Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bishop Moves To Checkmate

It seems with all their talk of not taking sides, some Bishops have gravitated to the two corners of the ring.

This recent letter from Bishop Precioso D. Cantillas, Bishop of Maasin and the Chairman of the Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral Care Of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples (ECMI), strikes me as having a definite bias.

I quote:
By this time, you, as chaplain maybe considering the issue on which group to recognize. Certainly, we uphold the authority and responsibility of the Ordinary or his delegate, or you being delegated, to discern properly on the matter. I believe that the significant element of the ecclesial belongingness of any group or association concretely shown by its adherence to the proper ecclesiastical authority and active insertion in the local church is vital in our discernment on the matter. Sufficient information and true and reliable ones are also important element to guide the pastors and the faithful in making the proper discernment and choices. (Not intending to influence your discernment, I wish to share the information that in my diocese I would recognize and welcome the CFC-FFL of Bro. Frank Padilla.)

In this regard, I am introducing and endorsing to you TONY & RUBY BORJA now with the CFC-FFL Regional Coordinator for Europe to present to you and to the CFC members and others the new association. This will perhaps contribute to the discernment of the CFC members at large.

I don't see how you can specifically say that you are not intending to influence a decision and immediately after share how YOU would decide. Also, if the good Bishop endorses an FFL couple to present, shouldn't he also present a couple from the CfC to help "contribute to the discernment" to be at the very least....FAIR?

As the Spiritual Adviser to the CfC, it is dissapointing to see Bishop Reyes continue to make statements and comments that appear to be disparaging to his charges.

Bishop Reyes clearly informed the Bishops that the elections of the 7 Council of Elders was held despite his and two other bishops’ advice to postpone and settle the conflict on the GK issue. He explicitly said that as the Spiritual Director of the CBCP, his direction was not heeded at all. The consensus of the Assembly was that each Bishop/Ordinary will deal with the CFC issue/conflict in his respective jurisdiction. Bishop Reyes was to provide the Bishops with information on the matter.

Shouldn't he now be trying to protect that body of devoted Christians whose care was placed in his hands? If it was a matter of disobedience (still), is he now acting vindictive and not giving the IC and the CfC as a whole a chance to earn forgiveness, IF it is even needed?

Now, I say 2 corners of the ring because even now, there are Bishops who feel the CfC was justified in its actions and recognize only CfC. Their actions seem to contradict each other, which is very disturbing because the CBCP has always chosen to project a united stance.

Seeing as Bishop Reyes is the CfC's only assigned Spiritual Adviser, how are we to act if he appears to be leaning in support of the FFL? How do we move on?

Like in the game of chess...DIAGONALLY?


Surfer 0376 said...

CD, now you are saying that some bishops are biased because their comments are favorable to FFL?

How about maybe they are just being just. They tried their best to unify the two opposing groups; they retained recognition of CFC and gave choices to bishops for the recognition of FFL. Don’t you think that’s fair enough for both groups to work on their callings?

To say the bishops are biased because they are different from yours and CFC, I think that’s unfair.

And it looks like from your latter sentences, you want to suggest something because you don’t like the decisions of Bishop Reyes? Maybe look for someone who will agree with CFC IC you mean?

This is not a game that someone has to win and another has to lose. We got this situation and from what we know and trust, with prayers and discernment, we move on with whatever group we choose. We can both work for one God, maybe in separate groups and callings, but still with the same God. We can both (CFC and FFL) win for God.

Big Blue said...

The King is in big trouble.

Why don't we ask the Bishop to help the King answer the issues he is avoiding?

Mate in 2.

C.D. said...
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Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on what surfer 0376 said,
"This is not a game that someone has to win and another has to lose."

Yes, you are right it is about listening to the Holy Spirit and following the movements of one's heart. For Couples for Christ members in Maasin, discernment has not been easy. Brother Frank was scheduled to visit last weekend. The good Bishop wanted us to sign a re-commitment to Bro Frank. Non compliance would be tantamount to disobedience.

You said,
"We got this situation and from what we know and trust, with prayers and discernment, we move on with whatever group we choose."

Yes, you are right again. In difficult times like this we trust in our Bishops to guide us. We know that like you and me, they can also have their own biases. However in extraordinary situations like today, they should be more circumspect in their pronouncements. Bishop Gabby in a way handled his ‘moves’ better, he recognizes both in his diocese.

Lastly, you said,
“We can both work for one God, maybe in separate groups and callings, but still with the same God. We can both (CFC and FFL) win for God.”

Amen to that. I say- This is not a game, this is about my life as a member of Couples for Christ and my God! This letter of Bishop Cantillas is very upsetting and it breaks my heart. Know the fruit by its Spirit?

My plea to all, can’t we move on in a straight line instead of diagonally?

CFC Emmaus said...

