Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brighter Days III - Out Of Africa

News from the Pastoral Congress in Africa:

Download the PDF version HERE.

There is actually related news relayed by a commenter here in a previous entry, who posted an email from Michael "Shok" Ariola. To quote partially:

"The resolution was that we honor only Couples For Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc and they will take directions from the newly elected CFC International Council headed by Tito Joe. I will send you the copy as soon as I upload it, sorry for writing this, I am just excited to share these developments with you."
Please check the comment and read it in full. It is in the "...Forest For The Trees" entry.

I'd also like to direct your attention to the often updated CFC Europe website, where we can also find the great news out of CFC Barcelona, and about the CFC - FFL Agreement out of Zurich, Switzerland that was recently posted here.



jiggs said...

thanks for this good news, CD.

im pretty sure a REACTION PAPER will come out of this from our Friends For Life... very SOON!

kudos to our brethren in AFRICA!!!

Safari is a trek said...

A "success" like this comes from the providence of a LOVING GOD!

God needed men and women to work on it, though, and it is not coincidence that the high members of clergy in that continent decided to see CFC the IC way!


Before I forget, maybe it would be a good idea for us to have the names of the African Leaders (both the Filipinos and the African nationals)who prayed, sacrificed, gave time talent and treasure (and will continue to do so!) to make this an wonderful event in the life of our community,CFC!

GOD bless all of you, our African Brothers and Sisters!

To our African brothers and sisters who went FFL (upon being told by Frank & his Playboy Team that we "disobeyed" the Philippine Bishops) we implore you to follow the example of your own African Bishops and see the light!!

The time you spent being in FFL could have been part of the dangerous part of the trek, but CFC is just waiting for you to be with us again and together let us prove to God that there never was any disobedience or a charism lost.

joni tanitayturin said...

A Sharing…

On Oct 31, sensing the “beach-landing” in the capital, a la McArthur, by Leyte’s battle-for-the-poor-hardened special forces, and highlighting Fr. Schneider’s lucid account of the real founders of CFC, I suggested that CD, our blog author initiate the decamp. I felt that this cruel fraternal war was over, with Truth burning the evil within down to hell. It was time to close the barracks and come home together to the love of Jesus, our “First, Fast, Last, Friend” (the beautiful alliteration from “The Wreck of the Deutchland” by GM Hopkins).

Also, in our CFC Forum (http://defendingcfc.phpbbweb.com/index.php?mforum=defendingcfc), I suggested that I wanted to fade away. Disengage, that is - this volunteer-soldier was to demobilize himself. Until something gave…

Mistaking her for an FFL follower, I reacted with sharp retort against blogger “Psalm 1914”, who quoted in toto FFL’s / Bro. Frank’s reply to the blog, “An Evening With Bishop Gabby”, which drew a harsh reproof from blogger “kadikit ng pusod mo” and a veiled lowdown from blogger “Janeiro”. I explained my side, which was thankfully accepted by “kadikit…” In our CFC Forum, I honoured “Esther 414” (who is also “Psalm 1914”) in the thread: Defending CFC (Sounding the Trumpets).

Since yesterday afternoon until this morning, I kept on reading Bro. Frank’s reaction to Bishop Gabby, and prayed that God also help me see his points. Then, as I read the reply of Esther 414 to my earlier post, I decided:

· That I must only have brotherly love for all of them who moved to FFL;
· That I can agree with all the points about FFL (indeed, those are beautiful statements of vision, mission, and statutes that they have published in their web);
· That because of the difficult path loving-the-poor-in-action-through-GK provides, some may only accept it as a “core value” and could go on with their “non-poor” involvements;
· That I cannot be disturbed, even if my loving thought about FFL is diminished by Bro. Frank’s insistence on the righteousness of his movement (FFL) vs CFC.

And I ask: Still, if I forgive Bro. Frank for such a ruffled thought, I can hurt further, right? And must I carry this for love of God, even if I will be hurt again and again and again?

And this: OK, some of us in CFC may not readily have preferential option, and may not make “padugo”, for the poor, but will just concentrate on being a “little bit more” good in our daily personal, family, and social relations. Really, some may not be fully convinced that by renewing their lives through CFC, they will have to bring the face of Jesus to the slum and depressed areas – as though it were the only way to salvation. But then, as Esther 414 says, our lives are a “work in progress”, we inch our way as we strive to be holy everyday.

So, must we really be separate as CFC brethren? Some may just be a little bit ahead in their steps, that’s all; but, I believe, we really don’t have any moral, fundamental difference with FFL, none at all. Nagkahiyaan lang seguro. Even as we are separated as we are now, if we stare more steadily at each other, hey, we are actually molded of the same stuff,aren't we? We are brothers and sisters! We are CFC! Yes, we may have differences, but don’t we deal with these lovingly in our meetings and one-on-one sessions? As in a song, “Many gifts, one spirit; many songs, one voice; many reasons, one promise; many questions, one choice”, we have very limited options as far as our differences are concerned -- in fact, we can only choose to FORGIVE and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

I wish Brother Frank Padilla were home to write “GK-4” with this theme: Loving our differences as a united CFC. With his distinctly powerful pen and robust prose, Bro. Frank’s opus can render these differences beautifully as in a song, which may be entitled “The Next Twenty-Five Silver Years”, authored by the CFC Pastoral Congress.

And now, let me feel, taste, and share sweet freedom from these peaceful and tender words of Esther 414:

“Don't get me wrong, gakaulit gihapon ko sa mga uban sa FFL. I do say disparaging words about them sometimes, I also get irritated with them sometimes. Pero, I try to ponder all that in my heart. I try not to go out and purposely say the ill-words I have for them to others. Why? because its not uplifting speech...in times when I really can't bear it na, I go to the cross (usually at adoration) and curse, and scream, and cry, at the end of it all, I look up and see His face, hear His voice and He sometimes says to me "kulang pa ang sakit mo sa puso"; "kulang pa ang persecution mo"; "kulang pa ang galit mo". "when you have suffered as I have THIS MUCH (with his arms outstretched on the cross), then you have the right to judge and condemn and be self-righteous". That's when I realized that indeed without CHRIST I Am Nothing. I lay all my hurt, anger and curses at His cross and ask Him to take it so I may be relieved of it and will be able to do His work.”


