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Some Explaining To Do

So...I've asked in a previous entry how an unregistered corporation goes about collecting tithes and representing themselves to their members and more importantly, to the CBCP and the Vatican.

Maybe some of you can answer that for me. Here's a little something to chew on, note the date:


Anonymous said...

I believe they have already been registered as CFCFFL here in the Province of Ontario. So they exist legally here in Canada.


jiggs-antok na said...

i would not comment much on this...

that's the very reason why they say - they have not left CFC!

o di ba...

PEACE - jiggs

CD, where do the tithes go now? will there be a legal implication since there is no legal entity called CFC - Foundation for Family and Life at this time?

magaling talaga ang bubuwit mo, pakitanong na din kung may legal impediment?

ay... humaba din yung comments ko... sowee po...

A tight watch on documenting a tithe said...

So is there some kind of non-disclosure here by FFL if they do indeed collect tithes for a corporation that is not legally existing?

Did Mr. Frank Padilla tell the Vatican Pontifical Council of the Laity President Stanislaws Rylko that his organization is already collecting tithe worldwide from their handful of volunteer members?

Since Vatican is so far, what about Bishops G. Reyes and P. Cantillas, will they absolve FFL of any sin, of misrepresentation and dishonesty, if FFL indeed collects tithes presently or has actually collected tithes from July to October? Do you think Bishop Gabby and Bishop Precy bother to ask FAP if their Finance Man Oland David issues Official Receipts? And has BIR already given FFL the green light to print BIR registered receipts?

If Senate President Manny Villar gave part of his funds to FFL, could that donation by him be allowed by BIR as a charitable expense deduction from his taxable income, if the recipient organization is not an existing corporation at the time of his donation?

Or if Senate President Manny Villar gave that as a donation to Mr. Frank Padilla, would that consists of extra-ordianry income on the part of Mr. Frank Padilla's 2007 Income Tax Return? Do you think Mr. Frank Padilla will declare it in his 2007 Income Tax Return?

But what if Senate President Manny Villar got the donation to FFL from his official funds from the government, is that allowed by Philippine Law ~~ public funds for private enterprise?

Or what's even worse is if a CFC member was brought to a Easter Group/Playboy Bunnies Restoration Meeting without his knowledge that it was a break-away group from CFC, and there he made his monthly tithe and was given an O.R. with an FFL logo superimposed on it, is that act of collecting the tithe by FFL a moral and honest one?

These questions I think has a direct bearing on the morality and honesty question, rather than the pro-life question on the Depo-Provera issue.

Former STMA members who are now in FFL, care to enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe we can also ask…

If the FFL are the bad guys, just very thin and small renegade group, why don’t we just give them what they want – use the name Couples for Christ - Foundation for Family and Life? Will CFC complain to all groups who will have “Couples for Christ” in their name?

For sure CFC-FFL will be gone before they can ever spread anyway. They are the bad guys right? That’s what you try to show here.

Why so opposed that they named themselves CFC-FFL? Why so opposed to CFC-FFL getting any recognition from any bishops?

If we are the good guys in this, why can’t we just confidently do our mission and vision and work for the poor? Why bother whatever name and recognition others have?

Gone Out, Now Wants In said...

Just a thought.

If Senator Manny Villar is in the FFL Household of Biboy & Geraldine Padilla, wouldn't it be possible for him to be asked by his HH Head to intercede for FFL's pending SEC recognition?

On the other hand, if Senator Manny Villar does so, would there be a BIG chance that doing this direct influence over SEC, not cause a possible loss of VOTES not only for the Senator and his House of Representative Congresswoman wife Cynthia some votes?

Last time I looked there will still a greater number of voting public in CFC rather than FFL, isn't it?

Or maybe the good Senator who is by now an adept public servant, couldn't he probably ask another politician FFL member to do it instead of him, and intercede for FFL with the SEC?

So does it look true, that there's a lot of probabilities here in this present life of CFC, all because of an knee-jerk reaction to a resignation in February?

Now we could even have the angle of politics rearing its ugly head in this renewal community.

May God bless us and guide us in our sad state!

Solid YFC *known as GK Y UAE* said...

Titos and Titas, pampastaas lng po ng BP :P uhmmm it looks like FFL is condradicting their own statements... EMPHASIS MINE


Is CFC taking the same Navigation Course or not?

The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are. But in what direction we are moving. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

After having gone through the recent events in the life of our community, I have some Peace in my heart, that things will be made clearer to each one of us – likened to a ship or a fishing boat that will navigate through calm waters, after a raging storm. The contested questions may still linger on, "Is CFC taking the same Navigation Course or Not? Have we taken hold of the helm strongly and vigilantly as expected of Us?"

The Vision and Mission of CFC are our guiding posts, that are reminded of us in every lighthouse that we see in our journey through the vast seas, in our Work of global Evangelization. Lighthouses that will guide and remind us of Christ Himself – that we are on a journey as Christians and as Catholics as we responded to the call of the Church to “put out into the deep! Duc in Altum!”. It was on that same year 2000, at the turn of the third millennium, when CFC was set to introduce Gawad Kalinga in the other parts of the Philippines and eventually into the rest of the world – as in casting our nets into the deep. And the call continued in saying, “Laxate retia! Lower your nets for a catch". That was what I personally perceived that CFC, through Gawad Kalinga and the other Ministries, will be doing in my lifetime.

Our fishing nets are strengthened with the completeness of the Work – the spiritual and the social aspects that is CFC and the 7 pillars, as we grow by leading our lives in the Holy Spirit – in Prayer, Study, Service, Fellowship and Sacraments. The Orientation Talk of the CLP is taken from Luke 4:16-21 which is about the Mission of Christ - His Mission that we are to continue, making us a Christian and a Catholic Evangelistic Community sent out as Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth and Bringing Glad Tidings to the Poor.

I had the deepest thoughts that Gawad Kalinga is God's Gift to the world through CFC and the Catholic Church to Prepare us better in Knowing Her more and Defending Her from the Persecution that she went through all those centuries until these modern times. That with GK as a Pillar of CFC, every member and leader will be well equipped to do Mission as Catholics. When I joined CFC 16 years ago, the passion to know more my Catholic Faith including her History, Doctrines and Principles, grew stronger in me. And I praise God for showing me the Beauty and the Richness of our Church, giving me a stronger resolve that our Work in CFC, with the spiritual and the social dimensions in place, will make a difference everywhere we go. In a sense, I am able to Defend the Catholic Church from those who are against her, by doing GK advocacy as a christian and as a Catholic. That instead of going through debates and discussions with other religions and denominations, bringing GK to them as a Catholic Initiative, will speak loud enough to erase their misconceptions about us. I thought that it was hand in hand with our CLPs and the increasing number of converts into the Catholic Church, who are bible scholars, pastors and ministers of other denominations who used to be anti-Catholics but have converted through the Scriptures and are with us in our Fight against the Culture of Death. And I have mustered enough confidence that our elders in CFC has adopted the posture of Discipleship being "wise as serpents but gentle as doves" (Matthew 10:16) through the Formation Track that we have. And I believed that they would be able to defend our Vision and Mission from the deceptions of the enemy.

The Lighthouses

The strength of CFC Culture grounded on Scriptures and Catholic Traditions has been a lighthouse to each one of us, members of the community. The sacred ministries of the Catholic Church, through our priests and bishops, are also our Guide, even if we may have given less time for them to do so all these years, particularly the Spiritual Directors. I remember the early years when me and Poi joined CFC in our place, how we did our activities with "some distance" from them. Our relationship with our brothers and sisters in the clergy has improved through time, as CFC became more visible in the parishes.

I truly thank God for All our Elders in CFC who served as our shepherds in gathering and guiding us all these 26 years. Our elders Frank Padilla, Tony Meloto and Lito Urgino were equally inspiring as I looked up to them in every direction that CFC took in all those years, together with the other members of the Council. I remember their sharing that they weren't recognized in one SFC activity that they attended. They were asked from what chapter they belonged. It amused them to think that our Structure in CFC doesn't give a "superstar" status to anyone leader. I firmly believed that despite their individual capability and charisma, the Strength of the CFC Culture will Hold them Together.

When GK was finally implemented nationwide in the Philippines and later on internationally, Frank Padilla and Tony Meloto were always side by side in conferences proclaiming Gawad Kalinga. And when the vision of GK777 was launched, they both exhorted all of us and those outside our community, the Work that was entrusted to us by God through CFC. Frank wrote books about CFC and GK as the completeness of the work of CFC – with the spiritual and social aspects. He represented CFC in all those years until our recognition locally in the Philippines and by the Vatican, where he is recognized as the Founder of CFC. And in January 28, 2003, Frank and Gerry Padilla were installed as members of the Pontifical Council for the Family of the Vatican. Bishop Villegas, together with Msgr. Robinson Wijesinghe the first secretary of the Apostolic Nuncio in Manila, said that this was a Divine Appointment as Frank and Gerry were called by God for this assignment. And it couldn't be mere coincidence, that it was on October of the same year that GK777 was launched.

Tony Meloto on the other hand, did his part well in building up the Family Ministries from 1993 onwards, as shown in the conferences that each ministry had and growing strong each year. And when our Work with the Poor was conceptualized, finalized, and implemented in Bagong Silang as the pilot area, the Family ministries, through the YFC and SFC volunteers and fulltime workers, were at the frontline. I truly get inspired by his stories of Challenge and Victory in his service in the Family Ministries and Gawad Kalinga. More so with the blessings that God poured on him and his family. He will always be an inspiration to me and my family in all those years of serving in the Family Ministries.

Finally the introduction of the Vision of GK777, brought the two of them in a more passionate and zealous posture of leading the community and those who are supporting our cause for the Poor, in a higher Gear. Hardly could we see the Concerns that were building up at the same time. Apparently, the seeming success that we experienced and held in our hearts here in CFC with the way GK was going, wasn’t spared of challenges and problems that even affected relationships from the top leadership to the bottom. In fact a CFC Sector leader in Manila implemented GK on their own without any link at all with Ancop nor with Tony Meloto. They have foreseen that with the way GK was going, it will eventually and surely overwhelm the evangelization thrust of CFC. In one province, relationships among local leaders were likewise marred by loss of trust and even personal criticisms, as they carried out CFC and GK activities and programs, at the same time.