As CFC, we have to understand that the bishops have their own thinking of the matter. Movements also within their ranks are ripe for trouble. In fact we can see much disagreement in them, but as the old saying goes, the Bishops do not wash their linens in public.

they will never show their disagreements in public but you can feel their politicking within their ranks.

Let us not be worried, for if God is with us, even the Bishops will have to recognize this.

CFC Emmaus

DBC said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

I am sure that our FFL Brethren will rejoice over the recognition given them (FFL) by Bishop Cantillas. I just hope that it is true rejoicing that will allow them (FFL) to conquer "unconquered" souls for Christ rather than rejoice over their efforts to break-up the original CFC community.

As I have mentioned in my previous comments, they (FFL) will stop at nothing to create an atmosphere of doubt & confusion in the hearts of our original CFC brethren. They (FFL) will use all possible means to discredit the original CFC under the IC because it is the ONLY way to justify their (FFL) action of separation from the original CFC body. Brace for more attacks, accusations and deceptive moves from the FFL camp.

How do we counter these?
1) Prayer - let's pray for our FFL brethren that they will focus their (FFL) energies to do God's work.
2) Forgiveness - let us forgive one another despite of the hurts & pains that they (FFL) continue to inflict in our CFC body.
3) Faithfulness - let us "walk our talk". Let us all be living witnesses to God's presence in our hearts & minds. Let our lives be the shining light amidst the darkness.

At the end of the day, let us all REJOICE in the victory we gained for the glory of our GOD rather than celebrate the shallow victory we gained from the praise of MEN.

God bless us all!!!

C.D. said...

Surfer 0376:

I think you may have misunderstood me.

IF Bishop Reyes still has any issues over what happened during the elections, why then does he not ACT in his capacity as such to TELL the IC how to start earning his/or the CBCP's forgiveness. How should the CfC go about making things right? I do find it questionable that he would appear to lead people to join a group which is still openly attacking the CfC. Would that make him unfit to be the spiritual adviser of the CfC?

When I say "against", I'm just calling it what it is. When you lead a group of people who are already on the CfC roster to join the FFL, what exactly are you doing? Aren't you hurting the membership base of CfC? Did you give them a chance to discern with ALL THE FACTS, or with just YOUR POINT OF VIEW (which in this case is just the supposed simple disobedience, which arguably isn't a pov shared by ALL the bishops in the CBCP)?

So call it what it is. AGAINST. I see it as bias, you see it as just. However, your definition of "just" strikes me as more akin to VENGEFUL.

Do I have that right?

As for who has to "win the game", somebody has got to run that one by Frank and the FFL, they the ones that are actively campaigning to WIN hearts and minds.

neokidntown said...

psst... a sms message this morning says

Our speaker for tonite's MCG teaching nite is Bishop Gabriel Reyes. This follows Bishop Soc Villegas saying Holy Mass for CFC Bataan on it's 18th anniversary last Sept.30. Let's thank the Lord & welcome this development. Please encourage all MC and other leaders to attend and contribute to the spirit of reconciliation and further strengthening of our relationship with the Bishops. God bless (from Joe Tale)

Anonymous said...

So according to that text message, the International Council is actively working with the Church here.

Now, the legitimate question must remain, why is Bishop Cantillas trying to recommend people join FFL while claiming not to influence them?

If the IC is now working with Bishop Reyes, Bishop Soc, and (having seen a talk of Ernie Maipid), actively encouraging local chapters to engage with priests, what justification can Bishop Cantillas cite for taking such a stance?

Personal preference?

C.D. said...

To Wolsink:

Lets take a deep breath and try that comment again? =)


marlon said...

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Let us all remember that we are all equal in the eyes of God, whether we are bishops, ordinary fishermen, volunteers, etc. God loves us the same exact measure.

We are all anointed by our baptism with the Holy Spirit. That means we all have the potential to be blessed in making the right decision, at least for ourselves and for the people we are serving. If you live in the Spirit, the Lord promised that we will know the Truth. This is the same wisdom and Truth that we use when we read the scriptures. It does not matter what other people think or do. The thing that matters most is what the Holy Spirit leads us to. If we lift up everything to Him and live in His ways, we will not be under the law.

So do not worry about things. Trust in the Lord. Do not be afraid. God is always at work, bringing everything together for the good of those who love Him.

We will always be in difficult trials in life. The Christian way is not a bed of roses. We have to persevere and always be like Jesus for His glory.

Always exude and amplify the fruits of the Holy Spirit which are Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

God bless us all.

Marlon / CFC-NJ

RoundEyedToddler said...

Bishop Cantilla's letter breaks my heart. But before going further, let me share with you this text message from a good brother...