Thank you CD, one and all for THE TRUTH FOUGHT AND UPHELD IN THIS BLOGSITE!!! This has been exhilarating. By this affirmation, I am free and peaceful, and I pray the same for the rest of us! Praise our Lord Jesus forevermore!!! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

I have been “joni tanitayturin” here
I am John Aguilar-Banaynal, bata ni Tatay Turin,
The son of the late Victorino
Proudly CFC Batch ’90, now Cluster Head,
Of CFC Cagayan de Oro City/Misamis Oriental (Mindanao), Philippines

Anonymous said...

I can almost see it. We can even compose the reaction for them because we already know their style. The reaction paper will proceed something like this...

Once again, brothers and sisters, through our brethren in Africa, the CFC-FFL's call for obedience to the Church and communion with the Bishops has been reaffirmed. It was exactly this kind of action of our brothers and sisters in Africa which we called the IC to do four months ago, which the IC rejected when it pushed through with the election in June. The IC has much to learn from our brothers and sisters in Africa. The FFL has every reason to be jubilant and firm in its restore the chairsm ... Bla Bla Bla di-kayo-nakinig-kaya-makikita-nyo kind of stuff all over again

Yan! All they need to do now is cut and paste that one and add a few more lines.

The RoundEyedToddler

ano ini moose said...

Hello hello, I just came from the "Forest" and just moved in to "Africa"...

I dare exclaim-
Jinx? You are here?
Almondeyed tatler etu?

I dare be serious and ask--
Francisco where are you?
Looking at the gold in Dubai?
Eating dates in Oman?
At the forest desert in Abu Dhabi? Buying carpet in Al Ain?
Watching the flamingos in Sharjah?
Umm al-Qaiwain?
Ras al-Khaimah?

I dare advice you-
Take the first plane, get out of the middle east, the Vicar of Arabia has spoken.

Don't you dare-
Go to Africa

I dare caution-
Beware, Cardinal Napier is there!

I dare plead-
Por favor come home, withdraw your SEC registration. Bid goodbye to CFC and say hello to FFL. That will be your greatest gift to us.

Then by December...
FFL will cheer our Christmas party-
"JOY to the world"
CFC will go to Alpadi to carol-
"Why don't you-
Give LOVE on Christmas day"

The finally, we come to know who Chris Defensor is?

No other than, the one and only...


Psalm 1914 said...

HI JONI, and so your painful yet BEAUTIFUL journey to holiness begins! I am so happy and excited for you. Like sleepless in NJ, we will see you in our prayers and at the cross where we will lay down our hurts and be empowered by His love, and ONLY HIS LOVE as we continue HIS Work, ONLY HIS Work and at the end of it all, may we celebrate in VICTORY in His arms, and HIS PRESENCE!

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He let His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you AND GIVE YOU PEACE.

see you in CdO sometime....

Paulijah said...

Indeed! Praise our Amazing God!

Anonymous said...

"Before I forget, maybe it would be a good idea for us to have the names of the African Leaders (both the Filipinos and the African nationals)who prayed, sacrificed, gave time talent and treasure (and will continue to do so!) to make this an wonderful event in the life of our community,CFC!"-safari is a trek

Michael "shok" Ariola + wife (Ate Karel)Southern Africa
Clarke Nebrao + wife (Cynthia- not the senator's wife)East and Central Africa
Lito Samaniego + wife (Ofellia)Malawi
Nic Escalona + wife- Kenya
Jerry Tanigue + wife- KSA
Deks Gonzalez- no wife- West Africa

Eto yung main movers nung Congress nila. Ang balita eh, they mounted the congress in a month's time lang. All for the sake na maging isa ang Aprika. Sadly, dun sa mga nakatanggap ng sharing ni shok (paki copy kami)may sumagot daw maliciously. The news pa eh that from New Jersey is that Frank will go to South Africa. Dahil daw misinformed ang Cardinal, niloko daw ni shok, hahahaha- the nerve, baka maging papa yan tapos lokohin niya para tanggalan ka ng "pagka- Katoliko" mo Frank!. The cardinal naman daw stated that he consulted the Bishops of the Phils and that he can discern for himself. Now the African telenovela begins, ang script writer si shok, Cardinal Napier or yung maraming naisulat ng si Frank (Under Kay Misis [the movie]- Women are Fabulous, Walang isang Salita [Novela]- Fulfilling the Mandate, Joke Lang Po [skit]- Friend or Foe, at Batch 40, prequel ng Batch 81- Forty Days of Lamentations.

They will need our prayers, so let us light a candle, say a rosary, hear mass and receive the eucharist for Africa. These people were just doing their jobs, that is to uphold the life and mission of CFC. To introduce Christ to those who don't know Him....

Tarzan of Africa

joni tanitayturin said...

Moose, still there? Helloo kaayo, pud!

Wish to inform Cagayan de Oro City/Misamis Oriental in Mindanao has a fulltime missionary couple in Africa

I recall -

Last year, Bro. Ed Villegas stood before a large gathering of Mindanao leaders for a “Tobit’s Weekend” in Davao City to proclaim his decision to go on full-time mission to
Africa. Bro. Ed admitted that that mid-life “career” decision meant he and Sis Beth could die in that “dark”, malaria-prone continent. He also said that his children, one of whom is a fulltimer in the Family Ministry, have stoically accepted that eventuality. A retired senior manager of Del Monte Phils., Bro Ed “trailblazed” for CFC in “pineapple country” and also helped open the CLP in the once “off-limit-for-CFC” town of Claveria, Misamis Oriental. Before leaving early this year for Ghana, in West Africa, the Villegas couple was a member of the Provincial Council.