The Storms that Came our Way

CFC went through a Storm in 2002, when Lito Urgino left the community to organize his own group here in the USA, in what was a Crisis Situation at that time. Apparently it had something to do with our New direction, in the implementation of our Work with the Poor. In fairness, I surmise that it wasn't about loving the Poor but it was probably about the mechanics of the GK Program itself and the circumstances surrounding its conceptualization. It had something to do with some Disagreement on the Direction of CFC at that time. I didn't have the detailed information about that particular situation then. But Frank Padilla acted by protecting CFC, as he stood firm in support of Tony Meloto at that time. That Crisis didn't affect the community on a global scale, as it was confined here in the USA.

As for me, it was the remotest of possibilities for Lito Urgino to leave CFC. It was even impossible, as the only two reasons I could think of, for leaving the community is when christian and Catholic principles are compromised. And the reality of such a Disagreement to eventually affect the relationship of Frank and Tony, was farthest from my mind as well. Then it actually happened. But this time, the response is not to Leave, but to Restore. This time, the response is not actually forming another group, but to highlight and proclaim what CFC truly is. This time, it is not about being in connivance with the bishops, as mistakenly taken. But it is about being in Communion with the entire Church, as we face a huge Spiritual Battle, where every Reserve in the Army of God here in CFC, are being called to Pray and Act.

There is no doubt that GK as A Work with the Poor is embraced by All the Elders concerned and All the rest of us, either as CFC-FFL or as CFC-GMFI.

*NOTE*Why did they stopped calling us CFC-GK???

The CFC & GK1 paper was an affirmation of the agreed Navigation Course to be taken, which was approved and released in March 3, 2006. It states among other things, that GK is fully a part of CFC’s Work of evangelization. Then in November 9, 2006 CFC & GK2 paper was released, giving reminders of potential Collisions ahead. As a matter of personal observation, both papers were peculiarly released on the same year, indicating that something was going on. In his August 5 sharing during an MCG gathering in Manila , Tony Meloto himself admitted that for a “long time”, there has been a “false sense of unity” in CFC as there were always disagreements as to policies and directions. On the other hand, Frank Padilla himself was asking about the GK Recollection done here in the US for months at the end of 2006, when it was not approved at all by the GK Board where he is the Chairman. The absence of coordination between CFC and GK top leadership was an ominous sign of another storm that will come our way.

Finally in April 2007, CFC & GK3 paper was released, which was an actual Call to change course, as a Collision was now imminent or even happening. It was intended for the Elders to discuss and address and was Sent to them primarily for that purpose. But instead of being addressed accordingly to steer the ship against the waves of a storm, it was negatively taken to be the Cause of further confusion and was tainted to be with ulterior motives. And worse, the insinuation and even publication by some in the Media, of the false notion that Frank Padilla and CFC-FFL are against GK as a work with the Poor.

An urgent cry to the Captains of the Ship was made. Change course 7° to the left! Change course 7° to the left! Back to the original course! Collision ahead! Collision ahead! But instead of making that crucial change of course, somebody is being tried for Mutiny for strongly and persistently suggesting the Return to the original Course! I thought of the idea that whistleblowers would usually get to be Criticized and Discredited as a usual response in the Secular World and not in a Renewal Community as CFC. I firmly believed that the strength of the CFC Culture can overcome such kind of weakness in us. But sadly, the Crisis showed that the same Response was resorted to, the same Weakness was displayed, at the turn of the next 25 years.

Were the three bishops unnecessarily solicited?

When the matter was elevated to the bishops, through Cardinal Rosales, their intervention was unfairly considered, as “Unnecessarily Solicited”. And their strong recommendations were not considered, particularly to settle first whatever differences the 7-man Council have with each other and to postpone the elections of June 22 by organizing an Interim Council instead. This was based on the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius of Loyola, not to make Major Decisions when one is in Trouble because chances are, a Wrong one will be made in such disposition. Isn't Pride lurking around the corner? When the 7 members of the CFC Council seriously Disagree with one another, whom can they turn to if not the Church?

Three bishops, not just one, were assigned by His Eminence Cardinal Rosales to attend to the CFC Situation. This was affirmed when the Cardinal immediately made a clarification on the June 7, 2007 letter of the CFC Council of 4, quoting him as saying that "postponement of the elections will create more divisions and tension". It was this letter from the Council of 4 that expressed their firm resolve to remain unified in the remaining days of their term instead of the Unity or Solidarity with the Church through the bishops in times of Conflict. It was in this letter when they
went with their own discernment rather than the guidance from the Church in stating ". . . that the Lord has anointed CFC to fulfill an important role in the Church and blessed it for the past 26 years. We sense that He is leading us to continue the process of selecting our own leaders . . " They followed their own discernment rather than that of the bishops, in a crisis situation. And it further stated that ". . . the 4-man Council foresees even more damaging ramifications, when the scheduled CFC elections do not push through." So what have we gotten ourselves into?

The Cardinal immediately wrote a letter to the three bishops saying "Please know that I really do not know CFC that well. They just came to me once. That is why at the very beginning I agreed that Your Excellencies be the ones to sit with them and help resolve the division among them." Our brothers in the sacred ministries were truly concerned for the community. And he even stated that whatever recommendations the three bishops will make, the Cardinal will agree and support them.The Sincere Intentions of the Cardinal and the bishops, being considered negatively as Unnecessarily Solicited by the CFC Council, in effect was an indignity on the Office of the Bishop, at a time when we needed them the Most to Guide us. We were kind of sure, that we can handle Ourselves better. It was an opportune time for us to let go of our own Ways and Expectations and Relate in Solidarity with them and with one another, as members of the Catholic Church. If the CFC Council members are anointed as elders, isn't the office of the bishop likewise anointed?

The Cardinal also stated in his letter to the three bishops, "I also told them that they have constitution and by-laws to observe." This can mean that the bishops should be careful to observe the consitution and by-laws of the organization, which I believe was not trespassed at all by the recommendation to postpone or moved to another time in the future. And if amendments were required, then that particular time would also serve as the interim period for an interim Council to govern.

But on the other hand, the statement of the Cardinal can also mean, which I find to be more significant - that they (the CFC elders) have a constitution and by-laws to observe directly, being members of the organization. And that relates to the CFC statutes and Catholic principles that such constitution and by-laws were intended to protect and promote. And it relates furthermore to the beginnings of CFC as a christian and Catholic community being recognized by the Catholic Church through the Episcopal Council for the Laity and the Pontifical Council for the Laity of the Vatican where both councils recognizes Frank Padilla as the Founder, which cannot be changed at all even if he resigned from the CFC Council in February 20, 2007. Hence, the responsibility to protect the Vision and Mission of CFC is inherent in this recognition - to sound the trumpet if the attack is a Reality or even a mere Threat. And it is also by this recognition, that he cannot separate himself at all, from CFC and from this responsibility. CFC-FFL by all means, is not a separation but a proclamation of what CFC used to be at the start and what it should be now. The registration for it as an organization at the SEC, was an option left, whenever pushed to the limits as shown at the start of the Conflict until now. But at the same time, I feel that the option to a Reconciliation is still widely open.

When the Council decided to ignore the strong recommendations of the three bishops, it didn't suppress the pursuit for the Truth and for Restoration. A group of 12 elders gathered for 4 days and came up with a Solution to the Crisis. It had the blessings of the bishops. And when it was shared by Frank to the rest of the community in an email expressing gratitude to God for guiding us through this Crisis by answering our prayers, it gave us a sigh of relief and a hope to an end of the Conflict. Still it was not accepted and even crushed, as to accentuate an end to it by submitting it to a referendum or a majority decision. Would prayers and discernment done in four days by CFC elders who came up with a Solution in a Consensus, be easily disregarded by tradition and organizational by-laws in a crisis situation?

Our Elders went on to make a “Major Decision” in times of “Great Conflict”, which was what the bishops recommended that CFC leaders Avoid at that time, to Calm a pending Storm as it was already Raining. That also explains
why the letter of the bishops was addressed to the members of the Elders' Assembly and not just to the 4-man Council. And there were last ditch efforts by the Spiritual Director himself to convince them to heed the Advice. It was definitely a Sincere Desire to help rather than to just accomodate One side. The three bishops had the same sentiment towards the response of our elders. They were officially commissioned by the Cardinal to attend to the CFC Situation and were the ones who can give official recommendations apart from anyone else. The other bishops and priests simply expressed their respective decisions and opinions in their respective dioceses.

Who actually changed Course anyway?

Probably it happened for the past 3 years or perhaps even longer, when there was seemingly a change in the Navigation Course of CFC, in the direction GK was going. A point of disagreement as the current Captains of the Ship would appear to argue that there is None. In one sharing by a top GK leader in 2003, he said that he agreed with the plan to package GK as a Non-Religious program. This "mindset" could have influenced the direction of GK and explain why CFC has seemingly faded in GK advocacies. And in the recent Letter of Clarification by Bishop Reyes regarding the Result of the August 28 meeting with the two groups, certain Issues raised by Frank Padilla in the paper CFC & GK3, were determined to be valid and with solid basis. In effect, CFC, with the current direction of GK, has veered away from its original charism of renewal and evangelization as a Christian and a Catholic organization, which are embodied in its Statutes. Hence for me, there was a “change of navigation course of sorts” from the original charism of the community as Global, Wholistic and Catholic – in bringing Christ to the world. It was a Collective Responsibility of the former 7-man CFC Council, where 3 who represented the major ministries of the community, already "resigned".And I agree that there was really a Change in Navigation Course and that it is a Serious matter.