GOSPEL: 2007-10-16
READ1 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie. Rom 1:16-25
RESP The heavens proclaim the glory of God. Ps 19
GOSP Oh you Pharisees! Although you cleanse the outside of the cup and the dish, inside you are filled with plunder and evil. Lk 11:37-41
REFLECT What's inside my cup? Truth? or lies?


(The message further says Smart subscribers can receive these readings daily by sending GOSPEL to 6800. How's that to remind you of your daily prayer time? Not bad, eh?)

Bishop Cantillas did not specifically say he would not recognize CFC in his diocese, did he? He did say he would recognize FFL. Can anyone confirm this? Is CFC under the IC recognized in Maasin? CQ CQ CQ! Calling CFC Maasin! CQ CQ CQ!

I started with selected verses of the gospel today because the cleverly composed reflection question struck me like lightning: "What's inside my cup? Truth? or lies?" Reading the verses again, I realized the readings today speak of truth and lies!

Hearing lies coming from Bishop Cantillas himself is very shocking. By this I do not mean to judge him. He's a Bishop, annointed by God to lead the flock. But look at what he's saying ...

"I believe that the significant element of the ecclesial belongingness of any group or association concretely shown by its adherence to the proper ecclesiastical authority and active insertion in the local church is vital in our discernment on the matter."

That statement is written in bold even right in the Bishops letter. But this is at best, an opinion. Look at how the Bishop started it "I believe..." Incidentally, what our dear Bishop believes does not agree with Canon Law.

How do his statements agree with Canon Law, which Bishop Gabriel Reyes clearly knows when he said that the CBCP has no authority over CFC? Being a private association, CFC enjoys autonomy—which Bishop Cantillas completely misses out—but is subject to the vigilance of the appropriate ecclesiastical authority (Canon 323), which in our case, being an international association, is the Holy See (Canon 322/312). Note the words "autonomy" for CFC and "vigilance" by the Church. The word "vigilance" does not mean "authority." Read again.

Now speaking of officials and spiritual advisosr, look at what Canon Law says (italics mine)...

Can. 324 §1. A private association of the Christian faithful freely designates its moderator and officials according to the norm of the statutes.

§2. A private association of the Christian faithful can freely choose a spiritual advisor, if it desires one, from among the priests exercising ministry legitimately in the diocese; nevertheless, he needs the confirmation of the local ordinary.

Here's a web address that can help any curious mind to investigate what I am saying here:

Shall I say Bishop Cantillas is not aware of these provisions of the Canon Law? Shall we violate Canon Law because of a Bishop's opinion that our adherence to the Church shall be judged based on on our "adherence to the proper ecclesiastical authority and active insertion in the local church"?

All these talk about CFC's so-called "disobedience" are a complete and absolute nonsense in the light of Canon Law. I will even go as far as to say any Bishop who interferes with CFC affairs by siding with one faction or the other is guilty of disobeying the Church, specifically the Canon Law, and I can stand strong and steadfast with that statement.

The RoundEyedToddler

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Marlon of CFC-NJ,

Thank you for your wonderful message to all of us bloggers and hope others will be able to read it.

Yes, God has a plan for everyone. God has a plan for CFC. God has a plan for FFL. In the same way, God has a plan for bishops and priests. We just need to see what God is calling us to do and move on.

If God wills it, CFC will be used by Him in His work and everything will be smooth, just like in the early days. If CFC is no longer in the plan of God, even if we have good, intelligent, righteous and holy leaders/elders, nothing much will happen.

Let us just continue to do our God's calling (and pray a lot) to us and everything will fall in its proper places.

God bless.


So, the posture is to remain at peace.

kapatid said...

I'm no longer concerned with the issues which FFL raises, or who their padrinos are to further their intentions. I must however point out the pattern of "branding" that FFL has consistently employed. This indicates, to my mind, FFL's real agenda.

From whom could have come the latest term "CFC-IC" which the Bishop of Maasin used in his letter? You see, FFL does not attack CFC as a body, because they claim to be CFC.

But there has to be a focus of attack. 1st incredulous strategy - was to attack GK. Those who did not go with FFL were to be associated strongly and only with GK & Tony - kaya "CFC-GK". Of course it failed, because we are not GK only; we are family ministries and other pillars too. Plus Tony M remained quiet.

Then, FFL leaders launched the 2nd and current strategy: Those not with FFL should be associated with a tainted leadership - that of the current IC. So these days, we are called "CFC-IC", lumped with the IC and its "sins", "deceptions", "conflicts", "unholiness", etc.

Contrast that with FFL's leadership, led by a prophet.

So expect less "CFC-GK" branding, but more "CFC-IC" labeling. Consistent with this, we can expect more attacks on the IC. Attacks that should make us cringe and hate being tagged as "CFC-IC". Naturally, the only way to get out of this predicament is to jump to FFL, which has a prophet for a leader.

Reduced to basic, the only issue which FFL wants CFC members to consider is : "WHO SHOULD LEAD CFC? THE IC OR FRANK?"

