups at Corinth had become denominations, they would have been exactly the same as the denominations which abound in today's Christianity. Christianity is filled not only with divisions and sects, but also with denominations.

We all need a clear understanding of divisions, sects, and denominations. In 1 Corinthians 11:18 and 19 Paul says, "For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it. For there must be also sects among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you" (Gk.). The King James Version has the word "heresies" instead of "sects." "Heresy" is an anglicized form of a Greek word which means schools of opinion. Thus, in Greek, heresies means schools of opinion which form parties. A party, of course, is a sect. Therefore, we first have divisions and then sects. At the time of 1 Corinthians, however, there were no denominations.

Aaah! I must admit that all these are corporal work of the mind. Nothing is of the holy spirit. But then brothers and sisters, it is up to you to discern what is making our world really, really MAD.

Thank you CD


apol said...

hi brother CD!

I am at a loss as to where to put my request for this song - Mary Did You Know. Ikaw na ang bahala please.

thanks and God bless

Ms Tulang Hampaslupa

joel f said...

What's making our world really, really mad? SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE AND, WORST, SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS!

There's lots of works to be done, especially by us who consider ourselves disciples of Lord Jesus Christ.

Kindly read my new series HOME. SICKNESS at

I wrote about christMAS, which is supposed to be CHRISTmas, and the foolishness of a failed coup d'etat, etc.

People really think that by drastically ousting a corrupt government and GMA is the solution to all problems as in PRESTO! POVERTY AND IMMORALITY AND CORRUPTION ARE GONE IN A BLINK OF AN EYE!!!!

The mere fact that it is hard to let people attend CFC household meetings and CFC Talks... plus the mere fact that the discussions about the wrongness of some church doctrines and practices... and the ongoing friction between Christian groups are perennial problems... should make supporters of coup plotters and ordinary people sincerely believing in an All-knowing and All seeing Almighty God and Father think deeply why our country is in a lot of mess.

The solution to our country's problem rests on how we, as individual citizens, cannot be corrupted...which is only possible of we obey the Commandments of our Almighty God and Father and by studying His statutes with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Real people empowerment is to make each and every person the Temple of the Holy Spirit and be counted as one among the army of our Almighty God and Father in this spiritual battle.

Without the Armor of God the Almighty Father we cannot become true disciples of Lord Jesus Christ and we cannot win the war against all sorts of evil.

The solution to poverty in our country is to be free from captivity to sin first and not to oust a corrupt leader or government for one cannot replace a set of leeches with another set of leeches.

Job even went through a tough test that even in the midst of poverty he didn't give up his faith in an Almighty God and Father. His wealth didn't blind him either.

In our country, the rich and the poor alike will do wicked acts and turn away from our Almighty God and Father in their battle to continue clinging to their worldliness.

There's really a lot of works to be done especially when idolatry still remains a question...and especially when men of religion, supposedly the shepherds to a spiritually hungry flock, are blindly fighting a wrong war in the wrong battlefield and using the wrong weapons!!!

Joel F

a humble rhetoric! said...

IT IS A MAD WORLD because I am a son of GOD yet there are many times I become the son of someone/something else other than GOD!

IT IS A MAD WORLD BECAUSE I am still sinful; I pray and I seek pardon - then I SIN AGAIN.

I PRAY to be patient and for a time I am, then I become IMPATIENT again!

I PRAY not to be angry and for a time I am NOT ANGRY, then I become ANGRY again!

So I think it is a MAD WORLD because in it still lives a man who is still occasionally MAD!

Baka ako talaga ang problema ng mundo na ito!

A mad world citizen said...

May I suggest that if you could avoid driving in Metro Manila's streets for the time being, then please do not...because this TRAFFIC is a great example of a MAD WORLD!

By the way fellow CFC drivers -- please be reminded that your vehicles have the CFC stickers -- so in a maddening traffic, do not lose your cool!

Here's 1 horror story: Ayala Alabang to Rockwell in 3.5 hours - via SLEX and EDSA, last night Dec 22!

neokid in statistics said...

Interesting ratios

Of the 200 or so attendees of the West C Benefit concert,

- 85% of them are married, 14% single, 1% widowed.
- 98% belong to a community, 2% are prospects for the next CLP.
- 90% enjoyed the music, 8% did not (they were busy receiving the contribution) and 2% still nervous.
- 98.5% are members of CFC, 1.5% came from FFL (one couple, one single)
- 80% came from work, 10% came from the UP lantern parade, 10% were there since morning.
- 75% are leaders, 15% members, 10% GK beneficiaries.
- 50% gave cheques, 45% gave cash, 5% from sponsorship
- 45% gave from their surplus, 50% from budget, 5% came from GK beneficiaries (nag ambag ang mga kapatid sa GK!!!!!!!)

Thank you Lord! For all you’ve done…