The current GK leaders and CFC elders, definitely have all the Good Intentions for doing so, with their Commitment being sincere and true. However, promoting GK as non-religious and hiding CFC during GK advocacies, among other things, in effect changed the Direction. And at the same time, actual view from the ground, in GK villages, the veering away is hardly noticeable. For what we see and witness are experiences of Joy, Hope and Victory that GK brought to the seemingly helpless and hopeless situation of the Poor. It should be clear, that the Issue is not GK as a pillar of CFC, but it is "mindset" of the leaders in the New direction and implementation of the program, in relation to the principles and Statutes of the community and of the Catholic Church as listed in the paper CFC & GK3 and as pointed out during the August 28 meeting.

The Call to Restoration

The New Call to return to the original Navigation Course had the Intention of bringing the community back to its original purpose as recognized by the Council of the Laity of the Philippines and the Pontifical Council for the Laity of the Vatican . The August 28 meeting therefore determined that social action was Stressed more than spirituality and evangelization. As such GK should adhere to the Vision and Mission of CFC and to its approved Statutes, which states that CFC is committed to the work of global evangelization and renewal, with the goal of winning the world for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

That even if there was an agreed approach at the start of the advocacy, to project GK and not CFC, it was clearly stated in CFC and GK1 paper, “at least initially”. It states further that, “it is not our intention to deceive or hide the reality that CFC is behind GK.”. Whereas CFC and GK2 paper already states, that it is the non-CFC partners who are acknowledging CFC as behind GK. Therefore, there is no longer any solid basis for us CFC leaders and members, to continue to hide CFC in our GK advocacy. It appears to me that the papers GK1 and GK2 were also intended to Guard the program from being Influenced by other forms of spirituality and Mind.

The lack of coordination between GK top leaders and CFC elders, as seen in the decision to allow the Mormons to get into GK villages as stated by Tony Meloto in his commencement speech in UP, and the conduct of GK Recollections in the US without approval by the GK Board, posed a great Risk for the enemy to come in. And if the "mindset" of CFC leaders are not vigilant enough with the successful implementation of GK, in allowing compromise of CFC and Catholic principles to happen by considering them at the same time as "isolated" or probably insignificant, is a manifestation of misplaced confidence that will affect the Defenses of CFC seriously. It is in this regard that I agree that the situation is Urgent, needing immediate Attention by our elders in the Council before the Elections of June 22.

It was a time for us to Evaluate ourselves, particularly the 7 members of the Council, who at that time were vigorously shaken with disagreements and criticisms leading to the unexpected resignations of the three and the absence of coordination as to the direction of GK. It was imperative then to determine the reality of the Issues raised, in order to clear the "mindset" of our elders as to the direction of GK being affected by the "accomodations" made, before electing New Ones. If the veering away is True, but denied by our elders who are supporting the current GK direction, then the situation of disagreements will continuosly affect the community adversely leading to further ruins and humiliation, even after the June 22 elections. The current responses towards the Issues raised, particularly on Frank Padilla as the whistleblower, are indicative of our elders siding with GK leaders, and being protective or defensive of the current direction of GK. However, if the veering away is not happening at all, then it would be for the good of the community and a stronger support for the direction of GK will follow. Thus the recommendation of the bishops was practical and appropriate.

What's in a Name?

Therefore with such titles as CFC-FFL reminding us of the CFC charism in our fight for the promotion of the Culture of Life and for the Family; CFC-GK reminding us of our mission with the Poor and CFC-GMFI reminding us of our relations with the State for administrative and legal purposes, all of which sums up to the name COUPLES FOR CHRIST as recognized by the Catholic Church through the Council for the Laity of the Philippines and the Pontifical Council for the Laity of the Vatican through the Founder at the appointed time who is Frank Padilla. It occurred to me that with the Vision and Mission of CFC being the Focus of the whole Crisis, there is so much sense in encouraging All of us to join in this call for Restoration of the charism initiated by CFC-FFL. We are All For the defense of the Family and for the Culture of Life as a Global, Wholistic and Catholic Community.

Therefore there is no actual separation, but an emphasis on our evangelization and mission; there is no division, but an accentuation of our seven pillars as christians and Catholics; and it is not about power and position, but a huge reminder by God that this is His work and we are simply called by Him to work in His vineyard. Thus from hereon, we move forward as Couples for Christ in the truest sense. It is my conviction that CFC-GMFI and GK are the ones that should join the direction pursued by CFC-FFL. And that the Pastoral Congress that is ongoing in the provinces and finally in Manila, will bring out into the open this realization - as we admit our weaknesses and imperfections. We will continously Correct each other as an Act of Love. And it is in this regard, that I hope and pray for CFC-GMFI to propel the Pastoral Congress as in sounding the Trumpet as well, and be in Communion with CFC-FFL.

*NOTE* WAIT!!!WAIT!!! WHO SEPERATED FIRST BA?!?!? FFL or GMFL...It looks like here FFL is saying that we should be in RETURN in COMMUNIION with them!!! Huh???

Our Reflection: Jeremiah 31:31-34

31 "Behold, days are coming," declares the LORD, "when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, 32not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them," declares the LORD.

33 "But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days," declares the LORD, "I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

34"They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, 'Know the LORD,' for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them," declares the LORD, "for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more."

I remember one question that dealt with the success of Couples for Christ, particularly in our Work with the Poor in Gawad Kalinga. What anomaly could there ever be in a successful program such as GK that would eventually make one doubt its integrity and purpose? The answer given was that, the only anomaly seen at that time is our own Sinfulness and Imperfections.

In this current Crisis situation, as the dust starts to settle to the ground, the answer has become clearer that the anomaly on a personal level is All of us - and that is Me myself, as a member of Couples for Christ - my sinful nature and imperfections. And how I contributed myself to the Crisis that we find ourselves in.

The recent heartrending turn of events has caused me to listen more to what God could be saying in my heart in all those 16 years of membership in CFC. I sensed God's huge reminder of how Proud I have become of being a CFC member - that I have grown to be too arrogant in claiming that my community did so much and even more for the good of the Church than the other communities and even by our brothers and sisters in the sacred ministries - the priests, nuns and the bishops of the Catholic Church. In some sense, I have participated in ignoring the help of our bishops when they gave a strong recommendation for the good of the community during this Crisis situation. And this I offer to God in repentance.

On the other hand, when I got so excited with our Work with the Poor in Gawad Kalinga, I felt that with the ensuing years of its implementation nationwide and even internationally, I have become too Proud and arrogant in claiming that we have done more than what the government and the private sector did to address the problem on poverty, all these years. Although I haven't done much contribution as the others did, but I simply basked in the awesome effects that the program has done to the lives of the poor and the rich alike. And how others are touched and are being drawn into the program. But I didn't bother to ask, "Are they seeing Christ in all these? Did I not have the feeling of owning the work myself?

And underneath all these wonderful things happening in CFC through GK, are our brothers and sisters in CFC and the Family Ministries who were there at the start as volunteers who offered everything that they have and who were "burned out" but managed to continue. I truly honor them and thank them for saying Yes to the Lord, for in one way or another they have changed my life as well. It cannot also be denied how much heroism and courage the
others exhibited to the extent of offering their lives in doing missions for the Poor in GK - how our CFC Elders and their families braved the relocation site Bagong Silang and squatter areas at the start; how SFC volunteers gave up their careers to become fulltime workers in SFC and GK; and how three YFC/SFC missionaries, among others, almost lost their lives in a GK mission when they figured in a car accident last year. I would like to honor them as well with all my heart. One of the three, Jessie Barcelona was a YFC in our area where I served as Provincial YFC Coordinator. And I got so inspired, as with the other YFCs, when I learned that she became a fulltime worker in GK after she graduated college. She was preparing for a mission trip to India when that accident happened.

Thus, we should continue to Pray and Discern well, that with the fast pace our Work with the Poor is going and with the various ministries established, are we still in line with our CFC and Catholic principles - that the Love of the Father in Christ is being shared and promoted in this Work together with all the other communities, even with other denominations that are founded on faith, hope and love. Otherwise all the efforts that we exerted and shared, will be of naught as God wouldn't recognize them as intended for Him (Revelations 3:15-17).

And I appeal for all of us, to know more of our Faith as Christians and as Catholics. There is so much God has given us through the Church – “the pillar and foundation of Truth” - 1 Timothy 3:15. The Crisis brought most, if not all of us, to an Examination of Conscience and to study Catholic documents and principles. As we are being exhorted in CFC not to be selective with regards to attendance in the various CFC activities, we should also strive not to be selective in supporting the Catholic stand on Issues, particularly in our fight against the Culture of Death. And it is important to note, that the Crisis showed that we have to deal Closer with our brothers in the sacred ministries of the Catholic Church, the priests and the bishops. If our CFC Council deserves honor and respect that is due them, the Office of the Bishop deserves to be treated exactly the same way. St Augustine very beautifully puts it: "When I am frightened by what I am to you, then I am consoled by what I am with you. To you I am the bishop, with you I am a Christian. The first is an office, the second a grace; the first a danger, the second salvation.”

The Reminder of a spiritual battle within the walls of CFC is clear and apparent. Taking this lightly by using our own traditions and ways apart from the Support given to us by the Church through the bishops, is tantamount to laying down of our defenses as an effect of Pride. Let us be more vigilant this time to strengthened our defense at the gates of CFC and our hold on the helm of the Ship, by wearing our spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:11). Let us uphold our Culture everytime we settle Conflicts amongst us in the community rather than go by the ways of the World - by focusing on the Issues rather than the Person and by having dialogues or setting of one-on-one, rather than silence.

God will make a New Covenant with Us (Jeremiah 31:31-32). Let us once more take the posture of Repentance and Hope as in Lamentations. It is a time for us to combine confession of sin and infidelities to our covenant in CFC, grief over the suffering and humiliation, submission to discipline and Correction, and strong faith in the love of God and His power to Restore us. That was the posture of the Israelites then, that is the posture that we are to take now.

Finally as the dust settles to the ground, we will have a Community that is Restored for all of us and a Work with the Poor that will make us the Salt of the earth and bearers of the Light of Christ to the whole world. Together with my family, this is our view of things, our Prayer and our Hope. And by putting our Trust in Him, our Dreams will become Reality. Praise God!