Take out the "CFC" in "CFC-IC" and "CFC-FFL" and you are reduced to "IC" vs. "FFL". FFL can mean Frank, Frank Lagi.

Until Frank wins in this battle, manganganak pa ng iba't-ibang issues iyang mga "veering away" at "disobedience" na iyan.

Hwag na lang nating pansinin, patulan at pag-taasan ng BP ang mga attacks sa IC at sa CFC-IC. I'm proud to be with CFC-IC. And I'm moving forward IN EARNEST on the mission God has called us, the "CFC-IC" to do.

Iyon lang po iyon. Let's increase our tithes! God bless.

At peace in Singapore said...

Bros and Sis,

Sorry to be the rain in everyone's parade but, aren't we over reacting on the letter of Bishop Cantillas?

If we say that GK issues being raised by FFL are isolated cases, isn't this a classic example of being an isolated case as well.

I only see his name in the letter, this is a personal endorsement of FFL to the churches in Europe, this does not mean that clergy in Europe will heed him. It was clear that in the Philippines each diocese will decide what to do in light of CFC and FFL in their jurisdiction. We know that a good number of bishops who have been properly appraised had shown support to CFC (not saying that FFL will not be allowed in their parish though).

I believe it will be the same for churches outside of the Philippines. I am not sure of the reason why the good bishop acted like a "biyenan" or "magulang" to the detriment of the "apo" (i.e. US, me and you, in CFC) he is forcing his "apo" to choose one parent over the other (sigh, there are too few peacemakers nowadays) and I will not dwell much on his act (i.e. after this blog comment).

God bless CFC and our bishops. God bless the peacemakers.

Can a Pawn threathen a Bishop? said...

Announce to the whole world of FFL: (I assure you they are very thinly spread – so thin it could evaporate any minute - in the face of the Earth, despite the propaganda of their leader!)

Another Bishop in the Philippines declares support for the breakaway group of CFC!! (A thunderous shouting and clapping in Starmall; yet a sad refrain in Maasim Leyte GK areas. Soon a bragging article from the Easter Group storytellers!!)

Bishop P. Cantillas, of Maasim, Leyte disregards the feeling, the dedication, the hard work of the CFC and the Gawad Kalinga workers in his province and declares support for people of FFL.

We need to talk in terms of the “people of FFL” because we need to convey that this is the group of people who did little in liberating the poor of the province of Leyte when that province encountered the devastating disaster in the area.

Who were the first group of volunteers to answer to the desperate needs of the landslide victims?

Did we ever hear of the names of Brothers Frank Padilla, Oscar Contreras, Lachie Agana, Roland Nillas, Edwin Andrews, Tony Borja, Pancho Lopez Tan, Rene Evidente, help Bishop Cantillas during those dark dreary days of the disaster?


But we know of a Jerome Paler.

A Jerome Paler had more to do with the liberating moments when he sacrificed time talent and treasure to help the diocese members of the Good Bishop! The diocese members of the good Bishop who were dying because of the landslides and the first group of volunteers to respond were CFC brothers who had a liking for helping the poor through Gawad Kalinga.

Bishop when your area needed help was it the leaders of FFL who helped your people? Wasn’t it rather the team of Jerome Paler? How can you be so blind? According to a talk given by Fr. Junjun Borres, SJ, the hallmark of the sainthood is GRATITUDE! (Ano ba sa Visaya ang walang utang na loob?)

A Jerome Paler did all that even when there was practically no more CFC left in the areas, but because he wanted to help the poor, a CFC was reborn in those areas through the inspiring work of Gawad Kalinga.

Bishop Cantillas knows him….this Bro. Jerome Paler!

Yet Bishop PCantillas now gives this so-called restoration / Easter & Playboy bunnies group, this little group of untried, untested, unrecognized (both by SEC and Vatican, save in the generic mind of Nonong Contreras), member-poaching, recognition hungry, an organization structure which is an inverted pyramid (all officers no followers!!) his blessing of acceptance in Maasim Leyte. Even Bishops could be confused when they dip their supposedly prayerful hands in the secular affairs of lay organizations!

The good Bishop, only to fall in the good graces of the Padilla Group completely disregards the poor little beneficiary families in the GK villages of Leyte – the men and women of poverty who probably never heard of the names I enumerated above, and now they get confused because their Bishop (I don’t know if Bishop Cantillas ever went to a Leyte GK site!) implies that they should now align themselves to FFL. That’s the only motivation I could think of for a Bishop to do.

Or maybe he also wants us to talk about him for why should it only be the Bishop of Antipolo who should get the attention?

Production of Reyes & Cantillas said...

Reply to Surfer 0736

YES, all opinions in favor of FFL by any Bishop, FFL leader, FFL member can only be biased because your FFL group has not proven anything in the name of EVANGELIZATION!