Bro Ed and Sis Beth were so consumed with the burning passion for work that any suffering and difficulty, even death, while on mission felt like coming home towards Jesus. I believe the same passion and innate peace have moved our beloved CFC missionaries to stay the course, work, and get the Mystical Body of Africa to lean to and warm, assure, inspire, and strengthen the disturbed soul of the original CFC.

I now suggest –

We lift up to God all His people in Africa, the CFC brethren and missionaries there, the Holy Father, and all the Catholic and Christian missionaries worldwide. Not the least, we request special prayerful intentions for the Villegas couple, particularly Bro. Ed, who we have learned, is sick of the dreaded malaria.


Rolly said...

Frank Padilla is coming daw to South Africa to speak to the Cardinal dahil tuloy pa din daw sila sa FFL kahit anong sabihin ng Cardinal ng South Africa.Sa mga pari daw nila sila makikinig.Duh?Akala ko ba in unity with the church?

Frank,what has happened to you? Does this situation look familiar?The tables have indeed been turned. If you disobey the Cardinal of South Africa now, you will lose all moral authority about being in union with the bishops and the church. You've been harping about that kaya ka umalis di ba?

Grabe na talaga!

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla

Hello all. Please allow me to give my inputs, especially since my name is again being used.

The CFC that opened up and started CFC there is the CFC that we in CFC-FFL are part of. We in CFC-FFL have not left CFC, the spiritual global body. What we left is the CFCGMFI, the legal corporation in the Philippines. This legal personality is a secondary reality to the primary reality of a spiritual body. In fact, there are many CFC corporations throughout the world. Conversely, there are many countries without corporations, remaining as just part of the spiritual global body. CFCGMFI, or CFC-GK, under the IC, has veered away from our original charism. We in CFC-FFL are restoring this. We have more right to be CFC than those who have veered away.

What has Joe Tale or the IC ever done for Africa? We, our beloved missionaries and I, were the ones who had the vision and the passion for Africa, and who pursued and sacrificed for the mission. For you to now say this is the CFC of Joe Tale is for you to be legalistic but not realistic.

The missionaries are certainly being financially supported by the CFCGMFI. But whose money is that? That came from our tithes. That came from the Int'l Mission Fund that I administered. Even the Fulltimers Fund that I set up could be used to support the missionaries, as I told Clarke. Again the IC is just taking advantage of the fruit of our efforts.

God bless.
- Show quoted text -

At 11:57 AM 11/7/2007, Ma. Katherine Guaño wrote:

Hello Uncle Dave!

Greetings of Peace

Thank you for copy-furnishing us with your email. I am thankful that you actually emailed what you are really feel and think of the matter and addressed Michael with your concerns instead of just keeping silent yet with a troubled heart.

I will do the same and hopefully you won't mind me clarifying some issues you have raised.

1. On signing up with the fraction of Tito Joe Tale
- First and foremost, Tito Joe Tale has no "fraction". The CFC that Tito Joe Tale is heading as CFC Director which is CFC GMFI is the same CFC that Tito Frank Padilla was heading before he stepped down as CFC Director and a member of the International Council. Secondly, there was no need to sign up to be members of that "fraction" as you pertain to it because that is the same CFC that we were part of ever since we started to be part of the ministry. All of us, including every CFC member of South Africa is a member of that "fraction" because it was that CFC that opened up and started CFC here in South Africa. Thirdly, if Carel and Michael signed up in support of that "fraction", i don't see anything wrong with that because we all have our personal inclinations at that time and I honor anyone who was humble enough to wait on the Cardinal for whatever direction CFC South Africa will take even if they have personal inclinations.
2. On signing as a missionary of CFC GMFI
- All the missionaries that are serving in CFC South Africa were sent and are still being supported by CFC GMFI. No one among the missionaries have resigned and therefore we all are still missionaries of CFC GMFI

3. On having a hidden agenda
- Everyone may be accused of having a hidden agenda because as I have said, we may have our own inclinations. But Michael has been open to the national council of SA with anything that is happening with regards to this matter. I am not saying this just because he is a personal friend of mine a co-worker but someone who has witnessed how much he sought the guidance of Cardinal, respected the decision of the National Council and remained true to his calling as a CFC missionary for South Africa

4. On speaking on behalf of SA
- His announcement was merely an outburst of excitement. He said that the Cardinal will release an official letter or that the resolution of the whole African continent which the Cardinal drafted with other bishops involved with CFC will be released soon.

Uncle Dave, I hope that you won't feel sad. For me personally, when the announcement of CFC split in Manila marked my saddest day because it led me without direction with my futre uncertain. But we have to move on. Now that the Cardinal has made a decision, I will be at peace that at least SA knows where to go.

For everyone else whom thsi email was sent, I encourage you if you may have questions or clarifications to speak up. So that we may all be one in mind and heart.

God bless you.

Your sister,
On Nov 5, 2007 6:10 PM, Dave Garbutt < Dave.Garbutt@frsolutions.com> wrote:

Dear Mike

Mike you are, as far as I am aware, still a member of the National Council of CFC in South Africa. What I find particularly puzzling is that:
You state that "WE DID NOT ACT ON IMPULSE OR EMOTIONS" yet during that very time you and Carel had already signed up as members of the CFC fraction lead by Tito Joe.
You have signed the attached as CFC GMFI - Missionary NOT as a member of the National Council
Your email has specifically excluded members of the National Council and its Spiritual Directors
It appears that you have purposefully pursued a hidden agenda which was never fully communicated to all National Council members
Your announcement suggests that you talk for all CFC members of the South African family when clearly you don't and neither did you have the authority of the National Council to do so

This email marks one of the saddest days for me in my Christian journey. It is the day CFC in South Africa is being wilfully split by you. As a member of the National Council I am particularly aware that our goal is to grow in holiness through our faith by searching constantly for the truth through Jesus Christ our redeemer. To this end we have pursued the objective of family life renewal through the Holy Spirit.