Mon Saguin
CFC-New York
affliated with CFC-FFL

Haii...whats happening...b4 they are saying that we are the sinners, we are the bad guyz...but now!!! they are proclaiming they are "HOLIER-THAN-THOU"...Tsk tsk tsk the sin of PRIDE....


Ernie said...


FFL will never give up the USE of CFC, check this out.

Just be sure you're logged out from your Multiply Account or don't have any, before clicking any link below. If NOT you'll be blocked.


CFC FFL COVENANT. Erap may say, "Fewer but looks FAMILY to me" (familiar).


Bingo said...

Two of the greatest blessings I received in CFC are the gifts of humility and obedience. It used to be very difficult for me to obey those on top when I perceived their orders/instructions to be wrong. Quite often I would even point out their "mistakes" arrogantly.

But the Holy Spirit slowly transformed me into an obedient although sometimes not so humble follower to my CFC elders. But whoever my leader was, I considered him anointed by the Lord and so simply obeyed. Invariably, the Lord eventually affirmed their actions and decisions.

When FAP, TM and LA resigned their leadership positions last February and the new leadership in the persons of the remaining 4-man council was presented to the body and prayed over in open assembly, I took it as the torch of anointment and authority being handed over to the new leadership. Thus, I have no difficulty in recognizing and obeying the remaining and later the new IC.

The torch has been passed, we have a new keeper of the charism.

God bless the old and the new!

Anonymous said...

To Discernment in Toronto...

FFL though registered in the Province of Ontario STILL needs Revenue Canada's approval as a Registered Charity for them to issue tax receipts on tithes collected. Securing a Charity Number is a loooonnnggg, tedious process, believe me!!!!

DBC said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

This latest letter from the SEC confirms without a doubt that FFL is existing but on illegal & immoral platform. Let's just be truthful without hurling insults. Call a spade a spade.

Why illegal? FFL insists that they have their own statutes or by-laws and they (FFL) are operating as a new office or association but their SEC registration remains pending all because they (FFL) continue to hold the notion that they (FFL) have the right to attach the name Couples For Christ in their foundation. Before they (FFL) ventured in registering the FFL name, they all knew that Couples For Christ is already a legal & duly registered name of an existing foundation. Common sense should simply dictate them (FFL) to register their new foundation without the CFC name attached to it. This will solve their (FFL) illegal existence.

Why immoral? They (FFL) keep on hanging to the lie that they (FFL) have NOT separated from the original body of CFC. The mere fact that they (FFL) tried to register a new foundation is already a glaring fact that they (FFL) left the original community of which they (FFL) were once a part of. Is this hard to understand? If they (FFL) are NOT existing legally and yet they (FFL) have collected tithes or contributions from their members, where did their (FFL) moral & spiritual standards go?

Let's all pray for our FFL brethren because they are losing their moral bearings and spiritual moorings. They (FFL)profess to be spiritually upright and yet their actions proclaim the opposite. Practice what you preach!!! It's as simple as that.

For us who chose to remain in the original CFC, let us fix our eyes on JESUS CHRIST always and let our actions remain anchored on HIM alone.

God bless us all!!!

Alab said...

SEC has a strict policy on the use of corporate names. One of the conditions for an on-line reservation of corporate name is that "The applicant undertakes to change the reserved name in case another person or firm has acquired a prior right to the use of the said firm name or the same is deceptively or confusingly similar to one already registered." How can "Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life" not be deceptively or confusingly similar to the one already registered which is with "Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc." Even if CFC did not complaint, the SEC could not have allowed the registration of "CFC-FFL". I don't know whether FFL has petitioned the SEC En Banc (this is composed of the Chairperson Fe Barin and all the Commissioners) but I have full faith in the SEC that they will not hesitate to let the Rule of Law prevail, notwithstanding possible pressure from outside. In my experience, the SEC is one of the most professional government agencies that we have in this part of the world.

As for them receiving tithes, etc., they cannot, as yet, issue ORs since there is no legal entity which they can register with the BIR. ORs have to contain the TIN or Tax Identification No. of the corporation (check CFC's ORs)and you would have to secure a BIR permit to be able to print ORs. If FFL is indeed accepting tithes or contributions, they are probably issuing provisional receipts or receipts which do not conform to the BIR regulations or just listing the tithes/contributions in a ledger.

Have a spirit-filled day!

RED EB said...

Just a reminder… CFC Home Office should have an accounting of official receipts issued to Chapters… FFL might be using these ORs in receiving tithes…

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro? or Sis? DBC,

When CFC was introduced in Vancouver, Canada through Christian Life Program (CLP)last 1993? or 1994? (can't recall the exact date), there were no approvals yet from the Archdiocese of Vancouver and registration from Canada Customs Revenue Agency but we managed to continue and finish the CLP through the guidance and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Regarding tithings, we contributed to tithings eventhough we did not have Tax Account No. before here. It did not matter to us as long as it's for the Lord and it's coming from our hearts.

Now, questioning if giving tithes to CFCFFL is illegal - I don't think so. It's up to the person who wants to give tithes. We are giving tithes for the Lord and not for tax purposes.

Thank you. May God be praised!

Julie of Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

to Julie (and others),

maganda yung sinabi mo about "tithes for the Lord". kung ganun ba hindi na ba kailangan ng Official Receipt? parang magulo po ata kapag walang OR, kse walang accountability.

kung kailangan may OR, then kailangan din "registered" legal entity? [kasi yun ang batas?]

mga experts, bakit nga ba kailangan registered sa SEC? anong kinalaman nito sa OR o sa tithes? nagtatanong po, para mas maunawaan ko. salamat - diegs

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the legality of collecting these tithes without a corporation here in the Philippines...

...may I ask that FFL leaders (as opposed to sincere FFL members worldwide) stop using these funds to try to lure YFC leaders to FFL by saying "We'll give you a bigger allowance", as has happened on occasion here in the Philippines.

Something about that just doesn't sit well.

kapatid said...

This is a re-post of the Sept 17 suggestion to the Council by anonymous, in support of RED-EB's recent comment above.

"I'm concerned with outstanding booklets of official receipts that may be in the hands of FFL. It is possible for them to use these and deceive members that their tithes go to CFC. Can we have a way of finding out who were issued the OR booklets. Let's recall these booklets, have them surrendered and accounted for. The unsurrendered OR booklets should be declared lost so that CFC doesn't become accountable for unremitted collections that FFL members may be doing under CFC's name."

kaputol said...

bakit ka ba gigil na gigil sa tithes? tithings lang ba ang bumubuhay sa iyo dito sa community? kapag ba nalaman mo na ang tithes mo e sa gusto mong puntahan napunta, okay na sa iyo? akala ko ba ang tithes na tinuro sa atin sa aklat ng Malachi e stewards lang tayo. bakit dito sa diskusyon na ito e parang nang gagalaiti ka kapag ang tithes e napunta sa hindi mo gustong puntahan. nasa covenant mo ba yan? na ang tithes mo dapat sa gusto mong puntahan makarating at hindi kung saan dalhin ng Diyos?

mag-tithes tayo ng bukal sa puso natin. hindi yung magbibigay ka nga tapos ang sama ng loob mo kung hindi malinaw sa iyo ang pinuntahan. wag ka na lang mag-bigay kung ganyan din lang. di mo iniisip na ang nag-a-account sa binigay mo e ang Panginoon at hindi ang CPA ng community.

kapatid, nawawala ka sa Christian focus. hindi na si Kristo ang ginagaya mo. balikan mo ang mga puntos sa CLP.

lahat ng ginagawa natin dito e preparasyon para sa eternal life na ipanangako sa atin. halika na at mag-trabaho na tayo para sa pangako. ayaw kong sumemplang.

neokidntown said...


the END does not justify the MEANS...

neokidntown said...

Luke 20:22-25 says...

....Is it lawful for us to pay tax to Caesar or not?".....
...."Show me a denarius; whose image and name does it bear?" They replied, "Caesar's."

So he said to them, "Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God."....

p.e. said...

para kay anonymous na nagtanong kung para saan ba ang or. hindi ko alam ang siste dyan sa pinas pero dito sa us ang tithes o donation to a valid charitable orgranization e tax deductible. the or is your proof that u have given a donation without getting anything in return.

kay sis. julie, kung nagta-tithes ka at hindi mo ito nike-claim na tax deduction sa itr mo, bow ako sa yo.

btw, napansin ko lang, yung letter walang addressee (yung TO baga). sadya ba talagang ganun o binura lang. sino kaya yung nag-inquire sa sec? hindi naman siguro si kapatid na CD. :)

p.e. said...

dagdag ko pala, kung ni-claim mo na tax deduction ang tithe mo tapos na-audit ka at wala kang maipakitang resibo, patay kang bata ka.

DBC said...

To Sis Julie of CFC-FFL Vancouver,

Thanks for your honest reply to my comments but I guess you miss my point. I am NOT questioning the generosity of your heart when you give tithes. I am questioning the morality of accepting tithes or donations without being accountable for it. That's basically the reason why the original body of CFC which all of you (FFL)left behind is now facing a gargantuan task of paying off a debt of over 12 million pesos. Will you help the original CFC community settle this debt?

Likewise, your reply evaded to answer the basic question of why FFL continues to insist that they have the right to use the "Couples For Christ" name in their foundation when it was clear to them (FFL) that for over 25 years there is already an existing foundation with that name and in fact, they (FFL)were once part of it. Since they (FFL) separated from this legal body CFC by registering a new foundation,
why are they insisting of using the same name? FFL can simply register a different name and the legal obstacle is hurdled. Can you please tell this to your FFL group? Hope that they will listen to you.

Finally, I am once your brother in the original CFC community. You decided to join a new foundation (FFL) but you will remain a sister to me but please don't be confused and accept the fact that you have already left the original body CFC and in fact, your FFL leadership has tried to register a new foundation. Move on with your service to our GOD.

God bless!!!

CMM of EastB said...

Hi Bros/Sis,

This story might help us move on to serve. Let the Lord take care of both CFC and FFL. Let us be an instrument of God in taking of the poor.