Name me one CLP thats been started after August 28, 2007 --that's the date the Bishops recognized the separation. I mean a real honest to goodness CLP done by FFL, not piggy-backing on efforts done by CFC and later stealing the graduates from CFC!!

Therefore its claim of being an Evangelizing community is a MYTH!

Therefore for one Bishop (or two) to declare in his diocese that you are a lay evangelistic organization accepted in their diocese is a statement that misleads, a statement that can only be produced in the minds of church leaders who currently favor your FAP, so it is biased!

God is the Tower of Power!! said...


Let's Pray and forgive the Bishop of Leyte.

Infallibility is not of Bishops, only of Popes!

God will resolve all of this in His time, and He will take care of the mistakes of the people he loves: CFC, FFL, Bishops / Clergy & the Laity.

So lets go to the Feast in the Eucharist...there we will all be in God's mercy .. Bishop or not!

Anonymous said...

Hala, you are picking up fights with the Bishops. Don't you think your post has a familiar tone? The IC's attitude all along has been to defy the authorities of the Church.

Don't let your emotion carry you to where you do not want to be.

Anonymous said...

Kawawang mga Bishops.

When we need their approval on anything, we are just too obedient. When they perform their pastoral duties, we say we are not under the law.

It is sad of what you made of CfC.

Ernie said...

To All,

Although we are all EQUAL (Sons and Daughter) in the eyes of God. Individually we have our own chosen vocation (e.g. single, married, holy order).

Priests and Bishops choose HOLY ORDER w/c as of recent was to support and serve the Vocation of Marriage. So the family we called Domestic Church can attain it's full potential. NOT TO BECOME an extinct species.

Holy Order as the name implies is to provide ORDER in delivering the needed Spiritual Services, bringing Jesus into the hearts of the faithful AND NOT ADD TO THE PROBLEM.

Maybe that's the reason we have this acute decay of family values since those services never reached their constituents.

Thank God, He allowed the emergence of CFC to help rebuild families, physically (homes for the poor) and spiritually (domestic church).

Seemingly the pawns have to wait a little longer (in those affected areas). We have to pause for a moment as God reveals the motives of our officers and Bishops.....

To all others MOVE ON IS IT!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro. & Sis. in Christ
I don't see anything good to
what is going on in our
community, everyone are trying very hard to gain popularity to our beloved Bishops. If we are really a servant of God, let us just move on. We have so much to do to fullfill what God want's to be fullfilled.

Why don't we just do our services and stop punching each others face.
I remember the teaching when I was new in the community, " seek no recognition".

Can we just do this. I think it's better in the eyes of God. Please.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed this pharse was not mentioned at all in the FFL Covenant:

"Make time to serve in Couples for Christ, whenever I am called to serve and follow directions of those who have responsibility for my service"

I guess there is a new culture in FFL regarding obedience and following leaders.....

Kapatid said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Doesn't the National CBCP recognition, which Bishop Gabby has affirmed to remain with CFC, mean that CFC (or CFC-IC) is ALREADY RECOGNIZED IN ALL PHILIPPINE DIOCESES? If this is correct, we need not secure it anew from any diocese. (Kaya gusto ni Nonong na mabahiran ang FFL ng ating recognition. Kaya ipinipilit niya na "generic" ito.)

If this is the case, have no fear, brothers and sisters in Maasin. Gusto lang siguro ni Bp Cantillas na walang mawala sa kanyang diocese kaya willing na agad niyang i-recognize ang FFL. It's not a case of choosing one and dropping the other. It's recognizing both. We, the real and already recognized CFC, just need to do as we did before. Evangelize and work with the poor thru GK.

As to Bp. Canillas' bias - obvious naman. Tao rin kasi, eh. But let us win him with love and respect. Let's be guided by how our IC continues to respect Bishop Gabby despite his bias for FFL.

BTW, speaker nga namin si Bp Gabby kagabi. Ang topic: Social Apostolate. The gist: (i) evangelization, (ii) social apostolate and (iii) worship go hand and hand - together. Each presupposes each other. One without any is ineffective. His talk should also be referenced to guide us in the Pastoral Congress.

Gandang umaga! God bless.

WOW! said...

IS THIS TRUE? A QUOTE (3x) from anonymous--

"The good Bishop (Cantillas)wanted us to sign a re-commitment to Bro Frank. Non compliance would be tantamount to disobedience."

"The good Bishop (Cantillas)wanted us to sign a re-commitment to Bro Frank. Non compliance would be tantamount to disobedience."

"The good Bishop (Cantillas)wanted us to sign a re-commitment to Bro Frank. Non compliance would be tantamount to disobedience."


If true, FFL seems to now use even the Bishops to recruit CFC members into FFL. And this particular BISHOP (Cantillas) may have become a willing PAWN. Let's pray for him

DBC said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

Peace to all!!!

