Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Request...

Those of you who took pictures at the GK1World event at Mall Of Asia, can you please send me pictures so we can share with those who weren't able to make it?

Thank you!


MinaFrancisco said...
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MinaFrancisco said...

In English now, after belatedly seeing NeedEnglishPosting's comment:

Yes, please. Sleeplessinnj is also following up on his request to see pictures of dancing bloggers. Kindly email the same to me, if possible -

Thank you, brothers and sisters.

In my Camera's Eye said...

okey, soon 100 GK1WORLD PICTURES coming your way!!

Lensman FFL said...

I'm with CFC.
FFL are my initials.
So call me Forever Friendly and Loving!

I have a few...but Boy Montelibano should have tons of those pictures.

Maybe one of your bloggers should request him to post.

Anonymous said...

some pictures are already at the gawadkalinga website. here is the link. Click me