The Basureros Oct 17, '07 12:11 AM
for everyone
From a Cebuano.

Ever since it was diagnosed that I am having a possible heart enlargement
in the last APE, I have exerted more effort to do physical exercises.

I do jogging during week days and do long - ride mountain biking every Sunday.

But this Sunday is a special Sunday to me. While I was on my way to
the mountains
of Busay (cebu) hoping to strengthened my heart by this exercise, instead,
I personally encountered a heart-breaking scene that changed me.

I already passed by the Marco Polo Plaza (formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel)
when I decided
to stop to buy bananas at a small carenderia located along the road. I
haven't taken
any solid food that morning so I need fruits to have the needed energy
to get to my
destination - the mountain top.

I am almost done eating with the second banana when I noticed two children
across the street busily searching the garbage area. "Basureros" I
said to myself
and quickly turn my attention away from them to sip a small amount of water.
I cared less for these kind of children actually; to make it straight,
I do not like them,
and I do not trust them even more.

You see, several times I have been a victim to these kind of children who are
pretending to be basureros looking for empty bottles and cans when in fact the
'plangganas' , 'kalderos', and 'hinayhays' are their favorites.

I remember one afternoon while I was watching a Mike Tyson fight when I noticed
that the TV screen suddenly became blurred. I checked outside and saw two young
basureros running away with my newly installed antenna.

Hatred may be a little bit stronger word to describe my feeling towards these
basureros, but I do not like them honestly not till I met these three children.

I was about to embark on my bike again when I heard one of the two children,
a girl of about 7 or 8 of age saying aloud to the other, a 12-yr old
boy, "kuya si dodong kunin mo
kasi tumitingin sa mga kumain, nakakahiya, only then that I noticed a
small boy standing
near to me biting slightly his finger. He's a few inches shorter if
compared to my
5 years old son (but I knew later that he's also 5 yrs. Old).

Though he did not asked for food to anyone in the carenderia, the way
he looked at
the customers who were eating , enough to convinced me that he
intensely craving for it.
The older boy then quickly crossed the street and gently pulled out
the little one who
politely obeyed. As I watched the two crossing back the street to the
garbage area,
I heard the tindera saying "kawawa naman yung mga batang yun mababait
pa naman. I learned further from
the carenderia owner that the children are from a good family , both
parents were working
before, and that their father got a stroke 3 years ago and became
partially paralized and
their mother died of heart attack while their father was still
confined at the hospital.
The parents were still in their early forties when the catastrophe
happened, and the children
became basureros since then to meet their daily needs and for their
father's medication.

Deeply moved by what I heard, I went to a nearby bakery and bought 20 pesos
worth of bread and gave it to the children who initially refused
including the little boy.
"Sige lang po, salamat na lang, bibili na lang po kami mamaya kung
makabenta na kami, the young girl said to me.

I explained that they need to go home because it started to rain.
"Nasanay na po kami, the girl answered again.

Again, I explained that the rain can make them sick and if they'll
become sick there's
no one to take care of their father. Upon mentioning their father,
they nodded and
accept the bread but I noticed that the older boy did not eat.

When I asked him if he does not like the kind of bread I bought for
them he smiled but
as he's about to explain, the little girl, who is the more talker of
them interrupted,
"Linggo po kasi ngayon,pag sabado at linggo hapon lang po sya
kumakain, kami lang po
ang kumakain ng agahan pero di na po kami kakain pagdating ng hapon si
kuya lang po.
Pero pag lunes hanggang biyernes, kasi may pasok, si kuya lang po
nag-aagahan, kami hapunan
lang pero kung marami kaming benta, kami pong lahat (kumakain) she
continued. "bakit kung kumain
kayong lahat, hati-hatiin nyo na lang kahit kunti lang ang pagkain? I countered.

The young girl reasoned out that their father wanted that her older
brother to come to
school with full stomachs so he can easily catch up the teacher's
lessons. "Pag nagkatrabaho
si kuya, hihinto kami sa pamamasura, first honor kasi sya, the little
boy added proudly.

Maybe I was caught by surprise or I am just overly emotional that my
tears started to fall.
I then quickly turned my back from them to hide my tears and pretended
to pick up my
bike from the carenderia where I left it.

I don't know how many seconds or minutes I spent just to compose
myself; pretending
again this time that I was mending by bike.

Finally I get on to my bike and approached the three children to bid
goodbye to them
who in turn cast their grateful smiles at me. I then took a good look
at all of them specially
to the small boy and pat his head with a pinch in my heart. Though I
believe that their
positive look at life can easily change their present situation, there
is one thing that
they can never change; that is , their being motherless. That little
boy can no longer taste
the sweet embrace, care, and most of all , the love of his mother
forever. Nobody can
refill the empty gap created by that sudden and untimely death of
their mother. Every big events
that will happen to their lives will only remind them and make them
wish of their
mother's presence.

I reached to my pocket and handed to them my last 100 peso bill which I
reserved for our department's bowling tournament. This time they refused
strongly but I jokingly said to the girl, "suntukin kita pag hindi mo
tinanggap yan. She smiled as she extended
her hand to take the money. "Salamat po, makakabili na kami ng gamot
ni papa, she uttered. I then turned to
the small boy and though he's a few feet away from me, I still noticed that
while his right hand was holding the half - filled sack , his left
hand was holding a toy ?
a worn out toy car. I waved my hands and said bye bye to him as I drove towards
the mountains again. Did he just found the toy in the garbage area or
the toy was
originally his - when the misfortune did not took place yet? - I did
not bother to ask.
But one thing is crystal clear to me, that inspite of the boy's
abnormal life, he has not
given up his childhood completely. I can sense it by the way he held
and stared at his toy.

My meeting with that young basureros made me poorer by 100 pesos. But
they changed me
and made me richer as to lessons of life.

In them, I learned that life can change suddenly and may caught me flat footed.
In them, I've learned that even the darkest side of life, cannot
change the beauty of
one's heart. Those three children, who sometimes cannot eat three
times a day, were still able
to hold on to what they believe was right. And what a contrast to most
of us who are quick
to point out to our misfortunes. In them, I've learned to hope
for things when things seem to go the other way.

Lastly, I know that God cares for them far more than I do. That though
He allowed them
to experience such a terrible life which our finite minds cannot
comprehend, His unquestionable
love will surely follow them through. And in God's own time they will win.


fil said...

fbe of cebu

To CMM of EastB

What a wonderful story kapatid. I hope all of us realize that helping the poor is our ultimate goal so that we can reach our eternal destination which is HEAVEN!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, cmm of eastb, for your sharing. It reminds us of what all of us here on the ground know - the heart of GK. People blessed by God, taking on the heart of God for the poor.

Is any enterprise of humans perfect? No.

Should we abandon the Catholic Church because some priests molested boys? No. We should correct the things that are wrong, and continue to marvel and take heart from the beautiful things.

The reality on the ground of GK is not what Frank made it out to be. We who are here and see the reality know that.

You can't take isolated incidents and use them to attack an entire pillar of ministry. If you do, your motivation must be in question...

...especially when the timing coincides with you resigning and not being reinstated as you expected.

Anonymous said...

I think discussion like this will not help us more holy. Whoever has legal and moral trespasses should be accountable for that. Meanwhile , let us remember that we are all brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...

ako po ay matagal ng nag lie low sa community, pero masakit pa rin ang nararamdaman ko, lalo na at parang lalong lumalaki ang gulo. marami na rin akong kaibigan sa community at alam ko higit silang nasasaktan. nakakatakot baka pati mga bishops mag-away na rin. sinubukan kong ilagay ang mga paa ko sa magkabilang panig para lalo kong maintindihan ang bawat isa. mas lalong masakit...naalala ko ang sabi ni tita gigi sa video, itigil na natin ito. i never thought na masasaktan ako, ni hindi ko nga kau kilala, kahit yung mga top leaders natin, pero di ko maintindihan.
para taung pamilya na nag-aaway ang mga magulang natin, nakisali pati si kuya at ate, pati na lolo at lola, masakit.
masarap magkomento ng magkomento kaya lang yung sugat lalong lumalala. mas marami ang hindi nagkukomento pero inaabangan na sana maayos na ang gulo. sana po hinay hinay lang, kasi po naririnig tau ng mga bata, di ba hanggat maaari nga ang mga bata sa kwarto pag nag-aaway ang mga matatanda. patawad po. pero masakit talaga...
Pakirating lang po sa mga bishops, "pakiayos nyo na po ang gulo, nahihirapan na ang mga bata,please"

kaputol said...

hello to all, sana hindi ko maging habit ang pag-sagot dito.

pssst neokidntown: paminsan-minsan basahin mo ang Gospel ni Jesus Christ at ang Revelation. tapos tanong mo sa sarili mo yang END does not justify the MEANS quote mo kung aligned ang nilalaman nila. chaka pwedeng palinawin mo yung quote mo about St. Luke Chapter 20? hindi ko mai-connect sa pinag-uusapan natin. salamat 'tol.

para kay p.e.: ang ganda naman ng tithes nyo dyan sa US of A, meron pang ma-ke-claim sa ITR. so dapat ba ma-engganyo tayong mag-tithing dyan? yun ba ang incentive mo para sa tithings? dapat bonus mo na lang yung claim mo hindi yung nag-ta-tithes ka para meorn kang ma-claim. 'lam mo 'tol, kulang ang description ng tithes kung sabihin ko lang na dapat "mula sa puso." Kristiyano ka, alam mo yan. Isipin mo na lang yung balo sa Biblia. salamat, kapatid na p.e.

hi dbc! patawarin mo ako kugn sisingit ako sa usapan ninyo ni Julie. mawalang galang na po.

sa puntos na hinihingi mong sagutin ni Julie, marahil na miss ka nga dahil ang preferred mong sagot niya, hindi mo nakuha. it is really hard to be frustrated. pero ang mai-se-share ko na lang sa yo ay eto: nakaka-relate ka cguro ng mga pangyayari 25 years ago sa community natin, dahil ina-assume ko first hand witness ka sa mga pangyayari. subukan mo din 'tol na balikan more than 2000 years ago. iyong Tao na lumakad sa mundo at nagpakilala sa Diyos Ama at ang mga pinakawalan niyang salita ang nagiging tularan natin ngayon. iyon dapat ang mga puntos na binbigyan natin ng panahon, itama mo ako kung mali ako dito 'tol. sabi Niya, faith can move mountain. patibayin natin ang tiwala natin sa mga pari, sa mga lider na inaabutan natin ng tithings. sana 'wag na nating gamitin ang batas at pamamaraan ng tao para urirating maige ang pinuntahan ng tithes natin. prayers to God ang gamitin natin because God is enough. salamat sa pagbasa mo kapatid na dbc.

ang kapayapaan ng Panginoon ay suma-ating lahat. sige mga'tol, papasok na ko.

