Thursday, November 22, 2007

Don't Panic!

It's still the same blog, I'm just trying out a new layout, something a bit more festive in anticipation of our big day on Dec 2.


Wolsink said...

COOL! Hope you just keep it this way.

Ernie said...


Blogspot may have a Christmas layout, we (DefendingCFC) can use All Christmas Season, starting Dec 2,2007.

mindboggler said...

dear CD,

kelangan talaga maging iba tayo. naka-usap ko personally si msgr. p. quitorio after the teaching night.... sabi niya, so far, tama ang ginagawa ng IC. God's design talaga.

so tayo, outlet natin ang blogspot na ito. we, who sometimes can not control our BP, anger, yong feeling na naloloko tayo... dito natin pinapalabas. the IC as a body has been blessed with the grace of humility and will continue to be so. the good monsignor said, as a way of reassuring us is that "deception can never win".

starting december 2, maybe we can start to reconfigure ourselves, bloggers, too. sustain the momentum of our dancing on that day by "killing the enemy softly" with our LOVE. theme natin yan for the coming year. marching order ng IC for all of us!

may JESUS look kindly upon all of us and bring us to the Father's almighty goodness!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD,

The new layout works great with internet explorer but can you test it with Mozilla's firefox? A lot of us use this browser.

Just a thought...

More power to you and CFC

jiggs said...

i thought i was led to the OTHER blogsite. =)

neokid (mike) said...

Don't Panic!!!

FFL member dancing? with the Big West Dance practice (for the Dec2 Time to Dance).

I approached one dancer 'coz I know this sister with her husband joined the FFL bandwagon... and so i asked why?

She replied... We realized CFC is really our way of life. That's why we came back.

Best of all, I get to use my dancing shoes...

she continues, "kulang pa ba dancers? marami pang nasa FFL na gustong makisayaw eh"..

Keep on dancing!

nw49socal said...

definitely a lot more sooothing to my tiring eyes. thanks.

C.D. said...

Wolsink: Thanks!

Ernie: I'll be doing just that, I think it'll be a great way to celebrate this blog's first CHRISTmas. =)

Mindboggler: I totally agree!

Anonymous: I only use Firefox, so I actually have to test it out on IE. =)

Jiggs: Hala! If you're lost, I'm sure you know how to find your way back to CFC. =)

neokid (mike): I hope to see ALL dancing on Dec. 2.

nw49socal: That's good to know, I hope I'm on to something with the colors and may not be final though, I'm still playing around with it.

Am not going to Panic, except... said...

On the new format of this blog site, NO I WONT PANIC!

It's lovely, looks very professionally made! However, what happened to the quick scrolling set of pictures on the right? Please continue to do that. i was about to send a couple of pictures of GK 1world, pero baka hindi na kailangan.

Before I go, let me tell you what could make me panic, it's this:

FRANK A. PADILLA and all his Easter/PLAYBOYS & BUNNIES Group completes a return to CFC; RE-ACQUIRES CFC Diretorship...That would really make me panic.

roundeyedtoddler said...

In the spirit of one-ness with our brothers and sisters in FFL who have been with us in CFC, I would like to appeal to all of you to please pray for Brother Ed Padero, who happened to be one of the signatories of the October 27, 2007 FFL declaration (please click here)

A text message yesterday from a CFC brother in Qatar (I don't know kung nag-FFL ito) went as follows:

"Pls pray 4 bro. Ed Padero who's been admitted as emergency case at HMC for stat CT scan of lung, liver, colon, rt kidney n bladder. Also cytoscopy of bladder, prostate n colon w/ tissue samples extractd 4 biopsy under gen.anesthesia. Metastasis of cancer suspected. Ed went confesion n rcvd Eucharist. Thnx, GBU."

My father-in-law died last Friday of cancer. I know how hard it is to accept a fatal condition that befalls our loved one. Let's pray for Bro Ed Padero and for his family who are certainly in deep pain right now. May they all go through this crisis with greater faith in their hearts.

He ain't heavy. He's our brother.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

roundeyedtoddler said...

Dear C.D.,

I use both Firefox (my default browser) and Internet Explorer. No problem at all in both browsers.

This change-in-layout thing is great for all of us. Somehow, we do need to change the mood. With the recent issuance from the International Council, I believe we have enough wholesome ammunition to fight this little battle of ours--a good reason to change the mood indeed.

During Christmas season, a livelier mood/layout may be more appropriate. Something with red, green or yellow, but within bounds to suit our manly taste :-)

Keep up the good work, Bro.

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Paulijah said...

Hi CD!

Great design! So cool and soothing in the eyes. May God bless you more.

jiggs said...

dont worry i will find my way back to CFC! i will not be deceived and be LOST... =)

i can smell it if im in the wrong company... hehehe


Anonymous said...

from Discernment in Toronto...

Great Job CD! It looks great! I had a second of panic for a bit, though...

This blog has been a source of truth that has gotten me and our brethren through the toughest few months in our community's history. I am sure you will all agree, in these past months we are also emerging stronger, too!

Keep up the great work! I also long for the time when we could also change this blog's name.

But let's keep on blogging!

God bless!

Discernment in Toronto

Anonymous said...

CD, I just wanted to say "Thank you". This blog has helped me a lot. You truly our God's gift to the community. Thank you

Merry Christmas to you and your family and Merry Christmas to all CFC brothers and sisters

north america member