Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brighter Days

I am sharing tidbits I've received in my email today.

First is the official statement of CFC Southern Leyte.

The PDF file can be downloaded HERE.

Direct link:

Please share with all our concerned brothers and sisters.

Up next is East B's Evangelization and Pastoral Congress Assembly.

They have their own write-up =)

Truly as a fitting title in the last Ugnayan issue, "the Sun Rises In The East”, It always does! East B Sector, in particular, magnificently rises above the difficulties and challenges that had gripped our beloved Community in recent times brought about by leadership crisis.

Many have thought, albeit erroneously, that because of residency and strong presence in East B territory of the two top CFC leaders who resigned from the Council (Bro Frank & Bro Lachie), the sector was heading for a serious rift among its closely-knit members to spell doom for its existence.

But God has shown once again His benevolence and gracious love to His special children in the East! On October 14th, Sunday, East B Sector successfully held its Evangelization and Pastoral Congress Assembly at Marist School in Marikina . No less than the youngest International Council member, Bro. Melo Villaroman Jr., and his indefatigable wife, Nini, graced the occasion and were completely awed and blessed by the throngs of joyful leaders and members who filled the Marist School Gym to the rafters. They came in droves all the way from Montalban/San Mateo in the North and from Antipolo in the South to join their Lower Antipolo/Marikina brethren chanting a common cry: “Solid, Solid, Solid!

It was indeed a feastful day of merriment and renewed camaraderie never before experienced by God’s East B Army! God has allowed all things for a purpose. For East B, it is a prodding to move on holding hands, surge forward together with joy and gladness in serving our only Lord!

Solid, Solid, Solid!

Sounds like a fitting battlecry, right?

Here are the pics:

Lastly, I'd like to direct your attention to the CFC North B blog for pictures from the 2007 GK1World event at Mall of Asia. I hope many of you attended, and if you did, please share your experiences in our forums.


Garnet said...

These are the write ups and pictures that encourage us all!!!!Salamat sa Southern Leyte and East B.!!!

Fortes In said...

To CFC Southern Leyte,

Mabuhay mong tanan dinha! Praise God for your resolve and commitment to stay with CFC.

ABANDONMENT - that is exactly! the word I have been looking for to describe Bro. Frank's action.

By the way, ang mga paryente nako on my mothers side (Abrasaldo) are from Maasin, Leyte.

God bless you all.
God bless CFC!

Fortes Fide In Christ,

Bro. Jojo Rodriguez
CFC Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Born and raised in Davao City

marivie dalman said...

Hello to Brother Art and his beautiful and ever so inspired wife... my friend and sister Edna!
Mabuhay ang mga taga Antipolo!!

joni tanitayturin said...
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cfc usa servant said...


hahah! nice! I like that battle cry. :)

SOLID for God! SOLID for CFC!

jiggs said...

Kudos to So.Leyte!

the paper was very nicely written. very straightforward. very consistent!!!

to East B!
way to go!!!

thanks and happy hallow's eve

We love CFC Leyte said...

Mga kapatid n taga S. Leyte...HATS OFF AKO sa inyo !!!

Galing ng Presentation..We will copy your example in our Province, tapos sana lahat ng mga probinsya gayahin narin ang format ninyo...I mean the detailing of the results and showing it to the whole "defendingcfc.blogspot.com" world of CFC Defenders!!

Jerome and Company..I had the feeling you will NOT let the Bishop Cantillas letter to be the only news item on this blog.

Your position paper is the better news, brothers!!!

Celebrate CFC Leyte!!
Celebrate GK Leyte!!

CFC (sans ffl) IS ALIVE & WELL said...

I am still in celebration mode!
I am still enjoying the SPIRIT of the GK1WORLD!

I am very happy and very much affirmed that I had nary a moment of thought of considering an ffl membership.

Thank you brethren in EAST B, NORTH B and Southern Leyte -- your reports and pictures shows to all and sundry in CFC (& those who are curious enough in ffl/playboy bunny group who look into this blogsite!)that there is much LIFE, LOVE,FUN,FELLOWSHIP and of course PRAYERS & DEVOTION in GK and its parent CFC!

Funny, we did not miss certain personalities as we simply enjoyed our own CFC presence in the multitude of activities.

It so so much fun! I guess a kind of freedom too!

joni tanitayturin said...

(Sorry, CD, just tinkered with the icon and deleted my own comment; am posting it back. Tnx)
CD, it feels good, it feels GOD!!!
Of CFC Southern Leyte we’re most proud!
Bless you, Fr. Schneider, you did so right,
For the information you sealed in ink
Has now revealed in clear daylight
FP’s fearful past in CFC that stinks!!!


Yesterday, October 30, 2007, FFL blared its trumpets as it entered the CFC Forum - Website (http://defendingcfc.phpbbweb.com/index.php?mforum
=defendingcfc). I posted a big “streamer”, welcoming them HOME (without labels).

CD, please allow me now to request that you kindly instruct and initiate decamp, phasedown and phaseout. WE’RE ALL GOING HOME NOW …TO THE LOVE OF JESUS…OUR “FIRST, FAST, LAST FRIEND”.

My Blogger Identity is CFC said...

CD, I would like to take this opportunity to honor you -- whoever you are -- because this blogspot has given us much information; a ray of hope when our community was being battered by the charges against it and its good program for the poor, GK.

If CFC days are bright, it definitely is even brighter for our CFC members from GK sites, some of whom had many "firsts" in their lives, the least of which is being brought to MOA, on free bus rides! (ibig sabihin, binigyan natin sila ng pansin, at sinama natin sila sa lakad natin!)

Sana i-bless ka ni LORD ng marami pang panahon para hindi mo isipin na isara ang blogsite na ito!

Taga-NORTH B din said...

Hi Marivie, blogger ka din pala!!

Am also with NORTH B, kaya naka-orange noong Saturday, masunurin kasi ako sa mga sector leaders natin.

Pero yung ligaya sa GK1WORLD event, wala sa kulay ng teeshirt yun, NASA KULAY NG PUSO!!

Buti na lang kulay ng puso ko at puso mo ORANGE DIN!! hehe!!

Si CD din daw?

figures do not lie said...

Now, now.....

SoutherN Leyte's numbers on CFC activities and CLP graduates (aside from those numbers and activities pertinent to GK) ONLY GOES TO SHOW that the ffl charge of veering away is a LIE.


JoPen-SA said...

si CD din ba naka-ORANGE?

uy... ako din naka ORANGE nung Saturday kahit hindi ako taga North B...

malamang si CD yung nakita ko malapit sa sound booth!!!

C.D. said...


Hehe, sorry to dissapoint you, but I wasn't able to make in saturday. I was there friday night tho. =)