Ernie said...

To the All Bloggers....

The BASURERO STORY by a Cebuano

This is the BEST SHARING I ever read in this whole CD Blog.

It touched my HEART and for a moment I was lifted up and SAW that CFC's problem doesn't COMPARE to the on-going tragedies in our midst that needs to be addressed.

CFC was given the Marching Orders but somehow bungled it.

We are all stucked here in CD's blog using our intellects that only leads us to more Analysis/Paralysis.

We don't need CFC to tell us to MOVE ON and touch the littlest people that crosses our path. We don't even need to look for those basureros.

Kindly after you read this, Give a HUG to your SPOUSE and TELL HOW YOU LOVE HIM/HER. Gather your CHILDREN and do the SAME.

At least at the END of the DAY we can say "WE have done a SMALL THING with GREAT LOVE!".

Anonymous said...

This blog entry is saying, while trying to look like it’s just asking the questions:
1. CFC-FFL cannot accept tithes or donations because they are not yet approved by SEC
2. CFC-FFL cannot represent themselves to CBCP and Vatican because they are not yet approved by SEC

Of course, not surpringly, it triggers followers to say that CFC-FFL is:
- illegal
- immoral
- luring YFC
- deceiving

Can’t we just as the questions plainly?
1. Can CFC-FFL collect donations/tithes even if they’re not yet approved by SEC?
2. Can CFC-FFL represent themselves to CBCP and Vatican even if they’re not yet approved by SEC?

Now, you were able to get a letter from SEC about status of CFC-FFL application. That needs some efforts, so why didn’t you ask the two questions while you’re at SEC and tell us the answers instead of looking for opinions?

- Ka Freddy

Deo Volente said...

To Julie of Vancouver,

I agree with everything you said. There is nothing wrong with tithing when you are sincere and it comes from your heart. Even if the money you give does not go to its intended purpose or there is hokus-fokus, you still did your part and the Lord will bless you for it. Those who mismanage your tithe is accountable to the Lord (and sometimes to the law).

There's a lot of forms of tithes. Let's just concentrate on cheques and cash. For cash, there's no cheque clearing so you don't have to write "Payable to CFC" (but a receipt is sometimes requested by giver). For cheque, you have to write who it is payable to. My FFL friends tell me that they write "Payable to Couples For Christ". This makes me wonder how such cheques clear in the bank. The person cashing the cheque would have to give the impression that he is CFC or would have to present a legal proof that he is duly authorized by CFC (as to how that really happens, I have no idea). Of course, there are different laws for each region/state/country on cheque clearing.

The complication I think is if CFC is audited and a money trail is investigated. If our FFL brothers write "Payable to Couples For Christ" AND/OR Couples For Christ Tax ID is used, then the court of law or an independent auditor may technically attribute the amount of the money to the assets of CFC. Since the money was not really part of the real CFC balance sheet, CFC will then be in big trouble. This will not look good specially in the media and to the tithing members. Any hint of irregularity in religious causes is always frowned upon. (Transparency is what we need here specially that GK is attacked for an alledged lack of it. However, it will be hard to achieve transparency if there's the confusion on which entity tithes go and which entity is accountable to it.)

For individual FFL members, when filing tax return, there might also be a possibility that the CFC Tax ID is used as proof of donation to charity. Again, this puts a "red flag" on the CFC if the IRS/BIR totals all donations and it's greater than what CFC reported.

In the early days of CFC, it's very likely that it would be under the same situation as FFL is in now, when they would have accepted donation for the mission without a legal basis. And I think this is OK (even for FFL now), as there surely will be intent in the immediate future to make it all legally proper (things just need to be done one at a time). This is part of every corporation's "baby steps". What's different between early CFC and early FFL is that in early CFC, there was no other entity that might be put in jeopardy (because it did not pretend to be "Ligaya ng Panginoon").

I uphold the individual right and prerogative of FFL members to give tithes to FFL as long as:

1. CFC or its Tax ID is not used

2. There are no laws violated

For #2, this is per region. There might be legal prohibitions or proper procedures on acceptance of donations if they are substantial. These laws are there to protect citizens and to maximize tax collection for the benefit of the government (and to prevent tax evasions and tax sheltering).

We have to remember that even though our organizations are spiritual in nature, we are not above the law and we should also follow the law (otherwise, there would be lawlessness). (This is why I uphold the decision of the Elders Assembly to proceed with the election as they were simply following the Vatican-approved statutes of CFC that they have the mandate to determine the future of CFC, taking ALL into considerations the leading of the Spirit, the recommendation of the bishops, the sentiment of their respective constituents, giving to Ceazar what is to Ceazar's, etc. In the same way, I uphold the statutes of the Catholic church when they elected the new Pope in their own election, according to their rules.)

My advise to FFL members are these:

1. Support FFL and its mission and continue giving tithes

2. Write "Payable to Foundation For Family and Life" to protect the legal CFC from jeopardy

3. If FFL does not have its own legal Tax ID yet, then be prepared to not include your tithes in your tax deductibles (note that there are some countries that allow proof-less deductibles for cash donations). Here, the intent is the act of giving and that is the most of important (tax deductibility is just a bonus, but who cares about that when you really want to sincerely give and expecting nothing in return).

Note that I am NOT a lawyer and I don't even play one on TV so take what I say with a grain of salt.

May God bless you, the rest of our brothers and sisters in FFL, those in CFC, and everyone else.

estelito.iii said...

I don't think the SEC registration is a prerequisite for FFL to represent itself to the CBCP or the Vatican. So i guess they can represent *themselves* to the said bodies.

However the SEC registration is *REQUIRED* for all corporations in the philippines may it be stock or non-stock corporations (such as CFC and FFL's case).

Taken from the ICRCP guide of the SEC, under "Role of SEC" p.62:
"The SEC has absolute jurisdiction, supervision and control over all corporations, partnerships and associations"

So point number 1: Any association (for the purpose of discussion, any Religious group) that wishes to operate in the Phils. *must* register with the SEC.

Point number 2: I've heard comments of one side being legalistic and that the other side shouldn't be reminding them of the law(both written and spoken). I don't think anyone is above the law so they should submit to it, if the SEC requires that association register with them, then that association should do all it can to be able to gain that recognition.

I think what FFL needs to do is to get recognized by SEC, so that no doubts will be cast on all their dealings and to do this they have to change their corporation name in the articles of incorporation and stop saying they're still part of the CFc when in fact -- if they were -- they should be submitting to the direction set by the IC, which is clear to all that they are not ffl is a separate entity with separate articles of incorporation, separate location of headquarters, bylaws and such. to sum up, stop calling an apple an orange or dbc put it in another tone: call a spade a spade

the issue of where our tithes go, i don't think it was really that issue as to where it would be used (id' be crazy if i went to the center and ask to see the accounting records every month -- which based on the corporation code, any member has the right to do), but *if* it went to the correct group. what i think people are driving at is that (1) cfc has to be vigilant because all the official receipts that are currently out will reflect on cfc itself.
(2) some speculation that there may be instances where people might be incorrectly sending their tithes to the other group that's why most are emploring that FFL register under another name not ambiguous to cfc.

now i'm seeing a bit more talks of "go read the bible" and stuff like that, i'd like to implore people here to please refrain from it. it's starting to sound self righteous(although that's just my opinion -- and by me saying this i'm starting to sound self righteous myself).

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

All I can say is that no matter what happens in this lifetime, in the end, we will face our Lord Jesus Christ or not?

Have we been faithful in all our undertakings as good Christians? Do we judge other people or not? Have we been prayerful? Do we make comments that can hurt our brothers or sisters or even enemies? Did we do what our Lord wants us to do? Do we trust God or not? Are we always obedient in our covenant?

God is the answer to everything so have faith! Just fixed our eyes on our Lord Jesus Christ and don't dwell on too much things that will hinder you to do God's will.

Our brothers and sisters in the CFC-ICGK are still our brothers and sisters till now. Nothing changed. We both serve God. We just followed what we believe is the original mission and vision of CFC that we joined 12 yrs ago. We are for the Lord so don't worry about CFCFFL. Here in Vancouver, we do not fight or exchange "word war". Some did that before, and all of us from CFCFFL did not say anything as our God is a God of peace and order.

Our Lord said, "Love one another as I have loved you". Let's love one another and pray that we will always do whatever God wants us to do.

May God be praised!

Julie of Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Apostles and Disciples of Christ managed without SEC registration and IRS/BIR TIN. Kailangan ba ito to spread the Good NEws? Alam niyo nangyari na sa Acts of the Apostle, kay Peter ka ba or kay Paul? Pero ang alam ko there is still only one Christ. Kung kay Kristo kayo, does it matter kung CFC or CFC-FFL? Focus mga kapatid, focus.

Taps said...

Let's back track a little bit.

FFL filed this at SEC AUGUST 2.

That means, when the group of Frank went to the AUGUST 14 and 28 (supposedly) talks for reconciliation, they already have other things in mind. They were already NOT sincere about talks on reconciliation then. The CFC Council (Aug14) and the Bishops (Aug28), who were at the other end of the talks, were deceived.

We were all deceived.

DBC said...