For me truth does not lie in deceitful behaviour and hence I can neither condone nor follow your lead.

I have met many wonderful people within our CFC family and to each of you I say may God bless you abundantly may he always lead you to the truth in Jesus Christ. For my part, irrespective of whether you choose CFC GMFI or CFC SA, I will always have a special place in my heart for you and wish you God's speed on your journey.

Mike as a member of the CFC National Council I humbly suggest that you resign forthwith to pursue your new direction with some modicum of integrity

God bless you and may He lead you to the truth in Jesus Christ

Dave Garbutt


From: Michael Ariola [ mailto:mfcariola@yahoo.com]


To My Fellow Servants,

For the past months we have agonized so much with what was happening in our community, including our CFC family in South Africa. And now the wait, patience and prayers have been heard, a clear and awesome direction was given at last weekend's CFC African Pastoral Congress here in Kenya. A direction that I believe can move Africa forward towards a direction that gives us ONE HEART, doing ONE MISSION, in ONE AFRICA under ONE GOD. Praise the Lord for truly giving us the opportunity to serve and grow here in this continent.

We have made the decision to wait for our Bishops and the clergy's guidance and direction about the matter. We have made the decision not to divide CFC South Africa and to just carry on with the mission of CFC. We did not take sides, even though we already had our personal inklings to a particular group, WE DID NOT ACT ON IMPULSE AND EMOTIONS, but instead we replied with prayer, fasting and consultation. I honor you for doing that, and praise the Lord for the patience, forgiveness and faithfulness that He showed us and our community.

Together with our chief shepherd in South Africa, His Eminence Wilfrid Cardinal Napier OFM, Uncle Peter one of our council members and I attended the CFC Pastoral Congress on the invitation of the International Council of CFC. I am happy to announce that the Cardinal co-wrote the resolution of Africa towards what happened in the community and was signed by the different Bishops, clergy, and leaders of CFC from North Africa ( Bishop Makarios Tawfiq of Egypt sent a video sharing and support to CFC GMFI), West Africa came with Tito Ricky Cuenca their regional coordinator, full time missionary Dexter and a letter of support from His Emminence Peter Cardinal Turkson and Archbishop Gabriel Buckle of Ghana. East and Central Africa our host brought in newly elect His Emminence John Cardinal Njue of Kenya, Bishop David Kamau , representatives of His Emminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo of Tanzania, who is also the president of Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar, Archbishop Boniface Lele of Mombasa, and Fr. Ambrose representing Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga of Uganda, the Bishop of Indian Ocean Countries, Bishop Denis Wiehe also sent his support. Council members, governance teams and full time pastoral workers of the whole continent of Africa also took part in the congress. The resolution was that we honor only Couples For Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc and they will take directions from the newly elected CFC International Council headed by Tito Joe. I will send you the copy as soon as I upload it, sorry for writing this, I am just excited to share these developments with you.

Again, with love, admiration, prayer and service I thank you. Thank you for bearing with me, our leaders and for serving unceasingly and for not counting the cost. I hope through our prayers and decisions God was glorified. Thank you. Let us continue to serve the Lord with ONE HEART that beats for ONE MISSION looking forward to ONE AFRICA under ONE GOD.

I love you, and everybody here in Kenya sends their love. See you soon!

A humbled servant,

Michael "Shok" Ariola

CFC GMFI- Missionary, Africa

God's Love is better than Life - Psalm 63:3


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ano ini moose said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ano ini moose said...

Frank is that you?
Habari Gani? Nisuri?
Nah, I don't think so

I dare sense-
You're running out of options eh?
I told you so...

I dare remind-
Hands off middle east;
Haven't you heard
CFC rules there.

To Africa?
Don't you dare-
Disobedient Simba beware
Two words; Cardinal Napier

I dare question-
Have you gone mad?
You own not Africa

How dare you say "I,Me"?
Hello? Upto July only
You were CFC

I therefore conclude,
Frank with all your might
You do sound like you're Drunk

CD are you real?
Might you be Frank
Doing a PRANK........

roundeyedtoddler said...

Anonymous said...

"Frank Padilla

Hello all. Please allow me to give my inputs, especially since my name is again being used.

The CFC that opened up and started CFC there is the CFC that we in CFC-FFL are part of. We in CFC-FFL have not left CFC, the spiritual global body."

Is this really Bro Frank Padilla talking? It does sound like you Brother Frank. Still saying the same old lie over and over again? Until now? The International Council has ruled that FFL is not CFC and there is no such thing as CFC-GK, yet you insist on your concepts in a blatant act of defiance and disobedience to the International Council, which, by virtue of the CFC statutes and the provisions of Canon Law, is a legitimately elected body recognized by the Vatican. That is the truth regardless of what Frank Padilla says.

"What has Joe Tale or the IC ever done for Africa? We, our beloved missionaries and I, were the ones who had the vision and the passion for Africa, and who pursued and sacrificed for the mission. For you to now say this is the CFC of Joe Tale is for you to be legalistic but not realistic."

No one has any doubt you did a lot of work for CFC, Brother Frank. Being CFC Director for 26 straight years is no joke. But now, to many you are simply a resigned CFC Director and a renegade leader. You have bolted out of your position and out of the International Council despite the appeal of Joe Tale for you not to. You have hurt a lot of us with what you did. (You won't believe it when I say I'm teary-eyed as I type this reply, Brother Frank).