Let's pray for Bishop Cantillas. He could have been persuaded to write such a biased comment. He could have heard more from the other (FFL) side because that's what their (FFL) group is concentrating on. Spreading misinformation and confusing everyone's heart and mind. But the good bishop should be given the benefit of our courtesy on his one-sided endorsement. He is human, too. Needless to say, he has the right to make personal preferences.

Let's just continue our good works especially right there in Maasin, Leyte. I am confident that with our good deeds the good bishop will eventually realize that he should always be a fair & compassionate shepperd of his flock above anything else.

May God bless us all!!!

RED EB said...

I am sad because I always hear these from those who moved to FFL… We are moving because we want to do the work of evangelization while those who stay can do the work with the poor… even as we in our household still do what we are doing years ago… continuing the culture of CFC… worshiping, praying, reading and studying scriptures, honoring, fellowship, evangelizing, giving talks, etc… we are still branded as only working with the poor because our household is involved in GK… but in my heart I know that the most significant in evangelization is not evangelizing your neighbor… although it is important… but evangelizing the poor… the poor who Jesus Christ loved so much… and you can see so much evangelization of the poor in GK sites where children slowly are being transformed by learning how to pray and showing respect by kissing the hands of the elder (pagmamano) among many other good acts that they are showing notwithstanding the transformation of the people there because we have given them back their dignity… I challenge those who are saying that there is no more spirituality in CFC that is why they are moving to FFL to go to GK sites and see for themselves… or are they afraid to go to these sites… sabi nga ni Bishop Gabby, social apostolate should always be rooted in spirituality… kaya nga blessed ang poor sa GK kasi they have CFC who takes care of their liberation and salvation…

Wolsink said...

To CD:

I can't remember my comment anymore. My emotion overtook me and like the other bloggers, it broke my heart when I read the letter of Bishop Cantillas (now I remember the name of the good bishop of Maasin, Southern Leyte).

As analyzeD by fellow bloggers, for me I can not accept the reason "HE'S ONLY HUMAN". Because for me the more you say "SORRY, I'M ONLY HUMAN" the more YOU have always an excuse to make errors and mistakes. And imposing members of CFC in Maasin to make a re-commitment to Frank Padilla is obviously a clear evidence that the good bishop (Cantillas) is interfering with the internal affairs of CFC and it is against the CFC statutes.

And I agree with kapatid, this matter must be reported to the CBCP.

Yun lang po.

Anonymous said...

May I know how Spiritual Directors are chosen? Can we not have Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite as the new CFC Spiritual Director? Parang napaka vulnerable ng CFC-IC from attacks by the other side specially when a handful of Bishops are used to persuade (if not deceive) CFC members to join FFL. Dear Bishops, can we not compare the official election of CFC Council to the Election of Popes by the College of Cardinals? Though guided by the Holy Spirit, Cardinals follow an Apostolic Constitution wherein "Majority" rules. Why can we not apply this to Catholic CFC in its recently concluded IC & BOE elections based from its Vatican recognized CFC Statutes? In the eyes of God, all men are equal, Bishops & parishoners alike. FAP was not even nominated and he resigned by his own free will from CFC. Bro. Frank, can you not wait for the next election? Please, tama na ang pagwasak mo sa CFC!
Bishops, please OPEN your eyes wide. God Bless us and forgive us our sins...

CFC Emmaus said...

Obviously there are also movement within the Bishop's ranks regarding this trouble within CFC. Yes, there are bishops aligning with the people of FFL.

But we must be assured that there are also bishops, led by Bishop Arguelles, and others who must look with favor with us.

God is not sleeping and is watching us closely.

Anyway, persecution was the call of the day during the darker times of the Catholic Church.

We know of a time when heresies almost engulfed the Catholic Church, and the People of God suffered greatly in the confusion that ensued.

We will further suffer for this event because even the IC admits that we have passed the edged in what is considered to be disobedience to the Bishops.

Also this issue on disobedience are the bashing weapon against us. This also hits hard on the bishops who hear these things. Like here in the case of Bishop Cantillas.

We must work humbly and continuously for the Lord and someday the bishops will look upon us again with favor.

All in God's Time.

CFC Emmaus

Anonymous said...

Hindi ba taga Leyte ang mga Sotto's? or somewhere in that region. I may be wrong.

At peace in Singapore said...

Bros and Sis,

Let us not over react on the letter of Bishop Cantillas.

The truth is, there are still parishes in the Philippines that does not recognize CFC in their area, much more abroad. However, CFC flourished because there are different ways of evangelization/CLP that we we have been using to get pass this hurdle. We have home based CLP, garage CLP etc...

Moreover, a lot of our CFC brothers and sisters, I can speak of my previous chapters in the Philippines and here in Singapore, are actively participating in parish activities, which tells our parish priests that we are active in our faith.

