Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wikipedia Edit Alert

Hey Jed, I think you're the unofficial overseer of the CFC wikipedia entry, I thought you may want to take a look at it now.

Someone from the FFL is at it again. The term "edit war" is in the discussion section, and this one has all the signs of malicious editing, considering most of the links are FFL related now the entry seems to insist that the Couples for Christ is made up of two groups now.

When will this end? Oh I don't know, they already have their two different entries but they still feel the need keep re-editing the official CFC one.


Looks like it is fixed. Thanks to whoever was responsible.


DEFENSE ! Defense! said...

What now?

"Edit War"?

There are so many "wars" between CFC and FFL, how do we in CFC play it? Offense or Defense?

This blog site says, its Defense!

So tonight, I go to more prayers:

1. for Frank Padilla that he would see the light. And the light I mean is for him to stop bugging us with this CFC-FFL (we-have-left-the-corporation-but-not-the-spirit insanity)theory.

2. for FFL to stop the fallacy of celebrating Anniversaries that are not theirs, specially stopping them from doing an event on such dates because they magnify the LIE. There are speeches, and emcee ad-libs, lying banners, and false sense of celebrations that totally distort the TRUTH in those events.

3. for FFL to regain their sense of fairness, decency, and truth and believe that the members who chose to remain in CFC are not theirs, hence they cannot poach on them, specially those 'meek ones' who could not nor know how to offer an intelligent reason why they could not join yet simply do so on blind obedience, specially if the FFL leader asking them to join is forcing the issue.

These are the "wars" we have to face up to on the ground and while we are busy here, someone is tampering with the truth already existing in Wikipedia for many years; and adding their FFL "facts".

Wikipedia would allow them to put up their own again why do they have to ride on our popularity and acceptability?

Prayer is the only solution to this.

Anonymous vs. FFL TACTICS said...

FFL writers are in a state of desperation.

NOBODY in CFC WILLINGLY wants to read their write-ups; which they like to send to CFC leaders, even if the CFC leaders already requested to be delisted from their e-mail list.

I got those serial articles on "demolition" and I automatically delete.

I do that so I avoid responding in anger.

So they go to the Wikipedia website and pour out their "confusing data" on the SURFING PUBLIC, till our alert & watchful internet detectives notice the unwanted intrusion.

So let's pray for them. FFL's try at misinformation eventually becomes a non-event (like that one of Mr. Nonong Contreras stint on TV on GK Finances which, reportedly, drew flak from his previous corporate employers; YET THEY INSIST ON DOING IT IN MANY WAYS, Wikipedia entry included!

Let's expect more of their 'little games'.

However, let's watch our teams at the ground level; and let's alert our CFC members not to fall into their 'restoration meeting traps'.

estelito.iii said...

Lol. The one who vandaled the wiki page was appealing to the bots. got me laughing for a good 5 secs.

It's kinda cool that bots are in place in wikipedia to safeguard against possible spamming, vandalism, etc.

Anonymous said...

i was the one who fixed the incorrect & biased edit. all you have to do is click 'undo' the vandalized entry, and it will revert to the edit before.. very useful tool.

God bless. -CFC Family Ministries member, USA

Anonymous said...

CD, is there a chance that to end all of this - to ask the kind bishops if they can ask Frank not to use CFC and just use their FFL name. It is really causing all of us to sin, because what they write are mostly hurtful words

a concerned members from North America

Anonymous said...

hindi na CFC GK ang tawag nila sa CFC.
CFC Global na! why???
kasi ok na sa kanila mag GK on their own.
mukha nagbago na naman mood ni tito frank!
what else is new?

Paulijah said...

Yes, got surprised too with that FFL entry when I visited the CFC in Wikipedia. Glad to know it's been fixed already. I hope our brothers and sisters in FFL stop confusing other people by resorting to such tactics. It's not worth it. I pray that we just focus on loving one another. It's more important than anything else in the world.

Happy Happy Talk! said...

A chance to end all this?

With the Bishops asking Frank not to use the CFC name?

Wishful thinking, my friend!

Based on recent events it is Frank who talks to the Bishops, not vice versa.

But to the credit of the Bishops, they have better things to do in their dioceses than talk to Frank, I think! Really!

concerned4truth said...

This was one of the recent pronouncements from the FFL office, so it appears that Frank may be currently trying to persuade the Bishops who he may have influence over to rescind their previous statement that FFL must seek diocesan recognition, then national, then international:

"Secondly, the Vatican has not said in any way that it does not recognize CFC-FFL. This is consistent with its generic recognition of Couples for Christ... full stop. Some form of clarification from the Church authorities concerned is expected to put this issue to rest. "

Let's hope the Bishops don't go for it. It would make them look incredibly bad.

I almost wonder whether we should send FFL's latest communications to more of the Bishops so they know that some FFL leaders may be trying to unduly influence Bishops into reversing the earlier CBCP statement.

Anonymous said...

When I was reading the FFL write up on WIKIPEDIA they mentioned an agreement between CFC and FFL dated Aug. 28, 2007. Was there any agreement as to what would be the condition of the split? Were they allowed to carry CFC's name? Are they still considered members of CFC? What was the agreement they are talking about?

From: Anonymously Confused

I keep an eye on you, FFL! said...

Remember Brothers, no one in CFC will EVER enter into an agreement with FFL about name sharing, i.e. the name CFC will never be given by CFC to FFL.

"Couples for Christ" or "CFC" will always belong to Couples for Christ and not to Foundatin for Family and Life!

If and whenever FFL states something to the contrary, IT IS A LIE, no matter how frequent they mention it!

jedjuntereal said...

Gee. Sorry for appearing only now. Had a busy weekend.

Yes, thanks to Wikipedia's undo feature, the whole mess can be "RESTORED" back to its original.

PS. To the other wikipedia users, please let's improve on our article. I can't do this alone...

Another PS. Although this is not the proper avenue, I would like to honor the many users and bots from Wikipedia who have constructed the CFC article. In fact, I think many of them are not from the community, and although they are just observing Wikipedian laws, I think they have been touched by God in helping our community. Thank you!!!

jedjuntereal said...

This has happened before. For many days, someone from New York kept on editing the CFC article. On Nov 2, that user, "CFCAko", was blocked by wikipedia admins for vandalizing the article.

The new user, "Verymuch2000", is responsible for the page depicted above. He revised the page and undid successive "restorations" by bots (who were programmed to prevent vandalism), since wikipedia is for neutrality and the article, to quote that user, "is in the favor of CFCGMF." (Of course it should be, since CFCGMF is the only organization with the copyright on "Couples for Christ.")

Unfortunately, I'm not an admin, so I cannot have "Verymuch2000" blocked. I hope this page gets read by a wikipedia admin.

CFC in the land of Islam said...

To All:

Excuse me, mejo off-topic. Got some reliable info that FAP and company (with a Bishop in tow) will be here in UAE. I don't know what else he will tell our brethren which has not yet been told. He will try to have an audience with the Bishop. Pls pray for us, that we continue to have a peaceful and undivided original CFC community here even after FAP's visit.