But we have moved on. Have you? You don't seem to have moved on! Now, you want people to join your cause on the strength of your earthly personality and in complete defiance to the CFC Statutes which you have hammered into our minds in all of those books you have written. How could you do this to us, Brother Frank?

The missionaries are certainly being financially supported by the CFCGMFI. But whose money is that? That came from our tithes. That came from the Int'l Mission Fund that I administered. Even the Fulltimers Fund that I set up could be used to support the missionaries, as I told Clarke. Again the IC is just taking advantage of the fruit of our efforts.

Brother Frank, you're using the word "I" as if you are still CFC Director. You're talking about CFC tithes as if you're still one with us. What you seem to say is, "Africa's mine! Africa's mine! Joe, you have nothing to do with Africa!" Joe isn't Joe anymore, Brother Frank. He's the CFC Director, anointed by the Lord to lead CFC after you abdicated. Isn't Africa the Lord's, Brother Frank? Joe Tale is never in the picture, so shouldn't you, and so shouldn't anybody else. The CFC International Council continues to run CFC's affairs under the Vatican-recognized statutes regardless of who sits there as servant of servants.

When you have done all you have been commanded, say, 'We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.' Luke 17:10

The Round-Eyed Toddler

joni tanitayturin said...


I think the author of that blog “‘Anonymous said …’ Frank Padilla”, is either Frank Padilla himself or Dave Garbutt (who he?) or both.

1. He (They) claims:

1.1 FFL is the “spiritual” / “realistic” body that has more right to be CFC than the “legalistic” GMFI as it restores the charism from which the latter “veered away”
1.2 Only FP/DG and the missionaries had the vision and passion for the African mission; neither Joe Tale nor the IC has ever done anything for it.
1.3 CFC-GFMI does support the African mission, but the funds are tithes anyway, and these are built into the Int'l Mission Fund and Fulltimers Fund which were set up by FP/DG; “the IC is only taking advantage of the fruit of our efforts”
1.4 A Sister “MK” has veered away by signing as African missionary of Tito Joe Tale’s CFC-GMFI “fraction”; like Bro Mike “Shok” Ariola (SA), she has a “hidden agenda”
1.5 While hiding his identity as a member of the South Africa National Council, Bro. SA identified himself as a “missionary of CFC-GMFI” and spoke in behalf of the CFC in South Africa; his action “willfully split” CFC in South Africa, marking it as one of the “saddest days” in the Christian journey of FP/DG’s, who suggests his resignation forthwith” from the National Council.

2. Now, these COUNTER- AND "QUITCLAIMS" from Sis MK (and Bro. SA, too presumably):

2.1 There is no so-called “fraction” of CFC that is with Tito Joe Tale CFC-GMFI because it is one and the same whole that Tito Frank used to head; neither can the missionaries be signing into this “fraction” because they have always been with CFC from the time CLP was started in South Africa; and, if one does sign into this “fraction” of Tito Joe Tale following the advise of the Cardinal, that personal decision has to be honored.
2.2 All African missionaries are for CFC-GMFI because they have been supported by the CFC-GMFI; no one resigned.
2.3 Everyone has a personal inclination but Bro. SA was clear about his seeking the advise of the Cardinal and remained open-minded and respectful of the decision of the National Council.
2.4 Bro SA was just excited that he addressed the whole of CFC South Africa, but he did say that the Cardinal will release an official letter
2.5 News of the split in Manila also marked the saddest day for the African mission. With the Cardinal’s decision, CFC South Africa now knows where to go.

3. I say:

No more abracadabra and other “spiritualist” claims from FP. Yes, in “spirit”, we are all couples gifted with the sacrament of Matrimony. But the “structures” built to give that “spirit” a formal human organization is different for followers of FFL and for CFC. Before, June, 2007, there was only CFC; after June 2007, there is only CFC. FFL has no legal, lawful, authorized basis to claim it is also CFC. Yes, the members of FFL can claim unity with CFC followers “in spirit”, but it may not display CFC in its ID as a social, corporate organization, without risking being accused of lying and deception, or facing legal sanctions. There is only one, legal, Vatican- and CBCP-recognized CFC, which is the CFC-GMFI. As CFC, Frank Padilla is now kaput!

Marthe's alterego said...

Kapatid jonitanitayturin,

That really is Frank Padilla. That letter was actually written to the International Council because he saya his "name is again being used."

Unfortunately for him, he has lost all authority (moral, spiritual or otherwise) to pontificate and tell anyone what to do.

Hats off to MK, Shok and all the other African missionaries who did what every sane, rational Christian should have done -- pray, discern, read and analyze what both sides are saying, discern some more and finally follow the advice of the bishop (in their case, the cardinal).

Re the tithes that Frank claims came from them and which was used to fund the missions, may I ask Frank why he has conveniently forgotten that we (and by we I mean those of us in the majority) have also given tithes? Dumating na ba tayo sa kuwentahan? I'm still trying to be quiet and Christian but I can't help but mention these -- white water rafting excursions, family vacations using mileage points from airfares paid for by the Center (when those mileage points could have been used to pay for airfares of missionaries), excessive use of cell phone privileges, use of Center vehicles and drivers even for personal purposes but with gas and overtime pay charged to the center. Need I go on?