Dear FFL Brethren,

I raised the issue of legality of holding office without SEC approval & the morality of receiving tithes without proper accountability because your FFL leadership at the start of the conflict did the same to the original body of CFC. Perhaps, you are NOT aware that early in the conflict the FFL leadership raised the issue that the CFC-IC was "veering away" from the original mission & vision of the body. The CFC-IC was "too legalistic" to proceed with the election and they disobeyed the bishops. Worse, those who remained with the original CFC community & working under GK were branded as NOT "spiritual". Did you NOT hear all these accusations before deciding to separate with the original body? Or you all agree that these are all true that's why you joined the FFL group?

At any rate, whatever prompted all of you to move & join FFL, we who remained in the original CFC body fully respect your decision. What we don't understand is after your FFL leadership decided to register a new foundation attaching a name which has been legally existing for over 25 years, you (FFL) are still stubbornly adhering to a LIE that you (FFL) have NOT left the original CFC community. Why are you holding on to this?

The legal & moral issues I previously raised will be MOOT & ACADEMIC if ONLY your FFL leaders will register a foundation name without using an already existing legal entity. Is this hard to do? Why keep on insisting to attach CFC in your new foundation? Move on... brethren!!!

God bless!!!

Mo Tabang Gyud! said...

To all Cebuanos who read the "Basurero Story".

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Pick up on that story and really do something to "liberate" that poor man's children from dire poverty.

2. Find them and ask the GK Team of Cebu city to adopt them into anyone of the villages.

3. Look for kindhearted souls particularly doctors of CFC to treat, administer healing, "con amor" to the kids' father.

4. Look for kind families who would make the kids their scholars in the various elementary, high school or college in the city. For all you know one of them could be a great man of God, when later on the family is evangelized into CLPs or youth camps.

So please take up the challenge, brethren in Cebu!!

How about it CFC Cebu??

I live in Metro Manila and already an active member of a GK Team, and this kind of a story breaks my heart, but we need to act on the need. May God Bless us in this effort despite some badgering from some of our former co-CFC members.

Anonymous said...


Pasensiya ka na sa akin kung medyo hindi ko nababasa lahat ng nakasulat dito pero hindi ko matandaan na sinabi ni tito Frank o ng FFL leadership na
“those who remained with the original CFC community & working under GK were... NOT spiritual”. Iyon ang sabi mong sinabi nila. Pasensiya ka na, saang talk o video ba nila sinabi ito? Kung sinabi nila ito, please patawrin niyo po sila. Please help me recall. Salamat.


Terms of Dis-engagement said...

Comment to TAPS:

Brother or Sister Taps, the deception of the FFL motley group started last June 07, 2007, when in the dark hours of that day, they gathered to and met to do strategic planning on how to involve the Bishops in their plan to re-instate FAP back to the CFC-IC and how to act during the election day on June 22, 2007.

Objective then (and now): Put back FAP into the leadership of CFC. Of course they had to say put back the three resignees: FAPadilla, LAgana and TMeloto.

Of the 3, FAP has the highest desire to achieve it (kind of nabigla lang sa pag-resign noong February 13, 2007). LAgana will go wherever FAP leads him to (nasama lang sa pagresign noong Febraury 13, 2007); while TMeloto is not interested (talagang nagresign noong February 13, 2007).

As of today, the fruit of the failure to come back to the CFC IC, as planned by FAP's group of the handsome men and women that they are: the Playboys & the Bunnies of the Easter & Restoration Group (do I hear Trumpets blare?....Sorry wala pa palang trumpets at that time has..trumpetang pang-'New Year' palang noon) resulted into:

FAP, still angry at everyone in CFC for maligning him (siguro gustong bumalik sa CFC-IC noong February 14, 2007, Valentine kasi);
LAgana, quiet and un-disturbed, but will follow FAP (siguro puede din daw bumalik sa CFC-IC pag kasama si Frank);
TM, merrily doing the work for the poor.(sigurado ayaw talaga bumalik sa IC, pero nasa sa CFC pa rin!)

Among the three, who do you think has the real joy of the spirit?

But of course, I admit, only the All-Knowing God knows!

neokidntown said...

To kaputol!

Paumanhin kung malawak ang nasaklawan ng nasabi kong END does not justify the MEANS…. Sa ganang akin ang “END” ay ang tithes. Handog ng bawat isa ang kanyang ikapu para sa Panginoon.

Yung justify the “MEANS”, kahit ba sa kung ano-anong pamamaraan na lang ba dapat ikalap ang ikapu?

Kaya ko na isudlong ang LUKE 20:22-25 -- sa aking pagninilay, nabanggit ng Panginoon Hesus, ibigay mo kay cesar ang kay cesar, at ang sa Diyos sa Diyos.

Sa ganang akin, magpailalim tayo sa batas ng lipunan at sa batas ng Diyos natin. Maliwanag sa akin ito. Sa iyo?

Kapayapaan ng Panginoon ay sumaatin lahat!!!

kapatid said...

to Julie and sadly, I hurt and I do take offense at this quote from your comment.

"Our brothers and sisters in the CFC-ICGK are still our brothers and sisters till now."

Pinatatawad na kita sa pag-label mo, the way your FFL leaders do, ng "CFC-ICGK" sa mga di sumama sa FFL. Please just call us CFC, nothing more nothing less. CFC even before FFL came into existence, and will be CFC even while FFL exists.

Pero kahit ganito nga, magkapatid pa rin tayo, kaya pinatatawd na kita sa inyong brazenenss to label us, the true CFC, in any which way you like.

I hurt, kapatid. Let's stop this unwarranted labelling.

Anonymous said...

Bingo said...

"When FAP, TM and LA resigned their leadership positions last February and the new leadership in the persons of the remaining 4-man council was presented to the body and prayed over in open assembly, I took it as the torch of anointment and authority being handed over to the new leadership."

Yes, I was there, and recall the spirit with which Frank prayer over the remaining members, commending them to the body of CFC. Did all this suddenly lose value when Frank wasn't reappointed as he expected? I don't think so.

Taps said...

"Let's back track a little bit.

FFL filed this at SEC AUGUST 2.

That means, when the group of Frank went to the AUGUST 14 and 28 (supposedly) talks for reconciliation, they already have other things in mind. They were already NOT sincere about talks on reconciliation then. The CFC Council (Aug14) and the Bishops (Aug28), who were at the other end of the talks, were deceived.

We were all deceived."

Yes, I think we need to keep that in mind. These are among the things that prevent me from following Frank. That, and the leaked email showing he was trying to separate CFC and GK only 21 days after proclaiming to all in CFC-GK3 - multiple times - that GK is a gift of God to CFC, and part of our way forward.

These things are simply not consistent. That demonstrates they are merely tactics for the achievement of other goals, the fulfilment of other motivations.

DBC said...

Dear efg,

In response to your question about where to find the words branding our GK volunteers as no longer "spiritual", please refer back to the "CFC and GK-3" paper written by Bro. Frank. Also, please review the statements of the Easter Group and those who have left the original CFC body to join the FFL movement.

But again this is NOT what I am trying to point out to all of you in the FFL camp. The ONLY thing I wanted to resolve is, why do you (FFL) keep on insisting that you (FFL) have NOT left the original CFC community when clearly your leaders tried to register a new foundation with its own statutes or by-laws? Why will you (FFL) insist that you have the right to use the name "Couples For Christ" in your new foundation when there is already an existing foundation with such name for over 26 years?

May GOD truly guide us all!!!

acc wc said...

Long before Frank claimed that they have not left CFC (which he only did when he was not able to register with SEC his Easter Group using the name CFC FFL), in West C this line of reasoning was already present immediately after Pancho Lopez Tan resigned on July 31, 2007 (I earlier posted his email accompanying his resignation letter).

In the exchange of email between Oca Tagulinao and Chito Liban (FFL West C Sector Head) you will note in the response of Chito more or else, what Frank is currently parroting but with a new twist:

Yes, Pancho and Marilyn are leaving the physical manifestations of the community (i.e., Governing Council, the name, logo, etc.), but they remain steadfast and loyal to the charism of CFC. Since it is the charism (not the man-made structure) that comprises the essence of the community, then Pancho and Marilyn could not have left CFC. On the contrary, they have decided to hold the fort for CFC in these difficult times of confusion and division.

So alam niyo kung paano nagsimula ito!!!

"victor tagulinao","Mark Banzon (E-mail)","Mark Banzon", "Lito De Guzman", "Eric Bostre", "Rigor Veran", "Nenette Veran", "AAaMOMMY", "Rose Banzon", "Jun Carandang","Joel & Edna Dela Cruz","Seraline L. Manguni", "Bong Manguni", "Bombee Tiongson", "Beth Tiongson", "Lito Gabriel", "Cora Garcia", "Tom Quijano", "Felix Zano","Felix Zano", "Bien Angeles", "Tony Dela Cruz", "Liza Dela Cruz", "alex sarmiento", "Charie Sarmiento",


Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 03:00:08 +0000
Subject: Re: [CFCWestC] Resignation of Pancho
May God's peace be with you all!

Just a few comments on bro. Oca's well-meaning note on Pancho's and Marilyn's bold decision to stand for their belief and sail against the wind:

Pancho and Marilyn are not "leaving" Couples for Christ (CFC). CFC is not just a name. It is a way of life rooted in the family and driven by the charism God has given to the community, characterized by the qualities of being global, wholistic and catholic.

There may be disagreement as to whether the present leadership of CFC has strayed from this charism, or if it intends to steer the community back to its spiritual mooring. The point is, Pancho and Marilyn have risked so much--not least the friendship of many--just to preserve the flickering light of this charism which, they believe, is being threatened with extinction by the buffeting winds of social reformation through nation-building and the temporal desire to build what St. Augustine calls a "city of man" ( where man receives the glory), as opposed to the ideal "city of God" (where all the glory goes to Him alone). By treading the road less traveled--the easier route was just to flow with the tide and ignore the threat--Pancho and Marilyn have remained faithful to the charism and, like Mary (sister to Martha), have chosen the better part.