What we can do is to let our CFC leaders take this letter up with our dear bishops and point out that this may not be reflecting reality in our community, that it is prejudicial to CFC and that it has sweeping statement that is hurting so many catholic faithful in CFC (I think I can speak for everyone, judging from the comments I have seen so far). If our good bishop sticks with his letter, I believe that God will make sure that his work in CFC will continue, so let go and let God. Besides, CBCP as a body may have other bishops that may not share the good bishops view and will come to the rescue of the catholic faithful in CFC.

God bless us all in CFC!!!

Move on God's Army, Move on People of God in CFC!!!

neokidntown said...

adding to what kapatid and dbc said...

no need to worry! continue the work!

no harm in paying courtesy visits to the bishops in our locality. have breakfast or lunch with them. bring fruits also or some token...

i'd rather build relationships than break one....

pwede ngang added info sa pastoral congress yung talk ni Bishop Gabby..

Not @ MC said...

Wanted: Anyone with a complete script of the questions asked of Bishop Gaby Reyes and his replies. Well if you got text of his talk might as well provide us too.

Somehow I got a funny feeling Easter group will have something to say about it.

Please forward to CD so we could have them here on the blog for commentary and for future reference.

If you have a video so much the better.

Thank you.

Calling Bishops said...

Just a thought, why not an CFC MC forum with Bishops Reyes, Cantillas, Lagdameo, Villegas?

No talks just an honest-to-goodnest Q & A sessions (with Roquel or a member of the clergy, like Bishop Pacana, acting as pre-screener of questions, to sort out the truly "embarassing" [to them anyway] questions).

We can have it on a Saturday. Charge a fee of 50.oo per person. funds to go to the 13th Month pay fund of the FTWs!

How about it IC? Game ka na ba?

CD, please post this where it rightfully belongs. Tks.

Lets hope their trumpets sound right said...

Dont be sad, brethren in CFC, if Bishop of Leyte supports the breakaway splinter group.

There are many more Bishops in the Philippines, about 200 ba?

Each Bishop who recognizes them is a REDUCTION from the bigger number!

Just like FFL, each FORMER CFC member who turns his coat and joins FFL is also a REDUCTION from the bigger number!

Remain in Peace. God gave CFC a charism and a charge, let's pay attention to fulfilling the mandate.

FFL on the other hand needs to sort out many things first, and in their inward view of themselves and how their "keeper of their charism" plays out his "role" of trying to keep the few in his flock, they have not yet discovered their charism! (Taking members from CFC is not a charism. Its theft!)

God waits for them though.

As they are yet desperately trying to re-enter the door marked "CFC", they've failed to see that a window for Evangelization has opened for them, save that they still insist to mind the affairs of those in CFC, even wanting to continously put their kind of order on the community they already left.

Let's just be patient brethren in CFC, one who has been so used to ordering many in the past 25 years couldn't just wake up to the reality that he bolted out without a prayer and now he trying to catch the train that's leaving him.

Can't do tango with Pfizer or Wyeth said...

First time I saw Bishop Gabby Reyes last night.

Tulad ko may edad na rin pala.

I pray the Lord blesses him with good health to his dying day, that he will NEVER have any need for a medicine produced by Pfizer or Wyeth.

Perhaps, it would also be good to offer the same prayer for Frank Padilla, who I heard just turned 60 last October 04, 2007.

BY the way, in U.S. patients could pre-declare not to resuscitate them if they fall into a coma and to just let them die peacefully.

In the Philippines, could a patient declare "No medicines from Pharma companies who produce condoms and abortifacients" used on my body, please?

wanderer of midian said...

human flesh never learn and history keeps repeating itself.

i'm not a prophetic person but i've seen these kind of writings on the wall many times in my so short span of life here on earth.

i tell you what's bad people, some went tails and some out their money betting on head and then continue harping their own brands of self righteousness with their bets.

i tell you brethren, we blundered the opportunity for a united and one cfc by postponing the election.

don't be sorry brethren and feel good by blaming the bishops, it's all politics now and they're playing their own brand of card game well the way cfc-ic played their own card game last june.

this is history repeating itself x-times and the calssical pinoy brand of politics. so, what's new?

make no mistake anyways, i'm at prayer despite the sarcasm but i'm still holding to the belief and faith in the Lord of one united cfc without the faces of FP, TM, JT, JM, RP et. al.

btw, let me share this to allof you, i'm excited and anxiously waiting to see bishop trujillo joining the mad scramble and singing to the tune of the bishops.

which bishops? i think i need to go and revisit the wall again.

cfc-ksa rocks!

wanderer of midian said...

please kindly post my angst or whatever you wish to label. this is my second time posting but never seen the first one. i neither support the ic nor ffl.

i wasn't for separation but for one united cfc. not popular to both camps but i believe popular with our Lord.

neokidntown said...