Let me stop now. And like, is it Jiggs?, start deep breathing before my bp shoots up. Frank has a way now of making that happen lately. One of these days, I'll stop reading his emails. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Dear CD,
Sinilat ko ito para maiparating ko sa lahat ng dako ng mundo ang katotohanan sa nangyari dito sa amin sa Vienna,Austria.
Niloko,tinaraydor kami ng limang
European Regional Coordinators na ang apat ay tagarito mismo sa Vienna.Ang grupo ni Larry Castillo,
Moises Evangelista,Mike Jaramillo ay nag-alay pa ng Holy Mass for Unity! Para kono sa pagkaka-isa ng CFC Vienna(pati simbahan ginamit para lamang matamo ang minimithing
mabuo ang Vienna para sa kagalingan
ng FFL)Pagkalipas ng dalawang araw
nagpatawag ng maramihang pag-uusap
si Larry Castillo sa Siemensstrasse
noong gabi ng Biyernes,maraming dumalo,wala ang hiwatig na ito na pala ang katapusan ng isang magandang kapatiran na dinala dito
ng ating Makapangyarihang Diyos sa
langit.Sinimulan ang pagtitipon ng
pag-awit ng masasayang awitin ng papuri sa Panginoon kasabay ang pagpalakpak ng mga kamay.Nang matapos ang pagpupuri ay nagsalita
si Moises, (parang sa lumang kasulatan)naglitanya na siya pati na yong mga naiambag niya sa GK sinabi, may himig na gustong iparating na talagang hindi maiiwasan ang paghihiwalay ng Veinna CFC na kaagad namang sinimantala ni Mike Jaramillo ang pagkakataoon ang mood ng mga taong
nagsasaya na sa halip na nalulungkot sa katotohan ng paghihiway ay nagdiriwang pa sapagkat meron pang sumisigaw,pumalakpak at sumisipol
yon pang isa na kasapi ng layko ng isang simbahan na ngayon ay Unit Leader na sa FFL ay tamayo pa at malakas na pumalakpak habang nakaharap sa dakong pintuan na kinaroonan nina Jorge Villanueva at Jun Dano (ang pangsamantalang
namumuno sa Vienna CFC ngayon)na para bang ipinahihiwatig na Crucify him!!.Itutuloy (inaantok na ako dahil 1:30 na kaya abangan ang mga susunod pang mga kabanata.

mindboggler said...

dear CD,

again, the arrogance of frank is out to the fore.

how can he claim that joe tale or anyone outside of frank and those who have gone to south africa, the likes of roland nillas, paul price and denise nillas, are the only ones who have done something for that continent?

why, as frank said, are we not part of those who gave tithes, too? maybe, he gave more than us in pesos or dollars, but that does not give him the right to own outright and claim that it was he and only a few others who had passion for south africa.

was not joe tale and the five others in the council then headed by frank did not have the same passion for south africa as the then IC as composed, sent those missionaries there? how about us, small fries? can he say that we had less passion for south africa, and for the other countries/ continents, as he has?

where can you see the fruit of the Spirit in all these outbursts of frank.... again, he sings the same "sad refrain" of veering away, disobedience to the Church, CFC as a spiritual body vs. corporate entity - ano kami, bobo... ikaw na lang ba ang marunong dito sa mundo. oh, how i remembered my then manager in the bank where i used to work when he said with a finger pointed to one of his division chiefs who was smark-alecky in one meeting: "it is as if you are the only intelligent animal in this world!". OMG, frank, wake up. the devil has bedevilled you indeed!

to shok & karel, clarke & cynth, and all the others.... you have always been under the Grace of He who Sent You! do not be afraid. you have been anointed and continued to be so. while, they who have separated lost their anointing long ago!!!!!

let us continue to pray for them, though, because they will have a lot to answer to the God we Worship when the time of reckoning comes. i know they will twist this statement to their benefit (as usual) but, we have always been praying for ourselves, our families, our neighbors... am sure God will not turn His face away from us... sinful as we may be. Jesus said, "I came for the sinners (ikaw at ako yon), not the rigtheous (si frank at kasamahan niya yon)". rest assured of His infinite Love.

missionaries of south africa and all the others in the different countries all over the world, who have remained steadfast to the only body He called us to serve, we are proud of you!!!!!

jiggs said...

marthe, joni, fellow bloggers,

i could not follow the blog trails or email trails re:Africa. has our good friend FAP at it again?! please send me that email (jiggs842002@yahoo.com). i promise i will be careful reading it. i cannot promise though that my BP wont rise again.

marthe, yeah taking deep breaths help preventing BP shoot ups. i took the advice of CD. :)

pero things like white water rafting - hmmmm... magandang pakinggan. masarap siguro yun, lalo na kung libre! salamat sa bubuwit mo.

moose, baka you need to take deep breaths too kaya na "edit" ni CD yung comments mo. :)

acc wc said...

Can I ask my fellow bloggers to send also their comments directly to Mr. Frank Padilla so that he can feel the sentiments of those who remained wth CFC(kung hindi pa siya manhid)

Sample ng pinadala ko sa kanya a few days ago:

Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 23:20:58 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: "A Way Forward #5"
To: fapcfc@gmail.com

Mr Frank Padilla,
Puwede bang tumigil ka na sa kakarefer mo sa group mo na CFC! Kung gusto mong gamitin yong CFC oks lang pero do not refer to us as CFC GK. I do not like to hear or read that. We are CFC and you are FFL, period.

Now that you have set up your group, let us just live and let live. Move forward and stop comparing yourself with what those who did not join you are doing

Tama na kasinungalingan and your schemes.

I am attaching the comments in the CFC blog site on your latest misinformation para maintidinhan mo ang sentiments namin.

acc wc

Anonymous said...