Yes, Pancho and Marilyn are leaving the physical manifestations of the community (i.e., Governing Council, the name, logo, etc.), but they remain steadfast and loyal to the charism of CFC. Since it is the charism (not the man-made structure) that comprises the essence of the community, then Pancho and Marilyn could not have left CFC. On the contrary, they have decided to hold the fort for CFC in these difficult times of confusion and division.

In closing, I'm minded to reflect on these soul-searching questions:

1. Which is the authentic CFC? Is it the corporate structure represented by a leadership that governs on the strength of its constitution and by-laws, or is it the restoration group that openly and proudly proclaims and defends in no uncertain terms the community's charism?
2. Is being faithful to CFC's charism an act of leaving the community? In the context of this charism, who are the "stayers" and who are the "leavers"? We can only be one or the other.

God bless!

Lorenzo Cruz said...

Dear Sister Julie of Canada,

It is truly good to read about the original CFC as the one you joined 12 or 13 years ago. That should stop people from wondering what FFL or Frank Padilla means by "original."

Those who thought that FFL means the "original" CFC established in 1981, of which Frank and Gerry Padilla were one of 16 couples, have been confused what year "original" was. After all, 1981 appears to be the one being celebrated as the birth of CFC, what with our Silver Book last year.

It is now clarified that FFL begins 12 or 13 years ago when you joined. Can you please ask Frank Padilla to confirm that the original CFC started then and that is what he wants FFL to go back to (when Tony Meloto formed the Family Ministries and way before Pro Life began as a ministry).

Bless you.

Lorenzo Cruz
(formerly of LA & New York)

Anonymous said...


Regarding sa sinabi mo na sinabi ni tito Frank o ng FFL leadership na “those who remained with the original CFC community & working under GK were... NOT spiritual”:

Binasa ko ulit iyong CFC-GK 3, magiging ganoon talaga ang conclusion mo kung pipiliin mo lang ang babasahin mo at hindi ang buong paper. Kaya nga sa umpisa pa lang noong paper ay sinabi na ni tito Frank, yes in capital letters para hindi natin ma-misinterpret “For me, GK IS ONE OF THE GREATEST BLESSINGS OF GOD FOR CFC, AND FOR THE WORLD THROUGH CFC”.

Binasa ko ulit ang minutes ng Easter Group, wala naman ah? Paki tulungan mo ako kung anong page and paragraph?

Like you, I want to move on with FFL, and yeah whatever name. But please let us be careful, kung hindi naman nila sinabi at baka they’re talking about particular situation or person and then sasabihin nating sinabi nila for everybody in CFC and GK.

Salamat ulit sa iyo.


CFC forever said...

To Julie of Vancouver:
Quoting your words -"here in Vancouver, we do not fight or exchange "word war." Some did that before, and all of us from CFCFFL did not say anything as our God is a God of peace and order."

Yes it is true - there is no word war. CFC simply do not give FFL the time of day. We have a lot of things to concern ourselves with. But it's not true that "some did that before and all of CFCFFL did not say anything..." - Because it was the FFL who kept on sending emails to CFC members and when some CFC asked to be deleted from their (FFL)email address, someone from FFL violently reacted saying copying everyone in the email is unChristian, and to just delete the message. Julie - tell that to your co-FFL member - it works both ways - you can simply delete any email from CFC asking you to remove their names from your mailing list. Best of all, do not send emails to CFC members anymore - you are just reopening wounds in the hearts of many CFC Vancouver members who just want to move on and put these things behind them. Do your own evangelization.

Also, for your information as it seems you do not know - CFC Vancouver started in 1993. Tithes were not collected at the time as there was no approval from Revenue Canada yet. Members simply voluntarily donated without expecting tax receipts. Mission trips to Alberta were funded by the volunteers themselves.

And if you still do not get it - you are not CFC anymore. FFL leaders wrote to the CFC Vancouver office advising the names of those who moved to FFL. You are FFL plain and simple.

kaputol said...

salamat kapatid na neokidntown sa pagpapaliwanag nimo. maliwanag pa sa tequila sunrise!

kapatid na CD, maga-post lang ako dito ng tungkol sa name brands ha. i know hindi na related sa blog topic pero marami nag-comment, makikiisa na ako (sabi ko na nga ba nagiging habit ko na ang pumunta sa computer ng break time at magbasa ng blog na ito e), i hope you won't mind.

to all my dear bros and sis, kung hindi naman titigil ang pagtibok ng puso natin kung gamitin man ng mga FFL members ang CFC sa group name nila, hayaan na natin sila dahil tulad nga ng mga naunang blog entries dito, nawawala na tayo sa focus. kung idikit ba nila yung "CFC" sa "FFL" hindi ka na makakapag-evangelize o makapag-trabaho sa GK site o makapag tithing? palagay ko naman tuloy pa din ang mission natin, di ba? kaya magsipag-hinahon na tayo mga kapatid na "naiwanan" sa CFC tungkol sa "naming convention." iyung nasa covenant natin ang pag-ukulan sana natin ng pansin.

ops tapos na break ko, balik-trabaho na mga kapatid.

sumainyo ang Kapayapaan!

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear Sister Julie,

Keep posting, It is refreshing to hear a Sister's point of view and a different perspective(CFCFFL).

I pray that you wont be discourage being a minority in this forum but i see the grace of having you part of this blog community.

see you in my prayers,
sleepless in NJ

Bros. and sis. be open to sister's sharing. Remember Ernies sharing about Harmony.

If we filipinoes overcome our differences with each other and are open and supportive to those who are different from us... it would prepare us to evangalize people from different culture in different countries, especially in US.

Ernie can you repost your sharing about HArmony

Anonymous said...

Dear CFC Forever,

May God bless you with your nice and unselfish words.

Julie of Vancouver, BC

Ernie said...

To CFC Bloggers By Special Request;

This is IT "H A R M O N Y"

DBC said...

Dear efg,

Thank you for your response.

Please read again the GK-3 paper. Clearly, it was mentioned that "GK can become merely a social work and no longer a spiritual work". Then read it thoroughly and you will realize that the GK-3 paper was critical of our GK work because we are partnering with people whose "spiritual" orientation & persuasion are different from the original CFC. Do you need to hear it from their (FFL) mouths personally to believe they (FFL) are actually saying that?

When I say statements from the Easter group, read everything they have written and not just the minutes of their meeting. Gather all their (FFL) pronouncements, declarations and statements of direction. You can ask CD to provide you with all of these data for your discernment.

Again, this is NOT the main issue. If you believe that I just made it up and FFL has NOT called the original CFC body "un-spiritual" or "unholy", why separate and register another foundation? Why did you have to leave your original body (CFC) which brought you closer to GOD?

Hoping that our exchange of comments will bring more light to our darkness.

God bless us all!!!

jiggs said...

to DBC and EFG,

may i invite you to the forum to have a more interactive exchange of views.

thanks. god bless, jiggs

Anonymous said...

Ka Freddy,

You propose that this blog post"...not surpringly...triggers followers to say that CFC-FFL is...luring YFC"

I must clarify this. It is not this blog post that triggers this.

It is the reports from youth leaders of being asked to join FFL, with one of the incentives offered being "We'll give you a bigger allowance".

That's important.

joni tanitayturin said...

Anticipating the Break of a New Day
(Responding to Brod Mon Saguin’s “Steering the Helm of CFC”, IDORC Blog, October 18, 2007)

Brod Mon (FFL):

Like peeling an onion bulb and ending up with nothing…your admirably long treatise makes me imagine FP not the helmsman in stormy seas but as a pied piper, whose beaten and withered song leads his followers back to where they’ve started ... So far, FFL has not broken new grounds nor opened a mission, but continues to chant the usual mantras about “veering away” and “disobedience”, with followers like you perhaps (or as I glean from your balanced views about the background and current issues) open to the possibility of realizing that there is nothing to restore at all, for we can just constructively discuss our differences, pray over them, and move on together.

Brod, beleb ko’s imong well-written prose! And I seem to imagine you and us in the “original CFC” arguing for the good of the same CFC that we have always wanted to live with and die for!!!. Absent Bro. Frank Padilla, what is there to crow about separation? Similarly, aren’t all the other members of the IC and the Board of Elders dispensable? Shouldn’t the superordinate leadership structure and the Elders’ Assembly outlast all CFC mortals, as leaders get anointed through the years? Finally, may not FP give way now to the collective wisdom of the EA?

I leave it to the rest of the FFL brethren to sift through the mess and separate the chaff from the grain. HOWEVER, If together we can accept that –

- FP’s wife Sis Gerry was a major factor sowing the seeds of disharmony in CFC and causing TM to resign
- FP’s “knee-jerk” reaction to TM resignation by resigning himself was followed with plans and moves by him to retake power
- “GK-3” paper, produced after FP resigned and during the period when he disagreed publicly with the IC, was a complete turnaround from FP’s pro-GK stand in “GK-2” paper which he released six months earlier
- separation from mainstream CFC by creating FFL only allows FP to take power and rule unimpeded but wrecks relationships among friends and families and creates havoc on the CFC organization,

. . . THEN, PRAISE GOD, there is a space in our hearts for a “fair share” of open-mindedness about the possibility that all issues related to the restoration of, and or/separation from CFC can be discussed apart from FP and his lead role, and that perhaps FP himself may have unjustly influenced some brethren to focus just straight ahead without them having a glimpse of his feet of clay…And so, here we are … (please read the this piece’s title). GOD BLESS!

Fortes In Fide said...

To Bro. Joni Tanitayturin,

Your response to Bro. Mon Saguin was very well said. I couldn't have said it any better. I totally agree with you that his piece was so long yet there was hardly anything significant about it.

I hope your response could be read by all in FFL, but then again that is why I know their blogsite restorecfc.multiply stopped allowing critical comments - because they can't make proper responses anymore. Never did!

Anyway Bro. Joni, keep up the good work in defending the REAL CFC !!!

Pag-ayo-ayo Bai!!!

Ang imong BisDak na igsoong taga-Dabaw,

Fortes In Fide