To wanderer of midian...

please click the video of heart of the matter part2...

jiggs said...

To Wolsink:

Lets take a deep breath and try that comment again? =)

Wolsink, na-"edit" ka rin pala ni CD. ["edit" yun ang term ko kapag nagtanggal ako ng nilagay na item ng anak ko sa grocery basket]. tumaas din ba ang BP mo at hindi nakapagpigil na tulad ko... hehehe

cge sabay na tayong mag-deep breath...

PEACE - jiggs

Wolsink said...

To jiggs:

Yeah bro. Na-edit ako nk CD eh. Kasi naman nakaka high blood talaga eh yuing mga ibang bishops natin eh.

PEACE to you also jiggs.


nag-iisa sa gitna nang bagyo said...

meron bang video nang talk ni Bishop Gabby Reyes sa MCG?

wanderer of midian said...

oh my! sorry for my bad writing. i mean cardinal trujillo and singing the bishop tune. :-)

sorry po, tao lang.

neo..btw, i've seen the video heart of the matter 2 before putting my comment in this blog. one thing caught my attention was bro. noli's "humihingi ng kapatawaran" which was in bro joe tale's letter as well to the bishop.

i won't dissect why asking forgiveness, kayo na bahala but it was a already a fact.


cfc-ksa rocks!

I am a Catholic Bishop said...

“The Authority of Compassion

The Church often wounds us deeply. People with religious authority often wound us by their words, attitudes, and demands. Precisely because our religion brings us in touch with the questions of life and death, our religious sensibilities can get hurt most easily. Ministers and priests seldom fully realize how a critical remark, a gesture of rejection, or an act of impatience can be remembered for life by those to whom it is directed.

There is such an enormous hunger for meaning in life, for comfort and consolation, for forgiveness and reconciliation, for restoration and healing, that anyone who has any authority in the Church should constantly be reminded that the best word to characterize religious authority is compassion. Let's keep looking at Jesus whose authority was expressed in compassion” – Bishop Hen.N.

Scribe of JMEscriva, The Saint said...

Break!!! Break!!! Tigil Putukan!!!

A word from a SAINT:

"We have to pray at all times, from morning to night"
True prayer which absorbs the whole individual benefits not so much from the solitude of the desert as from interior recollection.

As for me, as long as I have strength to breathe, I will continue to preach that it is vitally necessary that we be souls of prayer at all times, at every opportunity and in the most varied of circumstances, because God never abandons us. It is not a proper Christian attitude to look upon friendship with God only as a last resort. Do we think it normal to ignore or neglect the people we love? Obviously not! Those we love figure constantly in our conversations, desires and thoughts. We hold them ever present. So it should be with God.” – St Jose Maria Escriva

Compassionate CFC said...

MGA KAPATID NA TAGA-LEYTE, please read the post of "I am a Catholic Bishop" on the "Authority of Compassion", para hindi kayo (at tayong lahat pala!!) hindi masaktan sa declarasyon ni Bishop Cantillas.

So lets offer prayers for our sense of compassion for those in the Church who hurt us.

Isipin na lang natin, si Jesus na hurt din!! Noon at ngayon!!

So magpatawad tayo at magbigay ng "compassion"

Itong hiwalayan na ito, bahala si God!!

Scribe of JMEscriva, The Saint said...

"How many obstacles vanish…"
The majority of people who have personal problems ``have them'' because they selfishly think about themselves. (The Forge, 310)

Each one of you, if he wants, can find his own way to converse with God. I do not like to talk about methods or formulas, because I have never wished to straitjacket anyone. What I have always tried to do is to encourage everyone to come closer to Our Lord, respecting each soul as it is, each with its own characteristics. Ask him to introduce his ideas and plans into our lives: not only into our heads, but also into the depths of our hearts and into all our outward actions. I assure you that you will thus be spared many of the disappointments and sorrows of selfishness, and you will find you have the strength to do good to all around you. How many obstacles vanish when in our hearts we place ourselves next to this God of ours, who never abandons us! Jesus' love for his own, for the sick and for the lame, is renewed, expressed in different ways, 'What is the matter?' he asks, and we reply, 'It's my...' At once there is light, or at least the acceptance of his will, and inner peace.

When I encourage you to open your heart in confidence to the Master, I am referring especially to your own difficulties, because most of the obstacles to our happiness come from our pride, which may be hidden to a greater or less degree. We had thought we were worth a great deal and had a lot of exceptional qualities; then, when others didn't agree, we felt humiliated. This is a good time to pray and to correct our mistaken attitude. We can be sure it is never too late to change our course. But it's wise to start changing it as soon as possible. (Friends of God, 249)

(Thanks to my Opus Dei friend who gives me this almost daily.)