Dear CD,
Heto na naman ako buhat sa malamig
na lugar ng Vienna.
Masaya ang kapaligiran at mainit ang pagtanggap sa pahayag na binasa ni Mike.Ito yong sulat ni Bro.Joe Yamamoto sa CFC Austria na ma petsang Agosto 15,2007.
"...the CFC Austrian National Council is now dysfuntional and being no longer one in mind and spirit,...I am hereby appointing Bro. Jun Dano as the interim cluster head of CFC Austria effective today August 15,2007..."
Isa pang sulat ni Bro. Joe na may pareng petsa ay tungkol sa European
"...announcement by Bro. Frank that he is forming a new community
that is calling the "CFC Foundation for Family and Life," and because the Borjas have signified their intension to join to join the new community, the International Council of CFC hereby declares that this European Conference is not a CFC activity."...
What a fantastic strategy...tamang
sulat sa maling pagkakataon, natulig sa bilis ng pangyayari ang mga tao. Hindi alam na
may sabwatan na naganap noon pa sa pagitan ni
Frank at ang limang European Regional Coordinators,hindi nila
alam na nagpahayag na ang lima nang hindi pagsuporta sa IC.
Ito yon may petsang Hulyo 21,2007,oras 3:29 PM, Sabado na adres kina Bro. Joe and co.
"Subject:Europe's withdrawal of support for the CFC International Council.
"5.Despite the continous demolition job on Bro. Frank's person with lies and slander,we still give him, our full confidence and support for we balieve that with the composure that he is showing now plus the fact that he among all the leadres is the only one who was recognized by the Vatican, he has the spiritual anointing and the moral ascendancy to lead the community.we still consider him as our International Mission Director
in CFC." wow ang galing pinawisan ako doon ah!Hawak pala nila ang buong Europe sa kanilang mga kamay
pati ako!!!?.At saka nasaan ang ang kanilang itinuturo na Obedience and being on the top position particularly here in Europe that they must know in their hearts the Statutes of the CFC.And MUST not size up somebody.
Wew.Hindi bobo kung sino man sila para ituloy ang conference sa Germany,kayo ano ang gagawin nyo kung baliktarin natin ang pangyayari?. Itutuloy

joni tanitayturin said...

How much longer?

“Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?
Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet?
Quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia?”
(How long, O Catiline, will you abuse our patience?
How long is that madness of yours still to mock us?
When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours?)

Yes, Fratre Francisco, quo usque tandem?

(Hah, FP please don’t answer in Latin. They were the opening salvos of the first of four world-famous orations of Cicero, at the Roman Senate, against the attempted coup d’etat by Catiline more than 2000 years ago. There were curious sub-plots involving elections, intrigues, and the machinations of a woman in that particular story of the Roman Republic during the 1st Century, BC. Sensing defeat, Catiline plunged himself amid the pursuing loyal Roman soldiers, who killed him, in between the 2nd and 3rd orations. Interestingly, Cicero’s speeches, through which all the conspirators were executed, were delivered between November 8 and December 5.)

CD, paano na ito. Parang malalim na ang ugat ng mga English polemics na mukhang the terms “veering away” and “disobedience” ay mahirap galbutin from the throats of FFL (the Visayan tilaok is more appropriate), what with the basic pastoral references written by FP himself! How about having this “pidgin” Latin, for a break ha? Sana matamaan sila ni Cicero, kaya lang BC pa ito.

(CD, how’s this? It seems like the vagaries of the English language have so deeply embedded in our polemics that terms like “veering away” and “disobedience” can hardly be extracted now from the throats of FFL (the Visayan tilaok is more appropriate), what with the basic pastoral references written by FP himself! How about having this “pidgin” Latin, for a break ha? Hope Cicero whacks them, even as he lived during the “BC” period yet.)

May the evil forces behind all fraternal conflicts and disagreements now hounding our beloved CFC be SLAIN AND BURNED FOREVER IN HELL, not next time but starting TODAY!

So, I pray it shall be done.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's ingenious...or dis-ingenious...

...someone in FFL is now claiming that Frank is the only one who has Vatican recognition?

Wow naman hehe...that's marvelous...I can't imagine that Frank's claim to be taking 'momentary responsibility for how FFL will be governed' is going to stay momentary in this light.

Maybe FFL are really committed to making this Frank For Life.

Anonymous said...

Dear CD,
Kaya pala napakalamig kahapon dahil pumatak na ngayon ang unang nyebe,
so winter na na dito.
Ganyang leadership meron kami dito
may nangyayari na palang di maganda
ay kampanti pa rin kami yon pala niluluto na kami sa aming sariling
Ito pa ang isa,mas grabe ito.Kung kaming mga members ay walang alam
lalo namang nagmukhang ta... yong
dalawang member ng Austrian National
Council,nagdecide na pala sa FFL yong lima ay di pa nila alam,yan yong nakalap kong information.
Ganyang leadership meron kami dito
sa Vienna.
Humabi sila ng tabing gamit ang mga himaymay ng kabulastugan na denisenyohan ng mga salita ng Diyos,napakalaking tabing upang takpan ang kanikanilang mga kabulastugan at pangsariling kagalingan.
Tunay ngang mga kamandag ng kabulastugan ang kanilang inihahasik sa mga members tulad na lang sa mga titulo ng mga larawan na makikita sa mga websites na ito,
kayo ang humusga;www.maxineclaire1989.multiply.com at www.redbarparty.multiply.com; at ito naman ang mga pictures ng pangunahing bulastug kasama ang mga nasalinan niya ng kamandag;www.yfcron.multiply.com.

Anonymous said...

we're doomed!

the deception has even spread to "the future CFC" --- our YFCs, our youth!

so now they have become "YFC-FFL"? i wonder how many in the (multiply)pictures really know the real score?

roundeyedtoddler said...


Someone forwarded to me the statement of Cardinal Napier.

Please view them here:
Page 1 -
Page 2 -


Written in bold in the statement is as follows:

The Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc. is the Couples for Christ recognized by the Vatican through the Pontifical Council of the Laity. And because of this, we, the Bishops and Priests of various dioceses in the continent of Africa are united in its support of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, and hereby resolve, that in order to preserve the unity and good order of the lay association Couples for Christ in Africa, we recognize only one Couples for Christ, that is Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc. (CFCGMFI), under its International Council headed by Bro. Joe Tale.

