Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trials, Tribulations and the Beauty of it All

Those who attended the MCG Teaching Night on Nov. 20, 2007 had the privilege to listen to Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III in his talk about the cross and the blessing of having a burden to carry. As CBCP Media Office Director, he said he was supposed to talk about the media and its role in the church, but he changed his mind after hearing some of what was discussed that night. It was a very enlightening talk and I for one came out of it very encouraged and refreshed. In fact, it was right after that I conceived of the "What's In A Name" entry.

Someone sent me the file of his talk that night and I'd like to share it with you all. I hope you all give it a listen and I'd love to hear your feedback.

Listen or Download it HERE.

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DBC said...

Dear CD,

Thank you for posting Msgr. Quitorio's talk @ the MCG Teaching night. I was unable to attend that special night and through this posting, I had the opportunity to listen.

Yes, indeed most of us have little faith. We blamed everyone for the crisis in our beloved CFC community and we failed to understand that it was GOD who made this possible in order for us to realize that we have to go through the "desert" of our lives before we can reach the oasis. We have to carry our "crosses" and suffer trials or tribulations if we really desire to reach the kingdom of GOD and gain eternal life.

Henceforth, let's forgive one another and move on. Let those who continue to dwell in lies and deception remain by the wayside. GOD knows what to do with them.

Rejoice & be at PEACE!!!

God bless us all!!!

neokid (mike) said...


Thank you for the lessons!

Lesson in not skipping Teaching Night
Lesson in evangelization
Lesson about my cross
Lesson about my desert
Lesson in love
Lesson in telling the truth

Put the lamp on top of the lamp post!
Let the light shine!

CFC Ostrich said...

Hi CD,

The music playlist feature is one of the wonderful things you have done to this blog . For me, music is a way to express our feelings ( the bloggers specifically ) in a way humans cannot verbally understand, it is a way to come together with everyone ( FFL members included) For me, music is universal and when we hear it, our heart weigh in on the same feelings, the same emotions, the same thoughts. Music should be the food of love. And so let us sing … sing on... listen...listen on and on to our heart's delight.

I have just sent you an MP3 file thru your email entitled " Home"(taken from The Wiz and performed by Diana Ross). This is one of my fav songs and I hope the selection can be included in the playlist.You will agree with me that the lyrics are relevant to the CFC issues .

Indeed,come December 2 is such an opportune time to dance, to sing and to show to the rest of the world that we are sticking together as one family - through thick and thin, for better or for worse we will remain loyal to the real, good, old CFC.

CFC is home .

See you guys at the ULTRA ( look out for brethren clad in bright orange T-shirts)

CFC Ostrich

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, very encouraging! Thanks for sharing this, we hope and pray that the rifts will end and we all move on. I also pray that FFL brothers and sisters in Canada will once again open their hearts and see the truth. No more maligning, no more destroying and no more blaming of IC's. It is sad to say, but hurtful words have not stop here in Canada yet. But no matter how much we are hurt, and no matter how much they continue to hurt us, we will continue to love our brothers and sisters in FFL - right CFC's? Let us do God's work and be at peace. Merry Christmas!

Ernie said...

Response to Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III message.

Come to think of it, Frank maybe the messenger of God to shake CFC members out of our comfort zones.

Not everybody can be involved in GK projects but every member is called to Renew the Face of the Earth.

If that's the case, Frank and his FFL could be the message, "Our cross or the scars to remind us that we are called to put our lamps high on the lampstand".

Let the light of Christ shines through us to the Citizens of the World and not ONLY to the people already inside CFC or FFL.

We have become a closed community to ourselves instead of Channels of Grace to the World.

In a grand scale CFC is the Philippines gift to the World and Filipinos are all over the world. Since we are already out there (in the four corners of the world) it's about time we do our calling. And that is Renewing instead of Fighting.

Souls (Poor in Spirit) are waiting out there to be saved and if we can help bring them back to God then "Well done my good and faithful servant" Say's the Lord.

Si Violet said...

To CFC Ostrich:

Indeed CFC is home!

Pero nililito mo naman kami. Last time at the Mall of Asia, sabi ninyo mag-ORANGE t-shirt ang mga bloggers!

Nag suot nga ako ng ORANGE bago mag-martsa at sa martsa na lang ako nagpalit ng t-shirt na kulay violet.

Yun pala ang mga naka-ORANGE puro mga TAGA NORTH B! Ang kilala ko lang doon na puede maging blogger ay si Marivie Dalman at si Dr. Rene Reyes!

So CD payang ka ba ang Sector color na lang NATIN ang officila color ng blogger. Ito ay Violet!!

Pray for the Philippines said...


If CFC has Trials & Tribulations, TODAY THE COUNTRY is again at a precarious SITUATION.

This guy Trillanes and a General Lim (when will they ever learn?) are again subjecting the Philippines with this event at Makati. Nang gugulo na naman!

Pray tayo that the incident ends within today, Thursday, Nov 29, 2007, without any bloodshed.

Please offer personal prayers and some petition prayers at HOUSEHOLD MEETINGS tonight. May the Lord stop and heal this situation.

Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas kung hindi ito titigil.

Bro Joe Tale sent this A.M. messages requesting the same.

Anonymous said...

What the... I just checked the official CFC website but all I got was a desk pattern. The official CFC website is still out of the loop. Masyado na yatang matagal.

In the meantime, I get the community juice from idotrcfc. Nothing really wrong there. Still the natives are hungry for the official homegrown meat. Kelan ba talaga lalabas ang website, ha?

Anonymous said...


How in the first place did CFC incur such a huge debt close to 20million and this must be during your tenor as executive director? Being the executive director, before you left IC led CFC, don't you have responsibility for putting CFC in such a financial mess? Should you not be a samaritan to encourage our brothers and sisters in FFL to provide financial assisstance since you claim you are still CFC? Finally, can you stop throwing storm of accusation to the CFC and let the PEACE OF CHRIST begin in everyone of us.