The satement was dated 3-November 2007 and signed in Nairobi, Kenya by:

His Eminence Wilfrid Cardinal Napier, OFM

It was co-signed by:

Sr. Leonida Katunge
Pastoral Formation & Representative of Archbishop Bonaface Lele, Archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya

Fr. John Muli
CFC Chaplain Taveta Deanery, Taveta, Kenya

Fr. Ambrose Bwangatto
Representative of Archbishop Kizito Cyprian Lwanga, Archdiocese of Kampala, Uganda

Fr. Baptiste Mapunda
Chairman, Commission on Family, Representative of His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, Archdiocese of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

Alam mo Cd,matagal akong nagkibit ng balikat,kinagat ang labi at malimit humugot ng malalim na hininga upang
mapigilan ko ang aking sariling magsalita at iyan ay sanhi na rin sa mga tagubilin ng mga elders ,subalit sa likod ng aking
tuktok ay matindi ang diwa ng isang mamahayag na nag-uudyok sa akin na sabihin ang katotohanan.Hindi ako mapagkunwari o hepokreto para sabihin ko na hindi ako nagalit at nasaktan sa ginawang ito ni FAP lalo na sa mga kasapakat mo dito sa Austria,ngayon awa na lang, na sana
patawarin kayo ng Diyos sa inyong ginawa sa amin.Makasalan din akong tao inaamin ko, pero sa araw-araw ay pinipilit kong maging isang mabuting kristyano sapagkat sa murang edad natuto na akong magsimba tuwing Lingo kahit walang nagsasabi sa akin at masidhing kagustuhan na makapagbasa at magkaroon ng sariling Bibliya,nilalakad ko ang limang kilometro papunta sa bayan para makipagdiwang ng Banal na Misa.Hangang ngayon lalo' higit noong makasapi ako sa CFC ay lalong
tamingkad ang mukha ng ating Panginoong Hesukristo sa akin,hindi ang pagkatao mo Frank ang sinundan ko kundi ang sa Panginoon at hindi ikaw ang CFC kaya tumigil kana sa katatalak mo ng paulit-ulit.Alam mo, ang tingin ko sa iyo noon.. siguro sampung milimetro na lang at santo
ka na pero sa ginawang mong ito,ewan ko kong ano kana sa akin,pero marami kaming na-aawa sa
iyo.Matindi ang ginawa niyong pagwasak sa magandang pagsasamahan ng mga kabataan dito sa Vienna,nasaksihan ko ang mapait nakatotohan ng separasyon dahil apektado sila emotionaly, can you imagine the impact of the remarks of the youth in German!"Frank ist blöd",ayaw ko nang sabihin sa Tagalog kasi kawawa kana, ito pa kasing katabi namin ay may sinabi hindi ko alam,pero tanda ko pa"Dugay ka na dire sa Kupols dungol ka gihapon"Parang may pahabol pa"Ang gin kaon nya iya gin suka tapos iya gin pakaon sa iya ido,ang mga hinuptanan nya na namitan sa pagkaon" yan yong tanda kong sinabi nong isa at mabuti na lang yong kapampangan nakapagtimpi ang nasabi na lang niya,"Damolag ine,nano kang buri!moret!" ay ano na ba yan?!,nagahalo-halo na itong
sinulat ko.
Una sa lahat ay nag papasalamat ako sa yo CD sa blog na ito dahil nabigyan ng puwang ang isang tulad ko
na magpahayag sa diwa at prinsipyo ng malayang pamamahag.
Pinili at ninais ko na magsulat sa wikang Pilipino sapagkat mahal sa akin ang wikang ito , para na rin
namnamin ang tunay na lasa ng nilalaman ng isang tinalakay at maramdaman ang tilamsik ng mga kataga kung mainit ang pinag-uusapan.itutuloy

Anonymous said...

Dear CD,
Yong kapampangan di narin nakapagpigil sabi nya,Nanong lagyo ning grupo ni Frank,HepHepHel,aru dyos ko! kin lalam ning titi na lang sya magtalk.Karakal yang damolag keta,maramdaman ya!
Ano kaya sa Tagalog yon?
Pero yong walanghiyaan dito sa Vienna ay patuloy ko pa ring bubulatlatin para lumabas ang tunay na amoy ng baho ng kanilang
ginawang sabwatan.
Bago pa lang umalingasaw ang baho ng kanilang ginawa, itong si Ray ay lumipat ng UK, doon na raw siya maninirahan, kono.Ayon sa aking narinig itong si Jorge Villanueva ay sa telepono pa niya nalaman kay Ray Magno na siya at ang apat na kasabwatan nya ay nagdeclare ng di pagsuporta sa IC sapagkat naniniwala sila na si Frank
ang kapatdapat na lider ng CFC.
At iyan ay pinatutunayan sa kanilang sulat sa ipinadala kay Joe Yamamoto at iba pa noong Hulyo 27,2007,3:29 ng hapon.Akalain mo,sa ganda ng panlabas na samahan
at sinasabing kapatiran ay nagkahudasan parin.Hindi masabi sa harapan noong magkakasama pa sila at ngayong malayo na at ligtas na sa peligro ay ipanagtapat narin nya.Maraming nasira sa magagandang
pagsasamahan dito,magkakapatid,magkukumpare,
magkaka-ibigan.Kung noon ay malapit sa isa't isa, ngayon isang milya na ang layo sa isa't isa na para bagang merong isang napakalaking tipak ng yelo na nammagitan sa kanila.Sa simbahan kapag lumabas ka pagkatapos ng Banal Misa, yong kabatian mo ay about face o kaya naman 90 degrees
ang pihit ng katawan para kunwari di ka kita.Ganyan ang sinapit namin dito,ganyan kapait ang katotohanan,ganyan kalaki ang pinsala na nilikha ng bomba ni Frank na pinasabog ng nagsabwatang lima dito sa amin.